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  • Trishy
    TrishySeptember 14, 2016 16:09
    Spoiler alert!
    evanw919   #GaryHogeboom

    If you are in 919vivor, congrats! You just found the special idol! This idol will work the same as an Individual Immunity, so it must be played on the day of a challenge. PM me ASAP to claim it!
    YellowTail273   Congrats everyone for winning!
    corey12345   Omg thankyou so much @Gucci i did not even know i had it until i looked at the blogs i was tagged in. This is so kind of you, i dont know what to say your are a really kind hearted soul :)
    doobee   I never win ;(((
    Charlie67   YESSSSS
    FedoraPrint1   Yay! Thank you :)
    Riot   ugh, I really needed VIP :(
    Karmabare   congrats all of you:)
    Irish   Congrats all!
    08SaraR   Grats guys!! :D
    AngelOfWater   Congrats everyone :)
    xFalsify   tbh me being queen at never being drawn for anything in ZBB ever.
    congrats @ everyone though ah. xD
    Ginger7   Congrats! I guess ill never be that lucky
    Fanny   @Piddu your nasty ass used to have more than 4K chips and currently you have around 2500 chips and STILL nothing about gifting! SO PLEASEEEEEEEE bitch!
    Piddu   I figured more VIP ppl vote in zbb and all VIPs would have won. Nice to see 5 of the 6 were non vips. Shara should have picked a non vip to give his too. So greedy!
    Frozen   Congrats :)
    DoctorWho   congrats yall
    Dean   Aghhh. I hope I get into ZBB12 for voting every round.
    George   Werk
    Emma   Congrats everyone!
    djkaywire   yesssssssssssss congrats ya'll <3
    Fanny   OMG I want to thank my mum my dad, @piddu's mum @jakea563's mum , my crew and my fans foooooooor all this support! 

    LMAO thankkkkkkk youuuuuu 
    neme81   *cries*
    Wcplays   *Cries*
    GagaSkis   they all deserve it sm! <333
    Allaska   Congrats guys!
    You're so generous @Gucci Well done! 
    Riku1274   Yes!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!
    XHollyX   Omfg Ultimate!!!!!!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 13, 2016 15:30
    Spoiler alert!
    djkaywire   congrats both of you <3 Much love
    Avalon   Literally puked at this :/
    hobotree   whoooooooooo
    mattyiscool   congrats!
    Clarke   What a random winner. @neme81 robbed queen.
    08SaraR   Yas! Congrats!!! :D
    TruffleButter   yay my suga daddi
    Trinity2000   Both of  you did a great job, you both are winners for making it all the way to the end!! 
    TJP1122   Congrats!
    km1997   Very well deserved, man! Couldnt have asked for a better winner!!!!
    Irish   Congratulations!!!
    Karmabare   congratss @Peejoit:)
    Sophle   DESERVED! Grats ♥
    Peejoit   Wow! Thanks everyone! Full "Thank You" blog coming soon :D
    XHollyX   Yay Peej! c:
    Natiee   Congrats Peej!! 
    George   NO NEME! ROBBED
    JakeP   Congrats Peejy 
    kikilemons   Yay peej!!!! Congrats
    xFalsify   lol TJ not being tagged and also misspelled. me.
    Deegan   Flawless game @Peejoit 
    Chilltown56   Congrats @Peejoit! Well deserved :)

    Also, that ZBB10 hashtag at the end. Rip.
    neme81   At least Peej made history winning with the highest percntage of votes so thats good. 
    neme81   Aw grats Peej well deserved
    Strawberry   "The winners of the 5 year long VIP memberships, so generously donated by @Gucci will be announced soon." To be honest I was more excited for this reveal than the winner reveal. But congrats Peejolt and Neme, you did so well.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 13, 2016 14:05
    Vote closes at 15:00ZT... Who do you want to crown the Winner of ZBB11?

