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Zwooper Talk - ZBB7 ALLSTARS - Have your say!


  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 28, 2015 17:42
    Spoiler alert!
    Sophle   Always sad to see this haha
    djkaywire   OMG HANNA AND CONNOR </3
    Taekwondo10   @Sophle 

    @KiwiConnor NOOOO!
    never49bird   @SPOHLE SO CLOSE
    Rokas   Yayy, atleast I made the list ^^
    Wolfwoodcp82   @Sophle So close! 
    KeshaRose   omg soooo close!!
    Nieklaus   @spidermonkey He dropped out.
    spidermonkey   Kinda surprised we didn't see @SwagSwag on this list tbh.
    AndieJene20   And everyone thought I had the most lmao! I knew I didn't!!
    SirDragon   Shocked that I got any to begin with 
    AngelOfWater   Wow at me being tied for number one with Noah :P
    Sophle   I'm quitting like bye lmao
    SuperDoodle   Crying
    JaredLannister   oml hanna was so robbed
    NoahSalvatore   Most Nom Votes IN.
    Most Nom Votes OUT in 1 Season
    Most Nom Votes OUT in 2 Seasons.
    Eduardo   Hanna 
    popular   @KeshaRose so close thither!
    Magic   ok same at me getting the same amount of votes as the winner
    Sarah   You know it's BS when finalists got less votes than KeshaRoose
    Irish   Dammmmmn Hanna!!! So close @Sophle
    George   #SophleWasRobbed
    Emanuel   Sophle omg
    Alvi   Omg thank you number 4 ♥♥♥
    Jimmy   Thought I got last but then read title
    Sarah   Um how many did i get #1
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 28, 2015 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    aaron7   Congrats @AndieJene20
    djkaywire   so close haha :D Congrats Andie!! :D Good job Parth and Nick :)
    bombers13   Grants andie 
    Allaska   Congrats!
    ChukD   Grats Andie!
    Clarke   Yay Andie!!!
    wowjj   yay I got chips :)
    coolKat   Grats @AndieJene20
    smi9127   meh
    Karmabare   congrats @AndieJene20
    Lacey   OMG YASS ANDIE!
    Brady   Congrats!
    AngelOfWater   Congrats twin <3
    Vin014   YAY!!!
    JaredLannister   YASSS
    Irish   Congrats Andie <3 You all did awesome!
    Kelsey   Yas!!! Congrats @AndieJene20!
    Inias   Congrats @AndieJene20!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Congrats @AndieJene20 You deserve the win! #TeamAndie
    Violet   Now we better see how many votes people got and 17th-30th or something :P
    Jenika   Congrats Andie!!!! 
    Alvi   @ZBigBrother will you show how may votes each one of us got to get in tghe house?? :P COngrats andie!
    Lord_Domany   Congrats @AndieJene20
    EternalBloss   ARE F******CKING KIDDING ME WHAT THE FUCKING S***IT SIJDNFADSF;MDKSLMFDSAF congratulations Andie, you survived my hate. You're now respected in my eyes. 

    Thank you Trishy for allowing us to bring content to Zwooper! Can't wait for next season. 
    AndieJene20   Omg! I never thought it would happen!!!  

    HJF55555   Woot woot Andie in the club
    imnotsadanymore   that was an easy guess on who would win lol
    Sophle   YAAAS QUEEN!
    Rokas   CONGRATULATIONS @AndieJene20! Good game!
    RobbedGoddess   Yass @AndieJene20 Gj <33333
    Taekwondo10   CONGRATS ANDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pvd   Congrats @AndieJene20!
    Sabrina   Congrats @AndieJene20 !!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 28, 2015 11:17
    Who do you want to see take home the win?

  • AndieJene20
    AndieJene20November 27, 2015 16:13
    ZBB All Stars FINALS Blog & Vlog
    I made a Vlog last night kinda summing up this game for me as a whole. Its long but i feel like its worth the time. <3 Lets say it was a wild and crazy ...
    AndieJene20   Thank you everyone that has commented and saved me. It really means so much to me.
    Bye   I haven't taken this vote lightly. I have made the time to go through everyones pleas and really think about it. Without a single doubt in my mind, I am voting for you to win this. You deserve it so much, and I really hope you can pull out the win! Good luck! 


