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  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 04, 2015 18:01
    The game will start on Friday 13th February and will run until finals on Sunday 22nd. It will be a similar format to ZBB1 but to celebrate Valentine's ...
    Mikey   @Mikey please shut the fuck up
    Mikey   dabs
    Sparky44   #BringBackEG
    Trishy   #ZBB

    Usernames of couple: @GothicZebra & @Angel_Cakes
    Ages: 19 [Both]
    Time Zone: [PST/NZST]
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2:

    Because we're both really competitive people who have been looking to show our prowess in a game such as this. Seperate we're solid and together we're unstoppable. We are dedicated, determined and cohesive unit willing to do what ever is necessary to get us deeper into the game. We might not work in relestate, but we know how to put a b*tch in their place. We're the type of people who either love you or hate you and you'll probably know which one.

    Our Motto: The only good losers are those good at losing.

    Irish   My timezone is GMT, I live in Ireland.
    lordz   user names of couples: Lordz and Irish
    Ages: 24 and 18
    Timezome: EST for me
    why should we be chosen for ZBB2: ‘Cause we’re awesome, duh! Really though, we’re an unpredictable duo and I don’t think anyone would expect us to work together, (surprise!). We are both strong competitors, and I think we’ve both shown our capabilities in our Survival games, (@Irish has 3 Survival wins and I have 10). I believe we both have different strengths,  and by bringing those strengths together in a dynamic duo, I know we have what it takes to win this game. Good luck everyone. This idea came to me when my two closest allies Abby (@Calibi) and Africa (@angelofwater) ended up in ZBB1 so i told them to work together and they ended up being a killer team. Now for this season I am taking one of Africas closest allies and taking a risk by teaming up with someone who I have never teamed with before, in hopes that it's as sucessful as KFC. ;)
    Sunshine   Username of couple SummerStorm and EvelCraig

    Ages; Both over 30 

    Time Zone; PST and Mountain time

    I am a very competitive person and also always seem to be in the middle of all the drama....i do not like to lose and therefore do whatever needs to be done to make sure i am not put in that position. Evel plays a very strategic game and the popularity game is something he has always wanted to try. We can bring a lot of entertainment value to the game wether it be as a liked or hated team. 
    Alice   PT2

    Andie: While Alice is with me in this for game funding and the competition I am here because I have a game play thats really not like anyone else's. I do what I can to survive in a game, no matter what. From flipping votes to blindsides and even playing both sides, I have done them all.  Like Alice I never give up and i NEVER will just roll over and die. I am not afraid to make moves, I believe that even when things are looking down and you feel like the game is over there is almost always a door that can be used to your advantage. I am not an angel like Alice nor am I a global icon, but i have made it to the finals in 2 of Zwoopers biggest group games in 2014. I am proud that no one else can really say that. I don’t feel like I am a huge popularity threat but I feel that Alice and i could bring the right amount of crazy love right into this game! #TeamAA #TeamSisterWives 

    Our Husband got to play in #ZBB and dropped the ball, its time for the Wives to show what we got!
    Alice   PT1

    Usernames of couple: @Alice & @AndieJene20 AKA AliceJene420 AKA DblA AKA The Whorse and The Cow

    Ages: Well Matured and Developed, 23 & 28, Together we are like a fine aged wine, one sip and your clothes are coming off…

    Time Zone: Pacific /  EST

    -Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2-

    Alice: Honestly, I'm not a fan of popularity contests, I am however a fan of competition. I'm willing to look past the PC aspect and suck it up in order to go all the way a claim the champions title. A big motivation for me is to secure future funding for some group games I have planned and to have this experience to share with my gal pal Andie. I'm furiously competitive and I refuse to roll over and die without a fight. I can be extremely loyal if you play your cards right, I was named 'Zwooper's Angel' and given the 'Global Icon' award so I want to enter the ZBB house and make all those people who supported those decision proud and maybe snag a new title along the way(Ahem ZBB2 winner preferably). Filler Filler Filler, yada yada yada. Pick us, Go Team Go! It's morphin time! #TeamSisterWives
    wwxcrunner1   TEAM:   RUN OREO RUN
    Usernames: WW XC RUNNER1 and OREO270
    Ages: 18 and 19
    Time Zone: PST
    Why should you both be chosen:
    Zwooperteam I know you guys are going to be looking long and hard for the perfect couple to put in season 2. Well you don't have to look anymore because we are the perfect couple for you. With the perfect balance of strategy and popularity the killer duo of me and oreo will rock this house literally and figuratively. We have known each other for the last 6 months and we are going to have a huge advantage living next to each other. We each have different groups of friends and we look forward to joining your season and making it the best possible!
    We made a vlog explaining more:


    calibi   Usernames of couple:@calibi @AngelOfWater @xFalisfy 
    Ages: 20's? 
    Time Zone: Pacific/Eastern
    Why should you (all) be chosen to play in ZBB2: Because were the fucking Zwooperpede from ZBB1, people fear the zwooperpede like no other. No other combination on Zwooper can cause an array of emotions from love all the way to hate, we cover all the bases. Lets put a couple in to scare the other players into gameplay mode 

    jk good luck to the players of ZBB2  ill be watching and judging you ALL!!
    Jenika   Usernames of couple:  @flava & @Jenika

