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  • Avalon
    AvalonJuly 03, 2018 00:42
    The Weakest Link: Day 10 DOUBLE ELIMINATION
    Spoiler alert!
    craycrayaye   :-)
    Phoenix723   Thanks for the saves @xeniah @Aaron_A @Wadz13 @eduardo245
    Eduardo   I vote to save Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
    I vote to Save NickG #TheWeakestLink
    Strawberry   I vote to SAVE NickG #TheWeakestLink
    NoahSalvatore   I vote to Save NickG #TheWeakestLink
    ChrisDWa   I vote to SAVE NickG #TheWeakestLink
    JonJ   I vote to SAVE NickG #TheWeakestLink
    Wadz13   I vote to save Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink 
    Aaron_A   I vote to save Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
    Magestic   I vote to save NickG #TheWeakestLink
    Xenia   I vote to save Phoenix723  #TheWeakestLink
    Cartur   I vote to save NickG #TheWeakestLink
    Clash   I vote to SAVE NickG #TheWeakestLink
  • Avalon
    AvalonJuly 02, 2018 22:34
    The Weakest Link: The Final Pandora's Box
    Spoiler alert!
    PacoP   I claim this
    Peyton   i claim
  • Avalon
    AvalonJuly 02, 2018 20:04
    The Weakest Link: Day 10 "Live Challenge"
    Spoiler alert!
    ladybug5   i quit
    ladybug5   fuck this shit
    Nickg24689   Johnson
    PacoP   I use my greed advantage to steal Ladybugs answer ON QUESTION 5
    BostonRobby   Andrew Johnson
    PacoP   yikes
    ladybug5   andrew johnson
    BostonRobby   Harrison
    ladybug5   lyndon b johnson
    PacoP   BOOTH
    PacoP   I use my greed advantage to steal Ladybugs answer ON QUESTION 3
    Lilly831   Coal
    Phoenix723   coal
    Nickg24689   Coal
    BostonRobby   coal
    PacoP   coal
    BostonRobby   You give love a bad name
    Lilly831   Bon jovi
    Nickg24689   Bon Jovi
    PacoP   Bon Jovi
    Phoenix723   Bon Jovi
    ladybug5   bon jovi
    Nickg24689   Australia
    ladybug5   new zealand
    Lilly831   Australia
    BostonRobby   Australia
    PacoP   australia
    ladybug5   australia
    Phoenix723   Australia
    Lilly831   Atlanta Braves
    Nates_great   Bank
    Phoenix723   Braves
    BostonRobby   Braves
    ladybug5   braves
    PacoP   braves
    Nates_great   Testing
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 27, 2018 00:38
    The Weakest Link: Day 9 HOUSE VOTE & Elimination
    Spoiler alert!
    Nickg24689   I greatly apologize for breaking this rule 100% my bad... #TheWeakestLink
    PacoP   #TheWeakestLink
    Phoenix723   #TheWeakestLink
    JacksonSunshine   #TheWeakestLink
    IrishCraic   Congrats @Phoenix723 on the win!
    BostonRobby   Well, Jeremy has already been evicted, so this vote is meaningless. Voting to evict the already evicted Jeremy.
    JacksonSunshine   My vote is probably going to make one certain individual distrust me, but it's worth it! I have decided to vote LadyBug and while I wish I didn't have to do this, I think keeping him would only guaruntee my safety for 2-3 more weeks! This is the hardest decision of the season that I've had to make by far, but in order for me to even have a SHOT at getting anywhere close to finals, I have to do it as Phoenix will always be the biggest target! Sorry Lilly, but you've tried calling me out on multiple occassions for stuff that you have made up and I even have proof for, but won't admit that you lied about me and to the cast. You shouldn't have trusted me this round since for the past two rounds you've been against me and while I adore you as a person and love being your friend OUTSIDE the game, inside the game we just can't work well together! Hope you understand and don't take this personally to you both!
    Nates_great   I vote to evict ladybug as weather or not u are the biggest threat I have not talked to u until now and Iya better for my game. #TheWeakestLink
    Nickg24689   This will draw a line in the sand and put my vote on Ladybug5... I'm ready for the backlash, but I'm also ready to take this step... Peyton... Lilly... you may think you have the numbers, but we all know nothing lasts forever.. Can't say I didn't give it my best shot!
