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  • Yourvivor_
    Yourvivor_January 18, 2021 00:38
    YOURVIVOR 3 II Blood vs Water II Episode 1 - "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
    Spoiler alert!
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyJanuary 12, 2021 18:08
    Yourvivor 3: Blood vs. Water | Memory Wall Reveal, Pick-To-Win & Viewing Lounge!
    Spoiler alert!
    YourBoy   CLOSED
    TheBreeze   I mean ANDRE let's goooo
    TheBreeze   I pick Richie
    Seanoh   Oh I didn't even see Nestor picked Peter. I'll do Brandon 
    Peyton   Alan?
    Reynolds   Mike :)
    Wadz13   Brandon 
    Siddy   I think Saratoga picked Alan so I am picking Andre
    Siddy   Alan
    YourBoy   4 picks left!

    Tarnexter   Yay!
    JacksonSunshine   Chase 
    Seanoh   Peter
    Tone   clayton
    Mikey   Marty
    NestorR   Peter
    PitterPatter   Don
    dcg786   king devon
    Patrick71101   SUDA >:D
    08SaraR   Nooooo evannnn!! 
    08SaraR   Wadzy!! :)
    evanw919   Wadz
    Saratoga652   Alan
    Joseph   cuntina
    MaloloLow   jason!
    Crazyrockina   Kenya
    Jude   Ann
    sebby113   paco
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyJanuary 03, 2021 23:36
    Yourvivor 3: Blood vs. Water | Three Days Left to Apply!
    Spoiler alert!
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyDecember 24, 2020 02:52
    Yourvivor 3: Blood vs. Water | Format, Dates, Prizes, Applications & Viewing Lounge
    Spoiler alert!
    YourBoy   CLOSED
    Tarnexter   Name(s): Chase (Tarn)
    Age(s): 19
    Discord(s): You have it
    How did you two meet?: Applying alone
    Social, strategic, or physical?: Mostly physical but I also like playing a scrappy strategic game from the bottom.
    Why do you want to play?: Yourvivor 2 was my favorite game of all time!
    What makes you unique?: I think my fire for sure. Makes me a wildcard. I am never afraid to stand up to someone for any reason :)
    Name(s): Devon19
    Age(s): 36
    Discord(s): devon19#2554
    How did you two meet?: Blind Date
    Social, strategic, or physical?: I would like to say I am socially more adept than most players, although my recent placements may not reflect that. I do believe I have what it takes to once again be a social threat in this game along with an above average physical game. 
    Why do you want to play?: I want to see what I still got. After a few disappointments, I think it's time to reestablish myself as a formibadble force in games. I want to come and show some of these young bucks how this is done. 
    What makes you unique?: I think I am unique in that I am able to get along and play with members of all walks
    of life. I may stray form controversy, but am not afraid to stand up for what I think is right. I will stand by my decisions and always play an honest game. 
    lionrogers   Name; Lion R
    Age: 29
    Discord: lionrogers#2647
    Social, strategic, or physical?: stragetic and some social.
    Why do you want to play?: after taking a look at the past 2 games, its going to be another amazing and epic game with great hosts, so would be fun to be apart of!
    What makes you unique?: i am like marmite you either love me or hate me lol, i still have a lot to prove and show what i bring to the table in a game from personalty to skill!
    AndreHoward   Name(s): Andre and Alan (@Alanster)
    Age(s): 14 & 17
    Discord(s): Andre H#0849 and Alan.ster#8414
    How did you two meet?:We meet through Zwooper Andre reached out on Skype and was wanting to be allies.
    Social, strategic, or physical?:Social/Physical
    Why do you want to play?:We want to play because  survivor is where we first meet so to be put back on it and be a duo is amazing and a chance I never thought we could have.
    What makes you unique?:Were unique because we meet playing survivor and games now we’re playing another one we are also unique because are age gap
    hoeassgirl   #whitefishers

    Name(s): Miss Suda & HoeAssGirl

    Age(s): We forget.... we're not old enough to remember.

    Discord(s): you better have it How did you two meet?: at the strip club i was the bouncer she was the hooker

    Social, strategic, or physical?: none of the above. snatched up, skinnylicious, and single!

