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  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 27, 2021 18:17
    Chaos Is Coming...
    Spoiler alert!
    CapybaraWookiee   We love to see it
    Nitu   We love chaos :o
    Rob24   I got some beef with some people still
    IrishCraic   U gotta get @PacoP to apply as "chaos" is his discord name
    Swish   I don't think I can say enough good things about this game!! Everyone should apply
    Jdc16   You know u want me lol
    Vin014   That graphic is on pointe
    CoolDude12   sounds interesting
    Clayton   Bring it
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 27, 2021 00:35
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Post Game Extras!
    Spoiler alert!
    jeffyyy   pls all stars xdddd
    Gumball   @Tone
    when's all stars

    Tone   when's all stars? 
    Wolfwoodcp82   Thank you! I had so much fun. This is a great game and a great host.
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 26, 2021 02:27
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | FINALE | AND THE WINNER IS...
    Spoiler alert!
    CapybaraWookiee   A little late but congrats AB!
    Zoicy   Congraaata
    ABLaksh   Wow finally a win!!! Thanks Irish, Rob, Willz & Clayton voting for me & everyone else also who made this game a lot of fun. Thanks Gumball for giving me chance to play & hosting an amazing game. Thanks Sebby, Sara, Spyder, Wolf :)
    Wolfwoodcp82   Well deserved AB. Amazing game Gumball. This was a lot of fun. You are a great host.
    Spyder   Congrats AB!
    08SaraR   Go AB, it's your birthday! :P
    sebby113   LETS GO AB, LETS FUCKING GO
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 24, 2021 04:23
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 13 | This Has Been A Series Of Chess Moves
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   LETS GO AB!!!
    Zoicy   Oh no, my another PTW gone :(
    08SaraR   Good luck guys! :)
    Clayton   R.I.P.
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 22, 2021 01:55
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 12 | The End Is Near And There Is No Rest For The Weary
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    WILLZ14   thanks for a great game!
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 21, 2021 03:16
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 11 | The Gloves Are Off And I'm In The Drivers Seat
    Spoiler alert!
    Rob24   I sure did
    08SaraR   Rob-bed. :/
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 20, 2021 02:42
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 10 | At This Point, This Is My Game To Lose
    Spoiler alert!
    Geri   Not my PTW! He played too good last round
    Tone   ROBBED
    08SaraR   Good game, Swimmmm! :)
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 18, 2021 03:21
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 9 | I'm Playing Like Such A Villain
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   YAY ROB, pulling a patty haha
    Patrick71101   oh my goshhhhh that superidol story arc really came full circle xD
    Geri   OMG the Swim guy just pulled a Parvati - HvV lvl idol play
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 17, 2021 03:47
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 8 | Lots Of Messy Business Going On Here
    Spoiler alert!
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 16, 2021 20:08
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 7 | I Will Lie And Be A Good Ally Just To Climb To The Top
    Spoiler alert!
    pantherking21   Marcus is winning #teamSwish
    Tone   ROBBED
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 16, 2021 01:52
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 6 | I Am So Sick Of Feeling So Damn Disrespected
    Spoiler alert!
    IrishCraic   I tried and didnt want to get 9th I was down 8-4.... would NOT change a thing!

    TY GUM, 1 of the best bloody hosts!

