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  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbApril 29, 2018 20:14
    Just Another Fashion Game | GRAND FINALE - THE CONCEPT OF TIME
    Spoiler alert!
    Evilgenious448   While I am really grateful that I won and think that I had strong finale looks, Cristina was robbed. Her finale looks are out of this world and blew my mind, especially that Mayan Witch, probably one of the best avatars ever made in the history of Zwooper. Also the futuristic look was incredible, much better than my look!
    Clash   My boi EG won! Can’t be any happy than that 

    Theslayqueenb   @carterlinke01 you had from 02.04 to 09.04. that's  a whole week except for present where you had from 02.04 til 05.04, that's 3 days, Idk how much time do you need to make just a single avatar till that date, becaus you could have done the other 3 avis in the remaining days. 
    Cartur   Grats EG! But for the judges to say I didn’t put enough effort into the finale, I got 1 1/2 days to do those avatars. And was busy 1 of the days. I just find it weird how you don’t consider people’s lives while making these timeframes. The majority of the season we had weeks at a time, then cone finale it’s two days? Also I didn’t think I had to write a book for fashion but YOLO.
    POG - Fucking - CHAMP @ExoticSimmer
    Thank you sooooo much for hosting a brilliant season Betty and Gavin, you two did great for your first time, as you can see the game was a huge success. You had some of the best fashion makers on the site make finals and it was an honour to play against you two in this game Cristina and Carter. Joey your judging is accurate af, you really should jugde more. You read me for filth each round with your accuracy and as you said in your app for Zack's game - KEEPING IT REAL.

    About time I won a fashion game, was starting to think I was trash. Thank you to the 2 people who voted for me to win, glad I could make you proud @Puffs, I know u were one of my voters! Also grats bestk on picking me for PTW. Good stuff team!
    ChrisDWa   The ginger was ROBBED
    CristinaMihaela   Congrats @Evilgenious448!

    IrishCraic   FFS, I think im more disappointed than Crist.....ah well, congrats eg
    Evilgenious448   @Theslayqueenb LMFAO that Gif could not have more accurate
    IrishCraic   Shit I won my first PTW ever....I like thank the cast, the host , the judges and myself for picking the right winner.....hahhahahahhaha
    Joshh   Wow so close !! Gg Cristina !!
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbApril 06, 2018 22:16
    Just Another Fashion Game | Finale - Part 2 VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE....
    Spoiler alert!
    matthewmsloth   if carter doesn't win my hole is going to prolapse 
    George   Voting for SwagSwag. He was robbed as two of the judges seemed to lack a sense of humour and what fashion really is. #CommunistPuddyPower
    CristinaMihaela   oh we were both me and EG basic and plain :( but it's okay tho, you need to help a friend 
    Cartur   Loves @popular
    popular   i like all three finalists but i think carter has been the most unique in terms of his looks so i'm voting for him <3
    CristinaMihaela   Vote for the sugar baby!! #TeamCristina #RealSugarBaby
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbApril 04, 2018 21:24
    Just Another Fashion Game | Finale - Part 1 (Journey) / KEEP VOTING
    Spoiler alert!
    JacksonSunshine   Honestly, really proud of all three of these AMAZING, GREAT, WONDERFUL designers! They each have their own, unique, stylish looks and I couldn't be happier to be in a season with them. Sadly I couldn't beat them ;) lol, but they are great competiton and really great people individually! Good luck to all three of them! <3
    Cartur   Big thanks to the judges and all my competitors & supporters! No matter the outcome I came out of this a better designer and can be proud of what I did! Good luck to my fellow finalists and let’s finish the job #TeamCarter
    CristinaMihaela   I am proud of everything I've done this game! Thank you judges for everything and especially to @joeyc who made me, after 2nd round, to try be more creative or bold in my avatars! I won't disappoint you with my final looks hopefully! #TeamCristina. (sorry just read your reviews)
    CristinaMihaela   Keep voting my people! #TeamCristina let's rock this game <3 
    IrishCraic   I vote Crist to win plz
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbApril 01, 2018 15:43
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 9 | Planets
    Spoiler alert!
    Puffs   We stan this final three
    Strawberry   I'm the only other person who has got a win that isn't in the top 3 rip
    Strawberry   I should have been top 4 AT LEAST.
    JacksonSunshine   All 3 of the finalists are so deserving and all did a GREAT job throughout this game! I am extremely proud to have played with them and been slayed by them! You all deserve the win so much each for different reasons and I am so happy to have been in a fashion game with such icons! Good luck to all 3 of you <3 To the hosts, thank you for casting me and making this a great/fun experience for me to grow as an avatar maker on Zwooper, even if I didn't show the greatest of appreciation at the time, I really do appreciate all 3 of you for helping me to learn <3 Great Game and I STRONGLY recommend people apply for next season
    joeyc   @CristinaMihaela I read your story and it still made no sense 
    Cartur   I’ve slayed throughout the competition and have constantly taken risks. You see my competition putting out less than original looks that have been done numerous times on the site while I have broken boundaries and went a completely different route than others. I’m so proud of how I went from someone who relied on what the shop gives me, into someone who takes what’s given and makes it better. Throughout this game I’ve learned to recolor and do it well. A vote for me is a vote for America. Ty
    CristinaMihaela   @joeyc if you'd bother reading my story, you'd understand why I used shades of blue. Thank you judges and lets goooo #TeamCristina. I need all crazy ppl like me to vote me
    Evilgenious448   If you notice my chart is entirely blue, either High's or wins from me. I also have the most wins in the season. Clearly the strongest player here. Please give me a vote to win <3

