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  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 10, 2016 15:45
    Spoiler alert!
    djkaywire   Congrats Jake!! And good job to Hanna and Devon as well :)
    JakeP   @Daisy67pet they announce the raffle winners right before the season starts
    Charlie67   Who won the raffle for ZBB11?
    cgrim2   Congrats man!  It was a pleasure to vote for you! :)
    Bye   Congrats Jake 
    Irish   Congrats Jake!
    KiwiConnor   Grats Jake!
    XHollyX   Grats!!!!!
    Vin014   Yess! Congrats Jake and Sophle!
    ProanimeCS   NOOOOOOOO Congrats though
    FairlyBlue   What a great season! Congrats Jake <3
    Harlequinade   Congrats. Am glad I voted for the winner. X
    Natiee   Congrats Jake!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Congrats Jake! 
    Wolfwoodcp82   Wow bitterness of ppl not voting, thats very disappointing of those individuals
    Ian   Congrats!! Well deserved!  Hanna and Devon u both did great too!
    Piddu   @joeyc that should have been mine
    rashi97   Congrats jake
    joeyc   How long does it take to get name designs? 
    Allaska   AAAAA :(
    Congrats @JakeP97 
    @Sophle u are my winner baby  
    Bryanh11   Congrats jake!!
    croatia   cnongrats jakeP!
    Nickturnal   gj pal glad u won, new day rox.
    Trinity2000   Congrats Jake, I will take partial credit for helping you :)
    Zach   Yes!
    DoctorWho   YESSS JAKE!!! #TeamJake
    JakeP   OMGGGGG!!!!
    I'm in total shock, I didn't expect this at all!! Thank you SO much to everyone who voted me to win!
    and good game to @Sophle and @devon19 you guys were amazing finalists to compete with!!
    joeyc   CONGRATS JAKE!
    AngelOfWater   Yay!!!! Yes!!!! Congrats Jake!!! #TeamJake
    Rokas   Congrats @JakeP97!!!
    Aidan   Oop I banged TWO ZBB winners now
    @JakeP97 @Piddu
    Spooky   + A MILLION
    Sophle   Congrats really deserved ♥
    Piddu   Jake*
    Piddu   Grats jaje
    BBswag   YESS JAKE CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 10, 2016 11:27
    Every vote will count on deciding who this season's winner is.

    Just a few hours left ...
    rashi97   #TeamJake
    Piddu   @ianinator ur still a winner in my book :')
    Ian   oh w8 I didnt win
    Ian   Good luck guys! Can't wait to see who joins us in the Hall of Fame!
    jakea563   Good luck guys! Can't wait to see who joins us in the Hall of Fame! 
    Piddu   Good luck guys! Can't wait to see who joins us in the Hall of Fame! heart
    Bye   Good luck guys! Can't wait to see who joins us in the Hall of Fame! 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 09, 2016 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    Sophle    Thanks to all the Support 
    speller95   Voted for @Sophle, but good luck to all 3 of you! It was such a hard decision!!!!!
    Magic   #MakeTheChairsYellowInZBB11
    Bye   Congratulations to all three of you! This is honestly the toughest part because in my opinion both @Sophle & @JakeP97 are equally deserving of the win. I love you both and am so proud of you! 
    Spooky   YAS i won chips :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Ian   very good finalists!! but this girl @Sophle worked so hard to get there!!! I can tell by the way we talk about her gameplay, she's really into it! she's really fighting to stay! and now that you are here! not saying that the 2 are not deserving but u deserved better! they tried multiple times to evict you but there you are! the person they fear is gonna win the game!!!