    P.S. worst EVER HOookers ever!
    Clayton   Gurl... I'm a lot of things but I'm an amazing hooker
    Rob24   Love those final words lol
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 13, 2021 17:57
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 5 | If You Come After Me I Better Not Find Out About It
    Spoiler alert!
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 10, 2021 16:19
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 4 | No Hard Feelings, But The Luck Of The Irish Just Ran Out
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   didnt mean to rate 1
    IrishCraic   boom, luck of the IRISH DID NOT RUN OUT 
    Tone   sobs for lansie
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 08, 2021 19:18
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 3 | Don't Play Stupid Games With Me Because I will Knock You Down
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 07, 2021 17:24
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 2 | This Is Vets VS Rookies, Not Battle of The Seasons
    Spoiler alert!
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 06, 2021 03:08
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Episode 1 | I'm a Wolf In Sheep's Clothing and I'm Coming For These People
    Spoiler alert!
    Geri   Nice episode. Can I get Swim as my PTW pls?
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 04, 2021 01:56
    Gums Survivor St. Lucia | Memory Wall Reveal + Pick to Win!
    Spoiler alert!
    MidnightNautica   BlanLouise
    Gumball   Still Left:
    pikasadge   jeffy
    JaneyJay   M3Lay
    Gumball   Still Left:
    Peyton   Footy
    HKT   @Summerstorm
    Gumball   Still Left:
    Ved   Swish
    Ace123   @Armani
    Jude   Clayton
    Marc   Kae
    JonJ   Panther
    Zoicy   Wolf
    Tone   danggg i would've applied if i knew it was gonna be newbies vs vets! but i'll pick my homie lansie :))
    IrishCraic   lmfao
    Gumball   @M3LAY you are apart of the game lol
    McQuire   IrishCrai
    Wicky   rob!
    M3LAY   Swish 
    sebby113   willz
    08SaraR   ABLaksh! :)
    joeljohnson1255   @Jdc16 <3 
  • Gumball
    GumballAugust 18, 2021 01:00
    Gums Survivor S3 (CLOSED) | St. Lucia! | Apps, Rules, Dates, and Prizes!
    Spoiler alert!
    Gumball   CLOSED
    ABLaksh   Name for Episodes: ABLaksh
    Discord(required): ABLaksh#8550
    Why should you be cast?: I should be casted because I m mix of smart, loyal, adaptive, kind, shady player & a super fan of Survivor. I always give my 100% in any situation I'm in. I m the bomb the blasts on right time & surprises everyone. I might not be the drama initiator but people like to initiate drama using my name so u don't want to miss out on that by not casting me ;)
    Do you think YOU can win? Absolutely I can win though I don't care about winning maybe thats y i haven't won any group game till now. For me its about reaching to end by hook or crook & njoy every day of the game from start to end. Winning doesn't tempt me, playing does.
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: David Genat (Australian Survivor) I like many players but he is my current favorite I love his style of playing , his overall personality & his way of convincing everyone that he is their no 1. He is a complete package as a Survivor player.
    brandondurnell   Name for Episodes: Brandon
    Why should you be cast?: I am in love with Survivor. I have watched every season (some multiple times). I really want to show I can compete on this website. I have been on here since 2015 and have never had the oppurtunity to play in a REAL game like this one. i have just been stuck on the basic FS, LS, and 247. I hope you give me a chance to show my real skills. 
    Do you think YOU can win? I really believe I can win this game. I would say I am more a social player and I love people and building relationships. I will be loyal to the people I am closest with, but I do realize that I may have to make some tough decisions that further my game!
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Jeremy Collins. I know he is a newer player, but I loved how he does everything for his family. He shows loyalty to his closest allies and plays so hard! I wish I could be half the man that he is.  

    Name for episodes: BLS
    Discord: BLS21#1033
    why do you think you should be cast: for starters, if you're looking for a newbie, I AM THE ONE TO CAST because i just started playing 2 days ago. No one knows me yet and if I survive the first 3 tribal councils, I am in it to win it. 

    Do you think you can win: ofcourse. I'm going to be the darkhorse
    favorite survivor player: YUL KWON. He is smart, calculated and was a good representation of asians. And I would love to be like him.

