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  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 17, 2017 07:18
    Battle of The Best | Episode 19 | Nooooooo it's lucky f*cking Jim!!!
    Spoiler alert!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Great f3!
    Jay   @Krysstian was the only hope left for a good ending of this game.
    ArcturusDean   @NiQi so true!!!
    NiQi   Yu gonplei ste odon, The King stays king @Krysstian <3
    TheBreeze   Lol 3-1 who's the sucker getting third place
    ArcturusDean   Nooo. Krysstian :(
    Parrish101   Great f3 imo. Sucks having to see one of em' leave </3 #TeamKenya
    Puffs   Wow @Evilgenious448 posts amazing blogs!
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 16, 2017 18:24
    Battle of The Best | Episode 18 | The Public Can Kiss My Ass!!!
    Spoiler alert!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Devon :(
    devon19   Always a sad day for Zwooper when that Devon guy gets voted out. Let's take a moment of silence in his respects. 
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 16, 2017 09:00
    Battle of The Best | Episode 17 | I'm also a messy Bitch and am getting bored
    Spoiler alert!
    @ the boot
    Wolfwoodcp82   Great f5! :)
    joeyc   Eyes the public thinking they know everything too lmao
    joeyc   I'm sorry Jake! lol 
    TJP1122   Keyna or Strand for the win!!!
    PocketRocket16   #TeamStrandy !!!!
    Sparky44   Was it Kenya's Move?
    Trinity2000   #TeamStrandy <3
    SuperDoodle   Not sure if giving credit to Krysstian is correct here
    Chilltown56   NOOO!!! Good game Jake!
    Jumanji   I accidentally hit 1, sorry!
    Arceus   omg 400k? WTH
    ArcturusDean   #TeamKrysstian
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 15, 2017 19:35
    Battle of The Best | Episode 16 | Never do challenges in the morning
    Spoiler alert!
    km1997   Also, why is this BB19 ?
    km1997   Me when Willz was the only entertaining part of the game. LOL. 
    joeyc   I've never talked to @JakeP97 before this game.... 
    Arceus   JoeyP97 F2?
    TJDawgiestyle   It's weird to think some people were pissed off that willz had his pre-made playing but now people are complaining about Jake and Joey...
    Parrish101   Sucks to see you leave Alvaro </3 #TeamKenya all the way <3
    cosmicbliss   When I just realize he really did go ...P.S. thank you for amazing episodes hosts! 
    Emanuel   This game is boring as hell are these people really gonna let Joey and Jake make finals like that
    Chilltown56   Good job Alvaro! Now, Jake bring home the win and my chips :)
    Alvarovidalpuga   it was a fun game overall from the inside, good luck remaining players, i stole immunity and 7th place isnt bad for what i expected. 1st and 7th in the two best of the best games i played :D

