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  • Bye
    ByeNovember 22, 2017 06:34
    ✦ | Shark Tank Zwooper | The End... For Now
    Spoiler alert!
    cosmicbliss   You are amazing! 
    Afroditee   Finally cause everyone got help. I want to see dreams get crushed. Sadly saw nothing
    Good job tho
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 22, 2017 05:19
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #10
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   I had a root canal and was on A LOT of pain medication. LET ME LIVE @TJP1122
    TJP1122   Wasn’t ZBB15 where you could bank ballots?
    Cartur   Thanks so much! You are truly a saint!
    johnnyscott1127   As many as he wants to pay for
    ChrisDWa   Also ty ty ty ty, these Individual Challenges were killing me!!
    Piddu   How many chips do you even have!
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 20, 2017 07:03
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #9
    Spoiler alert!
    Mikey   @Champions Lol Flop
    Champions   Oh hey
    Peyton   Gross. jk, gl Evan
    BlueStar1367   Congrats Evan!
    Jqred   This looks dope 
    Gabe   That's a STUNNING memory wall and logo
    evanw919   OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
    Vin014   i absolutely love what you’re doing for this site with this. 
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 19, 2017 09:41
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #8
    Spoiler alert!
    Cartur   Grats @hobotree! Can't wait to get my invite
    hobotree   Far out, thanks man! I love this! 
    Ari   Ugh teach us your ways on how to create such an amazing background
    Arceus   That memory wall is such a beauty to look at. 
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 19, 2017 03:18
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #7
    Spoiler alert!
    NiQi   So happy, thank you so much <3
    Margaret   Thank you so much Marc, I really appreciate it and Im so happy we will host 2nd season of The Mole. Memory wall is stunning! <3
    Krysstian   Thank u
    Jqred   Omg I can't wait to apply this game 
    Parrish101   Grats y'all <3
    TJP1122   Definitely deserves this! Congrats to you three :)
    Alanster   this game is awesome even though i got last
    Arceus   I'm so happy for those three! One of the best games I've played so far on this site even though I got a 2nd =[
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 16, 2017 04:58
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #6
    Spoiler alert!
    Alanster   Wat the
    Parrish101   Thanks <3 I accept the offer and look forward to continue working with you on the format! Tysm and the memory wall is absolutely stunning <3
    ExoticSimmer   Congrats @Parrish101 :D
    Shoib   *waits for offer*
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 08, 2017 10:06
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #5 + Announcement
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   Bitch read my main blog. IM BUSY! @matthewmsloth
    matthewmsloth   where's dragula bicth
    Sparky44   yass
    m1chael   nice!!
    Fanny   Oml it looks AWESOME! Thank you so much
    Arceus   YES GO FANNY!
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 08, 2017 07:30
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #4
    Spoiler alert!
    Mikey   @Z_Events found it babe
    Typo   ah shit thank you!! And omg you right i completely forgot to mention that I wasn’t asking for all 2400 LMAO I was only asking for 1000 but forgot to mention it
    Arceus   Congrats Noah!
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 06, 2017 11:29
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #3
    Spoiler alert!
    JaMarcus_Russell   Ok these mem walls are unreal
    karterkanton   Thank you so much! 
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 06, 2017 06:30
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #2
    Spoiler alert!
    Jason1runs   go Myles!!
    Sparky44   YES. YES YES YES! Thank you Marc ! <3
    Arceus   YES GO MYLES!
    Bye   Honestly I just pray to @Satan_ and he does the rest  @hobotree
    hobotree   dude how do you do these mem walls so quickly
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 06, 2017 02:26
    ✦ | Shark Tank | Offer #1
    Spoiler alert!
    Shiniquax   Omg thank you so much! This is amazing! I will be adding you on skype later Bye <3
    Kyle   I'm living for this!
    joeyc   @Violet You don't get anything unless your game finishes, you know...
    deleted   Naomi simson* omfgneigdnwjfnbk
    deleted   Omg I love Naomi Campbell!
    Satan_   This game is sinful. @Bye will meet me in hell
    Violet   @Bye alright thanks. Maybe I will put in an application :p
    Bye   @Violet It will continue until all resources and funds are exhausted pretty much :)
    Parrish101   oh my god, that memory wall is AMAZING
    Violet   How long are you doing this for?
    Sparky44   Fucking iconic
    Arceus   YESSSS GO @Shiniquax!!!
  • Bye
    ByeNovember 05, 2017 02:04
    ✦ | Shark Tank Zwooper | Rules, Explanation & Applications
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   CATASTERPHE | Hosted by @Alanster
    SOCIAL SURVIVOR | Hosted by @Patrick71101

    Thank you both so much for taking the time to apply, and I feel awful in doing this, but this shark's bank is officially tapped. I've gone well over my budget, and unfortunately I just have nothing left to give. I do however wish you both all the best in your games, and who knows you might get another chance if Shark Tank returns! 

