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  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 14, 2019 21:07
    Spoiler alert!
    cupcake   And then this proves I didn’t sheep Paco!  If I did, everything between us would have been the same!
    Nates_great   So fun :)
    wwxcrunner1   Me when Sarah voted me out twice...
    Shady Shady Shady
    Icelina   waits for seconds chances 
    Sarah   i love you 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 08, 2019 23:04
    Spoiler alert!
    cupcake   @HarleyQuinn  You are so wrong!  Danny is not a homophobe and I'm not a racist.  You don't even know me!  Maybe you should actually try talking to me instead of posting that you hate someone you don't even know.
    Peyton   @HarelyQuinn Danny played in Carter’s drag game. I doubt that a homophobe would volunteer to play in a game where men (mainly) dress up and impersonate females. People change.
    Vin014   Cupcake was robbed but I’m so happy for Danny!!!
    Joshh   harleys always pressed about something 
    wwxcrunner1   @HarleyQuinn I have come along way since my sophomore year of college and now am a Hall director and an ally and advocate for the LGBTQ community, if you take time I would love to have a conversation with you Lance :) 
    HarleyQuinn   A homophobe and a racist are the top 2! Werk!!
    _Rob_   Huge congrats Danny! @cupcake and @mepole, y'all played great! You guys should feel so proud of yourselves. and @mepole, welcome to the third place club 
    PeterC   Congrats Danny!
    KiwiConnor   Welcome to the winners club xoxo
    Patrick71101   Michael deserved better :,c, but YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DANNNYYYYY c:
    RobJok   Incredible season and incredible finish. All three finalists played great, and a huge congrats to Danny!
    Sammy   Congrats!
    PacoP   GG 
    Joshh   but gg danny you all played amazing games 
    CocoV   @cupcake robbed!
    Joshh   CUPCAKE ROBBED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 07, 2019 23:05
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   cupcake is winning
    cupcake   @jbeaudry3. Thank you for all your support throughout this whole thing.  Means a lot. ❤️
    Joshh   CUPCAKE WINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    but realistically all deserving finalists
    BBswag   Paco welcome to the 4th place club
    Vlatemier   bring it home mama cake
    Eduardo   Can we give cupcake 3rd again
    Mikey   cupcake wins
    MTVMechie   Congratulations u threee <3 
    Wadz13   Paco Robbed
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 06, 2019 23:02
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 11
    Spoiler alert!
    Trishy   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    Joshh   if cupcake doesnt make finals then you are all pressed sluts who deserve to die xoxoxo
    PeterC    Patrick71101 
    @wwxcrunner1 , you sir, DESERVE to be there, I am oh so ever proud of you. <3
    RobJok   This is going to be an amazing finish 
    Gabe   NO CUPCAKE
    JaMarcus_Russell   Wow, idk how they pulled that off but well done danny and michael.
    Patrick71101   Michael as well c:
    Patrick71101   NoahSalvatore 
    @wwxcrunner1 , you sir, DESERVE to be there, I am oh so ever proud of you. <3
    NoahSalvatore   @wwxcrunner1, you sir, DESERVE to be there, I am oh so ever proud of you. <3
    Clash   Evicting Paco. 4 times up no sorry girl. 
    Nickg24689   Dang it’s hard to deny cupcake played amazing game by only going up 2 times... waiting for pleas still
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 06, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Trishy   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    corey12345   Noooo Sarah was pushed, there better be a fan fav award
    Patrick71101   ooof :c
    Xenia   meh!
    Clash   @chesskid Yet I was nominated once where both the finalists were nominated 3 times plus I had won 2 supremes and I still lost because of the jury votes so jury votes really matter basically they are half important as the public votes also I feel like it would be smart for the house to nominate Danny and Paco for 4th rather than cupcake as they both have won way more supremes. 
    chesskid   They are just handing cupcake the win, it's frustrating how little she's been nommed
    Mikey   claps
    Rival   what. the. fuck. 
    Sammy   cries
    ExoticSimmer   robbed :-((
    TJP1122   I knew I was going to hate the result of this no matter what, but this one definitely sucks. Sarah, you are my ride or die that whole game and you played the hell out of this game! 
