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  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 11, 2016 16:36
    To My Inhabitants
    Spoiler alert!
    JakeP   hmm @PeterCampbell how is your internet?
    ShadowBaller000   Yea its me
    Piddu   Shadowballer is that you
    Piddu   Lol
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 10, 2016 20:02
    THE CAGE - DAY 2
    Spoiler alert!
    Opal   Is this just the challenge?
    Clarke   Iconnor
    FedoraPrint1   Congrats @Connor. :)
    Awesomeguyrocks   How about you ban yourself @Connor You already had your 15 minutes of fame. :P
    Sparky44   yasss CONNOR
    coolKat   Damn no one i voted for got it
    DoctorWho   Awww Im glad someone I voted for got it
    Connor   I CAN COMMENT (legally) !! Thank you Zwooper! I did not expect to win whatsoever...but I am so happy that I have some silent supporters secretly helping me!
    Millionaire   Yay! Someone I voted for won 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 10, 2016 14:56
    You will decide who the first SUPREME of The Cage will be!
    Vote ...
    1 comment
    jakea563   If you accept my friend request before I go to bed I will vote
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 10, 2016 00:11
    CONTINUE VOTING The first Supreme will be decided by ...
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 09, 2016 20:16
    Spoiler alert!
    Matthew13   Seems complicated lol need to see it played out 
    Wolfwoodcp82   Awesomeguy she might not though, thats a pre-judgement their are a lot of good players in this game
    Awesomeguyrocks   Tell me when its over. And @AngelOfWater wins it. 
    Zach   Hopefully they bring in some POV like thing, that'd be cool.
    Zach   So basically Zwooper Big Brother just with more nomination points and an HoH. Makes sense.
    ProanimeCS   first
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 09, 2016 20:07
    THE CAGE - DAY 1
    Spoiler alert!
    Millionaire   Hard to root for someone!! Angel, Doodle, Connor, BIGBRO are at the top for me.
    George   SuperDoodle, BIGBROFOSHO, Isbnm to win
    Clarke   #TeamConnor
    xFalsify   Doodle <3 Kenya <3
    Sparky44   sign up for me game
    MOTO   #TeamBIGBRO
    FedoraPrint1   I already love this game. Good luck contestants
    Vin014   Yes! #TeamDoodle #TeamTomb
    Sophle   Gonna support my bae here #TeamKyle

    I love this Cast! ROCK IT GUYS!
    Rumen_V   I LOVE THIS CAST!! Half of it looks like the anon game OG's... Good times...
    TJDawgiestyle   I was hoping to see some people who haven't played ZBB before...very excited to see @DracoMC_ get accepted
    ZCageMaster   The memory wall will be fixed as soon as possible. I am aware of the mistake and don't need you all harping about it.
    Vlatemier   and did i say it wasn't an easy fix? i
    Emanuel   should*
    Vlatemier   then don't just come for me when other people pointed it out too
    Emanuel   I have nothing against the cast but you shpuld have made it more balanced Chuck and Draco definately will not get much support and then they can't even post that's uffff apart from that everything it's good
    Riot   I'm not trying to have a problem with you, I'm literally just saying... they switched the avatar's around.. its a easy fix?? @Vlatemier
    Wolfwoodcp82   I'm going with ChukD, Draco and Heartcore just because I feel the others have a strong reputation on the site and those two could use the ability to communicate to the public.
    Magic   #TeamEmmers #TeamHEART #TeamDoodle #TeamIsbnm
    klelijah   @sharatennis exactly lol.
    Fanny   So basically... people who are casted and they are not that known as some others,  will have less of a chance to get the Supreme power, 
    bc neither have something to prove that early in the game, nor can blog? 
    JakeP   #TeamLynette #TeamKenya #TeamTomb #TeamConnor #TeamDoodle #TeamKkoster 
    Awesomeguyrocks   #RecastTHECAGE
    awesometwin   i think them messing up the memory wall matters....
    Vlatemier   @Riot why are you trying to have an issue with me?
    Riot   Why does them messing up the memory wall matter? @Vlatemier
    awesometwin   same @popular
    awesometwin   i agree with @Awesomeguyrocks
    and the unprofessionilism is far too much, you switch draco and chuk 's avatars
    popular   eyes this zbb second chance cast
    XHollyX   Oh well :/
    im not sure how I feel about this cast but I'll be following along.
    Vlatemier   im them messing up the memory wall
    Green   This cast looks very biased.... Starting to think this isn't run by Trishy and Zwooperman
    chesskid   LMAO gj on whoever made the memory wall :p
    Taekwondo10   #TeamLynette 
    Alvi   me when i declined cause i wanted to give the oportunity to new faces lol. rooting for emmers and chuck D.

    good luck :)
    Awesomeguyrocks   75% of this cast have participated in a ZBB. Like choose people who haven't. Also sign up for my game
    klelijah   wow. what a predictable cast.
    Piddu   #TeamLyn #TeamConnor #TeamKFC #TeamKkoster and I guess #TeamDoodle
    ProanimeCS   @Awesomeguyrocks theyre not that relevant haha its a good cast
    Vlatemier   #IconicTomb
    Awesomeguyrocks   Could you have a picked anymore of a mainstream cast? All these people are well known. Where is the noobs chance at? 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 09, 2016 00:04
    Spoiler alert!
    good luck all :) 
    Jason1runs   AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hope i get in
    Newkidondablock   oooooo, crossing allmy fingers and toes :D gl all whom apply :D
    Matthew13   Well not me :(
    mattyiscool   gl cast 
    cupcake   Hoping I enter #TheCage
    Awesomeguyrocks   Oh look, another Zwooper hosted game that I'm not in. I've applied for 7/10 ZBB's and this and still not chosen for anything. tsk tsk tsk 
    XHollyX   Is it 20:00 tomorrow yet? c:
    coolKat   Im excited
    chesskid   I look foward to seeing of i will enter "THE CAGE"
    Ian   AWESOME!!! 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 07, 2016 23:36
    Spoiler alert!
    Matthew13   Well good luck everyone. Don't think I made it even tho I wanted to play really bad but you never know!
    Riot   I really hope I am picked, I want this so bad
    Emmers   Good luck everyone!
    ZCageMaster   @motomoto99 The cast should be contacted privately tonight to confirm they wish to play as well as a short overview of some basic rules. They will not however know who else is in the cast until the official cast announcement tomorrow, June 9th.
    Joshh   so nervous, good luck guys :)
    Vlatemier   gl everyone i hope this doesn't suck
    Jason1runs   hope im picked!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))) 
    coolKat   I hope IM picked 
    TJDawgiestyle   god bless us all
    Magic   :s  
    Awesomeguyrocks   Well I know whoever you pick will be a great cast.
    Timman10   Goodluck all!!
    MOTO   Will the cast be anounced via pm or publicly like in ZBB?? @ZCageMaster
    hack_98   Good luck everyone
    DracoMC_   so intense
    Green   Reminds me of The Maze Runner...
    popular   thank yew for the good luck mawma
    pens4life   Hope I'm picked
    BIGBROFOSHO   Nervous!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 05, 2016 17:46
    Spoiler alert!
    George   Good luck everyone!
    Timman10   I'm in
    Magic   :D 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJuly 04, 2016 15:23