    Ages: 24 & I umm stopped aging after I turned 25 and that was a few years ago :P

    Time Zone: Australian Eastern Time Zone (he's basically  from the future)  & AST: Atlantic Time (Canada)

    Why you both should be chosen to play:   In all honesty, I had no desire to play this game after watching the first season play out and I know @flava felt the same. Lying, backstabbing and drama isn't really our style.  However,  we never though we'd get the oppertunity to play together as a team.  The thought of having your favorite person along with you for the experience changes things ... so here we are.  We are ready to embrace our inner trolls!  At least I am ... his has been embraced a little already :P

    I think we make a great team because we are both competitive and strategic, but we also balance each other out in so many ways. He's super logical and I'm more fervent. He's super laid back and has the ability to tame me when I'm being fiesty haha :P  He's the quiet one (most of the time lol) and I'm the chatty one. We are also alike in my many ways. We are both loyal, kind, friendly, witty and easy going.  I think our approach will be to have as much fun as possible and have the public enjoy the ride with us. 

    Playing this game with my bestie would be very meaningful as he's leaving on a great travelling adventure in a couple months and won't be around for awhile. I think it would be an enjoyable way to create zwooper memories before that trip takes place. :)

    Wolfwoodcp82   @Wolfwoodcp82 and @bluesapphire 
    Ages: both are older :)
    Timezone: EST US
    Why should we be chosen: We are both fierce competitors and we will make this game fun and entertaining! I feel that we will bring a level of competition to the game that has not been seen and we will fight tooth and nail to make it to the end. I promise that we will entertain and keep the game interesting. :)
    Violet   vv Adding on, I think we would be really well as a duo. When going in against other duos, it will take a lot to get a long with 2 different personalities instead of one. Us being different in personality, we would be good to work with others that have a similar personality, thus expanding our gameplay. Also, we both bring many different plates to the table. 
    karterkanton   @Violet is 27 and in the Eastern time zone 
    karterkanton   @karterkanton and @Violet
    15 and <insertagehere>, respectively. 
    I think the two of us gel really well, which is why we're frie in the first place. We both just have this respect for the game that will definitely be transferred into our strategy. Being that the two of us are strategically and socially driven in these games, this is perfect. 
    Qwerky99   im 21 lol not a teenager also
    Nipple   So because I'm non-vip me and my boyfriend can't apply together?
    BIGBROFOSHO   Usernames of couple: @BIGBROFOSHO - @Wiseman
    Ages: 16 and 16
    Time Zone: Pacific 
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2: I think we should be chosen because we work very well together. I know this is a cliché in most cases but we are the proof of it. Multiple games we have aligned and we ruled them we recently made the finals in game exactly the same to the ZBB game. I think we would bring a lot to this game. I plan to be a target early on because its how its always been but me being me and using the loud mouth god gave me has also caused me to go further in games. Wiseman is one to stay very low he lasts great under the radar and really is someone to always be careful of in a game. We both acquire aspects the other lacks in and going into the house with just the right amount of each and learning from one another how to use our strengths and not show our weaknesses is really amazing. I think with the mixture we both contain of gameplay for ZBB would be amazing to watch how it plays out and see how we get to the finals.
    gurl_its_panda   VIPs only, please apply in couples
    *cries* I can't just like steal my mom's credit card or something lol
    Jared242   (Part 2) XDD

    Gamewise I think I’m defiantly underrated when it comes to games. Usually like I send I tend to be one of the first out, but in games when Im not, I tend to go really far. Im the underdog of 95% of the games I play. But in my mind that just makes me even stronger. A game I would like to reference is Alice’s Duel Game. It got stopped at Round 5 when I had already been in 2/4 duels. That just shows how much of a fighter I am. When my back is against the wall, I know I need to fight 10 time harder and I do. I like taking out the big threats because if I want to win I have to try to get them out! So in the game I’m gonna be a force to be reckoned with. And with one of my closest friends on Zwooper, Pegasus I think I can get that accomplished. Peg is defiantly a strong player as well. He proved his strength in Lynette’s survivor when he won the most Individual Immunity Challenges. He’s also a very strategic player. 1 last thing, I think we willl be super entertaining. That reason we get along so well is because for the most part we have the same personality! We speak whats on our mind. We can also be very very funny :P We plan to make a lot of blogs about the game because I want to keep Zwooper in touch with whats happening. I might also make a blog :o3. So if you pick me and Peg for this season, we won’t let you down. We’ll be a forced to be reckoned with! So yah plz pick us LOL!
    Jared242   Usernames of couple: Jared242,Pegasus
    Ages: Jared: 14 Pegasus: 15 (16 in 4 days)
    Time Zone: Jared: EST Peg: Central
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB:
    I think me and Peg should be picked because I think we both have something to prove :P. Most people see me and the instantly think “Oh yeah he’s just a drama queen” But theres a lot more to me then that. Same with Peg. We both can be very sassy but we can also be really smart and strategic.

