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  • Margaret
    MargaretApril 22, 2018 21:17
    The Mole KMN season 2 - Final words, explanations, who is the winner and WHO IS THE MOLE?
    Spoiler alert!
    Z_Brenda   @Sparky44 exwctly lmfao and then he claimed he makes all the moves in games and i sheep him lmfao
    Sparky44   i gotta say, jared is a horrible cast for games... he barely pays attention, sends you the n word 50 times for fun, calls you when you're busy non stop and adds you to chats, goes inactive for days on end, doesn't submit, doesn't make confessionals and a pain in the ass

    note: this is from my experience and from other hosts aswell.
    Wcplays   Aw shame you guys are leaving </3

    @kongowongo Honestly preach on that inactivity thing i played many a mole game when that was the mole strategy its no fun if the mole isnt playing along too
    kongowongo   Thanks for the shoutout btw.  Hope whatever the future holds for you guys (and your cats) is filled with joy and happiness.
    TJP1122   Love you Margaret! You're such a kind an amazing individual and you will be greatly missed on this site!
    kongowongo   Jiust to clarify, for any future moles out there, being inactive and only becoming active on occasion to promote inactivity is a lazy and boring AF strategy.  Put some actual effort into your sabotaging, it'll make the game a lot more fun, for everyone.
    kongowongo   Well, as you know from my confessionals, I would've been happier ignorant to this.  Congrats to @Nicolas though for his well deserved win.  
    angeloxpo   my impact
    Nicolas   didnt really want to read the last part :/
    Peyton   Thank you for hosting! you will be missed on the site <3
    Micks   me,,,
  • Margaret
    MargaretDecember 09, 2017 22:17
    The Mole KMN Season 2 - CAST REVEAL and PICK TO WIN!
    Spoiler alert!
    ArcturusDean   Uhhhhhh.... Guess I have to wait until S3.... Third time lucky...hopefully...
    Margaret   CLOSED
    dcg786   also, so dumb that i didnt get cast
    angeloxpo   David <3
    dcg786   cm  
    evanw919   Mystery
    Margaret   @cmgorilla and @Mystery left! :)
    Alanster   Jared
    Alanster   NIGhtgem
    IrishCraic   i pick night plz
    Margaret   @cmgorilla @Jqred @Mystery and @Nightgem677 left!
    Nightgem677   rip choose me :p
    Alanster   Why Caleb . Could’ve had me
    joey2121   player2014
    joey2121   kongo
    DynomiteKid4000   Wcplays
    Margaret   @RobbedGodess Arceus already picked Danny 
    DynomiteKid4000   @Nicolas
    boojess   Exotic! 
    RobbedGodess   ooop nvm then Icelina mom
    nikias   nicolas
    RobbedGodess   danny (wxxrunner)
    riddler7900   jbeaudry3
    PocketRocket16   jbeau
    Helenor1000   Theslayqueenb
    kkoster001   Big_Brother_Fan - My Queen
    Margaret   Arceus picked wwxcrunner, he cant comment since he's in the cage
    Allen   Christina
    davidprincipe29   Angelo
    Bye   Kongo!
  • Margaret
    MargaretNovember 19, 2017 20:00
    Spoiler alert!
    Krysstian   CLOSED
    wwxcrunner1   Danny . . . . . 21. . . . . 66 . . . . . .disneydanny17. . . . . . . 9. . . . . . I want to play because I am about to host my final game show at my college and it is the Mole the final season. I have 24 contestants and it takes place over 31 days for 500 dollar cash prize. I want to draw inspiration and try all of the challenge and see if I could turn any of them into real life challenges. I also want to view the mole so that I will have the best idea on how to select my mole for my game and what attributes I want them to have. Plus I have seen every season of the US, UK, and AUS version and am a huge superfan
    JohnTheGreat   Name: John
    Age: 16
    Skype: margaret haves it :)
    Activity: 10
    Why do you want to play? : This looks like a very fun game and I really love group games. I feel that i can show everyone what i am made off just like in other group games i have been. I can guarantee i will give it all to take that win and that i will make a difference between all cast!. I will show my social, strategical and physical game and prove that i am a good player. :) 
    Patrick71101   Name: Patrick
    Age: 15
    Rank: 377
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9, but when I play a game I commit. 
    Why do you wanna play?: I honestly wasn't going to apply, ONLY because I have finals coming up, but knowing you three as hosts, looking at these amazing applicants, and simply loving the psychology behind this game's format, I feel an urge too. Screw my academic life. If you cast me I promise I won't let you down, because I've proven over and over again that I have what it takes to survive, no matter what's thrown my way 
    ExoticSimmer   Name: Gavin
    Age: 17
    Rank: 236
    Skype: ExoticSimmer
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8-9 (It can vary but I always try to be as active as possible!
    Why do you wanna play?: I watched last season and this game was AMAZING! I wanted to apply last season but I wasn't sure I would have the time. I definitely want to play this season though. The format is so unique and I would love to be cast and have a chance to play! I am a very social and strategic player and always try my best in games.

