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  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchOctober 08, 2019 02:52
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - FINALE ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Sassy   Thank you @KiwiConnor for seeing this through until the end. And congratulations Sabrina!
    Spooky   Grats sabrina!
    Sabrina   omg wtf i did NOT expect this lmaooo I literally thought I would be first out. I GREATLY appreciate the sabrina the teenage witch gif, a perfect ending to this post
    xFalsify   omg wth if party and typo traded places this would've been my literal favorite F3 in anything ever...
    but yay congrats to my daughter!!!
    08SaraR   Grats to all 3 of you, especially Sabrina!! Well played!!
    Z_SongSearch   Trying to sort that out @Peyton sowwy
    Peyton   Yay! Was there a PTW prize?
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchAugust 26, 2019 16:24
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - Episode Six ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   So glad Typo won this round!! GREAT choice. Alsoooo #TeamSabrina - go get me that ptw :P <3
    Allen   lol finally
    Dean   Lol kiwi just shitting on Halsey and Melanie Martinez lololol
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchAugust 19, 2019 19:44
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - Episode Five ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Spooky   :))
    Sabrina   the homophobia has jumped out, i did provide a description but i’ll take it since i got 2nd
    Sassy   Actual Points:

    @Patrick71101 - 17
    @Sabrina - 16
    @Spooky - 11
    @Allen - 9
    @Typo - 6
    @johnnyscott1127 - 4
    johnnyscott1127   pretty sure i only got 4 points get it right
    Allen   Final 5 of all stars? I did that!
    Allen   periodT
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchAugust 13, 2019 00:49
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - Episode Four ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Spooky   Yay i won a round |-/
    Eduardo   Can y’all stop with Gabbie lmfao. Out of all the songs in the damn world you decide to choose someone who can’t sing. 
    Mikey   gabbie hanna doesnt count a singer, more as a loud screamer
    gurl_its_panda   The best answer for this was Hot Girl Summer by Megan Thee Stallion but go off :)
    Sabrina   But that's the issue, I only feel good when I DO tear other people down!
    ExoticSimmer   why do people keep submitting gabbie hanna, we want real singers!
    Cartur   TYPO’S TASTE >><
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchAugust 07, 2019 00:35
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - Episode Three ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   but also yes, the recognition Kim Petras deserves <3
    xFalsify   NOOOO
    Sabrina   I'm not ashamed of my kim petras submission. a great artist
    Allen   oop sara really tries me this time huh
    Spooky   how was i supposed to know other ppl chose kim petras lmfao 
    TJP1122   Yeah, not my best choice. Take full responsibility for not knowing what to do there. Good luck everyone!
    Sassy   OOF me saving Sharon's ass this round, but like, TJ, bud, you dingus. 
    SharonMaItems   3 people submitting Kim Petras.. 
    anyways thank you for the 1st @Sassy <3

    That was close! 
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchAugust 02, 2019 01:29
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - Episode Two ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Gabe   its so cringy how everyone treats gabbie hanna as a real musician...
    KiwiConnor   @Finesse, I thought ur submission was ass without the description LMAO
    Eduardo   @Allen It was a beautiful description and im sorry for your loss. I was just talking about the song by itself and the artist. There is a reason she became a meme. 
    Finesse   I didn't realize Song Search was going to be about the writing. I was under the impression that the music would be the focus. My mistake, glad I'm out.
    corey12345   Eduardo 
    Also Kiwi having taste and putting Out Loud in last. Gabbie cant sing bless her heart.

