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  • Clash
    ClashOctober 09, 2018 21:53
    CJVIVOR 3 - Coaches - Episode 3 and 4 - "I am also drunk hehe"
    Spoiler alert!
    svsfbrfrbetgb   #shrimp
    Clash   LMAO this is all bullshit I am not even gonna bother arguing because Pocket and I have never been friends after May 31st. 
    JennaCyde   Nah it's Victor, I'm staying with Josh till I find a new place. October in Winnipeg is not something I'm doing homeless. However Pocket is over my shoulder shouting what I should say, I'm choosing the words that arent swears to send basically.

    "When you removed Pocket he was readded by Chris you were still debating on a 20th player. Also you are lying there since you told Pocket to apply to your game and when he withdrew his application you told him there was gonna be a skype chat so you resubmitted his his applic ation. Then Josh found about Neal said he needed a minute to think it over, you removed him, you said he can be readded (thats 3 chances of saying no don't play) You can keep pretending like you weren't messaging Josh everyday for 3 weeks leading up to this game and that you weren't friends, he showed me all the messages.. If you had ever told Pocket you had a 20th player he wouldnt have joined,​You didn't and there were people messaging him about the game saying to join still. He did and then there was already 19 in. Barbarba was inactive and very clearly a multi of a weaker player." - dictated by Pocket Written by JennaCyde

     I personally think this drama is tired and played out but you 2 are both bitter and poor communicatiors and if you would both own your role and stop being too proud this would've been resolved. Wish you both luck.
    Clash   @JennaCyde aka Pocket’s multi - You were indeed picked the first round by Andrew but you were banned from my games, I gave you a chance because of Andrew and when I offered you the spot, you started being over dramatic and said you don’t want to play. I removed you from the main chat found the replacement. You attacked me in pms after attacking I gave you a offer I can add you back but you kept on attacking so game was about to start and you knew that you weren’t in the cast, yet you still joined. I’ve told cast to vote you out numerous of times in beginning but now I don’t want to affect any coach because of that. 

    What are you talking about not cast in the first place? He was clearly first round draft pick.....
    dcg786   #robbed
    JeremyHLikesFood   what the fuck
    theawesometwin   Team Connor is Slaying
  • Clash
    ClashOctober 05, 2018 02:18
    CJVIVOR 3 - Coaches - Cast Reveal and PTW!
    Spoiler alert!
    chesskid   you might at well give @JeremyHLikesFood the PTW prize now, because they are too scared to vote Sarah out
    Sarah   Richard because no one wanted to work with your MESSY ass and I score well and it’s also SO FICKING EARLY U IDIOT
    Peyton   Whoever’s left 
    Footy   Sweetkitties
    Patrick71101   ChrisDWa :P
    JennaCyde   @PacoP sorry to tell you Clash kicked Pocket from the game chat, so in addition to his chat ban he has no way of communicating with anyone who doesn't have him on skype. Maybe pick someone else? 
    theawesometwin   riku
    PacoP   PacotRocket
    doobee   DCG
    chesskid   I admit to "leaking" stuff, but how did I spread rumors about our team?
    joey2121   Bostonrob524
    CDogBro   mepole
    chesskid   Lol, Joey relax. It's because everyone was too pussy to go for a big target everyone wanted to do what was easy, which I wasn't a fan of.
    KiwiConnor   @Chilltown56, my spot was taken
    ExoticSimmer   Wadz
    Xenia   @Wadz13
    Crazyrockina   carterlinke
    Jqred   I’ll pick Barbara Streisand 
    Chilltown56   Who the hell is barbarastriesand? 
    Arceus   Amy
    Arceus   Parrish
    Chilltown56   Parrish
    Phoebe   I'm choosing Jace
    Phoenix723   TJP
    FlareonGamer   Sammy
    Sarah   joeyc 
    Don't pick @chesskid . @chesskid lost his damn mind in this TEAM game? I emphasized working as a team and you tried to f over your team basically spreading rumors about members of TeamJoey, leaking stuff that was said in the Team Chat and making alliances without them. You deserve 20th. There's no way to coach somebody who lacks common sense and self awareness. Byeeeee :)

