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  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 03, 2021 00:04
    ZCircle || Round 4|| Ratings List Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Walter   Thank you everyone!! Honored to be an influencer :) 
    ABLaksh   Go McKenzie!!!
    Guoyoung   congrats
    ZC_McKenzie   Thank you all soo much, I love you so much circle fam, and all the team kenziers !!!
    Trinity2000   Fyi Navyie and I am not in this game. Samm has to be M*** *** **e
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_McKenzie@ZC_Walter Congratulations to the both of you! best of luck with your Decision.
    George   YES MCKENZIE !!
    now that's how you do it
    sebby113   good job mckenzie!
    ZC_Jenna   Had a very busy day, apologies for not submitting in time!! 
    ZC_NayvieSue   *picks up my third 5th place ribbon and kisses Mateo on the cheek*

    Good luck influencers 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 02, 2021 00:03
    ZCircle || Round 4 || Public Poll Results: #JustMarried
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   SHUSH
    Trinity2000   Mateo, get it annulled!!
    ZC_Daisy   looks like the public loves a good love story!
    sebby113   LOL the ones that hated each other
    ZC_Sam   "Next Week on Divorce Court"
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 01, 2021 00:15
    ZCircle || Round 4|| Public Vote: #JustMarried
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Daisy   @ZCircle you need to put sam in place of paul in your list  as they can't vote for paul?
    ZC_Paul   I can't get married? How homophobic
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleMarch 01, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 4 || The New Addition
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   i will hav him <3
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_Paul I'm loving that colorful hair! 
    ZC_Jenna     ZC_NayvieSue 
    OMG A GAY!!
    Matthew1125   I will take Paul!
    ZC_NayvieSue   OMG A GAY!! 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 28, 2021 23:45
    ZCircle || Round 3 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Jenna   Thanks Daisy and Mateo! and congrats Nayvie-Sue on staying!
    ZC_NayvieSue   Oh you hateful little swines. Can't get rid of the ol' SueSue that easy
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 28, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle Announcements || Round 3 || Public Vote Results and Ratings List Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   grats daisy!
    ZC_Daisy   @JacksonSunshine@Trinity2000@ZC_Walter thanks everyone! I appreciate this! Good Luck everyone
    JacksonSunshine   Omg congrats to Daisy, Walter and Mateo! Everyone else is doing good too! Y'all got this!
    Trinity2000   Congrats to Daisy, Mateo and Walter!
    ZC_Walter   Congrats Mateo and Daisy :) And thank you everyone who voted me for immunity! <3 

    -Walter xx
    ZC_NayvieSue   you guys !! 7th, you're so kind to me xx
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 27, 2021 19:09
    ZCircle || Public Vote || #NotTodaySatan - Have you voted yet?
    Spoiler alert!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 27, 2021 00:22
    ZCircle Public Vote || Round 3 || #NotTodaySatan
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Ty!
    ZC_Andrew   Good luck everyone!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 27, 2021 00:07
    ZCircle Public Challenge || Round 3 || Raising Eyebrows
    Spoiler alert!

    As much as Samm Freakin' Wilde hate to dog pile on certain people, I gotta say Kenzie... Blogs never really stood out to me, the real lack of activity not only on my end but the rest of the cast as well it's just like...come on.

    If Liam had stayed over McKenzie, answer would've been Liam no doubt.

    ZC_Daisy   Hooooowdddddy Circle Fans!  I'm here today, to give you a little insight through the eye's of Daisy! 

    The Question;
    Daisy, who has the worst chance of winning?

    I would have to say @ZC_Mckenzie has the worst chance of winning, this is not an attack on her! This is just my observation, she has been active yes, but how active you ask? Well just active enough to play games in the group chat and to talk there. My advice to McKenzie, "step up your blogs and stop just following what seem's to be the same thing Walter is doing." If me being real in this  game, drops me in the ranks, then so be it. I just came to play a fun active game, but yet to see it... I hope more people turn on their creative juices and we hype up the crowd. I live by by being positive and empowering words, so although I may think Mckenzie has the worst shot at winning, this doesn't mean that she can't turn her game around......Best of Luck everyone, Daisy is bringing out the guns, It's time to start Sharp Shooting Y'all! 

