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  • Wild
    WildApril 16, 2019 00:02
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 8 | "I'm just returning a favor"
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   fixed
    waterkid6   I wasn’t tagged right D:
  • Wild
    WildApril 06, 2019 03:37
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 7 | "I ain't no quitter!"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Bailey   Noooooooooooo 
    i was rooting for you @Typo
  • Wild
    WildApril 04, 2019 22:18
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 6 | "I'm Going Down Swinging"
    Spoiler alert!
    JonJ   Robbed! #NinjaStrong 
    Jourdan   oh wow the chase has gone up so much in quality since my season damn
  • Wild
    WildMarch 30, 2019 20:29
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 5 | "I gave it my best shot"
    Spoiler alert!
    davidprincipe29   Danny REALLY did that.
    popular   4 person elim..... yikes
    Brxan   when is wilds legacies season 2
    Nates_great   oh my wow
    MKtyler23   holy... shit...
    Wadz13   Holy shit 
  • Wild
    WildMarch 24, 2019 21:01
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 4 | "Baa goes the sheep straight to the slaughter"
    Spoiler alert!
    chesskid   oop and devon, but devon's been getting votes...
    chesskid   DannyT playing hella UTR, been safe the whole time, and nothing more.
    RussellvsRob2019   Revenge Loki Activated 
  • Wild
    WildMarch 21, 2019 03:09
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 3 | "I just love llamas!"
    Spoiler alert!
    TawniRae   Llama ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    IrishCraic   FECK! meant to rate plus 5 NOT 1....great ep thou as always dude!
  • Wild
    WildMarch 17, 2019 03:29
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 2 | "Your paranoia is pissing me off!"
    Spoiler alert!
    RussellvsRob2019   fucking love your episodes 
    Aaliyahh   This game itself is super interesting! I enjoy reading all of the posts in the players are absolutely amazing as well!
  • Wild
    WildMarch 14, 2019 01:13
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Episode 1 | "You're supposed to be a comp god!"
    Spoiler alert!
    MKtyler23   this bitch got a 20. now you all know not to cast icky allen
    ArcturusDean   How the hell can you get 16 in Numbers game. I can't even get lower than 100
    Wadz13       ​ This season already looking gr8
    SharonMaItems   I'm Typo getting screwed over by Mystery. I'm going to the viewing lounge yes PLEASE!
    Typo   where’s my wounded warrior edit
    RussellvsRob2019   #TeamSarah
  • Wild
    WildMarch 11, 2019 02:18
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Memory Wall Reveal and PTW
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   PTW is Closed!
    Wild   boojess claimed Ninja and Amy claimed Allen in pm's on Discord. 
    jfite9   tj
    Patrick71101   Allen c:
    davidprincipe29   Spencer
    Wild   5 spots available! Allen (2), Ninja (1), TJ (1), waterkid (1)
    Joseph   Peyton
    CDogBro   Ninja!
    YourBoy   Kenya
    Wild   Still several spots open! Allen (2), AngelOfWater (1), Ninja (2), Peyton (1), TJDawgiestyle (1), waterkid (1)
    Madskie00017   @Typo
    Madskie00017   Geri
    BostonRobby   Tawni
    Bye   Daddy Devon!
    joey2121   DEVON
    sagiking365   @DannyT
    ExoticSimmer   Peyton
    mila   Geri
    McKenna   whoever is available
    popular   Typo
    Sammy   Kenya
    MKtyler23   DannyT
    ArcturusDean   Mystery
    SharonMaItems   @AngelofWater
    Wild   If you are saying Danny, I am considering it's xxcwrunner. If you want DannyT, please say DannyT.
    Aaron1121   Nvm someone chose him I want sly
    Aaron1121   Danny
    TheBreeze   Wait change to @Mystery
    TheBreeze   Kenya
    Crazyrockina   Boston
    theawesometwin   tawni
    MKtyler23   wwx
    chesskid   danny
    Sweetkitties9   Boston rob 
    Runaways   sarah
    ChrisDWa   @waterkid6
    TJP1122   Loki
    TJP1122   Loki
    SpartanX   Sly
    PacoP   GARRY
    Wadz13   Danny
  • Wild
    WildMarch 11, 2019 02:10
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Cast Reveal | Final 4 Competitors
    Spoiler alert!
    iiAmySunshine   Can't wait for another great season! :D
    MKtyler23   this cast is partly good but.. then their is allen
  • Wild
    WildMarch 11, 2019 02:01
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Cast Reveal | Competitors 9-12
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    NInjaTurtleDude   I'm back, bitches!!!!!
  • Wild
    WildMarch 11, 2019 01:43
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Cast Reveal | Competitors 5-8
    Spoiler alert!
    Allen   it was mentioned it the theme that it's fans vs favs
    theawesometwin   So hwat about the other 8 people? Why don't you just make like another whole season for returnees or just have them in limited amounts (2-4) whether than making the same number of new players as old. That would be fine with me if it was specified in the theme.
    Wild   Zach, the previous winner always returns. That's true in every season. 
    theawesometwin   this is honestly like fans vs favs or something... like last season's winner is playing again? tf
  • Wild
    WildMarch 11, 2019 01:30
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Cast Reveal | Competitors 1- 4
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    IrishCraic   I would watch those 4 debate politics and religion
  • Wild
    WildMarch 01, 2019 00:20
    The Chase 7: Gates of Atlantis | Format, Dates, Prizes, and Apps!
    Spoiler alert!
    Wild   Apps are now closed.
    devon19   NEWBIE APP

