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  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 29, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
    mila   I got lucky :-)
    _Rob_   Nooo!!!
    Clash   Robbed
    Joseph   Aww :(
    Mikey   thank you so much for letting me play! i hope you all have fun and please remember, its just a game! no hard feelings whatsoever i hope!
    Violet   robbed 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 28, 2019 23:19
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 2
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   SAVING @ujmlkio 
    Joshh   me and cupcake lounging in the sun drinking cocktails with her no nomination points xo
    Ari   @xDimentio still better than u
    _Rob_   Still hold the 39 point record
    Chilltown56   Pretty good move by Danny. I like it. 
    Tony   Saving my twin Tyler
    DannyT   Saving Tyler 
    Joseph   Saving Tyler!
    Connor   yall all went in on tyler huh
    Rival   i vote to save tyler
    Violet   def saving tyler :P
    Patrick71101   YAS TJ :D
    TJP1122   First Supreme blog will come after dinner with the gf. Love you all :)
    TJP1122   My record for most noms have been broken and I won't repeat 13th place. Today might not be such a bad day after all!
    Sammy   AAAAAND everyone else too! Going to wait for pleas TBH
    Sammy   Go TJ!!!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 27, 2019 23:10
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 1
    Spoiler alert!
    ZCageMaster   @Connor Paco is casting regular nominations (5 points) while wwxcrunner1 is casting a Killer Nomination. 
    _Rob_   Was expecting him to be the first supreme. Welcome to the club @PacoP
    Peyton   honestly I don't see how making a killer-nomination would be bad eek. But if it's part of the twist, cool. Surprised to see how Paco uses this advantage to his advantage! 
    Connor   So Paco still keeps his nom points, right? (since he's not really Supreme?) What about Danny?
    Clash   First supreme winners never do that bad :P
    charlie33222   oof, wouldnt have predicted danny to finish bottom of that list, possibly because a big name
    Typo   Paco winning trustlist doesn’t surprise me...Danny getting last does!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 26, 2019 23:09
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   This... Is... AMAZING!
    Clash   Cagey this season your cast loves to premade FLS's!!
    Timman10   Orbs.... oh boy, Good Luck guys
    Violet   hopefully allen is more active in this game than in mine :)
    Jace   The Infinity Orbs. Nice.
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 26, 2019 22:37
    Spoiler alert!
    ZCageMaster   @jfite9 gets the last spot on the Pick to Win.
    AngelOfWater   PacoP
    Jax   PacoP
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 25, 2019 23:00
    Spoiler alert!
    chesskid   #ChessTeam
    Mikey   im so excited to play!! <3 #TeamTyler
    _Rob_   Great cast! #TeamWright #TeamTyler #TeamAllen
    KiwiConnor   oooh GL!!!
    Tone   i made it!!! hell yeah. let’s do this.
    Jqred   great cast! i think either TJP or mepole will win. 
    Connor     jbeaudry3 
    cupcakes winning this season