    So I'm sorry boys, but I'm Out.

    And with that Shark Tank's doors are officially CLOSED! Until next time 

    --------- CLOSED --------- 
    Patrick71101   Hi Marc! I'm not sure if applications are closed or not, but if they're open I've got an unusal request for you. As you may or may not know, I'm the very proud host of Survivor in real life, and every year I film and produce it into a series. Last year's season was indeed posted onto Zwooper this summer but no one really took any notice of it, and of course I didn't do anything special for it, as I was brand new to the site. This time I'm making it into a bit of an event, and almost like a group game, with a Pick to Win, Polls, a memory wall, etc. And I am more than capable of making a deccent memory wall, but I know you're the best of the best and of course love to make them. If you would be intrested in taking up this project I would love to have you, and yes, literally all I am seeking is the wall. I'm looking for the colors black, dark red, and a little gold and white to be used, and I would like for this logo to be incorporated onto it:
    This season was also a heroes vs villians theme, two tribes of six, so incorporate that into it, for a grand total of twelve player slots. Because the season was filmed on Sunday too, obviously the player names aren't changing, so I'll give them to you now.

    Heroes- Amanda, Moss, Ellie, Justin, Spencer, Tyler         
    Villains- Dylan, Trenton, Jarrod, Ben, Wills, Charlie

    Again, I know this is an unusal request, but I would love to have you on board because two months down the road when I finish with editing it's going to be awesome to showcase this creation to Zwooper! If you want to make sure I'm for reals too, here's a link to the previous season:
    Bye   ESCAPE THE NIGHT | Hosted by @Wcplays

    Thank you for taking the time to apply first off! Now we've SPOKEN about this whole luck business and as someone who considers themselves quite unlucky I just find it hard to get excited. However, I do see a lot of merit in your game and I do think it looks like a lot of fun.

    In saying all of that there is one problem... what you're asking for. 3000 Chips is A LOT, and Custom Backgrounds only come with a VIP prize otherwise they cost an additional $10. So the investment you are asking for would be the biggest to date, and as I am already over my original budget I'm left with no choice. 

    I'm sorry, but I'm Out.

    Alanster   LOL @ Gay Pirate Fantasy
    Bye   GAY PIRATE FANTASY | Hosted by @Shoib

    I can't, I'm too sober for this. I'm Out. 
    Bye   JAYVIVOR SIERRA LEONE |  Hosted by @pantherking21

    Thank you for taking the time to apply! Unfortunately, with the huge effort left in a lot of the remaining presentations I find yours to be incredibly short and lacking of any real detail. As a classic format I do find it hard to get excited, but I wish you all the best nonetheless! I'm sorry, but I'm Out.

    Bye   Disregarding @Swish's presentation as requested.
    Alanster   Hey there Bye. As you can see, this is Alanster reaching out to you seeking for your guidance and help. My group game Catasterphe puts players into dark situations of reality crises in which no one is safe and danger is in the air. Things may lead to decisive changes, but the way to stay put is to outsmart. Each season brings a different theme, which brings a different format, this season's theme is Cyber Kleptic. Each week, a player has to earn their title of the week's Hacker. This power will not only give them safety, but they have the power to put 3 victims of their choosing in jeopardy. Now this is where relationships must be made. Every week, the cast must vote whoever they went for jeopardy. The 2 people with the most votes will be in jeopardy along with the 3 chosen. The final phase will be The Files. There will be 5 files that the victims will have to choose from, 1 per person. The Hacker will get to choose which one will have the virus. For example, File #2 will have the virus and whichever victim has chosen File #2 will be Hacked.(Numbers will decrease as the game goes on) Leading to elimination. Amongst those 5 files, will be an extra surprise that will be given to the individual and may have the power to unleash twists and/or (dis)advantages. So what I ask for is format guidance to help improve format and making it clean(er). Im also looking for not much of a high investment. Somewhere between 500-1000 chips. Any judgement will be appreciated and I hope you'll consider this. 
    Taekwondo10   Thank you! I’ve decided I️ will focus on my upcoming choices first.
    thank you for the feedback :)
    Swish   Exclude my comment I have a better idea coming soon that I will pitch 
    Bye   LET'S MAKE A DEAL | Hosted By @4Real

    Thank you for taking the time to apply! I think this seems like a fun idea, but I'm not personally all too keen on entirely live games and I do think they really hinder a lot of timezones which makes it hard for me to get excited about. In saying that, I do think this could be a fun game to both play and watch. However, I think to be a real success it would need much more than 1500 Chips and unfortunately I don't think I could do that. So for that reason, I'm Out. Sorry and good luck with the idea!
    Cartur   As for the Investment, we're asking for 1000 chips, for a first place prize. This amount provides a good prize for the castaways to fight for, and I believe it makes us competitive with those seeking offers. For Host Favorite and 2nd place, we should be able to provide a reasonable prize of 250 chips for both. This game will be taking Zwooper by surprise, and with your generous investment, we will be able to make it a reality!