    @neme81 or ...
    Trinity2000   The suspense is real!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 12, 2016 15:53
    Spoiler alert!
    jakea563   @Avalon You said that having to fight and hustle to make it far is a sign of a good gameplay, while Peej having a cakewalk is not deserving of a winner. I can see that side of things, but with all due respect I think the other way can also be seen as strong gameplay. You said Peej had an alliance that always had his back; I say that's a testament to his social abilities that he got people to do his bidding. Making the game look easy can often be because you played a very strong and in control game. Obviously your vote is your own opinion and depends on a number of factors, but I just think there's more than one way to look at things :)

    Good luck both finalists!
    jakea563   PEEEEEJ Kill it man! Great gameplay!
    Isbnm   Peej better win this 
    Vin014   I never would have thought neme would make it this far in zbb. I'm impressed with both of the finalist and wish them nothing but luck because you both earned your spot here! Congrats!
    Avalon   Copped the blue box that say Tiffany.
    DoctorWho   #TeamPeej
    Strawberry   One person who preferred to remain anonyous told me the trio was a reality.
    km1997   Me when he likes to play with your craziness. xo. Ask him when the chat of the "trio" was made
    Avalon   Peej admitted to me that I was right about the trio, please sit down xo
    km1997   @Avalon , I barely knew Kiki going in, Peej didnt know her at all. You forcing that trio down everyones throat, including ours, made it a thing. Just so happened it work. You did the same with Aether and Tommy
    Avalon   #TeamNeme
    Avalon   You're being biased because you Peej and Kiki were a trio the whole entire game....
    Eduardo   #TeamNeme
    km1997   (rofl) I wasnt bashing his game, all I said was be honest to the public, cause there were many instances where he wasnt. He even admitted to that yesterday. You are basing alot of what you say off of extremely inaccurate accusations. Thats what you did in the game, which led to your 13th. How can you have any realistic view of went on in game, when you were the 3rd person evicted. Things drastically changed after the save for saves were over, and you wer ethere for only 2 rounds after that. You didnt even know what was going while you were in game, just a bunch of inaccurate accusations. 
    Avalon   @km1997 at the end of it all, you're a fucking bully and that's why the public cut you off without even cheering for you...
    yes I was evicted day 2 but it was clear my supporters roared the loudest out of anyone in that cast. End the fuck of.<\3

    im so glad you had to work your ass off and still come up short xo
    all I had to do was be flawless per usual, you even made neme leave the chat because you're bashing his game....

    what the fuck did Peej ever do!? He's the least deserving to be in final 2 if you ask me, #TeamKiki played a much better game than Peej, Peej never went after people, all he did was listen to others Nom sets and play the voting block game, @neme81 aimed and fired at many players...

    Avalon   Working with Peej was an absolute nightmare because he only looked out for himself, @Neme81 looked out for his allies and himself, as proven in that game when he had my back when everyone else was to afraid to speak to me because they thought they'd be a target is they did.... But neme played his cards so well, I can't even believe that people are questioning this; 

    @neme81 showed us his game moves and game play within his blogs and vvlogs, all Peej blogged about was stupid shit that no one even cared about <\3
    km1997   Me when @Avalon was in the game for all of 2 days, but somehow knows how things went down from start to finish :O
    Avalon   If @Neme81 is robbed from his tittle of ZBB11 winner how the hell does anyone stand a chance being an underdog!?
    @neme81 WAS the UNDERDOG of this cast, WAKE UP PEOPLE...
    Avalon   If neme81 does not win this fucking game it would be a travesty!!! I'm sorry Peej but you've had one of the easiest games anyone could ever have, you were in a trio that always had your back and you had many sub alliances, @Neme81 had to hustle every fucking day in that house UNLIKE Peej who literally had a cake walk to the finals, if neme81 is robbed from this it would be an absoulte travesty....
    Piddu   Gonna give them both a chance to see their blogs! You can play the best game but if you cant show it or convince us it doesnt matter. Good luck to both tho. Best winner since zbb9 tbh (esp after last seasons mishap!)
    neme81   @SwagSwag acually the D.E. wasn't known so I technically just got 2nd most votes and there was suppose to be ne but it didn't happen. So I don't see why that should mean I can't win. I mean if you like peej personally then vote him to win but don't say I'm only here cause of a twist cause the Public had 2 more chances to have gotten me out and I'm still here.
    JakeP   Waiting for blogs since I love ya both! Good luck! 
    Natiee   #TeamPeej
    George   Considering neme would have been evicted for 8th had a twist not been cancelled i'm shocked that people want him to win?
    djkaywire   Good luck both of you! :P
    Riku1274   Go peejoit!!
    kikilemons   #teampeej
    Aether   Good luck boys. #TeamPeej
    Frozen   #TeamPeej 

