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  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 18, 2017 20:59
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Grand Finale Part 2 (The winner revealed)
    Spoiler alert!
    Evilgenious448   LOL glad a real player won this season
    NInjaTurtleDude   Congrats Michael!!!!
    m1chael   Thank you all :) This game was fun, thank you @CristinaMihaela for hosting and judging and @joeyc and @Theslayqueenb for judging this season. 
    Ireks   Congrats Michael :)
    Arceus   Yessss Congrat Michael and Alan :)
    Nightgem677   Congrats Michael!!!
    Fanny   #TheGreekSlayed
    TJP1122   Congrats Michael! Phenomenal job!!! :)
    Puffs   SLAAAAAAAAAAAAY Michael
    Margaret   Yaaas Michael, well deserved, congrats! :D
    wwxcrunner1   Congrats @M1chael, but I can't let you do the same thing in Fanny's Fashion
    Trinity2000   ooooooooooooooooooooooops
    Trinity2000   Alan I was thinking either reality or Britad votes?? LMAO
    iiAmySunshine   Michael deserved all the jury votes.... just saying
    CalebJ2005   Congrats Michael <3 Well Derserved :) 
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 17, 2017 21:58
    Fashion Frenzy Season 2 - Grand Finale Part 1
    Spoiler alert!
    thunderdownbelow   #TeamM1chael
    Alanster   Caleb stop spamming
    CalebJ2005   Vote For Me Guys <3
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 16, 2017 21:18
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 15 - "This isn't EG's attention to detail."
    Spoiler alert!
    thunderdownbelow   #TeamM1chael
    ανόητος άνθρωπος
    CalebJ2005   Vote me lol :) 
    CristinaMihaela   @greenbay712*
    CristinaMihaela   @greenbday712 because I wanted to do that instead of just waiting the votes from the jury (players from 12th place to 5th) and some of them probably being bitter.
    Fanny   #FearlessGreek evicting Trinity...
    Typo   why does the public always have to play a part? youre free to host as you choose but it just opens the game up to a popularity contest :/
    Trinity2000   Alans avi sucked more than mine lolololol
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 15, 2017 22:18
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 14 - "Trinity is the winner! Everybody else don't even try."
    Spoiler alert!
    Parrish101   oop @Riot
    Riot   @CristinaMihaela why did you bother bringing this bitch back?
    Alanster   I slayed this challenge.
    CristinaMihaela   @Trinity2000 you're lame and desperated.
    Trinity2000   I was robbed, at least Joey did researc, unlike Queen and Cristina. You ave te internet so you ave NO EXCUSE FOR YOUR LAME ASS SCORES
    ExoticSimmer   Amy was robbed!
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 14, 2017 21:50
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 13 - "I'm still bitter that Matthew won last season".
    Spoiler alert!
    Draco   LOL trinity's avatar game me a detective vibe and Gavin's avatar gave me a Tomb Raider Vibe.
    Alanster   from bottom to top

    if you know what I mean *wink*
    joeyc   @Trinity2000 Honestly shut the fuck up. You can be historically correct, but that doesnt mean that background translated to good or interesting. I liked your take on an old school gangster, but there wasn't anything speical about your look, it was lackluster. 
    ExoticSimmer   Sucks to be eliminated but glad I got to play! Good luck to everyone left! :)
    Trinity2000   know your mob @Joey, chicago was my bckrnd VERY appropiate
    Parrish101   I should've gone, Gavin was robbed </3
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 14, 2017 01:05
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 12 - "Honestly, I was shocked when Joey gave me an 8."
    Spoiler alert!
    Icelina   Jason :(
    jasonthesurvivor   ROBBED LMAO
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 12, 2017 21:29
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 11 - "I honestly don't think it's fair that Trinity is back."
    Spoiler alert!
    Wcplays   @sharatennis

    Because she literally stated "Because Runaways got disqulified I decided to bring somone back"

    That means that she only did it because Runaways got disqualified, not trying to sound rude here but did you even read the episode?

