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    ZCircleMarch 18, 2021 00:35
    ZCircle || Finale || Winner Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    a07strand   Sorry you feel that way but good game.
    TJDawgiestyle   Now I really wanna die
    Trinity2000   Congrats Andrew!!
    overcome   day 1 final 3 finally final 3 !!
    Nitu   Omg andrewwww rockstar!!
    PeterC   omg king!
    overcome   @   ZC_Joey   lmfao gg 
    ZC_Joey   gj to you guys, embarrassed i lost to kenzie but it'll go away
    08SaraR   You all did amazing but congrats Andrew!!!! That was flawless!! :D
    Joshh   Andrew just did that huh
    davidprincipe29   Congrats Andrew
    George   congrats !!
    ZC_Daisy   Thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH.....I'm jumping for JOY AND what a great game to MATEO AND McKenzie! 
    AngelOfWater   GOOD JOB ANDREW!!!!! SO PROUD!!!

    congrats though miss daisy dukes <3 love u queen
    overcome   Congratulations everyone!
    George   congrats !!
    sebby113   YESS ANDREW!!!!
    JacksonSunshine   I KNEW IT WAS ANDREW
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 18, 2021 00:15
    ZCircle || Finale || 4th & 5th Place Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    solesurvivorguy   feeling the love guys 
    Jumanji   @George  Loved my Nayvie! Glad I got to play with you and tear it the fuck up!
    George   paul 
    you played the best game and did deserve to win this
    JacksonSunshine   Gj guys and yeah... no wonder I didn't know who they are because I've hardly spoke to either one LOL! Both seem like amazing people though
    sebby113   HOLY SHIT!
    Tone   holy shit! i am shocked by both of these reveals!
    ZC_McKenzie   good job guys !!!
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_Paul@ZC_Joey well-played games and wonderful people playing these characters! 
    Jumanji   Thanks for everything Paul! Truly a blast!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 16, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 9 || FINALISTS REVEAL
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Joey   joey ftw
    jakethesnake   Figured you would get this since you were online, you got my vote 
    ZC_Paul   @jakethesnake Hey sis!
    jakethesnake   First contestant to reply to this comment gets my vote to win. Let's see how hard these finalists are actively trying :) Gl to all!
    Jay   Joey or Daisy for the win
    Joshh   PAULS GAY ASS!
    TJDawgiestyle   I would even be remotely threatened by kenzie ranking last in nearly every list
    TJDawgiestyle   If you all vote Mckenzie I will jump off a bridge, let's actually be objective and vote who actually was clearly the best player in daisy
    JacksonSunshine   @Mikey it's a smart move on Daisy's part because she's the clear front-runner.... as for Mateo, he could've taken a risk to get her out since no one else dared to take a shot at her lol
    Tone   this was not smart at all i don't understand LOL but honestly any one of these finalists deserve the win except kenzie
    sebby113   @Mikey LOL

    If I can win a public game mickeznie can win this haha
    Matthew1125   TEAM MATT
    Spyder   This phrase is so overused, but I was quite obviously robbed. Good game though everybody!
    ZC_McKenzie   aww @sebby113 thank you soo much!
    ZC_McKenzie   told you so
    ZC_Paul   Love you Caleb!

    My final plea is coming ASAP!
    Mikey   yeah, no. @sebby113
    Mikey   daisy and mateo both lost my vote. caleb had 0 chance of winning yet they evicted him? where was the mf logic? joey for the win !!!
    sebby113   Lets vote mckeznie for laughs lol
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 15, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 9 || The Ratings
    Spoiler alert!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Lol. It's the same ppl every time.
    Mikey   haha kenzie. stupid bitch
    ZC_Daisy   Thank you to everyone who voted for me and has been supporting me this whole time. It means the world to have played this game and met a lot of amazing people! I continue to ask for your support in this final! Stay tuned! 
    George   how exciting 
    ZC_Paul   Grats to my sisters Mateo and Daisy!
    ZC_McKenzie   grats guys!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 14, 2021 00:15
    ZCircle || Round 9 || FINAL PUBLIC CHALLENGE & Public Vote: #Bonus
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Daisy   #TeamDaisy I'm about to make this rite of passage so much fun, Stay tuned! 
    ZC_Joey   #TeamJoey
    George   #TeamEveryone
    Trinity2000   #TeamKenzie
    ZC_McKenzie   this will be fun!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 14, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 8 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   I swear I thought that was @Peyton
    DoctorWho   They just blocked a legend, NAYVIE deserves better
    Trinity2000   I would have sworn on a stack of bibles Nayvie was JBeaudry.
    George   the obsession was real !! yikes ..
    all i did was make fun blogs and got so much hate for it 
    my error was thinking everyone else wanted to have fun when signing up for this game, nevertheless glad i could bring the drama and the excitement 