    You came very close to getting my vote @pvd and I wish you and @Saint_Stunner all the best! 
    Voxin   #TeamAndie
    pvd   Just watched the vlog... You're a liar. I wanted you to make finals. =P
    AngelOfWater   #TeamAndie <3
    Gucci   Congrats @Andiejene20  You played great <3
    Clarke   You have my vote! Congratulations, you deserve this.
    Jenika   You have done an amazing job and I know how tough this game was on you!  
    Wolfwoodcp82   I agree 100% with @Sparkle
    Lacey   You have my vote! #TeamAndie 
    Magic   Voting you to win you deserve it GL!
    Sparkle   Slay. If you don't win the season sucked imo. 
    Taekwondo10   Im so confused on who to vote
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 27, 2015 15:45
    Spoiler alert!
    djkaywire   noooooooooooooo @Alice :(
    I think I have someone in mind I'd like to vote, but I'll look at the speeches :)
    Isbnm   Gonna vote for my fellow zbb5 
    Alice   REALLY???????????????????
    Saint_Stunner   @Sparkle, you say I lost? People also said I was getting 4th? Don't count me out just yet :)
    Saint_Stunner   Don't listen to rumors @Lola_Reece, I've had to do something in this game to survive agaisnt two really strong and popular female players @Alice and @Electra. Someone who did nothing would have never stood a chance agaisnt them
    Lola_Reece   Honestly I am posses saint stunner did nothing in this game from what I hear and Alice played amazingly disappointing ending tbh
    Kelsey   Congrats ppl!!
    Rokas   Alice robbed :( I'm dissapointed
    neme81   its @neme81 and yay 100 chips and parth to win
    Clarke   RIP IM PISSED
    voting andie though because she's queen
    alice tho </333
    Jenika   Congrats you guys!!! I adore all 3 of you 
    Emoji   pvd got my vote
    smile   I don't want 2 vote for any of these people but i guess I'm voting for Andie 
    Lacey   Really? wow. You did an amazing job @Alice 
    George   Sorry to Nick but i think you'll be getting 3rd again. 
    Magic   ........................
    Sparkle   And I'm voting Andie. 
    pvd   @Matthew13 @Alvarovidalpuga @everyone else waiting for speeches.... Thank you.
    Sparkle   Nick lost. 
    Eduardo   YAAAS. I love this Final 3!! Good luck to the 3 of you!
    johnnyscott1127   WOW. I am stunned for sure. I have no idea how that happened 
    Kyle   Let the speeches begin!!
    wowjj   @Alice was robbed. Anyway, voting pvd to win.
    Alvi   I agree 100% with matthew and clueliz here
    Clueliz   @Alice :( Congrats to you 3. I will wait until the final blogs come out to make my decision :) Good luck! 
    Cesco   Voting Nick the BAE
    Matthew13   Damn nick stayed. Waiting for speeches unlike half of you below 
    Irish   Wow I did not expect @Alice to go there
    Jay   voting pvd to win!
    Sophle   @AndieJene20 has my vote :)
    Take it home girl!
    SuperDoodle   Andie. Easy Peasy. 
    pvd   Oh my god.
    Wolfwoodcp82   Alice was robbed! Easy vote here. I am hands down voting Andie to win.
    Saint_Stunner   Oh wow
    JjessicAa   Alice was robbed! Voting for Parth though since I remember him more! :P
    BBswag   OMG!!!!
    Taekwondo10   WOW! @Alice I am shocked you left. Andie and Parth it is a tough choice
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 27, 2015 11:23

    We are nearly at the end of the season.. who do you want to ...
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 27, 2015 01:08
    We are nearly at the end of the season.. who do you want to join @AndieJene20 and @pvd in the finals ...
    1 comment
    popular   #teamalice
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 27, 2015 00:07
    CLOSED | ZBB7 All Stars | Vote for YOUR Fan Favourite!
    RESULTS ...
    Any votes sent to me or posted WILL NOT COUNT!