    Christina im not trying to bash you I'm just trying to state how many people see it and how could a lot of people be mad at your decisions, I get your the host and your can make any decision for your group game because it is your group game I was just pointing out how some things are fairer than other things. Your game is great and well executed I just wanted to point a few things out I didn't want to seem like I was attacking you 
    Fanny   @Wcplays how do you know that it wasn't pre-planned in her game aswell?
    Alanster   I just like to think of it as Trinity being the replacement for Runaways since Runaways was DQ'ed and Trinity left befor that. So it seems fair.
    dcg786   shut up haters @CristinaMihaela is fucking awesome. just bc u don't like her opinion doesn't mean u have to bash on her. I also know She would never in a million years rig a game. personally i like this better then any other game i played. it's looks fun it's creative. and it looks just awesome. keep up the amazing work @CristinaMihalea your doing great!
    Finesse   She's a basic ass ho and it's her time to go so bitch let me show her the door.
    Ernie_Steele   Just saying, you wouldn't have had to go through the trouble of a comeback comp if you did what I proposed or something similar.
    jbeaudry3   Wait Trinity seriously got brought back over me?
    when she literally insulted both the judges ?
    this is one time I agree with sparky ...
    you can't just bring back who you choose and please
    there should have been a comeback comp and this is really unfair 
    I won't be keeping up anymore 
    CristinaMihaela   @sharatennis thank you so much for all the words you said! :)
    CristinaMihaela   Uhm, If it was rigged for her to win, do you really think I would've worked on all of this just to give her the prize? BE SERIOUS! Also, I have a jury who will vote who's going to win this game, I don't understand your problem. No, I'm not working on a come back comp since I have to talk to ALL of the eliminated players and to host all of that just for 1 returnee. It's my game and just because you're hating my opinion this doesn't mean anything for me, really. Also, why I picked Trinity? Because she, from all the eliminated players, had 2 wins back to back in her pocket, so I think that means something. Also, idk why I need to explain to you all of this? It's my game and if someone thinks it's rigged it's not like that I care, if I wanted Trinity to win I would've given her the prize and not hosting all of this which takes a lot of time!
    Trinity2000   looks @Riot, who the hell blows bubbles at a gala, all you cryin bitches stfu I was robbed
    Sparky44   Yes but, you have to know doing this will get you criticism.
    Wcplays   @sharatennis You still had the consensus to have all the judges included plus i bet your come back was preplanned was it not? 
    Fanny   Why is everyone picking on her about her decision to bring back trinity? Pretty recently I did a similar thing in my gsme, with the only difference that the judges had to come to a consensus to bring back an eliminated player. This is what our decision was snd we went along with that, it's her gsme and she thinks that someone should Re enter the competition, yes it may be seem as "rigging" due to the fact that she brought back someone really controversial,who created Drama when they were eliminated, but if she also thinks that trinity can be promising and do well, why rant? Lol its her gsme and she decides what she does at the end of the day..
    Patrick71101   YES! I know she was robbed lol 
    Ernie_Steele   Since everyone else is talking about the fairness of Trinity's return, I guess I'll weigh in.

    Was there any specific criteria to determine who was "the most robbed"? If I was told to determine who was "the most robbed", I would check the score that each eliminated contestant got on the episode in which they were eliminated, and pick the person who had the highest elimination score. And of course, since the game shifted from 2 judges to 3, have it be the average score they got from each judge instead of their total score.

    The highest average judge score for an eliminated contestant was Alyssa's score of 6.17 per judge (18.5 points/3 judges).

    Unless there was some factor in determining who would be brought back that I am not aware of, then I would have to say that this was unfair. But that is just my opinion.
    CalebJ2005   LMAO!! I made the title XD
    Wcplays   In a way that is still kinda rigging no offense 