    Evilgenious448   @ExoticSimmer LMAO I literally went through all the overwatch Lore based skins (so all the Chinese ones, Valkyrie Mercy, Djinyatta, etc.) and just went through the list trying to find what the best one to make into a Zwooper avatar is!
    GhostIslands   #TeamCristina good luck everyone!
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbMarch 15, 2018 19:06
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 8 | Make it work!
    Spoiler alert!
    joeyc   @Evilgenious448 You lit used a pink shirt that doesn't go with the green glasses at all. It just clashes. Your job was to make it work and you didn't with that look 
    IrishCraic   #teamharry
    Evilgenious448   Yo Gavin Betty and Joey, dont come at me for not adequately utilizing an item set that YOU chose. Especially the person who said "The green glasses don't work with the shirt"...why the fuck did u pick that combo then Gavin? I get that we are meant to try to make a cohesive look given the items but when you literally attack the two items that YOU chose, then it's like...if u dont want green glasses with a red shirt then don't choose such items?

    I mean I am aware that I could have chosen from 4 colours of the shirt, black white red and one other (I forgot) but none of them are green or create a good contrast/harmony, so that's a RIP sitaution. The other arguemnt is that I should have chosen a different Judge's item set, which yeah fair enough, I could have, that one is on me.

    Just don't think its right for you to dock me for not turning water into wine. If you want wine, give me some grapes, not 2H's and an O.

    Also just in relation to the critique of the woman not looking like enough of a fighter - the story states that she is watching her husband and thus is is her day off. She can wear whatever the fuck she wants to wear when she is spectating, doesn't need her fighter uniform on. So unless her face is the issue (which I dobut since it's covered by a bandana and glasses), I think you lost the connection between the story and the avatars, as it was not her day to fight, it was his.

    Typically I don't argue with the judges and am not salty, but tbh the comments about the green glasses and shirt hard tilted me hard since its the 2 items Gavin chose. 
    George   go Roxxxy Andrews!
    Krysstian   Sad.