    Phoenix723   I vote to evict @ladybug5 because it's you or me, and it definitely cannot be me. Good luck.
    PacoP   I voted to evict @ladybug5 He's a cool dude but I think this is best for me
    ladybug5   I am voting to evict Phoenix723. It has to be one of us three and I believe since this me and Nick's first shot at this game, it's only fair that we should be saved. I'm sorry, but you were a great coach. Thanks #TheWeakestLink
    Peyton   #TheWeakestLink
    Peyton   I will be voting to evict Phoenix723. This dude walks in, goes up for 11th, gets ELIMINATED but plays his "re-enter the game" advantage. He has been calling me Lilly's sheep, when that's clearly not the case. And overall I trust Jeremy and Nick 10X more than I trust this All-Star wannabe.
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 27, 2018 00:13
    The Weakest Link: Day 9 CHAIN of SAFETY
    Spoiler alert!
    Nickg24689   @Phoenix723 , @ladybug5 and Nick. 
    Cant even get a tag... 
    Lilly831   The final person to be safe was my target for a bit but I realized recently that as much as it makes me want to projectile vomit all over myself for saying it.......... . I save Amy because Nick is shady, Jeremy scorned me last round by saving Nick over Irish, and Phoenix is way too good at the game. Good luck noms.
    PacoP   huh
    Lilly831   The fourth person to be saved hasn't really put much effort into alligning with me but I will let it slide because once an icon always an icon so congrats Paco
     / \
    Lilly831   The third person I am going to save has proven he will play the game and make logical decisions and I can't let him go this early so congrats BostonRobby
    Lilly831   The second person I am going to save deserves safety because he is the sole survivor of his team and he will be surviving again for having Irish's back when nobody else did so congrats Nate
    Lilly831   The first person I am going to save is as iconic as I am (which says a lot) congrats Peyton
    Phoenix723   phoenix is also block boy
    PacoP   paco is block boy
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 26, 2018 17:26
    The Weakest Link: Pandora's Box #6
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   fml, grats Lilly though!
    Wicky   I claim this
    BostonRobby   I claim this
    Lilly831   i claim this
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 26, 2018 01:24
    The Weakest Link: Day 8 PUBLIC VOTE & Elimination
    Spoiler alert!
    Nicolas   I called it, he was the weakest link lol
    CiscoIsGay   I vote to SAVE @iiAmySunshine #TheWeakestLink
    Clash   @Aaron_A you are weak
    IrishCraic   gl guys....phoneix is a BEEP who lies lots.....
    Ernie_Steele   I vote to SAVE @Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
    IrishCraic   shit id didnt spam....hahaha...didnt even know this happened....
    NInjaTurtleDude   I vote to SAVE IrishCraic #TheWeakestLink
    Aaron_A   I vote to save Phoenix723#TheWeakestLink 
    Eduardo   I vote to SAVE @Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
    I vote to SAVE Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
    Clash   @iiAmySunshine
    Bailey   I vote to SAVE Phoebix723 #TheWeakestLink
    ExoticSimmer   i vote so save iiAmySunshine #TheWeakestLink
    Clash   I vote to save iiAmySubshine #TheWeakestLink 
    I vote to SAVE @iiAmySunshine #TheWeakestLink
    Wadz13   I vote to SAVE Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 26, 2018 00:17
    The Weakest Link: Day 8 CHAIN of SAFETY
    Spoiler alert!
    ladybug5   I'm saving Nick because I promised him as soon as the challenge was over I would save him. I know this will cause drama, but I have to keep my promises to who I promised them first. I'm sorry.
    BostonRobby   I will be saving Ladybug, ​as he has proven to be a very loyal player in this game and saved me when given the opportunity.
    Lilly831   I will be saving BostonRobby because he is trustworthy and will make a logical decision instead of a personal one.
