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  • Trishy
    TrishyJune 28, 2021 23:53
    Advertising Update
    Spoiler alert!
    Tarnexter   Yes I love those ads
    Mikey   @goyard I definitely agree, i think advertising in the bbtg would bring in a ton more players, as the BB game is currently all they think is out there, and its pretty shit lol
    Tone   these ads definitely make me want to start playing long games again! great work :)
    goyard   Ad is very visually pleasing and pops. 

    Just a thought which I bet has been brought up in some context before... has there been any grassroots promotion (read FREE) in the BB Online game (BBTG) twitterverse? It seems like many that played the app game are looking for somewhere to play - creating their own orgs on the side or going into roblox to play bb. I would wager that zwooper could convert some users from there, espically now the app is ending? 
    Sazrivax   Glad to help out.
    TJDawgiestyle   Just make that add bigger
    Vlatemier   The ad is a little wordy for the wandering eye
    pikasadge   its super
    sebby113   The ads look amazing!
  • Trishy
    TrishyMarch 26, 2021 13:33
    New Designs uploaded
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   overcome 
    Clayton   Loves it!
    Bombonrayo   loves theeem omgggg
    Mikey   cute AF
    Dswag   @overcome I have plenty of chips. Let me know which one you want in pms and I'll gift you
    Spyder   I love these!
    Nitu   Absolutely luv the eyes n eyewear section
    sebby113   they look amazing!!!

    I bought the hair and new Clothes
    Cartur   Looking gorg 
    Nitu   Jeez I can see some great designs
  • Trishy
    TrishyJanuary 07, 2021 12:01
    New Challenge Update
    All the Race Game challenges are now saving.
    Please let me know if you have any problems, but the testing we have done looks ...
    romeo1   Good to see new challenges in Survivor.  Can't wait for it.
    bitchboy   can u make arrow jump easier on the phone if thats possible
    Tharealmike   omg yay! rip flash tho 
    Ireks   what about jelly drop and memory ?
    Zoicy   Zig Zag is super fun!
    Trishy   Thanks for letting us know @08SaraR, they work on Safari, we will look into what is wrong with Chrome mobile. 
    08SaraR   Before today, all the comps were working fine on my phone (minus the 2 race comps not saving scores) but now some (New York Taxi for sure) just show a black screen on Chrome mobile but work on other mobile browsers! :o
  • Trishy
    TrishyJanuary 05, 2021 15:35
    New Designs uploaded from Bree_xo
    Spoiler alert!
    Benley   the vintage female hairs are CAYUTE
    MOTO   She is BACK
    Bree_xo   Thank you so much for the kind words!! @Werk @cupcake @Mikey @AngelOfWater @Xenia ♥♥♥
    Xenia   Nice!!
    AngelOfWater   Beautiful <3 
    Mikey   the queen is TALENTED!
    cupcake   Love them!
    Werk   STUN!
  • Trishy
    TrishyDecember 30, 2020 16:32
    New Year Freebies!
    Spoiler alert!
    Fina   Lllllove these. Thank you!
    cupcake   Thank you Trishy!
    Craig   it is the BG1 gift
    Craig   umm is there a glitch @Trishy ?? I took one of the freebies and updated it to my avi pic BUT it didnt stay on it and its not in my closet either ???
    Craig   thanks trishy
    Green   Queen omg
    overcome   thank you sooo much
    Bombonrayo   omggg loves em tysm <3
    sebby113   Thanks Trishy for everything u have done!
    Zoicy   Happy New Year everyone! ❤ I am so happy I have found this site this year! Thanks Trishy for keeping The site running! ❤
    Gumball   Happy New Year Trishy!
  • Trishy
    TrishyDecember 01, 2020 01:35
    Christmas Designs Uploaded
    Here are a few samples of some of the new designs, there are many pages of Christmas designs from previous years if you ...
    Bombonrayo   I love theeeeem!!!!
    MaloloLow   there had best be some new christmas sweaters
    cupcake   Love them!
    M2thamax   Amazing as always 
    Bailey   Wow wow wow
    Peyton   omg time to spend my chips
    Logan_   MAKE HAIRS NON VIP!!!!!
  • Trishy
    TrishyNovember 14, 2020 11:42
    Z_Moderation account
    TJDawgiestyle   Ah I was wondering why you messaged me...personally ;)
    Logan_   smart imo.
    TJP1122   Thanks for all you do!
    JacksonSunshine   We love you Queen! Sorry for all the posts and drama that's been going on 
    Mystery   Interesting
  • Trishy
    TrishyNovember 01, 2020 19:19
    Survival Challenge Update