    NAME: Devon 
    Discord: Devon19#2554
    Level of Activity: 8, I won’t be on while I shower or sleep. 

    Define Your Gameplay: I know that I am viewed as a social threat and don’t get me wrong, my social game is and always will be my bread and butter. I have learned though through time and many, many other games that you need to have an adaptive gameplay. You need to be able to read into what is happening and apply a gameplay that works for that situation. Being overly social one day and then distant the next may be what’s needed to get further in the game. Sometimes just sitting down and shutting up works. 

    Notable Group Game experience: ZBB 3 times, I Love Money twice, Byevivor twice and many more. 

    Why do you want to play: I love group games, period. The social aspect really intrigues me and in the end I love being able to do well in them. I want to win this thing though, so I want to come in and apply some more honed skills and a fresh gameplay and reinvent myself a little. I think I can add great strategy and some entertainment that will certainly spice up the season. I want to come in and take the game by storm and show that I still have what it takes and can wreck a few peoples games. 

    White Chocolate 

    New Player Application

    Name: Aaliyah
    Discord: Aaliyah#6089
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9

    Define your Gameplay: I have never played a group game so I am not quite sure what I am getting myself into, although I can say that I am someone who sticks true to what I say and I am naturally level-headed in all situations. I let no individual try to dictate my actions and try to get others to understand that by being confrontational, nothing will ever be rightfully resolved. I am a respectful, caring individual that is very approachable! My kindness at times may be my weakness although I can say that I plan to do what I need to do for my own individual game in order to make it farther within without causing too much bloodshed.

    Notable Group Game Exp: As previously stated, I have never played a group game.

    Why do you want to play: I just logged back into this site after being gone for many years. I think that by allowing myself to intertwine in these group games, that it will allowme to be able to get to know more about the community of Zwooper as a whole. I believe that every individual you meet allows you to learn one or multiple lessons, whether they may be a positive or a potentially negative impact upon you. Ultimately, if I wind up being eliminated within the game, I will walk out the same way that I walked in: classy, courteous and confident in how I perceive myself to others. :) 

    Sweetkitties9   Ruturnee app
    Name: Alex
    Discord: Sweetkitties9#0340
    Level of activity(1-10): 10 always
    Define your gameplay: i have a very loyal personality, but i realize when its the right time to make a move, well sometimes. Timing is everything in these games. I want to be friends with everyone so that way they can feel comfortable with me. 
    Previous season played and placement: Last season. Got 7th :/
    Why do you deserve redemption? Last season, i feel like i played too hard too fast, and it eventually came back around to bite me in the butt. i had to show my comp skills way too early all cause of a twist. I made a lot of mistakes during my season, but im here to finish what i started. i will not just roll over and die. I was so close to the finish, yet so far. After last season i took a pretty good break. Now, i'm ready to play harder than ever before and i won't let anyone get in the way of that. 
    TJDawgiestyle   Name: Tjdawgiestyle 
     Discord: @Tyrell #4719
     Level of Activity (1-10): 9
     Define your Gameplay: Blatantly insulting but underestimated 
     Notable Group Game Exp: 
    -I Love Money 3 and 7 (12th, Winner) -Vinvivor 2 3 and All Stars (8th, 11th, 12th) ZBB 11 14 and USA (15th, 8th, 4th)
     Why do you want to play: I like having my back against the wall and being able to work under pressure and with a "knife to my throat". I'm also a strategic player to the bone and can rationalize any move and take advantage of any playerbase  
    Geri   Name: Geri
    Discord: Geri#9167
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay: In one word: Perfection :D
    Notable Group Game Exp: A lot, I did not get worse than 6th yet. AHS Allstar, Survivor Heroes Vs villains, Power Play, Hunger games, NBB1, Chopped, Void 2, etc
    Why do you want to play: I pretty much was a fan of season 3-6, so season 7 is definitely my cup of tea 
    Chriss   Returnee App

    Name: Chris

    Discord: BostonRob524#0377

    Level of Activity (1-10): Now 9

    Define your Gameplay: My gameplay is simply to my thoughts the perfect mixture of Social, Strategic, and Physical skills. You use your social skills to create bonds and make alliances. You then use those bonds made to successfully make the strategic moves youd like to make. The physicality is used in the sense to get what you want.