    Isbnm   I wanted calibi to win. But voting sophle to win
    Spooky   go jake!!!!!
    Nickturnal   everyone plz vote who is best player not ur friend, there is a clear winner here, ill leave u to come to ur own conclusion but just vote on gameplay!
    FairlyBlue   good luck you guys, you are all very deserving for the win
    Fanny   #FattyIsAlwaysRunning!! Voting @Sophle to win
    Emma   Good luck!
    SuperDoodle   @rvandereb you're right I remembered incorrectly 
    JakeP   Congrats to @devon19 and @Sophle for finals! Love you all and good luck! :)
    devon19   Thank you for the congrats!  It truly was an amazing experience and hard fought. Congrats to @Sophle and @JakeP97! 
    Normander   Team Devon <3
    Irish   Congrats guys!!! I am #TeamSophle but good luck all three!
    Natiee   Congrats!
    rashi97   TeamJake
    rashi97   Congrats
    KeshaRose   team jake
    Trinity2000   Tbh, Devon and Calibi did not play as good of a game as Jake and Hanna have. Waiting to see their speeches to make a decision.
    Wolfwoodcp82   Probably voting @Sophle to win
    rvandereb   @SuperDoodle didn't he get 4th in ZBB6? Since @Vixen1985 , missxtina and @ClueLiz were the final 3?
    Bryanh11   TEAM JAKE
    SuperDoodle   @Chilltown56 Devon is a two time finalist
    Chilltown56   wow @ my typos (facepalm) 
    Chilltown56   @calibi was so close to (if I am correct) the only other two time finalist, alongside @Saint_Stunner! Great F3 nontheless! Good luck everyone :)
    DoctorWho   congrats to the Final 3!
    km1997   Congrats! Voting either Jake or Sophle. Good luck to all 3 of you!
    rvandereb   @Sophle trueeeeeee
    Sophle   @rvandereb No one expected Alice to get 4th in ZBB Allstars. So everything is possible.
    Strawberry   SophIe
    rvandereb   #TeamSophle but how are you in shock? I'm pretty sure a majority of zwooper made it pretty clear they were saving you.
    Finesse   I can't stand any of them.
    AngelOfWater   #TeamJake
    Piddu   Sophle for the win
    Alvi   three worth winners!! gl =)
    Riot   #TeamSophle
    Sophle   I'm in shock! THANK YOU GUYS ♥
    joeyc   Congrats Finalists! 
    Inias   #TeamSophle
    Trinity2000   Congrats!
    mattyiscool   congrats 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 08, 2016 16:01
    Spoiler alert!
    Riot   #TeamSophle 
    Evicting @calibi
    ProanimeCS   #TeamDevon
    Evicting @calibi
    ICBM   Ugh...this is a tough decision...
    Trinity2000   Calibi, you suck at jury management. I was going to evict Hanna but then you had to shove both of your feet into your mouth. Why would I go to the asylum to visit you? You played a terrible public game.
    Bye   Can I evict @AngelOfWater? No? I guess I'll evict @calibi then. Sorry man, but I think your time has finally come :P
    Charlie67   Evicting Calibi, he's been nommed to much.
    Bryanh11   VOTING JAKE TO WIJ
    Isbnm   Saving calibi he should win ZBB 
    xFalsify   Saving calibi <3
    calibi   @Trinity2000 go pull the stick out of your butt and return to the mental asylum you originated from.
    Trinity2000   Evicting the rude ass Calibi
    wowjj   #TeamJake
    Sophle   I think this will be a nailbiter :-D
    AngelOfWater   @Nieklaus they aren't in a bunch :p we just always tend to disagree during ZBB 
    Nieklaus   @AngelOfWater @joeyc Twas a mistake. No need to get your panties in a bunch because I'm talking about your friends :]
    joeyc   AngelOfWater 
    @Nieklaus as you don't know what you are talking about yet again..
    AngelOfWater   @Nieklaus as you don't know what you are talking about yet again.. 
    Kyle   #TeamHanna
    Nieklaus   Tbh I think Calibi's reason for nomming Sophle is pretty bs considering Jake was on the opposite side for most of the game (Especially in recent rounds), but to each their own
    rashi97   #TeamJake
    domarco14   hanna has been up quite alot as well guys just saying 
    Rumen_V   GO, HANNA!!
    AndieJene20   I love Hanna but I continue my support for #teamcalibi
    joeyc   YESSSS i've been dying for a name design
    Rokas   People who are gonna save calibi need to get some reality check. 
    Piddu   Also Jace if you instalock 1 hr after dc and not come back online. What a dick move. You didnt even give them a chance to campaign. Youre the @ianinator of this season!
    devon19   I can't believe this!! Thank you everyone for this season!! 

    Congrats @JakeP97 and good luck to @Calibi and @Sophle! 
    croatia   omg yay @joeyc slaying the prize draw!
    Piddu friend can i have your name prize
    Wolfwoodcp82   Saving Hanna
    Sophle   It was fun guys - a very deserving final 4 - It was a blast ♥
    Piddu   I thunk Jakep is gonna win. This cast is so delusional. The public has said hes played the best but they still didnt go after him dafuq
    JakeP   Oh, my god. 

