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  • Z_HighSchool
    Z_HighSchoolApril 24, 2018 01:50
    High School 10 - Eviction #12!
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   This is a mess... 
    Peyton   @TotalDramaDiva glares at Nikki
    @ArcturusDean erm no, Sarah's been playing way better. He'd only get my vote if 
    a) he's up against Nikki
    b) he nominates Sarah
    Dean   Eduardo for the win....???
    TotalDramaDiva   Who are you talking about BBfan
    Micks   robbed
    JeremyHLikesFood   i honestly love nikki to death as a person but... quil was severely robbed
    Arceus   How does she stay even with that plea? LMAO
    Peyton   Are you fucking kidding me. Zwooper keeps a sheep who ADMITS THEY DID NOTHING BUT FOLLOW SARAH!?!? I'm disgusted.
  • Z_HighSchool
    Z_HighSchoolApril 22, 2018 19:24
    High School 10 Episode 15 - "NO FEAR LETS GO QUEERS!"
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   Uh I know damn well you didn't put up Nikkibella as a pawn...
    Clash   Saving Quilynn
    Peyton   If you wanna take out a lion, you have to put up a warrior. A sheep won't do the job! Congrats on surviving TotalDrama!
    TJP1122   Ed slaying once again!
    Clash   Sarah is sending fake scores please recheck them. 

    oop maybe zwooper should have kept me in so I would be SL and keep the game interesante. 

    Anywho, saving queen quillyn

    JeremyHLikesFood   total will win know that
  • neme81
    neme81April 21, 2018 01:47
    High School 10 - Eviction #11!
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   You idiot called me out that I hacked the poll when I never did. Get a life. 
    neme81   Oh I know which is why I hate PM votes but someone ruined the polls and I can't make sure that doesn't happen again. 
    Sparky44   the pm made people not vote.
    Sarah   @WildDawg1948, it does, you're right, but someone ruined it
    Wild   Honestly, I think the pm killed the amount of actual votes. 
    Joshh   We love when people spam for their friends in pms ****
    Joshh   We love a spammed poll!
    Sarah   Great game Michael. Amazing competitor amazing guy. #TeamMicks
    Micks   sob. I hope Quillyn was kidding when she said she wasn't gonna try in the SL comp because she knew she was out because I really want her to win sjddjfjs
  • neme81
    neme81April 20, 2018 01:22
    High School 10 - Revote
    Spoiler alert!
    Icelina   + my recent blog!

    here is my plea if you want a refresher:

    Clash   Don’t mention my name wtf dude!
    Peyton   Loves how a cast can change the round. Damn we have some good social players!
  • neme81
    neme81April 20, 2018 00:24
    High School 10 - Eviction #11!
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   THIS IS A LIE! 
    JacksonSunshine   @Nickg24689 I meant no disrespect to the hosts with my comment, I haven't lost interest either, I was just saying that I thought you deserved another chance lol! Hopefully if there is another season, you can apply and not get spammed out lol! #TeamSarah
    Nickg24689   Thx for saying I deserve to be back in but it’s 100% fine! Don’t take this out on neme or the game. Let’s respect everyone still in and not just lose interest!
    TJDawgiestyle   You know I went up against micks too I probably got spammed out also just saying nigga
    I feel like Nick should come back since he did just only get 7th. It's not like he missed half the game