    Nickg24689   For someone who was so 50/50 with the public I’m quite impressed @RusselvsRob2019 made it to 5th place
    Clash   NO
    theawesometwin   bye :(
    Cartur   I’m not supporting the Cage anymore 
    NoahSalvatore   BYE MORGAN
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 05, 2019 23:05
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 10
    Spoiler alert!
    Trishy   #SpreadLove #PromotePositivity #PayItForward
    doobee   a07strand 
    Clash   Cupcake is reminding of how I played but I just won 2 extra supremes 
    a07strand    jbeaudry3 
    ExoticSimmer   sarah did that
    KiwiConnor   cupcake making money moves
    Sarah   Plea is coming shortly. 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 05, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Nates_great   Dang, so close huh. well brothers do suck. also you found the second stop. 
    Clue 2:
    in one of my posts marks burried treasure. 
    doobee   My brothers name is nate ;P
    IrishCraic   Great game thou nates!
    Rival   noo nate
    Joseph   Thanks! :)
    Nates_great   ah thats me 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 04, 2019 23:24
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 9
    Spoiler alert!
    MOTO   To whoever is to blame for this set of noms... hope u choke
    Rival   @MKtyler23 u were my pick to win how did you manage to be the first one out! 
    chesskid   VERY hard decision!
    PacoP   @TJP1122 Thank you!
    Mikey   mktyler23 is obv winning this sesaon 0_0
    evanw919   Whoops sorry thought this was pms!!
    evanw919   I evict Russellvsrob2019
    TJP1122   Paco won Supreme at the right time, well done my friend.
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 04, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   Patrick71101 
    I agree 100% with what @Connor said!
    ExoticSimmer   robbed!!!
    Patrick71101   Sammy
    I agree 100% with what @Connor said!
    Sammy   I agree 100% with what @Connor said!
    chesskid   All of the possible "non expected" winners have already been eliminated.
    TJP1122   Thank you for all the support and thank you so much to the cast and hosting crew! I ave waited so long to get to play this game again after the rough first go, and I am extremely thankful for this chance! I’ll definitely come back if given another opportunity two years from now, lol :)
    Connor   Congrats Danny, well deserved! But this was a really rough departure for TJ - the placement did not represent his game whatsoever, but the cast made a great move putting them up side-by-side. TJ had a lot of potential routes to the end but unfortunately this was one of the few that ended like this :(
    DannyT   : ) 
    Rival   YES!!!
    Strawberry   LOL
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 03, 2019 23:08
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 8
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   lmao this f6
    Joshh   omg yes cupcake is winning this season!!!!!!
    a07strand   Go @cupcake
    Wadz13   Paco slaying 
    Connor   this has been an insane season in terms of gameplay and dedication tbh
    Mikey   lol it was Danny who used the orb of shadows btw 0_0 i gave it to him after he betrayed me for it.. 
    DannyT   #TeamDanny! He has been killing it!
    chesskid   Almost forgot, #TeamNate I would do team paco, but i'm confused as to why he wasted his killer nom on Allen when he obviously wanted #TeamSarah gone
    chesskid   Finally, a threat is sure to go home! I have my pick #TeamDanny
    JaMarcus_Russell   Hahaha mepole nominating danny then peacing tf out im loving this season
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 03, 2019 22:45
    THE CAGE 8 - 9TH & 8TH PLACE
    Spoiler alert!
    DoctorWho   Oh thank goodness that annoying twat muffin @bestkwarteng was evicted. Maybe you should spend less time shit talking people during ZBB and more time realizing that how you treat people matters. Ta ta for now.
    Eduardo   Its been like that since the first season lmao. If you can’t accept that fact then don’t apply! Popular players will always have an upper hand in these games and even if they arent playing the “best” game, their popularity will take them farther, whether deserved or not. It’s not just people that are friend with them who are more likely to save them. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles my dude. 
    Emanuel   People with that mentality are the stupidest people on the site, you guys make it one because you save your friends.
    Eduardo   When will people learn that The Cage and ZBB are just as much a popularity contest than anything else. Y’all should know this by now. 
    theawesometwin   The 2 people that I wanted to stay....
    Emanuel   Yeah my plea wasn't the best, but Sarah's was? It wasn't even a plea so just admit your saving her because she's your friend
    Clash   @bestkwarteng lmao girl your plea puked me out and you had no impact and were floating whereas Sarah is fighting to stay so you clearly don’t have fight in your blood. 
