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  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 22, 2015 22:09
    Spoiler alert!
    lucasmaximo11   ROBBED wwxcrunner1 & oreo270 33%
    Bob   #teambob
    well done
    Ireks   congrats guys :)
    Gemini   AWww Congrats!!!  Love the Gif @GothicZebra !!! :))
    Shawty   YAS! Perfect ending! Sorry Runner, you deserved better =/... but i'm just glad the undeserving bitch didn't win. Grats Gothic and Angel you deserved it!
    Alice   I called this as soon as cast was revealed.. lol
    Am I right? @Sophle @Finesse
    james   Congrats  
    smile   YAS SLAY <3
    djkaywire   Gratsssss Go #ZebraCakes !
    flava   Yesssss, congrats you deserved it :)
    Alvi   congrats guys. u were always in the chopping block. but you made it
    AngelOfWater   congrats!!!! Super happy about this!!! <3 
    Nieklaus   52% ? That's better than Chaz!
    Derek   Yasssss!
    Jenika   Congrats you guys!! :)
    xFalsify   YAY unexpected winners! congrats!! :D
    Jared242   Congrats!
    Eduardo   just threw up a bit but congrats anyways!
    wwxcrunner1   Congrats Gothic/Angel :)
    Rumen_V   Congratulations!!
    Wolfwoodcp82   @GothicZebra and @Angel_Cakes great team awesome job guys! You guys played a great game! :)
    GothicZebra   OMG
    SirDragon   Congrats guys and wow what a season!
    Brittanya   Yasssssss #teampinkbunnies
    Sophle   Congrats! :) 
    btw I love Zebras
    BIGBROFOSHO   Congrats #AngelCakes!
    Wiseman   thank you for an amazing game guys! 
    ElissaFan007   CONGRATS :)))
    And congrats on 2nd paige/danny <3
    Sarah   Nice job guys 
    Kalkata   Grats I guessed right!
    Atticus   YES!
    Sabrina   Congrats @GothicZebra and @Angel_Cakes !!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 22, 2015 16:11
    Who do you want to see walk away with the top prize and a place in Zwooper history? ...
    SirDragon   Run Oreo run!!! Good luck finalists!
    smile   #TeamPinkBunnies obvisously
  • calibi
    calibiFebruary 22, 2015 09:34
    ZBB Radio Talkshow Episode 3
    Let's just say its our most ambitious episode yet featuring a lot of the eliminated players from ZBB2.  It was ...
    Jenika   This awesome! You guys are such great hosts and I know you put alot of work into this, it turned out great and I love your show! I'm glad my warrior princess was able to entertain a couple of you lol :P  Sarah's typing tho! hahaha
    Nieklaus   Great show. Very entertaining. Btw, @SirDragon my blog about your comments on @SuperDoodle 's pictures wasn't just about that. It was the first example that came to mind. I was just stating that I felt you were disingenous and everything you posted was very calculated. That's all. I think as a person you're cool, but as a character on this "show" I found it a bit fake. I hope you don't take it as I hate you or thought you were shit. In fact, I didn't even vote you out :p
    Patriot   "Sarah and Drew are the most annoying" :P
    Patriot   LOL @Wolfwoodcp82
    johnnyscott1127   *asks Sarah question* *type type type* *asks atticus question* *bark bark bark*
    AngelOfWater   Thank you all for the positive feedback it means a lot.
    AngelOfWater   Honestly it may be long but it's so worth the listen. I am extremly proud of this. We worked hard and i love it <3. All of the guests were awesome <3.
    Wolfwoodcp82   Great job as usual guys. Like @Shoib I 90% of the do not listen to the whole thing with stuff like this but I have listened to all 3 in entirely. Just an awesome job overall. :)
    Shoib   This was great, I acctually listned to the whole thing I usually skip these things especially when there this long but this was well worth the listen. Good Job.
    SirDragon   Omg! This was fantastic! You guys really have a made a mark in the ZBB universe! Keep this going!
    NoahSalvatore   I want on tbh
    jakea563   Loved it! Great work guys :)
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 21, 2015 22:30
    Spoiler alert!
    bamold1999   Oreo
    Alvi   LMAO sophle  haha
    smile   @GothucZebra and @Angel_Cakes ftw :)
    Jay   Congrats ! My vote goes to @GothicZebra and @Angel_Cakes for the win ! :)
    John_Berlac   YESSS! Good luck, finalists. Supporting @GothicZebra and @Angel_Cakes!!
    SirDragon   Good Hob Finalists , I am supporting Danny and Paige
    Spooky   WOO! 2 of my baes made it. however i wud love to see atticus here also :l
    Aizen101   @GothicZebra and @Angel_Cakes or crunner/oreo deserve the win. this one will be a hard choice
    Shawty   @Rumen_V that's because people had unfair advantages from the start lol... the only redeeming factor for this season will be if @GothicZebra and @Angel_Cakes win. Otherwise, I can forsee this turning out like Thailand lol
    Wolfwoodcp82   Not surprised by this I think I am going to choose crunner/Oreo for the win but I want to see speeches first. :)
    Sophle   Voting #Hamen to win