    great to share this game with the people i did
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 15, 2017 09:02
    Battle of The Best | Episode 15 | I Hear There's A Sale On Wool...
    Spoiler alert!
    cosmicbliss   The one thing I don't get is HOW the heck people are insulting the cast as a whole. This game has an amazing cast. The friend groups and pairs are countless, but I think it's honestly stupid to imply there are not great players. Arguably some of the best players on the site are still in the game and why do people keep getting bashed for having friends in general? I'd agree Alvaro going next is predictable and likely but within the remaining players, I don't think anyone is wanting to play for second, third, etc. 
    wwxcrunner1   Literally i told my tribe this would happen at merge and none of them listened to me except ginger who was willing to make moves!
    Piddu   This just proves most people are only the best because they have to join with friend groups and thats just the way it is
    Alvarovidalpuga   I have tried personally, but i a position where.i haven been able to do anything. I think that they are just doing.whats best for them, but more than one person will be blindsided and regret not doing.anything. its a good cast though just tough for players like me.with no conections or friends in it
    Parrish101   @km1997 I'm not approving of the fact that some people are consistently following majority votes, I'm just trying to say that you shouldn't expect to be entertained each round when the people playing rn are not trying to entertain us and are only focusing on themselves. And I definitely agree about what you're suggesting they could've done during this vote. I didn't say that this is still "best of the best" with all those votes, because I do agree the ones following majority are just making it worse for themselves
    km1997   Parrish is it "best of the best" if pretty much all of the cast are going with the majority? That's not "best of the best" gameplay. In games I personally hate going with majority (so most times screw my self) but at least I have some sense of pride of the game knowing I was played no for myself, not someone else. Once Willz was evicted that was the perfect opportunity for some to flip to Willz allies and increase their chances to make it to finals. But 6 or 7 people are content with unanimous votes. Only 2 of you are making finals. 
    Parrish101   Looking impressive would just be a bonus, but people are playing with motives to reach the end, so even if it's a boring journey to the finals, they're doing what's going to get them there. Although a 7-1 vote is depressing and if the next vote is 6-1, some people need to really re-consider their approach to this game if they want to get to the end......
    Parrish101   Y'all mixed up King Canine's and Will's Avi in the starting mem wall btw, in terms of b/w, but great job on ep <3
    @exploremedora I agree. I think people are just willing to stick together for the most part, because payouts are doubled and they'll be rewarded more than usual maybe
    But y'all, the people in the game aren't trying to entertain you with 'big moves' every round (even though that's what I would like to see too). They're just trying to get to the end and win the whole thing, and if sticking to majority is the best way to do it, why refuse it and make it harder for themselves....? It'd be nice to see more chaos and animosity between them ngl, but they're just playing a game and doing what works for them, not us... 
    km1997   Aside from the two split can you show me which vote has been "exciting"? People complained about the Willz friendgrouo but there was another one the other tribe and they all made merge. The game has not been exciting except for the algos. Alvaro says he's next and Im sure it won't be a close vote. Don't get me wrong, all of them are worthy to be in this cast but if you want an exciting game this was the wrong cast to put together.  
    JaMarcus_Russell   What's unpredictable is having all the comp beasts on one tribe, which I believe played a HUGE part in a lot of the "predictable" votes. Its fine to expect unpredictability, but it's not like there hasn't been moments this game that had me shook, like when johnny flipped on yswimmer, willz goofing on 2 idol play's, 2 5-5 splits, or the rest of the minority flipping on canine last vote. Just bc the votes aren't 5-4 or like 4-3-2 doesn't make the game "predictable". Not every single vote is going to be exciting.
    CameronElite   @JaMarcus_Russell Boi you better stop. It's okay for the viewers to expect unpredictability when it's "the best of the best" and the game was so hyped up. Let the viewers speak their piece.
    JaMarcus_Russell   Can we stop with these "boring and predictable" comments theyre getting super annoying abd repetitive, especilly if you're a player,. Just follow or dont ,but remember these players are the best on zwooper, they're Def putting all their effort into the game whether or not the votes show. And dora you do have a point, but imo it should be up to the other players to find out who the friends are and break them up early.
    Alvarovidalpuga   Its my turn now =/
    exploremedora   The issue with this game was that it came down to friendships lol. You pick a bunch of high caliber players who know each other and are friends and you're not going to get any betrayals or blindsides. 
    dcg786   i liked the game before but now, it's awful. sorry is just an opinion. next season cast people who will actually play the game and make big moves 
    SwagSwag   why aren't people calling this a disrespect for the game? Because they're your friends? I believe that this game has probably been the WORST survival choices that I've ever seen, it's had the same level of strategic ability as most of the players in Survivor Borneo

    Anyway, grats on getting to the final 7 
    JonJ   This game has truly been boring and predictable from the very beginning and throughout ...