    Emanuel   Evicted over someone who's playing the worst game only because she has many friends who don't vote based on the gameplay.
    Emanuel   Evicted over someone who's playing the worst game only because she has many friends who don't vote based on the gameplay.
    Mikey   sarah got so fucking lucky 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 02, 2019 23:33
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 7
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   yasss cupcake!
    Vin014   yasss cupcake!
    Vin014   yasss cupcake!
    Vin014   yasss cupcake!
    Vin014   yasss cupcake!
    a07strand   Loving this season. Go @cupcake
    kongowongo   These results really make me regret not thinking of the idea to say on my plea, "I have already locked four points onto wwxcrunner.  Somebody, ANYBODY, add three! Uyy....
    Armani   @eduardo245 Probably because I left. 

    Anyways, also wanted to mention that I gave that orb to him. :)
    Eduardo   this cast is fat
    Sammy   This cast and back to back renoms is yikes
    Armani   happily evicting ujmlkio hehe
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 02, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 01, 2019 23:12
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 6
    Spoiler alert!
    pantherking21   TJ making money moves
    RobJok   Nice to see the threshold back, always fun to watch players have to carefully navigate it.
    ExoticSimmer   great move by tj!
    Clash   Um this is like kongo’s 3rd time up. David reborn 
    Mikey   he tricked me into giving him my orb :// def not a good game player trust wise
    DannyT   Kongo again? Impressed Danny stayed of the block again though. 
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterFebruary 01, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   cupcake did that
    TJP1122   Thank you public! I’m so glad I can keep this second chance going :)
    Now I’m done as Supreme, lol :)
    Sammy   Wow I was only 0.5% off
    DannyT   Nooooo ;(
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 31, 2019 23:20
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 5
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   Saving cupcake
    Gabe   NO NOT CUPCAKE 
    Joshh   wtf saving. cupcake and anyone who nominated her has my eviction vote anytime theyre up! 
    Mikey   yall.. all 3 of these people  i LOVE. but i like 2 more than the other.
    Clash   Sarah did that
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 31, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   these 21% votes yikes seriously a lot of bitter voters
    Strawberry   @chesskid: omg...king of 12th. I'm the king of 11th
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 30, 2019 23:07
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 4
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   I maintain you're just dictating what gameplay should be based on your own opinion. My entire point here is that the best move for a person can come in different ways so to come for it especially so early in the game I think is a little harsh. It could very well be an easy way out pending the circumstance, but it can also be the best move for them in that point of the game whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Imagine if this particular nomination takes out one of the biggest names in the game? And again, you're speaking very generally. It would in fact make every vote count because with nominations like this it would be very rare to have identical noms for both the majority and minority votes. If anything it would make those who do avoid the block that much more impressive because they did just that little bit more to keep themselves safe. 

    My main point is a move for the sake of a move won't always help your game and that is fact. So to judge a persons decision in such a black and white fashion when you don't know all aspects of the game is crazy to me. Sometimes approaching things from a different angle than other those who have played the game before should be given a chance before being shut down. 
    Connor   I never said it had to be flashy, it just has to be yours. Hell when I won the first supreme I put up someone who was not interacting with people, told everyone about it, thus removing an easy option for them and then got to observe how the sides took shape.

    Most people don't get very many opportunities to say "Hey, here's who needs to go for my game right now, here's why, and now they're nominated" . Plus they can't speak whenever they want, so squandering the chance to make your own stamp on the game through a Supreme nom, however big or small, isn't all that exciting, no. It can make for a dynamic where nobody will say much of anything because if you get more than a few nom points (which is very easy when everyone has 5) you're going up. Doesn't matter if your set is the one that goes through or not because if you're in any set, you're up.  Yet we praise players who evade the block but still get nom points usually, so it just seems like the easy way out to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Bye   But you're basically dictating what is best for a persons game based on what you think. Just because a move isn't flashy in terms of the exact target doesn't necessarily mean it isn't the best possible thing for their game at this point in time. Especially at the early stage of the game where the target has a very good chance to stay if they have popularity amongst the public. If the Supremes nominated the person with the most nominations then I actually think it would make the game quite exciting because majority would NEVER fully get their way. Am I wrong in thinking that's actually pretty dynamic?