    New Skype 
    McQuire   Name: Michael
    Rank: 199
    Skype: michaelbeatch (you have it)
    Activity: 10, i like to play 1 game at a time whether its a 247, ls or a group game so i can put 100% committment into it :)
    why do you want to play: its something different from the norm of a typical survivor or big brother formatt. its an original concept and i luv the theme. what you will get from me is someone who is involved and doing my own thing. you dont play the game you play the people and i have my spy glass ready :P
    Theslayqueenb   Name: Beatrice
    Age: 17
    Rank: 350
    Skype: live:theslayqueenb7777
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 7-8
    Why do you wanna play?: I saw the first season and it was pretty interesting and I said "why not give it a try?". The format is amazing and these kind of games suits me the best :)
    Timman10   Name: Tim
    Age: 21
    Rank: 185
    Skype: Tim Westine (you guys have it)
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8, Im hoping to be playing Cage at the same time but I am active in every game I play. 
    Why do you wanna play?: The mole was one of my favorite shows growing up I've seen every season. I wanna be the Stephen Baldwin to the Kathy Griffin you cast. I loved Jim, Kate and Charlie from season one and think i would be able to execute this game just like Jim would yes. 
    kongowongo   Name: "Kongo"
    Age: 30
    Rank: 376
    Activity Level: Within games, on average a 9.6.  In this game though I'd be aiming for the 8.7-8.9 range.
    Why do you wanna play?:  The Mole is on my Zwooper bucket list so to speak.  You guys hae proven capable of finishing a season and I don't want to miss my chance, so I can cut my break short if need be.  As for what seperates me from many others with similar reasoning, I know that I don't have to be social in this game (a.k.a. the actual reasoning for my willingness to cut my break short).  If I want to be left the fuck alone for a while, and just play the game on my own, I can do that.  It's my option whether I want to talk to people, but I think I'd rather rely on my own observational skills and not on others to win this game.
    RohanSparks   Name:Rohan
    Activity (1-10) be honest:9ish
    Why do you wanna play?:there are very few mole group games and id really like to try one out because im a big fan of the show
    survivorallstar   Name: Jacob
    Age: 16
    Rank: 340
    Skype: live:jacobknepp
    Activity (1-10) be honest: I wont be on when im at school so probably like an 8
    Why do you wanna play?: This seems like an interesting format, and I would be excited to get the chance to play in a game like this, I went back and looked at some of the episodes and it seemed to me to be well ran.
    Name: Olivia
    Age: 16
    Rank: 793
    Skype: cutieeekawaii
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: Because I want to proof I can be an underdog and go deep into the game, a lot of people see me as weak because I'm a female but I want to show people a female can be just as strong and independant.
    Name: Josh
    Age: 14
    Rank: 321
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: I LOVED THE MOLE I was shook whatching the episodes for season one I am surprised that anyone would even recreat this game on zwooper I think its a really cool formatt and I want to give it a try.
    Phoenix723   Name: Aiden
    Age: 14
    Rank: 111
    Skype: live:aidenschue723
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 7-9
    Why do you wanna play?: I wanna play because this seems like a great concept and I'd love to give it a try. Haven't played a group game in a while so I'm looking for a fun one to play and enjoy. 
    Taekwondo10   OH MY GOD DID I PUT 11? I am 12 :P
    Jourdan   ill be at like 997 i think at 00 :)
    Jourdan   Application: Name: Jourdan/Jay for short :)
    Age: 15
    Rank: 997 (im 1012 rn bevause my points havent loaded lol)
    Skype: Littlejennyhumphrey
    Activity (1-10) be honest 8.5
    : Why do you wanna play?: ive been trying to get into group games so im really determined to start group games and this one sounds super interesting! i like the idea of the mole because it has many layers and is much more interesting than a basic norma game of survivor or drag race or whatever

    BuyAchair   Application:
    Name: Ari
    Age: 14
    Rank: 605?
    Skype: Fountainmass
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 10 in that time area
    Why do you wanna play?:because the mole is so fun and i havent had the chance to play it yet, its such a cool format and i woulf love to participate and play!
    Arceus   Name: Arceus 
    Age: Dos Dos
    Rank: 32nd
    Skype: you have it. 
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 7
    Why do you wanna play?: I love the Mole and the format. I came up short in the finale by 3 or 4 questions and want another shot at it.
    riddler7900   Name:Josh
    Activity Level:8
    Why do you want to play:I love the format of the Mole and after seeing your first season I would love an oppritunity to play
    Nightgem677   Name: Dav
    Age: 13
    Rank: 198 currently 
    Skype: u have it
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: The format seems really fun, and after looking at the apps for it last season I got interested and started watching the show, loved it :D So I think it'd be really interesting to be the mole and sabotage the group, secretly. But it would also be interesting to be one of the players trying to earn chips, but also trying to figure out who the mole is at the same time.
    Micks   Name: Michael
    Age: 16
    Rank: 166
    Skype: micks_zwooper
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: Last season I was the mole, so I stressed about not being caught and throwing challenges, but I would love to play the game again now trying to win and figure out who the mole really is. I also think having been the mole before, it will give me a unique perspective that none of the other players will have.
    4Real   Name: Gabe
    Age: 16
    Rank: 170
    Skype: sean.gilmore88
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: I'm a big fan of the show and I've seen all of the US seasons. I followed the episodes last time and it seemed like a really fun and well made game! 
    jbeaudry3   Name: Josh!
    Age: 20!
    Rank: 41 & rising!!
    skype: josh.beaudry3
    Activity 1-10 (be honest): 8.5
    why do you want to play: It is a new & interesting format & I think it's iconic! I love trying out new games and when all the hosts are hot you have to apply. 
    DynomiteKid4000   Wait I forgot to say how active I'll be, 7
    Also I'll be 14 when the game starts
    Icelina   ~~
     Name: Brady
     Age: 16
     Rank: 842
     Skype: Icelina Zwooper
     Activity (1-10) be honest: 8.5
     Why do you wanna play?: I love The Mole, I have watched every season, also last season you guys did an amazing job and kept me reading and watching the game to the final word! I really hope I can come into this game, start drama and kick butt :P
    Margaret   @Arceus 
    Arceus   I cannot wait to be the best test taker 2 seasons in a row :)
    Margaret   @Wcplays 
    Name: Drake 
    Age: 17 (18 when the game starts)
    Rank: 1166
    Skype: Wcplays
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: Well the mole is my favorite format and game ever, I literally watched this game religiously and I am a huge factor of keeping seasons like these entertained ;) I think if you cast me I will be a great addition to the game even if i get first boot :p ALSO I CASTED ALL OF YOU FOR ESCAPE THE NIGHT YET NONE OF YOU CASTED ME FOR SEASON 1 YOU OWE ME !!!! jkjk :p
    m1chael   Name: Michael
    Age: 28
    Rank: 274
    Skype: you have it
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: You all know why... :P