    Kudos to the hosts for being able to make it interesting to follow anyway. Great job on making episodes! 
    km1997   The only interesting part about this game are the episodes. No one tried to pick up wills allies? Some feeling too comfortable 
    Arceus   Jake is going to immunity run now.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 14, 2017 17:08
    Battle of The Best | Episode 14 | In this game I don't care about friendship
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   @johnnyscott1127 honestly people in the game are upset with how willz disrespected the hosts and Trishy by implying that the hosts would leak confessionals. Everyone lost a lot of respect for him 
    johnnyscott1127   @a07strand, don't be a dick dude. He actually had almost no chance coming into this game, and still managed to make it to jury. There's no need to just chop people when they're down like you did in the tribe chat and now AFTER he got voted out. Plus, he got voted for that shit by everyone, it's not like he was just given that title for no reason
    WILLZ14   Good game people, came down to a tied vote with everyone luck
    SwagSwag   great game, all dictated by a tied vote
    wwxcrunner1   It is like a said this would happen... They would lose the tie and then Alva would flip :)
    a07strand   Willz voted best survivor player, I think we just debunked that shit and he has his pre made. I guess that zwoOscar should be revoked.
    SuperDoodle   A truly refreshing episode 
    Parrish101   Was worried for Kenya there with that first vote lol. That idol would've been very handy this vote.... Sucks to see you go Will! 
    CameronElite   #TeamAlvaro #TeamDevon
    TJP1122   DAMN!!!!!!!! Was not expecting that vote.
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 14, 2017 05:30
    Battle of The Best | Episode 13 | Suck On Those McDonald's Fries
    Spoiler alert!
    johnnyscott1127   @AngelOfWater, it's not hard to notice the surface level gameplay, and obvious reasons for why people are voting the way they're voting at this time. I'm almost certain the viewer could predict who everyone has voted for since the beginning of the game because none of the votes have been even slightly shocking; is what TJP is referring to.
    SuperDoodle   @TJP1122 I think it'll pick up once those idol (and socially and strategically idle) (who treat certain other players as an idol) buffoons are out of the picture 
    AngelOfWater   @TJP1122 what do you mean? The hosts aren't going to post the gameplay.. plenty goes on 
    TJP1122   I'm just missing the gameplay I thought I would see in a Battle of the Best. It's fun watching, though.
    SuperDoodle   A lot of symbolism and parallels. Could've made it farther if a similar vote went a different way!
    SuperDoodle   I love this post
    Nickg24689   lets all waist our idols on will when he doesnt need it
    Chriss   Definition of sheep right there! But finally glad to see that result
    Patrick71101   Goodbye to the premade 
    PocketRocket16   Yaaaaaas!   #TeamStranDrew
    SwagSwag   that's what you get
    Parrish101   wow @ Will getting two people to waste idols on him throughout this game..... What is with these idol plays, so much for the 'battle of the best'. Loved this vote btw
    Arceus   LOL at two idols played on Willz and both were misused. I'm dead at this vote. Congrats Joey :)
    CameronElite   ...
    joeyc   I love a 5-5 vote
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 13, 2017 17:28
    Battle of The Best | Episode 12 | Get me out of these blue rags!
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   #TeamStrandy
    km1997   #TeamWillz
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 13, 2017 12:25
    Battle of The Best | Episode 11 | You come at the host Trishy hand picked
    Spoiler alert!
    SuperDoodle   VVVVVVVV
    wildpoppy136   I think we can conclude, with confidence, that having a large sum of wins does not make you one of the best.
    SuperDoodle   @AngelOfWater just briefed me and I too am against the tomfoolery
    a07strand   @SuperDoodle I think more people just assume it's the Battle of the best #BOTB but quite frankly if you look back on past epsiodes people are bitching about all kinds of shit, it's a site full of different Human Races, naturally everyone will have their own opinion!
    Now to accuse someone of something like leaking as a host without proof is just pure ignorance and really rude. I've played many of choices with host that I don't get along with but I still did what I applied for and that is what the game is about. Going into this game people knew who was hosting and we are not all stupid or blind to the fact of who has the wins to get in the game, if you feel that someone is going to cheat as a host, you know the whole format and outline of who is playing, then why the fuck would you play????To me that is like saying because @Bye CASTED SOMEONE HE IS CLOSE TO THE WHOLE CAST SHOULDN'T DO CONFESSIONALS, COME ON NOW LET'S HAVE SOME RESPECT, @Bye and I don't see eye to eye but I would be 100% certain he would not leak my confessionals if I played in his game.. So with that said Good Luck everyone at merge, let's have fun and make this out to be what it is #BOTB, Host stay host and don't comment, players be players and DO WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR! May the best Asshole win 
    AngelOfWater   @SuperDoodle this wasn't about throwing...
    SuperDoodle   I still don't fully understand why it's disrespectful to the hosts to throw. Did it make the episodes harder to create?
    Nickg24689   Ty for sticking with it man! ik how hard programing is so mad respect to u :)
    Chilltown56   YES!  You guys (EG and Puffs) are my hero :)
    Peyton   Wait.. are you going to continue this season? Also great job on the episodes once again!
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 12, 2017 19:07
    Battle of The Best | Episode 10 | Throwing Pisses Me Off
    Spoiler alert!
    joey2121   I've done my fair share of games with both Jon and JakeP97 and quite honestly, it's hell beating them in challenges. So I understand the move to THROW the challenge, however, that score of 1 just shows absolutely zero respect for the game in general and I think it sucks that he had to do that.
    SwagSwag   the only probem i see is an ego issue, if you all believe you're the best then fight and do whatever you can to be the best. Just being on this cast shouldnt give you a false sense of entitlement where you think you can belittle someone else's game move to help them get to the end
    johnnyscott1127   AngelOfWater   
    Also why would the hosts share confessionals with other players that's messed up... 