    @KiwiConnor is the judge we deserve
    xFalsify   wow cries for Finesse
    CaseyBea   Loves seeing Patrick thrive
    Dswag   Cant believe yall shit on Motion City Soundtrack like that.
    KiwiConnor   The other 2 judges giving out loud first while I gave it last..also my score being the reason Typo stayed SHUWJSZ BEJDISIWKS2737$:&
    Cartur   Good Old Days was robbed
    Allen   @Eduardo please read my description before you bash the song I chose...
    doobee   Haha serves you right for stealing my spot 
    Eduardo   Also Kiwi having taste and putting Out Loud in last. Gabbie cant sing bless her heart.
    Eduardo   Finesse deserved better
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJuly 26, 2019 03:05
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - Episode One- "Are feet a Mode of Transportation?" ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127   uhm were we told we had to do descriptions? fuck LMFAO
    xFalsify   yay victory
    TJP1122   Was not expecting first!
    Spooky   so close to #1! glad the judges liked it
    Green   Nice first round
    evanw919   I pick finesse lol
    Jaws123   Nothing good starts in a getaway car
    Nates_great   welp. went outside the box they didnt like it. oh well. 
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJuly 21, 2019 01:55
    ♦ Song Search All Stars - Cast Reveal & PTW ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   It hurts that I got 2nd in 1 round 
    Riot   Allen if 2 people can pick a person
    Mikey   patrick
    PacoP   nate
    ak47man   Typo
    mitchkid64   Sharon
    Dean   #TeamSpooky #TeamPatty #TeamTJ #TeamSharon. I'll take TJ though!!!
    xFalsify   TJP
    Cartur   Wait Allen
    Cartur   Spooky
    Jax   Johnny
    08SaraR   Finesse!!
    Peyton   Sabrina
    Jaws123   Spooky
    mepole   Patrick
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJuly 16, 2019 14:35
    ♦ Song Search Round 9 Results ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Charlie67   Loves getting 16 points but not getting on the leaderboard.
    Jk I’m not that much of a bitch but this is the second time it’s happened is there like a tiebreaker?
    ExoticSimmer   i get robbed every round huh... anyways, sassy has good taste and we love sassy.
    Bailey   How did I not win?!
    Riot   Y’all letting Reba McIntire flop is messy
    NardDog96   Congrats Typo
    NardDog96   Damn! I needed to have one more judge score to at least crack in the top 3. Oh well this was the best score I gotten in these past few weeks 
    TheBreeze   Congrats Typo!
    KeshaRose   Kiwi the ONLY one with taste . .  . .. 
    Peyton   what if a past winner wins S10 o_O
    08SaraR   You've gotta be kitten me right meow! 2nd and 3rd consecutively!! Grats Typoooo!!
    Typo   wow I really did that huh
    Cartur   anyone who ranks old town road for a country song...
    Sugar00   What is this blasphemy to country music
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJuly 09, 2019 17:04
    ♦ Song Search Round 8 Results ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Nates_great   Yay let’s gooo!!
    ExoticSimmer   sassy has t a s t e
    Riot   I really thought I was gonna do good this round 
    TheBreeze   Congrats Nates!
    NoahSalvatore   jk it glitched
    NoahSalvatore   WAIT I GOT 25!!
    NoahSalvatore   Second again..
    KeshaRose   taste 
    KeshaRose   spooky has tate 
    everyone was WOKE this round <3
    _Rob_   Darn
    KiwiConnor   oooh nice song won 
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJuly 06, 2019 02:16
    ♦ Song Search Round 9 ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee - Amy Annelle
    Z_SongSearch   Closed

    red solo cup - Toby Keith
    Jax   CHANGING SONG CHOICE Knockin Boots- Luke Bryan
    pantherking21 yup on my tractor - flyrichdouble
    Mikey   (the link didnt post fo some reason but here it is)
    Mikey   Follow Your Arrow -  Kacey Musgraves
    Kacey Musgraves - Follow Your Arrow (Official Music Video)
    PacoP   Taylor Swift - Mean (jawsie is shaking)
    Blake Shelton - Gods Country
    NoahSalvatore   CHANGING MY SONG

    Speechless - Dan and Shay
    Allen - Little Toy Guns - Carrie Underwood
    Cartur   I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes
    GirlBye - No Place Like You - Maddie & Tae
    08SaraR - Take The Keys - Leah Turner

    All-American Girl - Carrie Underwood
    CameronElite - Butterflies - Kacey Musgraves

    Fancy - Reba McIntire

    My 2nd Reba song I’ve posted, but I’m not complaining.
    Babe - Sugarland
    Josh Turner - Your Man 
    lock them doors
    amir   High horse - kacey musgraves 
    Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
    RyBro5676 Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman
    Austin11   Michael Ray
    Her World or Mine
    Spooky   Heads Carolina, Tails California - Jo De Messina
    Can’t Fight the Moonlight - Leann Rimes
    Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker
    Typo Mama’s Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert
    CaseyBea - Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars

    Famous, Mason Ramsey.
    Dean - The Boots are made for Walkin' - Jessica Simpson
    NardDog96   Emmylou- First Aid Kit 
    See You Again - Carrie Underwood
    Old Town Road - Lil Naz X & Billy Ray Cyrus

    Shania Twain - You're Still the One 
    The Git Up - Blanco Brown
    anaconda   lil nas x - old town road
    Riot   Rodney Atkins - Watching You
    xFalsify   Roger Miller - England Swings
    KeshaRose   kacey musgraves - golden hour
    Jax   Little Rain-Morgan Wallen
    ExoticSimmer - If I Die Young - The Band Perry
    Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks
    Famous - Lady Antebellum

    Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
    Sweet Home Alabama-Lynryd skynyr
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJuly 01, 2019 21:00
    ​♦ Song Search Round 7 Results ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    KeshaRose   so happy i got at least 1 point 
    KiwiConnor   @amir :~)
    amir   @KiwiConnor thank u for being my only supporter im a single dad of 9
    _Rob_   Loves being on only one leaderboard
    KiwiConnor   I truly do mind amazes me sometimes

    I rly loved @amir’s song I’m suprised no one ranked it at all LOL
    TheBreeze   Congrats Spooky!
    NoahSalvatore   @Sassy tysm, I honestly felt like this round was biggest shot, SO CLOSE!
    Spooky   awesome :)
    Vin014   Yay @Spooky !!
    xFalsify   ok Sassy and Kiwi u are my heroes I FINALLY GET POINTS ON ONE OF THESE LOOOOL.
    Sassy   This song had some of the best submissions I've listened to all season. @Spooky and @ExoticSimmer deserve massive credit for submitting songs that not only were so pleasant to listen to, but were also things that I'd never heard of before. Those were very easily my top two. @NoahSalvatore knows how to properly pick a classic song that remains on theme while @Cartur and @SwagSwag picked incredible songs by artists who may be familiar, but were still songs I'd not heard before. The rest of my Top 10 were comprised of songs that just had a little something extra that I enjoyed over some of the other songs submitted, but this was definitely one of the harder rounds to judge.
    ExoticSimmer   sassy and kiwi know what’s up... the others can’t relate.
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 29, 2019 02:51
    ♦ Song Search Round 8 ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Z_SongSearch   closed
    JaMarcus_Russell - SUPERPOSITION - Daniel Caesar
    Dswag Forget That It's Over - Futuristic
    Dswag   Wrong link delete that shit
    Dswag Forget That It's Over - Futuristic
    Fix It - Dinah Jane
    church - aly & aj
    CameronElite - anemone - slenderbodies
    Dean - True - MARINA
    08SaraR   Paper Planes - Breaking Through
    Quinn XCII - Worst

    The Courtesans - Indigo
    wwxcrunner1   AJR-Don't Throw Out my Legos

    Great song for kids going away for college and leaving home
    Eduardo   Nao- Bad Blood
    Jax   Morgan Wallen- Talkin Tennessee
    NardDog96 Well-Dressed- Hop Along

    For anyone who hasn't heard this band before, definitely check them out. I enjoy listening to them and hope you guys too.
    MARINA- Enjoy your life
    pantherking21 Kur ft. Lil Uzi Vert - I don't give a fuck
    RyBro5676 Gabrielle Aplin - Nothing Really Matters
    Sabi - Wild Heart 
    Austin11   Madeline*
    Austin11   Neon Love
    Mardeline Merlo
    George   More Than Words - Little Mix ft. Kamille

    Lodger - I love death 
    Mikky Ekko- Watch me Rise
    Riot   Changing my song: Do You? - Rebecca Black!
    White Roses- Greyson Chance
    doobee   Hate to be a bitch but im changing mine to by my cousins boyfriend (aka Kidd Boogie)
    Brittanya - SHAMPOO - DELICIOUS 
    doobee life - chocolate genuis
    _Rob_ - Drop the Guillotine - Peach Pit
    Vin014   Ben Cocks - So Cold

    Gold Trans Am - Ke$ha
    Finesse   Phantoms ft. Grace Mitchell- Someone to Talk About

    The World We Made - Ruelle
    NoahSalvatore   Any video of the song with less than a million? or like the OFFICIAL?
    Vin014   Ready yet - Sasha Sloan