    Previous Season played and Placement: Season 4 - 12th Place

    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I deserve redemption because when Ii applied for Season 4 I really thought I had the time to be active and really give the game my all and sadly I had a lot of personal issues come up and I was not able to do so! I am now very active and able to compete my heart out and give this game my all! If you are having any doubts about that just ask @evanw919 as he was hesitant to cast me for that reason and I went showed him the biggest activity and really played the game hard, as I would in this game! I have always loved the format and would love the chance to comeback and really redeem myself for the lack luster, short lived run I had the last time!!
    NInjaTurtleDude   Returnee App

    Name: Ninja
    Discord: gayninja99 #8449
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10
    Define your Gameplay:  I am loyal to my allies and I have a good physical game. But whenever something goes wrong, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and make some moves.
    Previous Season played and Placement: I competed in Season 4 (Cyberstorm) and finished in 3rd place.
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I played a really solid game back in season 4, but that F3 jury vote screwed me over. If only I had survived that, I would've won that season. I want to play again because I know I can win this game. I just need to step up my game a bit more.
    carter3978   Name:Carter
    Level of Activity (1-10):  9
    Define your Gameplay: I play strategically and socially to bring me safety. Do big moves behind the curtain so they suspect someone else 
    Notable Group Game Exp: The Class: 5th Place The Void: Tied for 4th Place(Amazing Race Round)

    Why do you want to play: I want to play because I have only been in a small amount of group games  and get blindsided in the 5th/4th place mark and get betrayed by my allies when I need them most and they win becuase they play a "stragetic game'. This Time I want to be on the other side and win my   first group game. I want reddemtion even though I am a new player from other group games and prove to everyoneone I am a great player!
    AgusII   Name: Agustin
    Discord: PineyAust#9924
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay: Drama, strategy, friendship?
    Notable Group Game Exp: nothing
    Why do you want to play: I am willing to fight and make myself earn my flat right
    AndrewIsLit   Name: Andrew
    Discord: AndrewIsLit#4633
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay: I play very strategically.
    Notable Group Game Exp: 
    ABBUK (First Public): 2nd place
    Chopped 9/16
    Why do you want to play: I want to play because this seems like it would be a very fun game. I would be playing as a major underdog. I have been on for a year and 1/4 and just started played group discord games 5 months ago. I feel like me getting 2nd in Allen's BBUK is a big accomplishment for a newbie. This game seems really fun and I think I could manage to get far in it! 
    DankDrake   Name: DRAAAAAAAAAAAAKE
    Discord: U HaVE iT
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    Previous Season played and Placement: 6 AND WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: IDK LOL I PROBABLY DON'T
    XxDanielxX   Name: Daniel
    Discord: Daniel#1643
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8, I'm active in any games I'm in
    Define your Gameplay: Big moves always!
    Notable Group Game Exp: DannyT's The Challenge Fusion
    Why do you want to play: I'm currently in my first group game and I've really enjoyed it up until now and hence why I would like to play in another. I like that this game isn't like the normal coded ones, which means that I get to test myself in games that I wouldn't normally be used to playing. I may not be known on Zwooper, but anybody who has played with me knows that I'm a competitor and I want to show this community that I am somebody who comes to play. This would hopefully allow me to get my name out there.
    Icelina   Name: Brady
    Discord: Icelina #4101
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9.5/10
    Define your Gameplay: I am a strong-willed player. Since SEASON ONE :o  I think I have grown a lot as a player. I want to show people that not everything I do is drama related, but I can also play the game and play it HARD.
    Previous Season played and Placement: Season 1, 1st Boot. The FIRST PERSON EVER ELIMINATED FROM THE CHASE
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: So as you know, I harass you on Discord all the time telling you to have a Redemption season. As you know I am a HUGE fan of "The Chase" I have applied for every season that I have been eligible to play ever since I went first in Season 1. You know how bad I want this. I have been begging you to give me the chance to come back. I WAS THE FIRST PERSON EVER VOTED OUT!!! I MADE HISTORY! I want to show people that two years later, I can still make huge moves and wins comps. I really want to show growth. I have been waiting for this the longest out of EVERYONE ON THIS SITE to come back. I don't want this, I need this. This time around I am not bitching out. I am going to win and I will make my mark on this game. KNOW that. PLEASE PICK ME!
    RussellvsRob2019   please don’t make me play against david again tysm 
    ArcturusDean   Name: Dean
    Discord: arcturusdean#4616
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your Gameplay: Weak, Terrible, Failure
    Previous Season played and Placement: Last in something, it's been repressed
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: Because I Suck and I'm ready to at least survive one week!
    ArcturusDean   Name: Dean
    Discord: arcturusdean#4616
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your Gameplay: Weak, Terrible, Failure
    Previous Season played and Placement: Last in something, it's been repressed
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: Because I Suck and I'm ready to at least survive one week!
    davidprincipe29   Returnee Application:

    Name: David
    Discord: You got it.
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10000
    Define your gameplay: Socially savvy, competitive, "never give up" attitude, underdog
    Previous season you played and placement: S1 (3rd place), S3 (15th place), All-Stars (2nd place)
    Why do you deserve redemption: Because I've come so close on two separate seasons and I feel like I've learned from my previous experiences to take home the win this time.
    Daisy67pet   Name: Charlie
    Discord: Daisy67pet#5946
    Level of Activity (1-10): Usually 9, but I just got a new puppy so for the first few days it might be a 7-ish. Also, there's this random day in April that there's a small chance I won't be able to be active that day (family thing) but I'm pretty sure it's after the game ends.
    Define your Gameplay: I usually lay low in the first few rounds building relationships and depending on how the game's gone so far, I decide if I want to be a hero/villain/ringleader/follower until the leader gets inevitably blindsided/etc.
    Notable Group Game Exp:
    Ryguy's Power Play 2 - 2/18 (First Public Group Game, got 2nd)
    Big Brother Overload - 5/15
    HS9 - 14/18 (First important group game I ever competed in)
    Kiwiconnor's The Voice - 4th/16
    Why do you want to play:
    Group games that deviate from the standard format are always my favorite, which is probably why 3/4 of my listed notable group games aren't just survivor/BB. This seems like something different and if my memory isn't failing me I've applied for a few seasons now. While I don't like games that are so heavily based on comps, it'll be nice to "cleanse my palate" for a change.
    Also the VIP prize definitely doesn't hurt. 
    Nolan   Name: Nolan (DONT confuse me for Mystery I'm not that toxic :P)
    Discord: NolanX10#2218
    Level of Activity (1-10):8.66
    Define your Gameplay: I'm the Type of person who builds relationships off competition wins. I have high standards when it comes to winning competitions so often then when people come to me I use my competition wins to help build relationships with people. I don't have a one dimensional gameplay I like to think multiple steps ahead, even though in this format it might be difficult I can see how important a social game is for a game like this.
    Notable Group Game Exp: JohnnyScotts The Challenge Freshmeat, DannyT's The Challenge Fusion
    Why do you want to play: I'm Originally from Tengaed so that gives me a bad rap. There's a vip prize so thats a pretty big motivation as well, I want to show people that I have the skills available to win on Tengaged and Discord. The format seems right up my alley and I want to try to put my name out there in terms of competitors.
    waterkid6   Name: Spencer!
    Discord: y’all have it ;)))
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your Gameplay: Social mayhem mwabhaha! But for real, I like to focus on social ties as much as I can to keep myself safe, though I’m not afraid to go for a comp win!
    Previous Season played and Placement: season 6 - 11th
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I got screwed by a player trying to play from the dead even though I was playing quite well until he utterly screwed me. 
    doobee   Name: Josh
    Discord: doobee (Josh)#0238
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay: Up Front,Physical,Pure
    Notable Group Game Exp:ZBBUS,ZBB,The Challenge 3
    Why do you want to play: I love challenge intensive group games.
    Aaron1121   Name: Aaron

    Discord: Aaron121#3136

    Level of Activity (1-10): 9

    Define your Gameplay: My gameplay is very social and strategic. My physical gameplay is not the best, but it can come through when needed. I do think though that my social game will get me through this game and I 100% believe that I can win this. Despite lack of physical gameplay, I still give all my effort no matter what. And if I ever am The Chaser I will always try my best to win it and demolish my enemies. All my moves are extremely calculated, and I take huge risks that will either get me an early boot, or get me to the end. 

    Notable Group Game Exp: The Class: Winner, Survivor Paradox 2nd, The Challenge: Fusion (many more on my profile)

    Why do you want to play: I looked back on the previous episodes and it looks so fun! The format is also very unique, unlike any I’ve played before and I want to see how my gameplay fits into it. I would love to be up there with the other iconic winners too,
    TJP1122   I’m still so upset I can’t apply to this.