    Rumen_V   Yeah, this season sucked in my viewer's opinion. 
    Jace   That vote percentage has a big troll face drawn all over it.
    Lacey   @GothicZebra & @Angel_Cakes 
    Violet   DARN LOL at least I am now twins with @xFalsify
    Wiseman   OMG
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 21, 2015 21:25
    ZBB2 - Please vote if you haven't
    votes close at 22:00 and  the votes are neck and neck! This happened yesterday too. YOUR VOTE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! 

    To Vote:
    brookie   oops im too late
    Eduardo   #TeamKiolet
    Violet   :S 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 21, 2015 15:21
    The voting has been really close all week, so make sure you evict the couple that you don't want to see in the final 3!! 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 20, 2015 23:00
    ZBB2 - Nominations for 4th place revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    Violet   Thanks to all of you!!! <3
    Patriot   GO KIOLET
    Wolfwoodcp82   Saved Kiolet :)
    SirDragon   Easy vote saving Kiolet
    JAG94   I encourage everyone to save karter and violet.
    Violet   Thank you @Aizen101
    Aizen101   saving karterkanton & Violet - 
    Violet   Thank you @Shawty
    AngelOfWater   This doesn't surprise me but sure makes me laugh a little lol
    Shawty   Keeping Karter and Violet, they actually had to fight unlike some other players..
    KiwiConnor   im still taking credit for making up #ZebraCakes :P
    Finesse   Welp I guess I'm #TeamZebraCakes even though I've voted to evict them everytime they've gone up.
    GothicZebra   Goodluck! 
    Lacey   Hmmm, don't know who to vote for. ~
    wwxcrunner1   Goodluck you too! 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 20, 2015 22:30
    Spoiler alert!
    Gemini   Omggggggg I can't believe how close that vote was!!!  
    GothicZebra   @Buddhatofu Are you blind?
    Buddhatofu   Daaaaaamn. Is the other pair even doing anything?! I feel like I dont ever see any posts by them or anything
    djkaywire   damnnnn the closest vote ever :((
    Spooky   as i remembered to vote last hour & saved gothics life
    Jenika   Aww sad to see my last allies walk out of the house :(   That vote was sooo close!  
    George   This season has been ruined.
    KiwiConnor   grats @GothicZebra and @Angel_Cakes :3 <33
    GothicZebra   IM CRYING OMG
    bryjow123   Damn, 0.6%. I wonder how many votes that is.
    KiwiConnor   my emotions right now 
    KiwiConnor   but wolf and blue are out :'(
    Pegasus   :O  
    KiwiConnor   OMG MY BAES ARE STILL IN!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 20, 2015 19:55
    ZBB2 - Voting reminder!!
    Both of today's couples have survived being on the block a few times now... This time, sadly one of them will be leaving the house in 5th place. Make ...
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 19, 2015 22:59
    ZBB2 - Nominations for 5th place revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    Jay   So I hope the next nomination is Karter/Violet & Oreo/Crunner =]
    Jay   Its so sad house didnt go after Karter. Well I have to give him and Violet a credit for being unnominted. If I wasnt evicted I would defo go after Karter so they would face oreo team  :(