    Tomorrow, The Cage will begin the ...
    Ourick   MY BOY @jason1runs gotta make it in to this game!!!!!!1
    TJDawgiestyle   I'm looking forward to seeing this line up of characters
    Riot   USA! USA! USA!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJune 30, 2016 21:24
    Continue Applying...

    I know there are more of you out there that want to ...
    Micks   when does the game start?
    ZCageMaster   @Taekwondo10 No. I am ZCageMaster.

    @TJDawgieStlye If your mom has a Zwooper account and thinks that she can handle it, sure.
    TJDawgiestyle   Can my mom apply she said this game looks fun
    Taekwondo10   Omg your @Zwooperman!
    popular   queen of shade ZCageMaster serving me some Effie from the hunger games realness! werk!
    ZCageMaster   @Taekwondo10 No. ZBigBrother is on vacation, so he's letting me take charge while he's absent.

    @mattyiscool VIP status has no impact on casting for The Cage. There could be 12 VIPs, there could be 0. It depends on the applications we receive.
    mattyiscool   how many non vip will be cast?
    Jenika   I wish I had more free time, this looks fun!! 
    Taekwondo10   Is this going to overlap with ZBB?
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJune 28, 2016 22:59
    Spoiler alert!
    JessicaElle   Name: Jessica
    Age: 20
    Rank: 556
    Time Zone: EST.
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Any time, 24/7 etc...
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Im *c*ompetitive, *c*ute, *c*harming, *c*harismatic, *c*razy & *C*learly destined to win :) people always underestimate me because of how sweet i am but i love winning and will do anything to make that happen. So *c*hoose me, thank you <3 :)
    Age: 20
    Rank: 684
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Any time (I'm on summer vaca)
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'll be bringing some Grade-A competition. Back in the day, ya gal made a name for himself by winning/placing well in an overwhelming amount of Anon games. I'm basically Anon royalty. I will bring humor, optimism, and positive vibes unless someone wants to test me. I'm competitive and headstrong by nature, and I'd love to test my abilities out in an environment like this. I'm a big fan of BB worldwide, so I'm pretty educated on how everything works. Thanks.
    Gabe   Seriously so many of these old ZBB vets applying. Y'all had yo chance, give me the spotlight now
    Name: Noah
    Age: 14 (it'll be 15 though in like July 12 so idk if that's important but it'll probably be 15 when the game starts)
    Rank: 435
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Usually 0:00 to 4:00, and also on weekdays usually 15:00 to 19:00.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Well I'm one of the lesser known folks over on Zwooper, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I feel like a lot of the new or younger applicants will play the nice game, whereas I will be one who puts them in their places. Also, I'm able to use my sweet personality to my advantage, as it allows for me to strike other contestants when they least expect it. In group games I've been a major part of countless blindsides, which I think will give me an edge in a brand new style of game.
    Fill out the following application in the comments below: 
    Name: Sabrina
    Age: 16
    Rank: 439
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 15ZT to 6ZT (VERY Free lol)
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'm a very outspoken and strategic player. I was cast into ZBB8 and I proved that. I made it all the way to the final 6 and I was a very loud and proud player. I wasn't (and still not) afraid to stand up for myself and what I believe in. If I feel I'm being targeted unfairly or I'm just being attacked, I will fight back and I won't be quiet about it. And if I'm targeted by everyone in the game, I don't give up until I'm officially out of the game. If you cast me into the Cage, you know that you'll be getting a great player and a player that won't give up until either they've won or been eliminated.
    RainbowGirl   Almost 70 applications but I am the true icon the rest if you gtfo
    Name: Jake
    Age: 17
    Rank: 407
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): most afternoons
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I used to be on Zwooper all the time, and I think a lot of people remember me for being an active part of the community, and after nearly a year long hiatus I am coming back full force and ready to play my heart out in The Cage. Coming back to zwooper after so long, I need to prove I can do it not only to other Zwooperoos, but to myself. I think I am a strong strategic player who is willing to do anything to win in The Cage. 
    Ourick   @jason1runs for THE CAGE #jasonforTHECAGE
    ChukD   Name: Chuk
    Age: 16
    Rank: 523
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 9ZT - 3ZT roughly. Lots of free time:)!
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Joyful enthusiasm, glowing excitement, bright optimism, lots of activeness,  true genuineness, an unhealthy obsession, brilliant strategy, deep emotion, all of my strengths, all of my weaknesses, my social anxieties, my strong desire to overcome and benefit from those weaknesses and anxieties, my driven competitive nature, my great successes, more importantly my awful and devastating failures, brimming confidence, yet deep-seated insecurity, and a wide open mind.