    Newbie Application:

    Name: Damian
    Discord: Damian #6922
    Level of Activity: Deff an 8 maybe even a 9 on a good day.
    Gameplay: Well as you know im very blunt very honest. I have no filter alot of the time. Most of the time I try not to hold myself down I dont make too many alliance and I like to talk to everyone to get a feel for where their head is at. I can be very strategic. I will never be the person thats extremely loyal and I will be cut throat if need be. I cause alot of drama in the house and in general im just a bad bitch.
    Notable Group Games: Well the Void 1, I kinda slayed that robbed at second place, I played very strategicley and lost due to one jury vote -.- . I took out the biggest threats to my game and managed to sneak my way to final 2 despite being an unknown bitch. Champions 4, I was a pretty bad bitch I was the "villan" of the season due to how much drama I caused. I played a pretty good game in that to. I always took out the people I wanted to besides one Q.Q . But I managed to make final 3 and get second in that to. 
    Why Do I Want To Play: I want to play because overall when I played this format in the Void I enjoyed it very much. I think its an interesting format and I think I could really run the game if I played. I reckon I would do great give the format is a bit more physical based also I think I could have a really good chance at making finale and possibly winning a game. 


    Nates_great   Returnee App

    Name: Nates
    Discord: nates_great #1010
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8.5
    Define your Gameplay: I am a physical player. I cut throats but im also a loyal ally to the ones I like to stay close with. If I like to find trust in people and have them trust me. I love to be in power
    Previous Season played and Placement: season 4 6th place 
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I was robbed of all-stars. I hold the record for most succesful chases in a season and I only went halfway through the game. imagine what I can do fully. I deserve redemption as I was playing a killer game and got cut short due to some small fatal erors that I now know how to fix. I love the chase and the whole format about it. I die for it. probably my favorite game on zwooper. and Im ready to get back in and destroy once again
    Typo   pardon me being a fucking idiot, I got 16th in zbb18. Zbb20 hasn’t happened yet I’m aware of NOW.
    DankDrake   10/10 would recommend. Great game, great host. Nothing but love for you buddy
    Allen   Name: Allen
    Discord: You got it. ;)
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10... I'm always on stalking someone I'm sure.
    Define your Gameplay: Everyone expects me to go out early, but lately I've been making it pretty far into group games. I know I have the potential to win a game, and I'm getting closer and closer to winning another game each and every day. I'm able to slip by under the radar not looking like a target, but in reality, I am a fierce competitior who has what it takes to win. I won't go down without a fight, and I will give it my all until I have nothing left in me to give. Each and every time someone tries to knock me down, I will get up and fight harder than I did before. 
    Notable Group Game Exp: Winner of Big Brother Revenge 3, Winner of The Cage Blog Game, 2nd in CMIYC 4, 2nd in The Class, 2nd in Trustfall 4, 3rd in Outbreak, 5th in Checkmate 24/7 Choices: Millenials vs Gen X, and 2 time The Cage player (11th in Season 8... I WAS PUSHED! PACO FUCKED ME OVER!). I'm just about the most popular bitch you'll get for the newbies... don't know why you REJECTED me in Season 6! 
    Why do you want to play: It's not like I applied before and gto rejected because of some bitch who went inactive and another bitch who went inactive and like 3 flops. That never happened. Honestly though, this game looks super duper fun, and I really want to get my chance to play! I am loving this format, and I think it's something that can work to my advantage. I would absolutely love to tke on this game with everything I've got!
    Sly1134   Name: Sly

    Discord: SlyColt1134#7849

    Level of Activity (1-10): 9.5/10 Might be slow responding some times at work but in general will be able to be extremely social and would never miss a challenge or an important conversation. 

    Define your Gameplay: I can be the most loyal player to people who earn my trust, but I don't mind using anyone for my own games benefit if they don't manage to get close to me. People also rarely know who exactly is in my circle if they aren't in it and that's been a huge boost in every game I've played.

    Notable Group Game Exp: 3rd in Zones, I made a close alliance with two players in the first or second round and ended up in the final three with them. They consistently showed me why I could trust them and I probably hurt my own chances at winning at the end in order to make sure they were there with me. 7th in Chopped, I wasn't a target early in the game and actually put little effort into comps at the team phase to make sure of that but in the last team round and the start of jury I posted the highest overall score but my team still lost, I ended up going up against two others with only one of us able to stay and won by a large margin. I proceeded to be in elimination for the next several rounds Crushing anyone I played right out of the game until f7 when I didn't try to score high enough based on not having enough knowledge of what a good score in that comp would be. Currently at f12 in The Challenge Fusion, which I will not comment on much other than directing you to the games episodes where I consistently scored in the top 2-3 players for the first several challenges.

