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  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 23, 2018 22:30
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Post Game Ep - Charts, Superlatives, Yearbook and more!
    Spoiler alert!
    DankDrake   According to gurgs
    DankDrake   @Big_Brother_Fan season 4
    Clash   lmao at the year book 
    Peyton   returnees next season?
    Gurgs   Thanks so much for playing @DankeDrake @TheChanelOberlin <3
    DankDrake   I love ALL OF THESE!!! Tysm for hosting, Gurgs. That Paco/Drake duo could have taken it! Let us back in!!!
    TheChanelOberlin   love u gurgs ty for hosting all the eps have been A1 <3
  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 19, 2018 22:33
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep13 - And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    Helenor1000   omg Congrats Chanel!! <3
    Arceus   good winner!
    BostonRobby   Literally could not be more well deserved. Great job Chanel. 
    TheChanelOberlin   yay thanks everyone i fuck with u all
    Patrick71101   Grats! :)
    TJP1122   Congrats girl! So happy for you!
    Clash   yessssss
    Strawberry   YES "channel". 
    JeremyHLikesFood   I'M SO PROUD OF MY QUEEN
    DynomiteKid4000   We all knew it... Grats Channel!
  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 18, 2018 19:31
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep12 - I'm F*cking Mad!
    Spoiler alert!
    davidprincipe29   LOL what the actual hell?
    BostonRobby   If Chanel does not get every single vote to win...tragic. 
    boojess   If Chanel doesn't win... tragic. 
    Typo   Chanel did that??
    Wild   Congrats to Chanel for getting Shalwin to quit! You a queen. Honestly just wanted to see how you would get out of the situation and you did. :D
    Spnny   Tragic third placer.
    DankDrake   Iconic season tbh
  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 14, 2018 22:33
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep11 - I Am About to Quit...
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   Still dead at Shalwin thinking he is playing a great game by saving Chanel hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha a 
    Peyton   Congrats Chanel on the win! Whoever saved her isn't too bright..
    ExoticSimmer   YES CHANEL DID THAT
    Spnny   Yikes. Did not notice the fight was that long. Oops
    JeremyHLikesFood   whoever voted to evict spnny isn't v smart ashfijasifa
    BostonRobby   Um yeah, what David said. LMFAO.
    DankDrake   @davidprincipe29 Andre wanted Chanel gone lol Shalwin cock blocked him
    davidprincipe29   Andre did that, eh?
  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 11, 2018 22:38
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep10 - BIG MOVEZ!
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   Sorry to Shalwin and Spnny, but y'all aren't getting any Jury votes cause y'all haven't been playing. You've been sheeping Chanel. It's between Chanel and Andre at this point! Let's go!
    DankDrake   Same for the rest of the jury, TJ lol
    TJP1122   Chanel made the right move; I would have gone for them the second I had any power. Great game guys! 100% voting for Chanel in the end though, so understand that.
    ExoticSimmer   yay chanel is winning :-)
  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 08, 2018 22:32
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep9 - WHAT F*CKING PLANET IS HE ON!?
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   Really unimpressed with TJ after the cast voted him back in. Hadn't made any big moves. This game is Chanel's to lose. Everyone else have been sheep other than Andre switching sides.
    Arceus   Goooo #TeamSpnny!!!!
    DynomiteKid4000   Actually thou Andre is the Caleb of this season
    Peyton   #TeamTJP
    DynomiteKid4000   The finale three, Andre, Channel, TJ is my bet...
    TJ wins the challenge evicts Channel
    Tj winJ
    Wadz13   the best player always gets 6th 
  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 07, 2018 19:14
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep8 - Goats Don't Deserve to Stay
    Spoiler alert!
    DynomiteKid4000   So is Andre the perfect pawn or killer?
    Wild   Really disappointed in this cast for not making a move.
  • Gurgs
    GurgsJune 03, 2018 21:45
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep7 - The School Seems Crowded Today...
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Wild   Glad to know there are some petty bitches still in the cast lol even when I'm gone they still talk about me :D
  • Gurgs
    GurgsMay 29, 2018 22:34
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep6 - Nice Knowing Ya
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   I'm just gunna sit back and laugh when drake beats them all.
    ChrisDWa   Been waiting for a big move and for people to step up. Sucks that it had to be at the expense of AJ :/
    DankDrake   pew pew?
    Wadz13   Finally ppl are playing. Was rooting for AJ, but good move house :P
  • Gurgs
    GurgsMay 26, 2018 00:04
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep5 - The Rich Get Richer...
    Spoiler alert!
    TJP1122   Wish I was still in the game! Lots of fun and really thought I was playing a great game. Good luck to everyone :)
    Wadz13   Also rip my PTW 
    Wadz13   AJ winning this game 
  • Gurgs
    GurgsMay 23, 2018 19:00
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep4 - Well Damn! People Are Liars!
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   ROBBED
    Arceus   on my phone didnt mean to +1 :(
    Loudnesoverload   Love Mrs. Claus
  • Gurgs
    GurgsMay 19, 2018 19:07
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep3 - This swingset is full bitch, go find another one
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    JeremyHLikesFood   +5 for the music
  • Gurgs
    GurgsMay 16, 2018 19:17