    PS. I don't know if I will be casted again this season, but i should say to everyone in Zwooper, that if you have free time to play one of the best games in this site don't hesitate to apply :)
    DynomiteKid4000   Name: Drew
    Age: 13
    Rank: 1233
    Why I want to play: Because I love the mole show, and this is the one show people can't vote u out, and I can't finally be the ringleader, and I think I'll do very well. Also my birthday is Dec. 3rd and it would make my day knowing I got in the game
    joey2121   Name: Joey
    Age: 19
    Rank: 541
    Skype: live:d09da9e06f61a88e
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 10
    Why do you wanna play?: I really want to play this game because it looks unbelievable. I think I would fare very well in this group game. This is a show I grew up on, so having the opportunity to play The Mole would be absolutely wonderful, and I am a very cunning player.
    Nicolas   Name: Nic
    Age: 19
    Skype:have it 
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: cuz I love the concept almost as much as u Gosia,so cast me,ok? :))))
    angeloxpo   Name: Angelo
    Age: 15
    Rank: 62
    Skype: you have it :)
    Activity (1-10) be honest: I'll have school too so around 7
    Why do you wanna play?: Because I love the hosts, and I wanna get to know the format better and win
    Name: David Sanchez
    Age: 15 but by the time the game starts ill be 15
    Rank: 588
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 -10000000000000000000000000000000000000 (10 if you dont math)
    Why do you wanna play?: I want to fuck everyone over and this kind of reminds me of mafia. I love lying
    ArcturusDean   Name: Dylan
    Age: 18
    Rank: 519
    Skype: ArcturusDean
    Activity: 8
    Why do you want to play?: Because I absolutely love the Mole and you three are amazing hosts. I think I'd be great at this game and really hope you cast me this season!!
    ChrisDWa   Name: Chris
    Age: 14
    Rank: 581
    Skype: cw10oc
    Activity (1-10) be honest: tbh I have no life so I'd say 9, but indoor track is starting so on some days probably a 7
    Why do you wanna play?: I'm not really well known in the Zwooper community even though I've been on for a few months. I'm ready to win my first group game and make a name for myself!
    Jqred   Name: Jared
    Age: 14
    Rank: 127 
    Skype: jtlm101
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: This game looked incredible in season 1 and I would love the opportunity to get the chance to play this game beause it looks like a ton of fun and I love the format. 
    DannyT   Name: Daniel
    Age: 16
    Rank: 356
    Skype: dtennisplayer2014
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: This is honestly one of the most unique concepts for a group game I have seen in awhile. I remember when season 1 came out when I was still really new to this site and thought it looked awesome. I have been hoping that there would be a season 2 that I would be able to test my skills in. Over the last couple of months I have accomplished a lot, and think this game would give me a great chance to showcase my skills!
    Taekwondo10   Name: Sam
    Age: 11
    Rank: 361
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 7.5, but when I play games it goes up to 9.5
    Why do you want to play?: I haven't played a Mole game since @Rumen_V's literally forever ago, it sounds like an amazing format and you've put a lot of work into it, as I can tell. I'd like to put my little strategic mind to the test!
    exploremedora   Name: Tyler
    Age: 22
    Rank: 145
    Skype: tydaguy229
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: I love the concept of this game and I think it plays to a lot of my skills. I am a big fan of deduction games and I would love the opportunity to play. I am the winner of the first ever 247 choices so I have what it takes to pull out a win. I play hard and fearlessly and would be a great addition to the cast.
    Evilgenious448   @Mystery should have put an 11/10 for activity, guy is the most commited player on the site tbh
    Would reccommend if u want an active cast!
    Mystery   Name: Cameron
    Age: 19
    Rank: 360
    Skype: Live:1bf5b7448397de31
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 10
    Why do you wanna play?: I like the format and I think I'd be a very strong competitor in terms of social, strategic, and physical gameplay, so cast me if you want a great player. 
    Peyton   Name: Peyton
    Age: 13
    Rank: 212
    Skype: you have it 
    Activity (1 - 10) be honest: I'll for sure be able to find time to do challenges and tests, all the mandatory things. But if you want an exact number I'd say 7.5 - 8.