    Good luck @Sophle & @calibi & congrats @devon19 !

    I've loved playing with all of you, even through all the ups and downs. Good luck!
    Aidan   Sophle, Devon and Jake is the RIGHT F3. But a hard one I don't think I'd be able to make up my mind.
    However... is Calibi cute enough to be in the 4th Place Club?
    Alvi   grats on winning zbb hanna! gg calibi :)
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 08, 2016 15:46
    Spoiler alert!
    smile   adios
    wildpoppy136   Wait what... wasn't he evicted ages ago?
    JakeP      Sophle 
    Guys it's fair. Jace wasnt here for 20 straight hours and instalocked his noms yesterday.
    Look at his last log in date :-)
    joeyc   Welcome to the 5th place club lol! 
    Sophle   Guys it's fair. Jace wasnt here for 20 straight hours and instalocked his noms yesterday.
    Look at his last log in date :-) 
    George   This is amazing, truely didn't deserve 5th
    Afroditee   I think a spot was wasted to someone who may acctualled played the game when jace was casted
    Kyle   ......
    Aidan   He pretty much just returned to fill an extra day in the game because of @Zach's unfortunate quit... I literally saw nothing of substance. Sweet kid though, I guess. 
    joeyc   @Piddu I respect people in the game for voting him and not taking somebody they can easily beat in the end
    Piddu   Oh my at the house votes. Jace would have been an easy beat at the end even if he played the best game because a lot of ppl wouldnt vote him
    BIGBROFOSHO   What. Even.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 08, 2016 09:18
    When there are 4 nominees the votes are spread thin, and your favourite could easily go home..
    Make sure ...
    1 comment
    Piddu   Yes I have
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 07, 2016 16:05
    Spoiler alert!
    George60   I highly doubt jace will survive this vote lol
    Isbnm   Jace* #teamcalibi he has to win ZBB 
    Isbnm   I'll be evicting jade 
    AngelOfWater   #TeamCalibi
    Bye   Evicting Jace.
    awesometwin   #TeamJace
    Isbnm   SAVE DEVON
    AndieJene20   #teamcalibi
    wowjj   #TeamJake
    Spooky   YAS JAKE
    Kyle   Evicting Calibi. People need to get it together that are voting.
    xFalsify   Bye Jace
    SuperDoodle   Evicting Jace for being handed Final 5. 
    AngelOfWater   @GirlBye32 it's the first comment :) must not have had room in the blog
    GirlBye   What about the Design and the 50 chips reward?
    George   Evict Jace because he got brought back for instant final five. 
    DoctorWho   Honestly, I don't know whats worse, missing part of the game or being nominated 6 times. I guess I will wait for their pleas.
    Finesse   Evicting Jace!
    Aidan   Bye jace
    AngelOfWater   So he deserves to go over someone that missed a bunch of the rounds of the game @Violet now that just sounds bitter
    Violet   sorry but if calibi isn't evicted i will have lost all hope in this game
    Wolfwoodcp82   LOL! They thought Jake was gone and wasted nomination votes on Violet. Probably evicting calibi thats too many times in a row on the block. 
    JakeP   OMG
    Vin014   love this final 5! #Teamhanna
    Sparkle   Tbh, the final three should be Devon, Sophle, and Jake. Just so it can be: Hanna ssn3. Devon ssn 6. Jake ssn 9. Multiples of three ya know? B )
    km1997   All but Sophle deserve to go imo. 
    NoahSalvatore   @Calibi you're 3 votes from my record, can't let it happen! :)
    Sparkle   OH SNAP
    Allaska   Bye calibi 
    ZBigBrother   The Public Vote
    Now Zwooper it is your turn, it is time to EVICT the housemate you think least deserves to keep their place in the house. Please give the housemates time to prepare their 'Save me pleas' and read what they have to say before casting your vote to evict. 