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep2 - Get Those Idiots Out!
    Spoiler alert!
    Sarah   #TeamCrunner
    Joshh   Lion has more votes then clash ?
    Clash   fake people
    JeremyHLikesFood   yikes they couldve made big moves ,, clash & run were v pushed
    Wild   I will take all the call outs as compliments :D
    TheChanelOberlin   *posts 5 seedling emojis* lmaoooo
  • Gurgs
    GurgsMay 13, 2018 19:15
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Ep1 - There is going to be drama, drama, drama!
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   This looks fun!
    Aaron_A   love it!can't wait for future episodes!
    DynomiteKid4000   I cant wait until all stars ;)
    Icelina   <3 Good Game!
  • Gurgs
    GurgsMay 10, 2018 19:23
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Cast Reveal and Pick to Win!
    Spoiler alert!
    Gurgs   Closed
    boojess   Icelina 
    Gurgs   Sorry guys fixed the PTW :D
    riddler7900   Andre
    JeremyHLikesFood   totaldramadiva obviously
    ExoticSimmer   i am confusion
    Arceus   oops nvm if he changed
    Arceus   @Gurgs ​popular already chose jason
    Footy   jason
    DynomiteKid4000   Ice
    JacksonSunshine   Drake
    Riot   Runaways
    Gurgs   Andre, Drake, Icelina, Runaways and Jason left!
    joaquint561   Paco!
    Peyton   Cisco
    ExoticSimmer   diva
    Cartur   Lion
    popular   jasonthesurvivor
    TheBreeze   Clash
    IrishCraic   paco plz
    Arceus   spnny
    TJDawgiestyle   Lion
    08SaraR   Loudnes
    Chilltown56   shalwin
    Wadz13   Tjp
    DannyT   Wild
    ShayNZ   @TheChanelOberlin
  • Gurgs
    GurgsApril 28, 2018 21:24
    Vendettas Aside 2 - Applications - 6 Month VIP Prize!
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   Name: Clash
    Age: 21
    Discord: Clash#9097
    Why do you think you should be casted? I am an icon who deserves a shot, and I won't let you down!
    Who do you have Vendettas Against and why? Runaways, Ryguy, and km1997 that's the only 3 I remember
    AwesomeLion   Name: Lion
    Age: Old Enough
    Discord: AwesomeLion#4032
    Why do you think you should be casted? Because I have good. gameplay and can make it too the end very easily this game looks awesome and I would love to play!
    Who do you have Vendettas Against and why? I’m pretty laid back and am newer to this site so no one really I normally don’t hold grudges I might get some though ;).
    AndreHoward   Name:Andre
    Age: 11
    Discord: You have it!
    Why do you think you should be casted?: I want to play because I will make more vendettas and love drama
    Who do you have Vendettas against and why? Noone i know but will get some
    Spnny   Name: Spnny Discord: Spnny Why do you think you should be castes?: I will bring drama and competition. Who do you have Vendettas against and why?: Idk lol but I will make some :)
    Strawberry   Name: Runaways
    Age: 16
    Discord: You have it!
    Why do you think you should be casted?: I don't want to be casted. I want to be CAST. Learn YOUR shit. Maybe you should go back to school. I can educate the host on shit so I can educate these other fake contestants.
    Who do you have Vendettas against and why?: No one. I'm a perfect Zwooper user.
    TheChanelOberlin   Name: Charley
    Age: 19
    Discord: TheChanelOberlin
    Why do you think you should be casted? I'm THAT bitch. Need I say more?
    Who do you have Vendettas against and why? lols lets see... I don't have vendettas against people unless they have a vendetta against me, cause I'm not THAT petty. Trini-bitch-2000 is a petty hag trying to say relevant but ummm i didnt say that. she started shit w me ages ago for no reason, and im not the kind of bitch to sit back and take shit soo..... I really don't have mad beef w anyone else... I beefed w evilgenious ages ago, quite a few people probs hate me from games lmao but idk, the only person on this site i actively dislike is trinity.
    jasonthesurvivor   Name: Jason
    Age: 14
    Discord: JasonTheSurvivor
    Why do you think you should be casted? Well i got chosen for the first season but didnt friggin accept my spot in time. So if you chose me that time you should know why to choose me again ;) and trust me ill respond this time.
    Who do I have Vendettas with and why? Ummm prob Ryguy me and him didnt really pair well together in Zwoovivor
    CiscoIsGay   Name: Cisco
    Discord: CiscoIsGay #6836
    Why do you think you should be casted?: I bring drama and good gameplay. I never go out without a fight and I can guarantee that this won’t be any different.
    Who docyou have a vendetta against and why?:
    Runaways - He’s just too much. Messy messy messy. 
    and well I have an on off relationship with JeremyLikesFood - We were cool but I took him out in a group game and he (understandably) got angry at me. Last time we spoke I played his fast group game and things seem okay but we haven’t had a proper conversation about where we stand after the argument.
     Besides that I have a few people who I just genuinely don’t care for lol but that’s all
    Geri   Name: Geri
    Discord: Geri #5625
    Why should I be cast: In the last season a lot of people mentioned me as the object of their vendetta XD So I was not really sure I should apply, but this season... ;)
    Vendettas: Negative, I'm playing a game for fun
    shalwin   Who do you have Vendettas Against and why? : Hmm,Thats a nice question ,I would say that would be Clash .The reason is I think
                                                          That guy doesn't know how to talk,He is always so disrespectful and harsh .He hurts people's
                                                        feelings and for me talking in such a way is worser than backstabbing or lieing .But I would really
                                                like to sort out things with that guy and make him understand that he is hurting people.