    I know for me at least I am always a target in whatever group game I’m in. I think I am because of my reupattion. Everyone thinks I’m a bitch because I speak whats on my mind. It’s not bitching I’m just stating my opinion. I’ve always been a loudmouth, it’s just who I am. I tend to say whats on my mind even if it gets me in trouble which is most of the time XD. I’ve never cared what people think of me/if they like me or not because at the end of the day Im not gonna change to make someone else happy. 

    CheapCheep   I dont have a couple :(
    Nieklaus   @Trishy , true. But, I still can't pick my "dynamic duo". So it's either we take what you give us or we don't play at all.. It may just be me, but I find that pretty unfair.
    BIGBROFOSHO   @RussellvsRob2019 you know she spelt it like the to match @Qwerky99's first 2 letters of her username....
    Jay   Well I thought that Zwooper is much better and dynamic site (than tengaged) where you can play and show ur strategic skills. However if you arent VIP you have even disadvantages in the game.... I got just so disappointed. GL to VIP people, have fun.
    Sarah   @Vecepia. ya know "qween" is spelled qUeen
    Vecepia   Username of couples: Qween @Qwerky99 and Venemious @Vecepia
    Ages: TMI!!! 
    Time Zone: Central
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2? <---- VLOG
    Atticus   Usernames of couple: @Atticus/@DMK
    Ages: 15/20
    Time Zone: CST/UTC + 2 (We find times to talk, time zones will not be a problem)
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2: Although I was not casted for Season 1, I feel I showed dedication to the game as an audience member. And THAT proves I would be even MORE dedicated inside the house playing the game! My partner, @DMK, has been a low-key star of Zwooper. He knows when to be loud or quiet, strategic or stupid, and even social or antisocial. Together, I think we could really rock this game as a dynamic duo. Neither of us is a detriment to the other and we will both help to keep each other in the game. You want a dynamic duo, put @DMK and I into the game and you will NOT be disappointed!
    Johnny   Usernames of couple: Jimmy and Johnny
    Ages: 19 + 20
    Time Zone: EST
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2:
    Well you see, Jimmy here has been bothering me to play in an ORG Blood vs. Water for some time now. I've never been familiar with these sorts of things but I definitely am with Zwooper. I like to brag about my fast survival record which is kind of irrelevant to this game, but I know how to control a group of people. I take games entirely too seriously which is probably good for things like these, and I feel like Jimmy and I are just under  the radar enough on this website to do very well in a game like this. We could bring out our inner Missy and Baylor and slay our way into the Final 6 together. I have way more experience on Tengaged which I'm not sure I should talk about since it's not relevant to this website (I'm Aquamarine there), but any time I play a Skype game or other group game I generally either win, get 2nd because the entire jury hates me, or get out early because I'm perceived as a threat. I don't think that will be a problem here since not everyone knows me. Anyways, I bought VIP just for this at the request of Jimmy. I really hope we make it, I've been looking for a big site game like this where the admins actually care about the fate of the site ;)
    Patriot   @RussellvsRob2019 thanks for doing that! Love you :*
    Aizen101   Usernames of couple: Aizen101 and realityobsessed
    Ages: 18 and 19
    Time Zone: EST and CST
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2: One time a milk bud fell from a pine tree. It hit the ground and laid there for many months with very limited sunlight. The milkbud soon became spoiled, contaminated, and repulsive. the face of anyone who went near the milk bud shrivled in horror at the uglyness of it. One day the milkbud started to develop feelings, and it began to morph. Before long, that milkbud had turned into a person. But not just a normal person, due to maltreatment of the milkbud this person had a poisoned soul. Anything that the milkbud interracted with, fell with horror. One day, the being cam across a group of travelers known as Mushi. The group of mushi were mainly peaceful, except for one member, Gin. when the Mushi offered shelter to the human milkbud, the milkbud accepted. As soon as he entered their huts however, all of the Mushi suddenly vanquished- except for Gin. Gin, a reality show obcessed freak, had the strength to with stand the milkbud's poison, and the milkbud, delighted at the oppertunity to finaly have a friend, offered to follow Gin's every command. Gin however did not want to be a leader, rather a follower, so he gave the milkbud a name- Sosuke Aizen- and swore to follow him to his grave. Aizen grew stronger, and almost every person who came in his way, vanquished, but there were a few that survived, and they dubbed him as their lord and promised to follow him to the death. Anyone who we encounter in this game, will either vanquish at our doing, or follow us onto their rightful place in the finale like dog, where we will be dubbed their winner. We arent going to just sit here an say that we will be active because you all know we will, and you know that we will put on one amazing show. There is always a driving force behind couples, and ours is strength. 
    NoahSalvatore   @Trishy @ZBigBrother can ZBB1 players apply with people who WEREN'T?
    Trishy   @rusellvsrob2019 you can only apply with one.
    marmur40   Oh lol I'm not VIP just read it I'll wait for the post sorry
    marmur40   Usernames of couples @xbluebeckx and @marmur40 
    ages 17 19
    timezone est
    why should we bit be chosen to play
    xbluebeckx- we both followed zbb1 in the hopes for zbb2 
    marmur40- we watched every season researched hard we just wanna see if we did the right things 

