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  • Armani
    ArmaniJune 15, 2018 19:47
    DSBB2: Prodigies || Episode 1 "I Can't Even"
    Spoiler alert!
    Crazyrockina   @Clash i also left
    basically its just
    and Constance Marie
    DankDrake   If you need more people I'll join XD
    Clash   Nates, Green, Paco, Phoenix and I have all left. Rest are inactive. 
    Clash   Um sis 10 people have left the game. 
    Strawberry   Wow, this is such good hosting
  • Armani
    ArmaniJune 07, 2018 03:59
    DSBB2: Prodigies || Key Ceremony and PTW
    Spoiler alert!
    Armani   PTW CLOSED
    pantherking21   Lol jk Nate
    pantherking21   Phoenix
    JonJ   jk, Clash
    JonJ   craycray
    BlueStar1367   Jason
    TJP1122   Green
    riddler7900   John the Great
    Gurgs   Pheonix
    Geri   Breeze :D
    Footy   paco
    Wild   John
    IvanP   Jeremy
    xFalsify   queen trinity
    Peyton   Bigbro
    Patrick71101   King_Canine :)
    Wadz13   craycraycray
    davidprincipe29   Cisco
    McQuire   Picking @Constancemarie for being the most constant
    BIGBROFOSHO   cute
  • Armani
    ArmaniMay 31, 2018 19:41
    DSBB2: Prodigies || Memory Wall and Key Reveal!
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Clash   Nice!
  • Armani
    ArmaniMay 25, 2018 18:34
    DSBB2 Applications are open!
    Just a simple, fun Big Brother! Apply now!
  • Armani
    ArmaniMay 23, 2018 18:26
    DSBB2: Prodigies || Applications (1000 Chip Prize!)
    Spoiler alert!
    TheBreeze   I'll play! *signs up*
    Trinity2000   Name: Trinity
    Rank: 5
    Skype Zombiedeer
    Activity (1-10): 9
    Why do you think you'd be better than other applicants (what makes you unique)?: I don't think anyone is better than the next person. I am my own person and that in it self is unique :)
    Clash   I pull out my application.
    Sammy   Name: Sammy
    Age: 16
    Skype: "sam fetgatter"
    Activity: On Zwooper, 9.5. On skype, 9.
    Why?: I’m a very strategic player and I’ve been known to keep things interesting. I’m not afraid to stir the pot, and when I do, it’s not me who takes the fall. I’m sneaky and backstabbing, but will still be loyal to the ones who are loyal to me. I’ll make this season interesting and I’ll be the one people remember even if I don’t win. I’m not a part of premades, and I put the past behind me. I’m a good player and will play the game at 110% the whole time I’m in. I took some time off of Zwooper, and I want this to be a part of my triumphant return into the spotlight. And besides, you know I'm an ICON.  I'm one of the fastest climbers in terms on ranks, and I'm just fun.
    Crazyrockina   Name:Crazy
    Skype (Mandatory):Crazy03272_100
    Activity (1-10):90
    Why do you think you'd be better than other applicants (what makes you unique)?:i want to play to win
    Nates_great   Applications
    Name: Nate
    Rank: 263
    Skype (Mandatory): Nates_Great
    Activity (1-10): 9
    Why do you think you'd be better than other applicants (what makes you unique)?: gameplay and im one of the younger if not youngest competitor of most games
    Clash   Name: Clash
    Rank: 106
    Skype (Mandatory): clash4war1997
    Activity (1-10): Always 10 if I apply.
    Why do you think you'd be better than other applicants (what makes you unique)?: I am a great gameplayer who has strong cgances to win. Also the main reason I am applying is because it's honestly mean of some people to trash your game and I want a good applicant to apply.
    Armani   @Swish I'll admit that season one of this was a mess, and that was my fault. The reason DFFP went so bad was because people kept wanting to quit.
    Swish   I was about to apply but seeing in the comments how you can’t accept fault for every game before this is disgusting 
    Icelina   No...its you.
    Armani   @Icelina I can host but people can't stop joining my games and ruining them by quitting if things don't go their way. That's not me it's them.
    Icelina   Stop. Please. You can’t host. Just stop.
  • Armani
    ArmaniSeptember 30, 2017 18:41