    It has happened before. I definitely don't think Puffs would EVER do it because he's one of the most integrous people I know, but still, it most definitely has happened
    Isbnm   TBH those that's are mad over someone throwing need to go and get some paracetamol for the butt hurt 
    Arceus   This is the most controversial episode ever. LOL 
    It sucks, but it's just a game ya'll :(
    JakeP97   The fact that the only way people can get Jon out of games is by throwing challenges just shows how much of a legendary player he is. Stay shook Floplosi! #RIPTHEDREAM
    WILLZ14   That's a very classy response kid
    and you are right it came down to a 5-5 vote one side of the five we're going to have the power and if you had won it I would have been out next.
    it was fun playin against you and wish the circumstance were different 
    TheBreeze   1. It was an intelligent strategy especially under the circumstance with @TheKid and his dangerously high scores.
    2. Hosting may not be the best idea for those who can not keep their opinions to themselves. Publicly sharing your thoughts on what kind of gameplay is not acceptable and degrading your own players is uncalled for @Puffs As a host, there needs to be more self control on your end.
    iiAmySunshine   @Krysstian I love you so much with all my heart, but I understand the move. I don't respect it, that's all because you could've easily lost a challenge whenever you all tried and voted him out instead of clearly keeping people who could care more about the game! @TheKid gave it his all to this game and clearly most people in that game aren't

    A07Strand: I also agree with Devon 
    You guys might be able to say you finished ahead of Jon but you clearly didn't beat him and that folks his how you know that everyone that threw have no game taste or skill for that matter. Well said Devon


    lol I don't even care because This was expected. I was expetected to get 12/11 place by my tribe throwing and that's fine. They (willz and team) got lucky with an algo though at that 5-5 vote and they know it. If that vote landed the other way it would be very different at this point.. Besides that I was beyond loyal to the ones I was with and we could have made it far, I do appreciate the loyalty. There were people that could beat me in a challenge in this game come merge, even if I would win the majority... there were people that could best me. Now it'll just be another player that will dominate the challenges so w/e.. Good luck y'all 




    Krysstian   The people who dont know survivor wont understand that move. We did what we had to do. That's all. It's easy to say when you all are not in the game.
    iiAmySunshine   I just lost respect for this season! Legit, you kept someone who barely even bothers with the game over some who geniuniely wanted to be there! All of Malosi just lost my respect, excluding the 2 to keep someone who really wanted to play!
    AngelOfWater   I haven't talked with Jon in a long time... so that's not fair to say he would flip to me.. and our experience playing together he screwed me over soooo... 

    Also why would the hosts share confessionals with other players that's messed up... 
    Finesse   What? You're a scumbag in games. Always. That's fact, not opinion. I have nothing against you personally, I just know how you are in games. Sorry you can't handle a small dose of truth. 
    Margaret   That was dirty move but survivor is drty game. The fact is that @TheKid would be in f2 for sure if they wouldnt do what they did so good move IMO. :)
    Puffs   Oh Willz shut the fuck up. Bias? I'm not going to go around leaking what's said in confessionals. I've hosted 6 choices games + cohosted 2 including this one and I have never pulled anything like that. Fuck off.
    joeyc   @WILLZ14- @TheKid and I fight and don't like each other. 
    WILLZ14   I stand by my decision, I understand why people might find it controversial but we are going to merge against 4 very good players all of whom Jon is either best friends with and goes on call every night of has a long history with.
    Jon is also one of the three best social and physical threats on the site and heading into a possible 5-5 merge vote I would rather take that price off the board.

