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  • Gurgs
    GurgsJuly 14, 2017 00:20
    Survivor: Sinners vs. Saints Applications!
    Spoiler alert!
    ConnorLegg   Player Application
    Skype: Connor Legg
    Name: Connor
    Age: 15
    Why am I a saint? If you are my ally, you can trust me to never lie and always have your back, I'd rather go down with my alliance then abandon them and survive. 
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words: Trustworthy, crafty, logical

    dcg786   Mentor Applications:
    Skype (Required): dcg zwooper
    Name: dcg/danny
    Age: 14 
    Why are you a saint/sinner? i am a freaking sinner! i love to blind side and lie :D
    Why should you be selected as a mentor? bc i am a bad ass player and i am positive that i can be even more of a bad ass mentor if u select me :D
    Other group game achievements: 2nd in vinvivor 3rd in XTVD 2nd in bye's anon SC. 
    Swish   Skype - you have it
    name- marcus
    age- 15
    i am a sinner I am evil
    blindisided mother fucker
    pantherking21   Skype (Required): pantherking21
    Name: Jayden
    Age: 14
    Why are you a saint/sinner? Im a Saint because im nice to everyone and i love making friends.
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words Do what I want
    Brofesser   Skype: Brock Tackett. Name: Brofesser or Brock. Age: 15. Why are yo a sinner or saint? I'm a sinner who wants play nice but always ends playing dirty. Describe your gameplay in 3 words? Pure fucking evil 
    Riot   Player Applications:
    Skype (Required): Justin.Chabot21
    Name: Justin / Riot
    Age: 16
    Why are you a saint/sinner? saint
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words: Unique, Fair, Shocking
    TJP1122   Mentor Applications:
    Skype (Required): tjpzwooper
    Name: TJ
    Age: 18
    Why are you a saint/sinner? Saint probably describes me better as I try to play every game with loyalty and dignity, but I'm known to have sinned many times over by pulling some killer blindsides and making moves that were not the most liked.
    Why should you be selected as a mentor? When I play a game, I make sure to never neglect any aspect of the game. I make sure to strategically play the best physical game I can without becoming a physical threat, I am social with everyone without being manipulative, lying, or a sheep, and I'm strategic enough to make sure that I'm safe at all costs. A player in a crazy game like this could use a few tricks that I have stored and have been able to utilize in many successful games (see below), and I'm very excited to be able to teach a great group of players who would be willing to listen to some of the experience I have.
    Other group game achievements: Winner of Byevivor, PSBB, High School 9, and several other group games along with strong showings in SJBB (2nd), High School 8 (4th), KMSurvivor (7th), and an incredible game in your's and Survivorallstar's Gurgsvivor: Peru even though episodes still have not premiered...
    Jinx   Skype (Required): Voodoomagicks
    Name: Jinx
    Age: 18
    Why are you a saint/sinner? Saint because Jinx keeps things holy and vows to remove anyone who dares to sin from the game. Jinx will do what's best for the saints in an overal effort to cleanse, to eliminate the sinners from the eyes of the lord.
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words: Saintly, Happy,Powerful
    joey2121   Player Applications:
    Skype: Joey Palumbo
    Age: 20
    Why are you a sinner? I think I am a sinner because the game I play is very devilish and backstabbing and manipulative in nature. I think these games can do that to you, and I would love to prove that I can be a great sinner in a game like this. Manipulation is gonna be very important in a game of this caliber, and I'm more than willing to play a cutthroat game.
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words: devilish, cutthroat, calculating.
    Brycejarod123   Player Applications:
    Skype (Required):brycejarod123
    Why are you a saint/sinner?yo im a saint boi im not about that sinner life. i givepeople loyalty and they give it back.imma make these sinners repent.
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words:save me lord
    Jaws123   Player Applications:
    Skype (Required): ryanssb123
    Name: Ryan
    Age: 19
    Why are you a saint/sinner? I think im a saint but people consider me a sinner, I change every game. I lie, I do what it takes too win. 
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words: Unpredicatable, Brutal, Honest
    DannyT   Saint application
    Name: Daniel
    age: 16
    Why are you a saint: I try to stay as loyal to people as possible. I make great friendships and hate lying to people. There are those instance where you will have to lie and backstab to save yourself and put you in a better position, I try to avoid these situations early in the game by calculating moves early on.
    3 words to describe your game play: loyal, calculated, honest 

    Other group game achievements: I also played in group game called "Sing for your life" and I got 2nd place. :P

    Margaret   Mentor Applications:
    Skype (Required): you have it
    Name: Margaret
    Age: 19
    Why are you a saint/sinner? Im kinda both. Porbably more saint because I  hate lying to people in games. Sometimes I have to do it of course but as a mentor I would tell players not kinda mine strategy. I can be good strategic player If I want to but I just don't wanna hurt people's feelings in games. Yeah ik haha Im playing for fun and playing for fun is the most important thing imo. Also If you wanna win you have to do dirty moves sometimes and I actually know what to do even If Im personally trying to not do this. XD
    Why should you be selected as a mentor? I can help people how to play really good social game. In group games social games is really important so I think it's a bug plus also there is the time to do big moves and I can help them feel that moment. They always can ask me for advice. 
    Other group game achievements: Well tbh I played just in two games on zwooper lol. ZBB when I got 6th place and SC: Blind Dates when I got 8th place, I unfortunatelly had to quit because of problems irl. 
    ChrisDWa   Mentor Application
    Skype (Required): cw10oc 
    Name: Christopher
    Age: 13
    Why are you a saint/sinner? I think I am more of a saint than a sinner, I feel like my style of gameplay involves me being put into a good position, but also helping out my allies. I'm as loyal as one can be to my final 2s, and admittedly get upset when someone isn't. But overall, in a game of looking out for yourself, feel like it's a lot more fun with people you can trust rather than manipulating and putting a target on your back by blindsiding. I use my saint ways to fly under the radar and help, rather than hinder, my strategy.
    Why should you be selected as a mentor? I have gotten myself out of VERY tricky situations, and I think mentoring other players and helping them to win is a great representation of being a saint.
    Other group game achievements: Not much lol, and most were abandoned and never finished
    hobotree   Mentor Application:
    Skype (Required): liztree54
    Name: Hobo
    Age: 19
    Why are you a saint/sinner? I'm a sinner because techinically everyone one is 100% honest in games and part of the fun is that people could be lying at any have to work out a person's motives and best interests. 
    Why should you be selected as a mentor? I have the credentials and will help players through my open-minded approach, encouraging them to be adaptable. 
    Other group game achievements: 4 group game wins and 1 fast anon win (altogether 3 that are Survivor-based games) Good placements in other games- there's a list on my profile.
    ncolston2001   Sinner Applications
    Skype: Im Nacho Daddy
    Name: Nacho
    Age: 16
    Why are you a sinner?: Because i will do anything to win, even if that means bending the truth or backstabbing a friend
    Describe Your Gameplay in 3 words: Agressive, Competitive, Tricky
    ujmlkio   Sinner Application
    Age: 13
    Why am I a sinner: I'll lie cheat and steal to win
    Describe my gameplay in 3 words : Risky, Maniacal, Strategic

    Gurgs   Mentor Applications:
    Skype (Required):
    Why are you a saint/sinner?
    Why should you be selected as a mentor?
    Other group game achievements:

    Player Applications:
    Skype (Required):
    Why are you a saint/sinner?
    Describe your gameplay in 3 words: Logo

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