    both- we know how to play the game 
    thanks for your time
    Sarah   @Trishy, can I apply with two people?
    SirDragon   Usernames of couple: @SirDragon & @SuperDoodle
    Ages: 20 & 17
    Time Zone: EASTERN & CENTRAL
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2:
    @SuperDoodle- We should be in the ZBB house because we've been teammates on the Apprentice for weeks, and we will treat the game like a job 
    @SirDragon- We should bein the ZBB house because we have a great chemistry. When I say that I dpn't mean love but I do mean everything else. We work great together and of course have experienced pressure together whether that is to meet deadlines or to make insane last minute decisions. We are both cut throat and will do just about anything to survive. We are heavily active and will win the hearts of zwooper. My only question is for you @ZBigBrother, Will YOU , be my valentine? 
    Sarah   @RussellvsRob2019 and @Patriot 
    13 and 14
    We should be chosen to play in ZBB because we're the best of friends, but we're soo different!! He's. a hero, I'm a villian, so it's going to be really funny to try to put our games together and make it work!!!! We just fought for the first time, and we came out stronger, so I think we need this experience to mens it fully mend our relationship :)... also, we went through a lot to have this relationship. we were both friends with someoje, and their brother was friend's with the other person, and we just pretended to be friends. our friends left us alone, but we found each other, and I think it was meant to be, because I'm honestley a better person with Drew than with max... I have. better friendship, and we love each other <3 

    I think there was a reason i wasn't selected for ZBB1, and that was to play in ZBB2 with Drew. I cannot wait to get in the house, And play in this with my best friend. LEGGO!

    Trishy   @lordz applications will close on Sunday 23:59 ZTime
    Trishy   @Nieklaus, you can turn down the offer if you are not happy with the partner. We will choose the non VIP players very carefully as there are only 4 spots.
    Nieklaus   @Spooky, I understand that. But, there's a difference between a perk and something that could make or break your game. Imagine if everyone got to pick their partners, but you. And that you got paired with @Derek last season. That'd be completely unfar as he claimed he wanted to quit playing and in turn your entire game got destroyed and you would not be able to play the way you want to due to someone else choosing your pair. However, If that happened to someone who were able to pick their pair, it'd be a different situation as they were the ones controlling their fate. They just made a bad pick by choosing someone who had the potential to quit.
    lordz   When Is the cut off time for this?
    Spooky   nieklaus i think it's like a perk of being V.I.P for this game that u can choose you're partner. u kno. 
    Spooky   this makes me v excited. GL yall V.I.P's & non-V.I.P's(me)
    Nieklaus   Although I understand the idea of having different spots for VIP vs Non-Vip, I feel as though it's a bit unfair that the VIP get to pick their duos while Non-Vip can't. I mean, you could accidently put them with someone they can't stand or someone that doesn't condone how they play the game while all the VIP's get the advantage of knowing their partner and how they work. Why can't there just be duo sign ups where it can be mixed? This could easily be done, but the mixed duos must know that signing up with a non-vip limits their chance of getting in. Then you can just put 4 mixed teams in or 2 mixed teams and 1 completely non-vip team in or you could simply just put in 2 completely non-vip teams in. Just my 2 cents as I believe this puts the non-vips at a major advantage. Or if you don't like this idea, why not just come up with all the duos to keep it fair?
    Rumen_V   Usernames of couple: @Rumen_V & @Sophle
    Ages: 15 & 19
    Time Zone: EET & GMT+1
    Why should you (both) be chosen to play in ZBB2: I believe that me and Hanna should be chosen for this season because we've been best friends since almost over a year now, we have really bonded aa lot and we know how to work together in games - we both play as emotionlessly as possible and we both know how to get out of sticky situations with our social games. We've been a dynamic duo for a very long time now and we've been through a lot in games, and we've gained a lot of experience that we can show this season. We've learned loyalty, also - backstabbing, making moves and basically surviving when we are being the biggest target, because it does happen sometimes. Yet, I believe that me and Hanna would be great for the cast because we will put a lot of passion in this game and we will do whatever it takes to make it to the finale and win, we are never giving up on our aims and our aim will be to win this season. We're also both respectful, polite, kind and we would never intentionally put somebody down. We're ready to bring on the best out of us! #Hamen
    Karmabare    Usernames -Karmabare and Bailey5000
    Ages - #karmabare - u should never ask a girl her age lol honestly though i am 29 and bailey is 27
    Time Zone - Dependos on what country we are in. Either Canada or England
    Why you both should be chosen to play -  I karmabare wants to be chosen to play because its my birthday that day, and bailey wants to be chosen to play so that way he can get out of watching fifty shades of grey on valentines day:) It will be good fun to play a game like this together, as we are not normally allowed to. In games it will be interesting as me and bailey play different strategies. I wear my heart on my sleeve more, where as he bailey is more of a tactical player. So in our own duo it will be a great challange to get a balance and thats before competing. One thing we do have in common, is we play both play a very loyal game, however if betrayed we will go after the the people who betrayed us and we will be comitted to the game.
    Were both VIPS
    cancanpiano   NOOOOOO Aizen and I were going to be in a couple but he's a VIP :(
    wwxcrunner1   This is going to be so cool! I will have my application up soon!
    Trishy   @pvd there will only be 4 non vip players, so and they are going to be put in couples by Big Brother.
    @Sophle there will be 20/ or 22 not decided yet.
    Sophle   Questiooon. How many peeps will be in the cast? 
    pvd   So a vip and non vip are unable to team up?
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherFebruary 02, 2015 19:59
    ZBB2 - Coming soon....!!
    Spoiler alert!
    Gemini   These graphics awe awesome @Trishy!!!  
    Gemini   Ohhhh I wish we could co this babe!!!  
    Caio   Can't wait
    hwest14   Me and @daniel will do it!
    Jay   And if someone needs person to team up, feel free to pm me ^.^
    Jay   Will it be the same like 14 spots of VIP people and only 2 non VIP or it wont matter this time? :)
    marmur40   I want in
    JHeavens   I dun have any class friends in this game.. If anyone need part erm, feel free to ask me. I don't mind joining with anyone.
    gurl_its_panda   @djkaywire OMG SAME WANNA TEAM UP
    gurl_its_panda   OMG YAY