    Today’s Prize Draw winners are:
    @ChukD - 50 chips
    @Electra - BB or Survivor Name design - please contact @Trishy
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 07, 2016 15:44
    Spoiler alert!
    djkaywire   NUUU
    Bye   lel
    smile   bye 
    gogaton   #Robbed
    Emma   Wtf?!
    Finesse   Wow I'm shocked but super happy about this!
    XHollyX   I dont remember even seeing a single person saying they were evicting u >:c
    Violet   evicted over someone who has been nominated 5 times, soon to be 6. thanks zwooper :)
    JakeP   wow. 
    Sophle   Didnt expected this tbh
    Vin014   Honestly mixed feelings. #TeamJake #TeamViolet 
    George   Erm wtf. 
    Rumen_V   Nooooo :(((
    croatia   noooooo my baby :(
    DoctorWho   Awwww @Violet nooooo =/
    NoahSalvatore   be evicted from the ZBB10 house with 29% of the vote to evict is... 
    Violet - 30%
    JakeP97 - 28%
    calibi - 23%
    Sophle - 19%

    Piddu   And sopj!
    Piddu   Grats Jake and Calibi. Sorry Violet
    Alvi   someone has a ridiculous bowtie thats giving him luck
    GirlBye   Shocker
    Emanuel   Wtf noooo
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 07, 2016 08:41
    The vote is close!!
    When there are 4 nominees the votes are spread thin, and your favourite could ...
    popular   this throwback to zbb1 tea!
    KiwiConnor   Omg I thought I voted to evict in ZBB1 a year or so ago!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 06, 2016 17:04
    Sadly @Zach has had to pull out of the game due to a family emergency. He will be gone from the site for a few days, and can't be worrying about a game. ...
    FairlyBlue   thinking of you @Zach <3
    djkaywire   Keeping you in my thoughts Zach. Hope everything is okay soon!
    rashi97   hope things are good. i'll surely pray for him
    ProanimeCS   :-( I hope everything's ok. I'll be praying for him
    JacksonSunshine   Poor Zach. That's honestly tragic and I am going to keep your family in my thoughts and sending you much love Zach!
    wowjj   Aw poor @Zach. Hope everything is fine.
    Taekwondo10   Hope everything is ok @Zach!
    Wolfwoodcp82   I hope everything is ok. I definitely will say a prayer for him and his family
    Bye   Omg @Zach 
    Sending you all the love and positive vibes in the world 
    smile   @MarinaIsQueen Derek did in season one
    JakeP   @Zach I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I just want to thank you for being one of the most amazing allies in this game. We had a rocky start, but after a few days I realized how much of a caring and amazing person you were. So thank you for always staying by my side, even when I was a target. 
    Kelsey   Omg @Zach I can't believe! I'm so sorry! 
    I will pray for you and your family. ♥
    Sophle   Lots of love ad prayers to him ♥
    gogaton   Oh no!! He was one of the nicest people in the game, I hope everything works out alright
    FERG_27   I hope that Zach is ok.
    Kyle   I hope things are alright.
    George   So is Jace immune until the final 5 now?
    Spooky   aw man :( i actually wanted him in finals!
    MelihV   oh no thats terrible
    Chilltown56   I hope everything works out @Zach!
    Irish   And I hope everything with your family turns out ok!
    Irish   Aw nooo Zach... You were doing great.
    ZBigBrother   Yes @bestkwarteng the eviction will still go ahead, we are just down to our final 6 a day early.
    Emanuel   Sorry to hear that he was playing an amazing game Question No eviction?
    DoctorWho   I hope everything is alright =/
    Sagacity   Whoa. @Zach, you're a really good guy for doing that and I hope everything turns out okay for you!
    Piddu   Keeping him in my thoughts. Hopefully everything is okay.
    MarinaIsQueen   At least he'll be known for being the first houseguest to pull from the game!
    Piddu   Jakep beat his record yes
    croatia   omg :(
    xoElectraxo   Aweh :( I hope everything is okay @Zach!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 06, 2016 16:21
    Spoiler alert!
    AndieJene20   saving calibi
    AngieKesler   Evicting Calibi
    Isbnm   Yay I finally won the name design 
    Isbnm   Yay I finally won 
    XHollyX   Yay 50 chips cx
    BIGBROFOSHO   Evicting calibi
    KiwiConnor   Evicting calibi
    Kyle   Evicting Calibi
    Spooky   yas!!!!!! but nooooo @ the same time.
    Timman10   Evicting Calibi
    xFalsify   Evicting Jake or calibi idk yet lmao 
    xoElectraxo   What worse of a nominees set Jake could be in!