    You played an amazing game, were hardly ever nominated and hardly anyone seemed to pick up on how much of a threat you were which just adds to your greatness. Good luck :D
    Wcplays   Voting Neme <3
    Trinity2000   Neme you better make a killer blog!
    Sophle   #TeamPeej
    Trinity2000   I will wait until I read their blogs. So Neme you b
    Strawberry   V 
    wildpoppy136   Voting Neme 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 12, 2016 15:45
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   *Kenny
    KiwiConnor   If not for this twist Jenny would have won so that's depressing
    Fanny   When some talks to me I'm gonna reply back to them. If you think by voicing my opinion and having a conversation with is being upset then probably u don't know what upset means...:P
    SuperDoodle   @sharatennis I think you're more upset than DJ is lol
    Fanny   @Nieklaus Still NO! even if it is a large amount of votes, that i think evicted players having theirs votes count as 3 at the end , in my eyes is good, cuz they have a little more power since they were part of the game, but they CANNOT completely determine the final result! Becasue , the LAST WORD, is at the public! So, 21 votes, or even 30, yet again DO NOT represent the zwooper community! Because these people probably would have their feelings hurt, their minds affected by being evicted so that wont let them see what the public considers as the most deserving to win! 
    xoElectraxo   I dont mind this twist however I think that there should've been a partial say from the public. Yes the players know way more informati5on than any of the public however emotions will always get in the way. I wouldnt have mind if it was all 3 nominated, the house had 50% of the say and the public had the other 50%. This to me would've had a mutual outcome and a positive outlook on the twist from both houseguests and public. Like you said doodle, ZBB is much more than just a public game, however this twist I personally believe took away every single part of the public's say in ZBB which I dont agree with.

