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  • Z_GroupGames
    Z_GroupGamesApril 12, 2018 22:41
    How to Host a Group Game - Format/Rules
    Spoiler alert!
    DynomiteKid4000   I don't think Paragraphs are being sloppy or last. To be honest I think bullet points are being pretty lazy.
    Gabe   i'd rather read a paragraph than bullet points because most of the uneducated monkeys on here think that they can use full sentences for bullet points when that defeats the purpose of having bullet points
    Strawberry   Paragraphs are fine tf
    Z_GroupGames   @Vlatemier  I spelt it wrong on purpose. And paragraphs just look lazy.
    KaylaRenee   Are you trying to throw shade at me @Z_GroupGames? I don't appreciate this
    Vlatemier   The paragraph method is good if you spell everything correctly, if people aren’t willing to put the effort to read five sentences they won’t put any effort into the game 
    Swish   @Sparky44
    Sparky44   @bentren2 Logo

Spoiler alert!

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