            -AJR - 
    "Should I keep it light?
    Stay out of the fight?
    No one's gonna listen to me
    If I write a song
    Preaching what is wrong!"

    "Yeah, used to let it go
    Walk into the show
    Gawking at the tricks up your sleeve
    Too good to be true
    But I'm in a room
    Full of entertainers and thieves
    Used to let it go!!" 

    ZC_Mateo   I don't think anyone is really threatening yet as we are just getting started. But if I have to choose someone then I think the most threatening player is Nayvie-Sue, just because of her open, easy to talk to and entertaining personality which got a lot of love from the public and players. 
    ZC_Walter   I hate this question because I have one person in mind that stands out, but not a second. The person I feel least deserves to be in the circle is McKenzie. She has just been copying the post before her the last few days and is not very engaging in conversation. Like I said, I don't have a second option, so right now I'm purely going to say Sam just because I haven't had a bunch of chances to talk to her yet. But hoping that will change very soon :) 
    ZC_NayvieSue   whoever asked me this question is who i'd block.
    but seriously, just based off the interactions i've had so far - Jenna. love you so much, more than you will ever know - i sometimes can't even breathe when i think about how much i love you babe xxoxoxoooxoxxxxxxxx 
    ZC_McKenzie   I feel like myy best personality trait is my willingness to go out of my comfort zone. I am williing to try new things and go new places and meet new people opens me up for a more enjoyable life and a more exprinced life.
    ZC_Andrew   Andrew here to answer! I definitely think the cast has been very eager to make a connection with each other and the public. After all, the public does impact the game in a big way. I know that people are using public support to their advantage.
    ZC_Jenna   Im not one to be fake (ironic since were playing the circle LOL) but Id have to say based on public support Nayvie-Sue is the most threatening, does that mean I want her out though? Of course not
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 26, 2021 00:15
    ZCircle || Round 3 || The New Addition
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_Sam - You have some amazing talent with making post, this is astonishing! 
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_Sam Welcome aboard, Loving your style! 
    ZC_Jenna   Welcome Sam!
    jakethesnake   Me too
    Jude   I'll take sam 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 26, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 2 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Walter   Sorry Liam good game!!
    ZC_Jenna   Sorry Liam! Was fun playing with you for the short time we did 
    ZC_Mateo   Goodbye Liam  It was fun meeting you. 

    Thank you Walter and Daisy for safety. 
    ZC_NayvieSue   thank you walter and daisy 

    liam, i will always treasure our conversation.
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 25, 2021 00:00
    ZCircle || Round 2 || Public Vote and Ratings List
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_NayvieSue   congratulations my loves !!

    alo, bronze medal? oh you treat me so well x
    Thank you everyone, also good luck in the coming rounds!
    ZC_Jenna   Huge congrats to the two influencers! 
    Trinity2000   Congrats Walter and Daisy!
    ZC_Walter   Thank you so much everyone who voted for me! #TeamWalter
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 24, 2021 00:25
    ZCircle || Public Vote #2 || #VIPAccess
    Spoiler alert!
    SPYDER701   Nayvie-Sue
    ZC_McKenzie   #Kenzieforvip   It would mean alot to me! :) 
    Vin014   Nayvie-Sue
    ZC_Walter   Walter for influencer! Let the old guy show what hes got <3 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 24, 2021 00:13
    ZCircle || Public Challenge 2 || "Word of Mouth"
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_NayvieSue   i've heard worse !!
    ZC_Liam   "boring" is a real negative word in general what you find boring someone could find fun!
    ZC_Daisy   Life is like a camera, just focus on what is important! Capture the good times, develope from the negatives! If things don't work out, take another shot. 
    ZC_Jenna   Thank you for the kind words y'all! 
    ZC_McKenzie   Aww thank you guys so so much ! <3
    ZC_Mateo   Thank you everyone for your opinions! 
    ZC_Walter   I guess I'm annoyingly funny, at least we can say I've provided entertainment unlike.. some.. of these people 
    ZC_Andrew   Sorry everyone for missing the deadline, something important came up unexpectedly. 

    I would just like to add a word for everyone, because I wasn't able to send mine in earlier.