    JacksonSunshine   I feel like Nick should come back since he did just only get 7th. It's not like he missed half the game
    Eduardo   this is some bullshit
    Peyton   LMAO
    Jason1runs   thank goodness 
    TotalDramaDiva   I love it tbh
    Jacob   I mean if someone else in the game spammed shouldnt they also be punished?
    Gabe   thats unprofessional but whatever
  • neme81
    neme81April 19, 2018 00:00
    High School 10 Episode 14 - "I Hate Stupid People!"
    Spoiler alert!
    TJP1122   I'm sorry, but Micks has gone up too many times for me to save him. I'd love to see a two-time winner, but this is not the game that Micks deserves to win. He can come back and kick ass his third time around, but this one can't be for him.
    Jason1runs   evicted micks 
    Nickg24689   Hmmm I wonder if there will be any more moves this game or is it just gonna be Sarah and Ed to the end.... maybe thats y ppl like micks so much hmm???
    TJDawgiestyle   I'm grateful you guys are starting to see the frustration me and micks felt these last few rounds
    Clash   Mick winner of HS10!
    Eduardo   Or. Or. We see the public support he gets and would rather nominate and take him out before we end up on the block next to him... Yall arent playing the game which is why im glad there is a jury that determines the winner. Smh.
    Sparky44   juke jam iconic
    Sarah   But he's a strategic and public threat @WildDawg1948. He's clearly played good enough of a game to survive 6 public votes. Everyone's a threat in their own way. if you're saying nom me i was immune :) 
    Wild   Or target people that are obviously winning challenges. Micks obviously isn't. 
    Eduardo   Micks is not a victim. This game has become dependent on challenges. Win or your ass is going up its that simple.
    Wild   #TeamMicks He is literally the kid in the high school that continuously gets bullied. 
    Sarah   Oop when you're the only one not nominated  #TeamSarah thanks quily #SaveQuilyn
    Peyton   I'm saving Mick's for the laughs LMAO #TeamMicks
  • neme81
    neme81April 17, 2018 00:01
    High School 10 - Eviction #10!
    Spoiler alert!
    superherotommy   Cancel

    thanks ;)
    TotalDramaDiva   Nikki dont come for me ever again i thought we were friends and i dont want things to get ugly
    Clash    RussellvsRob2019 
    the only move peyton made was asking me how to play paper toss week 1