    Why do you want to play?: im coming for crazyrockina's first boot crown, if we can't do that then we will at least boost your ratings

    What makes you unique?: we are the same person

    Spyder   Name: SPYDER701
    Age: 15
    Discord: SPYDER701#0718
    How did you two meet?: Single
    Social, strategic, or physical?: I feel like I am a highly strategic player. 
    Why do you want to play?: I have never competed in one of these special events, and this seemed like a good place to start. I love the game of Survivor, and I want to play a survivor game where all of the people are active. 
    What makes you unique?: What makes me unique is my strategic game. I am new on the site, so not many people know me or how I play. I feel like I would be an unpredictable player, willing to make big moves. 
    Crazyrockina   doing this alone fuck all the other bitches 
    Name(s): Miz Rockina  and Miz Crazy
    Age(s): 16 and 16 
    Discord(s): Crazyrockina#6390
    How did you two meet?: were the same person 
    Social, strategic, or physical?: social 
    Why do you want to play?: i have nothing else to do 
    What makes you unique?: i have multiple personalities why?

    Name(s): Wadzie and Dr. Paco

    Age(s): 18 and 20

    Discord(s): you have it

    How did you two meet?: We both met in NBB S1 in 2018 and instantly became best friends when we went on vc for the first time. Then we played yourvivor season 1 where #CrazyTown was born aka the best duo of all time. We played hard and fast, and although there was a missing dick, lame algo boots, and no dubs, we made that season crazy. 

    Social, strategic, or physical?: We are the whole package. Any missing links are filled in.

    Why do you want to play?: Dude are you kidding me? Why wouldn't we play the game that CrazyTown was born. We've been talking about this for a long time and we are ready to dominate another game together.

    AngelOfWater   Name(s): Kenya & Peter (@PeterC)
    Age(s): We forget... yep that old.
    Discord(s): AngelOfWater#0548 & PeterC#5912
    How did you two meet?: In Jake and Joey's (JoeyP97) Survival Choices: Apprentice Vs. Samurai
    Social, strategic, or physical?: Social and Strateigc, we are also good at winning challenges by accident... LOL but we aren't really viewed as physical players. 
    Why do you want to play?: Wait, I have a choice? I thought you said we have to play... But anyway we want to play because we haven't played a survivor format game since the one we met in and it sounds pretty fitting to see if either of us still have what it takes. 
    What makes you unique?: The fact that pizza is our life. 
    ClamFargo   Name(s): Jason and Ann ( @PurplePony13)
    Age(s): 20 and 16
    Discord(s): Jazon#4184 and pAnnda#8620
    How did you two meet?: We bonded over having to deal with drunks and bricks during survivor unknown 2, after weeks of essays, tattoos, tiktoks and of course snakes vs. spiders we became business partners
    Social, strategic, or physical?:  Were both really strategic although Ann leans more socially while I rely a little more on my physical game
    Why do you want to play?: Because we thought doing a duos game would be a lot of fun since I havent done one before and whoever makes it farther gets bragging rights
    What makes you unique?: Well we both actually were finalist in our very first group games (I won mine Ann well.. didnt >:) )  but besides that were pretty boring but atleast were not the bricks we just had to play with prior to this...

    Name(s): MacAttack & Matthew1125
    Age(s): 19 & 17 Discord(s): MacAttack#0340 & Matthew1125#5769
    How did you two meet?: We played Survivor Universe 2 together and started on the same tribe. From there, we played 5 more games together.
    Social, strategic, or physical?: We are very strategic and social players. Strategic game heavily depends on how well you are socially integrated, so we spend a lot of time making bonds that'll help us later on.
    Why do you want to play?: We rarely work together long terms when playing with each other. We always end up turning on the other at some point or another. We want to play a game where we are incentivized to work with each other from the start, amongst other known pairs.
    What makes you unique?: We are strong players and we can be crafty when we need to. We are not passive players, so you are going to get people who will pour a lot of effort into this. To quote someone we've played with together "You two are a menace together"

    Name(s): @Nates_great & @Brxan
    Age(s): both 17
    Discord(s): Brxan#5041 & Nates_great#1010
    How did you two meet?: I don't have that much of a memory. just have played a bunch of games for a while but never a duo game so would be fun. 
    Social, strategic, or physical?: most dominant and physical and strategical for sure, though we can easily make our ways socially as well. 
    Why do you want to play?: yourvivor is an amazing game and I had lots of fun playing it before so why not again and in duo form which are always more interesting. 
    What makes you unique?: I won the game so thats pretty unique. one of two. but together we can easily domi nant most aspects and have a decent chance of winning if we dont become and easy target. 
    brandondillon   Name:
    Brandon and Mike (@Killer89 on Zwooper

    Both 20


    How Did You two meet?:
    We went to High School together

    Social, Strategic, or Physical:
    (Brandon:) Social/Strategic
    (Mike:) Strategic play, and social play, always love to come up with big plans, and actually see the ideas behind the moves, rather then just doing the move. While also being able to talk and socialize with others

    Why Do you want to play?:
    (Brandon:) Let's face it. Season 2 I was the first boot. I only got 17th place because I managed to win 1 competition on Redemption Island but it was a total embarrassment. My only other game before Yourvivor 2 was Wild's Legacies 2 and the only reason I feel like I got 4th place was because of Richie carrying me and being a shield for me in the game. I feel like I have a hell of a lot to prove. I want to play to win and to prove to myself and everybody that Yourvivor 2 was a fluke and that I'm not as bad of a player as I seemed the first time around.
    (Mike:) I have been watching survivor for over 7 years, and always wanted to play the game. 