    Z_Icons   Ready yet - Sasha Sloan
    Riot Would you be so kind - Dodie
    ExoticSimmer - Saint - VÉRITÉ
    Caught Feelings - Mckenzie Small
    Dappled Cities - Stone Men
    Michael Hedges- Watching My Life Go By

    Satellite - LOONA
    Spooky   Personal Hell - Kim Petras
    xFalsify   In-Flight Safety - Model Homes
    KeshaRose gia woods one big party 
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 24, 2019 22:06
    ♦ Song Search 6 Results ♦
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127   The two in the top four that weren't shown on my list here were ranked 11th and 12th when I was judging, sorry about that Chanel and Typo LMFAO. Congrats TJ! Cya in All Stars and don't save judging till the last minute it's painful
    doobee   Damn i was on such a roll lately im been flopping thanks Kiwi
    TJP1122   I’m curious how my submission would have gone this week. I love What a Catch Donnie.
    TJP1122   Yay!!! I’m so glad I won one. Thank you very much :)
    Sassy   Wow we were all over the place, huh.
    TheBreeze   Congrats TJ!
    _Rob_   Darn
    Crazyrockina   v Shallow by Trisha paytas
    Crazyrockina   i had the most iconic cover 
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 22, 2019 02:04
    ♦ Song Search Round 7 ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Z_SongSearch   Closed
    Riot   Come on Eileen - Dexy Midnight Runners!!! Forgot the link lmao:
    TheChanelOberlin   *Turner ksks
    TheChanelOberlin   Tina Turder - Proud Mary
    Chilltown56   Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre, Eminem
    Dswag Cassandra - Leven Kali
    RyBro5676 Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom
    Zach   Bryce Vine - Drew Barrymore
    (Hopefully it wasn't chosen already!)
    Iggy Azalea - Sally Walker
    George   Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran
    Alvi   Edison Lighthouse - Love grows where my rosemary goes
    CaseyBea   Okay here's my new song: - Sarah Smile - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    Brittanya Jenny - Studio Killers
    Rumen_V   Eric Clapton - Layla
    Jaws123   Lady Gaga - Joanne (where do you think your going?)
    Jax   Shangela- Call Me Laquifa
    CaseyBea   **disregard MY submission periodt :)
    CaseyBea   Oh lol disregard submission please, somebody already chose my song in a previous round oof
    joey2121   Michelle- The Beatles
    NardDog96 - Vincent - Passenger
    ExoticSimmer   Ryn Weaver - Pierre
    KeshaRose   Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy
    Spooky   Tonight Alive - Amelia 
    amir - Julia - Sza 
    Angie - Rollin Stones
    Dean - Grace Kelly - MIKA
    Taekwondo10   Miley Cyrus-Jolene
    Bennie and the Jetts - Elton John
    Natalie - Bruno Mars
    Toto - Rosanna
    Cocktail - Nikolaj 

    I got it in the bag this time; can't wait to judge round 8 
    Rick Springfield - Jessie’s Girl
    Gloria - Laura Branigan

    b00fman22   Eminem - Stan
    Doll   Jeremy - Pearl Jam
    Florence + The Machine - Delilah
    Finesse   Paul Simon- You Can Call Me Al
    Michael Jackson - Billie Jean 
    Riot   Come on Eileen - Dexy Midnight Runners
    Sally Walker - Iggy Azalea
    TJP1122   What a Catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy
    Aerosmith-Janie's got a gun
    Allen - Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
    doobee   Who the fuck is @Alice - Smokie

    Lana Del Rey - Carmen 
    Eduardo   Michael Jackson- Dirty Diana
    CaseyBea - Valerie - Amy Winehouse
    xFalsify   Anne Murray - Danny's Song
    kongowongo   The Police - Roxanne
    Peyton   long intro - skip to two minute mark if you want to skip it - Alejandro - Lady Gaga
    Nates_great   Chuck Berry- Roll Over Beethoven
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 17, 2019 15:28
    ♦Song Search 5 Results♦
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   Abba deserved better
    xFalsify   this gives me the big sad bcuz that was 100% the same song I would've submitted too LOOOOL
    Vin014   Cries. I finally did it and lost..
    Caleb77   Bro "How will I know" Straight up robbed
    George   robbed with 19 points!!
    TJP1122   So close!!!
    JonJ   You guys really did Remedios Amaya dirty, huh?
    Oh well, she'll always be an iconic music goddess, and none of you filthy judges could ever relate! 

