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  • Bye
    ByeFebruary 10, 2018 04:39
    ⚡ | Dragula | Grand Finale | Drag Filth Horror Glamour
    Spoiler alert!
    DramaKing2010   Congrats to a well-deserving QUEEN @popular! Great game @Bye. I wanna also give a shoutout to my fellow sisters who gave it their all this season and earned their spots in that final as well @Puffs and @joeyc.
    Fanny   Surprise surprise  im sure popular is gonna pull a bruce jenner card soon! 

    BUT ANYWAY. Gongrats i guess... and joey was robbed! This game is just so biased against KINGS! UGH GOSH! J E A L O U S Y!

    KiwiConnor   one of the only queens i wanted to win after i was bullied out of the game werk @popular
    snaps for beating the other two dorksided finalists
    CristinaMihaela   Congrats!
    Joshh   Very impressed ! 
    Congratulations @popular & also amazing looks from all 3 of you this season
    amazing final 3:)
    Trishy   Amazing season as always @Bye, amazing episodes and hosting. There have been some fabulous avatars made, really enjoyed seeing them each week, and great work by @Bree_xo with her weekly contributions too.  Let me know if any of them are able to be used on Zwooper in the future 
    Theslayqueenb   Congrats @popular!!!! Probs you'll slay JAFG too lol :D
    JacksonSunshine   @popular you slayed henny! Congrats on winning the first season of Dragula! You deserved it so much! Congrats to the other two as well for making finals @Joeyc and @Puffs
    popular   also my horror look getting all 10's is a mood
    Finesse   I need to see that baby look as a skin in the shops ASAP @Trishy

    Thank you for hosting an amazing game @Bye, and thanks to the cast for giving me such a big challenge, especially @Puffs @joeyc <3
    Evilgenious448   From 0 to 2 fashion game wins within the space of 1 week. Well done @popular
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 30, 2018 09:50
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 8 Extermination
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   if luxanna doesnt win its obviously rigged
    Riot   #TeamLuxanna
    DramaKing2010   Awww @matthewmsloth, Lillth Evangelista will be missed =(

    Huge congrats to my sisters @joeyc @Puffs @popular ... I am rooting for all of you!!!!!!!
    matthewmsloth   HAHAHAHHA YESSS WHAT A WAY TO GO thank u for having me omg it was an absolute horror LMAO good luck to the final 3 !!! <3
    Puffs   @sharatennis I'll drop out of the finale if you send me nudes
    Finesse   I will sacrifice my integrity to avoid seeing any more of you than absolutely necessary.
    Fanny   Thank Youuuu @Finesse, we now have your public confession JUST in case Joey loses!!! 
    Bye   Oop, thank you so much! @SleekPuma
    SleekPuma   This is a great show/game @Bye
    Finesse   @sharatennis I will now rig it for him to lose. Just to avoid your nudes.
    popular   looks at my 12 hours and 6 attempts..... werk
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 28, 2018 09:34
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 8 | The Snatched And The Damned
    Spoiler alert!
    joeyc   My gif avatar
    Afroditee   if popular doesnt win its rigged