    I'm bringing everything I have. I'm bringing me.
    XJannettX   ill win. but ok. 
    spidermonkey   Name: Ethan
    Age: 16
    Rank: 130 ​Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Almost anytime except 5:00-15:00, my best time is 0:00- 3:00, but it depends.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring an interesting character for your game, I will fight my ass off and will be active all the time to make sure I am not a wasted spot. I will be a total 3 pack with physical, social, and strategic. I know in ZBB I was not great, but I will look at all aspects to advance my game and hopefully win! I will be myself throughout the game not changing for anyone. One thing that will be different is I am going to keep it low on the backstabbing, because I see that if I remain loyal I normally have respect and make it farther, HOWEVER I WILL backstab if this person is a threat to my game. It will take a lot of thought, everything will be calculated. I hope that you really consider my application and realize that I have the potential to win this game and be a great character, something you have never seen before. I will see you in The Cage!
    Rokas   Name:Rokas
    Time Zone:EEST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time):7:00-0:00 usually
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Good mix of strategic, social and physical gameplay. I'm not afraid of making big moves, I will do whatever it takes. + I was the first person on zwooper who have won 24/7 ten times so I know how to win games. Also, it would be cool to play in the first season, I'm ready 100%. So pick me if you want, I'm here 
    GagaSkis   Name: GagaSkis Or Tyler Age: 17 Rank: 230
    Time Zone: Eastern Like NY
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Around 7 Hours A Day! Each Hour During A Different Duration Of The Day!
    What will you bring to The Cage?:  I Will bring My Social Game! I Have A Huge Ego! Because Of My Social Game Comes Strategic Game! I Will Bring Drama Like It's Nobody's Business! My Plan Is To Get Into The Game, Meet My Friends, And Get A Good Alliance Together! But I Ain't Afraid To Make Moves, Backstab, Bllindside, And Get Up Into Drama! Overall, I'm A Social, Crazy, Flamboyant Person! and, Here To Win! 
    UltimateDespair   Name: Ulti                             
    Age: 16
    Rank: 1183
    Time Zone:Central
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 13:00-5:00 
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I bring new talent! I bring a specific set of skills that will enevilably propel me forward to victory. Brains I gots alls those brains. Brawn...well I don't have an excessive amount of that, but some say that better big brains than big muscles. Long story short I'm more of an all-around time with some attributes skewed from time to time. I'll bring fun and excitement to the dark and punishing cage! 
    JakeP   Eh, why not give it a try. 

    Name: Jake
    Age: 19
    Rank: 47
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 14:00 - 06:00

    What will you bring to The Cage?: 
       Strong strategic gameplay, an erratic character, and a drive to win. My goal in every game is to play as strategic as possible, but I can also be a very emotional person. When put under pressure in games I can easily fall apart, which I know hurts my game, but hey, it'll be something fun to watch. 

       I'm a pretty blunt person and the one thing that I hate is ass kissing. I'm sure a lot of players will put on a facade of being good with each other, but if someone is trying to play me then I have a very hard time holding my tongue.

       This game looks pretty cool, and I think it would be fun to go in without really knowing much about it. It's new so there aren't any well known preexisting strategies on how to play it, so I'd love to go in and create my own strategy on how to get far. I would put everything into this game, and I'm sure I'll make some memorable moments out of it. 
    Newkidondablock   Name: Colleen
    Age: 26
    Rank: 20
    Time Zone; AEST . (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
    Hours Avaiable: at the moment til 10 july  08.00-14.00zt ,,,, after 10th july on and off bewteen 23,00-14.00zt
    What will you bring to The Cage?; an unpredictale but honest game play, ill love the chance to show the whole of zwooper what i can really do im very much underrated for my game play and im sure i will give everyone a shock. I've always been he one not to be like everyone else and stand on my own 2 feet not matter the cost. but with that comes a humours side that i know will work up all over house mates if they are the butt of all jokes. Pick me and i promise i wont be a let down :)
    RobbedGoddess   Picking @Awesomeguyrocks is a horrible choice he's terrible at every game he plays and he is the rudest person on the site 
    Name: Gabe / 4Real
    Age: 15
    Rank: 399
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (East Coast USA)
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): From around 12:00 ZT - 15:00 ZT, and then 20:00 ZT - 2:00 ZT
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'll bring my own method to this game. You know the people on Survivor, Big Brother, etc, who try to use Jun's floating strategy, or Boston Rob's taking charge strategy? Well after this game, the next generation of players will want to use 4Real's strategy. I'm known for being upfront and rude, and I always want my way. However, I try to mantain a balance of that and laying low when necessary. I'm gonna make this cage mine if it's the last thing I do. 
    Lynette   Name: Lynette
    Age: 18
    Rank: 317
    Time Zone: GMT
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Anytime up until 02:00ZT.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'll bring charisma and intellect. If I'm fortunate enough to be chosen, I plan to analyse each aspect of the game and exploit all of these factors for my own personal benefit, to further my position in the game. I have a strong skill for attention to detail and so this allows me to take advantage of situations that on the outside don't look to be very lucrative, but in the long run are crucial to success. I'd plan on bringing this skill with me into The Cage so I can excel in the brand new format. Most of all, I would bring passion. I put the utmost effort into absolutely every game I partake in here on Zwooper, and this would be no exception. I may not be a widely popular player, or the most competitive. But I will put every fibre of my being into the game and reap the rewards from it! I look forward to (if I am selected) contribute to the success of this new game and help to pioneer the new format as well as supporting the efforts of the Zwooper team! Thanks for considering my application 
    hack_98   Name: Jared
    Age: 16
    Rank: 64
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 14:00ZT - 2:00ZT
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Fierce competition that will be very hard to beat. I can always give you something to blog about since i will not be able to on my own and I am really excited to have the chance to play. I can play at all angles of the game and I want to be pushed through all the punishments the cage can possibly offer me. I will bring the same kick-ass attitude i brought during ZBB5 and I hope it can pay off for me alng with my many other, varying skills 
    coolKat   Name: Natalie
    Rank: 775
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 16-22
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Ill bring Drama and Lots of fun