    Peyton   #TeamCristina :D
    you go girl!
    JacksonSunshine   There are some killer avatars here! Love it! Keep up the good work guys! Can't wait to see who's in the finale and what looks they can turn out!
    CristinaMihaela   Thank you judges and sorry @joeyc for disappointing you regarding the story :x
  • ExoticSimmer
    ExoticSimmerMarch 01, 2018 01:32
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 7 | Apps
    Spoiler alert!
    Dean   Lmao @ rule 34 reference.
    ExoticSimmer   @motomoto99 
    CristinaMihaela   @Big_Brother_Fan thank you so much
    Peyton   Go Cristina! Loved your first avatar! #TeamCristina. Good luck everyone :D
    CristinaMihaela   Also, I swear I won't use drag eyes under sunglasses anymore in JAFG :)))) 
    CristinaMihaela   @joeyc for the 2nd avatar I didn't recolour anything :p
    ExoticSimmer   i don't know why that's blurry so we're just going to pretend it's not...

  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbFebruary 18, 2018 00:07
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 6 | 7 Deadly Sins
    Spoiler alert!
    IvanP   EEEW

    Why joeyc hat Amy?
    CristinaMihaela   thank you, judges! I am happy when my avatars and hardwork are appreciated 
    JacksonSunshine   Gl to everyone still in though! Male mama proud!
    Cartur   I thought the only editing allowed was recoloring?
    Peyton   Not surprised Amy got lust :X

    JacksonSunshine   That's fine, it was my time to go and honestly, don't care that I went out. I love Joey as a person, but I feel as though he could've been nicer with critics
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbFebruary 09, 2018 18:38
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 5 | Celebrity Impersonators
    Spoiler alert!
    JacksonSunshine   @Finesse if I put 0 effort or thought into it then why did I choose to do Tana and actually make it look like she's from ETN? Buh-bye :P
    Finesse   But you literally put 0 thought or effort into your look. 
    JacksonSunshine   @Finesse, it's not lazy, it's called using them to my advantage. Just like I can't recolor, so to those who do/can it's a disadvantage for me
    Finesse   So you used a Tana custom to do an impersonation of Tana and you're still in? Count your blessings babe cause that is the laziest thing I've ever heard.

    JacksonSunshine   You do need photoshop or something like that to recolor, so sorry that I don't use recoloring and don't NEED it to make avatars
    joeyc   Editing isn’t even allowed in this game. Only recoloring. You don’t need photoshop skills to recolor. 
    JacksonSunshine   I do not feel as though it should affect the score EG. I think that if you're allowed to edit, you should have just the same amount of rights to use customs. I mean, I can't edit, but do I gfet upset if someone else does? No, because they're just using their skills to their advantage of photoshopping
    Evilgenious448   @iiAmySunshine what if lets say someone got Trishy to make a full avatar custom for this challenge based on a pic of a celeb they sent to her and submitted that for the you think that should be penalized or no?

    Just curious how you feel about that one, cause it's a question I ponder over for my own group game
    JacksonSunshine   My score shouldn't have been affect just because I used customs tbh. Not my fault that the theme was dumb and I decided to use my customs to my advantage :)
    matthewmsloth   OMG miss popular's new york gave me all the jush i needed yall
    JacksonSunshine   At least I didn't go home, but are you kidding me? I got in the bottom 3 again?
    Evilgenious448   "I'm wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you all for playing with me." @ExoticSimmer and everyone else who plays overwatch and gets the reference. 3rd win so far :)
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbJanuary 31, 2018 12:34
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 4 | Battle of the Bands
    Spoiler alert!
    joeyc   @iiAmySunshine I'm going to try my best to explain it. There's no substance to her. No personality. She just sits there with a blank stare. You need to use items that have some emotion and energy to them, idk how to describe it any better than that.