    Sarah   the only move peyton made was asking me how to play paper toss week 1
    Clash   @Big_Brother_Fan, I like your avatar.
    XOnikkibellaXO   The fact is ur bitter and whoever is teamed with sarah you are bitter to them but im talking to u so dont bring sarah up because thats all you do twat goodbye you showed ur realself this season
    Peyton   Paul has better jury management than half of this cast.. sad
    XOnikkibellaXO   and if i was sheeping sarah wouldnt i have no voice and not speak my mind but no when i dont like i will say it to u face ask tj
    XOnikkibellaXO   The fact is total has made no moves and what have u done bbfan ? all ik u did this entire game is get evicted goodbye
    Nickg24689   Looks at what me getting evicted started lmao
    Eduardo   delusional people in the comments
    TotalDramaDiva   Nikki thought we were firends also being strategic and a flop at comps and being a floater is very differnt
    Peyton   @XOnikkibellaXO you commenting #TeamSarah PROVES you're the biggest sheep. Sarah has been an asshole to me, personally attacking me so she can forget about any chance of getting my vote. And until Ed pulls the rug underneath from Sarah he ain't got my vote
    XOnikkibellaXO   The fact yall are rooting for total is sad she had only float hint why none of us nommed her because shes not a threat goodbye
    BBswag   Why do u keep tagging me when I told u not to ahhhhh!
    Peyton   Quilynn, TotalDrama or Micks have my vote to win!
    Micks   good game Nick! and thank you Zwooper
    Nickg24689   Gg everyone I was so much fun ty to the hosts for everything!
    Eduardo   robbed af
    Jason1runs   fans stay robbed 
  • neme81
    neme81April 16, 2018 00:19
    High School 10 Episode 13 - "If This Works I'll Call A Mental Facility To Pick Him Up!"
    Spoiler alert!
    TotalDramaDiva   @JeremyHLikesFood thanks for da soppourt xoxoxoxoxox
    TJDawgiestyle   Straight fucking trash man
    JeremyHLikesFood   DIVA DID THAT
    Micks   @iiAmySunshine it's the same people putting me up and I clearly have numbers on my side. I good reason to vote out someone who has been up so many times is because they are basically hopeless in the game and a dead man walking, but I obviously have a chance if I stay in the game since I have allies
    JacksonSunshine   No offense, I like Micks, I really do and he's a great guy, but he's been up so many times lmao! Sorry Micks
    Micks   the only way I can really think of to "improve my game" when half the house is targeting me is to have less people target me, which I literally did considering 2 rounds ago both Nick and diva wanted me out, and now the are on my side.
    Peyton   If anyone needs a mental facility, it ain't Micks 
    Sarah   #TeamSarah
    Episode title :D
  • neme81
    neme81April 14, 2018 01:25
    High School 10 - Eviction #9!
    Spoiler alert!
    XOnikkibellaXO   Cya Whore dont come for me ever again
    Micks   RIP TJ,  thank you Zwooper for saving me
    Sarah   Bye tj </3
  • neme81
    neme81April 13, 2018 00:00
    High School 10 Episode 12 - "I Hit The Nail In The Coffin!"
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   @Icelina someone doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about but ooookay
    Icelina   Saved Micks only because he's playing hard and because he is an underdog.
    Finesse   Caillou is a weak ass bitch. He also looks like a cancer patient or a kid with progeria.
    BBswag   Can I stop being tagged in this game lol I didn’t play so showing me as 18th is extremely annoying 
    Sarah   Can i evict both?
    Peyton   Saved Mick's!
  • neme81
    neme81April 12, 2018 01:58
    High School 10 Episode 11 - "I'm About To Change The Entire Game With These Noms!!!
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   Go nick 
    Sarah   good move bad time
    Nickg24689   Im sorry since when is flipping on an allince a bad thing in a public game???
    Sarah   I'm never the underdog, always the overachiever 
    Micks   @XOnikkibellaXO you guys had majority until we flipped nick, you definitely aren’t the underdogs lol
    XOnikkibellaXO   I love how me russell ed and total are the underdogs
    Lets, 10:04 PM
    but just saying had sarah pressed the button yall wouldve had to restart the comp
    with her playing
    Peyton   This is sad.
    Micks   ok not that I’m not completely biased because I am completely biased, but this is dumb
  • neme81
    neme81April 11, 2018 00:08
    High School 10 - Eviction #8!
    Spoiler alert!
    TotalDramaDiva   Bai bbfan D:
    Micks   thanks zwooper!
    Icelina   #IcelinaSaved
    XOnikkibellaXO   /e  wave goodbye 
    Icelina   OMG NO!
    Peyton   I'll take 69% lmao. Especially if I didn't make a plea AND it was up against a former winner. Can't wait to evict Sarah come finale! Gl Micks <3
  • neme81
    neme81April 10, 2018 00:19
    High School 10 Episode 10 - "I Swear To God This Is Like Playing With Satan!"
    Spoiler alert!
    AwesomeLion   love this song lol
    Vlatemier   i told one of the people i wouldnt talk about them so i wont mention names but im voting that person out
    Sarah   It's 4-4 @Jason1runs... 
    Jason1runs   my fans are really doing the damn thing 
    Icelina   @TJDawgiestyle I may be a mess...but I am NOT boring.
    Micks   my plea will be coming out soon. sorry it’s not ready, but I’m at a family event
    Peyton   I'm rude.. coming from you LMAO. The irony
    TJDawgiestyle   @Icelina bitch you of all people cannot talk
    Sarah   #neverbirflyaway
    Icelina   Evicted Micks because he's boring.
  • neme81
    neme81April 08, 2018 04:00
    High School 10 - Eviction #7!
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   @TJP1122 a lot is going on rn, it isn't like he hasn't gone up though
    Joshh   Tommy was pushed and tossed out like a piece of trash and I demand a recount 
    Jason1runs   did not see this coming
    TJP1122   As the reigning champ, can I ask how this house has kept Micks in this game?
    TotalDramaDiva   I cant belive I have beat some of these people lol

    Havent had so much fun in a long time, my only goal was to make jury but i come out of the game with so much more then placements... i made new friends, made amazing memories and will never forget this.