    *realizes I have no other person*

    Vecepia   Give me and Qween @Qwerky99 the win already
    gardy   @jakea563 lets do this?
    Trishy   The couples can be the same gender  @Austin11
    SirDragon   Omg stop!!!! This is fantastic!
    Austin11   @Trishy can the duos be same gender?
    Wiseman   omggg looks awesome 
    Aizen101   omg i hope i get to participate in this
    djkaywire   welp I don't have a duo D:
    Spooky   LOL YAS LETS WRECK THIS @Pegasus
    Irish   What if you don't have someone who could be your duo? LOL. #ForeverAlone
    johnnyscott1127   Am I the only one who isn't the biggest fan of this idea? Even though everyone else is afraid to say it...
    bailey5000   awww man!!! i wish this was season 3, id have loved to applied with @karmabare lol.... unless it starts after next tuesday that is :)
    Sabrina   Really Hope I'm in this!
    JjessicAa   OMG I HAVE To be in this cx
    cancanpiano   Who wants to be with me?
    John_Berlac   If not me, I really hope @Clueliz and @AxKxAxBatman get on ZBB2! :)
    AndieJene20   My other half @Finesse was in #ZBB *cries*
    ElissaFan007   YES WOW :D @Atticus and I would've applied but I already played :((((((((( I hope Atticus plays with a friend of somethin~
    Trishy   There will be a couple's application post soon, with rules etc.
    cancanpiano   I REALLY WANT TO GET IN THIS TIME. Do we have to submit new applications?
    Jenika   I love this!! 
    oreo270   this is so crazy as @wwxcrunner1 and I had been talking about this and were going to see if you guys would allow us to do it
    Sophle   Hands down. Would love to see me @Rumen_V together in this, but other way would be enormous hard. I guess we would be attacked immediately. But who cares? Me and my bff in one season. That would be amazing. ♥
    John_Berlac   Where can those of us who haven't applied do so? I originally didn't think I wanted to play ZBB so I didn't apply, but now that ZBB1 has ended, I am much more interested. 
    wwxcrunner1   @oreo270 :) I think the provided what we were going to do anyways :)
    Afroditee   wooooooooooooooow
    Alvi   how soon? :P
    Zach   I'm so in!
    xFalsify   AH YAY TWISTS
    Sarah   OMGF @Patriot @gardy @RussellvsRob2019!! please zman
    realityobsessed   Sign me Up! If possible
    spidermonkey   Ew couples
    wwxcrunner1   THANK GOODNESSS and yesssssssssssss couples!!!!!!!
    Sabrina   OMG <3 <3 :) Can't wait!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 31, 2015 23:31
    Spoiler alert!
    Logan_     Mikey
    I still cant believe y'all voted for Chaz, of all people, to win this.
    Mikey      Mikey 
    I still cant believe y'all voted for Chaz, of all people, to win this.
    Mikey   Jace 
    I still cant believe y'all voted for Chaz, of all people, to win this.
    Jace      eduardo245 
    I still cant believe y'all voted for Chaz, of all people, to win this.
    Eduardo   I still cant believe y'all voted for Chaz, of all people, to win this. 
    dcg786   lol tbt
    Riot   #TBT
    awesometwin   noooooooooooooo
    Sophle   Congrats! :)
    smile   Aww cupcake :(
    Kalkata   YES! #TeamChaz
    WILLZ14   lol bloody chaz
    Tocan   Good work chaz :D
    DMK   Yes !!! #ChazNation !!!!
    SirPepa781   Gj Chaz!!:)
    Candee   Congrats @Chaz
    Seana   @Chaz you made me a winner as well ....... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa won the VIP to give away all because @Chaz rocks
    AngelOfWater   Congrats @Chaz :)



    Spooky   who/what/where/when&why
    Nieklaus   GJ everyone. Although I have probably been everyone's biggest critic please don't take anything I've said personally as I looked to you all as characters. Congrats Chaz on the win. I'm glad to see someone who tried to entertain zwooper take this home. I hope this will just give future contestants a little more push to involve zwooper.
    Wolfwoodcp82   Congrats @Chaz :)
    oreo270   congrats chaz so happy for you! #teamChaz
    Seana   GJ everyone, it was awesome.
    Lynette   Slay! :)
    Jenika   yay Grats @Chaz!! :)
    djkaywire   CONGRATS CHAZZZ #TeamChaz
    cancanpiano   Yay Chaz! This is amazing but sadly underrated because of the drama. But that's AWESOME I WONDER WHAT YOUR PRIZE WILL BE
    jameslu   Shocker
    Shoib   Great season can't wait to see it as a viewer now.
    Irish   Congrats!
    xFalsify   well at least cupcake didn't win LMFAO
    Atticus   Aw :( GJ @Chaz! I voted @calibi to win :/ At least he got 2nd!!
    Wiseman   Grats chazzzz
    Aizen101   YESSSSSS
    Jared242   Congrats Chaz! :o3
    smi9127   meh
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 31, 2015 21:54
    One hour left to vote for your ZBB1 winner!!