    Choose Me You Will Not Regret It
    Have a great day
    shalwin   Name: Shalu
    Discord : Shalwin
    Why should I be casted : First of all I loved season 1 ,I was a huge fan,From the episodes to those intresting challanges,Like the most
                                       FS wins and all its creative and New that makes this game stand out from the others ,And making me really
                                       want to play ,I am a very social person ,I talk all the time (Which sometimes gets me into trouble) I click
                                       with people really quick so I think I will be really great for this game.I would be a great mix to your cast ,Also I
                                      really love this format and I really want to prove to myself that I can win ,Also I am a very bold player ,I will make
                                     Big moves,I want to be remembered ,I  would be a very active player and give it my 100%,And have FUNN
    lausyplayer   Name: John/Lausy
    Discord: lausyplayer
    Why should I be cast: Game format looks really interesting! Haven't played a group game before but this looks like a really good one to start with. If you're looking for a strategic player who takes personal relationships out of decisions, I'm the one. Will be hella active if casted.
    Vendettas: I don't want to start unneccessary fights publicly here but if you message me I can give you a list.
    TotalDramaDiva   Name: Vannessa
    Discord: TotalDramaDiva14#5934
    Why should I be cast: Well I really want to play, I didn't know at first but after seeing how cool season one is I would love to be part of the game and play. 
    Who Do I have vandettas again:
    Sarah / Ruscell I hate them xoxoxoxoxoxox
    Well thats the only person I really hate here XD but oh well.
    Please cast me if you want I want to play xoxoxoxoxo sorry my app is not as long as these other peoples I guesse they have a lot more enemys then this lil angel lol
    DankDrake   Name- Parzival/Z/Drake
    Age- 17
    Discord- Parzival#9713
    Why should I be casted?- I'm ready to explode onto the scene of group games. I'm relatively unknown, so I think given the opportunity, I can turn some heads and surprise people.
    Who do I have Vendettas against and why?
    I don't have a problem with ppl, but they have a problem with me. Some people on the list include:
    Trinity2000- Backstabbed her
    RussellvsRob2019- Lied to her
    Shaynz (idk if he's still mad at me or not)- Backstabbed him
    Dan- Completely hate that dumbass. Stupidly close minded.
    Used to with Clash, but I've made an effort to make amends and so has he.
    davidprincipe29 (Minor. More of an annoyance.)- They're nice people, but in 24/7 they always ignore my messages. One game, david made f2 and decided to talk to me when he needed jury votes! I despise gameplay like that. So I guess it's not him specifically. Just anyone who plays like that. In other games David and I are cool so I'm chill. Just frustrating.
    Icelina   Name: Brady
    Age: 15
    Discord: Icelina4101
    Why do you think you should be casted: I am an iconic player. I bring loads of drama, stir the pot, start fights and play to win. I am not here to make friends and that will me. I am a villain, lots of people hate me, but that's why I am iconic! I love fighting!
    Who do you have a Vendetta Against and Why?: Hmmm...
    Joey1212 something *GAGS* he's the worst.
    and more :P
    TJP1122   Name: TJ
    Age: 19
    Discord: #7643
    Why do you think you should be casted: Finals will be over and I will need a game to sink my teeth into and use my social and strategic abilities to use rather than getting targetted in these public games I've been playing in for being a public threat.
    Who do you have Vendettas Against and why? Unless you count some beef between me and @Big_Brother_Fan (who played last season), I don't have any.
    DynomiteKid4000   Can I please I have another try ;)