    There are certain items that are just basic and boring to me. Ex. those eyes & that hair. Kim K eyes are basic. The hair Cristina has on is basic, Ashleigh hair is basic. The thing is, i've seen your opposition when you try to not be basic and you just use all Drag items and it's messy. You need to find a balance between that. 
    JacksonSunshine   Ngl and not trying to complain, but I can't take critics that aren't given to me so maybe next time give me more than just "this is basic". What parts of it? What would you change? Etc. Give advice, don't just say "it's basic"
    JacksonSunshine   I'm the Queen of Lows honestly LOL!
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbJanuary 22, 2018 18:43
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 3 | Inked and Pierced
    Spoiler alert!
    Theslayqueenb   @sharatennis RIP...More luck next season xD
    Fanny   How the FACK did I miss that game? Ughhhhh
    Theslayqueenb   @DramaKing2010 Thank you
    DramaKing2010   Great game, great cast, great hosts!
    JohnTheGreat   Me surviving

    Strawberry   I still stand by mine 
    JacksonSunshine   Finally didn't land in the bottom! :D lol!
    Cartur   RIP @Runaways
    Evilgenious448   LMAO runaways talking about others not making good avatars and getting evicted while he had a +2 advantage, not gonna lie this is ironic af
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbJanuary 16, 2018 18:46
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 2 | Superheroes
    Spoiler alert!
    HowLovely   good job runaways
    CristinaMihaela   Dont turn it in your favour now but scream as much as you wish
    joeyc   Saying your avatars are basic and lack personality is a personal attack??? I'm screaming. 
    Theslayqueenb   Me giving 0 fu*** about what a frustrated and a sexual predator have to say :) #LifeIsBeautiful
    CristinaMihaela   @Finesse stfu no one talked to you actually :))) try to be interesting somewhere else. Also your current avatar match Matthew's vomit from Dragula :) nice pair.
    matthewmsloth   @CristinaMihaela i don't know better, and no actually i would very much like for you to post messages here, i was never helped in a way that was unfair or made it so that anything but my ideas/work was being showcased, so PLEASE ! i would L O V E for you to post something here that in some way proves what you're trying to accuse me of 
    Finesse   @CristinaMihaela you're a dumb cunt who makes shitty avis. The only reason you do well in EG's game is because you show him your twat on cam.
    George   wow they don’t have a sense of humour huh? Joey is the only good judge and I only applied because I wanted to help a game that he was helping 
    CristinaMihaela   @matthewmsloth meh so what and I think you know better what was discussed in the extermination chat and I don't think you want me to post messages here. Chill.
    matthewmsloth   @CristinaMihaela can u tell me about this finesse thing?? im confused LMAO and im assuming ur somehow in the know about it bc i am not in the know about this, so please elaborate !! and okay tru it was ugly LMAO but i STILL beat ur basic carbon copy of e diff people's memory wall looks thrown together sis !
    CristinaMihaela   @matthewmsloth with Finesse's help? :) or without? :O and let's not start with your extermination avatar which looked like a vomit with whipped cream.
    @joeyc since you said that ONLY about my avatars and basically about me since I am the one who creates them, it's like a personal attack, I didn't see you doing such remarks to other players.
    joeyc   @CristinaMihaela I'm just saying in general, I think a good deal of your avatars look pretty similar and appeal to people with basic tastes. Your avatar last week was a pleasant surprise, so it received a good score. 

    I'm a judge, i'm going to comment saying whatever I want about the AVATAR. That's what you signed up for knowing that you were going to be critiqued. 
    matthewmsloth   @CristinaMihaela LMAO yes! i should've been cast and i would've beaten ur ass like i did in dragula xoxoxo
    CristinaMihaela   @joeyc just because I don't add a bunch of things or put 5 colors on my avatar it doesnt mean they are predictable and even if it's just your opinion, it doesn't need to be told this rude like I am doing just basic avatars because it's not true.
    joeyc   @CristinaMihaela Swag's did have personality and edge to them IMO. Yours are just predictable and don't excite me. Idk what you're getting at with your comment. 
    CristinaMihaela   @matthewmsloth still pressed you weren't casted? :))))))
    matthewmsloth   im screaming lmao joey is literally the only judge taste, BOOT @ the other two
    JacksonSunshine   @Mystery at least she got casted
    Mystery   @Theslayqueenb X-Factor QUITTER
    Theslayqueenb   @Parrish101 Exotic did a hella good job! ;)
    JacksonSunshine   When you're completely flopping at something your suppose to be good at
    popular   yass babes B3TTY is coming for wigs
    ExoticSimmer   @Parrish101 - Why thank you! :)
    Parrish101   I'm loving the color scheme for the critique slides <3
    CristinaMihaela   so my looks don't have personality @joeyc :) good to know that Swag's have that's why you gave him 9 two rounds in a row 
    Strawberry   RIP the Brits, I'm next

