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  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101May 05, 2021 23:35
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Eight: Strike While The Steel Is Hot
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   These episodes are so well constructed oml
    Seanoh   I cant wait for the confessional I wrote about making people think I wasn't playing hard and playing dumb makes it into the next episode. Glad people noticed, I worked hard on that. <3
    Jude   All of the fish I named in the episode died. Carry on. 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101May 04, 2021 12:50
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Seven: No Minnows Left In The Sea
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Ugh I am a bottom tier player. I can't help it *shrugs* I definitely wasn't evil.
    MaloloLow   We do not sow
    Patrick71101   We do not sow
    CaseyBea   We do not sow
    MOTO   Oh fuck YOU, TJP 
    MaloloLow   THE MUSIC
    Zach   Moto! :( 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101May 01, 2021 14:01
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Six: Trust Is A Fragile Thing
    Spoiler alert!
    Sarah   JeremyHLikesFood 
    micks' fatass graded harshly bc he couldnt eat the submissions
    Seanoh   My number one ally is the gambling bot thank you :D 
    JeremyHLikesFood   micks' fatass graded harshly bc he couldnt eat the submissions
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 30, 2021 02:20
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Five: The Brotherhood Without Banners
    Spoiler alert!
    Alanster   Im confused lol
    King_Canine   O BLOW, MY BULLY BOYS, BLOW
    Patrick71101   @sebby113 

    Wadz13   This is basically the Dorne Plot
    sebby113   This was so much fun, thank you for casting me and Im glad I got to be apart of it, I met great people here 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 20, 2021 15:43
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Four: The Royal Soap Opera
    Spoiler alert!
    IrishCraic   Great game Josh
    Joshh   Robbed!
    Nitu   No you didn't +1ed @sebby113
    sebby113   IM pretty sure I +5ed but seing the 81 im not sure, if i +1ed so soryr
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 16, 2021 20:11
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Three: Death To The Winners
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   i HATE winners
    George   i'm so upset rn
    Seanoh   THATS RIGHT WE HATE WINNERS. Right @MaloloLow? 
    JaMarcus_Russell   Glad to see @PacoP and @Wadz13 giving duos another shot. Definitely a more appropriate setting too your combined brain power is more comparable to one player than two.
    sebby113   ew Ann robbed
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 14, 2021 11:59
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Two: Family Against Family
    Spoiler alert!
    Jude   @Clash I have a small brain idk how to do that 
    Clash   @Jude VPN exists. 
    Sassy   @Trinity2000 Love you queen 
    Trinity2000   Sassy cracks me up! I am loving these episodes, very entertaining!
    Jude   @George yes obviously, I needed in on that good good US Netflix 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 11, 2021 09:37
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter One: Fly The Banners High
    Spoiler alert!
    ShayNZ   Gross
    JaMarcus_Russell   This cast is so stacked my goodness
    Matthew1125   This is why I shouldn't do PTWs 
    Thanks everyone for keeping my flop era alive and well I couldn't have done it without you all Okay so if everyone is gonna target one friend group, you might as well target them all and there's ALOT of play well and shake shit up and I simultaneously hate but love you all.
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 06, 2021 13:02
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Pick To Win
    Spoiler alert!
    evanw919   I'm late but this memory wall is incredible
    Patrick71101   CLOSED c:
    King_Canine   I may be late but the CrazyTown duo is taking it home 
    Wadz13   #CrazyTown
    Taekwondo10   shoot! rated 1 by accident :(
    Typo   ann and sean winning. period.
    dcg786   i pick oscar. please put my name there. thanks.
    NFReal45   anaconda
    PeterC   Also im only rooting for the people wearing glasses, everyone else should be ashamed.
    PeterC   omg i missed the ptw, im suing
    Trinity2000   @Sassy is still my pick, when he wins buying a new dress
    Bombonrayo   Whoever leeft
    Matthew1125   Caseybea 
    ak47man   Joseph
    Davo   pantherking
    jaycee14   Jude
    sebby113   kenya
    Spyder   jbeaudry3
    ABLaksh   Mcquire
    Z_Woo   richie
    Trinity2000   Sassy
    Sarah   sassy
    Reynolds   Wild
    Sammy   So many to love but gonna have to go with Ann like when she won!!
    Z_Sugar   @Patrick71101 don't count mine. Wrong account smh
    Logan_   Sara
    Mikey   Joseph
    Nitu   BTW Z_Sugar lol ❣
    Nitu   Suda
    _Rob_   Mepole
    TheBreeze   Paco/Wadz
    George   MOTO!!!
    Gumball   YourBoy
    BBswag   Mal
    Peyton   Seanoh
    Z_Sugar   Jude!
    joeyc   MOTO
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 18, 2021 13:25
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Applications, Format, Twists, Prizes, and More!
    Spoiler alert!

    One last app we forgot to post whooops, @08SaraR applied via Discord c:

    Name: Sara
    Discord: SaRa#8978
    Seasons and placements: 5th in Season 1 & 8th last season
    What GoT character describes you: One time....I watched part of an episode of GoT...but I know no names. But according to the internet, I'm Margaery Tyrell? Is that a good thing or? x)
    What is your favorite CMIYC memory: There's honestly so many. I adored my extreme rivalry with McQuire way back in season 1. That was one of my favorite battles of all time on this site. Also messing with and targetting Boojess in any game is always loads of fun. And last but certainly not least, getting to play in both seasons with a few of my closest friends even though we ended up against each other in this last season! <3
    What would you do differently: I would try and work with the other 'threats' as my issue both of the past seasons have been that people target me for being a threat even though I don't really see myself that way. Shields, shields! I need those! I'm not afraid of competing in the end against anyone, so I'm not sure why I made it such a mission (especially last season) to target the threats (aka, Sara).
    What makes you an all-star: My placings may not be extraordinary, but I get them for being cutthroat, not because I'm floating. Though I haven't won, I play hard and I have fun! My first season, I was targeted extremely early on and still found a way to get the house to save me. At F5, it was indeed inevitable though I still fought hard to try and stay. This past season, I played in duos which was tough as I'm used to being in full control and I made it work. Even though we hit some road bumps and weren't always in the best position in the game, I used every strategy I could think of to get us in a better position moving forward. I feel like that's worthy of being considered allstar gameplay!