    Like i understand bringing someone back because of the disqualified however I feel a comeback comp should have been used instead of the host choosing because even though you think she was robbed out of everyone that didnt people a fair shot at returning. I know your the host however you also need to think about the players and the audience watching because will be upset like the people below me because of how unfair things are. 
    km1997   Love the format. Hopefully you do another season 
    CristinaMihaela   @wowjj no, I chose Trinity because I thought she was the most robbed of the eliminated players.
    wowjj   wait so they just randomly brought someone back? LMAO
    Alison Grodner at its finest
    Parrish101   Little Mix <3 and @Sparky44 I was thinking the same yesterday, I thought a competition would've been more fair and fun
    CristinaMihaela   @Sparky44 I don't think you're the host so you can talk about a comeback comp. I thought she was the most robbed and I brought her back. I have a life, I dont have 24/24 for this game.
    Sparky44   Once again, bringing someone back/ adding people to cast, without even a competition! Idgi. She got out and it's unfair for someone to eliminate her and them being in trouble do to her
    ExoticSimmer   Sorry Riot :(
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 11, 2017 21:24
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 10 - "Would you vote for someone who has never won a challenge?"
    Spoiler alert!
    ArcturusDean   Well I beat Runaways :D
    Peyton   ugh.
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 10, 2017 21:44
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 9 - "Honestly, who else is scared for this theme?"
    Spoiler alert!
    jbeaudry3   Lmao knew it done with fashion games 
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 09, 2017 21:25
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 8 -"Double wins but goes as soon as she falls and she falls hard."
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Riot your avi was dumb as fuck, nobody blows bubbles at a ala
    Riot   Also Real Life Pic of @ArcturusDean
    Riot   Chart So Far!
    Trinity2000   Alyssa for da win!!!
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 08, 2017 20:22
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 7 - "Will I ever win? Probably not."
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   I ave never seen anyone w/bubbleum, tis is proof ame is one biased mo fo
    Trinity2000   fasion if it bit you on your fat ass
    Trinity2000   Fuckin retarded asses, you wouldnt know f
    coolKat   I guess I'll post it here since you won't answer skype, but I'll be a judge too
    Wcplays   Oml if you taking guest judges ill gladly be one for you :)

    The avis are getting better and im enjoying this series :P
    Evilgenious448   Every time I open these blogs my speakers blow up LOL, I need to tab-mute in advance LOL!
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 07, 2017 22:05
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 6 - "Honestly, how many times is Alyssa going to be in the bottom?"
    Spoiler alert!
    Ernie_Steele   I like the idea that canonically, this means that Amy had to have gotten a stagehand to kiss her on various parts of her body, including her shoulders and breast, before the photo shoot.
    Typo   I'm ready to be an iconic guest judge
    joeyc   Let me guest judge next round 
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 06, 2017 21:17
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 5 - "I'm gonna be the biggest douche this round."
    Spoiler alert!


    Trinity2000   I concur @joeyc, I was robbed due to Queens inability to use color properly
    joeyc   QueenB's critiques are awful lmao, you don't have to template every critique the same
    Ernie_Steele   Really? Shalwin over Alyssa?

    And I thought my sense of fashion sucked
    Trinity2000   Adios my friend, vaya con dios :(
    Riot   I'm so sorry Myles ;((
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 05, 2017 20:26
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 4 - "He was rude and VERY disrespectful to both judges and contestants"
    Spoiler alert!
    CristinaMihaela   @sharatennis I told Josh his critiques in private because it won't allow me to post the picture here, it gave me an error.
    Fanny   Probably you missed some, Where are Josh and Michael's avatars? Lmao
    CristinaMihaela   @Trinity2000 I think I explained what actually happened.
    Trinity2000   Cristina and Queen scored me @17.5................ten edited it
    iiAmySunshine   I made the episode title <3
    CalebJ2005   im getting better XD
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 04, 2017 20:57
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 3 - "See, I said Trinity was competition."
    Spoiler alert!
    kongowongo   #TeamTrinity
    Helenor1000   runaways trinity icons slay !
    Runaways   when me and trinity were the top 2 and we'd already won challenges
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 03, 2017 23:21
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 2 - "The game is getting shaky."
    Spoiler alert!
    Ernie_Steele   Spencer and I need to start a club of people who were eliminated from a fashion game for misinterpreting a prompt. :P
    Trinity2000   Since Cristina or Queen never been on a oneymoon, romance was all over my submission, Queen kma you are clueless
    Riot   My background is greece. It's a greece honey moon, what is there not to get? :}
    Draco   Tbh, most of these avatars were ok, and the bottom 2 weren't bad for say. Spencer's didn't really fit the theme too well. Judging is better.

