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  • Zwooperman
    ZwoopermanAugust 17, 2014 19:11
    Zwooper News - Issue 6
    Out Now!
    spidermonkey   Great issue, excited for everything to happen.
    gogaton   Yayy I'm excited for all the new stuff coming out soon!!  :D
    Pegasus   @Caleb Whataburger is life
    Wolfwoodcp82   @Caleb That is creepy we have the same first name and middle name.
    Pegasus   yay
    ElissaFan007   "Finally (for current projects at least) is 24/7, Zwoopers
    Big Brother Game. @Trishy, @Kris and myself are
    currently writing this game, and this will be our next
    BIG project for the autumn (fall). We dont have a
    launch date yet, but it will be before Christmas and is
    destined to be AWESOME!"
    Bumblebee   yasss
    ElissaFan007   @Baseball12 i read it first but ok :x 
    ElissaFan007   which one is the big new feature is it the activity stream thing? 
    Baseball12   FIRST
  • Zwooperman
    ZwoopermanJune 22, 2014 12:43
    Zwooper News - Issue 5.... out now - click the link below to read all about what's hot (and what's not!) in Zwooperland.

    Ravenclawfan   Wow awesome additions! :D
    Zwooperman   Sorry @ElissaFan007, I thought I had covered it - what else would you like to know?
    ElissaFan007   I was hoping for more info on Fast Survival. Disappointed tbh.
    SportsGirl   This is such an amazing article. I so can't wait for fast survival and the future! Make the next issue quick.
    Pegasus   OMG SO EXCITING!
    KickAss93   Interested to see what's coming soon...CAN'T WAIT for Fast Survival!
    djkaywire   Can't wait for all the updates stated in the Zwooper The Future! Great issue :D
    Zach   By far the best issue I have seen! I loved the future of Zwooper colum,can't wait!
  • Zwooperman
    ZwoopermanMay 24, 2014 14:27
    Zwooper News - Issue 4 - Out Now!
    Issue 4 of Zwooper News is available now! Check it out here:
    Spooky   i beat 2048 once before!!!! <3
    LOL.. I made it too.. @Pegasus.. :)
    Rumen_V   @Pegasus how did that happen haha
    Aria   I've never played 2048 
    Pegasus   lol this is so cool
    survivor101   I love 2048
    DTPsycho   2048 is the shit
    andychuck08   @Electra calling out my blueness!
    SirDragon   I Love 2048 <3
    Sassy   Yo 2048 is my game. I've gotten to 4096 before! ^_^
    Candee   Where you been @Qwerky99 ?  On the moon ?   Cause its been all over the news the past week!   
    Qwerky99   Omy the Amzing race just got ruined for me lol
    Aizen101   best issue yet
    Rumen_V   I can't play 2048 lol 
    DTPsycho   pleasew tell me its true, 2048 is  gonna be a individual challenge @Zwooperman
  • Zwooperman
    ZwoopermanApril 20, 2014 10:56
    Easter Edition of Zwooper News - Out Now!
    And look out for a post about the Easter Egg Hunt - 12.00 today Zwoopertime.
    JustThom   Awesome job!  Happy Easter! 
    Zach   This is probably my favourite Issue yet!
    ElissaFan007   Love it!!! :D sorry about the fashionista article inconvenience
  • Zwooperman
    ZwoopermanMarch 14, 2014 20:27
    Zwooper News Issue 2 - Out Now!
    Heres the link to the new Bumper edition of Zwooper News!

    Hope you have fun reading this month's issue! Dont forget to do the competition ...

