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  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorDecember 02, 2021 04:56
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 11| "If He Is Smart, He'd Vote Me Out Here"
    Spoiler alert!
    Riot   A robbery
    TJDawgiestyle   Mepole is either first four out or final 4.... yall better be careful
    Vin014   Robbed.
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorDecember 01, 2021 06:25
    ZSurvivor | Episode 9/10 | "Hey Siri, Play Oops I Did It Again" & "I Kinda Just Want Blood"
    Spoiler alert!
    Benley   david robbed
    coolKat   Awh my favorite got out, this is quite literally a day ruiner 
    Swish   @WILLZ14, no one was catching Jace anyways 
    Seanoh   To be fair, that round was played out during American Thanksgiving that was why a few abstained from that challenge. 
    WILLZ14   Wouldn't say gotta love 5 people throwing a challenge swish :p opposite of coming to play 
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 29, 2021 00:42
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 8 | "A Big Move is About to Happen"
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   Awwww you guys really showed up this season. Well played! 
    coolKat   Can't wait for next episode. Hope my fave doesn't go next
    MacAttack   2nd tribal went crazy
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 23, 2021 19:38
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 7 | "Bridges Will Be Burned"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Reynolds   not the idol nullifier lmfaoooo
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 16, 2021 03:16
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 6 | "Let There Be Chaos"
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Why was Jacob not evicted for failure to play the comp?
    Vin014   Welp we tried.... 
    IrishCraic   how tf was inactive saved? 

    He misses more than a blind person playing golf
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 15, 2021 03:33
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 5 | "I’m Kind of All Over the Place"
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Very poetic Jacob that your ex dumped you and kicked you out, how bout dat!!
    Trinity2000   The Hosts need to keep their noses out of disagreements between cast members PERIOD!  Making personal comments is bs....looks @Swish
    Vin014   Damn you guys took out my guy!?!?!?!
    cool kat ; reading eps now
    [12:01 AM]
    jacob ; so am i
    [12:02 AM]
    swish;Omg enjoy everyone slandering Shane, I thought it was quite the poetic ending
    [12:03 AM]
    jacob love to seee it cool kat yes its great to read                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              TY....slander is CORRECT!   VERY POETIC! 
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 13, 2021 07:06
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 4 | "It's Finally Time to Play"
    Spoiler alert!
    IrishCraic   All I said was u brought up was that me attacking you....the convo was like less than 10 pms

    Why would it affect me on this site.....because I called out the inconsistent stuff with the hosts.....

    Also I dont know if I told you about the argumesnts part, but i had told others, i was doing that to get  a rise out of people.....its was a game plan.....BUT I WOULD NEVER CROSS THE LINE!
    snowymatic   can I choose Geri as my pick to win?
    Swish   regret* not forget
    Swish   @IrishCraic

    I apologise if me saying "go outside and read a book" made it seem like I was attacking your dyslexia. I didn't intend for it to come off that way I more meant it in the sense that you were having a lot of arguments in a very short period of time and I thought you would gain from taking a break before you said something you would forget

    I understand games happen but you can't choose whether you did or did not offend someone, you attacked me for my beliefs. Whether I was offended or not is not a decision you get to make. I think the votes, the confessionals and the reaction from your removal shows what not just the hosts, but the cast thought of your actions. 

    In no way do I think this should effect your place in future games or on this site, I have known you for a lot longer then this game and we have never had an argument like this. I love talking to you and working with you but sometimes people take things past where they should be taken. 
    IrishCraic   most hosts find me delighful in games.......but when I see in fairness and bs from people, idc who ye are, il call it out.......those 3 people have made me out to be this meh person....yes i bloody lied in that game, BUT I WOULD NEVER EVER ATTACK some1 over personal stuff or be some1 who manlipuates the hosts like they were.........

    those 3 asked me to look back on how i acted......i re reacted to yer bs aka DONT EVEN THE BASIC OF WHAT DYLESICXA IS, ANOTHER 1 abused his mod "powers" and another 1 thought i fought with a b4 judging me, go and look at yerselfs....