    We are getting close, but the challenges are still not saving in Long Survival or Fast Survival, they just are missing a bit of code and this has been ...

    1 comment
    Vin014   This is so exciting!!! 
  • Trishy
    TrishyOctober 06, 2020 11:15
    ​5 of the new challenges available to non-VIP accounts
    Spoiler alert!
    Ireks   what @joeyc said - in fact every single game on zwooper has some luck involved (except the parking game but it has a weird way of scoring)
    joeyc   Regarding Football, It could have to do with the speed you are getting to the balls. I don't think it's fair to say it involves no skill.

    You can say the same for nearly every Game. Chop Chop Chef, some games give out more Chefs Hats and Combos than others, Camp Food Catch Sometimes you get more coconuts than others, etc, etc. 
    M2thamax   Yeah with football hero, you can play a perfect game and not miss any targets and only get 250ish, while others get high 270- 280! I know it probably has something to do with each persons internet speed, but I think it sucks to have a game based on luck and not on skill or strategy. Just my opinion
    Logan_   I've been playing all these comps for a while LOL But on footy-champ you. can get a perfect game and still get 250>
    Which personally i think is a horrible way to determine Race Games etc.

    When will these be applied to FS, LS and Race Game @Trishy?
    Logan_   yay! 
  • Trishy
    TrishyOctober 05, 2020 15:46
    4 New Challenges for testing
    Spoiler alert!
    Logan_   Tetris is being a bit glitchy. Also, 10 Colours is essentially Numbers Game so I find that weird...
    Kukai is awesome and Jewel Blaster is way better than Indian Jewels
    Mikey   kunai throw at least for mac, when you lose the score shows on screen but the game doesnt actually end or go back to the page, and it seems a little slow

    in tetris- the space between the block drop and the bottom is so small and when you press down to make it go faster it goes super speed

