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  • Peyton
    PeytonJanuary 27, 2019 17:56
    ☆ | Zones: Season Two | Secret Stars | Rules, Prizes & Applications!
    Spoiler alert!
    Tone   heck. yes.

    Name: Tone
    Rank: 865
    Discord: thewrightone05#8637
    Activity: 9
    Why should you cast me?: LOL well i applied for the first season when i was new to zwooper and i was clueless but now i’m not clueless and i feel like i have the smarts and the strategic ability to dominate this game. and also if i don’t get casted i will be sad boi k thx bai
    AndrewIsLit   Name: AndrewIsLit
    Rank: 826
    Discord: Both have it
    Activity: 9
    Why should you cast me: I think I would have a good chance of winning. I will have a very strategic and well thought out gameplay!  
    Peyton   @Allen submitted an application via Discord.
    Aaron1121   Name: Aaron
    Rank: 320
    Discord: You both have it
    Activity: 8
    Why should you cast me: Because Zach exposed me last time I played but he’s a host now so I don’t have to be worried about that :P. And I deserve a second chance
  • Peyton
    PeytonJanuary 24, 2019 20:44
    ☆ | COMING SOON...
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Aaron1121   what is a device
  • Peyton
    PeytonJanuary 21, 2019 04:09
    ❂ | Zones | Final Results
    Spoiler alert!
    theawesometwin   I didn’t remember being in that many...
    Aaron1121   zach was in like every alliance lol
    Dean   Looks fun. Hope you do a s2!
  • Peyton
    PeytonJanuary 10, 2019 03:16
    ❂ | Zones | Episode 3 | ''I Really Hope You're in the Bottom... Bitch.''
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   George baby slaying and making London proud 
    George   i literally have no idea what happened since i'm always excluded from everything
    Peyton   sobs for me because I missed a slide in the episode and JUST realised it. #FloppyHost
    Tone   sobs for uj even more because u realize about the ptw
    chesskid   #ChessTeam
    ujmlkio   Can I be coronated as the king of the red zone now?
    Gabe   sobs for uj
    Aaron1121   ahahah lol the confessionals at me
  • Peyton
    PeytonJanuary 08, 2019 02:06
    ❂ | Zones | Episode 2 | ''I Don't like a Lot of These People so like Wtf.''
    Spoiler alert!
    Madskie   I pick Aaron to win
    Tone   petition to keep ujmlkio out of the red zone so i can win ptw
    ujmlkio   Petition to keep me out of the red zone
    Wicky   @ujmlkio king of the red zone 
    McKenna   Great Episodes! Ironic that some of these 'inactive' players applied for Illusion! Might make our choices a little easier
  • Peyton
    PeytonJanuary 06, 2019 05:54
    ❂ | Zones | Episode 1 | ''Too Little Too Late My Friends.''
    Spoiler alert!
    IvanP   The episode is really great. The only thing that I dont like is background for the text, it doesnt look that much professional if u understand me...
    Apart from that everytheverything is great
    theawesometwin   We already know which one is Xander’s
    George   those confessionals are interesting...
    AndrewIsLit   Although I'm not in this you did a great job with doing this episode. You put a lot of hardwork into it!
    Peyton   Thank you @McQuire & @Swish :) 
    McQuire   totally wicked episode :)
    Swish   Love this! The colours and the episode is all amazing great job @Peyton 
    chesskid   #ChessTeam
  • Peyton
    PeytonJanuary 03, 2019 03:15
    ❂ | Zones | Cast Reveal & Pick to Win Competition!
    Spoiler alert!
    George   these girls look ... good
    Wild   Eek totally thought Aaron was trolling and picked himself lol
    JeremyHLikesFood   leo is winning
    Vin014   Eeeekkkkkkk! Excited to see what this game brings!!!!!!!!! 
    Peyton   Closed :D

    (I'll have to give you Sly, AJ)
    Wild   I'll take Aaron :D
    Aaron_A   I'll go with Aaron I guess.. lol!
    IvanP   Draco
    heuse1ac   Zach
    JonJ   Leo
    Micks   richard
    waterkid6   Leo
    ChrisDWa   Draco
    Sarah   Zach!
    hack_98   allen
    Wadz13   nates
    TJP1122   CDog
    Wicky   allen
    evanw919   Cdog
    Patrick71101   Xander :P
    PeterC   Ujmlkio
    Tone   ujmlkio
    Clash   SwagSwag
    Sassy   Nates
    kongowongo   Sly
    NoahSalvatore   Xander.
    TwoOfHearts   Richard!
    Underdog101   Aaron (@Aaron1121 )
    joeyc   I Pick my son, George
  • Peyton
    PeytonDecember 18, 2018 02:39
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   Closed :)

    Name: Richard
    Rank: 269
    Discord: Richard (chesskid)#2376
    Previous Group Game Experience: All recent ones since I took a break are located on my profile (YANTO8, Illusion Choices 3, NBB3, CJVIVOR 2, BZASB4, The Chase 6, The Void 1)
    Activity: 10
    Why should I choose you: I'm not afraid to speak my mind, I won't disappoint when it comes to confessionals, and unlike a lot of other people I don't rely on comps and other people to get me through the game. 


