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  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairFebruary 14, 2017 10:31
    TDZ Episode 3 "I Quit"
    Spoiler alert!
    hobotree   TDZ- @hsb123 left the Dining Room to help Zahir clean up the paint he had spilled. The fumes from the oil paints were making Zahir feel dizzy, so he went to take a nap, leaving Hope on her own. 

    There is a message within recent comments...
    hobotree   #TDZ #TDZ2 
    Totaldramawwe   *Total Drama colors a plan on a napkin*
    LOL! :)
    UltimateDespair   Below are the heist plans that didn't fit into the episode
    UltimateDespair   *Expensive Explosions*
    We take a bunch of circular saws and suitcases, cut holes with saws, and put vases into padded suitcases!IN ADDITION, we bring hairspray to look for laser systems. To avoid alarms, we can have someone who is skilled in computers hack into the alarm system. After that, THEN we can proceed into the house. Because saws draw noise, if anyone is inside, we will have to draw them out of the house. To do that, we will knock on the door of the mansion, and knock out whoever comes to the door. Let the stealing begin!
    UltimateDespair   *Dangerous Deer*
    So we go in and in the entrance rooms we throw in thousands of termites. Since your house is made of wood, the termites will eat.We leave. When you get home, you call our fake Termite Extermination company. Since you invited us into your home, you disable all the alarms and give us fall access to the house. We ask you to leave since the chemicals are dangerous.Once you're gone, we'll have taken the vases. And no alarms will be struck (unless there is alarms in the entrance rooms).We then get sledgehammers and smash walls surrounding the spots were vases were (if the termites haven't done it.We tell you beams destroyed most of your valuables. And also tell you that you probably need a new house. You give us money, along with the vases, and we are rich. We are also wearing exterminator outfits, so you can't see who we are.That requires no meticulous planning, since we are allowed in the house, have at least an hour to complete the job, and we also leave behind no evidence. And no crime scene. Since Hobo and Ema will assume the vases are destroyed. 
    UltimateDespair   They also need a new house. So we ruined their lives as well as their house and stole their vases.Of course, we'll actually kill the termites. Can't not do that, I'd raise suspicion.We'll also pick the lock, and not break the doors when we enter to plant the termites.No Evidence √No Crime Scene √Reasonable Length (2-3 hours) √Extra Rewards (cash from being Exterminators √All the Vases √No alarms √No broken windows/doors √Total The Getaway Driver. He is in the van at all times, ready for a speedy getaway if needed.Hope The Entertainer. While the others are in the house, Hope takes Lizza and Ema to a café or something for a while so they aren't going to return without us knowing. She is wearing contact colour lenses, a wig and big red lipstick.Lachlan/Matthew/AllStar The Termite Controllers. They plant the Termites around the house and also are the ones who exterminate them.Dean/Maximus The Thieves. They steal the vases while Lizza and Ema are out.Roxas/Rocket The Destructors. They use sledgehammers to break walls and anything else to cover up.
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairFebruary 03, 2017 13:10
    TDZ Episode 2 "I'm suffering from narcolepsy...or is it insomnia?"
    Spoiler alert!
    hobotree   #TDZ #TDZ2
    Zahir_Shah   LMAO I forgot how to slide @KaylaRenee
    KaylaRenee   SLIDE @Zahir_Shah
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairJanuary 23, 2017 01:03
    TDZ 2 Episode 1 "Drink Up"
    Spoiler alert!
    hobotree   #TDZ #TDZ2
    hobotree   Everyone now picked! Thanks y'all
    cmgorilla   Totaldramawwe
    Micks   flynt
    gothyemo   matthew
    hobotree   Three left!
    hobotree   Lol my bad @coolKat, didn't realise hsb and Hope were the same person :P 
    coolKat   Me when Hobo is a flop @Sparky44 Chose @Zahir_Shah after realizing Hope had been taken
    ClintEast   haha, someone picked me to win, soz bro
    hobotree   Still left
    CDogBro   @taviant I guess
    Piddu   @jasonthesurvivor
    hobotree   Sorry @TheBreeze @hsb123 was picked and I forgot to take off the list, my bad