    Thank you from Chris and Carter
    Cartur   Hello @Bye! I'm @carterlinke01 and today I will be presenting you Survivor: Reliability! Recently @ChrisDWa and myself hosted a very successful season of Survivor: Adaptability, which included various twists for our castaways, with my favorite being the "Duo Idol". We put our castaways on a strict schedule and every vote/challenge result was released at 0 ZT. We believe it went as smoothly as possible!

    Now with a season under our belts, we are planning for the future, this is where we get our unique feature. We would like to premiere Zwooper as the game-changing Survivor with never before seen twists, and with the previous season seing the "Duo Idol", an idol that could be distributed between two tribemates at a single tribal council, this season will see the "Ghost" twist, which will keep all votes throughout the season to a "majority rules" vote. When I say "majority rules", the evicted castaway will recieve notice of his/her's eviction at tribal council, but the votes will be read as "Chris was evicted by majority".

    But one may ask, "Why do we need this rule?" Well this season we will be incorporating a "Bank" twist, where every tribal council castaways are given the option of saving their vote for a future tribal council. These votes will only be valid if they remain on the same tribe as the tribe they "banked" their vote. (Example: Chris specified in PMs that he was going to bank his vote, but draws a new buff at the next tribe swap, his banked vote would be voided.) I believe this twist would cause paranoia between castaways for two reasons. 1) Castaways are able to bank votes for future purposes, and 2) Nobody will know if you flipped. This twist is sure to be a game changer, and we are asking you help in making this a reality.
    Bye   VIDEO GAME VOGUE | @Evilgenious448

    Now you know I love you Anton, but this is like America asking Australia to invest in them. As much as I would love to help, I know you don't need my help and the success of your game has proven that. In seeing all these applications I know there are others who are much more in need of my help.

    So I'm sorry but I'm Out. If you ever need a Guest Judge though, I'm more than happy to step in once or twice 
    Bye   THE HEROES | @Taekwondo10

    Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions via PM and apologies on the delay but real life always comes first! I maintain that I still do really like this idea and concept, but in reading your response I still feel a little confused. I think the overall format if simplified has the potential to be a real hit, but I do think the way it carries across to each stage needs to be fine tuned. 

    So for that reason, I'm sorry but I'm Out. Good luck with it!

    Wcplays   Hello Marc, my name is Drake, and I am the proud creator and host of the Escape the Night gameshow, based on the popular youtube red series called well Escape The Night. Now I renewing the series for a second season due to how much positive feedback I got from the players, and people watching to renew it for a second season.

    I am asking for 1000-3000 chip (i'll take what I can get) and the ability to give custom backgrounds to the players (taking a risk I know)

    The reason I am asking for that is because I have several things planned in game which would lead to a chip prize, and some awards to be given out as the season plays out. I also had custom backgrounds in season 1 so it would only be fair to the season 2 people to give them custom backgrounds as well, I'm all about fairness in games and I don't want to leave season 2 out of the dust.

    Anyways if you're confused on the format of the game I have it on this blog
    And if you want the season 1 players here they are (to get their thoughts about the game and stuff) 

    Anyways in conclusion I know you hate games based on luck, however there is much more than luck to this. There is strategy and there is comps to save yourself from being eliminated, and I made sure that everyone has a fair chance at saving themselves when the time comes to it. I also will try to keep up with episodes, since due to me being in the cage I was way behind, and I couldn't catch up. I have a story planned for episodes and with your help I know that I can achieve a very successful season. Also there has been much hype, and I've been asked multiple when is this happening. People love this game, and want to try it so I think this is a great thing to invest in.
    hobotree   Yo Marc, Hobo here...otherwise known as Liz or Lizza...NEVER Liza (let's just settle that right there)

    I'm gonna be hosting a 5th season of A Hobo's Survivor, which will be an All-Stars season. There's not a whole lot to say because following on from my other AHS seasons, it will be a standard Survivor format, with some original twists thrown in there. Any twist I put in is never too game-changing/unfair but still livens things up. I've gathered a decent following from my last 3 seasons (would prefer some more support y'all), and for each season I have consistently put in the time & effort to plan the format plus writing episodes which takes approx 500 years. 

    And erm well the problem is how long post-production takes. I made a memory wall for season 4 and it legit took me hours upon hours possibly adding up to full days. I kid you not. Technology sorta hates me and I don't know anything about photoshop things & will not pay money because I am a stinge. Having said that, my stingy self could throw in a VIP prize and I have dem hosting skillz, so I am just looking for a memory wall- and any tips you might have on writing/presenting episodes in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm still at uni even though I'm on holidays.

