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  • Clash
    ClashJuly 13, 2018 06:26
    Clash & Carter's 24/7 Choices 'Race Of Icons' - Episode 2 - "I want to slap the stupid out of him"
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  • Clash
    ClashJuly 12, 2018 03:20
    Clash & Carter's 24/7 Choices 'Race Of Icons' - Episode 1 - "What the fuck hypocrisy is that?"
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   mess i cant wait to read dis later
    Riot   I'm glad I got more screentime on the first episode than @NoahSalvatore got in Blackhat in the first episode.
  • Clash
    ClashJuly 11, 2018 16:12
    Clash and Carter's 24/7 Choices 'Race Of Icons' - Cast Reveal
    Spoiler alert!
    witlof66   Boston or Gaga
    Vin014   So Andrews back?!?
    Clash   @Patrick71101 @joeyc claimed him long time ago but I forgot about it lol rip.
    Patrick71101   RIP
    Patrick71101   Boston :)
    Patrick71101   Ahhhh xD
    Patrick71101   Oop, Riot :P
    xFalsify   Riot
    Patrick71101   John!
    Xenia   JohnTheGreat
    ItzKenna   Trinity 
    Dswag   Aaron
    Dswag   Mystery
    TheBreeze   Mystery
    IrishCraic   Nates plz
    Icelina   A07Strand
    Wild   Micks
    Wicky   amy lol
    TheChanelOberlin   runaways
    joeyc   BostonRobby
    Wadz13   Chris
    SurvivorFanGirl   Gaga
  • Clash
    ClashJuly 01, 2018 13:34
    CLASH & CARTER'S 24/7 Choices 'Race Of Icons' - APPLICATIONS + Prizes + Dates (CLOSED)
    GagaSkis   *waits to here from @Clash*
    Clash   -----------------------------APPLICATIONS CLOSED-------------------------------------
    Clash   @SuperDoodle applied via skype.
    BostonRobby   Name: Boston
    Age: born many moons ago
    Skype: bostonrobby25727
    Activity: It's a lot!!
    Why choose me: Winner of Rising Stars 247 Choices, 3rd in Anon Big Brother Choices.
    ChrisDWa   Name: Christ
    Age: 14
    Skype: cw10oc
    Discord: ChrisDWa#4769
    Activity Level: 90/100
    Why Should We Choose You: Well for starters, I've never played a 24/7 choices, and I think that the 24 hour day changes will help a lot. But mainly because I am so NOT iconic, so you need someone to balance out all of the icons ;)
    Clash   @a07strand applied privately.
    Runaways   Name: Runaways
    Age: 16
    Skype and Discord: yall know
    Activity Level: 8/10
    Why should we choose you: This is an awesome idea. BREEZE IS TRASHHHH
    PacoP   Name: Paco
    Age: 17
    Skype and Discord: nick_mcchaosking and Chaos#8313
    Activity Level: 8/10
    Why should we choose you: This is an awesome idea. One of the reasons I'm staying away from 247s and LS right now is because of 12 hour DCs cause of work. It would be too much for 12 hour DCs but 24 hour DCs... OOOF. It's perfect. This game would have my attention from the time I get off work to the time I go to sleep. I know this app is very very late in the process but I hope you consider casting me. Thank you!
    radjon   Name: Jordan
    Age: 16
    Skype and Discord: radjon16 and radjon #7730
    Activity Level: 8.5/10 (for european players, it may seem inactive because of the fact I am asleep some time they are awake and vice versa)
    Why should we choose you?: I love 24/7 games and I always do my best in it. I am sorry that I can't tell what my strategy is unlike others, because that changes depending on the game. I know I am a good social player and I can win some comps in normal 24/7's , so that will probably the biggest part of my game. What I am going to do strategically really depends on the cast. What I know for sure is that I am going to try my best to win this and that a 24 hour day change might even give me a better chance at winning, because I am able to talk to everyone in one round, what might not be possible otherwise, because of differences in time zones.
    GagaSkis   Name: Michael or @GagaSkis
    Age: 17
    Skype and Discord: gagaskis14 and slayish (idk how to use discord)
    Activity level: 8.5