    Daisy: Sweetheart
    Jenna: Amazing
    Liam: Chill
    Mateo: Intelligent 
    Kenzie: Intriguing
    Nayvie-Sue: Pure
    Walter: Hilarious

    Love all of you!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 23, 2021 00:18
    ZCircle || Round 2 || The New Addition
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Walter   Looks like theres a new sherrif in town! Welcome to the game Jenna
    08SaraR   I'll pick her as well if there's a spot left. : )
    Brittney   I'll pick Jenna in the PTW
    ZC_Jenna   @ZC_Daisy While unfortunately I cannot be an icon like her, I do appreciate your taste! Women who empower and inspire others to be confident with themselves inside and out are just the type I look up to! 
    ZC_Daisy   @ZC_Jenna I'm going to faint if it's Jenna Jameson, She wrote one heck of an autobiography! 
    sebby113   Thank you very much haha
    Trinity2000   LMAO @sebby113, yes it's me! I am Jenna, ur a regular Sherlock Holmes!
    sebby113   This is trinity200 she has the same shirt trinity has on rn, coincidence.. I dont think so
    TJDawgiestyle   NO BULLSHIT Jenna looks like GemmEye with a cowboy hat on
    ZC_Andrew   This is so exciting, welcome Jenna!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 23, 2021 00:05
    ZCircle || Round 1 || The Blocking
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Walter   Good game Gemmye :( 
    Vin014   Allen was robbed. 
    TJDawgiestyle   @Allen what?! it was a compliment
    JacksonSunshine   Why did I know this was Allen's messiness?
    Allen   @Trinity2000 so sorry my dear  forgive me?
    Trinity2000   Allen, you let me down....
    Allen   @TJDawgiestyle Kepp my name out of your mouth please. Thanks! :)
    TJDawgiestyle   Allen played well considering his Masa' wasn't here telling him what to do
    _Rob_   "But I won Icons!"
    sebby113   I knew it was Allen or peyton
    ZC_Andrew   Aww Gemmye :(
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 22, 2021 00:00
    Round one ratings - ZCircle Season One
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Congrats Daisy and Mateo! Sweet tea with Peach Crown Royal rocks!!
    ZC_Daisy   Thank you everyone @ZC_NayvieSue@ZC_Walter@ZC_McKenzie 
    @JeremyHLikesFood I actually had the moonshine out tonight! If I drink tea, I prefer it Sweet with Crown Royal Peach!
    JeremyHLikesFood   daisy has the tea
    Matthew1125   My namesake is coming in clutch, Team Matt!!!
    ZC_McKenzie   Congrats guys!!!!! <3  So happy for you both!
    ZC_Walter   An improvement from 7th! Congrats Daisy and Mateo, well deserved for both of you <3 
    ZC_NayvieSue   yay another 5th place ribbon to add to my wall, i'm such a lucky girl! thank you everyone xxx

    Congratulations to Daisy and Mateo on that verified tick x
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 21, 2021 00:02
    ZCircle Public Vote || #BreakingUpIsHardToDo
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Walter   Vote walter for influencer! Free healthcare for all!
    Jay   I think either Nayvie, Walter or Gemmye deserve it, the rest are boring so far.
    ZC_Gemmye   I would love to have this safety because I think I could really use it based on the first lists! If you vote for me I really appreciate it!! <3
    ZC_McKenzie   Hey everyone I hope you vote for me I would really enjoy it but if not all is good much love <3! -Kenzie
    ZC_Mateo   Best of Luck Circle Fam 
    ZC_Andrew   Wowza! Good luck everyone!
    sebby113   lets go mckenzie!
    ZC_NayvieSue   I wish I had this special power when my ex boyfriend blocked my number 
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 20, 2021 00:31
    ZCircle Public Challenge || Round 1|| Heightened Opinions
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Liam has helped the world we live in today, it's been easier to connect and stay close especially in times like these, it's made everything easier, finding jobs, applying for unis and much more!

    2. I'm not for or against this tbh, I'm sorta middle ground I wouldn't order pizza with pineapple but I wouldn't not eat it if it came with it. 

    3. 100% agree, as someone who is a personal trainer and works out a lot it's a mandatory thing to do for me!

    ZC_Gemmye   1. I think it is. Have you seen the things technology has created that are killing humans? I mean you should be killed for wearing vertical stripes willingly. But still, without technology the earth and its people would be MUCH healthier, and we wouldn't be facing a crisis that's probably going to kill us soon.

