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  • Trishy
    TrishyJune 23, 2021 08:48
    Zwooper Moderation Team Update
    Spoiler alert!
    JacksonSunshine   Awwww we love Sara regardless of what she chooses to do! She'll always help no matter what, she don't need the title of moderation to help with the energy that she gives to zwooper already Thank you to the 4 remaining moderators as well as I know y'all are working extremely hard to make sure that zwooper is a fun and safe environment for all 
    Summerstorm   very easy to see why she stepped down
    cmgorilla   Awww 
  • Trishy
    TrishyJune 11, 2021 13:16
    Zwooper Moderation Team
    Spoiler alert!
    Jason1runs   Good stuff 
    Fanny   Is that all? Or maybe there are some hidden ones who dont want to put their names out there?!?!?!? 

    NathanB   Congrats!
    Summerstorm   wish i could agree with the entire team.....
    Reynolds   <3333
    TheBreeze   Huge congrats all!
    Green   Love all these people <3
    Vin014   Love this
    Dswag   Did you just suggest there's diversity here.....
    Nitu   Like yeah I have to agree to @Ireks here we love seeing huge diversity in the mod team but the whole globe isn't represented properly but I still believe these 5 can manage the time zones :)
    Ireks   a nice group of people and i'm sure they will do a fine job (as long as they are active), the only issue I see is that I think the whole globe should have been represented, for example there's nobody from Australia and only one person from Europe, so hopefully DoctorWho and TombRaider can manage that time zone gap
    TombRaider   Regarding the previous comments, I've had a really good chat with both Sarah & Ed and it's been resolved. Always important to speak your mind!
    Craig   Best of luck to all... Trishy and the Team do your thing !!!
    Franky   Yay. Much luck and thanks to all y'all. 
    Eduardo   I will be going to the only POC on this team if I ever have any issues  Thank you Andrew.
    Sarah   I'm curious as to why @TombRaider is a moderator when he assaulted my friend with the f slur multiple times along with Kevin.
    Peyton   Fantastic team! 
    Typo   A self-described troll who used to actively promote all lives matter and supported Trump on the moderation team...okay

    other than that this team looks great, can't wait to see what they have to offer!
    Seanoh   Ew Jude. <3 
    Sassy   Very excited for this team. As Trishy said, be patient with them as they get started. Don't make their learning curve too steep. 
    Bombonrayo   Great!
    Sarah   Hmm
    George   2 women !! i say we, as feminists, won today.
    Nitu   Loves the mod team I really hope we will be all good soon enough. #WeCanDoIt ❤
    SleekPuma   Great choices! Good luck guys.
    Geri   This is a good set
    Jude   Looking forward to the opportunity! Anyone feel free to message me here or on discord to chat or with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc 
    sebby113   Amazing team!!! All active and great people on the site! Logo

Spoiler alert!

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