    Why Should We Choose You: That's not a question, why shouldn't you choose me(?) is the real question. I'm ICONIC! I am a very active houseguest, and a very STRONG PLAYER, I play DIRTY, and I play to WIN! I'm going to go into the house with one goal in mind, to WIN,   but no matter what does happen I'LL SLAY! I am a SOCIAL MASTERMIND in every form of the word social, that's me. I am the physical embodiment of a SOCIAL PERSON! Additionally, I play to MAKE MOVES, and play HARDCORE STRATEGICALLY. I am NOT AFRAID of making any moves whatsoever, and I'm very TALENTED at putting myself in the PERFECT situation for no matter how many step plan I'm undertaking! I even can win challenges here and there. I'm a PLAYER, in EVERYWAY! So if you're looking for a little SPUNK or some FLAMBOYANCY here I am, and ready to PLAY, SLAY, and MAYbe NAIL SOME NAILS IN SOME HOUSEGUEST COFFINS!
    JohnTheGreat   name: John
    Age: 17
    skype and discord: You guys have it :)
    Activity level: 9.5
    why chosose me: Because I love bog brother and I think you both know the type of player I am. I always give the best of me and play ith the heart. Once again I wanna show you guys the person that I am and the power I have to take the win home
    Clash   Like you were gonna get cast but thanks for taking time to withdraw. 
    TheBreeze   Withdrawing my application. Good luck to all!
    Micks   name: Michael
    age: 16
    skype and discord: you have both
    activity level: 9
    why choose me: I love big brother US, and I really love that it's a 24 hour day change, so I think I'm gonna have a great shot at winning.
    Sweetkitties9   Name: Alex
    Age: 17
    Skype and discord: clash has my Skype, discord is Sweetkitties9#0340
    Activity level: 10
    why should we choose you: well I’ve never been on a 24/7 choices, i can do pretty well on 24/7 in general, so I really wanna see how I play on a 24/7 choices cus everyone will be active. It will definitely be a challenge but I think I can do it. Everybody wants to think that they can just get rid of me whenevver but that’s not true.
    Icelina   Name: Brady
    Age: 16
    Discord: Icelina #4101 Skype: Icelina Zwooper
    Why should we choose you: I am a loud, blunt, cut throat, mean and deceitful person. I will take the first strike if I have to, I am pretty good at 247s with 8 wins under my belt and I can use my strategic and social skills to get me far. I love choices and I want to prove to everyone that I am more than just an annoying, whiny bitch, but actually a player.
    CDogBro   Name: Chris
    Age: 16
    Discord: Pretty sure you guys have it Skype: dont have one
    Activity Level: 9.5/10
    Why should we should we choose you?: Because I am active and can be a social, strategical and/or comp threat. A lot of people underestimate me, don't know me and don't realize what I can do or what my strategy is. I will use that to my advantage. I put a lot of effort into all the games I play, whether it's just a normal 24/7 or a 24/7 choices. I think I may be able to surprise some people in this game.
    Jay   Jay
    jay1995.zwooper (skype) not using discord
    Because I am flawless, have personality disorder and I am pretty much crazy.
    iiAmySunshine   Name: Amy
    Age: 18
    Skype and Discord: Pplluvmexoxo (Skype) & iiAmySunshine #2210 (Discord)
    Activity Level: 9/10
    Why should we choose you?: Because I am a social queen and want to show off my skills in a game better suited for me aka Big Brother. However, I'm not just a social queen, I am stategic and decent at comps without having to rely on them. I can also bring the drama if a trick wanna try and play me ;)
    witlof66   Name: Leon
    Age: 17
    Discord: Leon9339 #8143
    Activity Level: 9.5/10
    Why should I be chosen: Well first of all, I love playing 24/7.I can cut-throat and bitchy but on the other hand be a greeat and loyal ally. I can kill the social aspect of the game just as well as the physical aspect. I want to show the other that I am here to win and stir up the pot to create drama.
    Nipple_Berry69   Name - Nipple 
    Age - 22 
    Skype - Nippleberry69.zwooper
    activity level - IF playing a game 9/10 
    Why i should be choosen - I have played alot of 24/7's and believe I have the perfect mix of social, stratergy and physical strength in challenges. I always play to win and this would be no exception! Im ready to fight for my chance to win and i wont let ANYONE get in the way of it! 
    crg82   Name: Curtis
    Age: 25
    Skype and Discord: only have discord (Grizzly#4745)
    Activity level: 10
    Why we should choose you: I run towards drama, I kill competitions, and my mind is always going. I will do really well in this game, and make sure you remember me
    Footystar21   Name:  Footy