    Not so fast sis giggles @popular
    popular   cmon mama ru bring the queen her crown....
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 23, 2018 08:02
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 7 Extermination
    Spoiler alert!
    DramaKing2010   Lol my phone corrected Lilith to Linda...Long live Lilith Evangelista!!!
    DramaKing2010   It baffles me how @matthewmsloth is still in this gig, but in a good way. Long live Linda Evangelista!
    Strawberry   Why did Nick make it so easy for Matthew when Matthew went in with that item?
    matthewmsloth   HAHAHAHHA HONESTLY TRUE TY MAMA @Puffs and kjsdssdkjsdkjjkskdjf @joeyc my dumb ass didn't even think of that LMAO
    joeyc   I wish Matthew chose a VIP item for Niek
    Puffs   You deserve more credit than that Mattew. You've actually been saving YOURSELF.
    popular   matthew is walking the children in nature
    matthewmsloth   im literally the roxxxy andrews of this competiton LMAO i LOVE IT 
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 20, 2018 13:46
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 7 | Slash Game
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   oh and @matthewmsloth is coming second know that LMAO
    KiwiConnor   I can't believe @popular is winning yes the only person left worth stanning
    johnnyscott1127   I can't support Nieklaus in the bottom 2
    Strawberry   I didn't like Luxanna's look at all this week tbh
    Z_Twitter   Had to censor for Twitter!!! 
    Riot   #TeamLuxanna
    JeremyHLikesFood   i cant wait for mommy skylita to win
    popular   wooo slay baby
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 10, 2018 07:49
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 5 Extermination | Classic Gamble
    Spoiler alert!
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 09, 2018 00:47
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 5 | Deadly Avant Garde
    Spoiler alert!
    Alice   Whine all you want, @matthewmsloth earned his place in the bottom, deal with it. 
    matthewmsloth   SKJSDKLSBICTH girl look how basic goth u fuckin look ! 
    Puffs   Matthew you look like a DUMPSTER.
    matthewmsloth   @KiwiConnor thank u mama !! im a little confused too especially considering the lips and blush are beige, not red LMAO the riggery is real sis 
    KiwiConnor   @matthewmsloth served this week I’m confused honestly and I’m not just saying that bc I was rigged with judging myself
    matthewmsloth   thank u sis @ george ! like um ya no t no shade but if i made a simple, polished, black/white/red goth look i would be in the bottom bc goth would be too "expected" or "BASIC" in this competition but anyways who am i to judge LMAO bloop
    George   when i did a ruveal with a taking off a hat and the head piece underneath was larger i was told that it wasn't realistic so i got a low score. Is no one going to tell Joey this? Idk i feel like the judging for this season is fucked up because popular and matthew clearly had the best designs this week
    matthewmsloth   rigga morris girl ! 
    popular   retweet afroditee! i feel like some of the judges need to actually READ the challenge and realize it's not a "gorey, gritty" challenge! it's high fashion you messy judges! hehe. 
    Afroditee   how the fuck was popular safe. some of those judges are stupid
    DramaKing2010   I did exactly what I thought I would do this week...polarize the judges haha. I actually considered this a risky look for me so I wasn't wholly sure how everyone would respond. You win some, you lose some. Congrats to my sis @Puffs!!!!
    joeyc   Eyes me taking it too literally i guess
    Riot   I swear if Mag-It goes home.... 
    Puffs   Holy shit. Thank you
    rvandereb   I just had my volume on full with my earphones on. rip.
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 05, 2018 09:13
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 4 Extermination | A Nod To The Past
    Spoiler alert!
    joey2121   Whew. Thank god my PTW is still there
    Taekwondo10   but whatta man is truly the most iconic song in music history :P
    jk jk, but robbed :(
    KiwiConnor   Riot eliminated the evil is truly defeated
    Riot   Oh well, had fun.. but this sucks :/
    a07strand   Bring it home @popular 
  • Bye
    ByeJanuary 03, 2018 08:23
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 4 | Shock, Rock, C*ck & Metal
    Spoiler alert!
    IrishCraic   APPLICATION:Age : u shouldnt care , unless... :P , Name: Irish, Drag name : gimme sumthing pretty , Why should I be casted : Because i love drag and i want to talk more with ppl about it, Why should i not be casted: because i dont like Bye , sorry but u rude sumtimes , IM DRAG QUEEN BUT I WANT TO PLAY IN DUO WITH @Puffs
    johnnyscott1127   @Nieklaus did not deserve that. He's about to fight his way out of this! Get ready!!
    George   so you can say "cock" and "cunt" within your episodes but not in the episode titles, interesting?
    Dean   Okay..... Ma Ego was my favourite bad name... It was the only one that made me laugh...everything else was like meh.... Disappointed in the avatars this week.... :/ and not from the bottom scorers...
    Fanny   I bet that's your swan song, right @Puffs?
    DramaKing2010   And boom goes that twist! Good luck ghouls!
    Puffs   @Mystery it's not personal, it's drag.
    popular   mystery dont ever come for me again sis.
    KiwiConnor   im here for riot flopping and miss popular SERVING MAMA YAS
    Mystery   Ya'll scare me man. @Bye you're doing a great job with this but holy shit these contestants take this WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. For proof look at the comment below 
    Puffs   @sharatennis

    Finesse   My god this was dramatic.

    But BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Nieklaus! You suck!
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 29, 2017 06:28
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 3 Extermination | Ghost Town Ghouls
    Spoiler alert!
    matthewmsloth   i lived bitch, ugh im just too PRETTY FK
    popular   omg im gagged this extermination was tea
    Bye   @Mystery
    Mystery   This would be perfect if I didn't have to mute my tab every single time I read an episode 
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 28, 2017 10:13
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 3 | The Stakes Have Risen
    Spoiler alert!
    matthewmsloth   damn lilith is doing rly fkn bad hm who is she?
    Icelina   Should have been casted D:
    George   Connor leaving like a true champion!
    CristinaMihaela   omg xD
    popular   congrats noah joey and miss dramaking!
    DramaKing2010   This was such a fun week! I'm so happy to have won this week! Congrats also to @Puffs and @joeyc. Loved your looks! Also, best of luck to my fellow ghouls @CristinaMihaela and @matthewmsloth!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I finally won a challenge. Congrats to the other winners @joeyc and @DramaKing2010

    angeloxpo   ouch cristina's score..
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 24, 2017 11:10
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 2 | Monsters Mutated
    Spoiler alert!
    Puffs   I ended up talking it out in private with the host and decided to respect the judging panel's decision since they actually have credentials and can win avi games @sharatennis
    Fanny   Did I see a Puffs complaining when he got a bad score? :ooooo that sounds a bit familiar ha-ha.
    Riot   If Designer Blood gave me atleast 2 points higher I could have taken this challenge!