    - 20 contestants
    - Any Survivor-ish theme with a few colours in there
    - Featuring a logo that follows the basic design of the last 4 slightly shitty logos which can all be seen on my profile. 
    Season 4 logo & memory wall ->

    Cheers mate
    @Taekwondo10 (Answers)
    @Shoib (99% chance I'm in)

    As per the Note I will go through these once I'm back from my work trip as well as any additional applications that come through after this comment. 
    Dean   @Bye thanks for the advice :D
    Bye   FREAKSHOW SURVIVOR 3: 666 | @ArcturusDean

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to apply! I think you have a really interesting idea, but it is overly complex. I think in a SC this could go one of two ways. I think either it'll just be random and people won't care or try for the specific placements, or it could lead to players not playing to win and just going for chips. I have concerns with so much going on it won't go as intended but I still really like the idea as a whole. I think the best advice or tip is around Pre-Merge. I think Pre-Merge it would me much more entertaining to have placing 6th a bad thing. Instead of rewarding probable luck, it could be cool to make the person who gets 6th the "Devils Target" or something like that. If this person IS voted out that round then there is some sort of bonus to the final total prize. So following the devils path ups the final prize. Just a random thought, definitely could be worked a little but I think from a players end it adds an element of danger/luck and for the public it can prove very entertaining.

    My real concern though lies with your graphics request... I know when I'm not capable of something and I know in order to make what you're looking for work I'd need to spend days fine tuning it. With such interest I know thats not possible, and so I'm sorry but I'm Out. Good luck, I'll be keen to watch this one play out!
    Bye   CMGORILLA'S BIG BROTHER | @cmgorilla

    Thanks for taking the time to apply! The idea presented is pretty much a standard BB game, and I've already invested in Myles' BB. With the immense creativity I'm seeing, I feel like I can be of greater help to others. Everyone will always be down for a good BB game so this time, I'm sorry but I'm Out. Good luck!
    Taekwondo10   I PMed you my answers :)
    Shoib   Hello Marc my name is Shoib and I am here to pitch my new game.

    Pirates are really a dying breed right now, my friend Jack Sparrow feels like he has been discriminated against recently and I think a way to change that would be a new pirate game.

    In this game there will be one 10 people will play and submit the best Jack Sparrow gif they can find (I know its a difficult choice since there are so many good ones), I will then choose the person who selected the best gif and they will win the game automatically.

    A prize of 3000 chips will be awarded to that person since I feel this game will require a lot of tough decision making. I also request 5000 chips for the rum because Jack always asks me "Why its always gone?". Then we also want to request a sum of 2000 chips to split between myself and Jack. This will come up to a grand total of 10000 Chips. I know its a lot but I feel like it will all be worth it for the game I am putting forward.

    pantherking21   Hello Marc!!!! My name is Jayden Hillman and I want to talk about my future survivor game.

    It will be called Jayvivor Sierra Leone and will be based on survivor with many twists and turns. However, the main twist is that the game will be completely anonymous. I want to see how people play with out prior relationships.

    I will be looking for a chip and a memory wall investment. The amount of chips I am looking for is 1000 in total, 700 to winner, 200 to runner up and 100 to runner-up. I would like a war/battle themed memory wall.

    I feel like I can make a great group game with this!!!!
    Swish   Hello Marc! My name is Marcus or Swish and I am here to tell you about my Survival Choices coming up
    I love Wolfwood! He made a good choices game out of heroes VS Villians and I would love to continue that type of game now that he is not active
    My choices is called "MSC1 Heroes VS Villains" 
    For this game I will do episodes have chats and a bunch of ways to get you and your team bonus chips!

    What am i asking for? I am not asking for chips, I have them and do not think you should spend your chips on me! Instead I am asking for a memory wall! (Hopefully updated as season goes) and a logo that can be seperate and on the mem wall. I would like a red and blue theme clashing and Heroes on one side and villians on the other!

    Any further questions you have let me know I hope we can make a stellar choices out of this! @Bye
    Bye   THE HAUNTED HOUSE | @Big_Brother_Fan

    First off thanks for taking your time to apply! I think you have the makings of a really good game here and I think there's lots of potential But I have to say there is a lot going on and I feel like there's a bit of a mishmash of a lot of contrasting ideas. I would definitely encourage you to rethink the names of things to bring them all in line. With a name like Haunted House you could use things like skulls or coffins which I think instantly tie things in much more than ribbons and diamonds in my opinion. I also do think the format needs simplifying as for a player things could get very confusing very quickly, and when things get confusing people slowly lose interest. Sometimes simplicity is key, and I think with a little injection of it this game could definitely be a big success.

    So I'm left torn. It comes down to the asking investment, and I think this would require a lot more work before its ready to go. So with all that being said, I'm sorry Peyton but I'm Out. 