    Awesomeguyrocks   Name: Cameron
    Age: 18
    Rank: 96
    Time Zone: PST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 18:00-6:00
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Strategy and Gameplay like you've never seen. Pick me and I'll take this thing home and win it all. 
    ZCageMaster   @SirDragon Like ZBB, I will post daily to the Talk Page with all the information that you need to know.
    SirDragon   Is there gonna be a way that  the public can watch and be updated , can't do it during the summer but would love to watch 
    Emanuel   Time available from 14zt to 22zt maybe more then 7h lol
    Emanuel   Name:Emanuel Age:13 Rank:63 Time Zone:GMT Hours Available (in Z-Time):7h What will you bring to The Cage?:I will bring determination because that's how I am I don't give up easily and I haven't been in a group game in ages and this one is so interesting so why not try.I'm really trustworthy and I'm good at communicating with others.I will take on anything bring it on @ZCageMaster
    Name: Derrick
    Age: 18
    Rank: 5948 (Haven't played in a long time)
    Time Zone: Central (CST)
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): I'm on here a lot when I'm not working.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'm a fun, chill person and I think everyone would get along with me! If you cast me for this season, you'll be happ with that choice! I'm such a good person and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win. So, I hope that you pick me to join the cast of The Cage!
    Connor   Name: ^^
    Age: 17
    Rank: Not good yet
    Time Zone: Central (CST)
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 14:00 ZT to 4:00 ZT usually
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I am a goofy character with s strong mental capability that can adapt to twisting scenarios strategically well! I am usually a very positive person, but can be irritated by loud or egotistical personalities that could potentially clash with mine! Conflict, hilarity (usually on purpose!), and a potential winner are what you would be getting if you do decide to cast me for season 1 (?) of The Cage!
    Name: Dani
    Age: Old enough
    Rank: 48
    Time Zone: est
    Hours Available (in Z-Time):  I'm on here alot when I'm not working
    What will you bring to The Cage?:  I will bring something that I didn't show when in ZBB.  There's alot to me that no one knows about.  I plan to play a totally different game from other games I've been in.
    Emoji   Name: Emoji
    Age: 15, turning 16 on July 8th
    Rank: 281
    Time Zone: I live in Romania, idk xD
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): All the time, honestly.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: A lot of wisdom and fun, my mood will depend on the people inside the house, however I'm a really nice, open minded person who likes new things and adventures, but I can also be very manipulative and mean if needed. I really like the idea of not making posts, it's a really interesting twist to the game.
    pens4life   Name:  Beau Cruz
    Age: 21
    Rank: 347
    Time Zone: Eastern standard time 
    Hours Available (in Z-Time):  because of summer I am available any time of the day 
    What will you bring to The Cage?:  I believe that I will bring a sort of uniqueness to this game because I don't take shit from anybody but at the same time I can be a loyal person to people… I would not be afraid to make big moves in this game as  well as be smart with my moves… I can manipulate people into doing what I want and make people think I am a completely different person than I actually am so overall I will bring a feisty yet sweet attitude into this game which will mean lots of drama and excitement for the public
    Name: Skylita Jones
    Age: 17
    Rank: 574
    Time Zone: PST pacific
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): im pretty much on all the time because its no school since its summer lol
    What will you bring to The Cage?: i'll bring my good looks, my iconic attitude, and some drama. i'm not one of the best gameplayers but i really want to cause controversy and drag some bitches while remaining iconic. if you cast me i wont be afraid to snatch a bitch and im not really afraid of losing because im a legend no matter what. All these other people are telling you that theyll bring "gameplay like youve never seen", and "chaotic moves", but in reality, theyre probably all pussies. if you cast me i can 100% guarentee ill turn that house into bad girls club and ill fuck a bitch up. Thank yew for your time.
    Name: Amanda
    Age: 31
    Rank: 351
    Time Zone: BST/GMT
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): from 0800ZT to 0000ZT. I can be available in between but I would need to know in advance as I would be asleep
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I am very committed to gams that I play. I am an active person who works extremely hard behind the scenes with people to get things done. I am not a big talk page poster and that has always let me down before when things have come down to the popularity aspect - hopefully with this removed I can do well!
    Conor   Name: Conor
    Age: 22
    Rank: 73
    Time zone: AEST +10:00
    Hours available: I wake up usually around the hours of 20:00, - 00:00 so I can do the prize draw-1:00ish ZT. I can come online at any time, any day, definitely at least once everyday, especially if I get picked to play this game:) I'll usually be on in the evenings logging off approximately 14:00 ZT.
    What will I bring to the cage? A whole new level of game play. How can I do that you may ask?? Well! . Its easy.. I KNOW I have what it takes to win this game. I am reliable and active, I have a bubbly fresh personality that you will adore! I am strategic and I treat every game with fresh starts and new opportunity. #Miracles4theunderdogs I am not funny. So rarely I believe will you get a joke cracking from my way. I am excited for what the cage has to offer and I would like to test myself. Please give me this opportunity of a life time, this game has never been done before. I believe I will be a good candidate with a lot to offer. I'm serious when i say a whole new level of gameplay ;)
    cmgorilla   Name: Caleb
    Age: 15
    Rank: 284
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours available (ZT) 12:00ZT - 06:00ZT ...I'm Very Active
    What will you bring to "The Cage" I will bring a lot of excitment and drama. I'm a very strategetic, i love playing every single comp given ASAP i'm always active too. I make lots of allies and i will work my ass off to win this game. I will make huge blindsides and will have a huge gameplan, I promise i'll never miss a day playing and i will keep this up until the time is over :) 
    Hope I get casted :) :) 
    FlareonGamer   TBH, I think Zwooper itself would end before I'm picked for this game but might as well apply anyway.