    know that
    Jay   GL everyone!
    Joshh   cupcakes winning this season

    know that
    ZCageMaster   Pick To Win is now closed. Good luck!!
    Chilltown56   Joss
    ZCageMaster   @survivorfan1904 There are two left. So choose.
    Rival   whoever’s left 
    Jace   bestk
    dcg786   bestk
    dcg786   nate
    Connor   cupcake!
    Wadz13   thewrightone
    Vlatemier   cupcake
    CDogBro   NATEEEE
    boojess   Joss?
    johnnyscott1127   allen
    Aaron1121   thewurghtone
    Nickg24689   Nate
    Peyton   chess!
    DannyT   Allen
    Joseph   MKTyler!
    PeterC   Danny
    Clash   Chesskid 
    Clash   Sarah 
    Nates_great   AHHH I made it!! finallyyy
    JonJ   crunner
    charlie33222   russel vs rob
    Eduardo   russellvsrob2019
    Violet   oh wtf......paco
    Violet   tjp
    joeyc   Kongo!
    joeyc   Mepole
    RobJok   mepole
    Bye   Kongo!
    McKenna   MEPOLE
    Sammy   TJ 
    Tony   TJP
    ujmlkio   PacoP
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 24, 2019 00:49
    Spoiler alert!
    Allen   If you cast me, I promise to keep off the Talks Page this time ;(
    carter3978   I applied becuase why not I will give it a try.
    kongowongo   =-(
    Violet   if no one relevant is applying then no one relevant should be allowed to complain
    Nates_great   snapped
    ZCageMaster   @Violet And receive complaints about how unfair it is that the same people get cast over and over again? 
    Violet   let ppl from last 3 seasons apply again mwah
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 19, 2019 22:18
    Spoiler alert!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 17, 2019 17:10
    Spoiler alert!
    cupcake   Username: cupcake
    Age: over 30
    Discord: cupcake#1844
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): it varies
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I know how to stay off the talks page and not post, plus I have a social game.
    Rival   Username: survivorfan1904
    Age: 17
    Discord: hackshot#0228
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 3:30 ZT or around then
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I'm pretty new to group games, and I'm hoping to show my new techniques and be able to show how newer players have an equal chance as the vets! Pick me and I'll bring a little bit of everything, and hopefully win, too!
    wwxcrunner1   Username: wwxcrunner1
    Age: 22
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time):  3ZT
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? Because I am a legend? Kinda and I give group games my everything  and I yeah like games and I am human and a villian and have been on TV
    Returning Players: What makes you worthy of another chance?
    carter3978   Username:carter3978
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time):22:00-1:00
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I should be in the cage becuase of my amazing social game and stragety I will make final 2 alliances with everyone and can talk my way out of any situation.
    PacoP   Username: PacoP
    Age: 18 
    Discord: Chaos#8313
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 0zt-2zt
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I'm worthy.. so worthy I don't think the cage is worthy of me.
    Emanuel   Username: @bestkwarteng
    Age: 16
    Discord: bestkwarteng#3616
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): Anytime from 16ZT to 23ZT
    Returning Players: What makes you worthy of another chance? I'm worthy of another chance because In season 3 i played hard and never gave up and its been long since season 3 so my gameplay has gotten better and my determination to win has increased + I will be active because i got time to play.
    Jax   Application 
    Age: 16
    What time works best for live challenges?: Anytime from 22:00 to 1:00 ZT
    What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage: I have been a fan of this group game for forever and even if my back is against the wall, I will never give up!

    AndrewIsLit   Username: AndrewIslit
    Age: 14
    Discord: AndrewIsLit#4633
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 0:00 i think its 8 est
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I think i can outsmart players who have played this before. I will play very strategic
    Returning Players: What makes you worthy of another chance? N/A
    MTVMechie   Username: joss
    Age: 18 
    Discord: joss_zwooper2014#3776
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): anytime after 22ZT 
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I’m a excellent social player and flirt and it will take me far 
    theawesometwin   Zach
    i know I have what it takes to win this game! Put me in any scenario and without a doubt I will come out on top! When I have my mind set on winning there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me and I plan on dominating this game!
    mepole   Username: mepole
    Age: 21
    Discord: mepole#0666
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 0zt-5zt, 19zt-22zt
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I think I am worthy of a place in the cage because over the years I have been playing games on this site, I feel like I have grown immensely as a player, both in gameplay ability and confidence. I have always had a bit of a fear of games where the public votes out people, as I tend not to survive many votes, but I am ready to put myself out there for this game. I have found that I am quite good at maneuvering my way through various types of games, and any time I am cast for something, I play my heart out, to try and get myself the win. Even if I end up losing, I strive to play I game I can look back on and be proud of, and I will provide that gameplay if you cast me here.
    Mikey   Username:MKtyler23
    Discord:demi lavaddict #1113
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): around 20:00ish
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage?: I believe i am worthy considering that i am a fierce competitor. I will not and do not let ANYONE go behind my back and talk about me. I can form alliances with very unsuspecting people. I have a keen eye for attention, so if i see anyone going the underdog route i may just have to sweep them up. I also am a very loyal person at times. If you show loyalty to me, i give it back, simple. But if you double cross me -then it is certaintly on. xoxoxo -MKtyler23
    Dean   Damn. I'm busy 23rd-4th wish I could play again. Good luck applicants!
    sagiking365   Username:sagi
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time):18zt
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage?: I am a smart strategic and social player. I think it can help me advance in the game and maybe win. I also play a lot in zwooper and deserve to get accepted into this format. If I get accepted I will make this game much more interesting