    CDogBro   Name: CDog
    Rank: 170
    Discord: CDogBro Previous Group Game Experiences: All in my profile, as well as NBB3 where I got 9th after my first time nominated, and I'm in the finals of Strong.
    Activity: 8.5
    Why Should I Choose You: I know how to adapt in this format in a way where I can make certain deals to keep me out of the bottom as well as keeping the honesty and loyalty until it comes time to let go. I recently played in your fast game and got 2nd, and to be honest, it was a fluke. I based my late game off of how fast the game was going, and if I played that way here, I'd be screwed, so I will be bringing different strategies to the mix that correspond with formats surrounding trustlists, and make sure they withstand long term.
    ujmlkio   Name: Ujmlkio
    Rank: 731
    discord: ujmlkio#0907
    previous group games: DSBB1 , The Wild 3 , The Cage 4 , AHS 4: Dynamic Duos
    activity: 9
    Why should you choose me: Back in the summer of 2017 I participated in 4 group games , in the past 16 months I participated in zero. I want to redeem myself and show that I can hold my own in a social game such as this. I managed to place third in the fast version of this game so I think I can hold my own with those more experienced and overall better than me at group games. 
    Nates_great   Name: Nates
    Rank: 160
    discord: nates_great #1010
    previous group game expierence?: tons. 5th in Tommys survivor 8. 3rd in NBB3. Made rustfall all stars. Etc. Etc.
    how active?: 8
    Why should I choose you?: I am good at these games and can slay it. i can be entertaining and im always active. never have had a dq before. 
    Aaron1121   Name: Aaron
    Rank: Highest is 298, Current is 377
    Discord: Aaron(SF1121)#3136
    Previous Group Game Experiences: XtvdSC Season 5 duels, KMSurvivor Season 2, RobJok's Survivor Season 2 rest you can see on my profile
    How active will I be: 8
    Why should you choose me: I used to be very active in this site but I stopped participating in the past few months. I'm planning to make a comeback on this site and playing in this group game will be a great start, so I would love if you chose me. I'm pretty social and will make brave strategic moves to win this. I think the format is great and I will try my best to win this game and do whatever it take to advance! I would greatly appreciate if you chose me to play zones season 1.
    Irishgirl   Name:Emma
    ​Previous Group Game Experince:YANTO 7, Strong 1 ,Survivor Saints vs sinners
    ​How active will you be:8
    ​Why should i choose you: I think i have what it takes to make this game iteresting and Im determined to do well in every game i do
    George   Name: George
    Rank: 234
    Discord: SwagSwag #9124
    Previous Experience: Jake's ILM2,AS and 7 - Vlat's ZBGASB1,2 and 3 - Johnny & Niek's Challenge Cutthroat and Bloodlines - ZBB5 and 10
    How Active Will I Be? 7.5 but with spells of 9 +
    Why should You Choose me? I should be chosen because I add the excellency needed to survive in this format. I feel like this game requires social skills and sometimes the need to be strategic, both two elements that I can use to my advantage. I also believe that I can be the first Zones winner, if not very close to the win
    Sly1134   ***Discord: SlyColt1134#7849***
    Sly1134   Name: Sly
    Rank: 6385 (I just started using this site a few days ago)
    Discord: SlyColt1134
    Previous Experiences: None so far, but thats no reason to count me out ;)
    Activity: 8/10 outside of when I'm at work I can be online.
    Why should you choose me? I may not be too familiar with this site so far, but I am an avid fan of the types of shows that inspired it. I am absolutely ready to go far in this, and believe I can befriend enough people to make it fairly far! 
    ncolston2001   Name: Nacho
    Rank: 386
    Discord: You got it
    Previous GG Experiences: CMIYC S4, Trustfall S2 and S5, YANTO S1, S4, S5, TS7 and 8, KaylaRenee's TOS
    Active?: 10
    Why should i choose you?: You love me and i will bring a bitchy attitude
    Leo99   Name: Leo
    Rank: 595
    Discord: leo99
    Previous group games: Power Play
    Activity: 7/8
    I think you should choose be bc i was on i game similar to this before and i think i did well enought, that was my first time playing a group game so was a learning exeperiance and i wanted to have fun, i still want to have fun but this time, since i already know how it is to play a group game, i think ill not only be a good player but also will try to change my mistakes from the first group game i was on. I will play hard, try to make good moves, maybe a little of drama, but essencialy give you and the viewers the best show possible! i hope you choose be!! Hve a nice day :)
    theawesometwin   Zach
    You have it!
    YANTO8, Saints vs Sinners, NBB
    I love the new format that relies on mostly social and strategically aspect 
    OhEm0507   Name: Em
    Rank: 1307
    Discord: OhEm_13 #5516
    Group Games experience: The Voice of Zwooper, Sing for Your Life, Deans Big Freakshow S10 : The Black Hole
    How Active will I be: 7 or 8
    Why Should you choose me?: I’ve got the looks, the braincells, and the DRAMA! Plus, I really want to prove myself to others.
    _Rob_   Name: Draco
    Rank: 775
    Discord: ItsDraco#6274
    Previous Group Game Experiences: On Profile.
    How Active Will You Be (1-10): 8.5
    Why Should I Choose You?: I'm not the easiest player to get through. Out of games, I'm just this friendly person, but once in games, I'm a totally different person. I play as hard as I can, and using my great social game, I usually go deep into games. I'm going to take everything I've learned on my time on Zwooper and will apply that to this game.
    AwesomeLion   Name: Lion
    Rank: 585
    Discord: You have it
    Previous Group Games experience: Power Play, Champions 2, The Cube 13 and currently YANTO 8 those are the ones I’m proud of :D
    How Active will I be: 7 or 8
    Why Should you choose me? I’ve got food/snacks and drinks 
    Brazz   Name: Brazelle
    Rank: 299
    Discord: brazelle#7994
    Group Games: Sinners V Saints, YANTO 8,Champions V Challengers,The Bachelor
    How Active: 10
    Why Should You Choose Me: Because i am determined to do well in all games i play, i never give up and i fight to the end! i enjoy playing strategically as well as social. i am also capable of holding my own in comps.
    Brazz   Name: Brazelle
    Rank: 299
    Discord: brazelle#
    Group Games: Sinners V Saints, YANTO 8,Champions v Challengers,The Bachelor.
    How Active: 10
    Why Should You Choose Me: Because i am determined to do well in all games i play, i never give up and i fight to the end! i enjoy playing strategic as well as social. i am also capable of holding my own in comps.
    Tone   This is so cool!!

