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  • evanw919
    evanw919August 04, 2021 21:40
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 12 | "A Hot Road To Victory"
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   Im so proud of you benny
    CaseyBea   The best season of any zwooper game I've ever played on this website point blank, thank you guys so much for having me back the ride was bumpy, insane, but it was all worth it
    Tone   why am i crying...
    MidnightNautica   benny robbed 
  • evanw919
    evanw919August 03, 2021 21:23
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 11 | "All Part Of The Plan"
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   Vishy showed up this season. Love to see it. 
    Seanoh   I can take solace being 100% correct. Thanks for having me y'all, it was fun. Guess it wasn't meant to be. Good luck everyone else.
    Spyder   Caseybea is my winner. SLAY THEM
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 31, 2021 03:23
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 10 | "Take Back The Falls"
    Spoiler alert!
    Tone   i technically lasted ten episodes in champions!
    Seanoh   I gave you so many good episode titles in my confessional and you went with this? Evan this is starting to feel homophobic.
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 28, 2021 20:14
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 9 | "Time To Take Out The Trash"
    Spoiler alert!
    CaseyBea   *blinks*
    Seanoh   *blinks*
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 27, 2021 02:54
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 8 | "Jump On That Bandwagon And Ride it"
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Tone   Well, I was hoping for a Kelley Wentworth story arc but I guess it ended up being more like Russell Swan. Oh well, at least I didn't end up like Francesca!
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 24, 2021 21:01
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 7 | "Call This Vengeance"
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   ....of all the content to pull for an episode we have to air Jude's dirty laundry. 
    MacAttack   Jude outing his gf's mom's business
    sebby113   No*
    sebby113   yea know, tj isnt out, I call BS
    Spyder   This is like a mirror of the Winners at War Survivor season, with all the old schoolers going out. 
    George   they finally got me on the block !! how many attempts was that?