    Don't give up on this idea, I think with some work you could definitely make this a huge success!
    Margaret   We would appreciate some help in inventing some challenges. We don't like to use flash games or zwooper games in our game. In the last season we created most of the challenges by ourselves. They were creative and fun to do, some of them were hard, some nice. The main colour in the mole is green. We would want to have 16 spots on this mem wall and our likeness, something what looks like us. :D Like our avis, that would be nice! Also a sign of the mole is a thumb.  We hosted this game before and as I said it was very succesful. Unfortunately we don't have enough money to creat 2nd season since my VIP runned out and to buy vip in poland its 40 or 20 dollars x3 = 120 or 60zł and its a lot for us. We really loved to host this game, we spent many hours creating challenges, tests and organizing everything. I hope you will help us with it, I know we are asking for a lot but we really loved hosting 1st season!
    Margaret   Hello Marc, my name is Gosia and I wanted to give you a taste of mine game (also NiQi's and Krysstian's). Players in The Mole must work together to complete various physical and mental challenges to build up a significant chips prize for the winner. One of them, however, is "the Mole", a double agent hired by us to sabotage the efforts of the group. The Mole must be careful to avoid drawing too much suspicion to himself or herself. The quiz at the end of each episode tests players' knowledge of the Mole, and determines by lowest score (or by, in the event of a tie) who is eliminated from the game. I've hosted this game before and I think people enjoyed to play this!  I know it's a lot but we would need something round 3k chips. Last season our winner won 1400 chips but he could win a lot more since they lost a lot of chips in one of the challenges so I would like  to have more chips just in case of them winning more chips. Our Mole also has to receive some prize, last time it was 600 chips. We also made post with pick to win with 250 chips. Memory wall would be appreciated but it's not necessary, it depends on you tbh. 
    Gabe   Hello, and welcome to Let's Make a Deal! My name is 4Real, and I'm your host! The game will be based off the TV Game show, Let's Make a Deal. On Zwooper, Reality Games such as Survivor and Big Brother are extremely popular. However, there are rarely game shows. I'm here to blaze the path for future game shows. In the TV series, players are chosen to come on stage, where they have the chance to win prizes. For example, a player may be offered an envelope. He/She may either take the envelope, or pass in hopes of a better prize. Throughout the show, games are also played for a chance to win a larger prize - such as a car or an expensive vacation. The game would take place LIVE on skype, with an episode to follow. I am searching for a basic graphic (a logo and the players on it) and a chip investment of 1500 chips in order to fund several fun episodes!

    Thank you for doing this, and I appreciate your time! Overall, I think this will be a fun and refreshing twist to normal Zwooper games!
    Parrish101   An additional detail I've been thinking of for Rising Stars, it does not have to be like 1 day old new users. Can be 1-2 months old users who are not over maybe the Pink Square Level or so. Still in the works which is why I need your help lol <3
    Evilgenious448   Hi Marc, you know me quite well so I wont introduce myself, however I will introduce my game to you. The game is called EG's Video Game Vogue and you were a judge on it last season, so you should be quite familiar with it. I hope you dont require any more detail in the explanation.

    If you remember when I first suggested the crates to you, you thought that they were not the best idea for you personally as you may often get targeted by the Assault crate. Well not everyone does that, some choose the Specialist crate that rewards the player with an instant gift. 

    I am already being quite generous with my prizes offering a $40 custom design as well as chips in the form of gifts for the top 5 placements (with the exception of the winner), and also a prize for pick to win. This is over 2.5k chips worth of prizes, not counting the grand prize. Having to pay out specialist crates on top of that would be a bit overkill for me, so if you could help me out by offering to sponsor the specialist crate, I would be very grateful. I am more than happy for you to set a cap, and then I would have to cover the rest, but if my cast are more driven on winning than snagging a few gifts, there may not be a need to donate any chips to the game.

    That covers the main things I have to say, if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask me mate!
    Fanny   OH and also i have a many twists, hidden imunity idols around zwooper and unpredcitable surprises to come along! i just didnt want to mention anything too revealing of the game it self :X 

    Why not ? 

    So i have talked to you about it before but why not do it here as well? 

    Im planning to host a survivor game! It will be like the real reality TV SHOW! it will start with 18 people, 3 tribes (they will be named after gerek islands) , each round they will get an immunity and reward challenge , and one or maybe more of them will be going home! After a point the tribe will swap into 2! and maybe back into 3, till eventually we make the merge and continue following the TV show format  with indivdual immunity and rewards! 

    I dont want any chips from you :P 
    However what im asking is if you could make the wallpapers for me? (Keep in mind, with the tribe swaps, i wont just need 1 wallpaper! )

    OH. and to mention that there is a high chance this game has Zwooper points as a reward, because i have proved my worth as a host , hosting KOF for 5 seasons, some SC, and the Sharakea race!

    Hoping that i dont ask for chips will balance it out that i ask for more than 1 wallpaper!

    Fanny   Creativity level: 300% !!