    Also congrats to wiseman and Bigbrofosho !
    I hope Gothic and Angel will stay. I saved you.
    KiwiConnor   @is its hard to spell when raging :3
    ElissaFan007   SAVING @Angel_Cakes & @GothicZebra 
    Eduardo   Wouldve liked to see BIGBRO and Wiseman up tbh. These noma need to be changed up
    Wiseman   @Shawty why don't you respect me ? I haven't talked and or played a game with you ever.  Idek you
    Spooky   this cast has done a very good job of letting violet & karter skate their way to the finals & 1st place.
    Shawty   Well BigBro hope you make finals, I don't respect wiseman :P, but if you make finals BIg, i'll vote for you =/
    xFalsify   @Finesse I'm talking about votes against them lol.
    wwxcrunner1   Yep... 
    Finesse   @xFalsify both of the mute teams are rocking 0 noms.
    SleekPuma   Are BBFS/Wiseman still unnommed too? I'm losing track.
    Alvi   these two teams have been nominated almost everysingle time :/ sucks
    Pegasus   Slay @Violet @karterkanton
    xFalsify   these noms suck LMAO. @Violet and @karterkanton still rocking their 0 nomination votes this far into the game tho...
    SirDragon   These nominations are pathetic. It's my opinion, you can get made at me 
    GothicZebra   I sense were threatening 
    Jace   Oh my
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 19, 2015 22:30
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   For your information @wwxcrunner1 I don't hate @oreo270 so don't try to assume shit. 
    KiwiConnor   I wanted Oreo and crunner gone :'(
    cancanpiano   Awww oh well.
    ElissaFan007   YAY :D
    Gemini   Awwwwwww I'm so dissapointed !!!!!!!  I was truly rooting for @Flavika to win!!!   Lovee you guys!!!    I love Danny and page too ... but I voted for Jenna and Brandon!!  danggggg  !!
    Shawty   YAS! So glad :)!
    Green   :( 
    brookie   Undeserving.
    Lacey   Awwe, well congrats wwxcrunner1 & oreo270.
    Jace   Don't talk trash unless you can back it up (maybe with some...screenshots).

    BIGBROFOSHO   See you all say you heard it so @Finesse to call it the truth when all you have done is heard things is wrong. I heard andie was your Sheep (not to bring this drama up again I don't belive this but it's a good example) does that make it the truth? No.
    wwxcrunner1   Coming from all of the peple who hate and want us out of the house. There is no conclusive evidence just a bunch of bullies who want to cast shade. If you can show me one message that my partner asked someone for there vote, I would love to see it so I can be mad at her too. But if you can't and its just a bunch of BS trying to make us look bad then I will let it keep running from your mouths!
    SirDragon   To back up @Finesse and @AngelofWater , I heard there was attempts of spamming also by her. /:
    Finesse   That's not hate. It's truth. I literally heard from multiple people that oreo was "begging" for votes. He asked a question, I answered it.
    Wiseman   Why are you hating on paige so much @Finesse
    Finesse   I heard it was @oreo270.
    BIGBROFOSHO   Who is spamming?
    SuperDoodle   Spam again, @AngelOfWater? That's disappointing.
    Jenika   Thanks for the oppertunity ZBB! Not gonna lie Flavika is actually relieved to get their lives back!  Thank you to our supporters!  Supporting Caleb and Beth! Good Luck guys!! 
    xFalsify   ew.
    SirDragon   This is a huge dissapointment, I am really sorry Jenna and Brendon. You guys become my closest friends in the end after everything, and I am sorry your efforts were not rewardsed. You guys also totally deserve All-Stars. Like seriously! Ah.
    Chaz   Was supporting both groups.  Unfortunate that they had a blow-out.