    gg tj 
    TJP1122   This is my punishment for protecting too many people and using the anchor before I had to. And quick note, thankfully I did win #20 in terms of ORGs, but I am now looking for #20 in group games / Choices on Zwooper. To those who I haven't responded to, apologies on my part, I couldn't say anything without sounding bitter so it was better for me not to respond at all. Thanks for having me! Best series on this entire site and anyone who disagrees can fight me on that! And at a minimum, I at least got Mal out before I left :p
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 23, 2021 00:36
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 6 | "Dip My Toes In Some Chaos"
    Spoiler alert!
    Tone   :oooo
    Vin014   We stan. 
    Nitu   RIP
    Riot   New School is kinda eating 
    pantherking21   Two people who sent me go home gping back to back...
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 20, 2021 22:40
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 5 | "Too Little, Too Late"
    Spoiler alert!
    MissSuda   what the hell 
    MaloloLow   sickening
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 18, 2021 23:11
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 4 | "Music To My Ears"
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Ugh I can't wait for the big brain plays in the next episode <3 
    Jude   sobs for the end of my piranha drama
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 17, 2021 01:40
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 3 | "Paranoid As A Duck"
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   fuck this SHIT
    Tarnexter   lol
    MaloloLow   ****SHOULDNT HAVE fml i cant help myself
    MaloloLow   i really should've sacrificed @JonJ huh
    Matthew1125   Poor mal 
    Icelina   Good Episode as always!
    Voxin   I mean, it is a little funny.. 
    TJDawgiestyle   Man Evan is not letting up on mal one bit
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 14, 2021 18:51
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 2 | "A Fruitful Endeavor"
    Spoiler alert!
    MacAttack   Kayla robbed
    Vin014   #TeamWolfakaWicky
    Alanster    Icelina 
    Icelina   sexism. 
    George   #TeamTrueBeauties
    Sammy   BOOOOOO!!! 
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 12, 2021 03:37
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Ep 1 | "The Showdown Begins"
    Spoiler alert!
    MacAttack   "most overrated winner in Champions history" YUP
    Jude   I'm glad my pirahna adventures made a guest appearance 
    George   "i am!!" serving pure unadulterated ****
    Christoffer   Wow! This game looks pretty cool!
    Matthew1125   Suda robbed 
    08SaraR   Gabe & Jude, you represented Musicality so well! ♥
    Tarnexter   Suda big robbed wtf. I demand we start over
    Rob24   Suda robbed!
    Tone   my first time ever surviving an episode in champions
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 09, 2021 01:20
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Memory Wall Reveal, Pick To Win, & Viewing Lounge!
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   Stop casting pre mades
    Seanoh   Saratoga652
    evanw919   CLOSED
    evanw919   @Mikey has chosen TJDawgiestyle via Fortnite??
    Tarnexter   TJ I guess ?
    evanw919   @Davo has chosen MidnightNautica via Discord 
    Davo   I pick NestorR
    Davo   oh hes taken my bad im blind haha
    Davo   I pick Alanster
    evanw919   @ExoticSimmer has chosen George via Discord!
    evanw919   REMAINING PICKS:
    TJDawgiestyle - 2
    George - 1
    MidnightNautica - 1
    PurplePony13   Pantherking
    JacksonSunshine   I'll choose George!
    evanw919   @jaycee14 has chosen @vishno via Discord!
    evanw919   @NestorR has chosen MidnightNautica via Discord!
    JonJ   George
    Christoffer   pantherking21
    Logan_   alanster
    HKT   @CaseyBea
    TheBreeze   Alanster
    ABLaksh   Nates
    Ved   Vishno
    Disaacsp   Tone
    Voxin   TONE. 
    Rob24   David
    TombRaider   Judeee
    MissSuda   Nitu good luck charm
    Peyton   Wicky
    Nitu   Suda
    Footy   Jude
    Arceus   Wicky
    Cole91   Kayla
    Jax   Snazz
    IrishCraic   nates plz
    King_Canine   Seanoh
    Joseph   Benny.
    08SaraR   Kayla
    PeterC   Gabe! 
    Lewk   David!
    Icelina   Patty
    sebby113   MAL
    Spyder   @snazzmaster8
    Formes4   Tjp
    Matthew1125   Suda
    Brittney   Tjp 
    Sammy   Patty 
    mepole   Seanoh
    _Rob_   MALOLOLOW
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 08, 2021 01:00
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Gear Ceremony Part 5
    Spoiler alert!
    Sassy   Cute cast except for Mal. 
    Vin014   Great cast! Good Luck guys!!
    ak47man   Evan told me that. It would be so rude to be hosted by someone like that. On principle people should decline. That is so horrible to say
    ak47man   Evan told me that. It would be so rude to be hosted by someone like that. On principle people should decline. That is so horrible to say
    Peyton   Congrats to the 20 selected! This should be an interesting season.
    sebby113   Amazing cast!
    Voxin   YUP SUDA
    Alanster   omg : o
    ak47man   I HATE U EVAN
    Tarnexter   Sad to see I wasn't cast but congrats to those who were and I can't wait to see this play out!
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 08, 2021 00:45
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Gear Ceremony Part 4
    Spoiler alert!
    George   i accept i accept i accept !!
    Joseph   legendary
    MacAttack   elite cast
    Crazyrockina   where's the door, ma'am? so i can leave?
    Voxin   who the fuck is caseybea
    Dylan   Oooooo
    Tarnexter   Damn this cast is FIREEEEEEEEEEE
    Tone   here we goooo
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 08, 2021 00:30
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Gear Ceremony Part 3
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   patrick n wicky <3
    sebby113     Voxin 
    Tarnexter   Good luck guys!
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 08, 2021 00:15
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Gear Ceremony Part 2
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   world aint ready for sean vish n tj
    Matthew1125   Baller cast so far 
    Voxin   TJP for 6th 
    Vin014   YAY VISH!!
    Dylan   Fucking work
    Seanoh   LETS GO
    Tarnexter   Great cast so far!
    Tone   this cast is stacked
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 08, 2021 00:00
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Gear Ceremony Part 1
    Spoiler alert!
    Jude   Voxin 
    Joseph   ICONIC FOUR
    Matthew1125   Baller
    Voxin   JUDE WINNING
    Tone   19th LMAFAOOOO
    snazzmaster8   WHOOOO
    Seanoh   MAL FOR 19TH
    Tarnexter   Congrats you 4!
    Dylan   NOT THE DIG AT MAL
    MaloloLow   rock and roll 
  • evanw919
    evanw919July 07, 2021 16:40
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Gear Ceremony @ 0zt!
    Spoiler alert!
    Tone   i don't think i've ever been this nervous for a cast reveal

    *Fingers Crossed* *Butthole Clenched*

    Good Luck yall!!!