    I'm doing my best to alert people who try this :)
    Allaska   @Electra
    aaron7   I am voting for @Alvarovidalpuga
    Taekwondo10   Voxin
    Alice   Wish we could vote multiple people :P
    So hard to choose
    Voxin    johnnyscott1127 
    Wolfwoodcp82   This is a great idea :)
    Bye   It's just so fitting lmao @Irish
    Irish   I just heard the song on your profile and I'm dying hahahah. It's been so long since I heard that song.
    Thank you for voting. The results will be revealed once ZBB7 ends.
    jenzie   @Lord_Domany ofc. 
    Bye   Please remember to vote in the POLL everyone. I have a feeling it may not be as easily viewable on Mobiles, so just wait till you're on a computer to vote :)
    Clarke   @Magic i wish i could vote for four but you have my vote queen :)
    Reynolds   @Electra
    johnnyscott1127   NIEKLAUS NIEKLAUS NIEKLAUS
    Magic   vote me if u love chips
  • Alice
    AliceNovember 26, 2015 17:13
    ZBBAS Nominated for 4th: They REALLY Don't Want Me to Win!
    Taekwondo10   Saving you!
    AngelOfWater   @Saint_Stunner you did not get me up ever.. Others did you just followed along.. That's a sheep.. And I was apart of getting you up all the times you went up. So I don't know what you are talking about.. Oh right you are talking about the fact that you clearly have no idea what went on in this game. You kind of have to be around to know what's going on lol 
    Alice   @pvd everyone has flaws in this game, mine was being so hell bent on being the last one unnominated with no caution to the target it would make even bigger on my back. Not nominating me/Andie last round was a bad move on your part. I'm not going to argue with you I'm going to continue to enjoy my thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy yours as well. But I haven't been put up back to cack to back because 'my games flawed' it obvious ad quite clear why i have been up these last 3 rounds and there's no way around it. gl!
    Saint_Stunner   Gonna have to agree with johnny here and say keeping Andie safe is the difference between you winning this game and getting 3rd. Whether I deviated or not you should have known you would have a higher chance agaisnt me in finals verses TWO only female players who are liked publically. But the 3rd place club isn't to bad @pvd
    pvd   @Wolfwoodcp82 I'm not saying she played a bad game... I'm saying there was a flaw in her gameplan if she ended the game going up three times in a row.
    pvd   @johnnyscott1127 "you did literally everything Andie wanted from the point of you coming back into the house to the end" My first move after returning was to NOMINATE Andie with Noah... this was to separate myself from her. I was ready to nominate her with Alice at F4 too if Nick didn't deviate from the plan of keeping Andie off the block prior to it... the reason I didn't nominate her at F4 was because it would've been her FIFTH time on the block...
    smile   v queen
    popular   honestly parth... i cant wait for you to get 3rd place no tea no shade
    Wolfwoodcp82   @pvd I don't agree with what your saying here at all man. The level of play in this season is so high that the other season don't compare. Plus you guys want her out because your afraid of her in the finals plain and simple. Sorry but its obvious bud. And I agree 100% with what @johnnyscott1127 said.
    johnnyscott1127   @pvd, if we're being honest here... It's quite obvious you're nominating Alice to give her more and more chances to get out of the game. You are petrified of her getting to finals, and nominating @Saint_Stunner gave you a guaranteed third place. True, you played well in the beginning, but the fact that you were nominated two of the first four rounds in this game, and nominated against two of your closest allies, shows that you didn't play the best of games either. I also don't see how your public game was THAT great either... Alice and Andie played the public the whole time and you just did not, and I don't think is deserving of the win... Keeping @Saint_Stunner was your best chance at getting first, but you wouldn't nominate Andie because you were so up her ass, which is quite unfortunate, but this game is now in between Andie and Alice for the win. As much as you want to pretend this isn't true: you did literally everything Andie wanted from the point of you coming back into the house to the end. Your game is basically over at this point. Third is good, I guess? But arguing with Alice here, who went unnommed to f6, meanwhile you got evicted already, just isn't a fair fight. #TeamAlice
    Saint_Stunner   @AngelofWater watch your mouth  calling me a sheep like tbh you're just mad I wasn't your sheep and got you up each and everytime i had a hand in nominating you. You're the one who's pathetic hence why you're already out of the game. You literally can't say anyhting cause you don't know my game. You never have ️which is why you've always been a victim of me lying to you constantly, you could never get me up, but I've got you up multiple times so please learn who's the sheep cause no one in the final 5 was a sheep. Sorry you couldn't take part in that. 
    Alice   *f16 to f6
    Alice   You went from f6 to f4 unnommed... if thats difficult then imagine going 10 rounds from f15 to f6 included the two f10 rounds. But don't worry I'm not that good of a player remember.
    Alice   She's clearly talking about AFTER you returned @pvd
    pvd   Nick nominated me for 13th.... so did Alvaro... he was the one who made the set of me/Andie. I don't see how they are my 'sheep'.