    isnt 10 colors just the numbers game though?
    TJDawgiestyle   Does tetris know yall are biting their shit?
    cmgorilla   Jewel Blaster is fun but I loved indian jewels more :(
    Kunai Throw I like but I suck at that game!
    Aztec Treasure is very very annoying cause I hate tetris
    10 colors is AMAZING! I'm obsessed - I love the number games but-- there's 11 colors so whys it called 10 colors? :O
    Reynolds   Kunai Throw is def one of my favorites of the newer games. Great Job! <3
    Sazrivax   I will give these comps a try and tell you what I think about them later.
    cmgorilla   You're doing amazing at making new competitions and keeping this site running Trishy! Good job
    wowjj   omg kunai throw is so fun
  • Trishy
    TrishySeptember 30, 2020 18:04
    Halloween Designs uploaded!!
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   Here to win Funniest Avatar again this year!
    Bailey   @overcome you don't need to friend trisy to message her :) 
    Grennm   Omg lovee them 
    Cartur   hot take
    Mikey   very much hot miss trishy
    overcome   can you accept my freind request i have a qustion
  • Trishy
    TrishySeptember 25, 2020 10:41
    New Designs by Grennm uploaded
    Spoiler alert!
    jaycee14   @Grennm These. Are. Awesome.
    Royalty   Yassssssssssssss
    Bombonrayo   yassssssssssss @Grennm is an icon
    MissSuda   Inspired
    dcg786   okay but like what about MOTO??
    cupcake   Good job @Grennm  love the new designs
    Grennm   Thank you @Trishy
    Mikey   we love the creativity of miss Ali
  • Trishy
    TrishySeptember 22, 2020 18:35
    2 New Challenges for testing...
    Spoiler alert!
    TheBreeze   It works now
    joeyc   I agree that the Tutorial everytime on Jumpy Kangaroo is annoying
    cmgorilla   Having screen issues with Dodo vs Zombies.. Jumpy Kangaroo the tutorial is annoying if there is any way that can be removed <3
    TheBreeze   @Trishy For me Dodo vs Zombie has the screen cut off on computer. Tried multiple browsers, same issue. MOBILE is actually working properly for me, no screen issues there
    Dylan   OML i completely forgot i can play these challenges now klfvfvnfvkjbfv
    Ireks   Any chance you can remove the tutorial in the kangaroo game ? Very annoying every time you start
    Bombonrayo   both working well for me!!
    Peyton   Same problem with me for Dodo vs Zombie
    DannyT   Both are really fun!
    Tharealmike   YESSSS
    Aidan   That kangaroo looks higher than I typically do
    Mikey   Yeah im on laptop and the dodo vs zombie game only shows like 1/4 of the actual game screen.
    JacksonSunshine   @Trishy, I'm actually on my laptop and it's off center for me lol! Maybe it's just my laptop?
    Trishy   @JacksonSunshine, it works on the computer for me, but you are right the phone version is not working. Does it work on computer for you?
    JacksonSunshine   Dodo vs Zombie is off center and you can't really see what you're supposed to do/click and you can't see all the buttons. Took me like 10 minutes to even get the game started because there's no start button or anything
    maybe i'll win my second race game now?
  • Trishy
    TrishyAugust 27, 2020 16:07
    Group Game Zwooper Points Update
    Spoiler alert!
    Sazrivax   This is very helpful to me, thank you.
    Trishy   @Allen Correct!
    Allen   So like since I've done 3 seasons of Mxr and 7 seasons of ABBUK, I would already qualify for the max amount just from those?
    Dean   @Trishy awesome thanks. :)
    Trishy   @Dean I'm just talking about fast games that are played in a few hours... Most group games are hosted on Discord/Skype, so yes those count.
    Dean   Interesting. I've hosted 2 games on Zwooper, and 3 additional ones with VIP prizes (I believe?) so I guess that's 5? Or when you say "fast games held on discord/Skype" are you saying long games on discord/Skype count?
    Logan_   ! Interesting
    Peyton   I have no idea how many games I have hosted and finished now LMFAO. I had point prizes for Pirates so I assume I would be on game 6?Maybe 7....? Is there any way you can let me know what game I'd be on?
    Trishy   @Typo... yes of course, just message me and we'll work something out.
    Typo   Can I send mine as well? I have quite a few cohost credits to my name now :D
    Clash   Players @Skywalker 
    Skywalker   So are these prizes given to the players or the host?
    Trishy   @Aidan send me your resumé and we can discuss.
    Aidan   Can Executive Producer credits on other franchises bump up your game count? :P