    Why do you want to play: I am relatively new to zwooper, and around the time I learned this site had a lot more than simple survivor games and started exploring around more this was the first group game I saw active episodes for. Last season was a blast to follow and I think this format could be an amazing fit for me. I have a decent amount of experience making it at bare minimum past the midway point in every group game I've been in and truly feel I am capable of winning this. Even if I don't go all the way I'd still be thrilled to have the chance to play in such a well run game! 
    Name: Josiah
    Discord: joss_zwooper2014#3776 (ill redownload)
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9

    Define your Gameplay: Loyal, i play like a true Ride or Die ill go hard for my #1 and would go thru hell to make the end with them
    Notable Group Game Exp: Powerplay (5th) top 5 only went up 5th and lost 
    Why do you want to play: i want to finally win a group game. not even win make finals
    sagiking365   Name: sagi
    Discord: sagi1234#6322
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10 
    Define your Gameplay: Quiet, strategic, social
    Notable Group Game Exp: The class S1,Outbreak,Strong S2,Survivor Italy ,Chopped ,ABBUK S1
    Why do you want to play: Because it seems to be a good game and fun and I think you should give me a chance to try and participate in this season because I think I have a good chance to win this game or at least get far in this game
    Ad555   Newbie App

    Name: Adam
    Discord: Adam555#4096
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9-10
    Define your Gameplay: I'm an openly honest joker who is social and loyal to those who want a friend within the game, but never afraid to make the big move when needed. 
    Notable Group Game Exp: None yet on Zwooper. On other websites and forums (I won't mention the name, but you can guess the big one) I have taken part in group games including Survivor and Big Brother. I have also created several group games in the past, which I hope to bring here some time.
    Why do you want to play: Because you've gone to the trouble of making such a lovely application page that's drawn me in and wanted a piece of the action in a game I've never played before. I'm ready for a challenge and I wanna kick bubblegum and chew ass ... no wait that's not right ....
    Mystery   Name: Cameron
    Discord: Awesomeguyrocks#0522
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10
    Define your Gameplay: Loyal, Strategic, Analytical
    Previous Season played and Placement: 1st season and I think I got 7th or 8th
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I deserve redemption because bubble jungle screwed me over and didn't give me enough red bubbles. It was a very fun game and I would definitely love to do it again. I am a sure bet for casting because I give it my all and I proved that the first time around
    PacoP   Name: Paco
    Discord: You Have
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10
    Define your Gameplay: Tactical, Strategic, and Interesting
    Previous Season played and Placement: Season 4 and 5: 4thhh :(
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I don't want 4th and I do think this game is made for me. Sorry for leaving during last season :(
    miss you wild :(
    Runaways   Name: Runaways
    Discord: You have it.
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay: So, last season was gameplay was basically a lot of strategy and drama, there was a healthy balance and I managed to escape FOUR times and managed to get all the way to the top 2 because I expertly always got the target off me and was open to working with everyone, but of course I had my lovely core allies in Alex/Ava who helped.
    Previous Season played and Placement: S6: 2nd
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I think I deserve redemption because, I know I did well and it seems like I don't need it, but I do. I was robbed last season by one question in that stupid quiz. I can only go up so It's much more of a risk to bring me back. Plus, I can bring it all: drama, strategy and fun. Plus, another AS may not actually happen so the fact that is a returnee season feels like it's a sign for me to go back and correct my strategy to be 1st and not 2nd.
    Name: Aiden
    Discord: Ak47man15 #5966
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8
    Define your Gameplay: My gameplay is very different and social. I am horrible at competitions. However, I manage to get very far becaus I talk with people and make people see me as less of a threat
    Notable Group Game Exp: Power Play 2 (3rd), Tommy's Survivor 8 (7th or 8th i dont remember), Anon Survivor: Dungeon of Despair (6th), Trustfall 4 (7th)
    Why do you want to play: I want to play because I have been applying for a long time now and I finally want the chance. This format has always been very original and intiresting. Also, I want to prove that I can finally prove that I have what it takes to win a game. Help this be the one to do it
    SharonMaItems   Name: Sharon
    Discord: SharonMaItems#1074
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay: Socially Honest, Loud, Active, A Bitch when You Need Me To Be
    Notable Group Game Exp: My only group game is Checkmate 24/7 Choices and I got 11th.. YIKES :(
    Why do you want to play: I really want to play because I've never played a game like this before. I saw season 6 and it was REALLY interesting. I like the format and I want to represent that you don't have to be one of the big Zwooper players with lots of points to play. I want to represent those people who are like ME with such a little amount of points and friends and I want to give them a good reputation that lots are like me and that we can play like they can. Also I need more group games to play soo..
    Typo   Name: Noah
    Discord: Windfire#6552
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9.5. Would be a ten but I have a life unlike MOST of this site.
    Define your Gameplay: Loud, Outrageous, but I can be a winner if I keep my temper in check.
    Notable Group Game Experience: Survivor Canada S1 4th, S3 winner, afroebke’s survivor s1 winner, Runner-Up in HS7 and The Cube 10, 4th Place in The Cage 7 and HS8, 8th place in ZBB13, 16th in ZBB20.
    Why do you want to play: Imma keep it real with you chief, as active as I’ve been, I haven’t applied to an actual group game since Clash’s Big Brother—before that it was probably five or six months without playing. I’ve kept up with this series for a few seasons now, and the format seems fun, the episodes are iconic—me applying should tell you how much this game piqued my interest.
    Peyton   Name: Peyton
    Discord: Peyton#7672
    Level of Activity (1-10): depending on the day, some days it'll be a 7 and others it'll be a 9.
    Define your Gameplay: lying backstabbing lil bitch!
    Previous Season played and Placement: S3, second boot.
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I don't know what to say that I didn't put in my last application. Not going to be fake and make shit up so ig I'll repeat myself. My first time around I was a target for god knows why. I was put into the chase, and was so damn close to beating Jeremy's ass. I gave it my all, and I know, if given a chance at redemption I'd give it my all again. I feel as if I've grown as a player since season three, and I know I have what it takes to do well. Soooo, choose me :D
    RussellvsRob2019   Name: Loki