    Why do you want to play? So that I can annoy Margaret even more then I did season one with questions! Just joking, but I am not one to hold back if I have a question, or don't understand something. During season one I asked a hell lot of questions to Margaret, so that I could understand the game and how it's played. Now that I have enough knowledge (I think :P) I'd like to give it a shot. It'll be a nice break from the usual strategic / social / physical / popularity games that we have going on! I promise you won't regret choosing me.
    vixen1985   Application: 
    Name: Amanda
    Age: 32
    Rank: 443
    Skype: vixen19851
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 7
    Why do you wanna play?: I love the mole and would love to play :) x
    Alanster   Name: Alan
    Age: 13
    Rank: 284
    Skype: Alan.ster
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8.7
    Why do you wanna play?: Because I terribly got last last season because I thought we had more time to do the survey. I want a second chance and I didn’t really get to play at all and I really like this game and the show and I want to play
    CristinaMihaela   Name: Cristina
    Age: 18
    Rank: 67
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: I watched last season and it was pretty impressive. You guys did a good job and now I'd like to have a chance to play it. The format is amazing and I think I can do great in physical challenges (idk what to say about mental -_-) JK ofc xD I will be a very good team mate and a threat on my own.
    cmgorilla   Name: Caleb
    Age: 16
    Rank: 31
    Skype: caleb.marcellus
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9, I'm always online all day and at school. Just off when sleeping. I'll be online a lot <3
    Why do you want to play?: Hun, I won't give up until I win this game. I am great physically and mentally and I feel like I would fit good for this game. This game seems very interesting and I think I have applied before. I am good at keeping secrets! I will be entertaining and fun. Cast me! I won't let you down <3
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 31, 2017 21:21
    The Mole KMN | The final episode | And The Mole is....
    Spoiler alert!
    Margaret   @wwxcrunner1 apply then, we would love to have you! :)
    @johnnyscott1127 ^ :) get 2nd chance would be great I think! 
    johnnyscott1127   I think this cast and game could be so much bigger next time and definitely something I'd wanna play! @Rumen_V used to host one of these and I came in last place, so I'm ready to play one of these
    GirlBye32   I knew it. I KNEW IT.
    wwxcrunner1   I want to play season 2 so bad
    Margaret   @riddler7900 something around january/february 
    riddler7900   any idea when the next season will start becuase id love to join
    Margaret   @Arceus this is so nice, thank you so much for soooo nice words. It was really good to have you! 
    Arceus   Final Thoughts:
    I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity @Krysstian, @Margaret, and @NiQi. I really love your game, the format, and just everything about it because it’s hosted by some lovely Polish individuals that I love and adore so much tbh. ;) This game was nothing but a fresh air for me because of all the freakin crap I’ve been going through with the other group games I’ve been in and such. I just love talking to you guys in general and it’s been fun.
    Arceus   Onto the game part, this was ONE enjoyable experience on my time here on Zwooper to be really frank. I wasn’t familiar with the format but then it came back to me when I started watching the 1st episode of the Mole US and then continued to watched the whole season while playing this. My goal was obviously to win but that came up 3 answers short. My goal was to make sure people think I’m the mole because I want people to score below me on tests, which happened to my fellow victims of @xStqqd, @m1chael, and @Venus258. I gave people false answers about me which resulted them getting eliminated. From the beginning, my 2 suspects were @TJP1122 & @Micks because I thought these two had similar answers and I thought long and hard that the host would choose either of them to be the mole. I mean I was right considering my test scores for each test were pretty high, this made me deep critical think long and hard while taking the tests before I go to bed (usually late). I never strayed away from my original suspects and that allowed me to make it this far. Ugh it sucks how consistent I was but that stupid last test, which killed me!!!! Arghhhhh haha. I love you guys as hosts and the cast, it’s been wonderful overall! If given the chance, I would definitely play again.