    ncolston2001   Remembers getting eliminated by my own alliance, while i was in Mexico
    Peyton   Remembers when I went inactive..
    Joshh   Can I apply on my multi???
  • Gurgs
    GurgsFebruary 21, 2018 17:24
    Vendettas Aside - Superlatives
    Spoiler alert!
    Gabe   u spelled ur games name wrong
    ChrisDWa   My voting chart is so boring and colorless :/

    Jokes aside Gurgs is a great host and I highly recommend playing season 2!
  • Gurgs
    GurgsFebruary 17, 2018 18:16
    Vendettas Aside Ep 12 - And the Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    boojess   Thanks guys! <3
    TJP1122   Congrats Jess :)
    Love this final three, by the way. All three plus the hosts being in the iconic first season of CMIYC :)
    DynomiteKid4000   Jk @Wadz13 We all know I would've gone home because I'm so bad at group games :) I am I right people
    Wadz13   @DynomiteKid4000 umm sure...
    JacksonSunshine   YAS JESS! OMG OMG!
    DynomiteKid4000   I WAS ROBBED!!! (I blame me being eliminated fully on Chris because he did not vote :)) We all know I would have won if I made it to Final 2... Unless I was against Jess
  • Gurgs
    GurgsFebruary 12, 2018 21:45
    Vendettas Aside Ep 11 - People usually think I coast and sheep...
    Spoiler alert!
    Wadz13   @Jeaudry3 umm someone forgot to vote in the Drew vote k...
    JacksonSunshine   Btw, it's not seen as bitchy or annoying when I've kept up with the game and have been given inside information from multiple people who are in the jury or from people who didn't quite make jury but we're in the game! You're just mad that I'm pointing out faults within Caleb's gameplay. I do see "how hard he's working".... Whenever he doesn't post a plea, that must mean he worked REALLY hard right? I'll be sure to not make a plea for any game I'm ever in if it means that I'm working so hard
    JacksonSunshine   Josh clearly just wants his best friend, Caleb to win. At least I can keep up with a game that I'm not even in to see that Caleb hasn't voted at least once. Jess slayed this game and that's the tea. Caleb only got nominated every round so ofc it's very easy to not come of as a threat when you clearly aren't a threat because you keep going up. Also, Caleb didn't even plea sometimes so it's not like he really tried that hard to stay...
    JacksonSunshine   @jbeaudry3 hypocrite much? You're saying that if Caleb doesn't win it's ONLY because of "past relationships". How can you say that if YOU aren't in the jury either? It's kinda hypocritical for you to say that I can't call the jury bitter, even if it's true, because I'm not apart of the game but you can say what you said even if you weren't in the majority of the game and really have no idea who has done what in this game? Makes no sense. Plus, you just stated the reason as to why he shouldn't win. He was nominated 6 times where as Jess, I can't recall her going up at all. I mean, she constantly was safe even when she didn't have immunity which was a majority of the game where as Caleb couldn't even keep himself safe. It's clear who had a superior social game and strategic wise, anyone can claim their not a threat and survive 6 evictions straight. I've done it before and I'm pretty sure others have as well and they've never won for it so why should Caleb? You basically can't tell me that I'm not allowed to speak when you were BARELY in the game!