    What Makes You Unique?:
    (Brandon:) Being a twitch streamer and film student, I'm forced to think creatively which means that I will likely be able to come up with new ways of getting people out or maneuvering through the game that others may not have thought about.
    (Mike:) I am unique based on that this is my first game of survivor ever. I have always wanted to play. But never decided too. So all my perfect plans and the numbers-crunching is gonna be new. So it will either stick or go down in flames. And if it goes down in flames, I’m sure everyone will know about it.

    Let me know if you need anything else :)

    Name: Don

    Age: 22

    Discord: DDVINKS#2831

    How did you two meet?: Single. 

    Social, strategic, or physical?: More on the social side, with a little bit of both strategic/physical mixed in as well!

    Why do you want to play?: I'm a big fan of Surivior! I'm still a bit new on here. But I have read both season one and two of Yourivor and they were crazy! I'm a fan at these and this community and it would be cool to be apart of it! It looked like it so much fun and it made me really want to play! It would be a unique experience that I think I would be good at and could bring a lot to the table! 

    What makes you unique?: My personality. I always feel like the underdog in these types of games, but I also feel like I'm full of mystery and I'm kind of an oddball which could keep people on their toes! I always try to cheer people up and I have a sense of humor as well. :)

    Name(s): Benley with @Clayton
    Age(s): 22
    Discord(s): Benley#7195
    How did you two meet?: @Clayton who im applying with is my brother as we were both birthed by our mom @Doll and were former womb mates
    Social, strategic, or physical?: Probably social if you count being mean to people sometimes and getting angry, shouty, & yelly- i talk a lot, sometimes too much which hopefully wont be my downfall this time, but i also cant really hide my like or dislike for people well. Sometimes Im too trusting based on my social conversations. Imma stop now cuz it sounds like im answering a test question idk the answer to
    Why do you want to play?: This is one of the most iconic group games on the site, who wouldnt? :) I also happen to like the host a little bit i guess POSSIBLY I SUPPOSE
    What makes you unique?: I'm not afraid to make big moves and turn things around. I rarely like just "riding the wave" and letting things happen- maybe its because I know I cant rely on challenges, but I like to change things. Ive been known to play idols on other people in group games, and publicly create nom sets for a BB i was in. I'm not clinically a psychopath with big moves- I like loyalty as well, but if i cant beat you- then i like winning more unfortunately
    Age(s): 15
    How did you two meet?:Im single lol
    Social, strategic, or physical?: Strategic 100000000000%
    Why do you want to play?: I want to play to win and also meet others and prove that I'm a good strategist in survivour
    What makes you unique?: I am a wildcard as I have never played a group game before and I believe I'm going to be very unpredictable if cast
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyDecember 22, 2020 17:36
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 15: "And the Winner is..." (PLUS Season 3 Sneak Peak!)
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   the single greatest group game of all time
    YourBoy   @Xenia hehe yes you already have :p
    Xenia   Gratssss @Joseph :)
    Have I cashed in this PTW already or whaaa?  ;)
    Benley   @Brittney was robbed

    and @Allen 's avatar was a serve this season
    Seanoh   Joseph is always my sole survivor <3
    Joseph   glad zwooper finally got to see this iconic win <3
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 07, 2020 10:10
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 14: "Clown College is the Other Way, Ma'am"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Crazyrockina   This episode has been sponsored by the zwooper clown college
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyNovember 21, 2019 07:29
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 13: "Full of More Shit Than a Pamper"
    Spoiler alert!
    SPY   Congratulations! You found the final clue for a hidden immunity idol!
    Final Clue: Go to the earliest post from a user with a name common in the King Arthur legends. Good luck! 
    MaloloLow   Accidentally rated 1 haha