    Dylan   *files nails*
    Jude   *packs suitcase* 
    Tarnexter   Good luck everyone!
  • evanw919
    evanw919June 25, 2021 15:18
    ⚙️ | Champions 15: Unfinished Business | Format, Rules, Prizes, & Applications!
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   Tell me how I'm crying cause I applied for this but my app didn't go through 
    evanw919   CLOSED!
    evanw919   @Davo has applied via Discord!
    evanw919   @vishno has applied via Discord!
    evanw919   @MissSuda has applied via Discord!
    Patrick71101   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Patty / Mabel Pines
    Age: 18
    Discord: Patrick71101#6634
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 11 (9th), Season 13 (7th)

    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: OOOO this is tough hehehe, season eleven was probably either all the scheming with Sula and Maria at the start and runninggg premerge OR trying to find a way to help keep Ben alive every round and the rise of batman and robin and then listening to like three hours of Weird Al music with him after my demise. Season thirteen so many good ones, would probs be all the premerge moves with Benny >:), orrrr watching Perks of Being A Wallflower with someone, or going on call with Paco a bunch and trying to lie to him and failing so badly that he was just like cmon patty U GOTTA HAVE BIG TRUSS and then the takes shot night where we both knew we were in danger if we lost and we hopped on call and I started playing an hour long sleepy music mix BUT THEN IT HECKING BACKFIRED and I almost fell asleep at my desk, or burning a bunch of bridges and putting like all my efforts into helping save queen Della at the double eviction and then slaying the rest of the game with her up until my death, best ride or die evaaa <3. oh and also marrying Jason and tripping on a knife at the altar :D

    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: Honestly I feel satisfied with my story arc hehe c:< , I feel a lot better about my game last season than the one I played the first time around and I'm happy with the way things ended, and I know the odds of getting any closer to winning this game than last time are so so small, HOWEVERRRRR as long as Bill Cipher wishes to torment the world with his schemes my business is not yet finished, someone's gotta stop that scandolous dastardly polygon >:}}. ALSO I went from biggest hero to biggest villain, I trieddd v hard to be loyal to three individuals both times I played (Sula/Maria/Ben, Della/Benny/Peter), it's just I had to be more sneaki to pull it off the second time around hehe. Gotta try and return to being a hero tho >:D, and hopefully end Cipher once and for all muahhaha 

    TJDawgiestyle   Mobile issues sorry
    TJDawgiestyle   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Tyrell (Vagrant) Age: 22 Discord: Tyrell#2635 Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 7 (10th) Heroes v Villains (11th) What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Season 7 definitely was the fun in the pre merge I had going against a whole alliance and breaking their team up, round after round was something new and unique to stay alive and make it further. And as for Season 10... Why Do You Have Unfinished Business: I suppose I have a lot that I've proven during the pre merge but, a lot of what keeps me safe is what ultimately dooms me come merge because there's no way anyone would let me slide at that point. I haven't made a mark in longevity and subtlety, which is where I'd want business to be concluded. Dawgie
    KaylaRenee   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Kayla - Guinea Pig Farmer Age: 24 Discord: Kayla Renee#0001 Season(s) Played & Placement: S4 - 12th place What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Saving an ally (on the opposing team) by getting them to throw the vote & allowing myself and my fellow #StupidLesbian to both survive and also saving my ally :) Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: Honestly just getting a placement that's not double digits ;c
    MidnightNautica   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Midnight / Risen Corpse
    Age: 18
    Discord: midnight!#2016
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 9 - 6th
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: That round with the double elimination where Ann had originally planned to have us in coordination with Keaton eliminate Noah and Kongo through the twist, but I ended up coming to my senses (or maybe acted out of extreme paranoia that Noah implanted in me during the actual decision-making time) and forced rocks, sending Ann home. It was insane and super-stress, but it was definitely fun. Since it was still early into the game (I think it was round 3 or something), it kicked off the real Champions journey for me that season and led into actually gameplay from me. Other than that, the Green Team's losing streak and the chaos as a result of that was pretty memorable.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I had so much planned for the final stretch of the game in S9, but unfortunately I think I let it show throughout the rounds leading up to when I was eliminated. Since then, I've grown as a person and consequently a player. I'll still be a fish in new waters - with me just coming back to ORGs/being unfamiliar with the new faces on Zwooper, but I think I have a lot more to offer now. 

    Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Nate/ Professional Dumbass

    Age: 17 

    Discord: nates_great#1010

    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 4 8th Place

    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: I dont fricken know twas over a year ago or so. Id just say somehow surviving round after round even though being on the wrong side of the numbers every time, was a fun journey. 

    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: Simple. I never got my full oppurtunity. I came in on the wrong side of the numbers and ended on it. I never had the chance to run the game and play it for fun. And Now I'm a better player then ever have been and ready to take care of buisness. I wanna play to win and not just to survive,more experience and fresh off of a win, I'm ready to conquer Champions. 