    Als u dit leest, zul je op het punt staan ​​om te leren over een draai. Als u dit bericht kunt ontcijferen en mij een privébericht op ...
    1 comment
    George   my mood
  • Armani
    ArmaniSeptember 26, 2017 00:53
    DSBB2 || Applications Open!
    Apply here:
  • Armani
    ArmaniSeptember 24, 2017 20:22
    DSBB2 || Applications (Only post if you are serious)
    Spoiler alert!
    Armani   The prize is set to be 6 month VIP, and the old applications are no longer correct. Also, I will make the nominations stuff 24 hours.
    pantherking21   Dolphin do 24 hrs
    Micks   what happened to the old applications?
    RobJok   Prize?
    Strawberry   There should be an eviction everyday also wtf is the prize
    Sparky44   12 isnt enough either
    Armani   Sorry for the miscommunication. That was a typo it should say 12 hours. I fixed it but thanks for catching that.
    Peyton   This isn't enough time. Not everyone comes online every two hours. You're giving people no time to pick a rep. I'd either switch that or not except many applications at all.
  • Armani
    ArmaniSeptember 17, 2017 21:50
    DSBB2 || Applications || Hosted by Dolphin_Swag
    Spoiler alert!
    Ari   Zwooperman
    Because im the admin add me or ban
    Because im not them
    Because of my presence 
    No one, I already won. GIVE ME A WIN OR BAN
    dcg786   BABY101
    i am 420 years old so i'm the best
    ill put 69 in every sentence i say
    CameronElite   Name: Lil Gecko Dude
    Rank: 15
    Why should you be chosen?: Because with Geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance
    What makes you different from the other players?: I know what's up on the car insurance scene
    How will you make this a good season?: By providing good rates on car insurance
    Is there anyone you would specifically like to see play this season?: ANYBODY BUT JAKE FROM STATE FARM
    Armani   @Taekwondo10 If you can't submit it's okay, but too much inactivity will result in punishment
    Sparky44   I actually told Micks to post that for me, so it counts.
    Micks   Name: Sparky44
    Rank: 448510394820304920395830920204858
    Skype: myles.price3
    Why should you be chosen?: Oh yeah, 100 percent. Dance is my outlet. When I dance, I feel no pain, I feel normal. I love spreading the joy of dance. It will always be my outlet. I am a dancer with a stomach pacemaker! It may be a struggle at times, but it's worth it.
    What makes you different from the other players?: I got weight loss surgery in Tijuana
    How will you make this a good season?: I'm never bitter, but I just look over every aspect of the game except 1.
    Is there anyone you would specifically like to see play this season?: The doctor, ivix, @Trishy
    Peyton   2 hours if it is a re-nom after a veto ceremony. People's lives don't revolve around Zwooper lmfao, people don't log on every two hours
    Micks   I actually told sparky to post that for me, so it counts. 
    pantherking21   Name:Jayden
    Rank: 602
    Skype: Bitch you have it
    Why should you be chosen?: So I can slay this MUTHAFUCKIN GAME
    What makes you different from the other players?: Because I give 0 fucks
    How will you make this a good season?: By being that one muthafucka who literally guves no fucks
    Is there anyone you would specifically like to see play this season?: Carter, Swish, UJ
    Thisis a serious application. Cast me
    Sparky44   Name: Micks
    Rank: 1
    Skype: micks_zwooper
    Why should you be chosen?: My gpa is dance
    What makes you different from the other players?: I base my votes on social
    How will you make this a good season?: I am a mastermind and so is Paul, well maybe not Paul, but I definitely pull some strings
    Is there anyone you would specifically like to see play this season?: @bentren2 @google9
    Swish   AYejwowjtjwlamkgkwjjaoejr

    this is the greatest game of all time don't miss your shot 
    Taekwondo10   One question: Imma be on vacation a few days during this time, if I tell you I can't submit do I have too?
    Micks   I'm screaming
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 06, 2017 21:30
    DSBB2 || Comment skype and why you should be picked below
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   @carterlinke01 yes
    Cartur   @dcg786 aren't you in the cage?
    dcg786   lol @Finesse
    Micks   wtf I filled out my app and it didn't let it post because you changed the title
    Strawberry   I'll apply if it's VIP/a custom design
    Armani   1000 chips is the prize
    Micks   Tell me the prize pls
    Finesse   Name: Finesse
    Rank: 68
    Skype (MUST HAVE): anix5678
    Why should you be picked?: I probably shouldn't be picked
    What makes you different from the others?: I'm exactly the same as everyone else. Nothing different about me.
    Are you going to be active?: Probably not.
    Armani   Umm.... @Carter The other one is a SC game...
    Cartur   So you get evicted from the Cage and you think its a good idea to start another group game, after one's on announcements, right away?
    Micks   what is the prize?
    Armani   @Runaways ?
    Strawberry   So the game begins on Results Day?
    joeyc   Messy
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 03, 2017 00:01
    DSBB2 || It's happening! :) (Co- hosted by Swish and Ujmlkio)
    Spoiler alert!
    _Rob_   so much for "I'm never hosting again."
    Peyton   greenbay, yeah
    Typo   can I spam and win is that an option
    Arceus   I thought you said you weren't hosting again. LOL
    cmgorilla    carterlinke01 
    I dont suggest this
    Cartur   Also me when you just made a blog saying you weren't hosting again
    Micks   A few hours ago you said you were never hosting again lmao. But I will apply because cheating is allowed, so I will cheat until I win. 
    I dont suggest this
    Icelina   Jqred
    I dont suggest this
    Jqred     CalebJ2005 
    I dont suggest this
    Icelina   Please host crismas big borther  season 2
    CalebJ2005   I dont suggest this
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 18:11
    DSBB1 || THE WINNER IS....
    Spoiler alert!
    SteliosDeGriek   swish??really???this was such a waste 
    Swish   @TJDawgiestyle