    may the best player win !
    i have no bad blood because that was Nayvie-Sue, not George
    sebby113   omg, wow, antoher person I didnt expect
    Tone   WAIT... WHAT
    ZC_NayvieSue   who's that george guy?
    ZC_Paul   ICON!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 12, 2021 00:15
    ZCircle || Round 8 || Public Vote: Double or Nothing
    Spoiler alert!
    kongowongo   Could spread a lot more positivity if you didn't make the players rank and block each other every round.  Seems kinda mean tbh. 
    kongowongo   How about we let everyone be influencer?  Then no one has to go home. =-)
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 12, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 7 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    kongowongo   Yay everyone!
    sebby113   oh wow, another person I never saw coming
    Tone   BRUTAL robbery
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 11, 2021 00:02
    ZCircle || Round 7 || The Ratings
    Spoiler alert!
    kongowongo   That includes the blocked players as well so no one has to feel left out. =-)
    kongowongo   #TeamEveryone
    TJDawgiestyle   @kongowongo shut your stupid ass up
    kongowongo   No one in this cast is boring.  They are all trying really really hard and everyone is special in their own way. 
    ZC_Jenna   @TJDawgieStyle They always have been boring, just was too scared of my position in the game to say it, but I feel free! 
    Matthew1125   MATTEO KING
    Reynolds   NOOO KENZIE :((((
    TJDawgiestyle   funny how they're only boring when its not in our best interest
    ZC_Jenna   These people are boring.
    sebby113   oh wow, kenzie so close
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 10, 2021 00:15
    ZCircle || Round 7 || Public Vote: #NoMaam
    Spoiler alert!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 10, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 6 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Congrats to those that remain in the Circle!
    jakethesnake   UGH
    Matthew1125   TONE 
    Nitu   Awwww tone gg :(
    Jude   Karma baby 
    sebby113   oh shit, tone... damn I can see it now by the avi design, u played good tone
    Tone   this was the hardest fucking game i've ever played. first of all I want to thank the production team for having me. this really was fun even though it took an emotional toll on me this past round

    to the fellow players: gg no ill will or hard feelings towards anyone, please be nice to each other and have fun!
    JacksonSunshine   That wasn't a read on the rest of the people btw LOL! I just realized how shady that looked!
    JacksonSunshine   At least Tone wasn't boring and just going with what the house wanted! Gg @Tone! Way to leave your mark on the game!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 08, 2021 23:58
    ZCircle || Round 6 || #Bugged and Ratings List
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Andrew   You know what Mateo - you get a pass because that was the absolute best gif response ever
    ZC_Mateo   Andrew's List:
    8. Mateo
    Reynolds   <3 gllllll
    ZC_NayvieSue   paparazzi, those vultures!! why can't they just leave me alone?
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_Joey @ZC_Paul congrats to you both! 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 08, 2021 04:36
    ZCircle || Round 6 || Public Game: Touchy Subjects
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Paul   1. What was the biggest shock? The biggest shock for me is that four people got the "who would you block next if you could?" award because it shows that the circle is ready for all them bitches to go.

    2. What did you think you'd get but didn't? I thought I would get something, clearly my impression was not memorable sis

    3. What did you not expect to get? N/A

    4. Overall impressions. The overall impressions about this experience was that I am in the good graces or the bad graces. As RuPaul says, I am the worst word of them all "SAFE". That's not a great place to be.
    ZC_Caleb   1. I would have to say the biggest shock on this list for me was who is the funniest. Nayvie Sue is pretty funny, but I've found other people to be more funny than her. 
    2. I didn't really expect to get anything, so I'm not shocked by the results at all. 
    3. Again, I didn't get anything, but if I did, I would like to think I might have gotten the funniest. 
    4. My overall impressions for the Touchy Subjects list is pretty good. I feel like most of the titles are correct, except for maybe Who Has No Shot At Winning and Who is the Funniest. My overall impressions of the game are a bit different. There is only a few people in the game that actually make an effort to uphold their end of the conversation, and I feel like it would be more enjoyable if you weren't just given two word answers to your efforts in making a conversation. 
    ZC_Mateo   1. What was the biggest shock? The result of "Who has no shot at winning?" Andrew should have been here. He backstabbed people that had his back while doing dirty work for someone who wanted him out. I don't know how anyone can trust an evil person like Andrew after that. I hope he sees soon what a great "move" he made.   