    Name: Logan
    Age: 12 
    Rank: 1702
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 8:00 ZT to 1:30 ZT
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Surprise, Uncertainty, and Loyalty
    Kooldude1919   Name: Evan
    Age: 15
    Rank: 4285 (I was 521 on my old account, red45. I was banned)
    Time Zone: CST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Available at all times
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will lay low, and make allies, to make sure that I stay safe, and I will use this to my advantage, to ensure that I get far in the game.
    Name: Zachery
    Age: 15
    Rank: currently 376
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Whenever you need me 
    What will you bring to The Cage?: The real question is what won't I bring
    klelijah   Name: Klelijah/Jared
    Age: 23
    Rank: 1072
    Time Zone: CST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): No set time. I work online and have full access/time to spend on Zwooper, at any time needed.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: The strategy of using social skills in confinement; it's not only a test of will power, but a test of endurance to work game tactics in such extreme circumstances. People go crazy when limits are set and chaos is where I thrive - and I also want to have a front row seat to watching others around me lose their minds when the game gets the better of them. That's my workspace and it's what will push me to be the last man standing. I look forward to not only taking on the challenge, but mastering it. 
    Ourick   my boy @jason1runs has got to get picked for this game!!! 
    Alvi   Name: Álvaro
    Age: mhh 26 in a few hours
    Time zone: New yorks UTC
    Hours available: ill be done with my stuff by then so basically every hour except when i have to sleep.... =p
    What will you bring? the ability no person has in this site of having the balls to go against a friend if i have to. To try and get allies i've never had before. I have this ability as well to piss everone off, which is great, considering the only thing they will want to do is to make whining posts about it, but they wont be able to ;) im like coke, very sweet, adictive, but i can be vey toxic as well. (personally i like Dr. pepper better, but i know that has nothing to do with this lol). One more thing, if people arent allowed to make post, im the best person to have in this game, since i get hate posts all the time because of games ;) So you should be tempted to have someone like me =p. But most important i know at the end of the day is a game, and i will have fun knowing is just that.
    Name: Myles
    Age: 13
    Rank: 435 (probably top 400 now)
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 13ZT - 3 ZT (Some days different)
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I make huge moves and make big blindsides. I leave everything on the floor and try as hard as I can.
    I scramble when in trouble and work hard to survive and thrive. I love dominating. I am nice to people when i want to. When people ask if im a hero or a villain. IRL im a hero but honestly on zwooper im as bid of a villain as anybody.
    Vin014   Name: Vin
    Age: 16
    Rank: 206
    Time Zone: Central Time Zone
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): around usualy on around 16 - 8, however skype is on my phone, and so am I.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I am a very social player, I have a stratgic mind set that doesn't include getting walked over. I do whats best for my game and I won't let anyone get in the way of that. I feel like this game has so many different asspects to it that make ths game new for everyone. I know I have what it takes to be the first winner, and its time people see it too. It's Time for Mama V to enter the cage. 
    AngelOfWater   Name: Kenya 
    Age: 30
    Rank: 32
    Time Zone: PST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Pretty much any time.. however that could change.. I'll keep you updated if I'm selected of course :)
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Everything.. my bubbly personality, my sarcasm, my wit, my manipulation skills, my drive to win with being super competitive.. I'm a well rounded player that is looking for a new challenge. This game looks like something different, something intense, something fun. Plus I tend to like to be tortured, I'll never understand why.. I see straight jackets in my future. 
    Name: Noah Salvatore
    Age: 20
    Rank: 38
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Anytime avoiding 12 noon to 5pm.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Shade, drama, entertainment, vlogs if necessary, and a character stereotype that nobody can ever mimic. :)
    Bryanh11   ill sit this one out because i want the zbb expirence first

    Name: TJ 
    Age: 17
    Rank: 324 and rising
    Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone 
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 12:00 ZT to 4:00 ZT
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'm bringing many wonderful things Mr Cage I am glad you asked. First I am bringing a character in the game, who will look to make the Cage as entertaining as possible for both you and me, I have a fresh strategy and am very quick to adapt to any twist that may be brought my way.  I am also equipped with a large torch, so that I may burn every bridge as I go along to further myself into the game. Lastly I am bringing a new face into the new biggest game on Zwooper, a trait that should be in every player to usher in a new collection of players to hit the big leagues. 
    mattyiscool   Name: Matt and my skype is mattytheperson 
    Age: 15
    Rank: 224
    Time Zone: EST 
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): it really depends on the day I guess I go to sleep at 10-11 witch would be like 2zt and wake up at like 7 so 11zt so I guess I'm unavailable between those hours and I'm definitely available from 11zt to 12:30-13zt and from 16zt to 2zt the next day ill be available the rest really depends and weekends I will be a lot more active but I will be camping fromantic the 7th of august to the 14th so please don't cast me if the game won't finish by then
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Well most importantly I will bring a positive attitude and killer munupulative brain. my worst placement in a group game is 4th and that's cause I was pulled and I've played in like 6 group games and made finals I came 1st in the karm (karma group game) 1st in survivor South Africa and second in zwooper warfare and second in fbbuk2 and 2ND in the first season of the battle and 3rd in zwooper extinction and I won the award for bigest moove so I'm not afraid to speak my mind and play my cards to the best of my advantage. I'm also french and will try and bring some of the French firey attitude if I get cast and someone just isn't being plaisent but ultimately I will try to bring fun cause that's the reason why I am signing up to play. thanks :)
    Taekwondo10   Would love to play! However, I think after ZBB and commitments to other things, I will sit out this season and still return to ZBB!
    Dean   Name: Dean
    Age: 17
    Rank: 691
    Time Zone: Australian Central Standard Time
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 6:00ZT to 13:00ZT (weekdays) 23:00ZT to 14:00ZT (wekends) However, my break starts July 8th and weekend time will apply then
    What will you bring to The Cage?: My villainous behaviour, manipualtion and general awesomness
    Also: I love that this includes BBAUS, the BB fomat I'm Familiar with
    TruffleButter   Name: Stephy
    Age: 13
    Rank: 239
    Time Zone: Central/ EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Free all the time, since it's summerc
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring a very dramatic game to the cage! I was very dramatic on ZBB, so I'll be dramatic on The Cage. Underneath all the drama I will bring, I will bring a competitive and stragetic game. It's very easy for me to convince, manipulate and lie to people abd that will come in handy. I have a drive and passion to win JUST one game on Zwooper. My determination is for real! I will use a varitey of tricks to win The Cage.
    Ian   Name: Ian
    Age: 21
    Rank: 174
    Time Zone: New Zealand 
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): NZST UCT +12:00
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring fun while playing a competitive game!! my game have yet to be discovered and I like to surprise people! I will bring Passion, Love, Competitiveness, Commitment to the game. I'm a smart player and I know I can do well in this game! You pick me, u wont be disappointed! I will bring a lot of mysterious gameplay that will make people question what I can bring to the table!! my eyes is always on the prize and I wont stop fighting until my time is over! =) 
    Bryce   Name: Bryce
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: Central Time Zone
    Hours Online: All Day (Summer)
    What Will I Bring:
    Ill Bring A Kick Ass Attitude And i Will Flirt My Way, Get Then Wrapped Around my Finger, Then Get Them Evicted Before They Even Know It!
    KiwiConnor   I would play but I live in NZ and the UK timezone is basically opposite so sadly I have to sit out, if this game had non live comps i'd probably play but w/e
    Riot   Name: Justin Age: 15 Rank: 167 Time Zone: EST Hours Available (in Z-Time): All day son What will you bring to The Cage?: Everything you need, i'll bring the drama, just call me and let me enter the game, i'll make it "fun" ;)
    joeyc   I wish I had the time. :( This looks like fun, I'll be following along!!! 
    Nieklaus   Oop. Nevermind. I can't play RIP
    Nieklaus   When would the game start?
    Name: Ben
    Age: 17
    Rank: 392
    Time Zone: Central
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 13 ZT-5 ZT Im free all the time lol #summer
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I bring a strong manipulation ability. I'm good at manipulating people which helps me since I'm able to convince people to save me and do my dirty work for me. I keep my hands clean but I'm still the person shooting the gun. I'm a villain and I'm cutthroat. Once I'm done with you, I'll send you right out the door. I think I'm the perfect type of villain because I'm so shady which I proved in ZBB4 and provide good entertainment! 
    Spencer892   Name: Spencer
    Age: 13
    Rank: 192
    Time-Zone: CST
    Hours Availabe (in Z- Time):  22-3 (but I do a lot in those times) Btw the end looks like a front face.
    What will you bring to the cage: Fat for a flotation device because Rachel Rikey forgot her life vests.
    xoElectraxo   Name: Dylan
    Age: 15
    Rank: 110
    Time Zone: AEST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 06:00 - 14:00 (Weekdays) Anytime (Weekends)
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Determination, Passion, Strategic, Social and a Manipulative gameplay. No one knows how this game will work out in depth however I believe that I will need to have all the attributes above to succeed. I will put many hours into the game, and hopefully become the first ever winner of The Cage! Dream, Believe, Achieve √