    Sorry, just caught my mistake

    Username: @chesskid

    kongowongo   Username: kongowongo
    Age: Over 30
    Discord: kongowongo#6064
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): I would say 0:00ZWT – 5:00ZWT, except when Celebrity Big Brother is on.
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage?: Well, it's hard for me to say, I haven't played in a group game or even applied to one in almost a year now. What makes me worthy is, my ability to adapt to the spirit and climate of the game. I understand that you're the cage master, and I'm just a prisoner in your world, and that this question is designed to get information while reiterating that fact. My ability to adapt and immerse, not just socially or strategically, but mentally, makes me the unique player that I am. I'm someone who consistently plays hard, gets far, and has fun getting there; it's just that whole, actually winning thing, that tends to elude me.  I play with respect to the game that I'm in, and a game that encourages social isolation? I think I'm the only applicant that can't help but smile at that prospect.
    AwesomeLion   Whoops thought it said name my Username is AwesomeLion
    AwesomeLion   Username: Lion
    Age: 14
    Discord: Lion#4632
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 23ZT-4ZT
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I don’t believe I’m more worthy than other people everyone applying is worthy to play this game (unless they’re a quitter) so it’s not really wether I’m more worthy of this position it’s that what could happen if I get this position I might flop that’s a pretty big possibility maybe I’ll win maybe I’ll make some friends along the way maybe I’ll start some drama a lot of things could happen like with the other people but what WILL happen is that I will try my hardest and I will give time to this game and I will probably surprise you :).
    Hope you chose me if not that’s cool there’s a lot of great applicants here
    Nates_great   Username: Nates_great
    Age: 15
    Discord: nates_great#1010
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 23zt-5zt
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? Im and intelligent strong advancing player that has kept improving over the years I have applied before but rn I feel my game is the best it has ever been, as ive improved all aspects of my game and im ready to take on what is one of the most challenging games on zwooper!
    TJP1122   Username: TJP1122
    Age: 20
    Discord: TJP1122 #7643
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 21 ZT - 4 ZT
    Returning Players: What makes you worthy of another chance? Well, let's just say that I got royall screwed over my first time playing. I got thrown under the bus by someone when I did absolutely nothing, and everything just sprialed from there. It's been almost TWO years since I played back in Season 3, and so many things have changed since then: I've won Byevivor and HS9, I've had a good amount of success in public games like this (winning SBBUK and coming in 2nd in ZBB), and am now in college. This has been the game that I have been the most disappointed in my performance without having had another chance to rectify my first time around. After not getting into All Stars and The Cage 6, and not being able to apply for The Cage 7, I really think this season is my season for redemption, to see what I can do in this game, and to allow myself to move on from the last time. Finally, my favorite color is yellow, so that has to mean something, lol.
    chesskid   Username: @cheskid
    Age: 22
    Discord: Richard (chesskid)#2376
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 23ZT - 4ZT
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? Through various group game appearances since I have made my return to the site I have shown that I am very active and I never give up, I have proved that a person's tongue/keyboard can be the biggest weapon in their arsenal and that that if you keep fighting things will always get better.
    Crazyrockina   Username:Crazyrockina
    Age:The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.
    Discord: Kelly Kapoor #6390
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time):23zt to 5 zt
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage?because i am one of major people that are active on this site and if you are to cast,my presence will make this game very iconic and sassy
    ZCageMaster   @Clash @Allen @Peyton Please keep these comments to applications only. I do not have time to sift through your petty squabbles. 
    Peyton   @Clash you played a good game, but the jury wasn't bitter. Gabe SLAYED that game, and he for sure deserved to win the most out of all three finalists. You didn't lose to a bitter jury..
    Clash   :( @Allen you never know!
    Allen   @Clash "Applications for this season are open to all Zwooper members, so long as they have not competed in Seasons 5, 6, or 7 of The Cage." :(
    Clash   Username: Clash 
    Age: 16(turning 17 soon)
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 20ZT
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? 
    Returning Players: What makes you worthy of another chance? um so I only got nominated once won 2 captaincies but never realised that jury would had 3 votes in their hand which really screwed me as no one voted for me to win but I still only lost by 8 percentage in finale. Sometimes in life you aren’t given second chances but if you do you should make the 100% out of it. That’s what gabe did lady season and I’ll do this season. 