    AngelOfWater   @pvd us being friends in the last few months is completely shakey at best.. lets be honest here. I'm the type of person that won't just lay down and do what others tell me to do.. which is why you always target me.. I"m not a perfect sheep for you.. whereas people like saint.. and like you using your friendships as a card is exactly what you did. I don't think it's difficult to pull off when everyone knows they can beat you in finals for missing a huge part of the game. 
    pvd   @AngelOfWater you are my friend. Alice is my friend. I can't help what others decide... I can only try my hardest to put myself in the best position I can. And I went un-nominated from F6 until now while everyone else in the F6 has been up on the block. Returnee or not, I think that is pretty difficult to pull off.
    AngelOfWater   @pvd really? Coming from someone who never came to me at all when he was in trouble.. You are talking about Alice not covering her basis?! Really? Let's face the facts here you literally are here because all your friends know you missing the middle of the game gives the a better chance of beating you at finals. That's it and that's all. I also know Alice has been trying but she's hands down been playing the best game.. Yesterday Saint couldn't even figure out the votes... Like it was pathetic. He literally thought Alice nominated herself or something. Yet you've defended all these peoples games because they are your friends that have basically been sheep listening to everything you say because they think you are God. That's not good gameplay that's just not being seen as a threat due to missing most of the game and knowing they can beat you in the end. Remember season 1.. Calibi was iced out and nommed back to back to back. Not because he sucks but because they knew he played the best game so tried to weaken that game to have a better chance against him. 
    pvd   @Alice why were @Clueliz and @MissXtina1985 not iced in ZBB6? @Bye in ZBB5? @Magic in ZBB4? @Irish in ZBB3? Because they had covered ALL of their bases. You didn't and once you fell, you fell hard.
    Alice   @AndieJene20 dont even try that victim shit when you had chances to get yourself into better positions and took a shit on them. You we're not iced at all... the whle house never came together to nominate you one after the other until you are gone, with no chance to change votes or do anything. You were not iced.
    Alice   @pvd do you not get the point of icing a player out? Yall saw me as so big of a threat that you thought you all had to freeze my game, make it unable for me to do jack shite as you all came together for one thing.. to nom my arse all 3 of the last rounds if you had to. You were like im voting you again.. done deal.. alva.. no talky...It didnt matter what I did because i was such a big threat in you alls eyes that thats the only tactic you had against me. When i want advice on gameplay I will get it from someone who is not on their 2nd life in this game. Doesn't it make you giggle for just a little that today you've finally been in the game for 10 rounds! Hey damn, i managed to go a whole 10 rounds before being nominated.. come on.. it's a little funny.
    AndieJene20   So we have spent the last three rounds "icing" you out. And you are pissed. Yet you pretty much spent the last 2 weeks doing exactly that to me. It does suck, but the bashing? Really? 
    pvd   @Alice Fine, I misspoke. You were playing a good game, but if you were playing great, you would've found a way to keep yourself off the block one of these rounds. You would've had a backup plan. You would've prepared for this... rather than just let it happen and hope the public saves your ass every time. The last five? rounds or so, you have not been playing well at all. When you didn't go up for Reverse Noms, and you gloated about being the last one unnommed, it was your downfall and it led to this.
    Alice   @pvd some some wisdom right there, so you're telling me, you spend 3 rounds trying to ice out a player who wasn't even playing a good game? Oh makes so much sense Parth. so much......
    neme81   Anyone can win even if they got Sabrina Abatte or Britnne Blair (Translation: Nominated two many times)
    popular   im saving you and you WILL win zbb all stars hunty know that <3
    Wolfwoodcp82   Definitely saving you! I want to see you and Andie duke it out in the finals.
    pvd   @Alice if you were playing such a good game, you wouldn't have been iced in the first place. If you are being iced, your game is flawed.
    Alice   @AndieJene20 i didnt 'lose' my key alliance member they were all scared of facing me in finals so since f6 noms all you guys have done is 180% try to ice me out of this game. Thats it, that's yalls 'big' move. Simply trying to force me not to be able to play. You guys have made these last 3 days total bullshit for me, but all it's done it light the fire inside me even more to be more determined than ever to beat you all and foil your shitty icing tactics.
    AndieJene20   Like everyone in this game tried to ice me out over the whole length of the game? I may not have been in complete power and I don't claim to have been. I was just stating that once you lost your key alliance members that you lost control of the game. 
    Alice   @AndieJene20 and the only illusion of power you had in these last 3 round is rooted in your friendships with Alva and Parth, lets be real, and you still ended up for 5th, ot much power on your end either. Only 'power' you had in this game wa your agreement to ice me out of the game, that's it. Sorry not playing nice, playing real.
    AndieJene20   I would never knock your game but Nick was always the the plan for this vote for a few of us. Then he kinda sealed his fate when you found out how he was trying to play the rest of us.  Once you and Kenya lost Niek and Magic, you guys lost the power you had in the house. 