    thank you the people that see this for the game move that it was because if he made merge 80% he wins his way to te f2 and guess who his first target would have been.

    also finesse in not sure what I ever did to you, one day we were mates then next day you deleted me, I wish we were still on good terms and it's a shame we are apparently not

    and can anyone else sense the bias from the host, the reason no one on my tribe sends confessions is because we are not convinced they wouldn't tell the our competitors who happen to be some of their close friends, just saying 
    exploremedora   Bravo Malosi! Love the move. It had to happen if anyone wanted a chance in the merge. I specifically love the 1 point score LOL. Throwing it and not even trying to make it look like you threw it requires a certain set of balls. In a Best of the Best choices game I am always going to stan the player with the biggest balls. #TeamBigBalls
    TJDawgiestyle   Yall realize willz is a dirty player right? This guy will talk to opposite tribes to vote people out on the other side
    SuperDoodle   Not surprised at all! @Finesse
    Finesse   @SuperDoodle it's @WILLZ14 you're talking about, do you really expect better of him?
    a07strand   #TeamStranDrew
    SuperDoodle   Survivor isn't a respectful game, and it never has been.
    I don't have a problem with throwing the challenge (as it is something I would've considered given Jon's unparalleled challenge ability), but it's the cocky score of 1 that gets me pissy. Cockiness is never a good look.
    Parrish101   Devon went awffff. But I do think what they did was kinda smart if they're trying to prepare for merge and you should do everything you can to set yourself up to win, although I do see why it'd upset people for throwing in a game that's supposed to represent the best Zwooper has to offer. Merge will probably be boring if the big alliance in Malosi takes over in merge..... but can't wait to see it go down <3
    #TeamKenya #TeamAlvaro #TeamDevon #TeamWill #TeamJake
    Finesse   Oh good. The merge should be interesting now. We get to watch 10 people fight for 2 finalist spots as opposed to 9 people fighting for 1 which is usually what happens when Jon makes merge.

