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  • overcome
    overcomeApril 13, 2021 15:10
    Overcomes BBUS Season 2 Episode 9, Double eviction ( kind of ) HOH Comp .
    Spoiler alert!
    Tarnexter   lmfao
    Rob24   Yikes
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 12, 2021 18:24
    Overcomes BBUS Season 2 Episode 8 twist winner, noms veto winner , final noms. little added
    Spoiler alert!
    overcome   @Peyton I'm not saying it wasn't idk who it was im just trying to give her side
    Peyton   Icelina literally sends their ass pics everywhere wdym it wasn't her
    Trinity2000   IMO, both Tarnexter and Sebby are fecking liars. Picks up frybread and leaves.
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 10, 2021 16:18
    overcomes bbus season 2 episode 7 HOH results +twist # 1
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   The comp didnt savee for me at all, I couldnt do it
    overcome   i mean pj @peyton it's fixed 
    overcome   rob did 
    Peyton   How competitive, also I guess nobody got 2nd?
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 09, 2021 19:53
    Overcome's bbus season 2 Episode 6, a lot has happened in just a day
    Spoiler alert!
    Logan_   it's a shame that people are breaking rules... desite the fact they applied (hopefully) reading them
    Peyton   not shocked 
    Rob24   YIKES 
    Dylan   no comment
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 08, 2021 17:12
    Overcome's BBUS season 2 Episode 5 the blood bath + hoh results
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Only 1 person failed to submit a score.
    Tone   wow all these people not sending in scores... i would have NEVER done that
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 07, 2021 19:09
    Overcomes BBUS Season 2 Episode 4 Here Comes The Drama
    Spoiler alert!
    disneygal   Thank you everyone for welcoming me into the game, look forward to playing!
    Peyton   Well This Game Is Quite Interesting I-
    Joshh   LMAO
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 07, 2021 16:37
    Overcome's BBUS Season 2 Episode 3 noms and veto
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   Gross
    Trinity2000   WTG Sebby!
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 06, 2021 16:56
    Overcomes BBUS Season 2 episode two hoh results
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   I smacked you down 
    IrishCraic   Look at me doing good at a chall hahaha
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 05, 2021 15:58
    Overcomes bbus season 2 episode 1 cast announced and first comp given+ pick the winner
    Spoiler alert!
    ABLaksh   Summerstorm
    Jax   Spyder
    Gumball   Clayton!
    King_Canine   IrishCraic
    Seanoh   Reynolds! 
    Jude   tombraider
    Nitu   jbeaudry3
    Matthew1125   TENDER CHICKEN
    Joshh   Rude 
    Mikey   trinity af
    dcg786   rob24
    disneygal   Sebby
    Logan_   Wild
    NFReal45   Tarnexter
  • overcome
    overcomeApril 01, 2021 14:02
    4 days left to apply to obbus season 2
    app link -
    discord link -
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 31, 2021 13:32
    5 days left to apply to overcomes bbus season 2
    app link -
    discord link-
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 30, 2021 13:41
    6 days let to apply to obbus season 2
    app link
    discord link
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 29, 2021 12:18
    7 days left to apply to obbus
    Why Not apply the worst that can happen is more tha 16 people applybut what if they dont. Don't miss out go apply you ...
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 26, 2021 18:09
    Are you upset you didn't get into zbb all-stars?
    Then Come Check This Post Out 
    Why Not Apply  To Overcomes Bbbus season 2!!!
    app ...

    I stan the effort here @overcome 

    gave me a cackle irl lol

    overcome   @RobbedGoddess   thank you 
    RobbedGoddess   Im honestly so impressed with the marketing and the target audience here
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 26, 2021 13:32
    10 days left To Apply To Overcomes Bbus Season 2
    App Link -
    Discord Link ...
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 25, 2021 14:59
    overcomes bbus season 2
    there is only 11 days left to apply
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 24, 2021 12:53
    Overcome's bbus season 2 apps and more!
    Spoiler alert!
    TombRaider   PJ/TombRaider PJ (TombRaider)#8103 I've played games before, I'm active and entertaining Place: top 5 is my usual placement
    Wild   name/username: Wild
    discord user + 4 numbers AJ/Wild#4972
    Why you should be casted: I'm a huge fan of Big Brother and have a repuation to cause drama and force a narative. No matter how often I try to lay low, it doesn't work so why not try an all out offensive front. You never konw. All you do know is I'm sure to make things interesting!
    what you honestly think you will place: I believe I willl at the minimum make Jury. Rarely do anything less and believe me I will strive for excellence!
    Nitu   I have to retract my apps sry :(
    Nitu   name/username: Nitu
    discord user + 4 numbers Nitu#8735
    Why you should be casted : Because I m a character, a legend n I m awesome if u don't cast me u r a fool
    overcome   sunnys apps 
    name sunny
    discord i have it 
    Why you should be casted: because I am good at these types of games, I can save myself when I am in danger, I also make thought-out moves as well.
    What you honestly think you will place: I will either be one of the first boots, or place like 5th or 4th. I don’t think I will win tho.
    Joshh   Josh!
    josh.beaudry3 #1770
    Im an icon, a legend, queen and so much more and will slay these bitts 
    1st and that's HONESTY
    Tarnexter   name/username Chase
    discord user + 4 numbers Tarnexter#4929
    Why you should be casted I feel like I am a tough competitior that will put effort into the game
    what you honestly think you will place Not very high. For whatever reason I have been flopping a lot of games recently lmfao. So probs early jury like 10th or 11th lol
    Reynolds   Name/Username : Reynolds
    Discord: Reynolds#0308
    Why? I love big brother and always put my heart in soul into it. Will always do my best and won't go down without a fight. That and I don't play many group games so it's a different face to see around the block. :D
    Honest Placement: I'll just go with what I got in ZBBUS and say 7th, but obviously I'm here for my first win in a group game
    Summerstorm   name/username Summer
    discord user + 4 numbers EmmaLeigh#4221
    Why you should be casted why not
    what you honestly think you will place hoping at least to make it halfway
    Rob24   Name/Username: Roberto/Rob24
    Discord user + 4 numbers: Roby#6419
    Why you should be casted: I love big brother USA format because it brings the competetive side of us. I'm a social player, I'm a fighter because I don't give up that easily and also I do make fun confessionals. I want to play this because I want to prove to myself that I can do a good job on Big Brother because I've been playing Survivor games a lot. I'm here to play and make moves, ready for a fight. 
    What you honestly think you will place: My goal in every game is to reach to the jury phase, when I accomplish that my next goal is to win the game. So why not stay positive and say 1st? purr! 
    overcome   Gabbi/Icelina You have me xo I’m a cutthroat, loud, blunt, confrontational person who will speak my mind, will do anything and everything to win and will play a game nothing short of ruthless. 1st. If you place yourself any lower than you clearly dont have faith in yourself.