    SirDragon   Win this @Alice!!!
    Alice   @pvd hey why don't you go somewhere else and work on coming up with whatever your shitty little plan to somehow win finals is.
    pvd   You're not the reason Nick went up. Nick is the reason Nick went up.
    Fanny   SAVED<3
    wowjj   SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice 
    Lola_Reece   Saving you!!
    Alice   Sorry for any typos just woke up...
  • Saint_Stunner
    Saint_StunnerNovember 26, 2015 16:01
    ZBB - Nommed for 4th and Watching 3/4 of the "Friend Group" make finals - potentially
    ZBB- Nommed for 4th, Almost forgot what the Block Felt ...
    AngelOfWater   @Wolfwoodcp82 thank you Caleb at least someone understands 
    Saint_Stunner   @Wolfwoodcp82, nothing personal Caleb but this wasn't a blog bashing you at all. Im saying I feel bad she did that to you after she basically did the same thing. Playing after evicted takes many forms... Each wrong. 
    Wolfwoodcp82   @Saint_Stunner Kenya is not doing what I did first off. Second I crossed the line in what I did and me and her are working on that, and thats honestly none of your business. 
    AngelOfWater   As for Caleb.. We were friends long term friends and he posted on zwooper and told everyone to evict me and called me a bad player. That's why I'm upset with him. I don't care that he evicted me or whatever but we are friends he should have respected me as a friend and he didn't. 
    AngelOfWater   Umm @Saint_Stunner read parths comments on Alice's blog.. Him and andie both talk about how you were always the plan to go up for 4th so nice try. Sorry not sorry. You've lied to me this whole entire game and all you have is bashing me for your gameplay? Yes that's such a great move.. It's sad when you literally have no gameplay to show for because you were on less than Parth and he was evicted for the middle of the game lol but yes of course blame me.. You wouldn't be the first person.. And thanks for more credit tho.. Wow I can even get you up from the grave.. I was at work but clearly I'm that threatening to you that all you can do is talk about me lol... Nice. 
    Alice   Glad I didn't listen to a word you told me last night and voted you up with me! gl!
    Kyle   Saved! You deserve it!
    BBswag   Saved
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 26, 2015 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Saved Saint!
    Alice   Says someone who has never played a game with me @John_Berlac 
    I never float
    Krain   Am i the only one who's saving Saint_Stunner here? lol
    John_Berlac   Saving Nick because Alice probably floated like always
    Bye   Saving you Alice 
    BBSF   SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE@Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @AliceSAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @AliceSAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @AliceSAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @AliceSAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @AliceSAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @AliceSAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @AliceSAVE @Alice
    Alice   Thanks all those who have said they are saving me! I don't tkae it for granted!
    It's not over yet
    Wolfwoodcp82   Gladly evicting Nick
    coolKat   Where's Alva when you need to evict someone
    wowjj   SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice SAVE @Alice 
    George   Nick, i am too bitter to let you go in the final 3 again, I'm evicting you.
    Oasis   Dammit @pvd, I wanted the finalists to be 3 of the 8 people I voted in :/
    johnnyscott1127   @Saint_Stunner, you've had to have played great to get here, but you've also played a bit on the quieter end, and several have said you were inactive. I hope you can pull through buddy because you know I'm one of your #1 fans.
    Eduardo   @Saint_Stunner ZBB is a popularity game and imo she is only being saved by most people because she is the "great Alice"
    Lola_Reece   The reason she has been nominated three times in a row is because they don't want her to make finals due to how well she is playing
    Saint_Stunner   Welp, ZBB might as well just call the vote now tbh. She hasn't even blogged and she's already saved, congrats Alice. 
    Magic   saving alice
    GoodTravis   Saved Alice
    SirDragon   Saving Alice 
    neme81   Well I am saving Alice
    SuperDoodle   Saving Alice
    Sparkle   Saving Alice. 
    RobbedGoddess   Saving Alice
    smile   still saving Alice.
    jakea563   @eduardo245 and I on dat same wavelength
    jakea563   @neme81 Yes it is someone's fault if they are continually nommed lol that makes no sense
    Eduardo   @neme81 If you are getting nommed 3 rounds in a row you are doing something wrong. If people deserve to make Finals because they fight hard then the most of the cast should be in finals...
    Saint_Stunner   I just ask if you guys have time, to please read my blogs befotr counting me out, cause I put hell of a lot of work into this :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING !
    djkaywire   Awww Alice :( Good look noms and congrats Parth and Andie! :D
    neme81   It is not Alice fault that she is al;ways nommed. She deserves a spot in the finals for fighting so hard to stay 
    jakea563   Hmmm Alice looked like she was playing a great game earlier, but being nommed the last 3 times shows she completely lost control in the house. Good luck noms and congrats Parth and Andie :)
    Eduardo   Im sorry but what are you doing in there Alice. Up 3 times in a row, smh. hilarious
    Sophle   @pvd oopsie :P
    Sophle   #ZBB3 ROCKERZ <3
    Congrats @Parth and @AndieJene20 !! :)