    Peyton   Today, I will be saving LILLY. She has been the one player who has been with me since day 1, and has saved me multiple times already. We have a plan to keep us and a couple allies safe this round and I trust she'll stick to her word. I got you girl 
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 25, 2018 23:53
    The Weakest Link: Day 8 "Live Challenge"
    Spoiler alert!
    ladybug5   red
    Peyton   Red
    BostonRobby   Speedy Gonzales
    Lilly831   speedy
    Peyton   Speedy gonzales
    Nickg24689   Loony toons
    ladybug5   speedy gonzalez
    ladybug5   h   
    Peyton   H. ..
    Phoenix723   H  
    Lilly831   H 
    JacksonSunshine   BANK
    BostonRobby   Midas
    ladybug5   king midas
    Lilly831   king midas
    Peyton   King midas
    Phoenix723   Midas
    Nickg24689   King Midas
    Lilly831   jk rowling
    Nickg24689   J. K. Rowling
    JacksonSunshine   Search ResultsHarry Potter (Literary Series)/Author
    J. K. Rowling
    ladybug5   jk rowling
    Phoenix723   J.K. Rowling
    Peyton   Jk rowling
    Phoenix723   Julia Roberts
    Peyton   Yvonne strahovzki
    Nickg24689   Pretty womwn
    ladybug5   julia roberts
    Nickg24689   8  
    Lilly831   eight
    Phoenix723   8  
    Lilly831   1928
    Nickg24689   1927
    Phoenix723   1929
    ladybug5   1929
    Peyton   1929
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 25, 2018 18:42
    The Weakest Link: Statistics Day 5 & 6
    Spoiler alert!
    IrishCraic   and every1 quits
    Avalon   Next TWIST @Nicolas enters the game.
    Nicolas   #childhoodmemories
    Nicolas   and you put nothing cause that's all you have
    That's Nicolas
    IrishCraic   u put the "weak" into the weakest link
    Nicolas   it's not bullying, it's manipulation, if you knew something about it, maybe you wouldn't be #TheWeakestLink
    IrishCraic   Jay is sad as Poland did shite at the soccer world cup
    Nicolas   I came on this blog to support a friend and now some polish nothing thinks I should be chatbanned for hating him
    IrishCraic   U bully poor noobs into gifting you
    Jay   You should have included me saying how flawless I am etc. not bully me.
    Nicolas   don't stick up for him, he wanted to be included, so I included him, how does it make me a bully 
    Jay   @Nicolas you deserve a chatban. You are mean piece of bread.
    IrishCraic   Leave @Jay alone u bully boy
    Nicolas   I wish you wouldn't always humiliate me in front of whole community @IrishCraic and @Jay you don't decide what is fair and what is not, is there anything you wouldn't complain about ?
    IrishCraic   the only heat is the heat coming off @Nicolas B.S. ahhahahahaha
    Jay   some heated conversations and I am not part of it? Not fair
    IrishCraic   #jasonstatham
    Nicolas   our familia doesnt associate with something that doesnt even have hair
    IrishCraic   ur mother sucks bald people....#NOIDIDNT
    Nicolas   bald people suck 
    IrishCraic   This is bloody ageism....#imstartingamarch .....dress up, this isnt paris fashion week
    @Nicolas the only scandal here is ur scandolous avi
    JacksonSunshine   This is most certainly a children’s website where we come to dress up and talk to our friends! Do use a favor and just QUIT FANTAGE! #Oldpeoplecantsitwithus
    Nicolas   Scandal of TWL's star IrishCraic, inaproppriate behaviour, child trafficking and much more
    IrishCraic   hahahahahhaha....this is not a kids website, where the challs are counting 1 to 10 the fastest and colouring in between the lines, which i would prob fail at....#leaveNIALLHORANALONEYOUPREDATOR
    JacksonSunshine   Can we just go ahead and arrest this man rn for inappropriate behavior on a children’s website? #Lockuptheirishman
    IrishCraic   lmfao @iiAmySunshine   looking is not illegal on zwoops is it?

    IrishCraic   haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @BostonRobby   i should have just went window shopping, u can look but NOT touch....#usecondomspeople
    JacksonSunshine   @IrishCraic you sure are a hooker and looker because you always be looking at my tight butt! I know you want it, but stop staring!