    I'm proud I could impress ;)
    Bye   Claiming a look is ripped off solely on the premise that it utilises similar items is totally ludicrous. I didn't even think about Joey's Halloween look or Nhatz's Goth look because I don't think all things should be permanently off limits to everyone. I personally think its entirely different to essentially redoing a past look into a modern take on it. If you had said that was your intention I may have felt differently but you didn't and at the end of the day I know as a Judge you would totally clock someone for doing exactly what you did. @Puffs
    Alice   @HowLovely the other judges loved it so what do I know? :P
    matthewmsloth   girl that really was a rough spot 
    Vlatemier   Kiwiconnor is boo boo the fool
    popular   thank u babes <3
    George   this week was rough
    KiwiConnor   If you bring previous personal remarks into your judging I am going to fucking QUIT
    HowLovely   sobs at me barely missing the top. also thanks for your critiques @alice, I’ll explain shit more :)
    KiwiConnor   @Finesse you are still a neckbearded fat bitche 
    KiwiConnor   Uhm nobody told me no underwater looks what the feauk 
    DramaKing2010   Impresssive look @popular! And good luck in the next round my fellow ghouls! :)
    superherotommy   VERY impressed with that look from Luxanna! Beautiful!
    Puffs   Oop some of these bitches get away with ripping off looks done a few months ago, but I can't wear two designs that I used two years ago?
    Aidan   first
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 21, 2017 10:34
    ⚡ | Dragula | Week 1 | Death Becomes It
    Spoiler alert!
    RobbedGoddess   #TEAMKAREN BABY
    JakeP   joey projecting his secret fantasy into his avatar this week
    George   funny that the bottom three were the ones i predicted would be the first three out. 
    Joey's was iconic!
    Riot   damn it Karen
    Typo   I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season pans out! Defunitedly unsurprised by these results; imo if you use closed eyes for a death challenge, you’re not confident in your look enough alone. I think Riot took a route that was wayyyyyy too safe tbh
    Peyton   Imo Exotic had a way better avatar than Isbnm.. but what do I know about fashion? :P great first episode!
    km1997   Cum ingestion....
    KiwiConnor   me flopping worq

    how is it @Bye

    ExoticSimmer   rip
    popular   yasss baby i got my jush this episode!
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 19, 2017 07:25
    ⚡ | Dragula | Official Memory Wall Reveal & Pick To Slay Competition
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   @CristinaMihaela
    ExoticSimmer   nice try @SwagSwag
    Riot   @SwagSwag crying real tears :(
    George   Prediction:
    1st - Joeyc
    2nd - Puffs
    3rd - Dramaking
    4th - matthew
    5th - Kiwi
    6th - niek
    7th - popular 
    8th - Cris
    9th - HowLovely
    10th - isbnm
    11th - Riot
    12th - exotic 

    Sorry girls, it's just the way it's got to be 
    DramaKing2010   @nhatz06 and @Chilltown56 Thank you both for your support!
    Fanny   @Bye - @joeyc 

    riddler7900   Isbnm
    Gurgs   HowLovely 
    Chilltown56   Dramaking
    Nicolas   Exotic
    nhatz06   Dramaking
    a07strand   popular
    Strawberry   oops I just meant matthew
    Cartur   MAtthew
    Strawberry   Matthew
    DramaKing2010 x2
    matthewmsloth x2
    Kyle   @HowLovely
    KiwiConnor   @Isbnm ur drag name made me laugh LMAO
    KiwiConnor   @Arceus thanks <3
    Arceus   kiwi
    Emanuel   Kiwi
    joey2121   Niek
    Margaret   @popular
    Evilgenious448   I will take @CristinaMihaela since Loudness switched
    Loudnesoverload   Actually I want to switch mine to Riot, #Karen
    Joshh   @Isbnm
    Dean   KAREN!
    Patrick71101   Puffs
    joeyc   @sharatennis I am a King AND a Queen
    Parrish101   @Nieklaus
    Bye   You DO realise he was crowned a Queen before he was crowned a King right? @sharatennis
    Fanny   Yesssss Me and my girlfriend Joey are going to prove that KINGS can slayyyty QUEENS' WORLD.
    Loudnesoverload   Cristina 
    Craigx   Puffs
    Fanny   Oh fml I didn't see there were two spots for each one, rip my king Joey lol
    Fanny   Puffs
    Mystery   Cristina
    JonJ   joeyc
    Helenor1000   ExoticSimmer
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 17, 2017 03:18
    ⚡ | Dragula | Official Tombstone Reveal Part 2
    Spoiler alert!
    George   i stan joey and am so happy to see the word "cunt..." being allowed to zwooper
    Puffs   @sharatennis You're not getting anymore ass from me.
    Fanny   MY KING JOEY FOR THE WIN. And the the king becomes a queen and wins
    Dean   @Bye I'm not trying to sound bitter. But taking it too literally sounds true.
    Arceus   Congrats you 6! I really like HELLena and Lady Business! :p
    joeyc   Thanks for casting me! 