    To Vote:
    Send ZBigBrother a message with the name of the person you want to WIN ...
    honeydazzle   #TeamChaz
    xFalsify   #TeamCalibi
    smile   #TeamCupcake
    wwxcrunner1   #TeamCupcake 1 nomination, doesnt matter how she got there! Other two nommed multiple times 
    Jared242   #TeamChaz
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 31, 2015 15:34
    ZBB1 - Vote for your winner!!

    Now Zwooper, it is time to vote for ...
    1 comment
    Stilts12   My vote to win is cupcake
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 30, 2015 23:30
    Spoiler alert!
    Irish   Decided to vote @calibi but gl all.
    Hints   Voting Cupcake !
    Kalkata   #TeamChaz
    shalwin   #Teamcupcake sweetie win it
    and a all the the best to all
    TheGuy   #teamcupcake
    Good game and good luck to all the F3
    KiwiConnor   Chad definitely calibi came across a bit cocky and idk much bout cupcake tbh
    Pegasus   Calibi has definately played the best game but Queen Cupcake gonna be hard to vote...
    smi9127   I guess flavors do exist on zwooper
    Green   all three names start with the letter "C" , just an observation I made lol
    Purpose   #teamcupcake
    gogaton   Lol at all the people who weren't even in the game saying that Chaz had the toughest time getting to the finals xD he was nominated 6 times LMAO... he's only here cuz people like him vs. Calibi who actually played the game

    I'm voting for the person who actually had the best gameplay, GL @calibi 
    AngelOfWater   #TeamKFC <3 #TeamCalibi best player in the final three by far <3 
    juliequeen   chaz
    Candee   Voting Chaz to win!   I think he had the toughest route to the finals!   
    Wolfwoodcp82   Voted Chaz to win. :)
    AndieJene20   #TeamChaz
    gurl_its_panda   #TeamChazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Spooky   who the hell even is this f3
    Atticus   @calibi has my vote to win =) Goodluck to @cupcake and @Chaz though!
    Shawty   Voting Calibi so easy
    Shoib   I am voting @Chaz only because I think he has been in minority a lot and this is BBUK so therefore, I will not be basing my vote of strategic game, good luck all of you <3
    cupcake   I'm working on mine right now and will post it when I get home.  There's a lot I want to say, just need to figure it all out.
    Lacey   ~Votes~
    ElissaFan007   VOTED CALIBI TO WIN <3
    xFalsify   Easiest vote ever LMAO #TeamxFalsibi 
    Irish   Congratulations you three! 
    Aizen101   Chaz deserved the win for getting his ass off the black yesterday. congrats man
    Rumen_V   Kimmy, I love you, so disappointed! 

    Anyways, congratulations to the three of you! I'm not sure for who to vote so make your final speeches worth it!
    Violet   #TeamxFalsibi
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 30, 2015 17:28
    ZBB - Final Eviction
    Who goes? You decide Zwooper!!  