    Mikey   Yess this is a great update!!
    wowjj   this kinda making me want to get back into hosting
  • Trishy
    TrishyAugust 03, 2020 19:22
    A few things...
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   omg yay i can finally try these new comps <3_<3
    ashleydonner   jelly was my fav comp :(
    Benley   yayyyyyyyy
    Spooky   we love to see it
    TheBreeze   Box Tower seems very limited. You build a relatively straight tower, but it still leans and crashes in the 20s. The biggest appeal about Tower Blocks was the ability to keep a streak. The better you do continiously, the more you are rewarded in score multiplers. This one doesn't compel you to play more when you keep dying around the same spot. Maybe there is a better streak game out there? It doesn't nessasarily have to be similiar to dropping blocks - just includes that concept.
    Seanoh   Queen
    Dean   I wasn't aware of the jelly drop glitch but I'm kinda sad it's going. I actually quite enjoyed it... End of an era...
    Arceus   Good-bye Jelly. It's ridiculous how people can get 2.4k+ scores constantly. 
    Nipple   Glad jelly is gone to make it fair again, loving the new challenges keep up the amazing work!
    M2thamax   It's sad that jelly drop is gone as it's one of the more fun comps to play! Sad that other people had to ruin it for everyone else...
    Trishy   @Tharealmike... yes those 3 are for Survival. 
    jasonthesurvivor   Omg rip jelly 
    Tharealmike   Rip jelly but I understand, are we getting a replacement for that? Also, are tripolygon, color rings, and number merge going to be survival comps?
    Tharealmike   Rip jelly but I get it! Are we getting a challenge to replace it? Also, are Tripoly, number merge, and color rings going to be survival comps? 
    jakethesnake   SO happy Jelly Drop is gone!!!!
    Candi   Great, finally no 8000 scores in jelly in my 247 game 
    Logan_   yay
    Jude   <3
  • Trishy
    TrishyJuly 28, 2020 19:57
    Zwooper 7 Year Birthday VIP winners!!
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   omg screamsssss thank uuuu ccccc:
    Cesco   Thank you so much 
    sarahcrystal2509   Thank you!

    ABLaksh   Congrats :)
    Charlie67   Nice job everyone!
    Ian   THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Happy 7th Birthday Zwooper!!! <3
    pikasadge   well done winners
    08SaraR   Wooo! Congrats guys! : )
    Candi   Congrats!!
    Apollo101   Omg, I can't believe it, thanks for making my first two years an awesome experience!
    JacksonSunshine   Oop! And 2016 
    JacksonSunshine   Congrats everyone! Really great winners! Especially 2014 and 2017 
    Nipple   Congrats everyone <3 
    Mikey   congratsss
    jakethesnake   Congratssssss!!
    Karmabare   CONGRATS EVERYONE:)
    Typo   Congratulations guys!!
    jasonthesurvivor   Omfg now I like have to stay!!!!!
    tysm trishy <333
    Nifa   Can't wait for all my gifts Cesciie. @Cesco 
    Benley   thank you for doing this!
    Jude   congrats winners!!
  • Trishy
    TrishyJuly 24, 2020 23:04
    New Designs uploaded
    Spoiler alert!
    Benley   I LOVE tommy hilfiger, so cute! 
    Clash   The 3rd hair looks so much like my 2019 summer hair irl 
    Xenia   Love them all!!!! Any chance we can get the new fringe ones without the bow?
    Mikey   they are so fucking hot someone please buy me them
    dreww3232   Freaking love them!
  • Trishy
    TrishyJuly 19, 2020 17:58
    Hey VIP members...
    Spoiler alert!
    Logan_   Play through Head 2 Head Non-VIPers
    Nipple   @totaldramawwe its stone merge and number merge are nothing alike they both contain different skills... I've played both alot and the gameplay is not that similar.
    Aidan   Nevermind I saw some of those scores. These games are cool though!
    Aidan   As a New York City native I will be trying to get on the Top 3 of NYC Taxi at one point in my life
    NotUrBusiness   Football hetero is so fun!
    Sazrivax   The screen in Football Hero needs some fixing. Stone Merge is alright but it's too simlar to another challenge you guys just make and New York Taxi is good just need to work on the screen a little.
    xFalsify   omg screams at them
    Vin014   Football Hero is giving me serious Wii Fit Flashbacks lol. 
    Vin014   Omg I love the Indian Jewls! Please remake it!!! :D
    bailey5000   Now now let's not get personal @ireks we've won more world cups than 187 countries in the world :D
    Ireks   yeah i'm happy with that too @bailey5000 but on the other hand England haven't won anything since 1966 so i'm not sure why the game is based in UK ;)
    bailey5000   Thankyou for calling football hero by the real name and not the S word :)
    Summerstorm   having issues with stone merge. i go to move a piece and often will just fly back to where it had been.
    Trishy   @Brittney and @Ireks, I've reported it.
    Nifa   Love! Already mourning the loss of popping peppers though... 
    Ireks   I confirm what Brittney said, I only see the mdidle of the screen and I use chrome -
    Brittney   I cleared my cashe on chrome and i also tried safari but both still have the same issue :/
    Trishy   @Brittney what browser are you using? I am using Chrome and it works fine for me.  Can you try clearing your cache?
    Craig   i did taxi in the individual challs and there are no instructions showing
    Tharealmike   Yaaas I love stone merge so much 
    Crazyrockina   already knew about these sis lmao
    Bombonrayo   yassssss
    Brittney   football champion i cant see the whole screen. just the middle of it. the right and left sides are cut off so its hard to see
    Seanoh   Yessssssssssss! You're amazing!! 
  • Trishy
    TrishyJuly 17, 2020 12:02
    New Designs uploaded
    Spoiler alert!
    popular   yasss thank u queen!
    Vin014   Amazing. 
    Aidan   Where's the #BlackLivesMatter shirt? @popular
    Aidan   We love designs by minorities 
    dcg786   get it oscarrr
    Cartur   Loves it
    Swish   Wow these are all really good!
    Bombonrayo   LOVE THEEEM
    Clash   Omg iconic 
  • Trishy
    TrishyJune 24, 2020 09:34
    Current site behaviour update
    **Chats should be back working tomorrow morning**