    Kae24   Name for Episodes: Kae
    Discord: Kaek#8498
    Why do you think you should be cast?: I believe i should be casted since i have a really good strategic mind and i can connect/match other people well. Im also very exaggerating making my confessionals fun and energetic.
    Do you think YOU can win?: Absolutely! My social and strategic game will help me greatly
    Favourite Survivor Player and why?: Cirie! I love Cirie, she was such a great social and strategic player, surviving multiple votes with her gameplay and being robbed in all of her seasons.
    Crazybone5000   Name for Episodes: Alfie
    Discord: Alfie#6902
    Why do you think you should be cast?: I should be case because I will bring the sassy and entertaining confessionals for the VL whilst also showcasing my social and strategical gameplay! 
    Do you think YOU can win?: Of course!
    Favourite Survivor player and why?: Courtney Yates because she's sassy and snarky and doesn't take people's bull shit a bit like me. Also Yau-Man Chan because I think he's a great strategical player, and someone that gets under-estimated.
    pantherking21   Name for Episodes: Panther
    Discord(required): DiorParty#8098
    Why should you be cast?: I came kinda close to winn9ng last time so I think I can do it again. 
    Do you think YOU can win? Yes
    Favorite Survivor Player and why? Tony for obvious reasons
    Clayton   Name for Episodes: Clayton
    Discord(required): Clayton#9677
    Why should you be cast?: Because I'm a boss ass bitch... In all seriousness you've seen me play. I go hard.
    Do you think YOU can win? absolutely! I'm here to slay not to play!
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Sandra, queen stays queen!
    Gumball   @jeffyyy this season will not have an edgic but I will be showing a voting chart(how everyone voted) at the end of the game on the Post Game Extras Blog
    jeffyyy   edgic?
    Mlraka   Name for Episodes: Mlraka
    Discord(required): Mlraka#1022
    Why should you be cast?: Because I'm a newbie in playing, but a big fan of Survivor - US, Australian, South Africa, you name it! Plus I know how to deliver the TV gold in confessionals ;)
    Do you think YOU can win? Yes! I'm both book-smart and street-smart - I know how to adapt to different situations and bring together different people with different ideas about the game. 
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Tony Vlachos, for playing the most dominant winning game ever in Winners At War, and the craziest winning game ever in Cagayan! 
    Gumball   @Rob24 applied via Discord
    marcuslans   Name for Episodes: Lans
    Discord(required): Lansie#7983
    Why should you be cast?: because i was robbed in s1 i tried making a move against the eventual winner and I'm COMING FOR BLOOD
    Do you think YOU can win? HELL YES REVENGE SEASON BABY
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Cire-SHE IS JUST ICONIC MAKING 3-2-1S AND BEING ROBBED 4 TIMES
    jeffyyy   Name for episodes: Jeff
    Why should you be cast? I'mma superfan and I'mma win so easily
    Fave survivor player Johny Fairplay. Made such good out of the box plans.
    Footy   Name for Episodes: Footy
    Discord(required): Footy#4546
    Why should you be cast?: Because after coming back from a break I really wanna get back into a good old survivor game. I LOVE survivor and everything that comes along with it. I am mainly a very strategic player thinking of who I need out to better my game and if that includes blindsiding someone I trust then so be it. I am a villian and will do anything to win.
    Do you think YOU can win? If I play my cards correctly then yes
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Well I mainly watch Australian Survivor and if you have seen that then I play like David Genat. A mastermind villian.. who doesn't love him. If we are talking American survivor I haven't watched much but I would have to say Boston Rob
    Wolfwoodcp82   Name for Episodes: Wolf Discord(required): Wolf Wood#1633 Why should you be cast?: Because I'm unpredictable Do you think YOU can win? Yes Favorite Survivor Player and why: Cochran. I mean come the super fan that came out of no where to win. Loved it!
    Peyton   Name: Peyton
    Discord: peyton#7672
    Why should you be cast? I feel like I should be cast as I am an experienced player here on Zwooper who is always down to play my hardest in a game. I send entertaining confessionals that hosts love and make sure I give insight into my strategy and game moves.
    Do you think you can win? Totally!
    Favourite Survivor player and why? Honestly, I've only seen a handful seasons of Survivor but I love Winchele Fitzgerald as she is a beautiful social queen who made it to the FTC not ONCE but TWICE. What a queen.
    Sazrivax   Name for Episodes: Tyler
    Discord(required): Totaldramawwe#4703
    Why should you be cast?: Because I just got done hosting a game and I didn't get in on the last group game I was signing up for so I'm open to do this.
    Do you think YOU can win?: Well of course I have to otherwise what's the point of signing up in the first place?
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Chris D. Because he was the winner of the first season I ever watch and was my first player that I rooting for.
    Swish   Name for Episodes: Marcus
    Discord (Required): Swish#6722
    Why should you be cast?: I should be cast because I have not played in a very long time, some may say that is a disadvantage but I believe it just means my expierence as well as my freshness will combine to make the perfect combination. You saw first hand that I have the ability to be loyal to a fault, I also have the ability to turn on players if its in my best interest. I play to win and I don't plan on changing that for this game. My time is also free right now due to COVID putting us all back into lockdown. Cast me and you get a rookie who can charm the pants off people, hold his own physically, thinks with the perfect combination of his head and heart and will give 110% to this game start to finish