    Joey speaks te tRUTH
    joeyc   Don't pick @chesskid. @chesskid lost his damn mind in this TEAM game? I emphasized working as a team and you tried to f over your team basically spreading rumors about members of TeamJoey, leaking stuff that was said in the Team Chat and making alliances without them. You deserve 20th. There's no way to coach somebody who lacks common sense and self awareness. Byeeeee :)
    Eduardo   Jeremys a punk. I choose Carter
    Jaws123   HKT
    Eduardo   Sarah
    JeremyHLikesFood   SARAH
    DannyT   Boston
  • Clash
    ClashOctober 03, 2018 08:21
    CJVIVOR 3 - Coaches - Draft Finished! Accept your spot.
    Spoiler alert!
    chesskid   oh shit i changed my skype, what's yours, i'll message you with my new one just in case a spot open up
    Clash   @chesskid I messaged you on skype 4 days ago to check your activity never got a respond back. 
    chesskid   How could I not be drafted? Im more interesting than like 60% of them. Let's just hope a spot opens up
    PacoP   Accepto
    KiwiConnor   Did doodle pick me first or what cuz that never happens
    KiwiConnor   Accept xx
    Wadz13   I accept 
    Sammy   accept
    HKT   I accept
    SuperDoodle   @JeremyHLikesFood Don’t get me wrong - he was literally last on my list of people to pick. 
    JeremyHLikesFood   ginger is never on the level of anyone
    SuperDoodle   Ginger was picked in the last round which was all Clash picks and I don’t believe he’s on the same level as the other three. 
    dcg786   accept
    Clash   @JonJ noooooo
    JonJ   I decline
    Sarah   rated 4 by accident 
    TheBreeze   Sign me up for #TeamJoey
    Clash   @Finesse you should have applied!
    Finesse   I accept
  • Clash
    ClashSeptember 23, 2018 21:36
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   ——————CLOSED——————
    Dswag   Name: dylan Age: 18 Rank:180 Why do you want to play? I love survival choices and havent played one in a phat minute. I think I do pretty well ​Activity level 1-10? 8.5 Which team do you want to play in? Either doodle because we've played zbb together before and he also hosted zbbus so he knows the way I play or Connor because I feel like him and I pretty much speak the same language when it comes to the game
    wwxcrunner1   Withdraw my app
    chesskid   Name: Richard
    Age: 22
    Rank: 589
    Why do you want to play? I've played a few group games, which I have done really well in. But I haven't been on zwooper in almost a year, so I haven't played many since then. I want to show people what I can do and prove to people that I am still on of the best socializing people on the site.
    ​Activity level 1-10? 8
    Which team do you want to play in? #TeamDoodle I have played in some of his skype games before, and I know how organized he can be. I have also played against him in some anon games, which he is very consistent and I think he'd be a great coach. 
    Riku1274   Name: Ryan
    Age: 22
    Rank: 132
    Why do you want to play? I have always wanted to play in a coaches themed game. I applied for one a couple years ago and one a couple months ago and was declined in both. I haven’t been active in games lately and thought I wouldn’t for a while, but I was waiting for the right fit and I am thinking this is it
    ​Activity level 1-10? 9/10
    Which team do you want to play in? Joeyc, but I’d be thrilled to be picked for any team. 
    TJP1122   Name: TJ
    Age: 19
    Rank: 161
    Why do you want to play? I''ve already played two coaches themed games so far this semester, so why not add a thrid, lol. In all seriousness, this would be another opportunity to learn from some incredible Survival players and Zwooper players in general, so I would definitely like to play here.
    ​Activity level 1-10? 8
    Which team do you want to play in? Lliterally, all of these people are incredible and I would be happy with any as a coach. I guess Joey or Andrew would be the two I know better, so maybe one of them.
    HKT   Name: Henry/Kat
    Age: 17
    Rank: 93
    Why do you want to play? I would like to learn some valuable advice on how to play Survivor from some of the best players on the site, and I feel this would be a good opportunity to do so, whilst also honing my own skills through my interactions with other good players as well.
    ​Activity level 1-10? 7