    Signing off,
    The Legend of Arceus
    Theslayqueenb   Congrats  @iiAmySunshine on your win!!! Also @Arceus for making it this far and also the mole @Micks!!!!! 
    Venus258   I knew Micks were faking answers, i told him he was faking answers and he played the dumb 5564684169 times. Well, at least I got the winner and the mole right. RIP
    JaMarcus_Russell   Geez Amy, stop being so good ;)
    Arceus   omg i hecka smart
    NInjaTurtleDude   YASSSSS AMY!!! Damn, I wasn't expecting @Micks to be the Mole. This game is awesome. Sign me up for Season 2!!!!!!
    Margaret   @Ginger7 you didn't pick the winner so nothing oop, sorry 
    Ginger7   what do I win
    Micks   LMAO at EG saving venus's ass in round 1. 
    Jqred   @Micks Good Job lol. @iiAmySunshine Congrats!
    CalebJ2005   Congrats Amy!!! BUT @Micks HOW HOW HOW
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 30, 2017 21:12
    The Mole KMN | Episode 10 | "I'm here at final 3 baby!"
    Spoiler alert!
    m1chael   @greenbay712 i think you should try again :P
    Typo   prediction: Amy is mole, micks wins
    Margaret   @angeloxpo 
    angeloxpo   Omg youre doing it on purpose... i wanna know who the mole is
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 29, 2017 20:25
    The Mole KMN | Episode 9 | "I just hope I make final test and WIN!"
    Spoiler alert!
    angeloxpo   omg im still crying venus deserved to win legend
    GirlBye32   I knew @Micks is the mole I KNEW IT
    Draco   ok thanks. @Margaret @ArcturusDean
    ArcturusDean   @xDimentio probably because whoever is the Mole technically isn't a contestant
    Margaret   @xDimentio as I said to Arceus a few eps ago, there is one mole and  two participants, the mole get no place so technically there is still just 1st and 2nd place to get.
    Draco   There's a typo on the pick to wins list. Why does it say "3rd place" but there's 3 people left in the game?
    angeloxpo   omg venus robbed
    Margaret   @Big_Brother_Fan just if he/she wants to since these questions are about him/her :) so there's no need actually 
    Peyton   Does the mole compete in the final test?
    riddler7900   @margaret thanks i missed that while reading the conversations.I remeber her less then i remember mary.Besides kathy erik chet  and natalie the fans arent as memorable
    Nicolas   Rip Venus , no :(
    Margaret   @riddler7900 Tracy Hughes-Wolf season 16
    Cartur   Congrats Carter! You won the PTW!
    riddler7900   im gonna be super annoyed when i find out but who is the first person in amys survivor i know everyone else
    Cartur   As part of an in game twist, America has chosen to give Amy a care package, as the winner of this care package you have won 10 extra jury votes!
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 29, 2017 00:00
    The Mole KMN | Episode 8 | "If Amy isn't the Mole, then I'm so confused. "
    Spoiler alert!
    Margaret   @TJP1122 thank you for playing again, you are great player TJ! :)
    TJP1122   Incredible game! Thank you to you three for letting me have this opportunity to play this game :)
    Arceus   The show is almost over! :(
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 27, 2017 23:43
    The Mole KMN | Episode 7 | "They decide to DESTROY our pot!"
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   @kongowongo LOL I agree with you ;). He wanted everything for himself.
    kongowongo   I'd be really disappointed if Amy turns out to be the mole.  Imo, a good mole wouldn't just blatantly spend chips like this.  They'd maniulate the situation somehow and make someone else spend this absurd amount of chips while casting suspicion on them.  Possibly by planning on pissing a player off last round so they'd be more willing to be selfish this round.
    iiAmySunshine   I'm not vile, so that's kind of rude. I'm actually really nice, but you just never speak to me
    Nightgem677   Lol Amy is prob the mole 
    Nieklaus   I am most definitely not joking Amy
    Arceus   This day was such a messed. xD
    iiAmySunshine   @Nieklaus, honestly I hope you're joking because I didn't want to have to do that (it's also just a game), but they were beng shady to me earlier in the day so I didn't trust anyone tbqh.
    Nieklaus   Why is Amy so Vile? My god
    Peyton   Amy is the mole I bet lmfao
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 24, 2017 23:00
    The Mole KMN | Episode 6 | "Mole detector beep beep BEEP...*
    Spoiler alert!
    Micks   sorry @xStqqd
    Arceus   @ArcturusDean I do talk in the main chat. If you mean the challenge chat, then wasn't on. 
    ArcturusDean   I like how the cast call it the "Big Coral Reef" and "Opera Sydney" lmao. I think Arceus is the Mole because he like says nothing in the chat.... :D
    Margaret   @Nicolas me when you know nothing hun :/
    Nicolas   @Margaret I am scared I can't keep a secret :/
    Margaret   @Nicolas just go away, ok? :)
    Nicolas   @Margaret "YAS" clear enuf, tysm :)))
    Cartur   When my PTW is the mole....
    Arceus   @Margaret 
    Margaret   Arceus...
    Arceus   @JaMarcus_Russell it's suppose to be an inside joke, but I revealed the name. oops
    Arceus     Arceus 
    I heard Canada is continent...