    ALSO STOP abusing yer powers and how it might affect future casting to people in this game if people complain/back me up.....word has gotten around

    P..S sean i saw what u write saying better off getting rid of me anyway as my scores were poo 2 rounds, i came 4th and 3rd.....2 rounds, i did poop, but so did PLZ STOP GALSIGHTING ME!
    IrishCraic   Backstage gossip!

    Quote from Ricky Gervais "just because you are "offended" doesnt mean you are right!

    I GET that the hosts put time etc into long games, I BLOODY DO! 



    I got my warning as I brough up God.....i brought that up as the "redacted" brough it up too me in pms as he swore to God, me him and "redacted" were a f3 in pms.....he LIED (all good we all lie in games) but he said more or less I shouldnt bring up GOD....fair enough......even though I am a modern Catholic mylsef.....anyway, I SHOULD have let it go, but i bloody annoyned me that  he was axting like that so I said why he being like that still...I got a strike and a time out

    This is when I was VERY CONFUSED! as it cam eout during this game I am dsylexica.......b4 I brought (that "redacted brought up first btw) he toldme to go outside and read a the time I wasntn annoyned as im NOT  abloody snowflake but after how I got in trouble, I was like, feck this, if "redacted" is being like this, so am I!

    I was told i was wrong and get this, 1 bloody host didnt even know the meaning of what dyslexica is as they think that it just means, poeple cant spell write and how people can read write

    Anyway, another bloody host threatned me that if I dont shut up he report me to mods (even thou he is mods) he acts like he is God, pardon the pun and border line absuing his "powers"

    another bloody host said i was "attacking a minor" aka the God person and sent a long bloody pm, that person IS NOT A MINOR

    did i get a sorry for that slander,,,,i did my feck

    I asked is that why i got a strike as he thought the other person was a minor, he said no.........mhhhhhhhh

    I then was attacked over my age..... i made a complaint......i was told, there was no aegism.,,,,,,HA!

    i said im confused as there seems to be inconsistent between how they see what is NO-NO and not

    then i was booted

  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 09, 2021 03:13
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 3 | "I'm Armed and Dangerous"
    Spoiler alert!
    Green   All these big names being eliminated...
    Vin014   NOT TONE14!!!!! Who will the curse get next? Legit wish we could flip this elimination order already...
    Tone   @Voxin14 you're next 
    Patrick71101   another 14 fallen, the curse is real :0
    Tone   Imagine leaving with an idol and a steal a vote that would've saved you that you WOULDVE USED if you knew how the time change worked
    Zach   HAHAHAHA, Best episode yet! @Tone
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 07, 2021 02:32
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 2 | "I'm Poisoning the Grapevine"
    Spoiler alert!
    SteliosDeGriek   ment before jinxed that too my guy
    SteliosDeGriek   13 comes after 14 just sayin.....

    @ABLaksh 14
    @McQuire14 (is he a mike?)
    @mepole14 (Smart Mike)
    @Mikey14 AKA (Big Mike)
    coolKat   @Tone14 @Voxin14 @Swish14
    Good luck Kings <3
    Voxin   @Tone14 I fully agree with @Swish14 here. 
    Swish   @Tone14 that is a crazy fact, I hope the trend continues :p
    Tone   Fun fact, the two players whose name ended in "14" were the first two voted out. I sense a curse here...
    Gumball   Wgat's with all the big names going out first? I'm shocked!
    Vin014   So glad to have finally played this crazy game! Good luck to my homies 
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 05, 2021 02:50
    Zwooper Survivor: Temptation Island | Episode 1 | "Winners Take Risks"
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Wow not me having Xanadu on the brain. Sorry Erewhon, y'all won. 
    JediTemple27   this is rly fun to watch lol when is ep 2?
    Clayton   Oop... 
    Tone   It's literally a Reddit meme
    @Seanoh can you please get over here and confirm that my statement has nothing to do with the game 
    Spyder   Nice deflection. ;)
    Tone   @Spyder I think the ZSurvivor production team is more creative than copying a whole entire Survivor 41 idol system
    Spyder   WAIT
    Tone   I truly believe that butterflies are dead relatives saying hi
    Gumball   So shocked to see Will go out first! GG
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 03, 2021 17:07
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Memory Wall & PTW
    Spoiler alert!
    Logan_   highest alphabeticaly whos left
    Nipple   Someone random who's left
    JaneyJay   coolKat
    EaMo91   SteliosDeGriek!
    Swish   This memory wall is amazing oh my lord 
    Nitu   M2thamax
    Spyder   @davidprincipe29
    Seanoh   Jacob also has 2 in the ptw
    Royalty   tone
    CaseyBea   vin