    Don't be mad because a scumbag made a scummy move against another scumbag.
    johnnyscott1127   And Noah, that's just your opinion that everyone should play very noble, but Survivor isn't a noble game, so if someone wants to be scummy to get to the end, then that's their own perogative and the way they want to play. There's nothing wrong with it. It's a route to take in the GAME of Survivor, and there are always a million options of ways to go, and a group of poeple on Malosi are choosing to take the route of throwing to get what they want. In Survivor, it’s not as concrete as having a challenge score because EVERYONE competes in a challenge, and how slick you are with throwing is what can/cannot get you in trouble on Survivor. Unfortunately for Zwooper, it's hard because you're not competing in a physical challenge like you are in Survivor, that comes down to the time of a challenge being completed.
    a07strand   Yay merge 
    JaMarcus_Russell   @devon19 has a point but Jon has proven he can dominate the individual immunity portion of the game whenever he wants. Hate all you want but they made a good move, does suck to see him go that way tho.
    km1997   I agree with @johnnynotags
    CameronElite   Throwing is annoying to see as a viewer or a player on the wrong side of it, but I won't say it isn't strategically sound.
    Puffs   Because the fact that someone's gonna just be a sleazeball and submit a 1 in a challenge is disrespectful and rude towards people like EG that have put a lot of work into making this game fun, not to mention it's disrespectful to the other players in the game that have been trying. I'm not gonna be mad at the people that decided to throw challenges in the event that they win. I'll be happy for them to get their prize, but I'll be disapointed that they had to be scummy to get it.
    Emanuel   Well people are sticking to the easiest way of making merge which is understandable but boring
    devon19   Hence the "quality player" comment....
    johnnyscott1127   TBh I don't understand why people get so butt hurt when people throw challenges. It's a survivor game move that happens on the show a lot... idk why that's so frowned upon on Zwooper. If that's the only way that people can take out Jon, then they should do it, especially if he's taking up one of the two spots in finals, essentially 
    AngelOfWater   @exploremedora I guess I wasn't the weakest link after all ;) 
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 12, 2017 06:59
    Battle of The Best | Episode 9 | Gotta be one step ahead.. always!
    Spoiler alert!
    Nieklaus   @exploremedora weren't you the one who voted against Johnny despite him trying to save you? Idk if you should be the one preaching about dull gameplay
    dcg786   this is sad. throwing the challenge AND predictable game play? certainly NOT best of the best
    exploremedora   Andrew I'm not salty or even referring to that. I'm just saying in a best of the best game a super back and forth pre merge and crazy idol plays is what you would expect. This game has just been dull. Everyone on the cast was acknowledging it lol
    a07strand   Tyler my idol wasn't wasted lmfao y'all didn't even know where it was the whole game and secondly ur mad because it wasn't. Used on you yet you said you wouldn't be, seems you're a bit salty but the public knows the game better than the players  I forgot 
    exploremedora   @Bye I agree. Two wasted idols, one tribe steam rolling the other - this game has been really dissapointing for BEST of the BEST. 
    SuperDoodle   List of things that I don't like:
    This Game
    CameronElite   Damnit Krysstian be cool I want those chips
    McKenna   LOL 
    JaMarcus_Russell   Lol looks like Malosi really wants Jon gone. Joeyp flashbacks?!
    Bye   For Best of the Best I find this style of gameplay really sad.
    Puffs   Wow the hosts of this game must feel so respected by their players rn 
    Arceus   Poor Tyler 
    LOL @ Malosi throwing it :|
    wwxcrunner1   My score didn't save. I didn't throw
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 11, 2017 18:45
    Battle of The Best | Episode 8 | Can You Hack In And Rig It For Me?
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   @SuperDoodle ughhh this is so messed up!!!!! 
    @AngelOfWater omg I was thinking that too while reading these eps!!!
    AngelOfWater   Is our tribe the only ones that talk??? 
    AndreHoward   join fastsurvior 
    joeyc   WHy don't you show me being ignored by the other tribe in the main chat??? 
    SuperDoodle   @Arceus I was mercilessly bullied !
    SwagSwag   willz is an amazing player!
    Arceus   Uhmmm why do they have to do this to Tay-Tay. :( 
    This is Tragic news for me :( 
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 11, 2017 07:03
    Battle of The Best | Episode 7 | FINALLY A DAY OF REST! That is all.
    Spoiler alert!
    wildpoppy136   Only Ginger would play an idol that blindly and carelessly. Idiot.
    Parrish101   Chris </3
    08SaraR   Nooo! D:
    Trinity2000   Ginger conrats on being the biggest sheep in this game, you are a true idiot, lmao @your idol play, sorry Chris :(
    Peyton   worst idol play ever!
    TJDawgiestyle   @Ginger7 that my friend is what I call an AIR-BALL
    Arceus   Lol Ginger with the misplay of the idol :) Sorry Chris :( 
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 10, 2017 18:04
    Battle of The Best | Episode 6 | I Just Wanna Smash My Face Off My Table
    Spoiler alert!
    Piddu   Sheep in All-stars? Where'd you find these people LMAO!
    johnnyscott1127   @Parrish101. It's Jake and Joey LMAO. Good on them tbh because they outsmart me every time when I try to knock them down a peg
    Emanuel   Jake and Joey obvious alliance sucks to see you go Johnny
    Parrish101   Finally Amura <3 but I'm surprised at how comfortable some people are with all these landslide majority votes, someone is playing a really good social game
    Sparky44      Patrick71101 
    Finally Amura xD

    ruined the damn episode
    Alvarovidalpuga   Johnny :/ =(
    JakeP97   @johnnyscott1127