    GO @Alice!
    Irish   ZBB3 killing ittttttt!!!
    Taekwondo10   I think Alice deserves to be a finalist more. I don't understand why Nick should make finals and play for 3rd all over again. 
    Magic   I was going to say Parth deserved the win if Andie/Alice went up for 4th.
    pvd   Omg
    Reynolds   2 ZBB3 players in Finals!! 
    Magic   LMAO FLOP
    Reynolds   YASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 26, 2015 15:46
    ZBB7 ALLSTARS - 12TH EVICTION (5th place)
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Nooooooooooooooooooo 
    Isbnm   Nooooooo
    Echie   Crap
    Wolfwoodcp82   Congrats girls!
    wowjj   YASS QUEEN ALICE
    smile   :)
    AndieJene20   Oh my god! I was sooooo scared! Thank you Zwooper!!!!
    NoahSalvatore   ANDIE! ANDIE! ANDIE!

    @Finesse, shall we go carolling through the streets of Zwoopopolis with our fancy carol?
    Magic   :) 
    Taekwondo10   Good Job Alva. 5th again is nothing to be ashamed of
    Reynolds   Goodbye <3
    BBswag   NOOOOOO
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 26, 2015 12:39
    By voting today you will be entered into 2 prize draws, one for a BB Diary Room or Survivor name and the other for 100 ...
    BBSF   save alice
    Alvi   #teamAlva ♥
    Pegasus1234   Not yet :(
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 25, 2015 20:05
    @Alvarovidalpuga -
    @Alice ...
    1 comment
    AndieJene20   I posted mines!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 25, 2015 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    AndieJene20   when Alvaro has been up as many times as i have... -_-