    Sophle - Immense Support, + Rumen out of the game means she gets all his supporters.
    Violet - Great vlogger, Very intruiging game playing very well on the public side of things and strategy side from what i can see
    Calibi - Plenty of supporters, playing a decent public game, however he needs to give more information out about the game he is playing tbh

    Jake - ........ WAS playing good until he got nommed then uhm, looks like he is on the bottom of everything right now. 
    Strawberry   The other three are Jake.
    croatia   NOT MY BF VIOLET!
    Aidan   I think it was Jake, Devon, Calibi, Zach vs. Violet, Sophle, Rumen, Jace
    joeyc   @Piddu--- Devon nommed Sophle and Violet, so no
    Aidan   I'm Jace sprinting to the F6.
    Piddu   Sides**
    Piddu   Were the wides sophie rumen devon violet vs jake calibi zach jace
    BBswag   Evicting @Sophle or @Violet
    DoctorWho   Me when Jake might get 7th again :|
    Piddu   Ouch at this set. A popularity threat is gonna get knocked out
    Emanuel   Rip calibi
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 06, 2016 16:13
    ZBB10 - 10th Eviction
    Spoiler alert!
    ProanimeCS   YAS
    Isbnm   Noooo Jake should I of gone
    wowjj   #TeamJake
    Spooky     aidandee   To those haters voting in blocs (you know who you are)... YALL REALLY TRIED IT.
    Rumen_V   I got evicted by 1% for the second time LMFAO
    rashi97   #TeamJake
    Emanuel   Lmao what Jakep 28% I tought you were going to get like 9%
    Aidan   To those haters voting in blocs (you know who you are)... YALL REALLY TRIED IT.
    Piddu   Yikes came down to house votes
    joeyc   It should not have been that close...
    JakeP   now can I stop being called a popularity threat...
    Wolfwoodcp82   Wow I am shocked Jake got so many votes
    GirlBye   Damn i didn't excpect that
    GirlBye   Wtf
    pvd   WOW 1 percent. Crazy. Sad to see you go, Rumen. 
    DoctorWho   OMG I didn't think Jake would be that close to getting evicted.
    popular   thank god jake didnt get evicted cus hes a legend 
    xoElectraxo   #TeamBulgarianSlut!!!!!
    xoElectraxo   NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Stupid Houseguests made Jake stay! 
    Chilltown56   wow... close.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 06, 2016 09:09
    When there are 5 nominees the votes are spread thin, and your favourite could easily go home..
    Make sure you ...
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 06, 2016 00:09
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 05, 2016 18:43
    ZBB10 - The Wall of Vengeance is now over
    Spoiler alert!
    Sparky44   #GuessWhosBackAfroesBack
    Bye   #IkoniqueD00dl3
    Alvi   well done doodle! you are the real winner of this season
    Spooky   i knew what the twists were cuz i watched doodles Big Brother where he used it :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Wolfwoodcp82   That doesn't surprise me tbh, lol Awesome job man!
    George   I thought that the cupid twist was one he had in his big brother! 
    Jace   The originality in the whole twist itself was beyond incredible. Hats off to you @SuperDoodle. :)
    SuperDoodle   Bless <3
    I would do it again in a heartbeat! I'm glad I had to drop out lol
    devon19   I love you @SuperDoodle, but low key hate you at the same time.....
    Sophle   I hate you @SuperDoodle
    chesskid   Nice Twist Mr. Doodle
    Kyle   Slay @SuperDoodle
    joeyc   Yay @SuperDoodle! Great job :D
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 05, 2016 16:44
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Jace is a LOSER, wasted opportunity
    Sparky44   #GuessWhosBackAfroesBack
    KiwiConnor   ,,,,,,,,,ok
    popular   im evicting jace hes a bitch
    Magic   .                        
    Trinity2000   It honestly SUCKS that I am not back in the game, I made a brilliant move giving Jake immunity. I knew he was being targeted so I gave the twist to him and got 4 players on the block. SMH @Gogaton's decision
    Irish   Congrats Jace!!!
    Spooky   wouldnt be 2nd chances without a returnee!
    mattyiscool   #3rdChance 
    coolKat   Ew.
    Bryanh11   YASSSSS
    Green   congrats Jace!
    Kyle   Yay! @Jace deserved to come back!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Yay! Congrats @Jace I know you wanted it badly man :)
    FairlyBlue   congrats Jace :)
    Chilltown56   Good luck Jace! Make the most of this "Second" Second Chance 
    Alvi   oh no the hacker is here :/
    wildpoppy136   LMFAO @Riot
    Alvi   i respect jace and all, hes a great person, i just wasnt expecting him to come back thats all :P 

    sorry i wont answer you in a rude way, its not worth fighting with kiddos! have a good day
    Riot   @Alvarovidalpuga why are you so confused all you did was vlog and give other users nicknames.. so.. goodbye
    Sophle   Welcome back @Jace  :-)