    @ArcturusDean Oh wow......
    Bye   I can clear this up quite simply, you took the task too literally. There are many subcultures within Goth, and I never once said the looks had to be literal Gothic Glamour. Within these subcultures of Goth they can still showcase glamour but in a less conventional way. And so the freedom was there for people to interpret this challenge in many ways and truly be creative. When casting all elements of an application are taken into consideration and not just the Audition look although it plays a huge factor. I'll gladly take someone who is going to take a risk rather than someone aiming to be inside the box. At the end of the day your look wasn't bad, but lots of it wasn't working and @HowLovely did something very similar but in a much better way and so you were outshined. There's no need to be so salty and bitter. An attitude like this does not make me want to cast you in anything to be perfectly blunt. It's just a game. @ArcturusDean
    Dean   and "Gothic Glamour" is only a relatively new term. The theme wasn't "Gothic" 
    Dean   @PocketRocket16 

    1) If you google image search "Gothic Glamour" not one person who comes up has blood on them

    2) Gothic Glamour as a clothing style is stylish blacks

    3) Gothic Glamour as a fashion trend is black, lacey clothing, yet still no blood

    4) An Overview of Gothic Glamour make-up and clothing includes no mention of blood

    5) A description of how to wear Gothic Glamour states nothing about looking scary or gross, it's about class or "bewtichingly elegant" 
    PocketRocket16   @ArcturusDean- umm I'm sure Bye knows his shit, also Gothic is also an art term ;Gothic art was a style of medieval art that developed in Northern France out of Romanesque art in the 12th century AD Not Just "Hot Topic Couture" but I'm sure your research covered that.
    Dean   .... Some of these I wouldn't consider Gothic Glamour... I did research on it before making an avatar, there is no blood in Gothic Glamour. Gothic glamour is suppose to be. Gothic Glamour is taking the Gothic image and making them look classy. Either with classy blacks, and sometimes gold or pink accessories... The point is to make them look "cute and sexy goths". Whereas most of these are just characters from a horror movie. I know Dragula wants that, but thats not what the entrance theme of Gothic Glamour expressed. :/ I'm annoyed that I spent ages researching Gothic Glamour to be picked over people that aren't even Gothic Glamour :/ as much as I hate it, I hope you picked this cast more off of their past experience rather than the avatar.
    Cartur   Wait a minute Ana or Anna?
    Violet   i cant believe konfederate kkkelly just won dragula we stan a queen
    km1997   F3 will be Anna Cuntda
    Konfederate KKKelly 
    Charlie Chainsaw 
    Nieklaus   This might be saying a lot, but I'm almost as gagged as Puffs usually is on a Friday night.
    Peyton   Damn :P 
    Wish I made it but congrats to the 12 who did! Going to be a great season. 
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 17, 2017 02:53
    ⚡ | Dragula | Official Tombstone Reveal Part 1
    Spoiler alert!
    George   yikes
    Joshh   @Isbnm avatar has me shook 
    Riot   YAS SO GLAD I'M HERE!
    km1997   Konfederate KKKelly gonna bring it home for the south. #RiseUp
    matthewmsloth   *sharts*
    DramaKing2010   YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!! Thank you for casting me! Also, I'm digging my fellow Ghouls so far! Can't wait to get this competition rolling!
    PocketRocket16   I'm here for Anita Shit and Konfederate KKKelly
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 09, 2017 04:36
    ⚡ | Dragula Memory Wall Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    George   great cast
    Fanny   The best design maker on the site made it AGAIN. Great Job!!!
    johnnyscott1127   ugly
    winter0509   i think im in love <3
    Riot   BIQTCH PUDDING <3
    Jourdan   nice!!!
    Green   Love it
    Evilgenious448   Very well done Marc :)
    Sparky44   oml    
  • Bye
    ByeDecember 08, 2017 08:27
    ⚡ | Drag, Filth, Horror, Glamour... Dragula | Format, Prizes & Applications!
    Spoiler alert!
    Opal   DRAG NAME: GIMP
    USERNAME: Opal
    AGE: 19
    Alaska's Drag... HIEEEEEE (9th Place)
    Laganja's Dragggggg (5th Place)
    Spring Fashion (I can't remember full name or placement)
    FAVOURITE DRAG QUEEN: Trixie Mattel outside Drag Race/Dragula but during show I was such a RoXXXy Andrews STAN.
    WILL YOU ABLE TO SUBMIT IN 24 HOURS SHOULD IT BE REQUIRED?: I can be quick, fast and in the Uber home in 10 if you want?
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO DRAGULA THAT NO OTHER GHOUL CAN?: Honestly these fashion games are all that keeps me on Zwooper and I've been waiting for you to host another one. I think in the past my concepts have been there but the whole packagae is needed this time round and I've matured and ready to snatch...something
    LOOK: I'm going for Hollywood Star or the 20's dug up from her Santa Monica grave and she's going for busted.
    doobee   Hey @Bye I love your Drag games and I dont have VIP so why Apply but im gonna put what I made suing the background you gave just for fun 