    Apply today! :)
    Gucci   Thanks @Zwooperman and @Trishy for letting me be a part of ZwooperNews!  I really enjoyed doing it!
    Gemini   Excellent job everyone!!!  I totally enjoyed it!!  What a great feature to the site and just one more reason to love ZWOOPER!!!! 
    Can't wait to see the next edition !!  :)))
    JustThom   Great job!  
    TwistedSister   Good Job @Zwooperman   I love reading ZwooperNews!  I think this is a great addition to the site!  
    FairlyBlue   great work you guys x
    karterkanton   Look at me! :)
    Ravenclawfan   Wow, that player's perspective of survival is the best thing i saw in there! lol jk :D
    CheapCheep   I wasn't nominated for an Oscar. ;O What is this madne~ just kidding. xo
    Lacey   Loved It!!  ...Good Work ! ^^
    Green   I found the word "Anal".. does that count? ;)
    Alice   Lmao... that moment when i just realizes the thing for FP was suppose to be Hollywood ready.. my bad XD
    I must have just gotten excited and misread something :P
  • Zwooperman
    ZwoopermanFebruary 15, 2014 18:40
    Zwooper News!
    Ok guys here it is, the first edition of Zwooper News! I hope you like it, and we would love to hear your ideas for the next issue. Any budding journalists ...
    Aria   Love it!!
    APEX   freaking love it
    KickAss93   when will the second issue be out???
    Cesco   Nice :)

    @Zwooperman   How exciting, just as I win my first game :D

    We intend to hold Survival games that are reserved for previous winners only, and these will be held periodically, with a random selection process. More news about this soon!

    newme   I like it. :D
    Kris   Very nice @Zwooperman !
    top20fan   i love it LOL

    OMGGG I'm seriously so impressed with this @Zwooperman @Trishy and whomever  else is involved!!  It totally rocks!!

    Who did the's so professional!!  Excellent job you guys!!!  (hahahha @Jace !!! )   Looking forward to the next issue :)))

    FairlyBlue   very nice you guys X
    Aizen101   perfectly written
    Gucci   Awesome!!
    JustThom   Nice Job!
    nshan93   hooray
    Lacey   This Is SOO Amazing ! 
    Ireks   nice :)
    Clueliz   great job on this issues @Zwooperman :) can't wait to see all these exciting updates
    SurvivorMan   Zwooper news was a brilliant idea, Zwooperman! It is so cool! I hope I can be featured on there one day
    Electra   I mailed you xx :) @zwooperman
    Jace   Who's that's person writing the Zany Zwooper column? He's bloody good isn't he? ;))
    Green   wow nice job :)
    peace123   Tht is very cool! Can't wait to see more :)
  • Zwooperman
    ZwoopermanJanuary 05, 2014 21:47
    In an attempt to answer as many of your questions as possible....
    Check out our 2014 Statement of Intent
    yickerdude   Lol @Jace I feel like from another universe
    Jace   Oh my, it's November already! :o
    Jace   Hello again!
    bluesapphire   Thanks @Zwooperman and the zwooper team!!
    Zwooperman   @Manenz  - yes we have a number of VIP members and a number of Chip buyers too! But the income is all put back into Zwooper, to pay for our server costs and for the licences for the Flash Games, and some additional techincal help we have required along the way.
    Manenz   Wait of course you surely make money, you charge 40 dollars for VIP.
    Itstim   This is a great article.
    Now that I'm back from my holiday, I'm ready to play my first game of Survivor that I've been waiting to play for months! Wish me luck :)
    Baseball12   I LOVE YOU ZWOOPERMAN
    Jace   TL;DR so many words. But I know that all those words mean Zwooper will get even better within this new year of 2014.
    Markuskaus   You're the best! 
    Meow   You guys have made an awesome site! ILY
    Webly   Thank you guys! This site is great and I fully appreciate all the effort you guys put into this website!
    Gucci   Great job to everyone on the team!   Im looking forward to all the new and exciting stuff to come in 2014!
    Sassy   This is very cool and a great way to let everyone know what to expect over the next year!
    Cory8   24/7 not till mid 14'   :(
    Green   Awesome :)
    Divergent   can't wait to see whar 2014 brings for Zwooper. The Zwooper team does a phenominal job. Thanks for making this site very enjoyable and fun :)
    Jacob_96   Hopefully going to be another great year for zwooper :) Logo

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