  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 05, 2016 16:00
    Spoiler alert!
    ICBM   Evicting Zach
    xoElectraxo   Evicting Jake! 
    Sparky44   #GuessWhosBackAfroesBack
    Bye   SAVING Jake because he has played a stellar game, anyone doing otherwise should really reevaluate tbh. 
    Isbnm   Evicting Jake 
    joeyc   Jake has played the best game by far. 100% saving him
    Vin014   Evicting Calibi
    Kyle   #EvictCalibi!
    Riot   Queen Violet and Sophle not being nommed
    DoctorWho   100% Keeping Jake on this one, he's been playing a stellar game
    Chilltown56   Just noticed Hanna got 0 votes! She is killing it too :P
    FERG_27   Holy cow I actually won something!
    JakeP   Btw houseguests that comment was a joke SCREAMS 
    Sparkle   I find it funny how legit everyone wants Rumen out. I always root for the underdogs. #TeamBulgarianSlut
    JakeP   Guess the evictees had to get me nominated since the houseguests couldn't do it LOL. Good luck everyone!
    Wolfwoodcp82   @Alvarovidalpuga and @SwagSwag These are probably all bitter nominations tbh. Jake won't get voted out anyway
    Alvi   why nomming jakep when he was obviously playing the best game. 

    sounds a bit of bitterness but thats just my opinion
    George   I'm these bitter flops who nominated jake because they could never do it while they were in the game
    Wolfwoodcp82   I'm between Rumen and Zach on this one.
    SuperDoodle   @Sophle didn't even get ONE 
    Chriss   If Zach gets evicted it will form and H on the Memory wall  #illuminati
    km1997   saving rumen and calibi
    Irish   Interesting, good luck noms!
    BIGBROFOSHO   Evicting Calibi
    Sophle   Didnt expect this. THANK YOU GUYS ♥
    Rumen_V   Me at me being nominated again
    superherotommy   Gonna be interesting this round! Best of luck guys!
    Jace   :OOO
    KeshaRose   ugh
    Green   Me at this
    Chilltown56   @Violet killing it
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 05, 2016 15:44
    Spoiler alert!
    Isbnm   Yassss bye bye 
    Kyle   Robbed!
    xFalsify   Wtf robbed 
    Charlie67   Who won the 50 chips and the backround?
    Alvi   although i must say you did better the first time, at least in my eyes!
    superherotommy   Oh wow, i didnt think he would go! Played good from my point of view goga :)
    Rumen_V   oh my god
    SuperDoodle   7/10!
    Alvi   well done gogaton. maybe you made a lot of mistakes in this game, but that doesnt mean you werent entertaining or that you're a bad player. much respect for you
    gogaton   @Nieklaus @Wolfwoodcp82 IKR! I just realized like half an hour ago that I forgot, for whatever reason I assumed that since it was obvious for me to evict Rumen, I had obviously already sent it in when I hadn't :/ welp RIP me
    gogaton   Ok I officially hate mobile, what I MEAT was: Oh wow it was closer than I thought though, so thanks everyone who saved me! 
    Wolfwoodcp82   @gogaton If you voted to evict might very well have stayed. Thats a shame
    George   Oh, i'm getting 10th then
    Nieklaus   Me when he could have stayed if he evicted
    gogaton   Oh wow it 
    MarinaIsQueen   No! :(
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 05, 2016 14:07
    Spoiler alert!
    George   Well, i'm not going in and i'll enjoy my 10th placd
    Trinity2000   I hope I get another chance
    Kyle   I'm hoping for @Sagacity or @Jace
    JakeP   Omg 
    devon19   I love this game!
    Riot   I hope trin goes back in!
    Sophle   It's @KiwiConnor Birthday - Maybe a sign? :P
    Good luck you 8!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Awesome! I hope @Jace gets another shot
    Chriss   Fuck it up @Trishy !
    croatia   drama
    wildpoppy136   yikes!
    Taekwondo10   :OOOOO
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 05, 2016 10:31
    Here is your daily reminder to vote... make sure and have your say!

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