    Who is going to join Chaz and cupcake in the finals of ZBB1? 
    Both have a speech posted in ...
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 29, 2015 23:59
    ZBB1 - Day 13 Nominations Revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    Rumen_V   Kimmy ftw
    Jay   Grats @cupcake ! Amazing game :)
    Shawkwave11   Congrats to @cupcake and @Chaz for making the finals!!! This is definitely the hardest vote
    Alvi   @Irish i agree, congrats both of u and good luck to the nominated ppl :P
    Sophle   Hands down. Cupcake did amazing. She flipped in the right moments. She was always a part of the majority and did made amazing moves. In my opinion she was one of the best players of this season, without getting much attention. Top 
    johnnyscott1127   I think Calibi deserves a shot at the finals against Chaz, so definitely keeping him in the game. Calibi seemed to play his own game, while xFalsify kinda ran under the wing of AngelOfWater
    Irish   @cupcake killed it, good job! I don't care if you floated, whatever you did it worked.
    Tanner   Good luck to the nominees!
    smi9127   Kimmy to win
    smile   CUPCAKE WHAT EVEN?
    Aizen101   Congratulations chaz since you didnt get nominated today (along with floater cupcake), you have my vote to win!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 29, 2015 23:30
    Spoiler alert!
    Irish   @calibi holding on for dear life
    Puffs   Aw :(
    Jared242   o.O
    smile   UGH
    Violet   DANG KIMMY GET IT
    Eduardo   boo
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 28, 2015 16:59
    ZBB - Have you voted yet?
    Who are you supporting? They need your vote to evict one of their competitors, each day the votes have been very close and today is no different.. the ...
  • Chaz
    ChazJanuary 28, 2015 02:10
    Nominated for 6th - LET'S SPLIT UP THAT GRUESOME TWOSOME!!!
    Seriously!?  @calibi is sooo deadset on booting me out.  Clearly I am the biggest threat to HIS game at this point, and I really want to make him ...
    awesometwin   You have been nommed to many times #teamawesometwin. Sorry @chaz
    Kalkata   #TeamChaz
    Jenika   #TeamChaz   <3
    KiwiConnor   #TeamChaz loud and proud
    Aizen101   i saved u this time, but if u go up again im going to have to evict you
    craycrayaye   #TeamChaz
    gogaton   LMAOOOOOO at the Very Solid pair! I've talked to you more than I've talked to Calibi hahahahahahha!! But whatever either way, good luck :P
    Bob   #teambob
    oreo270   #teamChaz all the way! i'm so proud that you have made it this far and that you refuse to give up
    Ravenclawfan   @gogaton has been boring as all hell, I am evicting him
    pvd   #TeamChaz
    Finesse   #TeamChaz
    Alvi   i wish there was a team chazcake :(
  • gogaton
    gogatonJanuary 28, 2015 00:24
    ~Nominated For 6th Speech~
    *Sits in nom chair fabulously*
    Green   good luck :)
    Spooky   LANA
    ElissaFan007   QUEEN <3
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 27, 2015 23:59
    ZBB1 - Day 11 Nominations Revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    honeydazzle   evicting gogaton
    Shawty   Evicting Chaz easily lol ^.^
    cancanpiano   NOT GOGATON! :(
    awesometwin   chaz is still here
    awesometwin   yay cupcake has barely been nominated
    you go girl
    awesometwin   #teamcupcake
    AngelOfWater   Easy choice for me tho I'm evicting @goganton :)
    AngelOfWater   Lmao I do have to laugh at this I must say :p our unnommed alliance.. I told you if we target two the other two would go up... 
    Sabrina   #TeamxFalsify
    gurl_its_panda   #TeamChaz
    ElissaFan007   @Shoib You're not coasting as badly as @Chaz is tbh. You're a lot better.
    AndieJene20   #TeamChaz
    Shoib   @ElissaFan007 how am I coasting? The only reason I am not nomes is because people thought I was getting evicted as plus I am the most hated guy in the game by the housemates lol
    smi9127   saving gogaton and calibi
    Shawty   Calibi has played a fantastic game, the only reason I see him nominated her is because of him never being nominated. Can't evict Chaz, he's a friend. Sorry Gogaton gotta evict you..
    ElissaFan007   I don't know about you guys, but it's getting annoying that some people are coasting STRICTLY on their public followers... AKA, @Shoib and @Chaz. C'mon!
    Vecepia   Final 6!! When are next season applications
    ElissaFan007   SHOIB ISN'T NOMINATED???? 
    Kalkata   definetely saving @Chaz
    Eduardo   Lame lol
    gogaton   *He says sarcastically*
    Atticus   Dang :( No one's unnominated still...
    gogaton   #ShockerNoms
    Jared242   o.o glgl
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 27, 2015 23:30
    Spoiler alert!
    Shawty   @AngelOfWater ya I just checked nvm, but I still think Calibi is playing the best game
    jameslu   wtf nooo
    AngelOfWater   @Shawty what game are you watching lol calibi has received noms in past days :p
    Ravenclawfan   I'm pissed.
    Spooky   LOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!
    Lifer107   Yea people need to stop evicting the better players when they go up, because then we're just gonna get stuck with the trash at the end
    gogaton   @yswimmer96 congrats on learning how to copy and paste without adding bullshit on the end 

    And i know ow popularity is something I lacked going into this game which is why I avoided getting nominated every day (today that'll probably change) but as of now I've never been on the block for that very reason. 
    ElissaFan007   WTF NOOOOOOOOO!
    ccga4   Thats absolutely rediculous.  I've been losing so much interest in zwooper with zbb the only thing that matters anymore on here, and now this is definetely the breaking point for my time on here.
    Wolfwoodcp82   That sucks! :(
    Shawty   I beg to differ @smi9127 . I think Calibi is playing the best game easily and by far in my opinion. I don't think he's even received 1 nomination vote all game lol...
    NoahSalvatore    @gogaton 
    OMG!! I actually have a chance of making finals now, wtf! Did not expect that but that you Zwooper  [heart]