    Which team do you want to play in? I'm fine with any team, but I prefer TeamConnor or TeamAndrew as I know them better.
    Smith92   Name: Thomas
     Age: 28
     Rank: 470
     Why do you want to play? I want to play because I like the challenge of playing with th best players I have only played one other choice game and want to play another one I will do my best and never give up I want to prove that I can play with the best players you have to offer so I will love to play and please let me play
     ​Activity level 1-10? 9
     Which team do you want to play in? I dont care who picks me I will play hard for anyone but if I had to choose I would choose to play on Superdoodles team
    AwesomeLion   Name: Lion
    Age: 14
    Rank: 676
    Why do you want to play? Because I co-hosted the first season of CJVIVOR but never fully expierienced how great it could be also since this is a coaches I could get better
    ​Activity level 1-10? 8
    Which team do you want to play in? I don’t have a huge preference mainly because I don’t know these people that well but probably a07strand would be the person I could learn the most from
    Wadz13   Name: Sanchez
    Age: 16 and 13 days
    Rank: 208
    Why do you want to play? I’m a greedy lad that wants more chips to raise the prize for my game :) . Someone that’s greedy will do anything to win >:) 
    ​Activity level 1-10? 9
    Which team do you want to play in? Preferably Connor because I’ve seen his style of gameplay and I’m attracted towards it, but the others do seem fetch. In all honesty I just want a coach that understands my game, and motivates me when and if I’m in a tight spot. So any coach that’s like that, I promise I won’t disappoint.
    CES4826   Name: DJ
    Age: 17 
    Rank: 1152
    Why do you want to play?: This is my chance to prove myself that whatever I can do in group games, I can also do it in Survivor choices. I've played Survivor online for so many years now, and it never gets old whenever I apply for one.
    ​Activity level 1-10?: 8
    Which team do you want to play in?: Honestly, I don't mind who is coaching me ^_^
    KiwiConnor   Name: Connor / "New Zealands Little Crackhead"
    Age: 17
    Rank: 97
    Why do you want to play? Because I think I have a good shot at winning and I need chips for Halloween items
    Activity level 1-10? 10
    Which team do you want to play in?: Any team I don't really mind
    Clash   @AwesomeLion of course
    AwesomeLion   Can previous hosts apply? ;)
    Sammy   Uh catch me forgetting king @SuperDoodle, he’d be great too
    Clash   @PocketRocket16 Still wants to play.
    Quest_Donny   Name:Donny
    Why?:because I have failed two Survival Choices,this is my chance for redemption!
    Activity:3/10 due to school,I am only on my tablet Saturday’s and Sunday’s 
    Team:They all look good,but personally I would pick Super
    Sammy   Name: Sammy
    Age: 16
    Why?: I've played two Survival Choices: Anon Choices 2 and Sarah's game.  Both games, I lost.  One way worse than the other (4th and 19th), but because of the same reason.  I used to be a decent strategist but very unloyal, and now I've very loyal and social, but can't strategize for the life of me.  I think I need a coach to help me find a balance between social game and strategic game, so that I can unlock my full potential.  I'm very active and very coopeative.  I'm not using this choices as an excuse to play LS, I genuinely want help from a  coach.  I've only won 2 LS, so I think I'm doing okay, but need a push in the right direction.  I will put my absolute 100% effort into this game and will make sure it is interesting.
    Activity: 9.5/10 .  All I have is school, but I make sure to check in periodically during school.
    Team?:  I would prefer Andrew or Joey, but down for whoever.  Both of these guys have won ZBB, which requirs a perfect balance of social and strategic games.  I think they can whip me into shape, not only for this gme, but for group games to come.  I really hope I get the shot to play, because I (95% of the time) never fail to exite and entertain.  I will put my heart into the game and try my best.
    Cartur   Name: Carter, or Kesha, whatever you prefer
    Age: 17
    Rank: 158
    Why do you want to play? You've got yourself some iconic coaches, and I'm sure I can learn a thing or two in the process of snatching that crown!