    @jbeaudry3 fair statements tbh. If that's how Caleb played he should own it. I haven't seen him own his game ONCE.

    AS FOR ME... 

    I did get out Drew the GLUE to the other sides "alliance". With him gone... the alliance basically crumbled. Got out David the obvious threat everyone was gunning for. Was never on the bottom.  Never seen as a threat yet I won MULTIPLE competitions.  Had relationships with almost everyone in the game.  Won the two MOST important competitions in the game IMO. Got my Vendetta's to trust me enough to put me on the top of their lists. Ex: Mystery/Drew Had multiple alliances and covered my basis within the game.

    Also, Gurgs said there are no strikes not voting.. and Caleb replied "oops" in the mainchat so...

    Joshh   I’m not saying Jess doesn’t deserve to win btw I just literally have no clue what Jess did 
    Joshh   @iiAmySunshine - um 1. He didn’t forget to vote or he would of been given strikes that were visible in the episodes .. 2. There are different types of ways to play a game, I’m sorry but what did Jess do exactly ? Every move she tried to pan out wasn’t successful aside from David’s removal from the game, as to where Caleb was nominated 6 straight times simply because he wasn’t seen as a threat and he obviously used that to his advantage. 3. You aren’t in the game so for you to say that the jury would be bitter and the game was be so awful if Caleb won is just kinda bitchy and annoying considering you probably aren’t aware how hard he worked.. 
    JacksonSunshine   If Caleb wins, the whole jury just proved how bitter they are is more like it @jbeaudry3. Caleb not only forgot to vote in some cases, but also couldn't vote in most cases because he was nominated. That is not winning material right there and quite frankly, I'd be upset to have him as the winner of this game if I was in it because it's just be tragic af to have a winner who did nothing all game besides get nominated and forget to vote.
    JeremyHLikesFood   no offence but anyone who skips school to play 21 fs games needs a life
    Joshh   If Caleb doesn’t win this, it’s because of past relationships alone because it’s clear he’s the true winner of this season 
  • Gurgs
    GurgsFebruary 09, 2018 21:29
    Vendettas Aside Ep 10 - Sometimes Goliath has to slay David
    Spoiler alert!
    Wadz13   @jbeaudry3 he felt inactive for the majority of the game and was used as a pawn for most of the game..
    Peyton   #TeamJess
    Joshh   @iiAmySunshine - that’s not it .. he’s played an amazing game and if he makes it to the end he wins as I’ve been saying since the start
    JacksonSunshine   How is him winning GBB and placing 4th in SBBUK basically guaruntee him the win if he makes finals? Those are two completely different games lol Logo

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