    ABLaksh   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): ABLaksh/Role Reverser
    Age: 27
    Discord: ABLaksh#8550
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 14th (11th)
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Being rejected 3 times and then getting casted itself is a good memory for me :D Talking about game as the last member of team Rob, getting rid of a strong player like Typo by using coach nom points is one of my favorite memory.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: As soon as i was becoming a contender in edgic chart my journey was cut short so that definitely shows i have some unfinished business in champions arena. Getting blindsided in double eviction was not a good feeling and i would like to erase that memory and create a good one this time. I also feel like a coaches season is little bit different than a normal season with the twists & powers it had so i would like to prove how good of a player i am in a normal season also and this time i will make sure nothing remains unfinished from my side ;) Also i haven't sacrificed anyone yet lol
    evanw919   @pantherking21 has applied via Discord!
    M3LAY   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Melay "caregiver" 
    Age: 26
    Season(s) Played & Placement:
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?:
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?:
    Crazyrockina   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Crazy Jean Rockina/ Former Zwooper User
    Age: 17 
    Discord: Crazyrockina#6390
    Season(s) Played & Placement: S11| 15th
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?:maybe the fact i was cast 
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I was robbed after that 2nd round, thanks jake, and i feel like i could've done better had jake not been cast and if i was more social with Seanoh, Sassy, and Sarah. I definitely would've done better in this game now than I would've did  in Season 11.  This time around if i am cast I will do better and try to be more social and work with people that are hard for me to get along with. I however do have a request, If a certain co host is still part of production, even though they quit days before i released what happened. can it be possible for that co host to not be in my confessional because I'm scared of that person and being around them especially in something where i can actually speak my mind will traumatizes me,if that is possible i will play. if that cohost was removed i will also play. If he has to be in my confessional, this is application is fake and i shall not be cast.
    CaseyBea   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): ​Benny/Professional Flop
    Age: 20     
    Discord: BENNY#6225
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 9: 5th, Season 10: Hate Crimed, Season 13: Hate Crimed
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Despite my questionable placement history, I actually have a few memories to pick from because I am truly just that magnificent at what I do. 
    Season 9 - The round Dantee left and I was the only green team member not in hot water and fighting that round despite having a hand in causing most of the fighting and chaos and no one batted an eye. Flip flopping each side with Midnight was also really fun.
    Season 10 - Winning the endurance comp alongside Zach and going on call with Puffs and Sarah for like 4 hours the night before the Sarah blindside occured and having to pretend everything was fine and dandy; and of course being involved in the actual planning of the move.
    Season 13 - The scandelous, villainous, ruthless role reversal I pulled to get Dylan out. And also planning every single waking moment of this game out with Patrick c:
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: My placements are not at all reflective of the player I am ESPECIALLY when it comes to Champions. I know I've already played a whopping three times, but those last two times just did not end on a very good note for me and though I was able to get in a move or two, my journey on champions still feels very incomplete in a weird way. I always make these huge, chaotic moves and place my trust too heavily in the wrong people and it always bites me in the bootie and affects my longevity in the game. I know that, and I'm ready to fix it head on if I get a fourth chance to play. My schedule is wide open, I don't work as many hours anymore and I'm not taking summer classes, I'm waking up earlier...this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you can't pass up on! 
    MaloloLow   Name/Occupation: Mal / Got 19th LMFAOOO
    Age: 16 (turning 17 during the game, will probably get sacrificed on my birthday, knowing my luck)
    Discord: MaloloLow#0187 
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 7: 9th, Season 8: 4th. Third time's the charm babyyyy
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: I have very few positive memories of champions, so I'm really gonna have to search for this one. Probably me flopping OTEV in Season 8 during the challenge-based round but redeeming myself and somehow not going home during that twist again. Or, to be honest, really it was just opening every episode to see my numerous fans flooding the comment section with praise and excitement every time I survived a round, I truly do love being the center of attention.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I literally have the 3 biggest meme sacrifices in the history of champions, every single season I managed to top myself and go out in an even more painful and tragic way. Multitask was the biggest joke in Champions until I sacrificed Jon at the final 6, which made me the laughing stock of the series, until, of course, I outdid myself in season 10 and got 19th (obligatory LMFAOOO). I'm pretty much a joke at this point, and I think we all want to see me humiliated for a fourth time.
    Alanster   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Alan/Bimbo
    Age: 17.5
    Discord: Alan.ster#8414
    Season(s) Played & Placement: S1 - 10th; S13 - 3rd
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: My favorite memory would have to be watching everyone scatter while I was winning immunities but then losing the final challenge and disappointing my fan club. 
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I have unfinished business because my spotlight was stolen due to reputation. Things went smoothly my last season and what hindered my game was a brainless organism that somehow managed to enter the gates of the Zwooper community. I didn't get my due credit at the end of it all and that was disappointing. I'm not gonna say much cuz I don't want people biting, but I've learned and improved since the last time and I need to play for a third time before I go and die. I think my curse of losing finals has ended so I'm ready to go in.
    Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Chris/ Scuba Diver
    Age: 21
    Discord: Chriss#8479
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 5/ 9th Place
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: My favorite memory was when I used the Destinys Bond twist to give myself a chance of staying after being sacrificed and ended up beating ExoticSimmer in a head to head, taking out the biggest threat to win!
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I have unfinished business because honestly I can play so much better than 8th place, but at the time I let friendships get in the way of me playing the best game I possibly could have, and now as time has progressed I realize true friends will get over the sting of a backstab, because in the end it is Everyman for themselves and I am going to play the best game I can to give myself the best shot of winning, friendships go out the window at the start of the game, if you aren't benefiting my game I'm holding the door open for your ass on the way out! PERIODT!!!
    Vin014   Why do I have unfinished business? I have unfinished business because I truly think I had a handle on what was going on and successfully played the middle of the game. Had I managed to win a damn challenge I could have made a huge move. I am committed to finally getting my challenge win and proving I'm a force and not some coattail rider. Cast me because I'm a wild card with a lot to prove. I know I can make it to the end and take home the win once and for all. No more bridesmaid for me!!
    Vin014   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Vin / Slut Pig
    Age: 20
    Discord: Vin014 #7899
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 14 - 2nd Place
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: my favorite memory was making the finals. While it wasn't my ideal situation sitting with Jared. I felt accomplished though the circumstances weren't in my favor. Due to issues with my car I wasn't able to post my plea. Do I think I could have won hs I post my plea? Possibly. I definitely wish I could have gone back in time and gotten Jared out and took smash to the finals. 
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?:
    Brxan   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Bryan Shop Owner
    Age: 18
    Discord: Brxan#5041
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 9, 7th
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: At one point I was in the middle and usually I am at the bottom so having a bit of control was nive for a change.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I completely went home because of me. I think that I had so much more I could have done had I not fucked it up and I really want to prove that I could have taken it all the way.
    RobJok   Application for @evanw919

    Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Evan/Pu$$y Slayer
    Age: 13
    Discord: EvansMom#6969
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Byevivor All Stars(eliminated), The void s1 (eliminated), (also have experience in Unan1mous)
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: The one time i didnt lose
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I was eliminated 2/3s of the times ive played champions, i have so much unfinished business because i've hardly played!
    TJP1122   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): TJ / Mr. 6th Place
    Age: 22
    Discord: TJP1122#7643
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 3 (6th), Season 6 (T7th), Season 12 (6th)
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Either pulling off the double sacrifice round or enacting the Role Reversal to get out arguably my biggest competition pre-merge. Both of those moves were much flashier and riskier than I'm use to making in these games, so it was a great feeling to actually get them to work.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: Well it feels apropos to apply right after I got called out there (I see you Wicky :p). I absolutely love this game, and I've had it in the back of my mind for about 8 months now that if I was 12 seconds faster in a challenge I'm usually much better at, I would have more than likely won the season. It sucks feeling like you're so close to getting that win you wanted so badly and then it goes to shit. I proved to myself last time around that I can play this format; now I feel the need to prove to myself that I can win this game. I don't think I will be playing too many more games in the future, but this is one game that I'll play any opportunity I'll get. So please, let me back in the craziness that is Champions.
    Wicky   Name/Occupation: Wicky/Adult Entertainer 
    Age: 23
    Discord: Wicky#4865
    Season played and placement: season 12, second place
    Favorite memory of my past season: playing both sides throughout the second phase of the game when we swapped teams and tj being sacrificed after so many rounds of surviving when I was nominated besides him (the one and only time I was nominated).
    Why do I have unfinished business? I have unfinished business because that raggedy jury literally let someone win who was just out of the loop throughout the entirety of the game out of bitterness. Also, george saying he "convinced" someone to keep him in the game over someone who was already eliminated before made me want to apply. Like these people need to understand they were doing me favors not the other way around sksk. Had I kept the other person that round, I literally would have been the next biggest threat and have gotten fourth place.. like what are we not getting? anyway, the cast I was playing with just was nawt it and I need redemption luv. xoxoxo
    Jax   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Jax/ Trade of the Season
    Age: 20
    Discord: Jax#4519
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 8- 15th/16
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: I didn't have a great showing at all on season 8. I was more or less a newcomer when it came to group games so I was really happy to be able to play on that season despite my placement! I wasn't in the game too long, but being in there for three rounds and getting an episode title was pretty cool hahaha!
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: When I finally got my shot on season 8 after applying multiple times, I was ecstatic! Then, I flopped. I got blindsides after playing too hard too fast and I was devestated. I want to be able to come back on and prove that I have more that I can give. My gameplay has evolved so much since I last played, I am more experienced, and overall, I feel like this is my time to come back and prove to everyone what I know I am capable of! 

    Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Leshawna / True Beauty
    Age: 22
    Discord: jorja#9513
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 12, as the legendary Leshawna, 4th
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: It would have to be when I won immunity with my girl Lindsay after I was told I was going on the block (the day before nomination day)
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: If you saw my ZBB run, it was very similar to this: nommed round 2 then unnominated until f5 and back on the block at 4. but during that length unnominated period i was calling the shots. i wasn't in many alliances but i flipped zekie on two of his allies to work with me, i created an outsiders alliance which ended up taking over the majority, and i kept close bonds with other players who were deemed to be 'big threats'. this ensured that i was never going up, and i know this time around i'll be coming in with a target on my back so i've got to switch it up!! every round i decided what was going to happen BUT my mistake was taking out one too many big threats too close to the end and i was creating big waves every round - which led to people wanting me out, so eliminated players would leave saying "I'M VOTING FOR LESHAWNA". talent is talent baby, i had the girls presseddtt!!! also, let's talk about how i convinced someone to keep me over someone who was already eliminated from the game previously. oh, and i had every jury vote on lock had i won the f4 immunity *sheds a tear*


    Riot   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Justin / Front Desk Employee 
    Age: 20
    Discord: JChaCha #8476
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 1, 15th
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Predicting Jaws would win from Week 1 and then he won.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I haven't played since Season 1, and i've applied MULTIPLE times. I really wanna prove myself as a champion and I feel my gameplay has improved so much and I think I'd shock the hell out of y'all!
    ak47man   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Aiden/ Loser
    Age: 16
    Discord: Ak47man15 #5966
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 7 (17th) / Season 12 (15th)
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: My favorite memory...... that's a hard one since I have almost no good memories from my 2 seasons. I guess it would be when I got cast for Season 12 because was so excited that I finally got another shot, tho we alp saw how horrible that turned out. 
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I have unfinished business because both times I played I was screwed over. In Season 7 I was taken out after a role reversal that was a horrible decision for Geri. I feel like I could have made a deep run in that game if I hadn't gone out in that round due to my allies being the ones who made it far. Then, in Season 12 I was screwed by the three team format making it more likely to go up every round. This caused me to be nominated 2 times before the swap. Speaking of the swap, I was eliminated right before it and if anyone else would have been nominated with me then I would have stayed, but that didn't happen. If I would have survived that round and made the swap I had allies going forward and clear targets in the game. In both of my games j have just been put in a bad situation that I couldn't get out of mostly not to any fault of my own. I have something to prove in Champions and I think I have a case for the person with the most Unfinished Business. 
    sebby113   Evan before you skip this app, hear me out :)

    Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Sebby/ Liscensed Idiot
    Age: 18
    Discord: Sebby#6095
    Season(s) Played & Placement: The Mindscape - 14th
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: It would be just being able to play Champons and experiance the format of champpioms. I would also say round one noms because the last few hours were pretty nerve racking and I really had  to work hard already in round one
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I KNOW I have unfinihsed buisness and that i should be on this season. For the time in the game, I think my gameplay was strong, for example round one. In round one, my name got said by Tone like only 3 hours before DC. I was able to not only figure out who said my name, I in 3 hours or so was able to push an entirely new nom set and get the people going for me up by the time of DC. I was taken out due to a role reversal and its hella annoying man, it really is. I think i had to be doing something right that people had a plan that round to take me out (Right in the sense that I was playing well or something like that and thats what made them target me). Since that night, Im always thinking what would have happened if I never volunteered to go up that round, and tbh I think I would have went super far. I know I wasnt able to show my gameplay last season, so please give me the shot this season because I really need redemption after my role reversal last season. Plus you'lll be able to hear my killer jokes and who doesnt want that :)
    Tone   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Tone/Former First Boot
    Age: 15
    Discord: Tone#8637
    Season(s) Played & Placement: The Mindscape (S14) - 16th (I know, depressing)
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: I had a lot of great memories despite having an extremely short stay. I'd probably say my favorite was having a mental breakdown on a Discord Call when I got nominated and just trying to laugh through the pain as I tried so damn hard to find a way to save myself from certain failure. Good times! Oh, and getting to roast Dylan was also pretty fun ;)
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: This section is too long to be uploaded on Zwooper, so check your Discord Evan :)
    Peyton   Name / Occupation (For Name Design): Peyton / Manu Rios Stan
    Age: 17
    Discord: peyton#7672
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Super Mario - 8th / 16 | All Stars - 18th / 18
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: My favourite memory was back in Super Mario when I won CIC and took out Gavin. I remember having so much fun that round as I was making a huge move that I wanted to put on my resume. Unfortunately, my flop ass was taken out two rounds after.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I came into All Stars mentally unprepared. I was so excited to play the game again that I did not ask myself if I was ready or had the time. Quitting All Stars has left me very unsatisfied with my Champions legacy and I do not want that to be the way my journey in this series comes to an end. It is now the summer and nine seasons later I am itching to finally go back into Champions and give it all I have got. Now, am I the best player on Zwooper? Nowhere near. But I promise you that I will send entertaning confessionals, make moves and dedicate the time necessary. Whether I go all the way or am the first boot, I am bound to leave my mark on every game I play.
    Footy   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Footy/Legend
    Age: 22
    Discord: Footy#4546
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 3 and tied 2nd
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: I loved being the CIC as it was really fun having the sole decision to who goes and the power you had it was really funny that you could choose from anybody. I also just loved playing the format.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: Because way back when in season 3, It was only my 2nd game on the site and I have had no experience. I wouldn't change much except I should have taken out richie when I had the chance. This time around I am very experienced and I take out the people to win the game
    Allen   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Allen/Seasoned Fish
    Age: 17
    Discord: Allen#0005
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 4 - 10th Place, Season 8 - 8th Place
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Definitely the 8-way rock draw and the chaos that broke out during that entire round. Everyone has something they wanted to accomplish, there were a bunch of fights and different opinions, and it all ended with no agreement and 8 people risking their games. Complete and under chaos, but completely entertaining.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I evolved so much from Season 4 to Season 8. On Season 4, I was a newer user who was still trying to learn how to be a good player, and I got caught up in trying to be iconic and entertaining and coming off as a bad bitch. I hindered my own game because I was too caught up in trying to make myself look different than I was. My social game was flawed, my physical game wasn't strong, and strategically I was confused and didn't know what to do. But when I came back for Season 8 I was a whole new bitch. I kept up socially, creating and being a part of key alliances, keeping my bonds strong with everyone and making myself a likeable individual while maintaining a ring of people to work with. I won when I needed too, and even got an individual win that saved me from nomination early on. I was only ever a final nominee twice, I was avoiding nominations and staying in good social status with everyone else. I even played a major part in almost all of the decision making and moves that went on for the entire pre-merge. I had it going on until I let myself get in a nonsense fight in the main chat that led to someone forming a hatred for me that led to my elimination. But now I'm even stronger socially, I'm a good competitor, and I've learned from my past mistakes. I've been waiting almost two years to get back into this series so I can finally prove that I have what it takes, and I know that this is my time. I have so much I want to accomplish, and an unfinished business season is so perfect to end out my narrative with Champions. This is a long awaited journey, and as long as you help me take that first step by casting me, I will run this marathon to the end until that crown is mine, You know what they say. The third time's the charm... and I've waiting long enough to prove that to be correct.
    Gabe   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Gabe/Burger Boy
    Age: 18 (when it starts)
    Discord: gabe#3535
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 3 - 11th Place
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: literally nothing the entirety of season 3 was beyond embarrassing for me. 