    JaMarcus_Russell   Arceus
    I heard Canada is continent...
    Arceus   I heard Canada is continent... 
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 23, 2017 23:28
    The Mole KMN | Episode 5 | "I see letters on the walls of my house."
    Spoiler alert!
    m1chael   @Arceus lol not at all  :P  But nobody else checked  :P
    Gurgs   Yeah sorry guys! Thats what you get when you drop your phone in a spa pool lmao, but great game thanks Margaret, NiQi and Krystian! 
    Fergalicious   Ohhhh I wonder who the mole is *Glares at Mckenna*
    Arceus   I mean it wasn't mandatory but we just want a sense of who is actually here just casually talking.

    @m1chael do you stare at your screen 24/7 to see pandora box? LOL  
    Micks   I mean I didn't think that was mandatory. I was active in all challenges, live or not, and talked whenever we were taling about the actual game.
    Arceus   I mean @Micks you dont really engaged in conversation in the main chat. That's what she probably thinks.
    iiAmySunshine   Oh yeah... Who? *Giggles*
    m1chael   ok after this episode it's clear who is the mole :P
    Micks   me being called inactive
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 21, 2017 20:27
    The Mole KMN | Episode 4 | "Please don't eliminate Venus."
    Spoiler alert!
    gothyemo   i swear the same person opens the box each time
    Arceus   @Jqred I hope you get 20th in that sc.
    Jqred   @Arceus dumb
    Arceus   uhhhh @JaMarcus_Russell stfu you hoe.
    JaMarcus_Russell   @Arceus ooo get wreckd boii
    Arceus   ahh my mistake :p
    Margaret   @Arceus nope hun because one of you is the mole and he get no place :D so generally its 11 participants and one mole! :D
    Arceus   @Margaret babe isnt it 12th, 11th, 10th & 9th :p
    m1chael   hahaha obviously i am the mole :) u know that better than me @Arceus :P
    Arceus   How do you keep opening these Pandora's Boxes @m1chael. omg you're the mole!
    Jay   That was a dramatic episode.
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 19, 2017 17:05
    The Mole KMN | Episode 3 | "U people are so annoying... you should delete yourself not a message."
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   @m1chael uhhh rude, how dare you think of messing up one of your math buddies. good thing it was the other and not me xD
    angeloxpo   go venus, stqqd,  tjp, arceus and micks!!
    m1chael   haha i should have Arc :( I am sorry TJP :P
    Arceus   lol michael almost tried -1 me
    Jay   That cast was dramatic and seemed sneaky
    GirlBye32   #TopazWasRobbed
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 17, 2017 22:53
    The Mole KMN | Episode 2 | "My vagina looks suspicious... not me."
    Spoiler alert!
    Margaret   I wrote his because when Im thinking "The Mole" im thinking male but it doesnt mean The Mole's man :) Next time Ill watch out what Im writing and how Im writing tho :)
    gothyemo   so the mole is a male ...
    Margaret   @Gemini thank You :)
    Gemini   This is really well done you guys ..Impressed!!! :))
    Arceus   Omg @m1chael has been opening these pandora's box in the beginning!!!!
    Alanster   ;( 
    Margaret   @xStqqd we will reveal test points in the last ep :)
    McKenna   EpI thought u were saying how many we got right in each wp
  • Margaret
    MargaretAugust 16, 2017 17:57
    The Mole KMN | Episode 1 | "It turned from the mole to the hole."
    Spoiler alert!
    Margaret   you can always apply*
    Margaret   @gothyemo there will be probably more seasons so you can always to the next one 
    gothyemo   i wish i was chosen
    Margaret   @Arceus lmao we told u all we will do ep hahahahahah
    Arceus   When I didn't even know you were making episodes, but I have a lack of confessionals... LOL
    JonJ   Great episode, I'm looking forward to follow this game
    iiAmySunshine   @xStqqd doesn't like me? :(
    m1chael   Pandora is my new friend :P
    Jay   "Jay: i dont like anyone here" haha
    Jqred   Awesome episode :)
  • Margaret
    MargaretJuly 28, 2017 14:56
    THE MOLE - *Cast Reveal* and PICK TO WIN
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   @Big_Brother_Fan
    Thanks for being my fan/support! XD
    Peyton   @Arceus, Yup, and even if I got to pick first it still would've been you!
    Arceus   LMAO @Big_Brother_Fan always picks me.
    specht   i am too late again....
    Jay   me being picked 2nd to last is not acceptable!
    Margaret   @TJDawgiestlye Should I know something about this? 
    TJDawgiestyle   So what's up with that twerk video Margaret
    Margaret   ------ CLOSED-------
    Rokas   Gurgs!
    Icelina   @Margaret The things I think funny usually are pardon my weird sense of humor!
    Margaret   @Icelina 
    Icelina   @Margaret LOL IK that's what I was saying
    Margaret   @Icelina EG is already picked so...
    Icelina   @Margaret me when I think I got the person I wanted when in reality I didn't!
    Patrick71101   Jay
    Margaret   @Gurgs and @Jay left to pick :)
    Icelina   Ugh. Alan
    Typo   stooda
    Icelina   EG!!
    Ginger7   Honestly I'm in love with the iconic trio of Krysstian \ Niqi \ Margaret
    Ginger7   Micks ma bae
    joeyc   m1chael
    Peyton   arceus
    ShanaeT   @TJP1122
    Cartur   Amy 
    Margaret   @Jay you can't pick yourself :) 
    ChrisDWa   @GirlBye32
    Jay   i pick Jay
    pvd   Evilgenious448
    Nicolas   oh sorry i mean @Venus258 ,  my bad :)
    Nicolas   @Pluto , since who else would do it ://
    Runaways   Mckenna
  • Krysstian
    KrysstianJuly 15, 2017 21:51
    Spoiler alert!
    Margaret   ---------- CLOSED -----------
    Margaret   @TheDemonicM finally you'll have skype hahaha
    TheDemonicM   This looks awesome :) tempted to start Skype just to have a chance at getting in lol
    Evilgenious448   Oh sorry, I mistyped below, let me try agian, my hand slipped

    Name: EG
    Age: 21
    Rank: 30
    Skype: you have it
    Activity (1-10) be honest: As little as I need to put in, but enough to ensure my win. So like trying to max out my effort per return
    Why do you wanna play?: Because I want to win and I am going to win. Simple
    Margaret   @Evilgenious448 you can't apply as @Puffs in there :)
    Evilgenious448   Name: Noah (Puffs)
    Age: 20
    Rank: 48
    Skype: onemannoah
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 69
    Why do you wanna play?: Because I will win and slay these hoes
    Allen   Name: Dolphin
    Age: 16
    Rank: 997
    Skype: bigbrotherfan0563
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: I love watching the mole and it would honestly be really cool to play it myself. If I win the game it will show people I can compete so bring it on!
    Icelina   Name: Brady
    Age: 15
    Rank: 2580
    Skype: bzim7 icon
    Activiy- 9 Probably
    Why do you wanna play: I am awesome at solving murder mysteries as well as uncovering information and lies, I feel this game will be a time where I can show redemption and prove I can win games!
    Name: Brittany
    Age: 18
    Rank: 252
    Skype: ZBrittany101
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 10 
    Why do you wanna play?: I'm bored lol