    All twists up to here have been pretty good, this one just had to have a few adjustments made to it at the expense of crushing @djkaywire's chances at winning the game.
    SuperDoodle   Also, ZBB is much more than just a public game. The public ultimately know very little, and the players know that so much more goes on behind the scenes. The twists this season took power away from the house vote and also gave a little power to the housemates. Adjusting the balance is the type of change that keeps things interesting from my perspective. That being said we appreciate all feedback because it helps improve every game!
    SuperDoodle   @Connor ZBB hasn't used aspects of BBUS before now, so this was experimental. Definitely a one time thing. Although the twists lasted for the first half of the game (if you had been following), I see what you mean about too much happening at once. I thought that the last six rounds without twists would be enough to satisfy all parties, but alas I was wrong. Hopefully next time it'll be diluted and easier to follow, or I can be clearer on the rules. 
    @Bye solid point I hadn't considered. 
    Honestly I see ZBB as more than a public game. I see it equally strategic/social/public. I believe the most well rounded players can survive any twist like this, and those are the players that I personally root for. That being said I do sympathize with DJ and think he played a stellar game--he had to be in order to make it to this point!
    Ultimately we can't please everyone. I'm proud of the game, and I am excited to continue to adjust my tactics to find the perfect tick. 
    flava   Booo. This twist is blah because people can play just as hard to tailor their game to the public as they do to the rest of the cast (which they probably should be doing). This twist kinda defeats that purpose and ignores the fact there are multiple ways to play the game and anyone who played that way gets punished for playing how the game was designed to be played.
    Jacob   @JeremyHLikesFood I completely agree with you.
    JeremyHLikesFood   @Connor I completely agree with you.
    Piddu   This twist worked with this cast but just imagine if it was a bitter juror, someone goes unnommed and then gets 3rd. That would be so messed up. 
    Bye   This twist is flawed, mainly because whoever does win will always be wondering "Would I have still won if Kenny was in Finals?" and it almost devalues their entire win. I also find it funny that everyone who evicted @djkaywire wrote an essay to justify it lol. Bye @ this twist.
    Isbnm   The jury are dumb 
    Connor   And I don't blame the jury whatsoever, they voted the way they wanted to given the opportunity and that's fine. They didn't think Kenny deserved it, but my main problem is that it should've never been in their hands.
    Connor   Never liked the twist. Would've been fine had ZBB incorporated elements of BBUSA before now, but it really hasn't. This season failed to every interest me, not because of the cast, but because of the multitudes of twists, it was hard to follow. I do think that although Kenny might not have had a spectacular social or strategic game, he should not be eliminated. Believe it or not, not every player who has won had a good social game and strategic game, but they did have a good public game. And although it is ideal that the public should award the win to the best player, it rarely actually works like that, so to change the end goal of the game by a "mere" twist and eliminating the player who probably would have won just screws with the reputation of ZBB being a public game, therefore I will not be voting for a winner. I'm glad Peej or Neme, two deserving players, get to shine, but in a public game, they should've been required to sway the public against Kenny, not get handed a pass over the toughest obstacle by a jury of previously eliminated players. Just my opinion.
    JakeP   @Piddu LMFAO no he would've been Megan if he quit the second the jury came in
    Jqred   Wow.
    Rumen_V   I'm heartbroken...
    Nieklaus   @sharatennis. A jury of 7 actually represents 21 votes. That's actually a large number so it is fairly representative of the public. I do agree that I don't think this twist should be the norm as I also think the ENTIRE public should have more of a say than just a portion of it. But I also don't think that the players in the game should ever have 3x votes either so clearly I lean towards public interaction whereas most don't. Despite that, this twist did exactly what it was meant to. It was supposed to shine some light on the gameplay aspect as the public generally gets a misconstrued version. Thus, by allowing the Jury to evict who they believed were not deserving of the win, we would have a competitive Finals and ensure that the winner played both aspects of the game instead of just 1.
    SuperDoodle   @Trinity2000 thanks. I've never worried about the haters though. Twists are supposed to stir up reactions, so I knew this would happen!
    SuperDoodle   @sharatennis As someone who has played this game before, I can assure you it is more than just the public who decides the outcome. Ultimately the player with the best public AND player connections should win. I attribute both of my losses to my lack of connections within the house. 
    Piddu   Awesomguy, in lucas defense, if Peej didnt talk to him or give him a plea, then why should he save him. If he did give him a plea but not talk to him while they were in the game together, I would still say thats a legit reason. If someone didnt talk to me when I tried to in the game, I would not listen to anything they say when they need my vote in jury
    Trinity2000   The twists keep this game exciting imo. If it was the same format every single time, that woud get boring. Doodle you did a great job with the twists. ignore the haters!
    Awesomeguyrocks   I'm happy with the final 2 but for Christ's sake, give a fucking reason
    Aether   @Awesomeguyrocks So one person's reasoning is reflective of the entire group?
    DoctorWho   @Awesomeguyrocks The response of one person in the jury doesnt make the whole jury bitter, just a thought.
    Awesomeguyrocks   "I vote to evict Peejoit because I want to" WTF is this shit? This jury is clearly bitter af. 
    TJDawgiestyle   Hey sharatennis what are my chances of making kings of fashion
    Fanny   @km1997, NO, it is clearly the fact that i do not like the twist! And i  even eexpressed that opinion to my close people on here earlier in the day and i was waiting for thatt blog to come up so i can commnent at a revelant blog! either it was kenny or not (as you have seen i didnt even point a finger at him in my commnents) i would act the exact same way! I just didnt do that earlier bc i didnt have the appropriate blog and a recent one to comment on lol!