    Spots remaining:

    coolKat - 2
    davidprincipe29 - 1
    Geri - 1
    IrishCraic - 1
    M2thamax - 1
    SteliosDeGriek - 2
    Tone - 1
    Vin014 - 2

    sebby113   if ann is taken give me anyone
    sebby113   ANNNNNN
    JacksonSunshine   I'll take my drag baby Mikey, but such a great cast! 
    Jdc16   Me not seeing two ppl per player I will take the og swish,I don't want Jacob or cool kat lol ,I wish them luck tho
    vfdfr6   Wolf
    Jdc16   Wait no I will take my boy Jacob I didn't know no one picked him
    Jdc16   Cool kat 
    Fina   Oops...voxin
    Fina   Voting!
    evanw919   Give me mepole or give me death.
    Riot   Willz 
    Tarnexter   Stelios
    Reynolds   Jace
    Ireks   wolfwood
    YourBoy   Mcquire
    xFalsify   mcquirieer
    TheDemonicM   Geri
    Gumball   Tone!
    Ved   Ablaksh
    HKT   @MacAttack
    Formes4   Mikey
    Rob24   David
    Nicolas   Ann :)
    Zoicy   Swish
    SleekPuma   Jace
    coolKat   Stunning as always Trishy <3
    Brittney   Ablaksh
    Xenia   M2thamax
    Peyton   Mac
    CoolDude12   irish craic ew ew ew ew
    King_Canine   Willz
    TheBreeze   mepole
    Trinity2000   Voxin
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 02, 2021 02:45
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Torch Ceremony (Part 4)
    Spoiler alert!
    ETitanic12   Best Cast Ever
    Geri   Yes pls, I accept
    McQuire   Acsept
    Mikey   i accept!
    M2thamax   Ty, and I accept 
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 02, 2021 02:30
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Torch Ceremony (Part 3)
    Spoiler alert!
    SteliosDeGriek   O shit yeah sure
    Jacob071   i gladly accept
    MacAttack   i accept!
    Wolfwoodcp82   I gladly accept! Thank you!
    IrishCraic   I accept ty
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 02, 2021 02:15
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Torch Ceremony (Part 2)
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   this cast is amazing
    mepole   I accept as well!
    Tone   I accept 
    Jace   I accept, thanks guys! :D
    PurplePony13   ACCEPT
    DoctorDeath   KING SWISHHHH
    Swish   I accept!
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 02, 2021 02:04
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Torch Ceremony (Part 1)
    Spoiler alert!
    coolKat   Yay Iconic 
    Vin014   I accept! 
    Voxin   If I have to
    davidprincipe29   I acceptttt
    ABLaksh   I'm in :)
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorNovember 01, 2021 17:48
    Zwooper Survivor 4: Production Reveal and Torch Ceremony Information
    Spoiler alert!
    Nipple   Love the all stars team oh and Seanoh
    Trinity2000   I have hosted I would have greatly benefitted this game.
    Seanoh   @sebby113 We are all aware he smells, but we needed someone on production that would make me look good in comparison. 
    coolKat   Uh... I was kind of just scrolling and accidentally pressed +3 but the production team is iconic <3
    sebby113   Jude is stinky.... that is all
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorOctober 29, 2021 01:11
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Less than 24 hours left to apply!
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Wow cool opinion no one asked for.
    Sake   it seems like a trash game
    Jude   Who wouldn't want to join the best HOF on Zwooper
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorOctober 25, 2021 01:55
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | FAQ's and Application Deadline Extension
    Spoiler alert!
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorOctober 22, 2021 22:16
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Four Days Left to Apply
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Does the game suck or do you suck?
    _Rob_   this game sucks i was pushed
  • ZSurvivor
    ZSurvivorOctober 12, 2021 00:09
    Zwooper Survivor: Garden of Eden - Temptation Island | Rules, Prizes, & Applications
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Closed
    Jace   Name / Occupation: Jace / Squid Gamer
    Age: 22
    Discord: Jace#3700
    Have you played before? If so, what season?: Haven't played
    Why should you be chosen?: I have the free time and want to exert some Squid Game surviving mentality into something, and the last Survivor game I played through here was a trip and I did get pretty far-ish. Why not try out the top Survivor game on Zwooper? I'll put in all the effort as a fairly versatile player with plenty of experience playing these games.
    ak47man   Name/Occupation: Aiden, Loser
    Age: 16