    BostonRobby   Why*
    IrishCraic   im a hooker and a looker...#highclassmaleescort
    BostonRobby   Wh are you touchin' Amy's name so much Irish? Behavior like this is how you ended with that baby in the first place. 
    JacksonSunshine   @IrishCraic maybe if you learned how to tag me correctly, I’d say don’t @ me you hooker, but you’re too dumb to even @ me! Niall Horan is my husband and he is dumb, but sweet! WHAT CAN I SAY? I love me a dumb, sweet man!
    IrishCraic   was i just playing an utr game thou @ iiAmySunshine
    and is Niall Horan dumb also? as u want marry him, which it says under ur "mood" section....#caughtrotten ahhaha
    IrishCraic   higher plz
    JacksonSunshine   @IrishCraic are you allowed to talk about low IQ’s when you FINALLY just got two questions right ina live challenge? I think NAWT Lmao #Irishpeoplearedumb
    Nicolas   #babyforsale
    Is it the time to start bidding?
    IrishCraic   * IQ
    IrishCraic   the only thing "underaged" is ur shitty lowIQ
    Nicolas   I think BostonRobby wanted to imply IrishCraic should be dq for premading with underaged
    IrishCraic   It is just a coincidence that i have my baby now and i answered questions correctly...THERE IS NO WAY THAT MY BABY IS telling me the answers through a ear piece that is not in my ear.....#babyforsale
    BostonRobby   Avalon should let @Nicolas join the game, so that we can stop the premade Irish has with his baby. This is a serious issue and nobody in the house has listened to my concerns on this matter.
    IrishCraic   Piss off and buy a personality.....#Nicstillwetsthebed 
    Peyton   Erm Ashley was removed and Jeremy/Kev quit lol
    IrishCraic   I like to thank @Nicolas for his support and his unsolicited pics too...#NOTHANKS
    Nicolas   #TeamIrishCraic
    Avalon   #TheWeakestLink
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 25, 2018 16:34
    The Weakest Link: Day 7 HOUSE VOTE
    Spoiler alert!
    Phoenix723   I vote to eliminate Crazy because he's who should've been voted instead of me. You tried it bitches and you failed :)
    ladybug5   I vote to eliminate Crazy. It’s either me or you sorry man. #TheWeakestLink
    JacksonSunshine   I vote to ELIMINATE crazy as Crazy and I don’t have a relationship at all and he hasn’t even tried speaking to me once since he got his second chance, which he has wasted! #TheWeakestLink
    Avalon   NO NAIL, NO COFFIN 
    Yesterday Phoenix told me he would be using his Lust Advantage in this House Vote..
    The Lust Advantage allows a player to remove themsevlves from the block after the votes have been casted...
    allowing them to see who is really on their side...without them risking being eliminated//  MWHAHAH

    The person with the second highest amount of votes will be eliminated...
    Phoenix, Amy, Paco, and Ladybug etc... have still yet to vote...Voting closes at 23:00 

    BUT Phoenix won't be going anywhere just yet due to The Lust Advantage.
    You PLAYERS should really investigate who has what in their pockets  but if you are trying to take this All-Star down....

    Nates_great   #TheWeakestLink
    Lilly831   #TheWeakestLink
    Lilly831   sorry to put the nail in your coffin but i vote to eliminate Phoenix723 because you are a huge threat and i respect you so much for your amazing physical and social game but it's best for my game if you go and i'm sorry i am doing it to you in this way.
    Nickg24689   I vote to eliminate Crazy as he has not approached me and I promised pheonix id save him with my vote. If you go or if you stay it’s been great to have had you as my coach. Nothing personal Crazy if you stay feel free to pm me #TheWeakestLink
    Nates_great   I vote to evict Phoenix723... sry bud we haven’t talked much and your a big threat come the challenges.
    BostonRobby   I vote to eliminate Phoenix723. He is obviously a threat, and beyond that, basically stopped all communication with me once our team member @JeremyHLikesFood left the game. Phoenix is one of my favorite people in the cast, but ultimately I do not see him helping my game moving forward. Tough move, but it is my decision nevertheless. #TheWeakestLink
    IrishCraic   I vote to eliminate Phoneix723.  He is one of my biggest rivals and we barely spoke too...sorry....