    joeyc   DRAG NAME: Anna Cuntda
    USERNAME: joeyc
    AGE: Old Enough
    Player: 1st in Laganja's Draggg, 1st in KOF Season 5, 2nd in Bianca's Drag Hell, 2nd in KOF Season 1.
    Judge/Coach: Violet's Drag Gag, KOF Season 2, Coach in The Face. 
    FAVOURITE DRAG QUEEN: I've still never watched the show, but I will say Latrice Royal to prove I'm not racist. 
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO DRAGULA THAT NO OTHER GHOUL CAN?: I have creativity that is often unmatched in avatar games. I'll work my ass off to deliver spectaular looks. I've still never been eliminated from an avatar game on Zwooper and I wouldn't be applying for this if I wasn't confident I can do it again. I am the reigning Bye's Drag Race queen after winning Laganja's Dragggg. Horror is def not the style I've used in past drag race games, I use a lot of color and vibrant ideas, so this is going to be a challenge, but a challenge that i'm up for. If you want the Best of the best to play, choose me! 

    DRAG NAME: Russ Teabottom
    USERNAME: Nieklaus
    AGE: 19
    FASHION GAME EXPERIENCE: I brought my team the victory in KOF (And have played other fashion games that never finished)
    FAVOURITE DRAG QUEEN: You're gonna hate me, but James Magesty
    WILL YOU ABLE TO SUBMIT IN 24 HOURS SHOULD IT BE REQUIRED?: Yeah, but plz don't do that unless it's like a comp or something.
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO DRAGULA THAT NO OTHER GHOUL CAN?: I think my lack of playing in many of these gives me the ability to truly experiment in ways that others can't. I've shown I can do well and I know how to make these avis look good. Now I'm doing it with a female's avi. Which just means more choices and more unique ideas.

    Oops forgot this one
    Ian   Drag Name: Amor Powers
    Username: ianinator
    Age: 20+ 
    Fashion Game Experience:  KOF1, KOF2, KOF5, Bye Drag Saga forgot which season
    Favorite Drag Queen:  None
    Will I be able to submit in 24 hours? Yes
    What can I bring into this game that no other ghoul can? I believe that Im a fierce competitor when it comes to fashion games. I pretty much only enjoy doing male fashion games but for this one I want to challenge myself and show people that I can stand out amongst other competitors. I will bring creativity, Fashion, Spookiness in this game in the best of my ability and just do my best ! I am confident that Ill do good in this game =D
    HowLovely   DRAG NAME: Mag-It 
    USERNAME: HowLovely
    AGE: 15
    FASHION GAME EXPERIENCE: I'm in EG's VGV rn, and I was also briefly in The F*ce.
    FAVOURITE DRAG QUEEN: I guess tatianna? i love how blunt she is and she is the original FISH.
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO DRAGULA THAT NO OTHER GHOUL CAN?: Versatility. A lot of queens kind of stick to their one schtic and keep to it, but I try and go into many different fashion types when I do my drag.

    AUDITION: I tried to go for like Gothic Queen who's just like a goddess of ravens and stuff (I ONLY RECOLORED IN THIS)

    matthewmsloth   Drag Name: Lilith Evangelista
    Username: matthewmsloth
    Age: 19
    Fashion Game Experience: Won Fashion Frenzy S1, would've won Project runway if it wasn't discontinued hm, then I was also a coach on Alice's fashion game that got canceled ;(
    Favorite Drag Queen: Raja just bc she's my gemini sister LMAO
    Will You be Able to Submit Within 24 Hours: yessssssss
    What can you bring to dragula that no other ghoul can: um i'm stylish and sexy and a little bit loca but i'm good at putting together avis LMAO i'm also pretty experienced and uhhhh pretty much i win every fashion game i put a real effort into winning so hm when it's right it's right ;) AND im so excited for this literally i was such a bicth ass impatient gemini waiting for this HAHAHA so um i rly want 2 be here ! i look spooky but im rly nice :;0

    AUDITION LOOK: idk why she's so BIG but anyways my name is lilith so i thought it would be appropriate to create a goth demoness,.,.., a succubus from HELL HAHAHAH
    Isbnm   I'd like to of change my name to Anita Shit please
    Riot   Drag Name: Alterego Karen
    Username: Riot
    Age: 17
    Fashion Game Experience: Couple of Seasons of Bye's Drag Saga, Kings of Fashion, And drag games on tg :x
    Favorite Drag Queen: ChiChi DeVayne
    Will you be able to submit within 24 hours: Yes ma'am!
    What can you bring to dragula that no other ghoul can?: I have a different dark fashion style and I've been excited to get to experience this.