    Username: thewrightone05
    Age: 16
    Discord: thewrightone05#8637
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 17ZT to 6ZT
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? I am fairly new to zwooper so a lot of people do not give me a chance to express my gameplay and as a result i usually do not get chosen to compete in a lot of group games, but recently i have started to be cast in quite a couple group games (power play 2, strong 2, paradox, the class) and the people who underestimated are finally getting to see my gameplay for what it should be. i think getting casted in this game will prove to everyone that i am worthy to do well in such a big game like this. i put a lot of hard work and dedication in these games and for me no task is impossible for me. another thing is live comps. i am a quick thinker and i have fast reflexes so i think i will be able to do very well in live comps. so please, make the right decision. i am an underdog, currently rising from the ashes and i ask you mr cagemaster.... are you ready for me?
    Sarah   Username: 
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time):
    Pretty much from 22ZT on until 3ZT 
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage?
    Well HELLO Mr. Cage Master!! For some reason, not only have i never played the game, but I've never even APPLIED!?!? WHAT!? I've been on the site for 4.5 years now and I've played almost every big game you can play... Different from ZBB however, the Cage would allow me to use one of my greatest game skills- LIVE COMPS! In @Clash's CBB 1 I won 50% of the challenges within the first 5 weeks because of my excelsior live competition skills. I have a knack for speed typing and quick thinking which is why I consider myself one of the best live competition players on the site. In addition, I have a lot of public support and strategic ability, which is why I think the cage is truly the perfect game for me to balance the three parts of the game and where I can excel on a large scale. I've been waiting for this opportunity ever since I got back on the site and learned about the game, and I mean, who doesn't want me to shut up on the talks page? Seriously, I'd love the chance to show why I'm a great player in all aspects and excel in the cage--- there's a first time for everything, even 4.5 years in :D
    ujmlkio   Time Edit: 21:30 ZT to 3 ZT
    ujmlkio   Username: ujmlkio
    Age: 16
    Discord: ujmlkio#0907
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 23:00 ZT to 2:00 ZT
    Returning Players: What makes you worthy of another chance? I played this game in The Cage 4 and I didn't make the most of it. Sure I placed 6th but that was purely because I wasn't a threat in anybody's eyes. If I were to be cast this time I would be a completely different player, last time I barely cared, I wasn't even active for my own elimination. If I were cast this time I'd be active to a fault and make an effort to make one of the first players to pop into someone's mind when they think of The Cage 8 to be me. I had no power in my last visit to the Cage, if I were to make it into the Cage 8 I'd like to think I'd be a top player. I honestly believe that I have a lot to prove in The Cage and I believe the Cage 8 could be my best chance at redemption.
    Tone   Username: thewrightone05
    Age: CJ
    Discord: thewrightone05#8637
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 17-23 but i can be on if you REALLY need me to 
    New Players: What makes you worthy of a place in The Cage? everybody talks about this game and they say how amazing it is so hopefully i can get a chance to show everyone my potential.
    Allen   YES I've been WAITING 