    ​Activity level 1-10?  Solid 8, I have a life too ya know so I won't be around ALL the time, but I'm around when it counts and I make good use of my time instead of pussy-footing around :P
    Which team do you want to play in? I'm not going to say all of them like everyone else because that's annoying, but I'd prefer @Connor or @joeyc because Connor had casted me for my first choices, where I met one of my closer friends on the site, aand Joey because we're close and I won't be afraid to call him a few naughty words if he needs to hear them.
    Chriss   Name: Chris
    Age: 18
    Rank: 33
    Why do you want to play? I keep getting denied for choices, games and I really do not know why! But I want to get casted and show people that I still have what it takes to play a good game, and take it to then end and rise victorious! I wanna show people I know my way around an LS! 
    ​Activity level 1-10? 9
    Which team do you want to play in? I have no preference at all, I like all 4 of thes guys, and wouldnt mind playing on any of their teams!
    Parrish101   Name ​Parrish
    Age 19
    Rank 52
    Why do you want to play?
    I haven't played in a Choices for a long while. The last one I played was last summer lol..... Hopefully I'm not too rusty. I've never experieced the "coaches" format before so that should be pretty fun. Looking forward to learning something from some of the greats ;p It'll be nice to have someone to spam with my constant random ideas and strategies (:
    ​Activity level 1-10?
    9 as long as the DC is reasonable. I'm usually really committed to games like these so you'll have nothing to worry about from my end for the most part. I won't be a part of any other game I don't think....
    Which team do you want to play in?
    All four are great players and have proven themselves in many different cases. I honestly could care less about whose team I'm on as I'd just be glad to be able to play the game. If I had to choose one..... Shit idk, um, maybe Doodle? But again, I would love to be on any team really.
    JeremyHLikesFood   im gonna have to pull my app sorry mama
    ChrisDWa   Name: It’s Britney Bitch or Chris...whatever’s fine
    Age: Some call me 12, other’s call me their grandpa....But i’m 15
    Rank: 257
    Why do you want to play?: I’d love to get back into Choices games, and I’ve never played a game that involved coaches. I know I have the drive and strength to make it far on my own, but a coach could really help me in succeeding and hopefully proving fuingns to myself that I would’ve never realized.
    ​Activity level 1-10? 10
    Which team do you want to play in? I would love to be on #TeamJoey! I personally think, even though I haven’t talked to him much, that we’re both similar in the fact that we are bold players but different in the ways we go about in being bold. So I think that I could learn a lot from him and I could get a good read on how my gameplay is being perceived by others with him by my side.
    Lutznik   Name: Nik 
    Age: 16 
    Rank: 1457 (yeah ik impressive) 
    Why do you want to play? I would like to participate in this choices to prove myself to the zwooper community as this would be my first!
    activity level: 7 
    Which team do you want to play in? Connor. Since his description says he won a previous coaches game, I believe him to be the best player and who wouldn't want to learn from the best ? 
    Mystery   Name: Cameron
    Age: 20
    Rank: 173
    Why do you want to play? That prize is huge and this looks fun
    ​Activity level 1-10? 10/10
    Which team do you want to play in? SuperDoodle. He is one of the best and most analytical thinkers and he'd make a damn good coach.
    TheBreeze   I'm down! Villain
    a07strand   Ouchie @dcg786
    dcg786   Name: danny
    Age: 15
    Rank: used to be 88 but now 103? 
    Why do you want to play? bc ive gotten top 3 like 4 times and im good at it
    ​Activity level 1-10? 6
    Which team do you want to play in? Joeyc or else i wont play
    Brittany101   Skype::: ZBrittany101
    TheBeatyBee   dang again we neeed skype ugh i guess im out
    TheBeatyBee   Name:Beaty
    Why do you want to play?because it is unlike any other game ive competed on. I want to show that I am a competitor and if I get cast I will be around for a while and put up a good fight
    ​Activity level 1-10?  8
    Which team do you want to play in? Conner would be my first choice but im down for any