    how am I consistently bad? :(
    Sparky44   @TJDawgiestlye Not cmgorilla, it is @CalebJ2005
    TJDawgiestyle   Hmm so cmgorilla and Swish, two of the most consistently bad players on this website were first and second, that's definitely spam
    Jqred   lmao myles
    Micks   you're actually delisional if you think any more than 15 different people voted for a winner
    Sparky44   Greatest Game Since Crismas Big Borther!
    CalebJ2005   How did he win though... he beat me by 2 votes in the first one and I beat him by 4 votes In the other one. I had 60 total he had 58
    CalebJ2005   VOTES WERE SO CLOSE 
    Armani   There votes added 3 to the regular totals
    Micks   also how did the jury impact who won?
    Micks   tbh if I knew I was allowed to just cheat my way to the finale and soam the poll to get 1500 chios I would have applied. I assumed it was gonna be a real big brother group game though
    Cartur   So glad I quit when I did
    Micks   swish cheated and this game was rigged
    McKenna   rigged
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 18:07
    DSBB1 || 3RD PLACE...
    Spoiler alert!
    joeyc   Did you really need to spam the talks page???
    Armani   @Micks Just shut the fuck up you whiny 2 year old
    Micks   I love how by the end you were just fine with people cheating
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 18:05
    DSBB1 || 4TH PLACE...
    Spoiler alert!
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 18:04
    DSBB1 || 5TH PLACE...
    Spoiler alert!
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 18:02
    DSBB1 || 6TH PLACE...
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Strawberry   I spammed for Caleb to win LOL
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 17:23
    SO sorry about this.
    last minute stuff is happening so the vote will close at 18ZT and the old poll and the new poll will be combined for the results. :)
    Micks   yeah,the show must go on right? even if someone cheated, but they can win anyway
    Armani   it's not like I can just use the new poll when there is not clear 3rd 4th 5th and 6th place people
    3rd gets a prize so there has to be a clear third
    Strawberry   @Dolphin: THAT DISS FROM JAKE PAUL'S DISNEY SHOW?
    Micks   when the host discovers someone cheated, but just goes along with it
    Armani   @Runaways That's funny. I don't remeber ordering a glass of your opinion.
    Strawberry   That's dumb
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 16:16
    DSBB1 || Finale Week || New Poll to Prevent Spamming
    Vote here:
    Voting ends at 0ZT!
    1 comment
    CalebJ2005   Thank You <3
    My Plea ^
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 02, 2017 15:20
    DSBB1 || Finale Week || Don't Forget to Vote!
    Vote here:
    Voting Closes at 0ZT! 
    CalebJ2005   @Micks - I Agree
    Micks   you should probably start the poll over and use one that can't be spammed
    CalebJ2005   YEA! My Plea was good Too!
    Armani   @me having no fucking clue that caleb made a plea XD lmao i was probs asleep
    CalebJ2005   Thank You!  I Promise I didnt spam. I just looked at it again and I had like 14 so idk if someone else is spamming me but its not me 
    Armani   tbh I don't trust either of u atm but now that I'm actually looking at it... Swish def spammed.
    CalebJ2005   ummm, So You Dont trust me but you trust him.. Then one with 45 votes agaist the person with 11 votes. :/ And I didnt spam 
    Armani   I can't put an IP block I just ask that people are respectful and don't spam.
    Armani   Me when u think swish is the only one spamming but caleb got 11 votes in less than 20 minutes and I didn't even have 11 in the first hour XD
    CalebJ2005   Theres my plea even though it does not matter casue he cheated 
    Cartur   Um yeah there should be an ip duplication block
    CalebJ2005   UMMM, Swish definitly spammed 
    Micks   you know it's spammed when there is more than 10 votes
    McKenna   U know it's spammed when swish has 45 votes 
  • Armani
    ArmaniAugust 01, 2017 13:32
    DSBB1 || Finale Week || Part 2 || Fact Checking
    Spoiler alert!
    Armani   The Jury still gets to vote on a winner. :)
    Micks   what happened to the jury?
    Armani   True let me add them
    Peyton   maybe POV stats should be revealed? Logo

Spoiler alert!

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