    Congrats guys on staying!  #TeamOreo !
    pvd   Aw... :(
    AngelOfWater   I guess spamming and shit talking is the way people get rewarded for playing this game.. I'm very disappointed in zwooper. 
    Jace   :l 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 19, 2015 18:55
    ZBB2 - Every vote counts! Have you voted yet?
    The are very close, your vote WILL make a difference today.... Which couple do you ...
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 18, 2015 22:59
    ZBB2 - Nominations for 6th place revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    awesometwin   team @karterkanton
    JjessicAa   #BIGBROman
    KiwiConnor   #ZebraCakes SLAYIN
    Gemini   Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!   :(((
    Rumen_V   saving Flavika till the end.
    Shawty   Best nominations to date, good job cast :)
    Nieklaus   My favorite noms all season. This shit just got good
    AngelOfWater   There pic isn't broken Cuz they got the #7thplacecurse :(

    i think this vote is gonna be a close one :O
    Finesse   Evicting Oreo and Danny to prevent anymore Oreo tears. If you can't handle this game emotionally, you should go.
    SuperDoodle   Because we are together forever @BIGBROFOSHO
    BIGBROFOSHO   WAIT. why is SuperDragons duo picture not broken?
    Jared242   Im saving Danny and Oreo cuz they are playing a better game imo
    Eduardo   NOOOO!
    Sarah   Evicting Jenna and Brendan. Sorry guys. Supporting# runoreorun
    Pegasus   Although Danny seems to have played the most vicious game, he seems to be playing the BEST game which people dont see!
    Saving him and oreo
    wwxcrunner1   It hurts alot but this is just a game!
    BIGBROFOSHO   Them 3 votes tho 8) anyways good luck Danny Paige Brendon and Jenna
    Aizen101   save woreo
    AndieJene20   Yes!
    Jace   ooooooh boy
    wwxcrunner1   Good Game! 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 18, 2015 22:32
    DOUBLE EVICTION (7th and 8th PLACES)
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   @Shawty I'm seriously tired of you.. just stop already. It's like your goal is just to piss off ZBB cast members.. like go find a new hobby.
    cupcake   Well, this sucks.
    Gemini   Wowzers!!!!  
    SuperDoodle   @Shawty Most of your comments are incorrect haha
    Shawty   @lord_domany you are still a fool for not realizing anything that I have stated.
    ElissaFan007   SLAY ZEBRA AND CAKES <3
    johnnyscott1127   I had so much fun! And now 48 straight hours of sleep shall commence. Thanks to everyone in the game whether you worked with us or not and it was such a fun game that I'm thrilled I was selected for! I'm definitely ready to dish the dirt about every couple remaining in a few hours. Congrats F6! And sorry to our fallen comrades @SirDragon and @SuperDoodle, but tbh not really lol

    #ZBB #TeamGreenShades

    DRAMA!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD
    Lord_Domany   @Shawty Dont hate on someone for having more friends than you bro. ZBB chose the cast. I dont think they went to Oreo to decide which of her friends she wanted in. Shes obviously working with what was handed to her.

    All you've done is bitch and whine for both of the ZBB games so far. If you dont like it, dont follow it. Simple as that douchebag.
    Jenika   Sad Day.   

    Thanks for your support guys! 
    bluesapphire   Thanks for your support Zwooper.
    Shawty   @Lord_Domany you are one dumb and ignorant dipshit, do you honestly think that oreo having literally right around 8 to 9 friends in a single game was pure coincidence? Bullshit, she premaded, so stop with your good boy crap and look past your own ego kiddo.
    Lord_Domany   Hey @Shawty How about you take your idiotic bitching, and shove it?

    Do you even understand what a premade is? If it was luck, then how the fuck was it a premade? Of course ANYONE is going to want to work with friends, if they are in the same game. Are you that stupid to grasp that?
    Shawty   ZBB had nothing to do with the premade, it was pure luck that they were able to all get in together, but their intentions are yes to premade, just look at the facts @AndieJene20, over half the cast are people she has premaded with before, and Oreo hasn't played 1 single straight game without premading, also on note, I remember a while back when I use to be cool with Oreo and we were on skype call with me and coyote where she stated she wouldn't join this next ZBB unless Flava or Chaz joined, so? Enough said.
    djkaywire   :(( I started to like #TeamSuperDragon :(
    Spooky   and so the drama ensues
    AndieJene20   @Shawty how the hell is any of this cast a premade?!? Everytime you say that you basically accuse ZBB of picking unfairly and make yourself just sound ignorant... 
    Pegasus   :((( I liked #TeamSuperDragon
    SuperDoodle   Nooooooo! 
    I had a wonderful time playing! Thanks for the opportunity.
    Shawty   LMFAO!!!! and now this season will be equivalent to BB16, terrible season tbh. Yet the premaders did manage to keep their people safe yet again :P, *Shocker*.
    Only rooting for at this point.