    Riot   I finally made it on the board 
    TheBreeze   Congrats Johnny!
    johnnyscott1127   I was v confident in my song for next round too, so y'all are lucky heehee
    johnnyscott1127   omg thank you guys so much!! I didn't think I'd be able to pull one of these out. Even when kris did it back in the day I'd come in 2nd or 3rd every round, but this is awesome. Thank youuuuuu :)
    Sassy   Some of y'all really need to double check before you submit songs. Links that don't work, links that go to an Icons memory wall, songs that other people have already submitted. Like, please don't waste our time.
    Spooky   and i oop
    NoahSalvatore   YES JOHNNY.

    But wow at 0 points for rick rolling yall
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 15, 2019 03:11
    ♦ Song Search Round 6 ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Z_SongSearch   Closed
    Chriss - Photograph - Boyce Avenue & Bea Miller's Cover of Ed Sheeran
    Diamond - When The Party's Over - Lewis Capaldi's cover of Billie Eilish
    CaseyBea - Bohemian Rhapsody - Pentatonix
    Pinball Wizard - Elton John
    TJP1122   Rolling in the Deep - Go Radio (Adele Cover) from Punk Goes Pop Album
    TheBeatyBee Sam Tsui I will always love you original Dolly parton
    Caleb77   or if this one is better quality 
    I'm Still Standing - Taron Egerton
    Let Him Go- Birdy (Originally by Passenger)
    Shallow-Trisha Paytas(originally by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper)
    pantherking21 Footloose - Blake Shelton (originally by Kenny Loggins)
    Rumen_V   Alessia Cara - I'm Like A Bird (original by Nelly Furtado) -

    Valerie - Amy Winehouse

    Chandelier- Covered by Charlie Puth
    I will always live you - Whitney Houston
    Love is Blindness- Jack White (U2)

    Hello - Adele (Cover) By: Unkown stunning Korean student 

    Lennon and Maisy - Call Your Girlfriend (Cover of Robyn's) 
    Dean - Stay With Me By Stan Smith - Covered by P!nk
    RyBro5676 Madcon - Beggin
    Brock Baker-I Want It That Way(BackStreet Boys)
    Sara Ramirez-The Story (Originally by Brandi Carlile)

    My good pal,

    Corey Vance - You Got It Bad
    Haley Reinhart - Can't Help Falling In Love
    Max Schneider & Tyler Ward - How to Save a Life
    miley cyrus - summertime sadness (lana del rey)
    Side to Side - EriAm Sisters

    Bananarama - Venus 
    Originally by shocking blue
    angeloxpo   Glee Cast - The Scientist
    Kim Petras - Human
    Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm
    (original Michael Jackson)
    Finesse   Britney Spears- My Prerogative
    FRIENDS - Marshmello & Anne-Marie (Cover By: Davina Michelle)
    doobee Hooked on a Feeling - Cover by Yes Ulk Can

    If I were a Boy - Reba McEntire (Cover of Beyoncé) 
    Toxic-Alex and Sierra

    Weezer - Africa (By Toto)
    Spooky   twenty one pilots - can't help falling in love
    Peyton Crazy - Melanie Martinez 
    Dswag Dan Campbell &Ace Enders - Broom people (The mountain goats)
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 10, 2019 12:04
    ♦ Song Search Round 4 Results ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    SharonMaItems   3rd isn't that bad LOL 
    TheBreeze   Congrats Finesse!
    Allen   @Z_SongSearch Finesse got 32 points, not 34?
    Spooky   giggles
    Sassy   @doobee Hotel California is legitimately one of my favorite songs. Amazing storytelling.
    Dean   Gotta love a song from 2003 win the Rock and Roll category :/
    doobee   Also Hotel California is my parents "song" everyones parents has one lol
    doobee   So close !!!
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 08, 2019 01:56
    ♦ Song Search Round 5 ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Z_SongSearch   Closed
    Quién Maneja Mi Barca - Remedios Amaya 