    Remix   DRAG NAME: Alexandra von Ace
    USERNAME: Remix
    AGE: 16
    FASHION GAME EXPERIENCE: Byes Drag Race (8th)
    FAVORITE DRAG QUEEN: joslyn fox because of her attitude and creativity that she brought and i think her enthusiasm is unmatched!
    CAN I SUBMIT IN 24 HOURS: yep! i have no life
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING THAT NOBODY ELSE CAN: i feel like i have a relatively unique sense of style/use of color that no one else really has? i'm good at breaking norms and i'm able to bring humor, fashion, and mess to the competition! i feel like i have a good eye for graphic design/editing as well because i have experience with it

    AUDITION LOOK: went for a dead nun kinda look
    KiwiConnor   DRAG NAME: Charli Chainsaw
    KiwiConnor   DRAG NAME: Satanya is back bitches
    USERNAME: KiwiConnor
    AGE: 16
    FASHION GAME EXPERIENCE: Byes Drag Race (3rd, 2nd) and Fairytale Fashion (Judge)
    FAVORITE DRAG QUEEN: Milk, simply because she likes to create very unique and out of the box looks which I love to see and create myself on Zwooper!
    CAN I SUBMIT IN 24 HOURS: Yes, this game made me come back to Zwooper for a bit honestly.
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING THAT NOBODY ELSE CAN: I can bring unique looks, witty humour and honestly hun, I can bring that redemption edit yas gawd. I've been 3rd and 2nd in Byes Drag Race now all I need to do is fucking win this shit and not be the best queen to never win!

    AUDITION LOOK: Gothic Glamour
    Dean   ( ooop I forgot my favorite Drag Queen.... I haven't seen RuPauls but I do like Adore Delano )
    Finesse   Why is following directions that hard for some of you?
    popular   username: popular

    drag name: Luxanna

    age: 18

    favorite drag queen: i have to give it to miss shangela, the ORIGINAL country queen… fuck u trixie.

    fashion game experience: none but i constantly turn looks out so im that bitch

    will you be able to submit in 24 hours should it be required?: yes babe

    what can you bring to dragula that no other ghoul can: i’m gonna be one of the RARE women of color queens on the show. fuck all the pasty ass bitches im gonna usher in an era of black supremacy. also i wont use those ugly ass bloody/black claw hands like all the girls below me used in their audition look (be original ladies)

    audition look: gothic glamour
    for this look i was going for a divorced muslim-goth mother in 2017 who just wants to let loose (like her vagina after popping our 4 kids) who doesn’t need no man to prosper in the shitty patriarchy of Iran baby!
    DramaKing2010   DRAG NAME: Spoiled Rotten
    USERNAME: DramaKing 2010
    FASHION GAME EXPERIENCE: Bye's Drag Saga x2 (robbed once, and had to remove myself due to a family tragedy the second time), Harley's Drag Race (lost only to Bye so I ain't mad at it), and host of Fashionista
    FAVORITE DRAG QUEEN: Eva Destruction (bet you thought I'd pick a RuGirl, huh?)
    CAN I SUBMIT IN 24 HOURS: I'm always ready to submit ;P
    WHAT I CAN BRING THAT NOBODY ELSE CAN: Adaptability like no other bitch in this gig! Just call me a drag chameleon, hunty.

    ExoticSimmer   Drag Name: Lady Business
    Username: ExoticSimmer
    Age: 17
    Fashion Game Experience: Fashion Frenzy 2 (7th - ROBBED), EGVGV2 (ongoing).
    Favorite Drag Queen: Alaska
    Can I submit in 24 hours: Yes!
    What can you bring that nobody else can: I am extremely committed to the games I play and always try my hardest to win. I have done pretty well in the fashion games I have played (I was nearly always on the top in Fashion Frenzy 2 besides the round where I was eliminated). I try my best to be as creative as possible and do something that hasn't been done before. I hope you'll consider casting me so I can prove myself as I am only getting better! :-)

    Audition Look:
    Icelina    Link:

    Drag Name: Terri Bull
    Username: Icelina
    Age: 17
    Fashion Game Experience: WorldWide Fashion.
    Favorite Drag Queen: Bianca Del Rio, Cupcake, Sharon Needles, Trinity K Bonet, Adore and ChiChi!
    Can I submit in 24 hours: With ease.
    What can you bring that nobody else can: Well hmm, I have taken personal classes about Fashion, have a little jewlery business, my aunt's best friend is a drag queen who gives me a lot of fashion advice and I love Drag like nobody else! (besides you ;)) I have a very different style than most and I feel I can bring more to the table than all the other applicants. 

    Theslayqueenb   Drag Name: Anal Ana (I am not good with names xD).
    Username: Theslayqueenb.
    Age: 17.
    Fashion Game Experience: I was a judge in Fashion Frenzy (both seasons) and at the moment I am playing  EGVGV.
    Favourite Drag Queen? I have so many favourite drag queens that I can´t choose just one, my faves are Bianca del rio, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls and Valentina.
    Can I submit in 24 hours? Yes.
    What can you bring that nobody else can? I like taking risks, go hard or go home. I always do my best and I try to be as creative as I can and think out of the box. I love fashion and everything related to it, so I think I can make great and originals avatars.