    2. What did you think you'd get but didn't? I wanted "Who would try eating soup with a fork?" I literally tried it after hearing this question for the first time. 

    3. What did you not expect to get? the control question one. I have no control whatsoever. I havent even been close to being an influencer the last few rounds. I am a target of a couple of people whose mission is to make me miserable.

    4. Overall impressions. Here we go again. Nayvie messes up the timeline and throws shit at me. Why am I not surprised? I tried to explain to her my convo with Andrew. I hope people realize how much control Nayvie has over people and how many people will do anything to help their evil queen. I also don't agree with the funny category, Nayvie is not funny, she is unstable. 
    ZC_McKenzie   1. What was the biggest shock?  that we didn't get one persons list shown, like we were told .

    2. What did you think you'd get but didn't? Most likely biggest villian or hero for what ever reason 

    3. What did you not expect to get? eating soup with a fork, I rarely eat soup but when I do I always use a spoon I promise you that haha.

    4. Overall impressions. not really one, Just showes me some things I  need to try to improve on.

    1. lmao i legit did not tink i was that good of a strategist but i'll take it

    2. i thought i might get funniest but even that was a bit of a stretch

    3. I didn't espect most social or anything since I like always fall asleep on people LMAO

    4. These all seem pretty accurate from what I've seen and heard so far


    1. Honestly the "Best Strategist" was pretty shocking since Joey is so new, of course not saying anything bad about him but it just surprised me.


    2. I didnt think I'd get any to be honest!


    3. The next to go 


    4. Most of these titles were rightfully given to the right person.

    Jude   It looks like my mist is coming for Andrew 
    ZC_NayvieSue   1. What was the biggest shock? Who thinks they're in control - I have never once said I am in control, I know I have no control in this game and that is the grand fact-e-o-lee. I have been on the bottom this whole time and have said this numerous times, however I have many haters in this house who will simply put my name for anything slightly negative. I was told I was the one who targetted Walter last round, not me. However, there have been so many LIES spread about me - mama you're obsessed, Mateo I'm looking at you deary.

    2. What did you think you'd get but didn't? I thought i'd get the biggest villain because apparently I can't be sex positive and a christian! apparently I can't travel the world. apparently i can't donate or volunteer for charities. apparently i am a big fat liar. 

    3. What did you not expect to get? Who has the most control - I have never once controlled anything and am the ONLY bitch here to be blocked.

    4. Overall impressions. Let's be real the funniest was only going to go one of two ways, sorry but if you want to keep hating me then at least be funny? Mateo, you lied to me and say let's rank each other 3/4 and I kept my promise mama but then you PLEAD with the influencers to take me out. BOY BYE. Don't you have anything else to give to the group, other than hating the pretty girl? you have made TWO blogs dedicated to me and can't think of anything else to blog about. Maybe you should focus on bettering yourself before you come crawling into my DMs saying "i'm next to go right" I don't know who's next to go I don't have a bloody time machine babes x
    ZC_Daisy   1. What was the biggest shock? The biggest shock is me getting the best chance to win. I'm just going with the flow and having fun! 

    2. What did you think you'd get but didn't? I thought I would get the next to be blocked! 

    3. What did you not expect to get? I didn't expect to get who always messages first! I am often super busy during the hour's everyone is on!

    4. Overall impressions? I have been enjoying this game very much, I think I will have a lot of new friends on the site after this! I'm very thankful that people are taking well to me and I look forward to a well played rest of the Circle! Good luck everyone and remember to have fun! 
    ZC_Andrew   When I started this game I did not expect to get labeled the biggest villain, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do..

    Who was the biggest shock? Joey being in the tie for best strategist kind of shocked me, nothing against the guy, but he has barely been here for 1 round and hasn't even been a part of ranking lists yet!

    What did you think you'd get but didn't? I honestly thought I would get "no shot of winning" because a lot of people seem to be mad at me so i thought people would hash it out on me there.

    What did you not expect to get? The who is the next to go one... I really hope not, I better watch my back!