    Violet and Karter
    Gothic and Angel.
    The rest of the cast is pure garbage lol...
    Wolfwoodcp82   Glad to be in it still RIP #TeamSuperDragon and Willz and Johnny it was a pleasure playing with you guys :(

    Thanks for the support zwooper #TeamBlueWolf 
    AngelOfWater   @SirDragon I fail at tagging.. lol

    @xFalsify notice my comment ;)
    wwxcrunner1   No :(
    Chaz   Bye Willz!!!! :)
    AndieJene20   Awww that sucks. 
    xFalsify   Noticing a pattern with a 7th place curse with you, ZBB..
    Aizen101   Congrats on the win crunner, best gameplay move I have seen in both seasons
    Eduardo   Omg no @SuperDoodle! You guys deserved to stay!!
    Wiseman   YAS bye John 

    bye Johnny an will :(
    AngelOfWater   awww very sad 

    @SuperDoodle @SIrDragon you have joined me in the #Robbedat7thplacecurse </3
    GothicZebra   Oh thank heavens 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 18, 2015 19:00
    ZBB2 - Your vote counts... DOUBLE EVICTION TONIGHT!!!
    Spoiler alert!

    LMAO at @Jenika !!!  So glad you and @flava stayed !!!  < 3333

    Hang in there girl!! < 333

    Alice   ...
    Shawty   If Willz and Gothic get evicted this will end in an anti-climatic fashion
    ElissaFan007   Damnnn
    Nieklaus   2 Twists in one?! I'm loving this!
    Wolfwoodcp82   I knew it! Good luck everyone!
    SirDragon   Big Brother is really EVIL, I was about to take anap!
    Jenika   *takes ativan*
    SuperDoodle   Oh gosh
    AngelOfWater   As the plot thickens :O
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 17, 2015 22:31
    ZBB2 - 5th Nominations revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   keeping #ZebraCakes
    evicting willz and johnnyscott
    ElissaFan007   LMAO WTFFFFF
    SirDragon   #TeamSuperDragon ... Silly phone keyboard lol
    SirDragon   Thanks for any one saving my duo! <3 #TeamSuoerDragon
    Shawty   Lol I know who i'm evicting
    bluesapphire   Thanks to anyone who saves us. I tried all day to get Danny to listen to what I had to say, clearly it did not work. Good luck to the other noms and grats to those who are safe.
    Lacey   Same @AndieJene20 ^^
    AndieJene20   NOT EVICTING #TeamBlueWolf #TeamFlavika or #TeamSuperDragon

    sorry not sorry
    xFalsify   well at least i know i'm for sure not evicting @SuperDoodle LMFAO
    SuperDoodle   Specifically me? LOL
    Ouch, my feelings.
    Aizen101   I saved bluesapphire & Wolfwoodcp82 twice already, truth be told I think their game relies too much on the public. Dragon/doodle has played a flawless game up to this point, and tbh if crunner did not win this reward they wouldnt be up for eviction.  I'm going with my gut on this one, I'm sending WILLZ14 & johnnyscott1127 home. you guys have played meh, but spamgate was too much.
    Alice   tbh
    someone just messed up
    gl nominees <3