    Still left:
    hobotree   Oh yeah cheers @Timman10
    @Vlatemier Pocket is taken
    Timman10   I picked pocket first Vlat. 
    Chilltown56   Maximus
    JonJ   @Roxas
    TheBreeze   @hsb123
    km1997   Clint east
    evanw919   I will pick Arcturusdean
    Vlatemier   pocketrocket
    hobotree   Not picked yet
    hobotree   @JonJ, @survivorallstar has been picked 
    Timman10   Pick to win PocketRocket
    JonJ   Survivorallstar to win
    narodriguezc317   lol nvm she was picked too, I'll go with maximus
    narodriguezc317   picking greenbay now
    narodriguezc317   Pick to win-@KaylaRenee
    Peyton   kayla
    Alanster   angelo
    TJP1122   Survivor is due to win something, so I'll go Survivor.
    Sparky44   zahir
    Sparky44   hsb
    ncolston2001   Hope
    Taekwondo10   greenbay
    4Real   jbeaudry winner icon. 
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairJanuary 09, 2017 02:27
    TDZ 2 Campers 14-18 Revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    matthewmsloth   LMAO does this make me heather hmm eyes
    rhydian1119   awwww
    survivorallstar   I find this highly insulting 
    JeremyHLikesFood   LOL SURVIVOR
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairJanuary 08, 2017 00:43
    TDZ 2 Campers 10-13 Revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    hobotree   @pantherking21 you had so much potential in AHS but you literally tried to vote for yourself and didn't participate in final tribal at all or give me any confessionals in the whole game. 
    rhydian1119   ​really want in
    masterjay   i really wanna make this ! 
    pantherking21   If I don't get in over these irrels hobo im.coming 4 u. I got f5 in ur game u know how hard I play! :p
    UltimateDespair   I bet it's easy tell whether MY opinion or THEIR opinion is up there...
    Vlatemier   trustworthy*
    Sparky44   Who?
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairJanuary 07, 2017 00:23
    TDZ 2 Campers 5-9 Revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    narodriguezc317   Congratz to all that got in, hope I can get to play with ya'll. Oh and I posted my skype wrong in the applications it's actually Narodriguezc 317
    pantherking21   Plz me
    Zahir_Shah   LET ME IN
    jbeaudry3   Yes queena 
    masterjay   tick tock lol please pick me haha :) 
    jasonthesurvivor   I accept!!!
    jasonthesurvivor   YAS
    Lepi   Why cant u reveal all together lol i want to see if i make it so anxious
    Maximus   Congrats! 
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairJanuary 06, 2017 01:17
    TDZ 2 Campers 1-4 Revealed
    Spoiler alert!
    Aidan   Aidandee
    The Address Leaking One
    Maximus   @Swish
    Ikr? I've always loved that name and I'm glad it paid off lol
    survivorallstar   Hope I make it
    pantherking21   Plz me plz me plz me
    jasonthesurvivor   :( PICK ME lol
    Sparky44   Why maximus, he is just the loner outside of jondy
    Swish   LMAO @ NUMBER 4
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairJanuary 05, 2017 12:08
    TDZ 2 Countdown!!!
    Spoiler alert!
    jasonthesurvivor   Praying I get jn
    survivorallstar   Hope I get in 
    Lepi   i applyed 
  • UltimateDespair
    UltimateDespairDecember 05, 2016 15:01
    Total Drama Zwooper Season 2 Announcement!
    Spoiler alert!
    hobotree   TDZ- Zahir was painting this nice scene in the Living Room. Trying to impress Hobo with art skills but worried about getting on Ulti's bad side if the oil paint got everywhere...he had a lot of solvent there to clean it up.

    He was never a huge fan of Clint- maybe all it would take is switching his water with the something deadly that had the appearance of water...
    masterjay   i wanna do this :) 
    ArcturusDean   f*ck yeah. If I don't get in can I be an intern that is involved in a conspiracy? Logo

Spoiler alert!

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