    PS= It doesnt surprise me you doing that, when youre a rich aussie bitch duhhhh! 

    cmgorilla   Hello Marc, Its cmgorilla (Caleb) and I am hosting Cmgorilla's Big Brother. I have been on the site for a year and a half now and love hosting group games.
    I am asking for 1000 chips and a memory wall. The 1000 chips will go directly to the winner of the game, the one that beats out 11 other houseguests and claims the crown and the title of Cmgorillas Big Brother Champion. Memory walls I have made in the past but I'm not very good at them and could use some of your expert skills to help with this game. I would like it to be a 12 person memory wall with a casino/chip layout if possible.
    This game will run through so many twists and turns. Each houseguest will begin the game with 1000 chips. There will be a 24 hour HOH competition. The winner of the Head of Household will nominate 2 houseguests to go up for eviction. 3 players will be selected to play in the Power of Veto competition. The Power of Veto will be a bid with the highest bid being the winner of the POV. The POV can take a nominee off the block of leave it then same, at the end there will be 2 nominees and the houseguests will cast their votes to who they would like to leave the big brother house. There will be twists that can get people double votes/double povs/auto-nominated/auto-evicted/disadvantages/advantages throughout the game. There are also have nots which they will play a comp and the lowest scores will lose chips which will make their time in the house alot more difficult
    This game will cause alliances to be shattered and dramatic/angry houseguests. I dedicate alot of my time hosting and making episodes and the houseguests and me would be very greatful if you take time reading this and consideration to choose me as one of your offers. I can make this a successful group game and I promise you I won't let you down. This is very nice of you to do!
    karterkanton   Jk I havent slept yet I'm dumb
    karterkanton   I got skipped over was this intentional or was I supposed to be cut :o

    sorry to link you to images but I’m on mobile, it’s the best I can do.
    Bye   THE HEROES | @Taekwondo10
    Shark Tank Interrogation

    Before I can make a final decision, I just have a few questions so that I have a clear understanding. Thank you for taking the time thus far to apply and thank you in advance for answering my questions :) How many players are cast in total? I'm just a little confused as to how I would go about the Memory Wall as the game works in three stages. Does the game proceed to the next stage once a certain number of people have been killed? If you could please clarify how the casting works with 8 within each stage that would be greatly appreciated. What is the purpose of coins in the game? Is there a shop of some kind to cash these in for Food/Life Points/Weapons Points? What is the purpose of the Will Points? How do you determine who is a Top 3 Survivor? I definitely like the idea behind this despite being a little confused initially, so I look forward to hearing back from you. Feel free to give me any other additional information you'd like as well. If you'd prefer to PM me to avoid leaking parts of the game you'd prefer to keep secret then that's perfectly fine too. Thanks! :)

    Bye   REBELS | @Stefandabeast

    Thank you so much for taking the time to apply and explain your new game Rebels. I'd like to start by saying I think you're incredibly creative and I think you have some really strong ideas. However, there are a few format issues I think it's important that I address.

    As personally one of the unluckiest players on Zwooper, this format scares me as so much of it stems from luck which takes away from the strategic elements that I much more enjoy. It gears slightly towards the physical end of the spectrum, so I think incorporating more social and strategic elements could help. I'd also try and find a way to have more people involved in the decision making process to keep more than just a few people each week engaged. Once it gets to the end game, I'd encourage you to alter how it works entirely. As a Host, I think its important we do not take part in the game as it would never be received well and put your hosting into question. Nobody ever wants to be accused of rigging as a host, and that little twist really does ask for it. 

    Overall though, I do think you have really strong ideas and the potential to host something amazing but I think you should focus on Evolutionary first. Trying to do too much at once could definitely hurt its chances of being successful. So for those reasons, I'm sorry but I'm Out. 
    karterkanton   ZBBOTT - A 24/7 Choices Experience
    On November 18, the first season of ZBBOTT will begin through 24/7 Choices. This will only be the second one in Zwooper history, so it already has the bar set very high for it. I will be taking 12 ZBB veterans and one non-veteran (voted in by Zwooper) and throwing them into the game with twists and turns remnant of Big Brother Over the Top. Each week, Zwooper will first vote on their nominee. The Head of Household in the game will nominate two players, and will have to use the third nomination on whomever Zwooper chooses. In addition to this, Zwooper will be voting to send Care Packages to Houseguests throughout the season with prizes such as safety and power awaiting them. In the end, Zwooper will vote for a winner, and the jurors will have to lock their votes in for this person.

    What I'm Asking For - I am asking for a Memory Wall and a 1000 Chip prize for the winner. I will be giving out prizes in the form of designs throughout the game, but I would like to have 1000 Chips for whoever wins the season. Being that I have a feeling that this will be a very highly viewed game due to the caliber of players we will be dealing with, I think the public involvement will make this successful enough to justify such a prize. 