    Piddu   DJKaywire was the Megan Hauserman. Robbed due to jury
    km1997   @sharatennis I dont think its the fact you dont like the twist, I think its the fact your favorite was eliminated. No one had any ill feelings towards DJ, so thats not why he was evicted. Fot the most part, everyone voted off gameplay. And the Public still has the final say, we werent voting a winner. 
    Fanny   And meaning that the public has the last word, im referring to the whole zwooper community and not just to these 6-7 people who are part of the public! 
    Fanny   NO! The jury is NOT the public! The public is not narrowed down to 7 people, who their feelings will affect their decision about who is the most deserving to make the end! And cost someones the chance when the public might want them win! And about the twists... do we only care how the twist shook the public and ignore that it affects the main purpose of the game? (which the main purpose is, the public has the LAST word especially at an important phase like Final 3)
    Piddu   I liked this twist because it showed me Peejoit is playing a great game. I think afteralmkst every person in the jury said hed played the best, its hard to not vote him. But I hope this jury/final 2 doesnt become tbe norm. I can handle jury but maybe a final 3 instead (although I see the point of no tibal 3 as usually its always between two people and the third person is obviously getting third)
    SuperDoodle   And clearly the jury made their points why they voted the way they did. At this point they are the public too. 
    SuperDoodle   And the twists this season were a combination of many requests that we got, I just set them to a theme and organized them. And if you ask me, the momentum was lost when the twists were gone~
    SuperDoodle   @sharatennis I gather opinions, and just one opinion isn't going to stop me from trying new things. This twist was experimental, and I think it was a success. It worked out exactly as it should have--people are shook. 
    Irish   There are only two people so the winner will automatically beat quite a few percentages @Sophle
    Fanny   Instead of getting out here and reply to any comment  you recieve about these twists with a way like that , it would have been much more better to gather peoples comment or opinions about these twist and try to work better on them! And at the very end, If you dont want to hear things that you dont like, then simple do not make any attempts at it! Either you like it or NOT, this game is related to the public , im part of the public and im unsatisfied with it.And thanks for the tag doodle!
    Chilltown56   Robbed of finals.. Great game Kenny!
    SuperDoodle   @sharatennis That was the point
    Peejoit   Great game Kenny! You're amazing.
    Sophle   @bestkwarteng I disagree. I think Peejoit will win with one of the highest percentages in ZBB History now.
    Fanny   I knew ZBB was a game based only on the public vote! and even if nominations werent made by the cast...the public had the last word! And mostly people in the game who have arguement dont give a fuck about those who got evicted bc they dont affect the game at all as the initial and base format says that the public decides! Even if someone has a horrible game play, but the public for their own reasons want them to win it must be it! Just my personal rant, and probably one reason FOR ME to stay away from ZBB lol! 
    Emanuel   They made the right decision dj would have won just because he's likes by the public he survived 6 evictions like woah that's alot
    Deegan   @Peejoit and @DoctorWho both deserved final two, they both played flawless games and we're both iconic. #TeamPeej 
    Trinity2000   Congrats Neme and Peejoit for making F2!
    xFalsify   .......what the hell.
    Sophle   BOOH THIS JURY. BOOH!
    neme81   Love you to Km
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 11, 2016 15:53
    ZBB11 - JURY TIME!
    Spoiler alert!
    Krain   Yas Go Kenny!
    Finesse   Vote out Kenny for an interesting final!
    ShadowBaller000   PEEJOIT FOR THE WIN!!!
    popular   GET OUT PEEJ!
    Green   Is motomoto not on the jury?
    Vin014   #TeamNeme
    Aether   @mattyiscool He's not. If we were voting for a winner, I'm pretty sure he'd take the crown almost unanimously.
    Vlatemier   Honestly this twist sucks 
    mattyiscool   if peej gets 3rd people are extreamly bitter 
    Strawberry   #PeejoitForThird
    Zahir_Shah   Ugh I tried to get rid of neme, 
    SuperDoodle   Hopefully the outcome of this will say a lot when it's time to crown a winner. 
    Sophle   Im glad we didnt had this Twist last season, because I wouldnt like it as a player. As a viewer IT'S AMAZING.
    Trinity2000   #TeamNeme
    Fanny   Even if kenny was considered as a popularity threat he managed to make it here, and that proves to me that he did play the game and he did what he had to do to secure himself further in the game, proving that he could be a popularity threat but also a great gameplayer thats why he is up here! I want him in the Final 2, and i want him to win! Best of luck kenny <3 
    Charlie67   #TeamPeejolt
    Micks   who won the 100 chip prize draw though?
    Eduardo   #PeejoitForThird
    GirlBye   #TeamNeme
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 11, 2016 15:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Rumen_V   YASS, NEME, sorry to see you go, Andrew
    Illusion   This season is utter garbage now 
    Joshh   50.8 holy
    Vin014   Yess NEME!
    Trinity2000   Congrats Neme!
    wildpoppy136   noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    neme81   Omg I can't believe it
    djkaywire   holy crap
    DoctorWho   LMFAO of course I would be the one to get evicted with that close of percentage.
    Oh well, you can't win them all. Thank you for the opportunity @ZBigBrother!
    km1997   gross
    Taekwondo10   *Sighs in Relief*
    GirlBye   #TeamNeme
    kikilemons   Omg!! 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 11, 2016 13:59
    The vote is tied right now, with only an hour to go, if you haven't voted yet.. please do so... Your vote will make a ...
    MelihV   keep the tie
    HJF55555   Keep doctor
    Sophle   Oop. Totally forgot to vote. thanks for reminding.
    Strawberry   Vote DoctorWho oops
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 11, 2016 11:59
    The vote is extremely close... Who do you want to see leave the house today!!