    johnnyscott1127   Tbh for those not watching, Jake, Joey and Kenya are very obviously going to merge, I wanted to do something about it, and tried to convince Andrew and Tyler to save themselves. At this point, if the tribe merges with three, Andrew and Tyler cost themselves the game, but I'm interested to let it play out! I sunk myself, per usual
    Chilltown56   Wow. I'm shocked at johnny going out this early. 
    exploremedora   Relatable episode title
    Patrick71101   Finally Amura xD
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 10, 2017 06:34
    Battle of The Best | Episode 5 | I am literally so bored of voting people out
    Spoiler alert!
    AngelOfWater   @sharatennis thank you! 
    jbeaudry3   Boston jake and joey go! Everyone else can die 
    exploremedora   LOL "I am so bored of voting people out" who made that title
    Fanny   Oh and ofc that is just my opinion and how I think things going! Maybe I'm completely wrong :XXXXX
    Fanny   Johnny voting swimmie out bc everyone else agreed to and he just wanted to prove his loyalty to these people and mainly to Kenya? Bc let's have a little throw back to legends sc, they worked together very well! On the other hand jakep/joeyc duhhh buddies buddies!! And we have explora and Andrew kinda in the middle, who both know thst the other 4 are quiet tight hoping to merge together, but these two still want to fight and stay low and pretend loyalty till they merge or at least get a chance to stab them in the back!! From the losing tribe and from.what we have seen so far, I kinda feel for Kenya, I'd rather see her going home early than stay long and play other people game bc they arr too close to turn on each other! So even if I'm fan of big players, like her, going home early I really support her this time and want her to do well! #Teamkenya and of course #TeamMakeMeADoodle
    Riku1274   Has anyone else noticed the Easter egg clicking under the hosts pics?
    Reece   When you go 10-0 in a battle of the best game
    Finesse   This is so sad.
    Arceus   @joeyc That's bullying and I won't tolerate it! 
    joeyc   @Arceus kys!
    Parrish101   Depressing game so far..... Amura still losing and none of these votes have really been interesting imo.. 
    Arceus   omg go Malosi :)
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 09, 2017 17:49
    Battle of The Best | Episode 4 | The Big D's Have Come To Play
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   Nice score @JakeP97 :)
    Parrish101   McKenna </3 Malosi is killing it <3
    Runaways   it ain't that hard
    Phoenix723   Jesus what the fuck how does someone get 3,500 on gone fishin?! 
    McKenna   Good game to my whole tribe! But they shouldn't of voted me out Bc I was capable of doing better but icompletely understand. 
    Cartur   I think my invitation got lost in the mail. If @joeyc hangs himself with seaweed, do I get his spot?
    dcg786   I LOVE THIS! 
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 09, 2017 06:34
    Battle of The Best | Episode 3 | Is it like flu season on this island?
    Spoiler alert!
    dcg786   these graphics suck :P 
    Craigx   The presentation of these episodes is awesome!
    Trinity2000   Why is McKenna still here??
    McKenna   @km1997 i usually get 800k +
    Riku1274   Thanks a lot @Arceus
    km1997   244k is good in bubble jungle?
    Arceus   It was expected for Riku to go soon. :O 
    I thought Amura would be dominating, but dang Malosi is killing it! :)
    rvandereb   Jake king doing that and getting 1st in the challenge
    Parrish101   Great ep <3 #TeamMckenna #TeamKenya #TeamAlvaro #TeamWill #TeamChris
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 08, 2017 17:40
    Battle of The Best | Episode 2 | Malosi Has Cheat Bot 3000 Activated
    Spoiler alert!
    shalwin   Greatt job Eg and puffs love it
    SwagSwag   graphic design is my passion
    PeterCampbell   I love it!!
    dcg786   this is so awesome
    Arceus   Nice work you guys!!!
    lucasmaximo11   I'm loving this
    AngelOfWater   This is so cool 
    Vlatemier   you did such an amazing job with the vote screen evil!!
    Chilltown56   The graphics and mechanics of this is so impressive.  Very well done, guys!
    Trishy   Love it, well done guys.
    Evilgenious448   @Finesse tab mute bruh
    Finesse   The music is still way too much.
    Margaret   Wow this vote reveal, I love it 
    Parrish101   I love the graphics for the vote reveal
  • Evilgenious448
    Evilgenious448September 08, 2017 06:36
    Battle of The Best | Episode 1 | Calm down, squigglespine
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   @ianinator we dont eh speaky da languish eengleesh
    ianinator   Just read that after commenting  really bad at reading @Arceus is asian we no speak english
    Arceus   Good episode :P
    Arceus   I've been regularly refreshing, I just learned how to do it on a mac. FUCK OFF :P
    Evilgenious448   @Arceus @ianinator  for those who dont bother to read the blog:
    "NOTE: If you are seeing random scores instead of the proper ones, then hard refresh the page (Press the ctrl key + refresh button on the browser)"