    Evilgenious448   LMFAO @joeyc legit after reading your comment, I completely agree, the face does look so @Puffs hahahahaha
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbJanuary 12, 2018 01:19
    Just Another Fashion Game | Task 1 | Creatures of the Night
    Spoiler alert!
    CristinaMihaela   @matthewmsloth we still don't give a fuck about that :)
    matthewmsloth   hi i still don't know why i wasn't casted LMAO 
    George   sits pretty in the top 4
    Jourdan   Wow gj Nik.......
    Peyton   @Theslayqueenb whoops, didn't read that last part :P
    @Parrish101 don't bully me! I am reporting you to @Z_Moderation!
    Vlatemier   swagswag is that girl
    Theslayqueenb   @Big_Brother_Fan the judges picked who prefear to stay and the three of us picked Nikias' avatar over Thunder's
    Parrish101   @Big_Brother_Fan hun, read the last sentence (:
    Peyton   How was the tie broken?
    ExoticSimmer   The first chart is incorrect! My apologies. :)

    Theslayqueenb   @Parrish101 Thanks a lot, I may have some mistakes its really late here <3
    Parrish101   @Theslayqueenb okay, great ep btw <3
    Strawberry   @Parrish101: They are fixing it, along with the unintentional switching of Popular and George's scores.
    Theslayqueenb   @Parrish101 yes it is, I will update in a minute
    Parrish101   Is there a mistake for one of the scores given to Thunder? Because I believe what you have right now sums up to 16, not 15.5. Thought I’d point it out lol
  • Theslayqueenb
    TheslayqueenbJanuary 07, 2018 20:56
    Just Another Fashion Game | Memory Wall and Pick To Win
    Spoiler alert!
    matthewmsloth   sharts that i wasnt cast um hi LMAO 
    Theslayqueenb   There was a little problem so @bestkwarteng gets EG and @Puffs Popular, my apologies 
    popular   omg everyone looks so good!! yes babes
    Theslayqueenb   Without "plus"*
    Theslayqueenb   @Mystery Thanks for rating plus 1, now I feel like number 1 any good game needs its haters <3
    McQuire   ***OPEN***
    Mystery   Thanks for not picking me. What a joke 
    Jourdan   rlly the person who comments "whoever" gets it i nstead of me who actually commented someone
    Theslayqueenb   ***CLOSED***
    Jourdan   o wait jhn
    Jourdan   swag
    Nicolas   runaways
    Strawberry   Well nevermind wtf

    I'd be better than John???
    Parrish101   actually WAIT
    I change to @SwagSwag
    Strawberry   @SwagSwag: We're being targeted! Run! LMAO
    Theslayqueenb   Swag, Runaways and John left
    Parrish101   @JohnTheGreat please ignore BBFan
    Peyton   whoever is left lmao
    riddler7900   popular
    DynomiteKid4000   Thunder
    Riot   FUCK FINE I PICK Krysstian
    kongowongo   Cristina
    Riot   CARTER
    Riot   CARTER
    IrishCraic   crist plz
    ChrisDWa   Carter!
    Evilgenious448   @bestkwarteng thanks for the support bro, but my homie puff daddy got the reserve on me bro. May EG's Light Shine Upon You All!
    Emanuel   Popular
    Davo   amy
    Emanuel   EvilG
    davidprincipe29   nikias
    Magic   moto Logo

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