    ​Audition Look:
    CristinaMihaela   Drag Name:HELLena
    Fashion Game Experience: Since on the site there are not so many fashion games, I don't have a really significat fashion experience. I am the host of Fashion Frenzy and I also took part in Waterkid's Fashion Fiasco as a judge and in Violify's Next Top model as contestant(cancelled) and at the moment I am participating in EGVGV Season 2.
    Favourite Drag Queen? Sasha Velour and Detox are my faves  <3
    Can I submit in 24 hours? For sure!
    What can you bring that nobody else can? Some kind of unpredictable style mixed with good sens of fashion. Since this is a drag competition I need to risk and put myself together and work on the best avatars because only one can win that amazing crown. Being eccentric and wanting to achieve and pass my limits makes me a very strong competitor in every game and especially when it comes to avatars competition. Also, my middle name is Horror so it's a must to have me here :P

    Audition Look:

    HELLena just awakened and it's ready to snatch that crown, the old one is so passé. 
    Peyton   Drag Name: Betty Bloody Bums
    Username: Big_Brother_Fan
    Age: 13
    Fashion Game Experience: Since there aren't that many fashion games around I've only played in FKoF (twice) (hosted by @sharatennis). As you can see I like to take risks with my avatars, sometimes they pay off (where I once won a round) and sometimes they get me eliminated! After playing a fashion game with only male avatars it'd be nice to try one with only female avatars. I also received an Honourable Mention in the Halloween Avatar Contest if that matters ahaha?
    Favourite Drag Queen? I'm going to be honest, I haven't seen the show. However, I have seen what Bianca looks like, and he is definitely someone that I like the style of!
    Can I submit in 24 hours? Of course!
    What can you bring that nobody else can? Well, first of all my avatars are usually different than other players. I try to take risks, and not everyone likes to take risks, but rather make the ideal avatar. You'll see a different way of thinking through my avatars, and if allowed to I'd gladly submit a detailed backstory on my drag queen. I love the theme too, so I'll feel connected with a lot of the tasks! Secondly, I'll be 100% active and dedicated to this game. I'll spend all the time I need to fix something that doesn't seem right on an avatar, or to make it look better, and more like the task at hand if needed. 

    Audition Look:

    Dean   Drag Name: Lady Shady
    Username: ArcturusDean
    Age: 18
    Fashion Game Experience: @CristinaMihaela's Fashion Frenzy (10/20) also got best Memory Wall Avatar for @Puffs Zwoovivor if it counts for something :P
    Can I submit in 24 hours?: yep
    What can I bring that nobody else can?: I try to make out of the box looks, sometimes that can hurt me, but I feel with Dragula my wacky sense of avatar design may be my saving grace... or my utter demise. I try to have fun, and avoid basic looks.
    Audition Avatar:

    ( )

    Drag Name | Oui Oui
    Username | 4Real
    Age | 16
    Fashion Game Experience | Fanny's King's of Fashion (2 Seasons)
    Can I submit in 24 hours? | Of course!
    What can I bring that nobody else can? | I'm not necessarily "good" at fashion, but I think that I have a different perspective on looks. I think that there's a fine line between OTT and Drag, and I'm here to experiment with that and test the limits of it. I'll be original and sickening! 
    Beginning Avi |

    Electra   Drag Name: Paris Lohan 
    Username: Electra
    Age: 20 
    Fashion Game Experiences: 2 times Drag Race, KOF, Alice's fashion game, also OG Member of the Fashion Police
    Being able to submit in 24 hours?: Duh. 
    What can I bring that no one else will?: Talent. Interest. Relevance. Honesty. Should I keep going?
    Beginning Avi:

    Pick me! 
    Kyle   Drag Name: Essi TeeDee
    Username: ​kkoster001
    Age?: 18
    Fashion Game Experience?:  JohnBerlac's Project Runway, Fanny's Kings Of Fashion, Alice's "The Face", Jenika's Next Top Model
    Will I Be Able To Submit In 24 Hours?: Of Course! 1000%
    ​What Can I Bring Into This Game That No One Else Can?:  I think I could bring a new persepctive. I mean, I've only ever participated in a female avatar game once, and the rest were male. Therefore I would have nothing to base ideas off for looks, and so i'd bring a lot of originality within my designs. Plus, I could bring a unique style taste, and a lot of attitude that could make this game a lot of fun to be apart of!   