    Thank you for reviewing this, and whether you invest in this project or not, make sure you apply ;)
    Taekwondo10   PART 3
    Conclusion: In Conclusion, my game would include Episodes, a Storyline, and a non-specific format on what you can do. You must know how to survive, keep secrets, and avoid being killed by other people. You must be strategic on all the words you use and all the secrets you keep, because unless someone tells you or you see it, you don't know who's dead. Even after you die, you are still involved in the game. You must know how to save, because if you run out of something, your game could easily be over. If you can master this, you can win, and you can play until the end and say you survived. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it!
    Taekwondo10   PART 2
    Format: Each part of the game follows the same basic rules. At the beginning of each game, each person receives 5 Life Points, 2 Pieces of Food, and 5 Coins. None will receive any Weapon Points. They will be placed in a room based on their role in where they work. It is randomized where they work. For example, in Part 1: The Hospital, 3 Rooms will have 3 People, and 1 Room will have 2 People. At the beginning of each day, they receive 2 Action Points to use that day.
    If it is...
    -A room they've never been, they receive 2 Coins.
    -1 Piece of Food if it's the current exit
    -.25 Weapon Points if it's the previous day's exit
    They can either...
    -Trade Food, Coins, or Weapon Points with someone, but both must privately agree to the trade. 
    -Move, which they can do on anywhere they see on the map, and they can do it once per day.
    -Kill, which takes away a specific amount of Life Points based on how many Weapon Points they have. If 2 people decide to kill each other, both lose 3 Life Points, so you must be subtle!
                                -When you kill, everyone the person you killed saw throughout the duration of the game receives 1 Will Point. The killer receives all Weapon Points, Coins, Food, and Will Points that the person they killed had.
    -Eat, because if they don't eat once in 3 Days, they lose 3 Life Points, no reminders are given, and no questions can be asked about the last time they ate.
    The exit unlocks at the Final 5, and information on how to exit will be given at the Final 5.
    The differences between each part of the game would include...
    -Starting Places
    Taekwondo10   PART 1
    Introduction: Hi Marc, my name is Sam, but I am known as @Taekwondo10, and my game I present to you would be a Horror Game Series called: The Heroes, based off of the people who go out to save your lives in your city alone. The game takes place in a futuristic world where each city has became it's own private society, or world. Each city only has 1 Police Station with 8 Officers, 1 Fire Station with 8 Firefighters, and 1 Hospital with 8 Nurses and Doctors. The game is a Choose Your Own Adventure Game, where each player must master the Survival, Social, Strategic, and Saving Skills before it is too late. The game would be split into 3 Parts:
    -Part 1: The Hospital
    -Part 2: The Firehouse
    -Part 3: The Precinct

    What am I seeking and Why: I am seeking a total Chip Investement of 2100 Chips. 1500 Chips to be awarded at the end of Part 3: The Precinct for the Final 3 Survivors each to receive 500 Chips. If you are one of the Top 3 Survivors from Part 1: The Hospital or Part 2: The Firehouse, I would request 1 Background. If you survive Part 1: The Hospital, you move onto Part 2: The Firehouse, and if you survive Part 2: The Firehouse, you move onto Part 3: The Precinct. I am also seeking Format Help, specifically just on quirks or confusions that could come in, plus any ideas you might have. Finally, I am also seeking Graphic Help, specifically 1 Memory Wall split into 3 Parts, the Top having a Hospital Themed Background, the Middle having a Firehouse themed background, and the bottom having a Police Precinct themed Background. All 3 would contrast each other, and I would like some Blood on The Hospital background, some fire on the Firehouse Background, and some Guns and Badges on the Police Background. 
    Stefandabeast   The reason my asking chip price is semi low in my opinion is because I will needs tons of help. In fact I am going to be hosting my first game Evolutionary sometime this month probably. So, I know you are the best of the best:) and it will require a lot of your expertise. I do not have skype, so that is my primary problem:(. I can do things with graphics if you want. And help in ways that you need me to. But, this will be a lot on your part. I just think it would be stupid to let this great vision go to waste or not be as fun as it could be. I know you can make it fun and keep it organized. What I am asking for, is for prize money for the game though and if you want to compromise on my asking price, I am willing to compromise. So anyway, thanks for your time and let me know any questions or feedback you may have. Stefandabeast signing out.
    DannyT   Such a great idea! I love how it helps people will less money and gives them a chance
    Stefandabeast   The game continues this way until one of the tribes have two members left. This will known as the merge. There will an immunity challenge and the top three people are immune and can vote on a captain. In case of a tie the highest immunity score will be nominator. The nominator can evict anyone but the person who won immunity. This theme moves on until there are five members left where the five members will vote on a jury member to be nominator. In case of a tie best placement on jury is nominator. The nominator can evict anyone left in the game and there are no immunities from this point forward. Then there are four. If you come on board Marc with me then the two of us will be nominator and choose who should get out due to who has played the weakest. Once there are three then, the jury(consists of eight members) chooses who wins like in real survivor, but a fan vote(on who should win) comes into effect and counts as the ninth jury member and in an event of a tie. Me and you Marc would be the tiebreaker and be the final vote. Other things to know about the game there are idols. If one is played incorrectly, nothing changes. But if played correctly the nominator that rounds get eliminated. Idols can be played up until final five and if found before merge, it is still relevant after merge. I will also remain open to some changes you would like to make to the game. End of part two of three
    Stefandabeast   Hi Shark, my name is Stefandabeast and I will be seeking 750-1000 for a large share in my group game. I love Survivor. Every season it is a highlight for me watching Survivor. So, I wanted to create something very original which I’m sure your known for. The game will be called Rebels. Here is the format of the game. I brought a piece of paper with my game format for Marc. *hands out paper* to Marc. So as you can see I completely switched the game Survivor upside down. In fact, it is almost opposite of Survior. The way it works is ..twenty members face off to begin the game. The number quickly changes to 18 as the remaining players split into three tribes. The way the first two eliminations happen is due to who the fellow competitors don’t want to work with. See each competitor ranks the players in the game they want to work with from first to last. The two players least wanted according to an average, will have their torches out. When the three tribes are organized due to who the players want to play with. The official game begins then. There will be a challenge every week. The winning tribe get to elect a team leader for that round known as the Nominator. The player who gets the most votes becomes the nominator. In an event of a tie, the higher immunity score will be the nominator. The nominator chooses someone on the losing tribe besides the top two people in immunity to evict. However, the immunity scores will be unknown to the nominator. If the nominator chooses someone who finished in the top two of immunity, then the nominator will eliminated. Each time a tribe loses a member they get to trade someone on their tribe with the second place tribe. But, they can’t switch for someone who was top two on their tribe for immunity. End of part one of speech
    Shiniquax   PART 2 :