    Crazyrockina   I vote to eliminate Phoenix723. Because he is the biggest competition threat out of me and @ladybug5 . #TheWeakestLink
    Peyton   I vote to eliminate Phoenix723. He has the best social and physical game out of the three nominees, that's threatening. On top of that he's one of the returnees and therefore knows a lot more about the game than he's letting on. #TheWeakestLink
    Avalon   #TheWeakestLink
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 23, 2018 18:54
    The Weakest Link: Day 7 CHAIN of SAFETY
    Spoiler alert!
    Lilly831   Through the first half of the game Phoenix has helped me by giving me advice and overall just looking out for me. Unfortunately I have to let you down by not saving you in favor of saving Nate for the simple fact that I think this will benefit my game in the long run and I'm sorry for doing this to you and wish it had turned out differently :(
    Nickg24689   I’ve been like the first or second saved almost every round bcs I make deals and keep them... Jeremy u know better than to say I’m just piggybacking Amy

    I suggest u read y Amy saved me before saying I’m just being carried by her
    Peyton   @JeremyHLikesFood don't assume shit. She had the power that helped me, doesn't mean she's carrying me. Plus, you quit so what do you know about the game? Oh that's right, nothing.
    JeremyHLikesFood   k so amy is carrying nick and lilly is carrying peyton
    JacksonSunshine   Lilly I Love you, but....
    I have decided to play my GLUTTONY Advantage! This advantage allows me to become the strongest link and save myself along with one other person! It's not that I don't trust you Lilly, because I do, but idk who you think does whatever they want without consequences, but I can't take the chance of that being me or someone I trust! So, I have decided that the person who should be safe along with me is someone that I believe has shown time after time that he wants to be here and that he wnats to play the game.....

    NICK! Which means Nick, you are now save along with myself and we cannot be nominated! Sorry to the other 4, I wish you 4 the best of luck, but remember that I didn't do this to you! <3

    Lilly831   The third person i am going to save has proven he is trustworthy so i will save Irish
    Lilly831   The second person i am going to save i feel deserves a second chance in this game and this is my chance to prove it to him so i will be saving BostonRobby
    Lilly831   The first person i am going to save is Peyton because he has had my back the entire game and i can't forget that
    Lilly831   The Wrath Advantage allows you to be the Strongest Link for that round... however you must tell me BEFORE the live challenge begins otherwise you can't use your wrath...... AND YOU ARE NOT ONLY THE STRONGEST LINK.... you get to pick who gets saved one by one like a nomination ceremony until we have the remaining players to face the vote...

    This round is basically my chance to inflict my will upon the house and this advantage will be used against the people who think they can do whatever they want without any consequences. I warned people that they shouldn't come after my players and they ignored my warning. Well when you come after me or my allies you better pray your shot hits because otherwise you will rue the day you ever went against me. The same goes for the people who chose not to stick with me when i needed them most. Paco congrats on entering the game and with all this said i will see you all later.
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 23, 2018 01:07
    The Weakest Link: Pandora's Box #5
    Spoiler alert!
    Alanster   Can’t this be done on like discord or something
    BostonRobby   I claim this
    IrishCraic   i claim this
    Nates_great   I claim this
    BIGBROFOSHO   woohoo love getting my 2nd box all u bitches are going down
    BIGBROFOSHO   I claim this
    BIGBROFOSHO   I claim thisq
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 23, 2018 00:43
    The Weakest Link: Day 6 PUBLIC VOTE & Elimination
    Spoiler alert!
    Chriss   I vote to SAVE CrazyRockina #TheWeakestLink
    members of the audience/zwooper community MUST #Hashtag#TheWeakestLink along with their vote to save.
    I vote to SAVE CrazyRockina #TheWeakestLink
    Avalon   @ greenbay712 / uni-bay
    Avalon   @Greenbay712 Me forgetting to make your vote count unless you do , whoops <3
    Typo   me forgetting the hashtag rip sorry!!