    Username: Allen
    Age: 16
    Discord: ALLEN#6475
    What times work best for LIVE challenges? (in Z-Time): 21 ZT-4 ZT
    Returning Players: What makes you worthy of another chance?: When I played way back in season 4, I was newer to Zwooper. I feel that I just wasn't as ready for The Cage as I thought I was. Back then, I had very little public support, and I was naive and broke the Silence Clause on Day 1. On top of that, I wasn't well liked by my fellow inhabitants. That all combined to make a recipe for disaster. Now that I'm I've waited, I think it's finally my time to own The Cage! Not only do I have more public support than I did before, but I have a better ability to make connections and play better. I've won my first group game since last time, so I know I'm capable of winning. I would love to have a second chance at playing, and I know that I can get redemption. I'm also really enjoyable to have in games. ;)
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 10, 2019 21:20
    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-…
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   @joeyc The Cage is the most iconic game I highly recommend!
    Jay   I hope 3rd timers can play too
    joey2121   Wait is it a 2 season returnee limit
    _Rob_   Can't wait to see what this season has in store! Best of luck, future inhabitants!
    TJP1122   Finally a yellow background! This season is mine!!!
    ujmlkio   The Cage 8: 6th place finishers only
    Swish   @RobJok remember when you were robbed in the cage 4? ;) 

    bring me back! 
    Ari   oooh!!!
    RobJok   A poem by someone named Robert, I know what you're trying to say Cagey............. Of course I'll Co-Host!!!!!!
    KiwiConnor   Omg fun!
    Nates_great   Yess
    JacksonSunshine   @eduardo245 nope 7th! Lol jk jk! I loved the cast and the game was so much fun!
    Eduardo   @iiAmySunshine 8th*
    JacksonSunshine   Remember when the most memorable player last season got 7th? I do
    Jace   muh-muh-my ... my p p hawd :0
    Vin014   I wanna play this again. 
    George   I never played. Should I play?
    joeyc   I never played. Should I play? 
    ak47man   Omg can’t wait!!!!
    Peyton   Remember when the house stacked and took me out last season? Cries.
    Jay   Yesss! :D
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterAugust 01, 2018 16:37
    THE CAGE 7: Wrap-Up
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   Really diverse and interesting cast/season to watch! Congrats again @4Real !
    Eduardo   Yikes @ everyone evicting me. Y’all are fake
    Violet   why does it say i gave 4 points to myself on day 2 LMAO 
    JacksonSunshine   I automatically hate clash for putting 4-4 lmao jk jk
    Gabe   Cute chart! Thanks for hosting cagey xo
    _Rob_   We never got a chart for The Cage 6 :c
    doobee   Omg thank you so much @ZCageMaster 
    Clash   Love the chart! Congrats Jon and josh!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 27, 2018 19:51
    Spoiler alert!
    Mxr   You found the next clue in your journey for the relic, but now you must seek to be angelic. Inhabitant of the cage and OG of the site, give her some room and she’ll take flight! Look for her 3rd blog and you will see, the next part of your searching spree!
    popular   QUEEN GABE
    Patrick71101   Grats! :)
    Gabe   <3 @Wadz13 @Icelina @xDimentio @doobee @Vin014 @RobJok @BIGBROFOSHO @Runaways @Clash @nickg24689 @jellyjam @KiwiConnor @PeterCampbell @Gurgs
    Gurgs   Congrats Gabe!! Thanks @xDimentio lmao
    PeterC   Congratulations @4Real!
    KiwiConnor   YESSS LEGENDDDD
    Tony   YES KINGIE
    Nickg24689   King
    Gabe   thank you all! i'll make a proper post later x
    _Rob_   Also @Gurgs welcome to the 10th place club!
    _Rob_   @Jace welcome to the 3rd place club!
    Riot   @Clash welcome to the 2nd place club!
    Clash   Oh well I am glad i got more public votes. Jury was bitter what can I do :/ but I am so happy that Gabe won 
    Strawberry   Gabe is lengendary
    BIGBROFOSHO   gabe is a LEGEND we stan
    RobJok   Congrats Gabe!
    Vin014   Great game guys!
    doobee   @4Real with that epic Zwooper comeback story 
    _Rob_   YES GABE DID THAT!
    Icelina   Congratulations Gabe!
    Wadz13   Congrats Gabe!!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 26, 2018 20:01
    Spoiler alert!
    Riot   I want Jace or Clash to win though!
    Nickg24689   Gotta give it to Gabe...
    Vin014   Eeeeek I finally win something!! Very deserving final, too bad mama ru couldn’t make it a final 4 again... Great game finalists! May the best player win!!!!
    Ari   Clash I told you, you would make it, and you did