    Name: Bryan 
    Age: 22
    Rank: 136
    Why do you want to play? I want to show that i am a good competitor and that despite having no wins i can pull through with my social and physical game. 
    ​Activity level 1-10? 10
    Which team do you want to play in? #TeamAndrew because i know how well he does at games and i know with him coaching me he will be able to give me key tips on how to manuver through the game.
    Clash   @PocketRocket16 Have pulled their application over skype. 
    Name: Danny
    Why do you want to play? Because I do and you shall cast me 
    Activity level 1-10? 9
    Which team do you want to play in? @Superdoodle 100% 
    Dylan   Name: Dylan

    Age: However old you want me to be baby <3.....and also 18, lol

    Why do you want to play?: I have yet to play any choices game and I would love to play in one. I've been on this site for 5 years and have only been picked for 3 groups games. I want to do more on this site and this is a good place to start. Also i need a coach like badly.

    Activity Level: 9 (I'll be on everyday, but i wont be on between the time 8 am to 4 pm because school)

    Which team do you want to be on?: #TeamAndrew or #TeamConnor!!!!

    Rank: 937

    Skype: Dylan Hardin live:bigd2004.dh_1
    cupcake   Name: Dani
    Age: old enough
    Rank: 79
    Why do you want to play? Because I think it will be fun and I want to play in a group game, other than ZBB.
    ​Activity level 1-10? 8-10
    Which team do you want to play in? #TeamAndrew
    Ginger7   Name: Ginger Age: 19 Rank: 134 Why do you want to play? Because last season's crown WAS TAKEN FROM ME last minute. I wanna play again and prove I can do this all without mistakes. I'd love to play a choices with such iconic coaches ​Activity level 1-10? 10 Which team do you want to play in? Strandrew 
    Clash   Everyone who is applying please make sure you have skype. 
    Footy   @superdoodle would be another very good coach! Site legend
    Footy   Name: Footy

    Age: old enough

    Rank: 662

    Why do you want to play? Well I have been on the site for a year now and still haven't managed to get a LS win in my books! I need the extra help to push me to my limits so I can get my first first spot AND it would be in a great choices series! I am a hard working determined player and will listen to every piece of advice my coach gives me. I will never give up and will be the sole survivor!

    Activity level: 10/10

    Which team do you want to play in?: I am sure that whatever team I play in I will get the best possible experience but I would most likely wanna be in @joeyc  because I idolised him in ZBB 18 and I hope he can turn me into a formidable person to come up against to others.
    Jace   Name: Jace
    Age: 18 (19 on October 3)
    Rank: 385
    Why do you want to play? I want to come out of retirement to play a good ole Clash game. I have never won a group game or a choices game in my time on here, so I would like to claim victory on anything of significance.
    ​Activity level 1-10? ​100
    Which team do you want to play in? Any team that's willing to believe in my drive and potential.
    PocketRocket16   Name: Pocket
    Age: Old Enough
    Rank: 25
    Why do you want to play: Every game that I play hosts comment that my seasons are among the best and I play a large portion in that basically I want to make your game good :p
    Which Team do you want to play in: Well I've beat Joey and Connor in games while I do respect them as players I don't believe I would benefit from their coaching. Though i must stress Connor is criminally underated and anyone who struggles with the strategy aspects of the game should select him. Doodle stole my win from me in ZBB All Stars 2 and is a solid all around player but A07strand is the best player imo, Socially, Comps, Strategy he has insights that I know I would benefit from, plus that's my best bud here so he'd be my first choice. To Summarize A07strand or Connor would be my choices for coach.
    PacoP   Name: Paco
    Age: 17
    Rank: 192
    Why do you want to play? So in Sarah's version of this I got sent home first trying to save my teammate! I WANT and NEED redemption. Plus these hosts are pretty much all new to me so getting to know some of the all time greats would be awesome.
    ​Activity level 1-10? 10
    Which team do you want to play in? Joeyc or Connor, Joey we don't really know each other but I was pulling for you in ZBB if that means anything. Connor, we've spoken a bit and you know how much of a team player I am. No matter who takes me I'm giving this game 150%. I will fight like no other.
    Brittany101   Name: Brittany 
    Age: 19
    Rank: 241
    Why do you want to play? Cause this looks like it would be fun af
    ​Activity level 1-10? like an 8
    Which team do you want to play in? #Team Joey only one showing the love he deserves