    Arceus   Anton wrong screenshot. LOL
    Arceus   Go Malosi :)
    ianinator   The second screenshot 
    Finesse   The music is fucking obnoxious.
    Puffs   Papi
  • Puffs
    PuffsSeptember 07, 2017 17:26
    Battle of The Best | Episode 0 | Cast Reveal + Pick To Win!
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   @SuperDoodle Goooo Tay-Tay! 
    joeyc   Thanks @Runaways and @JaMarcus_Russell for picking me. Is it because of my bomb avi? 
    TJDawgiestyle   "not gay unlike thejake"
    TJDawgiestyle   Wow it looks like bye and breeze really didn't want in.... But idk about king canine
    AngelOfWater   @Cole91 because EG is a genius 
    wwxcrunner1   Sorry @wildpoppy136 and @PeterCampbell but I have never won a choices, let alont made merge in an allstar cast before <3 
    Alice   I vote to evict @JakeP97 and @johnnyscott1127
    Cole91   how did u guys make the thing were you can scroll down and view prizes sections like that ?
    Trinity2000   a07strand, idc if you closed it Puffs
    Reynolds   im going to shoot myself in the face. Riku
    Reynolds   Ughh! KingCanine
    CalebJ2005   King Canine
    Reynolds   Fail, I meant to say Yswimmer
    Reynolds   Simmwer
    Peyton   Riku
    jasonthesurvivor   Reality
    a07strand   Thanks @Helenor1000 and @iiAmySunshine
    Puffs   Three Pick To Win spots remaining
    vixen1985   @yswimmer96
    evanw919   Ginger
    dcg786   will
    Puffs   Six Pick To Win spots remaining
    johnnyscott1127   Shame shame Arceus. Shame.
    Arceus   sorry @johnnyscott1127 I was too late
    PeterCampbell   Danny Please!
    SwagSwag   i feel like i've seen this cast before
    4Real   reality 
    Arceus   superdoodle?
    08SaraR   Devon
    Nickg24689   Riku
    TheBeatyBee   @Ginger7
    Icelina   yswimmer!
    Emanuel   Jake sorry alva is like a mentor me :)
    shalwin   Bostonrob
    Vlatemier   devon!
    Ireks   bostonrob
    JakeP97   @bestkwarteng fuck you
    wildpoppy136   wwx
    Cartur   McKenna<3
    cjaime82898   Jake
    kongowongo   @johnnyscott1127
    Fanny   doodlesssss
    Parrish101   @xStqqd but also rooting for Kenya <3
    Chilltown56   JakeP
    Nicolas   @exploremedora
    JohnTheGreat   @KingCanine
    NiQi   @xStqqd
    iiAmySunshine   @a07strand
    iiAmySunshine   I want @A07Strand
    ShanaeT   @realityobsessed
    Brady   @AngelOfWater
    km1997   willz14
    Nieklaus   I pick johnnynottags1127
    Puffs   I changed yours best :)
    Emma   @AngelOfWater
    Emanuel   Awww lovely comments below I changed mine if it's possible :)
    Puffs   I choose @Evilgenious448 
    Evilgenious448   I choose @Puffs
    Emanuel   @Alvarovidalpuga changing it if I can
    Violet   Krysstian
    Margaret   Alvaro
    Emanuel   Jakep
    Helenor1000   @a07strand
    TJP1122   Explore 
    Evilgenious448   "​You are only allowed to pick ONE of the 20 players" @Runaways
    Runaways   I pick Joey then
    CameronElite   Krysstian
    Runaways   Joey  Jake
    CameronElite   The Kid
    Theslayqueenb   @TheKid
    Evilgenious448   LOL if u thought this episode was cool, be ready for what I have in store for the other episodes. Spend over 15 hours coding this stuff. You're in for a treat!
    CristinaMihaela   @TheKid
    JaMarcus_Russell   joey Logo

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