    Overall impressions? I just want to make sure that nobody thinks I am a bad person because that is the last thing I want. To everyone who considers me a villain, I'd just like to apologize. And I'd like to say that the move I made last round was not out of malice, it was the nature of the game and it's the game we all came to play. I still have love in my heart for the entire circle fam! Love you guys! Good luck everyone 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 07, 2021 00:16
    ZCircle || Round 6 || Announcements & Public Vote: #Bugged
    Spoiler alert!
    solesurvivorguy   hm... nayvie sue ig
    Disaacsp   Finally, I win something!
    Jude   Campaign to have Andrew's list publicly revealed just for fun 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 07, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 5 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    CaseyBea   Jude I will break you
    sebby113   I knew it!
    Jude   Mannnn I was so violently robbed, good luck to everyone left.
    Green   NOOOOOOOO
    ZC_Paul   Bye Walter!
    ZC_NayvieSue   my wally 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 06, 2021 00:07
    ZCircle || Round 5 || Ratings List Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   yess daisy!
    TJDawgiestyle   @Trinity2000 presumably the same way she got last in rounds 1 and 2
    Trinity2000   So shocked, how did Kenzie get 8th?
    ZC_Walter   Interesting. 
    ZC_NayvieSue   grats to Daisy and Andrew !!
    also thanks to the house x
    ZC_McKenzie   Oh
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 05, 2021 01:59
    ZCircle || Round 5 || Public Challenge: Pretty Picture
    Spoiler alert!
    kongowongo   @ZC_NayvieSue Yeah definitely. It wouldn't be appropriate for just any gay person, but with Paul it's so appropriate. It really is the full extent of what they've shown to be their persona.
    ZC_Paul   Mine is truly ICONIQUE!
    ZC_Mateo   I absolutely love mine. It seems whoever did it spent some time researching my hobbies/attributes so thank you!! 
    ZC_NayvieSue   i did the Paul one, thanks for the appreciation of my work!!
    kongowongo   @JacksonSunshine Yeah me too haha!
    ZC_Daisy   a picture can speak a thousand words! these are all very very good! 
    ZC_Andrew   Aww mine is so adorable! It looks like a little egg! I love it! <3
    ZC_McKenzie   Is mine a cake?
    ZC_Joey   I am a buff gym rat so I love mine especially :)
    ZC_Caleb   I actually wish that had been my avatar from the beginning. I absolutely love it! Great job, whoever did mine!
    ZC_NayvieSue   it's true, i am heartbroken - heartbroken that some players are able to skate on by, by doing nothing at all 
    ZC_Jenna   Mines pretty but I would've appreciated it being something you made rather than something you found online
    ZC_Walter   Someone knows me so well.. I love discovery channel :) 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 04, 2021 00:16
    ZCircle || Round 5 || The New Addition: Double Trouble
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   They just keep coming!!
    Patrick71101   So many people to root for omg c:
    ZCircle   @Trinity2000 you already chose Gemmye in the PTW :/ 
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_Caleb and @ZC_Joey WELCOME Y'alllll 
    IrishCraic   Trinity is always greedy, likes having more than 1 pick/man
    ZC_Paul   Welcome @ZC_Caleb and @ZC_Joey !
    Wcplays   Wait Trinity can pick again? I feel thats a bit unfair

    Ill go with Joey if she cant
    Jay   caleb
    Logan_   Caleb
    IrishCraic   Joey plz
    Trinity2000   Joey
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 04, 2021 00:07
    ZCircle || Round 4 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   TJ robbed 
    ABLaksh   Shocking
    Voxin   Not the dawg father 
    Wadz13   @sebby113 I am merciful 
    Wadz13   hehehehe
    Trinity2000   Never suspected it being TJDawgie.
    sebby113   OH shit, did not expect that
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 03, 2021 00:04
    ZCircle || Round 4|| Ratings List Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Walter   Thank you everyone!! Honored to be an influencer :) 
    ABLaksh   Go McKenzie!!!
    Guoyoung   congrats
    ZC_McKenzie   Thank you all soo much, I love you so much circle fam, and all the team kenziers !!!
    Trinity2000   Fyi Navyie and I am not in this game. Samm has to be M*** *** **e
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_McKenzie@ZC_Walter Congratulations to the both of you! best of luck with your Decision.
    George   YES MCKENZIE !!
    now that's how you do it
    sebby113   good job mckenzie!
    ZC_Jenna   Had a very busy day, apologies for not submitting in time!! 
    ZC_NayvieSue   *picks up my third 5th place ribbon and kisses Mateo on the cheek*

    Good luck influencers Logo

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