    I just won the entire competition solely from submitting this masterpiece, and y'all know it 
    radjon (song starts at 0:55)
    Gloria Estefan - Conga
    If I could turn back time-Cher

    Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
    Martika- I Feel the Earth Move
    CaseyBea - I'm So Excited - The Pointer Sisters
    Crazyrockina   changing to
    if i could turn back time- Cher
    Dean - Kids in America  - Kim Wilde
    Into the Groove- Madonna 
    angeloxpo   Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over
    doobee   Under Attack - Abba

    Toni Basil- Hey Mickey (1981)
    Vin014   That counts for me..
    Straight Up - Paula Abdul 
    How will I know - Whitney Houston
    How Will I know - Whitney Houston
    Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles ('86)
    Push It- Salt-n-Pepa
    RyBro5676 I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston
    Nasty - Janet Jackson
    Lets Hear It For The Boy - Deniece Williams
    Joseph   Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
    Mad About You - Belinda Carlisle
    Blondie - Rapture
    Riot   Black Velvet - Alannah Myles

    Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics
    NoahSalvatore   And yes, mine does fit the category.
    Finesse   Chaka Khan- I Feel For You
    johnnyscott1127   Madonna - Like A Prayer

    Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
    Spooky   time after time - cyndi lauper
    pantherking21   *cyndi Lauper idk why I posted the link again
    pantherking21 girls just wanna have fun -
    pantherking21 Girls Just wanna have fun - Cyndi Lauper
    Z_Icons   Betty davis eyes - kim carnes
    Dswag Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody
    Manic Monday- The Bangles
    like a virgin- madonna
    Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin - Sisters are doin' it for themselves
    Even It Up - Heart
    I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross

    Physical - Olivia Newton-John
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
    KiwiConnor   yasss this theme
    9 To 5 - Dolly Parton
    Nena - 99 Luftballons

    Madonna - Holiday 
    Doll Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchJune 02, 2019 20:03
    ♦ Song Search Round 3 Results ​♦
    Spoiler alert!
    Spooky   @doobee i already won song search allstars 4 DAMN
    Charlie67   @Z_SongSearch I think you made a mistake it looks like I also got 12 points but I’m not on the leaderboard. Is that a mistake or intentional?
    doobee   @Spooky YOU MUST WIN
    johnnyscott1127   sassy youre just wrong
    Spooky   how do i become a judgeeeeeeeee
    KiwiConnor   Bulletproof is one of my all time fave songs its too good hahahaha
    Patrick71101   Few things-
    1.) Grats Sabrina!! c:
    2.) @xFalsify  YAAASSSS 
    3.) @angeloxpo hehe we stan us sume Gaga :P
    4.) Total Eclipse of da heart was such a good choice toooo
    corey12345   Bulletproof 100% deserved this, such a good song choice. 
    Jaws123   My first 0 points :( I cry, but bulletproof is a bop
    Spooky   Oop i was close
    Doll   so basically ur lookin for the most obscure & unique songs vs the obvious top 5 in all these categories. Ok.. now i know
    Vin014   never a winner..
    Sabrina   yoooo thank you!
    doobee   I choose my song from a car singing scene from the tc show MOM lol 
    Joseph   me in second place coming for necks
    TheBreeze   Congrats Sabrina!
    xFalsify   this gives me high hopes for mine and party's future road trips
    Sassy   After seeing all the controversy on last round's results, I wanted to offer a little bit of insight into how I scored these songs this round:

    For me, this round was all about high energy, fun lyrics, and songs that can be sung so terribly that surprisingly, nobody would mind. I wanted to pick songs that, in a car full of people, somebody would say "this is my jam, don't skip it!" For me, these are songs that have immense replay value and every time you sing along to it, you can find something new. I normally try to stay away from "obvious" songs, but I would have been absolutely remiss to not include some of the songs on this list that I did.

    Also, on another note, y'all really need to look at what other people are submitting before you submit your own stuff. Kinda tired of seeing multiple songs by like, 5 different artists each round and also seeing songs used in multiple rounds. Pick something unique! 
    angeloxpo   i have no idea what bulletproof is... @Patrick has taste though
    BostonRobby   Please stop giving me 4th-5th. I am not Paco!! Logo

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