    Ian   goodluck boys
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 10, 2016 15:25
    Spoiler alert!
    Illusion   Come on Andrew!!
    Bye   LMAO @ this twist. #TeamWho sorry Neme!
    Riku1274   Yay peejoit!!!!
    chesskid   I am happy with 2/4 of the F4
    Alvi   congrats on the win kenny!!!!
    Chilltown56   Wow.
    JakeP   Okay this is the worst nom set of the season 
    Trinity2000   Great twist! Good luck nominees :)
    neme81   Grats DJ happy you made it sad you had to lie to the guy who has never voted you once in this game but its fine good luck
    Ian   yas dj dj dj
    km1997   Slay Peejoit
    Taekwondo10   Wow @ twist
    neme81   lol interesting. GL Doc
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 10, 2016 15:17
    Spoiler alert!
    FairlyBlue   you played a great game kiki <333
    kikilemons   Its okay guys! I knew when i got on block i would go! Thats why i faught so hard (unlike others) to stay off the block! But this has been an interesting adventure! Love all my supporters!! <3
    TheGuy   lame
    doobee   Yass bye bitch
    08SaraR   Awwww, bummer!!! D:
    Typo   KIKI NO
    Strawberry   Are yall really shocked? I liked kiki too, but many people didn't.
    Aether   This really surprises me.
    Magic   :O
    wasn't expecting this 
    neme81   I did not see that wow you were amazing Kiki 
    Strawberry   RIP 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 10, 2016 15:08
    Will be posted early, as ZBigBrother has a date tonight and a lot to get through before I leave.
    djkaywire   ayeeee
    bombers13   U go girl
    klelijah   if he/she asks you to take your shirt off, make sure you get the money first.
    Ginger7   lmao
    neme81   ooh go get it girl
    Strawberry   Get in there 
    Aether   Oooooooooooooooooooooooh.
    HJF55555   Oooh lala
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 10, 2016 09:42
    Who do you want to see leave the house today!!