    Connor   Sure, and that would be a perfectly valid strategy for a game like ZBB, but it's a tad different with The Cage because of the Supreme aspect. You become a big target no matter what. But what you do with it can build trust with others, albeit you burn one person rather hard.
    I don't's just on my seasons the Supreme went out and won the comp b/c they wanted something done, not just for the safety aspect. If you're that concerned with your safety yet don't make any moves when in power that actually help you, then you're not doing much for yourself. Not saying you have to put up the alpha in the house every chance you get, but nominating someone who was already going up doesn't REALLY establish trust with anyone.

    (And PS Danny this isn't really about you specifically - I'm just hoping the trend of supremes nominating the house-decided nominee doesn't start)
    Bye   It's all well and good for you all to be going on about "making big moves" but at the end of the day big threats need big shields. It's crazy to expect threats to come for threats this early, when in reality if they don't stick together at least for now they'll get picked off one by one. An ill timed move just for the sake of making a move is often the kiss of death, so I support the Supremes doing whats best for their game going forward rather than pandering to the public 
    Connor   If it was meant to get the 3rd most person up, just...nominate the 3rd person straight-up? I guess I kinda see it if you're trying to get more than 3 people up but the more people you're responsible for putting up, the more likelihood that person(s) will supremes only have a killer nomination, not nom points, so yes they might nullify a lot of votes but they don't have a ton of control of how the other votes fall
    JaMarcus_Russell   Did i say ballots? Sorry zbb flashbacks
    JaMarcus_Russell   Agreed with @CDogBro, Danny mentioned in his post something about wanting more than 3 noms, all killer nominating uj did was completely negated all the points that went his way which was a whole 17, giving him a ton of breathing room to put up other people using very few ballots. Idk could be wrong thats just how i see it
    CDogBro   Oof forgot that this is danny's supreme :[ just replace all the pacos with dannys ig
    CDogBro   @RobJok and @Connor I think its so that all their votes get kind of nulified so the 3rd amount of votes go up. Danny pointed out that he tried to do that with his supreme, so maybe he finally accomplished that with paco's, since paco said he was told a big move would happen.
    RobJok   Yikes renoms already.
    Also, @Connor really makes a good point. I wonder if some of the bigger targets playing safe may come back to haunt them?
    Patrick71101   TJ did that c:
    _Rob_   Sorry Chess. I really like you, but I'm not a fan of inactivity. Support going into this round: @ujmlkio, @cupcake, @Allen, @mepole
    Jace   Zoinks
    Mikey   me when chesskid goes off on me even though we were allies for breaking the silence clause yet he forgot to banish? tsk tsk this bitch is going home
    Connor   A tad confused with why we're using killer noms to nom people who are already going up....maybe I understand the first few times as to avoid getting blood on your hands instantly, but it's starting to get to the point where it looks like scared gameplay....idk maybe the game has evolved but you're already a target when you win a Supreme, why not make a move that's actually going to benefit exclusively you? And even if they stay, at least you have a move to put on your resume. Hard to argue any of these Supreme noms can be used in a good way come the latter stages of the game...
    Clash   Ugh ujmkio, Kongo and chesskid don’t have me impressed there :/
    Swish   Really impressed with @Allen seems to of fixed his mistakes from our original season so he has my suppor
    Sammy   Failing to vote to banish? Tisk tisk, not a fan at all of inactivity...
    DannyT   Lmao Danny did that
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 30, 2019 22:45
    Spoiler alert!
  • ZCageMaster
    ZCageMasterJanuary 29, 2019 23:12
    THE CAGE 8 - DAY 3
    Spoiler alert!
    Eduardo   Why do Supremes keep nominating people who are already getting a lot of nom points from the house... make it make sense
    _Rob_   Good job, @wwxcrunner1! Support going into this round: @ujmlkio, @cupcake, @mepole, @wwxcrunner1
    Cartur   @cupcake is winning know that
    Ari   Danny always makes me proud in every game he is in, definitely the person I am rooting for, interesting nominations also :) Leaning towards Richard but ill wait for the pleas
    Clash   Danny is literally slaying... Logo

Spoiler alert!

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