    smi9127   evicting andie she cant stay off that block
    TruffleButter   Good luck y'all <3
    bombers13   Evicting andie: she has been nominated like 7 times already
    Bye   Saving my ladies, good luck girls! @AndieJene20 @Alice 
    Reynolds   Hmmm bye Alva
    Magic   Bye alva the 
    Sparkle   Sorry Alva. 
    smile   Evicting Alva.
    wowjj   Evicting Alva, I'm guessing Alice pulled this 3 way nomination off #SaveAlice #TeamAlice
    Wolfwoodcp82   @johnnyscott1127 Not really idiotic, the girls probably did and honestly that was genius on their part tbh
    Aturff   #SaveAlice
    Matthew13   The end of this game is the tricky part. Good luck 
    Mattimeo09   Voting to evict Alice. If she gets to the end, she'll win it for sure, so she's just going to keep getting nominated
    Jimmy   #SaveAndie
    GoodTravis   #saveAlva
    AngelOfWater   At least there is a chance for one girl to make finals.. I love how I predicted this the other day :p
    SuperDoodle   Voting Alva SO FAST
    jakea563   #SaveAlva
    Eduardo   Evicting Alice. #NotGoingWithTheCrowd #NotASheep #TeamAlva #TeamParth
    Wolfwoodcp82   Evicting Alva
    AndieJene20   I will make a vlog in between clients today. I am driving to work right now :p
    johnnyscott1127   Whoever nommed Alva is an idiot... I guess my boy is getting 5th for the second time in a row? :x
    coolKat   Oh thanks ZBigBrother
    Clarke   Ay, so obviously they're going to put Alice up again just in case... not much she can do about that. Saving her again... I vote to evict Alva lol.
    coolKat   Yay 100 chips
    AngelOfWater   Sure shows the 3 that should nom together here :p
    Pegasus1234   I haven't been following this game :( I probably should though because it's kinda like the Zwooper version of stars
    Violet   Yesss #TeamPvd
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 25, 2015 15:46
    ZBB7 ALLSTARS - 11TH EVICTION (6th place)
    Spoiler alert!
    never49bird   NOOOOO
    Bye   Kenya 
    wowjj   YES YES YES!!! #TeamAlice !!!
    AngelOfWater   At least it was close <3 good luck Alice take it home <3
    Wolfwoodcp82   Bittersweet :(
    Finesse   Kenya and I can commiserate together in the 51% club.
    johnnyscott1127   YAS ALICE YAS. So sorry Kenya :( But congrats Alice!
    coolKat   What a close vote #LiveOnAlice!
    BBswag   NOOOOOOOO
    SurvivorStar   WHATTTTTT
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 25, 2015 12:26
    By voting today you will be entered into 2 prize draws, one for a BB Diary Room or Survivor name and the other for 100 ...
    james   Thanks for reminding me
    never49bird   i evicted alice
    never49bird   VOED ALICE
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 24, 2015 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    BBSF   saving alice
    smile   im done 
    Sparkle   Saving Alice. 
    a07strand   Can't wait to read these speeches
    Spooky   yas i won something yas
    AngelOfWater   Predictable ;)
    Matthew13   if i were @Alice i would be scared becuase the yesterday Niek and magic were unnommed and just left. anything can happen though
    lordz   AFRICA!!! NOOOOO!!!!!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Tough set :(
    Afroditee   Saving Alice! Keny went way more times then alice and both are playing a good game
    RobbedGoddess   It was definatly the smart thing for @Alice to go up although I dont like it... if she hadnt of gone up it would have ment Alice was a genius and talked her way out of it or the cast is pure dumb and didnt do it goodluck you two!! :)
    Finesse   This is literally the perfect day. *cackles more*
    SirDragon   Saving Kenya 
    GoodTravis   Good luck noms. This will be interesting.
    Irish   Yikes, good luck you two.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 24, 2015 15:50
    Spoiler alert!
    Krain   Why Zwooper Why?
    Krain   wooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaah
    craycrayaye   NO NIEKLAUS! Well um that's upsetting... ;( 
    xFalsify   you win some, you lose some. xD  RIP Nieklaus </3
    JaredLannister   um this is depressing. they were both playing good games rip
    smile   WHAT THE  FUCK
    Bye   Can I just point out how close @pvd came to getting 7th?
    WHY HOUSE? You ruined everything.

    This is a joke 
    Spooky   SuperDoodle
    You've got to be kidding.
    SuperDoodle   You've got to be kidding.
    Green   Same as @Finesse I just started dying of laughter
    Rokas   Very shocking results... Both Nieklaus and Magic were never nominated till yesterday and now they are going home. :/
    Wolfwoodcp82   @Nieklaus was robbed :(
    Oasis   This is a national travesty. @Nieklaus should not have been evicted.
    Irish   Can't believe @Nieklaus got 7th... His game was amazing.
    AndieJene20   Holy shit.... Wow... 
    Sophle   Stupid.
    GoodTravis   Not happy seeing @Magic out, but yees!!!
    Finesse   I am cracking up in public and people are staring but I don't care because this...all of this.
    SirDragon   Welcome to the club Nieklaus
    Irish   Whaaaaaat????! Wow....
    Magic   Good game! 
    Alvi   wait wait.... What???!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherNovember 24, 2015 12:38
    Your vote is very important vote today, it is often a close vote when there are severay people up for eviction. ...
    1 comment
    Bryce   @pvd to go Logo

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