    1 comment
    wildpoppy136   if this were any other game I'd evict neme but since you should vote based on gameplay I will be saving him
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 09, 2016 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    rashi97   Save kiki
    Hperry   save kiki!! evict neme!!
    Awesomeguyrocks   @kikilemons  No.
    kikilemons   Please save me :(
    Frozen   Thank you for the chips :) good luck nominees
    KiwiConnor   @Spooky, RUN AWAY WITH @NEME
    KiwiConnor   Save nene evict kiki 
    TJP1122   I vote to evict Neme.
    Rumen_V   Evicting kiki
    doobee   Bye kiki
    Aether   I'll wait for some pleas, but I have a pretty good idea who I'm evicting.

    Good luck.
    Joshh   Saving kiki
    Trinity2000   KM :(   Saving Neme
    JakeP   Omg is the final twist going to be that it's a final 2?

    Also SAVE NEME.
    Allaska   bye neme81 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 09, 2016 15:50
    Spoiler alert!
    Avalon   Croatia Hun, calm it down a tad, hiv is not something to joke about, class girl, class....
    Jace   @croatia the only positive thing about my life is you <3 :)
    DracoMC_   @croatia I love how you put on your ZBB Background after you were evicted and didn't even bother to wear it during the game.
    doobee   Yasss
    croatia   also just want to take the time to congratulate you on your HIV+ test @Jace! I know to others it would be a tragedy but I guess for you it gives you the reason to bottom in bathhouses now and i guess it will be the only positive thing about your life.

    loveeeeee it
    croatia   @Jace all the more reason to report! hope we can get whoever is on poor trinitys account off and bring back the good person she says she is! 
    km1997    Jace 
    Don't worry about what Trinity is saying, @croatia . She's probably getting hacked! :O
    Jace   Don't worry about what Trinity is saying, @croatia. She's probably getting hacked! :O
    croatia   calling me fat? that's disgusting and a personal attack. cmon you don't have to go there it's just a game 
    croatia   body shaming is not ok with me and unfortunately i will have to report that comment Miss Trinity  
    Trinity2000   slaps duct tape on Croatia's big fat mouth
    croatia   WE DID IT TENGAGED!
    08SaraR   Good game Kenny!! :)
    Peejoit   Kenny, be proud of yourself. This was the best game you've ever played. You have nothing to be ashamed of.
    XHollyX   Yay Peej! c:
    wildpoppy136   Shouldn't have been mean to me then my friends/multis and I wouldn't have evicted you
    Alvi   the difference is too big for the game kenny was playing! #robbed
    Chilltown56   Aww man Kenny.. Good game man! 
    kikilemons   Bye km :( 
    km1997   Congrats Peej!
    Goodluck Final 5!
    klelijah   :( 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 09, 2016 11:05
    Who do you want to see leave the house today!!
    @Peejoit or @km1997

  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 08, 2016 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    YANTO   #4
    Avalon   #TeamDJ
    Avalon   #TeamDjkaywire
    George   KIKI YAAAS
    Avalon   Yesssssss KiKi is fucking SLAYING!!!!!!!!!!
    Remix   im bald...
    TJP1122   I vote to evict KM.
    Charlie67   There they are!
    Charlie67   When you win 100 chips and you don't see them...?
    deleted   hahhahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahaah yayyyayyayayayayyayayaya