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I've been on Zwooper for five and a half years and I've pretty much hit all the big group games twice except for this one. When I look back on games like ZBB, Byevivor, etc. I'm proud of the game I played but Champions is literally the opposite. I haven't played this game in THREE YEARS(!!) so I'll be bringing some og flavor to this cast. I've very clearly matured a lot as a person and as a player since then and I feel that returning is long overdue. I think I'm one of the only people on Zwooper who can actually do it all and have a strategic, social, AND physical game. I don't apply for much anymore but I'd love to come back.
    Tarnexter   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Tarn / Olympic People Watcher
    Age: 19
    Discord: Tarnexter#4929
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 8 - 9th/16, Season 10 - 12th/20, Season 13 - 14th/18.
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: When I found out about the plan people had to blindside Sarah and tried to warn her but she didnt believe me and then got blindsided in S10. Or the same season when I tried to blindside Tawni/TJ in the double then proceeded to fail in my goal, gaining many enemies in the process. But yet still being able to survive and work with some unexpected allies.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: Well I think I am a much better player than my placements show. Season 13 was supposed to be my time to shine but unfortunately the cast was not it for me. Turns out my closest ally was actually best friends with my worst enemy. So I got majorly swap screwed and there was no hope for me. I think there are definitely certain players I want to come back to work with, and others I want to come back to take out. I have more fire in me and I think I have experimented with different playstyles enough to know what will finally potentially work. I also have never really been able to play the merge part of the game which has always been a goal of mine so I would love to come back and experience that. Like in S10 it was so sad cuz we all thought we were merging at 12 and then we went 1 more round and of course that is the round I get out. I feel like I havent made my mark on the series and I really want to and would ABSOLUTELY LOVE the opportunity to come back and have another go. However I also feel extremely lucky to have already played 3 seasons so if I dont get cast it is what it is <3 Wishing this season the best regardless and will be there every step of the way!
    Seanoh   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Sean/Retired Twink
    Age: 26
    Discord: Seanoh#6792
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 11 - 6th Place
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Causing chaos during the double eviction to pressure Suda out of getting CIC to take me out and get Seanaconda CIC so that I would stay. Being drunk at a pool bar obviously helped with this, but in a season of me having to pry my way from the bottom and being constantly targeted, this last ditch effort to try and save my game was only amazing because it worked. Even if I left the next round, I played every card I could to stay as long as I could and the fight with Suda was iconic. Maybe the most memorable part of that season.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I have SO much unfinished business with Champions, for starters, while I was nominated countless times, I was never the CIC, so that would be at the top of my list. I made a lot of mistakes early in my season, which caused me to be on the bottom the rest of the game. I think I learned from my past mistakes, learned from some of the games greatest and definitely will not make the same mistake again this season. I was the biggest villain my season (full of A LOT of great candidates for that title) for a reason. I am willing to do whatever it takes to survive, but now I know how to do so smarter and maybe won't have to cause the main chat to blow up completely in order to do so. 
    snazzmaster8   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Snazz/Unfinished Businessman 
    Age: 20
    Discord: snazzmaster8#6145
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 14, 7th 
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Definitely being part of the biggest move, a role reversal during a double elimination that kept myself and my allies safe, and put two people who I had lesser connections with on the jury, namely miss Mikey who had been at my throat. It was a sweet moment of triumph. 
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: I was in such a good position the round I left, but sadly another savvy player was able to use this to turn things against me and cut my life short. I was gearing up to make it to the finale and possibly have a shot at the crown, but with the format of this game, everything can end so quickly. This time around, I would also look forward to playing with other great players from my season that I didn't get a real chance to work with because of how divided the game was strategically, I definitely have unfinished business with some of them (hopefully they also apply!). Evan, you took a chance on me by casting me in my first ever group game, and since then I've only been doing better out here. With my first group game win under my belt, I've proven that I do have the skills to finish what I started last time! 
    Dylan   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Dylan / Used Tampon
    Age: 16
    Discord: Dylannnn#3884
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 13: 13th Place. Lets not talk about it
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: SINGING for the challenge, and slaying it as a matter of fact, only to be role reversed and taken out. They didn't deserve my superior vocals ma'am.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: If I didn't get role reversed I know I could've done SO much more than what I had done up to that point. I had plans going forward, I had made solid relationships, I ended up just getting screwed over because there was an assigned duo in the CIC and Noms that round. I felt like my time was just cut too short, and I want a second chance to show how much I have improved since then
    Jude   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): Jude / Runs Wendy's Twitter 
    Age: 23
    Discord: Jude#0420
    Season(s) Played & Placement: s12, 5th place. Also maybe 13th place in the same season?
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Not sure if it's my fav or least fav, but staying up all night to win the battle back and almost make it to the end of the game.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: plz see above. I played too hard too early, and earned my way back in the game then was taken out just before making it to the end. I want another shot to play, and this time not anon. 
    davidprincipe29   Name/Occupation (For Name Design): David/Movie Star
    Age: 26
    Discord: davidprincipe29#3102
    Season(s) Played & Placement: Season 2 (11th), Season 5 (7th), Season 6 (4th)
    What Was Your Favorite Memory Of Your Past Season?: Making it all the way to the final 4 in an All Stars season was incredible.
    Why Do You Have Unfinished Business?: Out of everyone who has played this game, I've had the biggest upward trajectory in terms of my gameplay and placements and experiences. I was one win away from potentially winning All Stars which was insane. Can only go up from here though, so let's see what we can do. Logo

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