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  • Dean
    DeanDecember 09, 2018 15:30
    Dean's Big Freakshow S10: The Black Hole || Cast Reveal & Pick to Win
    Spoiler alert!
    OhEm0507   @ak47man lol
    theawesometwin   Ak 
    JeremyHLikesFood   ari !
    Wadz13   Ak47man
    ak47man   Wow guys don’t rush to pick me or anything
    Arceus   nickg
    kongowongo   Vixen
    AndreHoward   Jayden
    Sammy   vixen
    Bryce   Joss. 
    Peyton   Amy
    DannyT   Nick
    McKenna   Amy
    Clash   awesomelion
  • Dean
    DeanOctober 19, 2018 12:14
    Welcome to Hell || Superlatives
    Spoiler alert!
    Phoenix723   I’d rather not win any than get biggest flop... 
    Footy   oh shit didn't expect that! Thanks for a great season tho I enjoyed it soo much!
    ncolston2001   @Clash how exactly was it rigged?
    Dean   @Clash how? Lmao
    Clash   1000% rigged 
    Dean   @Loudnesoverload I would argue you won the best award, first place and 6 month VIP. Generally, I don't give winners superlatives unless the rest of the cast was lackluster
    Loudnesoverload   Rigged I didnt win any superlatives. #Rigged
  • Dean
    DeanOctober 14, 2018 14:44
    Welcome to Hell || Finale Video
    Spoiler alert!
    Footy   great season and great hosting!! Can't wait to apply for freakshow survivor 5 and get my redemption!
    Mystery   5-0-0 jury vote and I lose because of luck? That's unreal. The person who deserved to win that game didn't
  • Dean
    DeanSeptember 24, 2018 01:48
    Welcome to Hell || Episode 1: The Sins of Hell || PTW still open
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   ​LOL
    pantherking21   Ak47
    Dean   @cmgorilla you already picked Mystery...
    cmgorilla   I pick Nacho
    Wild   NACHO! Gotta love my Koreans!
    Bryce   I pick bryan
    JacksonSunshine   Vixen! <3
  • Dean
    DeanSeptember 16, 2018 10:09
    Welcome to Hell || Episode 0: The Gates of Hell || Pick to Win!
    Spoiler alert!
    Dean   EDN: Congrats, you've found a piece of the puzzle. Now you should find the user that survived the crazy carnival in Freakshow Survivor... but be sure to not get Super Confused. When you've found them, find their oldest blog :)
    McKenna   Loudnesoverload
    a07strand   @vixen1985  You go Guuurrrrrrrl 
    boojess   Loudnesoverload
    Bailey   Footy and Soccer
    waterkid6   Phoenix 
    Ricky490   Dolphin Swag
    TJP1122   CDog
    JeremyHLikesFood   flareon
    doobee   Footy and Soccer star 
    Irishgirl   dolphin
    Jqred   Cdog 
    riddler7900   Rohansparks
    Reynolds   Brxan
    RohanSparks   wow this is a good cast but ima go with mah boy @RohanSparks
    Peyton   Mystery
    HKT   @Phoenix723
    Clash   AwesomeLion
    Footy   I accept
    cmgorilla   @Mystery
  • Dean
    DeanSeptember 16, 2018 09:44
    Keys 10-13 || Welcome to Hell
    Spoiler alert!
    CDogBro   Oh Hell yeah! I accept!
    Dean   @Mystery you have a pending invite on discord
    Mystery   I accept my spot so add me to the game. Thanks
    Footy   I -  ok
  • Dean
    DeanSeptember 16, 2018 06:30
    Keys 5-9 || Welcome to Hell
    Spoiler alert!
    Armani   Spot accepted! :D
    Patrick71101   Great picks :P
    Dean   :D 
    Dean   @Phoenix723
    Phoenix723   I honestly forgot I applied for this lmao. I accept my spot though
  • Dean
    DeanSeptember 15, 2018 04:43
    First Four Keys | Welcome To Hell | Extra News
    Spoiler alert!
    Mystery   I accept my spot
    DannyT   @FlareonGamer revealing keys is a minor similarity. Plus, you can’t say anything since power play is basically the same as Trustfall 2 :)
    Footy   congrats :)
    soccerstar21   nice work guys
    Dean   @FlareonGamer Power Play isn't the only game that does key reveals early :D 