    @these noms welll done neme81
    Rumen_V   OH MY GOD, I'M SO HAPPY AT THIS. I love you all, guys, I am just enjoying the gameplay. @neme81 - you just gained a huge fan for this.
    kikilemons   You guys, yes i threw my vote to doc.. He knew i was, i guess others changed their minds at like 4am when i was asleep. Im pretty sure it was gonna be doc/peej but things change and i didnt change in time.. It really doesnt matter at this point things wouldnt be different! Love yall tho!! 
    Ian   yas dj
    Vin014   I'm really rooting for djkaywire and NEME at this point. Kiki why would you throw a vote to doctorwho!?!?
    Natiee   this is a big fight, good luck both 
    popular   thank god the two fats are on the block
    Newkidondablock   omfg finally this happened, what took u guys sooo long?!?!?!
    joeyc   Evicting KM 
    DoctorWho   @Piddu I was originally supposed to go up with Neme, but plans changed around 4 AM EST (1 AM PST).
    km1997   @Piddu we switched like right at the deadline, she was at work. LET HER LIVE! :p
    Piddu   Why woulf Kiki nom DoctorWho. Shes so lost.
    croatia   because i hate him and i get to cancel out runaways vote haha :)
    croatia   EVICTED KM1997!
    neme81   wow that actually worked
    Aether   AHAHAHAHA
    Strawberry   Evicting Peejolt ;)
    Emanuel   Work neme so happy you got them up
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 08, 2016 15:50
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   Welcome to the 7th place cursed club 
    SirDragon   Welcome to the 7th place curse club 
    Strawberry   RIP
    SuperDoodle   :O 
    klelijah   nooooo :(
    FunnehMe   Well, we'll done Kenny you win. A toast to a predictable season!
    neme81   Very close vote damn Tommy :(
    Chilltown56   Woop! Congrats Kenny!!
    bailey5000   Yesssss Kenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Aether   Wow. :(
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 08, 2016 08:45
    Who do you want to see leave the house today!!
    @djkaywire or @superherotommy
    Awesomeguyrocks   Yes 
    neme81   I have a question if i don't miss a vote this season do I also get entered into the prize draw to return for ZBB12?
    Awesomeguyrocks   Of course I voted. I need that VIP :P
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherSeptember 07, 2016 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    Avalon   #TeamDjkaywire
    Avalon   #TeamDjkaywire
    TJP1122   I vote to evict DJ.
    Kindlycruel1   wooooot
    Taekwondo10   Really?
    JakeP   oh i just realized whoever gets evicted will be joining the 7th place curse club <3
    Magic   i like both :(
    gotta save kenny tho
    ncolston2001   evict dj
    Ian   Its final 7!! Only 3 people will make finals! At least do something fun! 
    KiwiConnor   What @Chilltown56 said
    Chilltown56   Renoms tend to build an underdog persona.  Also, if the renom is evicted, then someone else is about to become the NEW threat and constant target... If I felt I was gonna be that new target, I would be trying to keep DJ in the house.
    Piddu   There's a difference between playing good and playing hard. Being renommed by every single person with the exception of yourself and one person does not equal good gameplay. None the less saving DJ for playing hard. 
    croatia   ill be evicting MIss KM1997 thanks hope zwooptopia follows suit! 
    Aether   @Avalon You played the game for three days. How could you know that DJ has had daggers thrown at him every day? Stop trying to play a game that you were evicted from already. Thanks.
    Avalon   Trust me when I say, coming from someone who played with the both of these men, Dj is playing a better game with daggers being thrown at him every day, Tommy has been at summer camp until about 2 days ago <3

    SAVE DJ!!!!!!!! SAVEDJ!!!!!!!!
    Sophle   LOL they want Kenny out so bad. I bet Peej is controlling this. Love it.
    Trinity2000   Saving Dj :)
    Strawberry   Evicting DJ
    Fanny   Saveee the DJ bc he deserves to stay in the game! Why would we like to go along with the majoirty of the house? and not keep in kenny who has gone up again and again proving thahe is playing a great game and some people wnat him out so badly!
    saved the malaysian angel <3
    JakeP   Really...a renom? Y'all are boring AF. 
    Zagonel   djkaywire
    Aether   YAWN Logo

Spoiler alert!

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