    Overall, great episode.
    Draco   Cool theme.
    Trinity2000   I was married @ArcturusDean :)
    ArcturusDean   This wasn't a great week for me.... I don't know anyone has been on a honeymoon all I knew was a Surfing holiday was common in Australia rip
    dcg786   ughhh! i should have applied! but ths game is awesome! good job!
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJuly 02, 2017 19:30
    Fashion Frenzy 2 - Episode 1 - "I want you gone because you're competition."
    Spoiler alert!
    CristinaMihaela   @wildpoppy136 well, look at your avatars mess and then dare to talk. I think I'm very explicit when it comes to judging, but you're so stupid so you can't understand. It's hard, it's okay, go to sleep baby, when you grow up you'll understand more.
    wildpoppy136   Sorry, but not even the Azealia Banks music can fix this mess.
    wildpoppy136   After looking at the way you judge avatars, I'll take that with a grain of salt.
    CristinaMihaela   @wildpoppy136 blinks at you and your horrible avatar. I think you can judge better if you talk, or not at all? #stupidpoppy
    wildpoppy136   Blinks at this poor judging
    ArcturusDean   @Runaways i wouldn't know how to do it either :D all natural
    Helenor1000   omg just because the theme is black n white doesnt it has to take place in the 1900s.
    Runaways   @joeyc: wtf I can't do that, I still won but still
    joeyc   I feel like a lot of these are just filtered to black and white? That doesn't really take any talent lol
    Wcplays   I can see where Draco is coming from since all he did was slap a black and white filter onto a colored avi but so did another contestant so like *shrugs*
    Draco   1. Dimentical isn't a word.
    2. You've been replying too, dumbass. So when you reply to me about replying to you, that's called hypocracy.
    CristinaMihaela   @dimentical you put a lot of cents in this since you're still replying. I'm not even going to answer you after that tbh.
    Draco   @Christina 1. I'm not even gonna tag you anymore tbh.
    2. +1ing it shows nothing. Stop getting butt hurt because I put my two cents in this.
    Riot   straight up @Runaways I thought your look was very messy. But grats on the win! 
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio and fyi, I didn't say a decade it's between 1900-2000 if you can't read, then shut up and don't try to look pathetic. 
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio and if you give me +1 that doesn't mean you're right, LMFAO, 10yo boy.
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio you clearly don't understand what's happening around you, so go to sleep already, it's okay.
    Draco   @CristinaMihaela a decade is 10 years. 1900-2000 is called a century.

    Ahhh yes, I read the really great critique of: "I have nothing bad to say! This avatar is awesome!" when your partner never stated what specifically was awesome about it, and just flat out said that it was awesome.

    @greenbay712 ok I see your point there =P
    Evilgenious448   greenbay712   dimentio, if you wanna get technical, that hanna star wasn't around in the 1900s like you claim, so ninjas is further off than m1cheal's...  
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio the theme was not a decade, like 1900s or 2000s or how the elements evolved during a period of time. The them was "Black and White party", so yeah, you should've used black and white stuff, but to have any relevance together. Have you even read  the critiques?
    Typo   dimentio, if you wanna get technical, that hanna star wasn't around in the 1900s like you claim, so ninjas is further off than m1cheal's...
    Draco   What isn't 10 years?
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio it's not a decade and if you think that, I don't have anything else to say.
    Draco   @Runaways and I'm not trying to bash you. You sent ninja away fair and square.
    Draco   @Runaways ok you sent ninja home, but his avatar fit the description pretty well. And your avatar was good. It fit the description good.

    @CristinaMihaela I put an H in your and capitalized the B in your friends. Plus, you forgot to capitalize the D in mine.

    Plus, if it's a black and white theme, what you're telling me is that you can just use any old avatar and slap black and white on it. If that's how you win, then I should have signed up!