    Age: None ya business

    Activity Level:  9/10

    Skype and Discord:  Skype - don;t have it   Discord - Footystar21#4546

    Why we should choose you:  Because I am a hard fighter and will do ANYTHING to win. I am loyal to my good allies only if they are loyal to me. I am a very strategic and social and belive I can go far in this game.
    Mystery   Name: Cameron
    Age: 20
    Skype and Discord: Cameron/Mystery and Awesomeguyrocks#0522
    Activity level: 9/10
    Why we should choose you: You should choose me because I play hard and I fight for what's right. If you choose me you know the entertainment I bring and I never disappoint.
    Geri   Name: Geri
    Age: 25
    Skype and Discord: I only have skype, you guys have it :)
    Activity level: 7
    Why should we choose you: Cause I'm bored at work and need something for fun :D
    Aaron_A   Name: Aaron
    Age: 25
    Skype and Discord: you have skype and discord is #Aaron_A#9746
    Activity level: 10
    Why should we choose you: I think I've been doing pretty good in 24/7 before and won a lot of games until I suddently became a target and my winning strike has ended. I would love to reverse the curse and prove that I can do it again. I am always active and try to give it my all in games. 
    Trinity2000   Name: Trinity
    Age: 101
    Skype and Discord: Skype is Zombiedeer
    Activity Level: 10
    Why should we choose you: You need a player that keeps it real 24/7. I am the female version of Evel Dick
    Gurgs   Name: George
    Age: 16
    Skype and Discord: You have both of em
    Activity Level: 10
    Why should we choose you: You know how much of a game player I am and I will destroy the game. I am a feirce fiesty player that will always puts 100% into the games. This game will be no different. You won't regret casting me if you because I will bring the drama, I'll bring my gameplay and I'll bring home the trophy ;) 
    Riot   Name: Justin
    Age: 17
    Skype and Discord: Justin.Chabot21(Skype) Riot#0788 (Discord)
    Activity Level: 8
    Why should we choose you: I just wanna finally be able to play in a 24/7 choices, and I know I'd kick ass at this one bc I'd have more time to kick ass you know?
    TheBreeze   Name: Breeze
    Age: 20
    Skype and Discord: thebreezey (Skype) and TheBreeze#6952 (Discord)
    Activity Level: 10 - "I never sleep" haha
    Why should we choose you: I have accomplished some feats with the 24/7 format that I am very proud of. I am credited for my LS streak, however, it is often overlooked that I have the most wins for 24/7 as well as the most wins in a row for regular games being 14. That is sheer determination and I will showcase those qualities if I am given the opportunity to play.
    davidprincipe29   Name: David
    Age: 23
    Skype and Discord: davidprincipe29 (Skype) and davidprincipe29#3102 (Discord)
    Activity Level: 8-10
    What should I play: Because I give these games everything I have, strategically, socially and physically. And I know I can do well in this.
    Nates_great   Name: Nate
    Age: 14
    skype: Nates_Great
    discord: nates_great #1010 
    activity level: a good 9/10
    Why should we choose you?: I am an underated player and wanna show what i got... ill definetley bring a lot to the game and always play hard. i love the 24 hour concept as it will rly make strategy more of a must and it will definetly be an exiting game. i really love choices and im definetley always the season underdog. and 24/7 is my game :) and im ready to give it my all!
    Clash   @GagaSkis if you don't have discord you can just give your skype because most probably we are gonna use skype noe due to more people want to play on skype. 
    GagaSkis   *Discord
    GagaSkis   Doscord? :(
    Geri   Oh another Discord game :( so sad
    Cartur   @Trinity2000 since this is a Zwooper game, you can strategize through the 24/7 Private Messages, Discord, or Skype. We'll just be setting up confessionals & a main chat through Discord. Your needs can be accommodated for! :)
    Trinity2000   Ugh Discord...............
    Cartur   Bootiful Logo

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