    JeremyHLikesFood   Name: jer
    Age: 16
    Rank: 115
    Why do you want to play? i fuccin hate ls games so why not
    ​Activity level 1-10? 9
    Which team do you want to play in? superdoodle !!
    Chilltown56   It’s hilarious that y’all keep fighting about the coaches theme when it’s been done before, even on this site as a choices format. 
    Sweetkitties9   Name: Alex
    Age: 17
    Rank: 450
    Why do you want to play: So, the first season I played of CJVIVOR, my brother was in the game, so I didn’t really have much to go off of. The second season I was in I felt like I got robbed hardcore by getting out 20th, so I really went out with a bang. Now that it is a coaches theme, I feel as if I can maneuver my way to the end, with my coachs help. I will most certainly listen to my coach, cus that’s what this season is all about. 
    Avtivity level 1-10: 10 ALWAYS 
    Which team do you want to play in: I would say Connor. Although I don’t know him too well, I did play with him in a previous coaches game, which he won that season, so he is not a bad player at all. With that being said, i would love for him to coach me through this game, cus he knows how to talk his way out of situations. Please pick me, I’m dying to get into another choices game, cus like I said I got 20th last season. I need my redemption. 
    AndreHoward   Name: Andre
    Why do you want to play? Love survivor 
    ​Activity level 1-10?9
    Which team do you want to play in?#TeamConnor
    Armani   Name: Allen/Dolphin
    Age: 18
    Rank: 377
    Why do you want to play?: I've never been casted for a survival choices before, other than Icelina's (which was cancelled) and Micks' (which i had to go inact in). Also, I love the coaches concept, and I was rejected by both Sarah and McKenna D: I have gotten WAY better at survival, recently getting one of my highest placements ever. I think with the help of a coach, I could finally take home my first win!
    ​Activity level 1-10? 9
    Which team do you want to play in? #TeamAndrew or #TeamJoey
    McKenna   Sarah your obsessed
    Sarah   Peyton do u read?
    Peyton   Is Sarah gonna sue you? 
    IrishCraic   Age: guess ha
    Rank:  84
    Why do you want to play? I NEED to finally win a group game ( my best was two 2nds, meh)
    ​Activity level 1-10? a good 9!
    Which team do you want to play in?  who ever i get, im happy, either a "friend" "foe" or  " familiar"
    Sarah   Thanks @Clash for asking respectfully to use the theme and using it how it should be used (in an LS) and not going around me to do it :P 


    Name: Sarah
    Rank: 58
    Why do you want to play? Bc i'm great, let me show you why. :D I dont need an explanation to prove that, just check my 8-0 record in finals and crazy high amoutn of FS wins
    ​Activity level 1-10? 8
    Which team do you want to play in? legit any i love all these coaches and people but if i had to chose id say conor bc ive known him for yeARS and he knows me v well and how i play and how to fix my messiness but joeyc is an ICONIC so sign me up for that shit too 
    Trinity2000   Name: Trinity
    Age: 44
    Rank: 5th
    Why do you want to play? I am a strong competitor
    ​Activity level 1-10? 9
    Which team do you want to play in? A07Strand's
    Crazyrockina   Name: Brianna 
    Why do you want to play? because, the climate has been boring 
    Activity level 1-10? 8
    Which team do you want to play in?A07Strand
  • Clash
    ClashJune 27, 2018 03:24
    CJVIVOR 'Fight Until Death' Results + Superlatives + Prizes
    Spoiler alert!
    ChrisDWa   Hell yeah, Dr Phil!
    WILLZ14   Looking good
    Strawberry   Honestly, a pathetic end. This tarnishes everything SMH
    Clash   Ethan you played a really great game!
    ImperfectTexas6   Thanks for a great game Clash! I cannot thank you enough for casting me and allowing me to play with these awesome people! I also love my superlatives! Lol 
  • Clash
    ClashJune 25, 2018 00:27
    CJVIVOR 2 'Fight Until Death' - Episode 10 - "I am not f***ing fake!!"
    Spoiler alert!
    Wicky   And this is the moment when I realized he really was fake :(
    JacksonSunshine   And this is the moment when I became the last female standing <3
  • Clash
    ClashJune 21, 2018 03:08
    CJVIVOR 2 'Fight Until Death' - Episode 4-9 "This is so messy"
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