    ​Audition Look: 
    Patrick71101   Forgot to mention on mine- Goths are not necessarily emo 
    Patrick71101   Drag Name: Victoria 
    Username: Patrick71101
    Age: 15
    Fashion Game Experience: Byevivor Genesis, Week 9  
    Favorite Drag Queen: Obviously Ali Queda, no question about that one lol 
    Will I be able to submit in 24 hours? With ease!
    What can I bring into this game that no other ghoul can? You know I'm pretty freaking terrible with fashion, but you also know that I'm an expert on surviving, and I would love to see which one would prevail. Ever since my worst memory wall avatar award I've spent sleepless nights alone in my bed, wondering when I would have my shot at redemption. That chance has arrived, and if I'm casted I will fight so freaking hard lol, because it would be hilarious if I actually beat like @Puffs or someone. And so I bring my determination to this game, and of course more importantly, lots of entertainment value, because if I can manage to outlast some serious icons you're going to be laughing your ass off, as will I 

    sorry that was wrong link. this is the link :)
    Jourdan   Drag Name: Rubber Doll Username: Jourdancameback Age: 15 Fashion Game Experience: a lot of drag games on tg :x Favorite Drag Queen: Evah Destruction or Trixie Mattel :L yes basic i know Will you be able to submit within 24 hours: Yes of course What can you bring to dragula that no other ghoul can?: I’m not here to just throw blood on everything and call it a Dragula look. i’m actually going to tell a story and show what i’m made of. AUDITION LOOK: i’m paying tribute to the evil queen. sort of a vampire adaptation of her 
    Isbnm   Drag Name: Anita Goforadump
    Username: @Isbnm
    Age: 16
    fashiongame experience: Fannie Kof season 2 violets drag gag Alice's the face EGVGV (i was the iconic tree)
    Favourite drag queen: probably Adore
    Will you be able to submit within 24 hours: i have no life so yes
    What can you being to dragula that no other ghoul can: well a dick a sense of humour and a full eagerness to play this game. When u play a group game no matter what I put my all into it I love every game I play and plus you owe me for voting me I never ZBB 

    audition look:

    Miss Anita goforadump loves everything goth so much that she sold herself to the devil to reach that top tier goth status. She now looks down upon those who aren't on her level of goth.

    Puffs   (Part One)

    Drag Name: Konfederate KKKelly

    Username: @Puffs

    Age: 21

    Fashion Game Experience: Drag Saga S3 finalist, S4 Winner, S5 & 6 judge ; KoF S2 finalist, S5 quitter, S1 & 3 judge ; Fairytale Fashion Judge, EGATD Judge, EGVGV S1 & 2 Judge ; Zwo'Lympics fashion judge ; Halloween Avi Contest WINNER x2 ; director of Jade Jolie's Nazi porn

    Favorite* Drag Queen: Atm I'd say that it's a 3-way tie between Raja, Willam and Bianca

    Will You Be Able To Submit In 24 Hours Should It Be Required? The meth that my daddies @a07strand & @PocketRocket16 sold me keeps me up for days at a time, so YES.

    What Can You Bring To Dragula That No Other Ghoul Can? My absolute shamelessness. I have a sick sense of humor and a filthy mind, so this is the first fashion game where I can truly go ALL OUT. Plus, nobody else on this website is allowed to wear that crown besides ME, I'm going to remind you why you gave me the Drag Saga crown and tell you why you're gonna give me this one too 

    Puffs   (Part Two)

    Audition Look: Gothic Glamour

    After a long night of hookin', miss thang comes stomping down the runway. However, fresh trade didn't like the session...
    My veil and mask are THROWN off, while my dress slides down, ruvealing...

    Post Reveal

    I had crystalized into a glamazon bitch turning out this runway. Iconic.

    Bye   This post is for Applications only! I have asked @Z_Moderation to remove all comments that distract from this from now on. Keep the drama elsewhere 
    Bye   @Mystery Apologies as it might not have been clear but this game is played strictly using Female Avatars on Zwooper alike to my previous Drag games. 

    @Finesse Eat my ass.
    Finesse   Bitqch is better.
    Mystery   Drag name: Mysterina (I tried)
    Username: Mystery
    Age: 19
    Fashion Game Experience: EG's Video Game Vogue S2
    Favorite Drag Queen: I don't have one, I've never seen the show. 
    Will you be able to submit in the 24 hours, should it be reqiured: Yes
    What can you bring to Dragula that no other Ghoul can: A fresh mindset. I'm in this for the prize :)

    Here's my audition look and no this is not a joke application. I seriously want to play this lol
  • Bye
    ByeOctober 03, 2017 02:49
    ⚡ | Dragula Coming Soon...
    Spoiler alert!
    DynomiteKid4000   Looks like it could be fun
    matthewmsloth   me: returns from my 4 month hiatus for this LMAO
    Violet   this looks iconic
    Typo   will this be the first group game I apply for in months? prolly
    KiwiConnor   i'm suddenly active on zwooper again
    Dean   Something I love combined with something I do shockingly. Seems like a match made in heaven....or hell
    Emma   Iconic.
    Kelsey   Yasssss!
    Arceus   Ok Dragula @Bye!
    Peyton   Oh boy!!
    Parrish101   Can’t wait! Logo

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