    Have you played before? If so, what season?: I played season 3, but we all saw how that turned out. It took 2 idols to take me out of the game and I only had one vote cast against me.
    Why should you be chose?: I should be chosen because I was robbed last season and deserve another chance. I haven't been on Zwooper recently and I think this could be a good come back. I want to make it far, and not get idoled out, to prove that I am a good player.
    davidprincipe29   Name/Occupation (Used for Name Design): David, Rockstar
    Age: 26
    Discord: davidprincipe29#3102
    Have you played before? If so, what season?: I have not yet played, surprisingly haha 
    Why should you be chosen?: Because I always play with 100% commitment and dedication. I wanna see if this old zwooper vet still has it in him to do well in a big scale game such as this.
    M2thamax   Name/Occupation (Used for Name Design): Max. Beach Addict 
    Age: 35
    Discord: m2thamax 5090
    Have you ployed before? If so, what season?: never played.... yet
    Why should you be chosen? Because I give my all in every game I play! Won't ever have to worry about an inactive or a boring player. I don't play long games often, but when I do, I try my hardest. So you wont be dissappointed 
    jb2021   Name: JB
    Occuption: Therapist 
    age: 28
    Discord: JB2021 #4668
    Have you played before: No
    Why should you be chosen: I am a massive survivor fan and have studied the game. If I'm chosen I'll bring that knowledge to the game and have it help me further in this game. I think I am a strong social player, with flaws, but willing to be playing with loyalty and honesty. 
    Seanoh   @PurplePony13 applied via Discord
    BianLouise   NAME: Bian
    AGE: 28
    DISCORD: BLS21#1033
    WHY SHOULD YOU BE CHOSEN: i believe i have matured from my first discord game and I won't be playing with my heart this time and see where it will get me.
    ABLaksh   Name/Occupation: ABLaksh/Engineer
    Age: 27
    Have you played before? Nope
    Why should you be chosen? I think i should be chosen because i m a big survivor fan & whenever i play survivor it brings the best out of me & improves me as a player. I bring a different character to the table if i m casted in comparison of others. I won the last survivor game i played - Gums Survivor so i m high on confidence & ready to give my all to make it 2 in 2. Also after doing good in ZBB, I'm ready to slay ZSurvivor too :D
    coolKat   Name/Occupation: Andrew/ Bad Biatch
    Age: 18
    Discord: insaniti#7777
    Haveyou played before?: Nada
    Why should you be chosen?: I should be chosen because of my personality. I mean I'm not usually one to brag about myself in a good way, it's usually alll negative. But I'd say I'm a pretty funny person and could add some humor to this season. I also see myself as sociable/relatable, so hopefully during the game that can come across as well. And obviously there is more to my personality like the severe lack of self esteem but in this questionnaire, I think we are supposed to focus on the 'good' parts.
    Carson16   Name/Occupation: Carson/ Student
    Age: 22
    Have you played before? Nope, this will be my first Zsurvivor if you cast me
    Why should you be chosen? You must cast me cause I am a very competitive and sociable player. Also, I will be dedicated to this game and ill pour my heart out playing it! I promise you wont regret choosing me :D
    Geri   Name/Occupation: Geri
    Age: 28
    Discord: Geri#9167
    Have you played before? Yes, in season 1
    Why should you be chosen? I got played by a massive premade in my season and I need revenge
    mepole   Name/Occupation: Michael/Nerd
    Age: 24?
    Discord: mepole#0666
    Have you played before? No
    Why should you be chosen? Because I am basically the better TJ, so if TJ was able to get second last season, I basically have first place on lock.
    McQuire   Name/Occupation: Business Associate for family business
    Age: 27
    Discord: I won't be using it. People will have to message me through email or msn messenger.
    Have you played before? I played season 3 and was elimmed during the tribal of terror rounds. It didn't go well. I need redemption.
    Why should you be chosen? I am going to play harder than anyone else in the history of survivor. The shit that is going down means I either will be voted out early or somehow get dragged along like Philip Shepherd. But, what the perfect players who pretend to drag me to the end won't know is that care-free psychos are much more relatable to a jury.
    brosky17   Brenden
    Never Played
    I recently returned to Zwooper and want to throw myself into the fire to see if I can compete with the best of them!
    Swish   Nvm I can play. I have had something fall through. Sorry about the confusion.