    @RohanSparks yeeehhh
    RohanSparks   LETS GO
    FlareonGamer   Stolen from Power Play
    Dean   @Brxan awesome!
    Brxan   I will play thank you <3
    Dean   @Mystery :D
    Mystery   Key #1 FUCK YEAH! Thank you
    Dean   in case anyone is wondering, I created that skull on photoshop, I didn't steal it from the internet :P
  • Dean
    DeanSeptember 08, 2018 13:33
    Welcome to Hell S1 || APPLICATIONS || closed
    Spoiler alert!
    Dean   EDN: Well technically this is the first blog, episode 0 is where you should check
    Dean   CLOSED
    Dean   @Spooky at 10ZT mate, you're good :D
    Spooky   oh wait oops apps r closed jk
    Spooky   name : spooky
    i wanna play cause i wanna play.
    CDogBro   And discord: CDogBro#6207
    CDogBro   Name: Chris
    Why do you want to play: I feel this format is good for my skills somehow and I want to prove myself so I will give this game 100%
    Phoenix723   Name: Aiden
    Why you want to play: This format seems fun and I'm good at comps so I want to give the game a try and see what I can do.
    Discord: phoenix723#2765
    soccerstar21   sorry my discord is- soccerstar21#6728
    soccerstar21   name- soccer
    why i want to play- i think this will be a great experiance for me as i havent really taken part in many activities outside of fast survival so it will be a learning experience and an experience to play hard!!!
    discord- soccerstar21
    Armani   Name: Allen/Dolphin
    Discord: SNACCATTACK#6475
    Why?: I think the format is really cool and I think I could really rock this game.
    ncolston2001   Name: Nacho; You have my discord; Why?: it seems fun and I'm iconic
    Footy   Name: Footy

    Discord: Footystar21#4546

    Why? :   Because I feel that this game will bring out my challenge ability! I will work hard and win this game! unique format as well
    Dylan   Name: Dylan
    Discord: dylanwh#9334
    Why?: It seems very unique and intersting and I want to have some fun!
    AwesomeLion   Sorry not many are applying I know how it feels I’m expieriencing it too as we speak lol
    Anyway here’s my application
    Name: Lion
    Discord: Lion#4632
    Why do you want to play?: never played something like this before and I want to try it our I think it would be fun
    Ricky490   Name: Ricky
    Why you want to play: I just got into group games and would love to be a part of more. I enjoy the challenges along with the social stuff and strategy. Plus I think I'll be a strong wild card in the game. 
    Discord: ​TheMovieSequelDude49#3143
    Loudnesoverload   Name: Xander
    Why you want to play: Why the hell not
    cocacola__96   Name :cocacola__96 Reason : havent played a game in years
    MTVMechie   Name: Joss Why you want to play: Because i never played in. A group game i WANT THIS TO BE MY FIRST Discord: i will make one
    Mystery   Name: Cameron
    Why you want to play: Because competitions are my greatest strength so I'd easily win this game.
    Discord: Awesomeguyrocks#0522
    ak47man   But u have my discord
    ak47man   Name: Aiden
    Why you want to play: I wasn’t to play because this game seems awesom, and I want to prove myself!
    Discord: ak47man15 #5966
    FlareonGamer   Name: Flareon
    Why you want to play: For the HELL of it. ha ha ha, But seriously it looks really fun
    Discord: Flareon Gamer#0229
    Brxan   Name: Bryan
    Why you want to play: This format seems really fun and i would love to play this!!
    Discord: Brxan#5041
    RohanSparks   kk sykped ya
    Dean   @RohanSparks either :D
    RohanSparks   apply here or pm Logo

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