    ( since she can't comment it her self )
    TenderChickens   Name: Nugget
    Discord: Nugget#8642
    Why should I be casted: this looks fun and I really want to play a game like this
    What honestly do I think I will place. I have no idea I've never played a game like this before but I hope not last
    IrishCraic   name/username:@IrishCraic
    discord user + 4 numbers IrishCraic#8740
    Why you should be casted: As I will bring the poops and giggles to the game
    what you honestly think you will place: Mid level
    Tone   name/username: Tone
    discord user + 4 numbers Tone#8637
    Why you should be casted uh because i fucking won last season and i'm gonna win again. i knew i was gonna win from the very beginning because #socialgame and i'm ready to do it all again 
    what you honestly think you will place first again obviously
    Clayton   Name: Clayton
    Discord: Clayton#9677
    Why should I be casted: I'm a great social player that's not afraid to speak their mind. If I have an issue I'll be the first to defend myself and my friends.
    How do I think I will place: I shooting for the number one spot of course but my big mouth might get me in trouble lol
    Trinity2000   Trinity.......Discord: Trinity#5009.....I should casted because I am usually very active and hopefully spinning puzzles are not comps.......I am aiming to win, people should be less critical of pleas composed on a phone.
    sebby113   name/username: sebby113
    discord user + 4 numbers: sebby#6095 (same as spyder, u have it)
    Why you should be casted : I put lots of effort into games and I always make it entertaining. I either flop or go far, if u watch me in icons youd see Ive improved as a player. I make big moves and will do what it takes to win. Im here for the win and u wont be dissapointed if u cast me
    what you honestly think you will place: 1st  or 2nd100%, I honestly think looking at last season I could have won that, Im a good player and ik I can do it
    Spyder   Name/Username - Spyder
    Discord User + 4 Numbers - SPYDER701#0718 (But you already have it)
    Why You Should Be Casted - I put a ton of effort into the game last time. I feel like I tried the hardest out of anyone, and knew what was going on in the game at all times. Plus, I lost to dino nuggets, and I'm not going to lose again. I need a shot at redemption, and I believe I'm going to take it all the way this time. 
    What You Honestly Think You Will Place - At least top 5, but I'm aiming for 1st place. Hopefully I can actually get it this time!
    overcome discord link
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 11, 2021 19:20
    coming soon
    Spoiler alert!
    Spyder   If that means what I think it means, then I AM READY. @overcome
    overcome   @SPYDER701 
    Spyder   If you're accepting returnee applications, I'm so joining. I LOST TO ******* DINO NUGGETS.
    Tone   who's joining me in the gross winner's circle 
    Gumball   cool logo!
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 03, 2021 14:32
    overcomes bbus winner announced
    Spoiler alert!
    Tone   anyways i hate winners
    Tone   today's lesson: chicken nuggets triumph over all
    overcome   thank you @hoeassgirl    
    Spyder   Who got assassinated?
    overcome   you were a minute late hoe if you were come for me 
    hoeassgirl   on a side note YESSSS
    tone- gross i hate winners 
    overcome   lmfao
    Zoicy   Tone good job! Congrats!
    Peyton   Hey look! Tone won a BBUS game which is what he wanted. 
    sebby113   Spyder u cant get robbed in a 6 player 3 player jury really
    Spyder   I was robbed. However, good game Tone!
    Joshh   PERIOD!!!!
    sebby113   Congrats tone
  • overcome
    overcomeMarch 02, 2021 18:10
    Overcomes bbus season 1 the recap plus new stuff
    Spoiler alert! Logo

Spoiler alert!

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