    Mango   name- mango / fruit
    age- ripe
    discord- Mangooo#7231
    never played before
    i should be chosen because i never have played a game like this on discord but i just won my first survival ever and think that i could maybe do good on this season of your group game. i would try my best and give it my all. i don't quite a few of the people applying below  and usually I know most of the people in zwooper games so it'll also be more exciting. thanks.
    Vin014   Name: Vin / Depression Enthusiast 
    age: 20
    discord: Vin014 #7899
    I have never played before
    I should be chosen because I have a hunger to be the first user with Two Zwooper stars. I really think Z Survivor is a completely different game than ZBB and I want to prove my biggest strength is myself, not the public or my redemption arc in ZBB24. I know what I can do. I may not be the most likable in the end, but you'll respect the blood on my hands. 
    Mikey   Name/Occupation: Mikey - Adele's Manager.
    Age: 16
    Discord :mikeyy#1113
    Played Before: Yes, and I played last season and got 4th.
    Why should you be chosen: Ive been pretty busy these past few months, and the only zwooper game Ive played lately is The Cube AS2. ZSurvivor for me was my first ever game where I truly showed I am a competitor and that I am here to play. I singlehandedly performed the biggest blindside of the season, and even after that only got taken out at the F4. Had I made it to the F3 I would've 100% taken the crown, so another shot would be pretty cool. I consider myself to be pretty good at the format, and Im ready to get back into games.  I also am not as much of a cunt as I used to be so I think you'd have more fun hosting me 
    Swish   I am really sorry but unfortunately I have to withdraw my application. I have had something come up. Best of luck for the season I am sure it will be amazing
    Swish   Name/Occuupation: Marcus - Student
    Age: 18
    Discord: Swish#6722
    Have you played before?: Not yet

    Why should you be chosen?: I think every time I take a break from this site and come back, I mature as a player. I played in 2020, went from 15th to 5th in ZBB, made merge in all of my games I had a good time. Then I left and this time I have come back and in the first two survivor group games I play I either win (Willz Champs vs Challengers 2) or I get taken out by someone using an idol and a superidol. I am an athlete and I take that seriously so every time I enter something I give it 105% and I will give you a Marcus guarantee that if you cast me I will win. I have shown recently that I can make game changing moves. I can play people, manipulate situations. I am a must cast,

    However in saying all of this I do get out of lockdown in a week so I will not be able to attend some of the tribal calls as 00:00 for me is 11 AM and I will be in class. Don't know if thats a huge issue or not
    WILLZ14   Willz
    Discord below
    I havent played this series before and i am always up for a challengem would love to play if you are looking for some one to go all out and try and win

    Name/Occupation: Blake - Penis Breath

    Age: 20

    Discord: Blake#2000

    Have you played before?: Nuh uh

    Why should you be chosen?: So I can live up to the theme, really. I'll be sure to walk around camp bare ass naked while eating each and every apple that's presented to me. Take that as you will, but I'm not afraid to do what it takes to win and while I try my best to remain logical in my approaches to any given situation, I'm happy to stir up the pot when necessary. Besides, I figure since you guys let a sasquatch in the Hall of Fame last time, little ole' me would be a bit of an ugprade, right? 