    McKenna   Name:McKenna
    Rank:119 i think l0l
    Skype:u all have it but its stoodpinee -_-
    Activity (1-10) be honest:10 obviously, well 9 bc kryss is a host
    Why do you wanna play?:Because i love every single host *except krysstian :)* and i love the mole so just cast me ok? ok
    RobbedGodess   Name: Shawn
    Age: 17
    Rank: 133
    Skype: Shawndorman12
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9 (I have work and drivers ed but Im playing 2 games right now while doing it and im fine!) One of them is ending soon because im in the final 3 of The Apprentice.
    Why do you wanna play?: I would love to have some expierience in different game formats, Ive won Totem 4, TDF Dance Moms, an Anonymous FLS as a Twin Twist.. All totally different game concepts where I had to change my strategy in order to do well and take the win! Each game I play that I get into I give it my all to win. I would really love to try this game out because it seems very Unique and I would love to add this amazing memory wall to my Profile Page! :)
    CalebJ2005   Hey! I sadly cant play but i do recomend @iiAmySunshine  or @m1chael Good Luck <3
    (my last one was very lackluster)
    Name: Dean
    Age: 18
    Rank: 547
    Skype: Dylan (ArcturusDean)
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: I really love the format! I think I'll do well. I love lying to people and calling others out for lying. I'll cause drama AND play smart. What makes this more epic is you guys, the hosts. @Margaret / @Krysstian / @NiQi you're amazing and I wouldn't be applying to this game if you aren't hosting. I know it'll be epic! I want to be apart of that epicness! I will not disappoint you! :D
    TJP1122   Name: TJ
    Age: 18
    Rank: 207
    Skype: tjpzwooper
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9 (although after August 19th, it might be a little less)
    Why do you wanna play?: I've been waiting for a little bit to play The Mole, and since I am going away to college very soon, I'm concerned about my continual involvement on this site. I'd love in the case that I become significantly less active that this game is my last hoorah. I think this brings together my love of games such as The Mole and Whodunnit where you have to be a detective like young TJ wanted to be, and I truly think I can show the hosts, players, and audience how to play this style of game. I'm so excited to get this opportunity, so I'd love to play this game.
    Margaret   @Big_Brother_Fan its so nice of you to recommend her! : ) Thanks!
    Peyton   I can't apply due to going away but I recommend you cast @Venus258. She is such a loyal and hardcore player, and one who is underrated. Gl with hosting the game :-)
    Margaret   @Arceus haha :D
    Arceus   p.s. @Krysstian is cute ;)
    mepole   Name: Michael
    Age: 20
    Rank: 234
    Skype: mepole1
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: Because it sounds extremely fun, and i have never played a game of this format before. Besides, I like to think I have a fiarly good head on my shoulders, and want to test my intellect against this format of game.
    Nickg24689   Name: Nick
    Age: 16
    Rank: 536
    Skype: Nick Gendro
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play? It seems fun and I like the sence of being mysterious and trying to go undetected. Adds layers to the game!
    Nates_great   Nate
    sounnds like a really fun game to try
    Wcplays   Name: Drake
    Age: 17
    Rank: 1292
    Skype: wcplays
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: I've been a fan of the mole ever since I've seen the show I literally played along in every season of any mole of seen, I took notes I literally have a mole notebook xD I know what to look for and what not to look for and hopefully I can show you what my strategy coming into the whole game is. I've played in two or three mole games and I have either been the mole or been pretty close to figuring out who the mole is however I think I would bring a factor of entertainment to the game,
    kenjielicious   Name; Kenjielicious
    Age; 25
    Rank: 845
    Skype: kenjielicious
    Actitivty 10

    I love to play: because im a fan of this reality game shows.. and im a very social player..i will show you how i play..
    Arceus   Name: Arcy 
    Age: 21
    Rank: 84
    Skype: You have it. 
    Activity (1-10) be honest: I'll probably be at a 7. 
    Why do you wanna play?: I want to play because I really like the three of you being hosts and this game seems to be pretty interesting. I want to play a game that's different and this is that game! I think Margaret is cute ;) 
    lilmaq2   Name: Michael
    Age: 22
    Rank: 418
    Skype: you have it
    Activity (1-10) be honest: prob like 7 recently tbh
    Why do you wanna play?: bc I think Krystian is cute ;) and the format seems fun and I think I'll do well lol
    Phoenix723   Name: Aiden
    Age: 13
    Rank: 127
    Skype: I believe you have it
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 7-8
    Why do you wanna play?: I want to play in this game because I love the concept. I've been inactive on zwoop for a little bit now and this would help me become active again. I'd love to play and have fun. 