    DracoMC_   Name: Robby, But I also Go By Rob, Ruby, Draco or Oatmeal
    Age: 13 and Proud.
    Rank: 440 and counting
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): I can be available anytime!
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Strategy, Loyalty and an overall great time. Making Big Moves, and i'm going to put everything into The Cage. I also want to prove to the younger people on this site that u don't have to be older to play. I also want to prove to the Non ViPs that you don't need ViP to win. I will make this game overall fun to watch. I will do a lot of huge moves to get to the end and Take home the Win.


    Name: Josh
    Age: 19
    Rank: 124
    TimeZone: Est
    Hours available in Zwooper time: 15:00 ZT -- 7 ZT (roughly) 
    What will you bring to the cage?: I would bring a lot of drama and intensity to the game, I am the type of player to stir up drama and make big moves, I am very competitive and basically work my ass off to win, I think if i got casted i could do very well in this game and people would not even see it coming, the best aspect to my game would be my strategy, i would have a game plan going in that would get me to the end, I can also insure that i would never go inactive for long periods of time & would make sure this game was on my top priorities!
    Hope im casted, good luck everyone :) 

    RainbowGirl   Name:Alyssa
    rank: 788
    i will bring Satan a pitchfork war paint Donald trump because with me playing it's going to get ugly real fast I will destroy the people with. "Good games" and lie cheat vote alliance members out kick scream and gift till the end
    Isbnm   Name: Brodie
    Age:  15
    Rank: 78
    Time zone: Wellington New Zealand time 
    Hours availble: 20 hours a day 7 days a week 
    What will you bring to the cage?:  I will bring cheerfulness I will bring endurance. I may lack in physical stages but my social game is where I take pride in. I have a bad track record with zwooper games especially with ZBB so I want to change my record and win it. I know most people will look over me as someone who will flop and yes I might flop but I might not. I try so hard when I play games like this I fight with 100% and determination. So please pick me for this game I promise you you won't regret it I'll win this game and look devilishly handsome while doing it. Plus the points arnt a bad extra too so Isbnm (not ICBM) for THE CAGE
    Name: Kyle
    Age: 17
    Rank: 314
    Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time (EST)
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): All-Day (Unless I'm working, but I only work 4 hour shifts)
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring an intense drive and fight. Because with me i'm one of those player who likes to make big moves. I like to go for the big dogs and often times I do this carelessly. However, in the end, if I do get myself into a bad situation I can tend to get myself out. The sole reason for that being the known fact that I never give up. I will even sit there for a 12 hour period pleading my case to each and every player in the game if it gets me through one more week. Because that's just who I am, and in this game that wouldn't change. Not to mention with me as a player you can expect for moves to be made, fights to be had, and drama to go down. I will play my heart out if picked!
    FedoraPrint1   My bad. Tried to give it a plus 5 but my screen shifted so I accidentally hit plus 1 instead
    FedoraPrint1   This sounds incredible. I can't wait to see it
    XHollyX   Name: Holly
    Age: 16
    Rank: 452
    Time Zone: GMT
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Anytime really, I'm off all the time atm and can adjust sleeping.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'm pretty prone to arguments & causing drama, sometimes I can have good gameplay. Also I'd like to think that I have a great social game, the thing that makes me lose many games is previous relationships.
    chesskid   Wait i read that wrong. Ill be availiable from 22:45 ZT to 3:30 ZT that is my schedule when July 5th comes! But b4 that and on weekends, as long as i have nothing to do; whenever i want
    Name: Moto
    Age: 19
    Rank: 157
    Time Zone: Central
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Anytime except from 5:30 to 7:00 pm CT during weekdays
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Being fun, respectful and coniving all at the same time. Im not gonna make my application seem as if i was the baddest bitch in town, cause im not. I can be sassy, fierceful and i always give my 110% to all the games i'm in. Wether im in the botton or at the top, i never stop playing and always go down putting a fight. If you cast me you wont regret it. :)
    Jason1runs   Name : Jason 
    Age : 15 
    Rank : 291
    Time Zone : Pacific Time Zone 
    Hours Available (in ZT Time) : 21:30-3:00 probably works best but i could adjust just lemme know
    What will I bring to the Cage : well i guess your just gonna have to wait for that but my social game is of the hook thats all i gotta say plus IM A BO$$.
    Conor   Name: Conor Age: 22 Rank: 73 Time zone AET +10:00 Hours available: I wake up and im usually seen around the hours of 20:00, - 00:00 so I can do the prize draw-1:00ish ZT. My days and weeks are not in any routine so I'm subject to come online at any time of any day definitely at least once especially if I get picked to play this game:) I'll usually be on in the evenings logging off approximately 14:00 ZT. What will I bring to the cage? A whole new level of game play. How can I do that you may ask?? Well! . Its easy.. I KNOW I have what it takes to win this game. I am reliable and active, I have a bubbly fresh personality that you will adore! I am strategic and I treat every game with fresh starts and new opportunity. #Miracles4theunderdogs I am not funny. So rarely I believe will you get a joke cracking from my way. I believe I will be a good candidate with a lot to offer. Please consider this application seriously :) please and thank you xo