    How am I comparing avatars? By saying that Ninja's fit the description better is not comparing avatars.
    Shoib   @xDimentio It really isn't that deep
    CristinaMihaela   @xdimentio and how are you typing our names that wrong? Don't you have a little bit of respect?
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio why are you not a judge if you look at an avatar and talk about how the headphones should've looked like. Hello, HERE IS NOT REAL LIFE. Here is Zwooper and my contestants create avatars with things from Zwooper, I didn't think I had to say this since it was obvious. Everyone has an opinion about something, so I don't really think you should attack QueenB for not having the same opinion as you. It's really ridiculous what're you saying now, how can you compare Michael's avatar with Ninja's? Can you even tell me that? How many elements does Ninja's avatar have? But Michael's? Check again before you speak about fashion.
    Runaways   Also, I sent Ninja home. Not the judges. If you have issue with me sending Ninja home because I hate him then gift me.
    Theslayqueenb   The theme isnt 20th century or use 20th century items, good for you if you googled it, now you know something new since apparently you dont understand that the theme isnt black and white era. If you see somewhere written 1900s or 20th century please tell me. 
    Runaways   Are you saying I should not have won? Yes, sometimes I believe they are to nice, more so QueenB because she gives "not good or bad avatars" sevens when a neutral avatar should be a five but that's my only issue with the judging. It was not 1900s black and white. It was just and a black and white party, it didn't mean recreate a silent movie look?
    Draco   @TheslayqueenB and when we're the black and white movies made? 1900s.
    Draco   Lol my phone lagged.
    Draco   @ChristinaMihaela my problem is that 1. Your judge gave no reasoning, just "this is good." And 2. Were there headphones in the 20th century that looked like that? NO! Was there WWE in the black and white times? I googled it: it was 1979 when it was founded. Is what he's wearing the style of the black and white times? NO! While Ninja's avatar fit the description perfectly.
    Draco   @ChristinaMihaela my problem is that 1. Your judge gave no reasoning, just "this is good." And 2. Were there headphones in the 20th century that looked like that? NO! Was there WWE in the black and white times? I googled it: it was 1979 when it was founded. Is what he's wearing the style of the black and white times? NO! While Ninja's avatar fit the description perfectly.
    Theslayqueenb   Nobody said the theme was 1900 black and white or that should be like an old black and white movie.
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio and who said 1900s? where you get that from? because we clearly didn't even mention about that.
    kongowongo   My pick to win can't even make it TO the first episode?  FML.
    CristinaMihaela   @xDimentio What are you trying to imply?! We clearly don't have the same opinion, but that doesn't mean it's bias. I think we explained why he is 2nd, or at least I did since my score was lower, if you have  a problem with this, it's not going to change something in the placements panel.
    Draco   Seriously, why is Michaels Avi #2? It's supposed to be like the 1900s in black and white! He put a modern avatar, just in black and white. I think I see some bias.
    Theslayqueenb   First is QueenB* ,hun and thanks a lot for your support :*
    Afroditee   you need better judges, queeb is awful
    Runaways   Episode title and a winner baby.
    CristinaMihaela   I forgot to delete Matthew's name from some critiques, so don't mind the 0's he gave to some avatars.
    Parrish101   Mine was pretty bad ngl....
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJune 30, 2017 21:12
    Fashion Frenzy Season 2 - Cast reveal and Pick to Win
    Spoiler alert!
    ianinator   Sorry i didnt apply !! :/ i wanted to but only if i had vip! 
    HKT   @ArcturusDean
    Bye   Shalwin
    Jqred   anyone
    jellyjam   Anyone left
    Jumanji   alan
    Arceus   ninja
    PeterCampbell   Caleb!
    coolKat   Shoib
    kongowongo   Doug
    dcg786   riot!
    Peyton   Runaways
    MMMMM   jbeaudry
    Fanny   Nikias
    Nicolas   Spencer
    joeyc   IAmy
    Micks   emoji
    JaMarcus_Russell   parrish
    Runaways   It was a joke...someone pick me
    Patrick71101   Trinity :)
    CristinaMihaela   @Runaways you can't pick someone since you're contestant.
    Margaret   oop, exo :D
    Margaret   Michael!
    thunderdownbelow   @m1chael
    Runaways   I pick Runaways, he did get 8th last season.
  • CristinaMihaela
    CristinaMihaelaJune 26, 2017 00:03
    Fashion Frenzy Season 2 - Applications Open (1000 chips prize) - CLOSED
    Spoiler alert!
    ExoticSimmer   Name: Gavin
    Age: 16
    Avatar (female/male): Male but probably buying the Female avatar (if I get cast) :-)
    Skype (mandatory): ExoitcSimmer