    Name: Venus
    Age: 18

    Rank: Today it’s 635, but i highly recommend you  to enter my profile and see in the day, because it’s constantly changing
    Skype: you have it
    Activity: 9 to 10 most of the time

    Why i want to play: [bad english] Well, i’ve never played any group game in zwooper yet, and i think it’s going to be a good experience, plus, i already participated of some detective games in other sites, it’s a little bit diferent but the concept is almost the same, so i think i’ll be good in it. I already watched the first season of The Mole U.S (because we don’t have The Mole here in my country hohohohoho), so i have some base, of course it’s going to be way diferent, since your game is not taking a lot of the U.S version, but living and learning, right? It’s not going to be that difficult to learn the mechanics anddd, I want to see how far I can go in this game too, it seems interesting and i'm desperate for a pastime :p [/bad english]          

    cmgorilla   Name: Caleb
    Age: 16
    Skype: caleb.marcellus
    Activity Level (1-10) be honest: 10, I have no life
    Why do you want to play?: This game looks so fun, i'm good at manipulating people. I can tell who is lying and who isn't and i wanna win some chips :P. I can promise i will be active 100% 
    SteliosDeGriek   Name:Stelios
    Activity (1-10) be honest: at least 7
    Why do you wanna play?:I have watched the dutch version of this show  before and its awesome so i would love to get a chance to play it

    Name: Dav
    Age: 13
    Rank: 286
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8/10
    Why do you wanna play?: The format of this game looks awesome, as soon as I saw this post I was interested and went to go watch the show and loved it! so I would def like to play in this game and see if it goes out as fun as its expected to be (:

    Micks   Name: Michael
    Age: 15
    Rank: 176
    Skype: Micks_Zwooper
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9, but if the game goes past august 30th it will probably be more like an 8 starting then.  
    Why do you wanna play?: Someone else hosted the mole a long time ago and I had to leave during it, but it was tons of fun,so I would love to play the mole again and this tike actually be there for the whole game. 
    nikias   Name:Nikias
    Activity (1-10) be honest:8,5
    Why do you wanna play?:Because i wanna see what i can do in this intersting game.
    ujmlkio   Name: Ujmlkio
    Rank: 1013
    Activity: 9/10
    Why do I wanna play: Because I think I can win
    specht   like this a lot
    GirlBye32   Name: 
    Age: 20
    Rank: 323....It's like 123 but backwards with no 1 and with 3 (:::::
    Skype: Kim.Lynch.Zwooper
    Activity (1-10) be honest: Well August-July: 10. September: 2.
    Why do you wanna play?: Because I think I will try my best to win! Im very fierce and competitive, and I have the intelligence to manipulate people. Plus Im a very calm and understanding so It will be easy to work with me during the game as hosts nor fellow players!
    ArcturusDean   Name: Dean
    Age: 18
    Rank: 547
    Skype: Dylan (ArcturusDean)
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8
    Why do you wanna play?: Great Hosts, Great Format, Great Fun
    gothyemo   Application:
    Name: Kha
    Age: 19
    Rank:  180
    Skype: gothy-emo
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 6

    Why do you wanna play? 

    I love games such as mafia and spyfall where its required to find someone who is secretly betraying the group. I am an avid epicmafian and I have always loved watching the mole. I think this would be a very successful group game and I will be very happy to play (:
    joey2121   Name: Joey
    Age: 20
    Rank: 724
    Skype: Joey Palumbo
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9.9
    Why do you wanna play?: The mole is a very exciting game and I've always wanted to play it. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes down and I really want to win a whole bunch of chips
    Daisy67pet   Darn! The game starts the day I leave town.
    Jay   Application:
    Name: JAY
    Age: 22
    Rank: 70
    Skype: jay1995.zwooper
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 6
    Why do you wanna play?: Because I am damn flawless
    Name: George
    Age: 16 
    Rank: 594
    Skype: Gurgs
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 10
    Why do you wanna play?: This looks super fun and I'd love to give it a go. I've never played a group game like it and it looks really intense and like a lot of fun :)
    kongowongo   Name: Kongo
    Age: 30
    Rank: 434
    Skype: kongowongo Z
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8-9
    Why do you wanna play?:  I've been wanting to play The Mole since I joined this site.  I don't have to care if anyone else likes me or not, as long as I stay aware.
    Name: Michael
    Age: 28
    Rank: 261
    Skype: you have it
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 8-10 (some days i may be busy :P)
    Why do you wanna play?:  1st of all the idea of this game is wow.. amazing concept.. also all three of you are great players and people in zwooper community so i am really excited that you decided to host this game and i def want to be part of it :)
    iiAmySunshine   Name: Amy
    Age: 17
    Rank: 333
    Skype: Pplluvmexoxo
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: Because, I love the whole idea of this game and have been looking foward to playing it for years now! I am social enough to get to know people and see just how good/bad of a lair they are. I am strategic enough to know when I'm being lied to and how to fix that problem and lastly, I am good in challenges and could keep the team from flopping like a bunch of fish!
    Alanster   Name: Alan
    Age: 13
    Rank: 313
    Skype: you have it
    Activity (1-10) be honest: 9
    Why do you wanna play?: I like The Mole. I've waiting for a game like this for months. This seems fun and new so i want to try it.
    Margaret   @Coreyrw yeah create one then! :D
    Coreyrw   Darn wish I had Skype. One of these days i am going to make one. So many games take place there. Logo

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