    2. No. Just no. If you put pineapple on pizza I personally will remove you from planet earth (without the use of technology... go green!!).

    3. If you don't shower daily, you probably smell like you've been living in the sewers for years and decided to come up for something to eat. Likely pineapple on pizza. That's disgusting. Shower.
    ZC_Andrew   1. Nah, not really. I believe social media sometimes is killing humans, but not technology in general, as it is a very innovative tool!

    2. I have never personally tried pineapple on pizza. I don't really think it would be of my liking, but a lot of people have different tastes! You can't say anything doesn't belong on pizza, and I like to have an open mind.

    3. Yes, I believe showers are a daily requirement. You are allowed to be flexible, as in if you haven't done anything all day and don't plan on going anywhere, an off day won't hurt. However, that is the absolute limit. It isn't difficult to take showers so just do it!
    Peyton   Tag yourself I'm @ZC_NayvieSue having a gay tshirt but also having an ex boyfriend
    ZC_McKenzie   The first one , It honestly depends on the person and  what type of technology they are useing however we all as humans need to get controll over it before it gets controll over us. The next one. No pinabpples do not belong on pizza, ( but in all fainess I have never tried it so I can not say I hate it. Finlly the last  one  yes showers or baths should be done every day but  I do know that some  people can't do it every day but if the chance is at hand you should shower every day !!:) 
    Trinity2000   Sorry about the 4 rating, I was trying to hit 5.
    ZC_Mateo   Technology is killing humans.
    It depends on what type of technology. Technology towards social media - yes it kills humans. Because people do not know when to stop and they lose sight of reality.. When it comes to medicine, healthcare, education etc, = it is very useful. 

    Pineapple belongs on pizza.
    I do not really care, I do not personally really like pineapple but I know people who like it. It is their choice and I am okay with it. It doesn't change anything in my life. Though I am vegetarian, and I recommend pizzas with no meat. 

    Showers are a daily requirement.
    YES! It is not hygienic to just meet other people when you don't shower every day. Well, since I work out almost every day it is sort of a routine for me. Still, I think it is in people's best interest to take shower every day, no matter what you do. 
    ZC_Daisy   STATEMENT 1: Technology is killing humans?
    As a nurse, I personally find technology to be used for good. It has been used to save/enrich countless lives, through medicine alone!
    STATEMENT 2: Pineapple belongs on pizza?
    I tried it on vacation once while in Hawaii, absolutely fell in love with it. 
    STATEMENT 3: Showers are a daily requirement?
    Yes, I like to keep it fresh as a daisy!

    1. Technology is NOT killing the world. i believe this because i need to teach virtually and without my laptop my school kids would be DEAD. their brains would be dead. You know what they say, without a brain you are NOTHING. 
    2. Pineapple does belong on pizza, whenever my ex-boyfriend and I would order pizza I would ring the local pizza chain and ask to hide pineapples under his mozzarella cheese so he would eat the pineapple. I did this for two reasons: a. he never ate fruit or vegetables, boys will be boy  b. let's leave that to your imagination #abstience
    3. Showers are a daily requirement! I have a WHOLE ROUTINE with my showers, I call it Nayvie's Unique Treatment. I have so many products to get myself feeling and smelling good - only using organic, vegan, environmentally friendly soaps. All the kids at school ask me what deoderant I use, my answer I don't use ANY!!! Think of the CO2 emissions! xxxx

    ZC_Walter   MY OLD HANDS PRESSED SEND FORGIVE ME. BACK WHEN i fought in the war I had to use a musket but in the future we will use lazer beams from our robot eyes. 

    2. Pineapple doesnt belong on pizza, but I mean, I will eat it because thats what the retirement home feeds us

    3. I actually bathe because I cannot stand up long enough to take a shower. But I do bathe daily to deal with my foot fungus
    ZC_Walter   1. Soon we will all be robot human hybrids, back when I
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 20, 2021 00:14
    ZCircle Announcements || Day 1 || First Impressions and Public Challenge Announcement
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_McKenzie   Thank you guys soo much! <3
    ZC_NayvieSue   yay, this 5th place ribbon will look perfect on my bare walls !! thank you everyone xx
    so happy to still be here, we must live every day like it will be our last 
    ZC_Walter   7th? This is ageism. Logo

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