    Thank you to Neme and JJ for giving me the opportunity to prove myself and thank you to the whole cast for being so much fun <3

    Nick and Sarah especially, i am so glad we got to know each other during this game, you 2 are the most amazing people and i love you guys, good luck to everyone...

    *Tommy Walks Out Of School*

    Sarah   If i win xander gets the prize!!! @Loudnesoverload 
    Loudnesoverload   OMG YASSS #TeamSarah ALL THE WAY.... WIN THIS FOR ME BOO
    Sarah   Man this one sucked... #teamtommy for life! gained not only a nice ally but met a genuinley nice person and someone i've really enjoyed getting to know. In high school that's hard to find... Adore you boo xD 

    #teamsarah <3 
    Nickg24689   I’ll finnish this for you 
  • neme81
    neme81April 06, 2018 22:58
    High School 10 Episode 9 - "If I Go Home Due To A Twist I Swear To God!"
    Spoiler alert!
    neme81   I will repost the link as soon as I can something went wrong don’t worry
    Jason1runs   we love the fans
    Loudnesoverload   #TeamSarah #HumanIguana


    Sarah- 2
    Micks- 6 (Nominated)
    Tommy- 1
    Peyton- 0 (Immune)
    TJ- 2
    Ed- 5 (Nominated)
    Nikki- 7 (Nominated)
    Quillyn- 1 (School Leader)
    NickG- 2
    TotalDiva- 4


    Eduardo used a temptation that made everyone nominated safe, so these becane the noms


    Sarah- 2 (Nominated)
    Micks- 6 
    Tommy- 1 (Nominated)
    Peyton- 0 (Immune)
    TJ- 2 (Nominated)
    Ed- 5
    Nikki- 7 
    Quillyn- 1 (School Leader)
    NickG- 2 (Nominated)
    TotalDiva- 4 (Nominated)

    Quillyn then had to choose 2 people to nominate of those noms, and as you saw she chose Tommy and Sarah

    ExoticSimmer   this nomset is tough...
    Micks   laffs
  • neme81
    neme81April 05, 2018 00:56
    High School 10 - Eviction #6!
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   Only rated 1 to even it out  
    Sarah   #teamJoey robbed mofo 
    Dean   Whoops rated 4
    joey2121   Neme it was a fucking joy. Its such a shame someone like TDD is still there.
    TotalDramaDiva   Sttill here lol 
    XOnikkibellaXO   /e wave
  • neme81
    neme81April 04, 2018 00:28
    High School 10 Episode 8 - "I Swear To God She Has Multiple Personality Disorder!"
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   Loves my episode title
    TotalDramaDiva   Please keep me i already did my plea
    TJP1122   Good luck to the noms. My vote is easy, but good luck all!
    TJDawgiestyle   Plea will be available within the hour
  • neme81
    neme81April 03, 2018 00:28
    Spoiler alert!
    rvandereb   LOL at that baby photo
    Peyton   Would've made no sense for me to win SL, so had to throw
    ChrisDWa   #TeamSarah
  • neme81
    neme81April 02, 2018 02:49
    High School 10 Episode 7 - "I'm Not Just A Favorite I'm A Fucking All Star!"
    Spoiler alert!
  • neme81
    neme81April 01, 2018 00:02
    High School 10 - Eviction #5!
    Spoiler alert!
    JacksonSunshine   The robbery is real! But good job to the other 2 for staying <3
    TJP1122   Very robbed!
    Dean   :O shoook. Xander so robbed
    Micks   Thank you for keeping me
    XOnikkibellaXO   wow ty u guys
    Cartur   Spamming and losing the poll hm?
    Loudnesoverload   Robbed and Pissed. Thanks to whoever saved me, and I will get my revenge soon.
    Sarah   #bullshit
    #TeamSarah Logo

Spoiler alert!

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