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Zwooper Talk - FUNDRAISING INFO - Have your say!


  • Trishy
    TrishyMay 02, 2020 16:57
    Zwooper Fundraiser Final Update!
    Spoiler alert!
    Tharealmike   So excited to see this! 
    Vin014   LONG LIVE ZWOOPER! Amazing that you really did the best month ever for this. Super excited to see what this can change on Zwooper! Now, go splurge a lol bit on yourself trishy, the customs you whipped out were AMAZING!
    Setuptables13   I will pay 40$ if its not to late, or I will just do it anyway, but hopefully it not
    Armani   picks up Sassy's jaw 
    Sassy   Somebody, please help me pick my jaw up off of the floor. This is incredible.
    JacksonSunshine   Since I'm a dumb bitch and totally forgot to save them, is there anyway y'all can resend me all my keys so I can put them on my profile? Lol! Sorry to ask, if not that's totally fine!
    Setuptables13   oh, that for a fundraiser, I would have paid  more if I knew
    doobee   I will donate my next pay check for mod powers 
    Bombonrayo   I'm so glad you guys could get so much money!!! 
    Dswag   I will donate 10k if you ban @anaconda
  • Trishy
    TrishyApril 13, 2020 15:07
    Zwooper Fundraiser UPDATE #3
    Spoiler alert!
    Ian   I wish i can could contribute like i used to :< goodluck with the fundraiser and to those guys who helped, you all are awesome! Woop
    brit21584   Wow this is amazing! I just now heard about this fundraiser. I'm tight on money at the moment but as soon as I can I would love to contribute. That rainbow level is fire!! <3
    Sassy   I remember back when Trishy first mentioned the idea of a fundraiser, there was such a worry that $2,500 was going to be hard to reach, that it wasn't going to go over well, and that it may start to signal the end of this place that we've all flocked to. Within the first week, those worries were immediately squashed as Trishy and Marc put so much effort into this and getting people their rewards as quickly as they could. 6 weeks in, almost $4,000 raised is incredible, and I'm sure there is still more to come. This fundraiser has truly shown that Zwooper is more than just the loud, toxic people that we see on the Talks Page every day. There is so much good here that, while not as loud, is even stronger. I continue to be blown away by this fundraiser and hope that this level of continued positivity and generosity can continue even after this month is over.

    And of course, Marc and Trishy deserve all the admiration in the world for putting this whole thing together and operating it so smoothly.
    Vin014   Im gold, but how much is Rainbow?
    M2thamax   I'm so glad the fundraiser has gone so well! It gives me hopes that zwooper will be around for many years to come :)

    I'm still hoping that i'll be able to contribute, but I'll have to see! This whole virus pandemic and me not working for a month has hurt financially!
    Sarah   @KeshaRose can you get on discord and help our team please
    IvanP   Thank you guys for taking part in this, although I am a poor boy from Bosnia (read Africa) and I am sad I can't help, I love seeing how people are so generous with Zwooper, THANK YOU GUYS LOVE YOU 
    KeshaRose   Omg I want a rainbow key and background so bad! Can Trishy message or reply to me about how much more I should donate to gurantee this?
    Tharealmike   So happy we have reached the goal! Since the funding requirements have been met, do you have a preliminary timeline of when new comps will be implemented for race game and survival? @Trishy
    Sarah   we love that gay shit
    Bombonrayo   That blonde hair looks amazing, u guys make me spend lots lol
    Bombonrayo   Omggg the rainbow leveeel is so adorable
    Peyton   I'm coming for that Crimson level. 
    Clash   Niceee! And it's nice of Bye to make the keys and name designs and overall help with this. What a legend he is. 
  • Trishy
    TrishyMarch 15, 2020 17:17
    Zwooper Fundraiser UPDATE week 2
    Spoiler alert!
    Aidan   @BBswag How about you grab your dad's credit card and maybe we can get an FLS?
    joey2121   Hehe $2121.00
    Clash   @BBswag I agree
    jakethesnake   BBswag 
    FLS to celebrate?
    Bombonrayo   thanks to you for such a wonderful job!!!! <3333333
    BBswag   FLS to celebrate?
    Dswag   Just dont get the Alien Yeezys. They're ugly af
  • Z_Events
    Z_EventsMarch 01, 2020 02:00
    ✩ Super Zwooper Fundraiser
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   I love that this is for 2 whole months too THANK YOU. More inspiration to make more money irl. xD
    Peyton   Guess who's going to buy a custom!
    Bye   That's the plan! We will try and keep everyone updated as much as possible for the duration of the fundraiser. @FERG_27
    FERG_27   Please tell me we will get updates watching the meter go up. That stuff is exciting!
    Spooky   imagine being able to BUY black star 
    M2thamax   Oh okay I was mega confused lol! Thanks for clearing it up @Bye and @Sarah :)

    I will most likely help with the fundraiser when I can :)
    Bye   @M2thamax We simply used our highest colour levels as inspiration for the Keys to Zwooper. Points are not something that can be bought so there is definitely nothing to worry about there!
    Sarah   no LOL @M2thamax it's color levels in a different sense :P
    M2thamax   I like the idea for the fundraiser, but am confused! We're simply giving away thousands of free points just for buying this?
    Riot   Sorry meant to plus 5 :(((
    Spooky   About to be getting so many customs
    RobJok   People are about to drop some serious cash
    Armani   I need to find a sugar daddy to give me $121
    Benley   Such a great idea!! Damn with all the customs and vip i bought id already be top tier by now. Good thing my vip expires soon and ill rebuy!! Xoxo 
    Dean   Great idea!!!
    Vin014   This is amazing! I love the idea for the fundraiser!! 
    JacksonSunshine   Looks at me going to become magenta Star this week because I'm getting a new
    farrah custom lol Logo

Spoiler alert!

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