    Voting clash
    Neptune   Oh my god... clash did that 
    Violet   my final 4 alliance making final 3.. yeah i was robbed. 
    Cartur   Clash for the win!
    Gurgs   No! Green was robbed :(
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 25, 2018 20:03
    THE CAGE 7: DAY 12
    Spoiler alert!
    Jqred   Gabe def made the right move. I honestly think all 4 of these people deserve it this will be sooooo tough. 
    SuperDoodle   Phenomenal players across the board

    Nice move though Gabe, gotta vote clash to win though
    Eduardo   No matter what, this is going to be an AMAZING Final 3
    Vin014   Gabe & Clash did that! 
    TJP1122   Good move here on Gabe’s part, but this is going to be hard.
    davidprincipe29   Gabe deserves to win for bringing Clash to the end. 
    ExoticSimmer   i wouldn’t know what to do no matter who was up lmao
    ExoticSimmer   sobs
    doobee   These last two votes are gonna be hard ;(
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 25, 2018 19:45
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   Sammy 
    why and how was it that close?
    Sammy   ExoticSimmer 
    why and how was it that close?
    Allen   @ExoticSimmer me too
    ExoticSimmer   why and how was it that close?
    Micks   perfect
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 24, 2018 20:21
    THE CAGE 7: DAY 11
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   Congrats @Greenbay712 on the win xoxo
    a07strand   Noah is slayinggg
    Micks   gabe is too good lmao
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 24, 2018 19:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   Comon #TeamNoh #TeamJace
    xFalsify   sobs
    Sammy   Oh lord it feels so nice to be able to comment again.  
    BostonRobby   Congrats Jace!!
    doobee   I love you Sammy ;(
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 23, 2018 20:23
    THE CAGE 7: DAY 10
    Spoiler alert!
    Ari   Sammy getting Amy's fate.. Rip

    Im saving Jace. Right now the f3 im expecting is 4real, Clash and Imperfect. I would love to see the house to make a really good move. Like, Gabe and Imperfect up together, that'd be a tight vote imo. Goodluck Noms!
    Footy   good luck noms!
    Alanster   Saving Sammy
    Vin014   Welp, there goes the predicted final three. Gl noms!!
    _Rob_   RIP Sammy
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 23, 2018 19:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Footy   Robbed tbh
    KiwiConnor   Amy was robbed but Gabe staying>>>>> king
    Trinity2000   Amy was robbed
    TJP1122   Hella robbed.
    doobee   Ugh Robbed Icon
    Vin014   Detestated. Rooting for my predicted final 3!
    Micks   perfect
    Gurgs   Omg this is amazing! Congrats Gabe!
    Strawberry   We all know what happened here....
    Jqred   ...
    Eduardo   Robbed
    DankDrake   Holy shit damn
    ItzKenna   No way 
    ExoticSimmer   noooooo :-(
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 22, 2018 20:09
    THE CAGE 7: DAY 9
    Spoiler alert!
    Gabe   @xDimentio now supremes get an additional 3 nom points
    _Rob_   Oh wait...
    _Rob_   Wait wasn't clash supreme? If so, who did he nominate?
    Footy   damn sammy good job
    Vin014   Get her jade! #TeamAmy 
    xFalsify   I'm so glad Sammy's winning this game
    McQuire   Sammy is playing the best game imo <3
    Eduardo   The sad thing about this is that it makes it look like Sammy is actually doing something in the game. 
    Ari   @Player2014 remind you of something... ;)
    Micks   Gabe really is a comp beast huh
    DannyT   Sammy doing that
    Strawberry   Sammy did THAT. 
    Ari   Oh Amy... Logo

Spoiler alert!

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