    Also just to explain the exile thing, i bough exile last minute under the assumption that my closest ally wouldnt irrationally backstab me, so i didnt exactly have all the information :D
    glad to have missed out on that awful round tho...
    Tarnexter   This was the worst round ever :( everything that involved any type of luck went awfully for me and my allies :(
    Siddy   great episodes :)
    Doll   aw Alex  good try!
    Joseph   this was one of the most chaotic rounds, the memories ahhh!
    Benley   these are honestly some of the most well-written & designed episodes ive ever seen!! :D Poor Alex though :( GO BRITTNEY AND CHASE 
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyNovember 10, 2019 09:46
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 12: "You Only Have Yourself To Catch Yourself"
    Spoiler alert!
    Crystalize   SU POINT
    Mikey   benny was not robbed, just gonna put that out there
    stealing the vote and trying to vote out someone who literally never would have put your name down isnt too good
    CaseyBea   Oopsie Poopsie...
    Benley   YES CHASE OMG we love an underdog
    Tarnexter   True true @mal. But damn i love how they were all lying to us and yet they were getting pissed off knowing we were lying to them like yikes
    MaloloLow   benny was not robbed, just gonna put that out there
    stealing the vote and trying to vote out someone who literally never would have put your name down isnt too good
    Jaws123   I can't wait to win this season
    CocoV   robbed goddess
    Joseph   Benny’s robbery too much omg
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyOctober 23, 2019 13:02
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 11: "The Most Annoying Group of Crackheads"
    Spoiler alert!
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyOctober 04, 2019 16:18
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 10: "A Stupid Genius"
    Spoiler alert!
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 23, 2019 03:07
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 9: "I'm Gonna Let the Universe Decide My Fate (Part 2)"
    Spoiler alert!
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 22, 2019 12:10
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 8: "I'm Gonna Let the Universe Decide My Fate (Part 1)"
    Spoiler alert!
    Madskie   i love your eps Richie !!!
    08SaraR   On a roll with these eps!! Loves it! :)
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 22, 2019 04:07
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 7: "The Comeback of the Century"
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   kat snapped
    Jaws123   Cute Paco
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 10, 2019 03:02
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 6: "You Don't Have To Be Gay To Get Lost In Ozzy's Eyes"
    Spoiler alert!
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 07, 2019 03:42
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 5: "Why Be A King When You Can Be A God?"
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   The song! ♥
    MaloloLow   richie
    youre a real word hat
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 03, 2019 21:28
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos island | Episode 4: "Be Prepared for a Death Drop"
    Spoiler alert!
    Callme_LOPEZ   Okay but lik Why would people automatically assume that it was about this group game sksks I’m like in 5 others lmfao
    Doll   1. one of my fave tunes
    2. i got to see a few of the shower videos 
    3. looks so fun Richie! 
    4. the anon confessionals are hysterical

    Joseph and David seem to have made a terrible decision! 

    CocoV   Robbed Queen! <3 :C
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 01, 2019 15:23
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 3: "Paranoia is Your Worst Enemy and Your Best Friend"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Madskie   One of the most frustrating twist ever and was really sad to see ALLEN go .. 
  • YourBoy
    YourBoySeptember 01, 2019 07:02
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 2: "I Don't Want to Look Like a PSYCHOPATH"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Madskie   I like the song !!!! and i wish you could use santana or Nickelback - this is how you remind me ! 
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyAugust 29, 2019 02:47
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Episode 1: "That's Some Next Level Fuckery"
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   Oh wow
    MaloloLow   For any champions 7 alumni, Richie made multitask the first challenge...
    the hosts have it out for me apparently
  • YourBoy
    YourBoyAugust 25, 2019 20:52
    Yourvivor 2: Chaos Island | Cast Reveal & Pick To Win!
    Spoiler alert!
    M2thamax   Looks like a great cast! GL to all :)
    AngelOfWater   So glad I didn’t apply now 
    Nates_great   Gosh danger missed it. I pick richie
    Wild   charlie!
    AndreHoward   Kat
    FlareonGamer   Chase
    Reynolds   Aiden
    JohnTheGreat   KAT
    Wicky   I- nvm, we'll go with brandon
    Wicky   casey, bea and 411 please.
    Crazyrockina   daisy
    Xenia   Joseph
    MaloloLow   can everyone just apprecaite my beautiful avatar?
    (yes thats a hat on top of a hat)
    Bombonrayo   omg just seen david is picked so picking allen
    Footy   lopez
    Doll   Alex 
    ShayNZ   Brittney
    ExoticSimmer   paco
    Bombonrayo   david
    ETitanic12   Geri
    jasonthesurvivor   Mal
    Sarah   david
    CocoV   Amy
    SharonMaItems   Benny 
    DankDrake   Nadine
    kongowongo   Damn, I wanted to pick matt.
    mattyiscool   Myself Logo

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