    Discord: RussellvsRob2019-#1033

    Level of Activity (1-10): 11: Bitch i’m obsessed with this game 

    Define your Gameplay: Okay here’s the tea. i’m the greatest player to never win, i’m the boston rob of this franchise. I’m outgoing, i’m confrontational, i’m funny, and i’m a hell of a threat. but fuck it cuz i have fun i don’t take bullshit and i win 

    Previous Season played and Placement:

    S3- 4

    s5- 13

    Why do you Deserve Redemption:

    I WAS TAKEN OUT ON A LUCK CHALLENGE SIS. All stars was my season, all stars was gonna be my WIN, but hell those vials haunt me every damn day. I play that goddamn trampoline game once a week! I Am the best chaser in history: i’ve caught the most people - I’m the most robbed queen and i’m competitive like no one has ever been before when it comes to this game. i’m literally still on zwopper for this game- let’s bring it. Loki punching in 


    wwxcrunner1   Name: Danny
    Discord: Danny#4670
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay:  Villian... <3 That's all folks 
    Notable Group Game Exp:Trustfall Winner, Cage Winner, The Mole Winner... Enough said, check my profile for more?
    Why do you want to play: Because the chase is one of the notable group games that I haven't played yet! I really want to play. Why I am strong at challenges I also think that I excel in the social game as well. It is important to keep your friends close but your enemies closer!
    AngelOfWater   As the most recent winner.. I just wanna say if you are undecided about applying because challenges aren’t your strength... they aren’t mine either... your social game CAN be enough ;) 
    DannyT   Returnee App