    Name: CJ
    Discord: thewrightone05#8637
    Previous Group Games: None, but i just started using this account, and I am excited to start having amazing experiences with amazing people!
    How active?: 8 or 9
    Why should I be chosen?: I love games like this, I am hoping to expand my group game experiences, and I will be a fierce competitor.
    MOTO   Name: Moto
    Rank: 245
    Discord: Moto#0689
    Previous Group Game Experiences: Don't really remember but, you've been for a lot of them
    How active will I be: 8
    Armani   Name: Allen
    Rank: 209
    Discord: ALLEN#6475
    Previous Group Game Experiences: Winner of BB Revenge, 2nd in Trustfall 4, 8th in Nacho's ETN, Final 5 in CMIYC4, etc.
    How active will I be: Depends on how many other games I'm in and what comes up in real life, but maybe like a 7.5?
    Why should I choose you?: You want it to be interesting, don't you?

    Name: Xander
    Rank: 505 i think idk 
    Discord: Xander#6364
    Previous Group Game Experiences: To many to count... uhhh 12th CMIYC3, 1 in Chase S1, uhhh YANTO ... whatever place i got in that. 
    How active: 9.2 maybe 8.4 idk 
    Why: Why not. nuff said

    CarterYoung   Name: Carter
    Rank:3143 (Cyan Square)
    Pervious Group Experinces: None But DO NOT DENY me I may be a newbie but ozzy asked be to co host his survivor may be casted for Clash Big brother 2.I am a newbie that how people underestimate you and Ill play dumb then when the time is right I will RuLE THIS GAME YOU HEAR ME I WILL RULE THIS GAME!
    How Active I will be: 8 I would say 10 but I have homework classes Sleep and your season  comes up in the endish peroid of winter break I should make it to the challeges tho.
    Why I should Chose You?- Becuase I am a social player that will make drama make enemies Lie and steal to win Ill make and Break Alliances I WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN.So YOU BETTER FUCKING CAST ME OR ELSE ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.
    waterkid6   Cool concept! Will look into applying later! Logo

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