    Name: Wolf
    Age: 34
    Rank: 25
    Time Zone: EST US
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 12:00zt- 14:30zt and 01:00zt-03:00zt Are my best available times
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I am a fierce competitor. Every game I play, I play with one goal in mind to win, and I try to make any game I am in fun and entertaining.
    coolKat   Name: Ñatalie~~~~~~~~~~ Age: 18 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rank: 771 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Time Zone: Est~~~~~~~~~~ Hours Available (in Z-Time): Um 16ZT to 2Zt i think~~~~~~~~~ What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring Drama and I will bring a rock ass social game
    Name: PJ
    Age: 17
    Rank: 55
    Time Zone: GMT
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Have wifi all day :)
    What will you bring to The Cage? : Besdies an explosive personality, I can defiantly give you some jaw dropping moments in game talk.
    SuperDoodle   Name: Tåylør
    Age: 18
    Rank: 132
    Time Zone: Central
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Virtually all day. Even when I have rehearsals, I can access my skype. If the challenges are at night my time or at ZBB day change time, then I'll be fine.
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring finger foods. I'm sure all of the other applicants feel like they will bring sass and strategy and all the other things people have if they seek out online reality competitions. I know I've proven my abilities in Survival and ZBB (specifically in ZBB8 and Best of the Best), and I don't see myself having any problems adjusting to a new game. I THRIVE off of making twists, so I'm good at reacting to any kind of unexpected situation. I also think that my irl games have allowed me to analyze different approaches to these games because I sort through so many hours of footage of diverse gameplay. I'm good at predicting how people will react to different moves, and I'm good at analyzing each player's best-case scenario and convincing them that it aligns with my plans. My doodles aren't around at the moment, so I would really like to show more of my strategic, competitive side here. Hopefully with some tasteful humor dashed in there as well. I'm ready to challenge myself again. 
    anaconda   Name: Sean
    Age: 14
    Rank: 195
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 21 ZT - 2/3 ZT
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I'll bring drama, strategic moves, and i'll do whatever it takes to be the first winner of The Cage! I will use my social gameplay to my advantage to bring myself all the way to the end and win!
    ZCageMaster   @Bryanh11 @spidermonkey
    The cast will be notified on Friday, July 8th with an official cast announcement the following day (hopefully). The game will begin Sunday, July 10th and will last approximately 2 weeks.
    Millionaire   Name: Millionaire
    Age: 18
    Rank: 1260 (Always moving up in the rankings )
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 23ZT - 14ZT
    What will you bring to The Cage? Humor, likeability, and a strong competitor. I give my all in games and can take whatever is thrown to me. I adapt quickly and am able to form new relationships in a short matter of time.
    Matthew13   Name: Matthew
    Age: 17
    Rank: 524
    Time Zone: central time
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 15:00 to 5:00 
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I think I could bring a lot to this game. This is a brand new game and I'd like to be one of the first 12 to test this game. Big brother is by far my best and favorite game. I excel in the aspects of being social and having a good strategy. I pick my times when I need to chill and when I need to make a move. I actually love the idea of not being able to post at all because now people can't lie to public about what they are doing in the game. I'm going to try and be a cool guy at the beginning then I will start to make my move. It's summer for me and I have absolutely nothing to do for another month and longer. Good luck to everyone applying and I hope I'm picked :)

    Name: Timman
    Age: 20
    Rank: 223 
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 11:00 ZT-4:00 ZT next day
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring experience, confidence, competition skill and deception that can not be found in other players on this site. Going in on Fair ground I feel like I am one of the best players on here and tend to only fair against vets. 
    Green   Name: Daniel
    Age: 17
    Rank: 49
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 13:00ZT - 03:00ZT every day
    What will you bring to The Cage?: My unique personality and ability to work well with others. Maybe even drama since I seem to also be brought into that stuff. But I'm also pretty good at adapting to game formats so this would be fun.
    Name: Richard
    Age: 21
    Rank: 590
    Time Zone: Central, when its 00:00 ZT itsits 7:00 pm where i live
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 5-6 hours
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I will bring the Flare that no one expects. I might be kind and sweet in the chat, but you have NO IDEA what ill say behind your back if i really need to. My motto is "Heroes to Allies, Villians at all" this means that if i like you, ill be really sweet and kind and loyal. But that doesntmean a damn thing. Im always running around spreading lies to push myself further in the game.