    Name: Daniel
    Discord: You Have It
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9
    Define your Gameplay: I bring a mix a physical and strategic gameplay that allows me to excel in almost every game I play.
    Previous Season played and Placement: S2: 4th AS: Some Ugly Number
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I really feel like this is a format I should really be able to win. After coming so close in season 4, I had high expectations for myself. I think if given another chance I could make it just as far as season 2 or even further :p I NEED to atleast make the finals in this game to prove to myself I can win a more physically demanding format :)
    TawniRae   Name: tawni
    Discord: I think you have it??
    Level of Activity (1-10): 8ish
    Define your Gameplay: well.... I’m really good at being bad. 
    Notable Group Game Exp: there was the whole Void situation... hmmm I think I came in like 5th? in champions. 
    Why do you want to play: I took a crack at Evans game now it’s time for yours. I think you will get either a lot of entertainment out of me or will want to punch me by the time I’m gone. Sadly I can’t try to backstab you this game ;)
    MKtyler23   Name: Michael
    Discord: MKtyler23#1113
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9.5, I'm on every weekday from 4:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST. On weekends I'm online all day!
    Define your Gameplay: My gameplay is sort of complicated. I like to make bonds and connections with each and every castaway while connecting with them on a personal level. I try and lay low when it comes to comps, but if I feel i'm in danger at any time I will be the first to submit a score! 
    Notable Group Game Exp: 3rd in The Class: First World Order (Hosted by ivix16) 4th in Survivor:Paradox (Hosted by: SpatanX)
    Why do you want to play: I want to play because I have been following this experience since last season, and is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE the effort you put into the episodes, competitions, etc! I will be actiev 24/7 strategizing, chatting, and making social connections! I truly do believe if I'm casted, I can make this season something very exciting for people to watch! Considering I only joined in January of 2019 I have already made a mark for myself, making it pretty far in some games on zwooper. I have already won a Fast Long Survivor with a 6-1 vote while many people havent even won one! I truly do hope you cast me because I promise if you do, to be active, and to not make you regret casting me!! 
    chesskid   Name: Richard
    Discord: Richard (chesskid)#2376
    Level of Activity (1-10): 9.5
    Define your Gameplay: Relying on my social game, but if I have to I'm ready to bust down in a competition
    Previous Season played and Placement: Season 6 - 12th
    Why do you Deserve Redemption: I deserve redemption for my messy playing. I trusted the wrong people, and when things went south I scrambled. I feel as though I showed some potential however, as if I was going in I most likely knew it. I've been practicing lately and growing more patient, and I've been overcoming my kryptonite (flash games). I have another run in me and this time I'll be sure not to disappoint!
    theawesometwin   Name: Zach(ary)
    Discord: You have it
    Level of Activity (1-10): 10
    Define your Gameplay: LoL this gets me in trouble alot, but im not one to hold my tounge, I say what the hell i feel like saving and thats kinda an issue.
    Notable Group Game Exp: 5/15 in ABBUK (Ran The Season)  6/16 in Duel (ngl i did nothing)  5/13 in Mckenna Choices (Nommed 7 times) 1/12 in Zones (These Bitches Couldn't touch me)       
    Why do you want to play: I miss my shot last season but now im ready to kill it
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 10, 2019 02:24
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Finale | "Let's pray that they flop!"
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   CoNgRaTs Kenya! :D
    Joseph   Congrats Kenya! <3
    Xenia   Grats Kenya Well played!
    TJP1122   Congrats Kenya!
    ExoticSimmer   she DID THAT!
    evanw919   Welcome to the winners club!
    wwxcrunner1   YAS KLENYA 
    chesskid   eek ON fleek, grats to Kenya 
    Patrick71101   Grats!!! :D
    Runaways   i was so robbed by an old lady that day
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 09, 2019 03:17
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 14 | "If you think you have a social game, you are wrong"
    Spoiler alert!
    Zuni   Go Runaways!!!
    ExoticSimmer   gooooooo KENYA!
    wwxcrunner1   LETS GO KENYA
    Maxxy   smh !!!
    08SaraR   Not my PTW!!! D:
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 07, 2019 03:35
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 13 | "What's the smartest decision?"
    Spoiler alert!
    Ryguy292   Omg! @Runaways actually made finals in something! I knew supporting this trick would eventually pay off!!! : D
    Z_Moderation   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Bye   You put so much hard work and energy into this game and I can't wait to see who wins!

    ​#SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Maxxy   Love my bar.

    Love you @RussellvsRob2019! #BlueClan for life amen there!
    And thank you for having me back @Wild. One of my favorite series I've ever played. Not going to lie, this loss is going to sting for awhile; I really thought I could win this one, and it sucks being so close and missing out. I had to play a completely different game this time around, but I can't be more proud of it if I tried.

    ExoticSimmer   kenya did that tho.... rip tj.
    08SaraR   Robbed. O_o
    CDogBro   No.
    RussellvsRob2019   TJ robbed. 
    lets remember that he has to do this challenge while being in the cage and occupied with 100000 other things. 100% the best chase player of all time. #BlueClan for life buddy 
    MKtyler23   TJ NOOO D:
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 06, 2019 01:14
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 12 | "I don't want to screw up a jury vote"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Runaways   this a great top 4 tbh
  • Wild
    WildFebruary 01, 2019 05:07
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episode 11 | "It's basically like me interviewing every dumb bitch!"
    Spoiler alert!
    CDogBro   Also, realized this season has had 6 failed chasers, big oof
    CDogBro   Wadz13
    TJ about to get another W!!
    Wadz13   TJ about to get another W!! 
  • Wild
    WildJanuary 31, 2019 03:05
    The Chase 6: Lost in Time | Episodes 9 and 10 | "He Better Get the Hell Out of the Game"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Madskie00017   @iiamysunshine: pls Get well soon! Logo

Spoiler alert!

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