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Zwooper Talk - DRAG ON A DIME SHOP - Have your say!


  • Z_Events
    Z_EventsApril 03, 2020 11:36
    ✩ Drag on a Dime Thrift Store 2.0
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   We haven't asked anyone. Everyone so far has come forward and offered for them to be included and you're definitely more than welcome to do the same! @Vin014
    Vin014   Omg they never ask for her to be in the shops. I would legit give it to them too 
    doobee   I would pay top dollar for Abby Lee Miller 
    Bombonrayo   love theeeeeem specially Aquaria 
    Nipple   Amazing designs love these!
    Trishy   @doobee, We can and there are a couple of non drag customs in the Exclusive shop. These are just customs that people have donated for us to use to raise funds.
    doobee   Can you sell other customs other than Drag 
  • Z_Events
    Z_EventsMarch 01, 2020 05:10
    ✩ Drag on a Dime Thrift Store
    Spoiler alert!
    Bombonrayo   *those 3
    Bombonrayo   @Bye I don't have any drag avi but I was gifted a Regina George one and bought one of Ariana Grande and another of Barbie, I could offer those 2 as well :)
    Bombonrayo   I love the one of Aquaria but I've already spent some money lol, might try get some more
    Peyton   Already messaged Marc but I'll gladly offer up my Trinity and Yvie customs for the next batch. 
    Reynolds   I'll offer up my Pearl and Bianca 
    Cartur   I'd be more than happy to offer up my customs!
    Finesse   I'll offer up my Bob and Laganja avis too.
    JacksonSunshine   I'll gladly offer up all my Farrah Moan customs for another round of this!
    Bye   Wow.  @Justin
    Bye   If others are interested in donating their customs I'll happily do a second run with a new set of customs later on in the fundraiser if this one does well! @Riot
    Riot   I offer up my Victoria Elizabeth Black one also :)
    Dean   I love this!! None of them strike my fancy but people should definitely take advantage of this!
    Bye   @Runaways Some designs are more complex than others or come with more individual items so we have both a Premium range as well as a regular range which come at 50% of the original cost.
    JacksonSunshine   Because they are labeled as Premium @Runaways
    Strawberry   Why are some $20 and others $25?
    Spooky   nina* why do i fail at everything
    Spooky   nini bonina brown
    Sarah   drag is scary Logo

Spoiler alert!

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