    Typo   I vote to SAVE @Crazyrockina
    Avalon   @Phoenix723 is SAFE
    thunderdownbelow   i vote to SAVE @HKT #TheWeakestLink
    Eduardo   I vote to SAVE @Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
    Sammy   I vote to SAVE @Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
    Clash    I vote to SAVE CrazyRockina #TheWeakestLink
    Arceus   I vote to SAVE @Phoenix723 #TheWeakestLink
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 22, 2018 22:02
    The Weakest Link: Day 6 CHAIN of SAFETY
    Spoiler alert!
    ladybug5   I’m saving BostonRobby
    IrishCraic   Ty savin jeremy because i just want too!
    Nates_great   i am deciding to save irish because i decided to do that
    Avalon   BIG_BRO_FAN has SAVED NATE! according to his LIST <3
    Lilly831   i have talked to people this round and it is a very difficult decision but i have to take care of my closest ally before i take care of my friends so i have decided to stick to my roots and save Peyton
    Nickg24689   I have decided to save lilly as I keep my deals :)
    JacksonSunshine   I have decided to save Nick as he told me that he would save who I thought should be safe for the night so that way they don't need to worry about the game rn due to irl things
    Alanster   Why is it blank
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 22, 2018 21:53
    The Weakest Link: Day 6 "Live Challenge"
    Spoiler alert!
    IrishCraic   bugsy babes
    Lilly831   deion sanders
    Nates_great   will smith
    JacksonSunshine   Deion Sanders
    Lilly831   can you update it because i got the first question right and you will not change it
    Nates_great   brooklyn
    IrishCraic   brian
    Lilly831   baines
    JacksonSunshine   Baines
    BostonRobby   beijing
    Nates_great   bejing
    Lilly831   hong kong
    IrishCraic   benjing
    JacksonSunshine   Beijing
    Lilly831   the greatful dead
    Nates_great   dead people
    BostonRobby   The Grateful Dead
    JacksonSunshine   Grateful Dead
    IrishCraic   THE GREATFUL DEAD
    BostonRobby   yellow
    JacksonSunshine   Yellow
    Nates_great   red
    JacksonSunshine   red
    IrishCraic   YELLOW
    IrishCraic   michalego
    Lilly831   Leonardo da vinci
    BostonRobby   Da Vinci
    JacksonSunshine   Leonardo da Vinci
    IrishCraic   nates
    Phoenix723   Bank
    BostonRobby   beaver
    Lilly831   beaver
    JacksonSunshine   Wombat
    Nates_great   rat
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 21, 2018 20:10
    The Weakest Link: Day 5 "The House-Vote-In"
    Spoiler alert!
    Lilly831   I vote for HKT and Crazy to enter the game #TheWeakestLink
    BostonRobby   I vote for HKT and BostonRob524 to enter the game. #TheWeakestLink
    Phoenix723   I vote for HKT and Crazyrockina.
    ladybug5   I vote for HKT and CRAZYROCKINA.
    Nates_great   I vote for HKT and CRAZYROCKINA to re-enter the game. I haven’t talked to Boston rly so this is what I will go with. #TheWeakestLink
    Nickg24689   I vote for HKT and BostonRob.... Crazy just hasn’t talked to me and I need ppl who will talk to others in the game rather than people who don’t come to others to start conversation 
    Peyton   I vote for HKT and CRAZYROCKINA
    JacksonSunshine   I vote for @HKT and @BostonRob524 to enter the house as I feel like they actually want to play the game and didn’t really have a chance due to the coaches twist and getting dealt a very bad hand! They deserve a second chance! #TheWeakestLink
    Avalon   @RussellvsRob2019 Your vote does not count here! But the public vote is tmmrw! <3 

    Sarah   I voted to bring back daddy bosotn
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 21, 2018 20:06
    The Weakest Link Season 2: Statistics Day 3 & 4
    Spoiler alert!
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 21, 2018 00:17
    The Weakest Link: Day 4 PUBLIC VOTE & Elimination
    Spoiler alert!
  • Avalon
    AvalonJune 20, 2018 21:59
    The Weakest Link: Day 4 CHAIN of SAFETY
    Spoiler alert! Logo

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