    MacAttack   Name/Occupation: Marty/Aspiring "Has-Been"
    Age: 20
    Discord: MacAttack #0340
    Have you played before?: No, evan hated me
    Why Should You Be Chosen?: Survivor is my bread and butter. I have so much fun playing and I try to make it fun for not only myself, but also my fellow cast and the viewers. I make smart moves, not succumb to big move-itis. You know I can bring the drama, but also bring the brains.
    JediTemple27   Hi! I would love to apply but I don't have discord:(
    CoolDude12   Name/Occupation: Chill/High school Student
    Age: 14
    Discord: ChillDude#7619
    I have not played before
    Why should I be cast: I should be cast because I promise to make the game as entertaining and enjoying as possible, I love it. And I make big movez all the time and prove I can do good. Look at Will's game, I got 5th place there, and hope to do good here as well.
    SteliosDeGriek   Name/Occupation (Used for Name Design): Stelios/ Ship Engine Whiper
    Age: 23
    Discord: STELIOS#8543
    Have you played before? If so, what season?: No
    Why should you be chosen?: Because ii love playing survivor making pure strategic gameplans and willing to make big risks for big rewards
    Tone   Name/Occupation (Used for Name Design): Tone - Applebee's Waiter
    Age: 16
    Discord: Tone#8637
    Have you played before? If so, what season?: Haven't played yet!
    Why should you be chosen?: Because I give my 100% to every game I played. I'm not one that just rolls over and dies when I'm put in a bad situation, I claw and scrape my way back to the surface. I'm not afraid to take risks even if it ends with a poor result, and I'm willing to be flexible and adapt myself to any situation or decision that gets thrown my way. I'm really excited that this game is back as I've been wanting to play it for a while, so hopefully I get that opportunity!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Name/Occupation: Wolf Age: Old Discord: Wolf Wood #1633 Have you ever played before? If so what season? Season 1 Kiribauti. Why should you be chosen? Because I'm not afraid to make big moves and I'm unpredictable.
    noah_tietsort1   Name: Noah; occupation: college student
    Age: 20
    Discord User: noah1215#3944
    I have not played before
    I should be chosen because I enjoy this site, and have never done a group game before, and would love to get involved in one
    Jdc16   Name joshua ,occupation-idrk
    nope but I wish I could get the chance to
    Bc I will bring flare to the game
    IrishCraic   I think Willy's app is poo/more basic than a noob look on here as he is too OTT cocky he get cast!

    WILLZ14   oh great then i will apply haha
    Havent played before 
    discord Willz#7095
    AngelOfWater   @WILLZ14 it's just Seanoh doing results of the vote on VC. You don't have to be online for it. 
    Jacob071   Name/Occupation: Jacob/student
    Age: 19
    Played before: Nope, but really want to!
    I LOVE group games/orgs/etc. I love keeping up with them on the talks page and although I don't have much experience with them I will play my heart out and AM SO EXCITED
    IrishCraic   Name Shane and Occupation is "#Trinity2000 whisperer"
    Age: 38 years young!
    Discord: Irishcraic HOSTof SSS GG#8740
    I should be chosen as I will BLOODY play my heart and soul out/will be ACTIVE AF! AND in preparation for this new season, I had already binged read the past 3 seasons too help me understand how people won and how people lost!  I  WILL bring THE ABCXYZ too your game! A for first, and Z for last, as if I get last, Il bloody go down fighting and crying hahahah!
    WILLZ14   i would but not keen on all the voice calls Logo

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