    You do realize you have 0 support and youre last ranked on Atticus's poll and haven't been ranked higher in days.
    gogaton   Honestly Kenya played the best social AND strategic game of anyone this season period. She didn't deserve to go, but for my own selfish personal reasons I'm glad she did :P
    Kalkata   get recked by @Chaz and @Shoib
    smi9127   she was playing the best game... sad
    gogaton   OMG!! I actually have a chance of making finals now, wtf! Did not expect that but that you Zwooper 
    Irish   That sucks, you played your heart out and did awesome @AngelOfWater /Kenya, should have stayed longer! ...
    Sarah   aww
    NoahSalvatore   @AngelOfWater PONDEROSA IS BEAUTIFUL! Come join!
    Wiseman   WHAT NO
    Eduardo   Bittersweet tbh
    Atticus   Such a shame
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 27, 2015 20:31
    ZBB1 - Have you voted yet???
    Who are you supporting? They need your vote, each day the votes have been very close... Your vote will make a difference.
    Who goes?... You ...
    Shawty   If Shoib or Chaz, the public really want a predictable ending....
    xFalsify   yay!!!
    AngelOfWater   @xFalsify you've been capitalized 
  • Chaz
    ChazJanuary 27, 2015 00:28
    Nominated for 7th - WHOA. SHOWTIME!
    AHHHH!!  I am ecstatic that someone had the balls to GO THROUGH with this HUGE move.  I don't think either of these ...
    Gemini   Good luck ! 
    Finesse   I think I'm evicting @xFalsify.
    Alvi   or not?
    Alvi   jk...
    Alvi   just for the hell of it
    Alvi   i evict chaz
    Shoib   Good luck man, I hope we make it through :)
  • Shoib
    ShoibJanuary 27, 2015 00:06
    Here We Go Again (Nommed for 7th)
    All I can say is I have played my ass this entire game, people think flipping back and forth is easy but trust me it ain't, now Zwooper I beg you take ...
    Gemini   lolllll  :)
    Nieklaus   I love the symbollism in this line  "I don't care, what their going to say" . It's beautiful.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 27, 2015 00:00
    ZBB1 - Day 10 Nominations Revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   aww Thanks @Jay
    Irish   It'd be a shame to see either @AngelOfWater or @xFalsify get evicted the minute they're up, I think they have a lot of fight in them and I'm rooting for them! Good luck to all of the nominees.
    Jay   Well for me its clear both AngelofWater and xFalsify should not be evicted. They werent nominated to this point and both Chaz and Shoib were put on the block many times - especially Chaz. So my vote is easy. Person who is nomminated so many times doesnt deserve to win. But well good luck to all of you ! I am impressed of Angel's game.
    oreo270   #teamChaz #saveChaz
    Kalkata   hmm Definetely savin @Chaz and @Shoib but whom to evict?
    Gemini   WHOA!!!!!!   what are the odds!!
    djkaywire   #SaveKimmy #TeamxFalsify
    Ravenclawfan   #SaveKimmy #TeamxFalsify
    Shawty   Lets see if Calibi and Gogaton can go unnominated or how far they can go without a target ;)
    gogaton   Wow... shady shady noms... ;)
    Sabrina   #SaveKimmy #TeamxFalsify <3 <3
    Pegasus   Hmmm this is hardhard
    Nieklaus   @Shawty, Gogaton wasn't nommed
    Shawty   Calibi = Last one not to be nominated... ^.^
    Candee   oh this is getting good now!!!
    Spooky   THIS IS AWESOME
    Nieklaus   @Shawty, but what about @xFalsify? It's Angel's closest ally and it might be entertaining to see Angel struggle because she'll share more of what's going on than Falsify will.
    AndieJene20   now we have a game!
    Shawty   I literally have to evict AngelOfWater, Can't pass up on this oppurtunity
    Eduardo   Finally
    Jared242   Kimmy needs to stay </3
    Violet   #SaveKimmy #TeamxFalsify
    Alvi   wow id like to save them all lol
    Rumen_V   Oh my GOD. KIMMY TO STAY.
    ElissaFan007   Interested to hear some damn good speeches!!
    ElissaFan007   #Cluster****
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJanuary 26, 2015 23:30
    Spoiler alert!
    Ravenclawfan   @gogaton since you went YASSSSS I amm voting to evict you every time you are up

    ugggg  Noah

    Classy Comment @yswimmer96

    Rumen_V   Me when Noah left...

    smile   Me rn since I get a point
    NoahSalvatore   I'm okay! It was fun but now its time to focus on the more important things in life! Good luck all!
    Shawty   YAY! 
    not yay towards your eviction swimmer, but yay towards Chaz staying! :)!
    Shoib   Just me and @Chaz in a tank full of sharks
    gogaton   YASSSSS THANK YOU ZWOOPER  Sorry Noah, honestly nothing personal but I actually want to do well in the game and for that to happen Chaz had to stay and you had to go :P
    Eduardo   Aww. bye!
    Chaz   Omg.. thank you all.
    Sarah   UGH I SUCK AT PREDICTIONS ATM 2 IN A ROW WRONG.. Grats @Jared242
    ElissaFan007   NO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Chaz
    ChazJanuary 26, 2015 03:59
    Nominated for 8th - Here We Go, Underdogs R Us!
    Since a majority of the cast has decided that they all are confident that they'll make it to the end (HA), I find myself on the block this round again ...
    Finesse   #TeamChaz
    KiwiConnor   saved ^.^
    Alvi   #Queenchaz!
    Kalkata   SAVED YOU
    John_Berlac   #SaveChaz
    gurl_its_panda   #SaveChaz
    oreo270   #teamChaz I really hope you stay cuz I know you will not give up and you have a lot of fight left in you
    Finesse   #SaveChaz
    AngelOfWater   good luck <3
    Shawty   Well you know i'm saving you man. :)
    Jared242   Saved you ^^ Logo

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