    Grats those safe
    Sophle   This decision is easy. 
    smile   same @Violet
    JjessicAa   me purposely not evicting superdoodle to cause drama in the house! <3
    AngelOfWater   That was a little harsh tbh... I mean his reasoning.. 
    Wiseman   Thanks gretchen and danny! 
    Violet   not sure how to feel about this tbh.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 17, 2015 22:06
    Spoiler alert!
    Jay   this shade
    KiwiConnor   yay
    Kalkata   3rd point gonna catch em all 
    Wiseman   #WayToGoJohn 
    xFalsify   @AngelOfWater my first thought exactly LMFAOOO
    Jared242   Byeeee
    AngelOfWater   Finally I get another point in the predition game lmao
    NoahSalvatore   Ooof!
    WILLZ14   :(
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 17, 2015 21:05
    ZBB2 - 5th Nominations Twist
    Spoiler alert!
    Shawty   @Qwerky99 you have no idea lol
    Qwerky99   @Shawty, I am fairly certain @flava joined with @Jenika NOT @oreo270 :)
    Shawty   @flava just admit you joined with Oreo and stop being a fake dipshit 
    flava   Shawty, I have to believe you're trolling since no one can actually be this mind numbingly stupid but I'll play along anyway. The zwooper team picks the cast, not Oreo. dmk went last round who was also apparently part of this premade and we are going up this round. At this point I think you're just obsessed with Oreo, like restraining order stalker obsessed.
    Zach   Well just going to say my point, wasn't the whole point of applying, was to apply with your friend? You got to choose who you wanted to play with and TECHNICALLY there is no premades in a way since almost all the couples are. But that's just my two cents.
    Jared242   WTF XD
    Shawty   Just look on Oreo's profile and it'll become more clear lol @Superdoodle
    SuperDoodle   @Shawty please list this alleged "premade." I have no idea what you are talking about 
    Zach   #TwistosTwist 
    Shawty   So lame! The premade gets to stay safe yet another week :P, *Fast Foward to 6th nominations*
    domarco14   I really hope he doesn't pick lol don't do it Danny ZWOOPER will save you 
    AngelOfWater   Omg I sooo love this!!! <3
    George   omggg, DRAMAAAA
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 17, 2015 15:51
    ZBB2 - Have you voted yet Zwooper?
    Which couple do you want to send back into the house, and which couple do you want to get their marching orders?
    Who goes?... You decide!!
    1 comment
    Nieklaus   Sorry for the weird rate.
  • GothicZebra
    GothicZebraFebruary 17, 2015 02:42
    [VLOG] ~Hopping on to the block
    Spoiler alert!

    Using the following numbers to fill each square so that every Horizontal, Vertical, And Diagonal row adds up to the same number. Each number can only be used once. When you complete the puzzle, send it to us and we’ll let you know if it’s correct or not. Once it’s correct, you will receive your next clue.

    Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    Puzzle format:
    Sophle   @GothicZebra Haha, it's fine. :-D
    GothicZebra   @Sophle I feel awkward if I'm not moving them or my eye brows and @Spooky dk_is_pro
    Spooky   haha. what is your skype bro. 
    Sophle   I love the fact that you always talking with your hands. Like they swing from right to left than you clap, up down.
    So funny to follow them.

    GothicZebra   Thank you guys I appreciate all your words :3 @Spooky @KiwiConnot @Gemini
    Gemini   Hahaha !!  great gif   Nice blog !!  Good luck!!  :)
    KiwiConnor   btw you two are awesome!! I hope people will see that!!
    Spooky   king
    KiwiConnor   lol at me making up the #ZebraCakes hashtag
    Jenika   Sucks we aren't on the same side, I adore you!
    Shawty   I normally don't like gifs, but that gif is epic xD @GothicZebra
    wwxcrunner1   Love the vlog! 

    @eduardo245 TY! I'll take it as not sarcastic aha ! 

    @Lovely They move too much! @Wiseman ALL T, ALL SHADE @smile & @Logan tysm, I'm trying my best.

    Eduardo   What a great vlog GothicComedian lmfao
    Lovely   YOUR EYEBROWS! 
    Eyebrow envy! 
    Nice vlog, GothicZebra! Xx
    Wiseman   Love it. And the shade. 
    smile   #TeamPinkBunnies For the win, I'd wear bunny ears to show support, but I don't have the chips lol, Good luck!!
    Logan   #SaveThePinkBunnies Logo

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