    The Oddysey will be game where 14 Players enter the Oddysey and they all have to compete in a competition for power. The person in power will nominated 2-3 players depending on what stage of the game, the game is at. And then there will be vote, but the remaining players wont be voting to send home or to save one of the nominees at all! There will be a vote for something else that I wont spoil! There will be a jury or 7 who decides the winner of The Oddysey!

    To summarise, the game will test Psyical Abbility, How To Handle Power, And how to take Responsibilty! You should invest me because I don't want this, I need this to host, and I want to host! The game will have an exciting twist to it's format. The players will drive to win things harder when prizes are up for grabs and it'll be an all out war! And I'm excited for it, and I hope you are too!

    It would be an honour for you to invest me, and I hope I don't get judged for not being known, or having a shit avatar because this is about hosting, and I know I can make a good and successful host!
    Shiniquax   Okay, so my name in Shiniquax, and my game is called The Odyssey. This game will test how responsible people are, and how psyical people are and how people deal with power, and giving others power. Getting power wont be as easy as just winning a competition. And getting evicted wont be as simple as getting most votes from everyone else, because in my opinion that is boring. As a host, I want to be firm and fair. I will host on skype and I will not be messy!

    I am seeking an invesment of chips and graphics.I am asking for a 1000-2000 chip invesment.

    Chips : 1000 chips will go to the winner if gifts and the other chips will go to prizes throughout the season to make the players play harder. There wont be prizes every week unless you give more, but it will be stated how you can get prizes throughout the season. For example You can get a hair if you win the Odyssey Control competition. 

    Graphics : As for graphics, I will be looking for a wall similar to ZBB. However, at the top I would want it to say The Odyssey in metal-like writing and a background to do with space. Colour wise, a Blue/Purple would be really good!I would also want 14 spaces on the memory wall.

    Bye   FIRST 24/7 CHOICES | @JakeP97

    Let's not waste anyone's time. Your co-host detests me so much you couldn't even mention his name. And to be perfectly blunt I find it pretty rude to say another persons hard work was not up to par, and I'm surprised those with "no graphic design skills" are so critical of others. 

    I'm Out. 
    Nieklaus   @JakeP97, well, now this is interesting.
    JakeP   My co-host and I are iconic and we have hosted 4 Survival Choices Series. We are looking to extend our brand into the 24/7 Choices realm. We plan on hosting the very FIRST 24/7 Survival Choices. ICONIC? We know. 

    We are looking for graphics, as we had to outsource the graphics for our last Survival Choices and they were not up to par with a previous creator. We currently have no graphic design skills and are relying on my shit Microsoft Paint skills. 

    We are not looking for anything crazy, just a basic Big Brother pool themed logo/memory wall. We just want it to look clean, CRISP, and professional.  

    For the very first 24/7 Choices we think that @Trishy would appreciate that the graphics for this game look nice, and that’s something hopefully YOU can assist with
    Sparkle   marc sux but this is lit
    Arceus   This is so neat and organized. 
    Parrish101   Yasss I love this! 
    joeyc   Happily +1'd to even it out @Shoib! 
    Shoib   Looks amazing and I plus 4d fml, sorry
    Electra   work this capitalistic pussy out 
    Sparky44   iconic! Logo

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