    Do you think YOU can win?: I think I could put a guarantee on it
    Favourite Survivor Player and why: I think there are very few players who played a better game then Dominick, I think he is underappreciated in every way imaginable
    Tarnexter   APPLICATION
    Name for Episodes: Tarn
    Discord(required): Tarnexter#4929
    Why should you be cast?: I think I play very uniquely and have a lot of free time on my hands rn.
    Do you think YOU can win? I think it is possible yes. I would definitly try my best.
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Wentworth. Her playstyle is god tier. So good at playing from the bottom.
    Sunshine   APPLICATION
    Name for Episodes: Summer
    Discord(required): EmmaLeigh#4221
    Why should you be cast?: REDEMPTION
    Do you think YOU can win? yes of course
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Parvati
    Swimrunner23   Name for Episodes: Swim
    Discord(required): Runnerswimboi31#5863
    Why should you be cast?: I should be in the cast because I am strong socially and that is a big key especially in the early parts of the game. The first season I didn't do so well because I was trying to hide and not do anything but that's a wrong strategy. Going into this game I will be cutthroat and make it my goal to not just survive every day but thrive every day I'm on the island.
    Do you think YOU can win? Yes, I feel I can win because you have to be able to adapt very quickly. In my current life, I have to adapt to new things every day.
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Dean from Survivor 39 because he showed that you have to thrive every day on the island and also never stop working because the moment you stop is the moment you lose.
    M3LAY   why, because they're the most personable, real people who have played. 
    M3LAY   Name for Episodes: Jared
    Discord(required): Melay#6121
    Why should you be cast?: because i think it would be interesting to see how i would do, as hated as i am 
    Do you think YOU can win? if the dice rolls my way, sure 
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Courtney, Paravti and Coach 
    Armani   Name for Episodes: Ari
    Discord(required): Armani#0005
    Why should you be cast?: Because let's be honest, last season was a trainwreck, so I need to be here to make sure this season isn't folowing in Wonderland's footsteps. I'm also an instant ratings booster, so that's a help for you. I bring class, entertainment, and REALNESS to every game I play, and I know that you want all of it in your games. I'm not what you want. I'm what you NEED.
    Do you think YOU can win? Of course. I'm a bad bitch.
    Favorite Survivor Player and why: Lauren O'Connell because she was amazing and showstopping and brilliant and incredible and best of all great TV. Lover her so much.
    Jdc16   Name for episode: jdc16
    why should I be cast:I love to compete and this would be my first time playing and I will give it all I got
    do u think u can win?yes,as I can compete and have a good social game
    Favoritw Survivor player and why , Ben from survivor winners at war as he gave his shot of winning for Sarah 
    IrishCraic   Name for Episodes: Shane aka Trinity's boss
    Discord(required): #IrishCraic for ZBB27
    Why should you be cast?: As in any sequel you need a past character to come back
    Do you think YOU can win?  Yes, i was soooooooooooooo bloody close to winning last time....if i got to f2, i think i would have won
    Favorite Survivor Player and why:  Shane from Survivor Panama
  • Gumball
    GumballJune 14, 2021 21:05
    Gums Survivor Wonderland | Post Game Extras!
    Spoiler alert!
    overcome   Take gone too soon
    Peyton   @Summerstorm multiple people can have good confessionals... 
    CapybaraWookiee   As you all can see, Loyal to the Soil aged extremely well
    sebby113   Summer can you never just be positive, you always have to add something mean or rude
    Sunshine confessionals went to jayden.....yet purple gets host favorite due to her spectacular
  • Gumball
    GumballJune 14, 2021 03:43
    Gums Survivor Wonderland | FINALE | AND THE WINNER IS...
    Spoiler alert!
    M3LAY   whatev it;s just a game. maybe i took it too far, but that's just what it eminated 
    McQuire   As long as you titilate the irrel losers on the jury, you win. It's a pretty basic formula for a basic voter.
    M3LAY   yep, part of the plan 
    CapybaraWookiee   @M3LAY you fought with the jury members at FTC...
    M3LAY   Toxic unneeded comments, Capy won because they weren't willing to accept my gameplay. Ya'll took the easy way out. But it's no use in talking to you ppl.
    McQuire   Too many carebears round these parts. This jury: no comment.
    sebby113   YESS CAPY!
    Peyton   Congrats Capy on your win!
    CapybaraWookiee   @Summerstorm it's called playing a social game look into it

    DAMMIT FIX YOUR NAME.....why all caps @M3LAY

    Sunshine   @M3Lay
    Sunshine   he won for 1 reason and 1 reason ONLY @M3lay .....that reason is that he had the most friends on the jury panel...NOT because of anything to do with good gameplay.
    M3LAY   Loved the acknowledgement, favouritism and understanding that went behind the voting, it's just a game. 
    But I feel validated that no one understood me, and yet ya'll claim to be truthful. But that's on you. Gj Capy!
    M3LAY   Great game, great result. Couldn't be happier! 
    IrishCraic   Well done all F3! 

     Great bloody game and host!
    Seanoh   Can't wait for everyone to see that I voted incorrectly every post merge tribal <3 Thanks for hosting Gum
    Tone   so let's talk @Gumball you didn't include the cap e bear a woo key vote AS I REQUESTED. expect a hate blog. Logo

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