    We are planning further work on resolving downtime problems over the weekend. We realise ...
    Benley   site is really slow (even more than before imo), and none of the chats were working in my current survival or last 247. It keeps saying "connecting to chat". Challenges seem to work fine tho!
    Typo   1838 ZT - site was being slow, global chat down
    Vin014   For me they last about 5 minutes (504) then the site is laggy... It just repeats.
    Sazrivax   In my survival game we been getting it at least 8 or 9 times in the past 2 days, we can't comment on the public or private so we're forced to either used discord or friend everyone into sending messages.
    Mikey   The sites been taking 20-30 seconds to load up when i click on something 
    Parrish101   Yesterday at 16:30ZT there was 502/504 for about an hour. After the site came back, it had a slow loading time. I think 502/504 appeared a few times afterwards but none of them lasted long
    Brittney   Shop/wardrobe have been very slow for the past few days or so. Sometimes it loads so long I get a 504 error. If you do manage to get in, attempting to changing anything will result in very slow load times and most likely an error as well. No range, pretty much all the time it's like this 
    Ireks   The site was very slow yesterday, with pages taking like 20-30 sec to load, and if they didn't load they were giving 504/502 errors. It was happening pretty much all day and night for me, with no particular page or game. Also the global chat isn't loading for me - the one after you log in.
    Rob24   Me too, chat is not working on LS
    Craig   LS amd 247 chats not working. in LS the activities of who did the challs  not appearing either
    My 504/502 errors occur  at the worst are between  5PM to 7PM  EST
    Nifa   FS and LS chats won't load for me either 
    dreww3232   I don't know if it's just me but the chats aren't working anywhere. also I experienced this thraumatic 504/502s like every three hours yesterday, but they lasted like 2-3 mins 
    Candi   It is not working in LS and 247 aswell, or it takes forever to load
    Trishy   Is this just today?  I have messaged Ghoku about it, so hope he can do something to reboot it.
    Bombonrayo   yeees, in the previous game it never worked, now I'm in another one and I am not able to talk (space to write does not appear and comments of chat don't load)
    Trishy   @Bombonrayo... All the time? 
    Bombonrayo   CHAT NOT WORKING IN FS Logo

Spoiler alert!

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