    BIGBROFOSHO   Name: Kevin
    Age: 17
    Rank: 66
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): I'm on Summer and I dont have any trips or big events planned at all for July so I am theoretically available at all times as long as I have notice, so I know if I should/can sleep at certain times or when I shouldnt sleep in case I will miss anything important but the times I've been usually awake so far in the summer ranges from about 19:00 zt to about 8:00 zt give or take an hour or two in either direction :)
    What will you bring to The Cage?: I think I will bring devotion and drive, I've been very committed to the site and its offerings time and time again and this would be no deviation I am a, self-proclaimed, hard-working competitor tireless strategist and a vigorous social player. I think my experience on zwooper for being here nearly 3 years and having the opportunity to play in so many different formatted competitions conquering some and learning from the rest :)
    Blank   Bringing Intelligence to the cage
    Blank   Name:Blank
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Availible: 0:00 ZT- 6:00 ZT
    Jax   nevermind i cant play i dont have skype
    Trinity2000   Name: Trinity
    Age:Older than Demi Lavato
    Rank: 17th
    Time Zone: CST
    Hours Available: Approx 15 hour time frame
    What will bring you to The Cage: Curiosity and my competitive nature.
    spidermonkey   how long will this last?
    Clarke   Name: Clarke/Jimmy
    Age: 16
    Rank: 153
    Time Zone: EST
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): 12:00 ZT - 3:00 ZT
    What will you bring to The Cage?: Especially lately, I think my behavior and maturity will set me apart from the other houseguests. This place has been a zoo and you might want a few players who can actually resist the Talk Page drama and who can instead bring drama into The Cage (as it is necessary). I will work hard on this game and I've got pretty solid hours, seeing as it is summertime. I hope you choose me, but if not, I'm ready to watch this knockdown dragout play out in front of me.
    Bryanh11   when does it start though?
    Jax   jax
    3 to 4
    a fresh approch to the cage
    Name: Tommy
    Age: 17
    Rank: 547
    Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard
    Hours Available (in Z-Time): Varies depending on work and such but i am on at least 3 hours a day
    What will you bring to The Cage?: My fun loving self, excitement and awesome gameplay
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJune 28, 2016 15:48
    More Information
    Spoiler alert!
    kikilemons   People it was just a comment i honestly dont' know who do these group games or whatever thought trishy was the designer and peace maker. Sorry i can't be as perfect as yall. 
    Alvi   omg vin that sounds more like sucking up than an opinion tbh lol

    im really excited about this game <3
    Lord_Domany   Get your facts straight, loser. I was involved in helping Trish, for nearly a year, before the site even went public. So I didnt make it my business, I was asked to be involved.
    km1997   She assumed Trishy worked on the games since she basically runs the site. Its an honest mistake. I thought she did too. Sorry we havent been on here 3 years and make it our business to know any and everything about the site. People getting pissy over a simple comment. 
    Vin014   @kikilemons as much as I am excited for things like fast 24/7, It isn't your place to tell someone who runs this site (not to mention that working on games isn't her area) what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Of course epople want that suff but you don't need to be an ass about it. 
    Lord_Domany   Who is upset? lol You are the one saying you are "done" lol

    If you wanna give your opinion, give it to the people who work on what you are asking for. Not the person who has nothing to do with it. Thats like going into Mcdonalds and complaining to the employees about where their beef comes from, when it has nothing to do with them.
    kikilemons   OMG See, this is what i mean! anyone that is this upset over comments is ridiculas tbh. Cause they created this site they don't have to do this is all i'm saying, and it was just an opinion! but whatever i'm done
    Lord_Domany   It actually isnt their job at all. They have jobs that come before this. They make barely anything having this site, just enough to be able to keep it going.

    If you wanna provide them with the money where they can quit their jobs, I'm sure they'll get on with making a fast 24/7 for you.
    kikilemons   LMAO lots of if and didn't! ooopsss 
    kikilemons   Honestly thats their job.. if they didnt they wouldn't have made a reality website and if they didn't keep it fun and active it would no longer be a website for everyone to play. And if they didn't want opinions then they shouldn't allow talking and just make it a game website not a social website. They didn't have to create anything tbh and everyone loves this site so ovi they are doing a great job, if everyone didn't take things so personal it would be different but i think thats where the age differences come from idk! but whatevevs sounds fun so hope everyone in it enjoys it. =)
    xoElectraxo   Honestly you're all ungrateful. Stop complaining about things that Trishy and Zwooperman go out of their way to do, to keep this site fun and active. I sure as hell know if it wasn't for group games, survival choices and all that jazz playing fast survival a million times a day would get somewhat boring. They didn't have to add 247 or even ZBB but they did because they want to make this site something amazing 
    Matthew13   How is this more information? Lol. Excited to play tho
    Lord_Domany   @kikilemons because that isnt Trishs area of the site?

    She does these to keep people entertained, when she really doesnt have to do anything.
    kikilemons   Why not focus on a fast 247 instead and getting those games to individual lol
    SuperDoodle   this seems fun :)
    chesskid   Quick Question, why isnt this post like as "unique" as your other one. Im referring to the effects that the outside of the post looks like. For instance if you refer to the post above your's you'll see what im talking about.
    Ginger7   I did
    Bryanh11   Cmon tell us!!
    Clarke    Excited to hear more!!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJune 27, 2016 15:40
    NEW: Official Zwooper Group Game
    To be involved in a brand new Zwooper Group Game add me as a friend...  More details to follow soon!

    cupcake   Hmmmm, this sounds interesting.
    FedoraPrint1   Sounds interesting. This'll definitely be something I want to see 
    KiwiConnor   Can't wait to win x
    Hperry   pwitty cool
    Joshh   yess added you
    Jason1runs   this game sounds a lil interesting ima apply
    Jace   I suspect this will be a Whodunnit type of format.
    Trinity2000   @ZCageMaster avatar rocks! #TheCage
    RainbowGirl   Hope I am in season 1
    Zach   Nevermind its got nothing to do with ZGT.
    Aether   Can we talk about how TERRIFYING that avatar is?
    Irish   Exciting!!
    Natiee   OMG
    NoahSalvatore   YESSSSS PLZ
    SuperDoodle   Eep
    TJDawgiestyle   who is this oh my
    Wolfwoodcp82   Interesting 
    Zach   Looks like my summer is going to get a lot better.
    Bryanh11   Oh gosh :O
    Sparky44   oooooo
    George   Such mystery very scary 
    FunnehMe   Does this mean ZBB is over? I hope this is good but I don't want ZBB to fade away.
    Piddu   If this is like tengaged cage then i am ready to take my crown
    djkaywire   OMG HIIII IM SO EXCITED Logo

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