    Describe in 3 words your style: Dark, Classy, Neat
    Why do you want to be casted? I want to be cast because I have never played a game like this and I think it would be fun to play something different that I normally wouldn't do!
    jbeaudry3   Application for contestants:
    Name: Josh 
    Age: 20
    Avatar(female/male): I have both, but prefer to use female, in avatar creating games ! 
    Skype(mandatory): josh.beaudry3
    Describe in 3 words your style: Unique, Creative & spunky!!!
    Why do you want to be casted? This game seems really fun! I kept up with last season & the format is quite different then a lot of fashion / avatar creating games & I wanted to be able to test out the strategy and social aspects as well as having a good time and creating iconic looks! I think I have the commitment and drive to win! So it's your choice if you want to take the gamble and cast me ;) 
    shalwin   Name: Shalwin
    Age: 15
    Avatar(female/male): Male
    Describe in 3 words your style: Elegant, Sexy and Classy
    Why do you want to be casted? I love fashion and i am full of fashion ,I followed your  last season  i learnt a lot and i was a huge fan and i am sure those will come handy for me this time ,  I also made the top 20 in fannys kings fashion ,I have fashion game experience ,i have also won Antm fast ones lol , And many people in zwooper believe that u need to be VIP to win a fashion game but i am here to change that and prove that anything is possible if u believe in fashion . "Dont change to fit the fashion , Change the fashion to fit you " CHOOSE SANTA YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT
    Sparky44   Name: Myles.
    Age: 14.
    Avatar(female/male): Male
    Skype(mandatory): myles.price3
    Describe in 3 words your style: Unique, Shiny, Neat
    Why do you want to be casted? I got asked. But, I want to prove I can compete in fashion games, I wanted to play KOF so bad and got booted for being inactive during the weekend due to moving homes, I won't be inact in this game and crushed your fast game!
    CalebJ2005   Name: Caleb
    Age: 12
    Avatar : both
    Skype: you have it :)
    describe you style in three words: classy, mysterious,  *ah! Look at bird* oh and silly 
    why do you want to be casted: I'm just starting to get into fashion games. I have hosted with you and it was very fun and I hope that if I make this it will get me ready to host my own game
    xoxo Caleb ^_^
    CristinaMihaela   @Runaways she can return if I cast her again.
    Runaways   @iiAmySunshine: You were in the finals. you ain't returning.
    iiAmySunshine   Name: Amy
    Age: 17
    Avatar(female/male): Female
    Skype(mandatory): Pplluvmexoxo
    Describe in 3 words your style: Creative, Fun, Exciting!
    Why do you want to be casted?: I missed out on first place in season 1 by only 2 votes and I want redemption! I will come to slay this season! Miss Amy's back henny's!
    doobee   Name: Josh
    Age: 14 Today
    Avatar(female/male): Both but I mainly use Female
    Skype(mandatory):Lissylion15 you have it
    Describe in 3 words your style: Flop Realness,Drag,Creative
    Why do you want to be casted? i need from getting rigged out in season 1 *Cries* *Cries*
    Alanster   Name: Alan
    Age: 13
    Avatar(female/male): Male
    Skype(mandatory): Alan.Alanster
    Describe in 3 words your style: Messy, Simple, Neat
    Why do you want to be casted? Because I am a flop. Fashion games seem fun and there is no strategy involved. The game is really in your own hands so this wouldbe a test if you could save yourself or wreck yourself. I want to test what I am capable of and this could be a teaching experience for me. Plus, look at the prize! I might be really really really really really really really really really really lucky if I win.
    Brittany101   Name: Brittany
    Age: 18
    Avatar(female/male): female
    Skype(mandatory): ZBrittany101
    Describe in 3 words your style: Hot, Creative, Colorful
    Why do you want to be casted? a.) I need da chips and b.) I wanna see what I can do with a fashon game seeing that VTNM is going at a little slow pace
    Emoji   Name: Emoji
    Age: 16
    Avatar(female/male): female
    Skype(mandatory): skittlesnrainbows69
    Describe in 3 words your style: mess caliente hawaii
    Why do you want to be casted?: because I want to win the money, necesito dinero :(
    Shoib   Name: Shoib
    Age: 19 (20 when the game starts)
    Avatar(female/male): Male
    Skype(mandatory): ShoibZwooper
    Describe in 3 words your style: Weird, Colorful and Bright
    Why do you want to be casted? I think fashion games are a lot of fun and I season one of this looked cool so why not
    pantherking21   Me at @ArcturusDean using 4 words to describe his style. Tsk tsk tsk:p
    pantherking21   Name:Jayden
    Age: 14
    Skype(mandatory): pantherking21
    Describe in 3 words your style: Urban, Unique, Amazing
    Why do you want to be casted? Ive done well in the fashion challenges ive played so i feel like I should try an actual fashion game since I enjoy designing avatars.
    Trinity2000   Me @alanduncan...............
    m1chael   Application for contestants:
    Name: Michael
    Age: 28
    Avatar(female/male): male
    Skype(mandatory): you have it
    Describe in 3 words your style:  casual, unique, modern
    Why do you want to be casted? hmmm, let's say i want a better place than 3rd :P
    Evilgenious448   Me @Opal being alanduncan LMFAO wtf, how did i know know this. Sup?!
    Opal   Name: Opal
    Age: 18
    Avatar(female/male): Female
    Skype(mandatory): alan.duncan98
    Describe in 3 words your style: Bold, Polished, NotOutTheBoxButSittingOnTheBoxNeverInTheBoxYouGetMe?
    Why do you want to be casted? I always do 'well' in fashion games and I wanna fucking win ONE.
    ArcturusDean   Name: Dean (Dylan)
    Age: 18
    Avatar(female/male): both, but preferably Female
    Skype(mandatory): Dylan (ArcturusDean)
    Describe in 3 words your style: Neat, Appealing, Aesthetically Pleasing
    Why do you want to be casted? Time to show of my fashion Skillz
    Riot   Application for contestants:
    Name: Justin / @Riot
    Age: 16
    Avatar(female/male): Female
    Skype(mandatory): Justin.Chabot21
    Describe in 3 words your style: Different, Unique, Inspiring
    Why do you want to be casted? Because I was robbed of a place in S1, and I'm here to show im fashion worthy!
    waterkid6   Application for contestants:
    Name: Spencer 
    Age: 15
    Avatar(female/male): Female
    Skype(mandatory): supportmain1 (you have it)
    Describe in 3 words your style: Cute. Poppin'. Idealistic.
    Why do you want to be casted?: I love fashion games and I know that you are a great person so you must be a great host! 
    NInjaTurtleDude   Name: Ninja
    Age: 17
    Avatar(female/male): Male
    Skype(mandatory): ninjaturtlerangerdude
    Describe in 3 words your style: Crazy, Sexy, Cool
    Why do you want to be casted?: I fucked up last season and I really want to come back to redeem myself and prove that I have a taste in fashion. #NinjaStrong
    Parrish101   Name Parrish
    Age 18
    Avatar Male
    Skype You and Matthew both have it already
    Describe in 3 words your style Clean Picky Experimental
    Why do you want to be casted? Ever since finally getting VIP, I've been dying to join as many Fashion Games I can to learn more about fashion. I want to see how I can do in Fashion now that I have access to all of the VIP clothing as well. As seen in Fanny's Fashion game, I didn't do so well because I think I was trying too hard.... Hopefully this game will allow me to explore more about my fashion senses and skills and to not get out during the first cut.....
    nikias   Name:Nikias
    Describe in 3 words your style: Modern,Unique,Classic
    Why do you want to be casted?I really want to win a fashion game so why not this one?
    dougx   Name: Douglas
    Describe in 3 words your style:Dark, Classy, Edgy
    Why do you want to be casted?: Because I really like fashion, women's clothes to be exact, and I enjoy dressing up my avatar and stuff, and I feel like it would be fun
    Runaways   I'll use a fem avi because angelo sends me pictures of his teacher creepily. OOPS.
    Trinity2000   This looks very interesting!
    Name: Trinity2000
    Age: I was told I was 90 so I will fly with that :)
    Avatar: I have both male & female
    Skype: zombiedeer
    My style: whatever fits my mood at the moment
    Why do I wish do be casted: Even tho I am 3 jumps away from either a nursing home or being involuntarily committed for mental evaluation, I would love to participate in this :)
    Runaways   Runaways.
    15 but 16 by the time the game is done and 16 before Noah. HA.
    Unique. Concentrated. Polished.
    Last season was amazing, of course I deserve to return. I brought a lot to the game and my fashion wasn't so bad either, without slutty Amy or Matthew in my way, I WILL dominate and I'm greedy, so I need a second chance. I ain't talking money. You know that I'm greedy for that chip prize and the GAME. This is one of the good fashion games on Zwooper even though I hated yall last season, we hated each-other equally. :P (JK)
    angeloxpo   oml runaways ure so gay
    jasonthesurvivor   Application for contestants:
    Describe in 3 words your style:Unique Crazy Complicated
    Why do you want to be casted?Becuase I want redemption from past season plus I want to show my creative and unique style to zwooper.
    Theslayqueenb   @jasonthesurvivor yes, we accept people from last season.
    Typo   Noah. 15, 16 on 7/12. Both. greenbae.zwoop . Cute, pastel, iconic. Because I loved last season and I'm a fashion L E G E N D
    Runaways   omg i was LITERALLY going to message you. I want a fashion game. I don't care if it is the same one. Nina slaying Greedy <3
    jasonthesurvivor   Returnees? Logo

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