    BBswag   Name: Benjamin, Batman, BBSwag, all of the above
    Discord: you have it c:
    Season(s) played and placement: I got 6th in season 8 and 5th in season 9
    GOT Character that best describes you: I never watched it but I transcend descriptions 
    What is your favorite CMIYC memory: The butter if yk yk 
    What would you do differently, if anything: Finally get to the end I keep getting cut right before finals it's sorta not cool 
    What makes you an allstar: I've played my ass off both times won host favorite both times, and was rather fun to watch. Ik this is gonna be a crazy and and although I may regret it I am required to play it.

    Name: Dylan
    Discord: Dylannnn#3884
    Seasons and Placements: S9: 15/17. I don't know why I ever thought I could do a duos game :/
    What GoT character describes you: Listen, I haven't watched the show all the way through. I've seen all the way up to season 3 and bits and pieces after that, so I don't have an accurate idea of these characters. HOWEVER, from what i've seen I would say im Arya. First of all, she's a literal child, like me. We both have swords (I have pics if you wanna see :)))). She is very resourceful, cunning, smart, and not to mention she's a literal badass, and ofc i'm all of those things. 
    Favorite CMIYC memory: Me being CONSTANTLY lied to, me yelling at Jude was kinda funny, Mere and I's chats in the confessional, Jeremy yelling at basically the entire cast for ratings, playing that one game made by Niall Horran on call was also kinda fun. Theres a list despite me having PTSD from duo games now. 
    What would you do differently: Be way more social. Whenever I played I didn't really grasp the format as well as other newbies, mainly because I didn't know that people were saving spots for people in the trustlists and stuff like that. I screwed myself early on for not adapting fast enough. But now that I played I know,....well, how to play. I also didn't talk to enough people in time to secure my safety the first 3 rounds, and that mistake is a relatively easy one to fix. 
    What Makes You an All-Star: Even though my time in the game was cut short, I still left an impact. The fact that I got people to save me 2-3 times in a row is kinda impressive if i do say so myself. I was involved enough to still be included in what was going on with the votes and who people were targeting, and (sorry Mere) I carried that duo the best I could. I was the one that talked to everyone and tried to make as many deals as possible, but It was just to late. My paragraph about Jude should be All-star worthy enough <3. I survived 2 votes against those bitches and I still came out fighting until my elimination. I can make moves, I can create bonds, I can gain allies, and I won't be holding back. I'm playing to win, and I will show that I can play the game. 

    Wild   Name: Wild
    Discord: AJ/Wild#4972
    Seasons and placements: S1: Pitiful, ignore it. S4 Duos: 6th Carried my former All-Star Xander the whole way. Got voted out cause we were obvious Innocents. Whatever. 
    What GoT character describes you: Daenerys Targaryen. I fight loyally and bravely beside my allies and will burn my enemies to the ground with a fiery passion. Don't get me wrong, I also have a strong dark side and may just unravel into pure totalitarism by the end of the season and burn everyone and everything to the ground. We just have to wait and see. 
    Favourite CMIYC memory: When my drunk ass caught Xenya admitting to being a Death Eater on call when everyone already knew and didn't care cause Paco was obsessed. Still have the home footage to date. Makes me giggle. 
    What would you do differently: Hopefully be bad but win nonetheless. Can definitely do it without Xander holding me back. If he is an All-Star then I definitely qualify :D
    What makes you an all-star: The fact that I carried another All-Star deep into a duos seasons with a cast I didn't particularly like nor wanted to talk to. That takes a lot of emotional awareness and social sauve. Addionally, Xander and myself found ourselves at the top of the trustlist numerous times in a row and took joyrides around Hogwarts where we were able to unearth some death eaters (Burded) on accident by playing up our rouse. Trust me. I play to win and I play with a role in mind. I'm here to entertain and not pander to the feelings of snowflakes. If you want a true stark or Lannister, you may just need to cast a Targaryen to get the job down. Dracarys!
    Crazyrockina   Name: Crazyrockina
    Discord: Crazyrockina$6390
    Seasons and placements: S1- 1st, S2-1st, S3 -1st, S4-1st, S5 -1st, didn't play S6 i was on vacation, S7- 1st, S8- 1st, S9- 1st with SarahG
    What GoT character describes you: Daenerys Targaryen
    Favourite CMIYC memory: i haven't played
    What would you do differently: not play this game 
    What makes you an all-star:  I deserve to be here
    Joshh   Name: Josh!
    discord: Josh.beaudry3 #1770
    Seasons & Placements: Season 2 (14th) :(
    what GoT character described you?: Olyvar - I've never seen it but he's cute and gay like me so twins!
    Favourite CMIYC memory - Fighting my ass of when I was the number 1 target and convincing half the house to flip forcing a tie breaker challenge but unfortunately I was taken out then.
    What Would You Do Differntly? - I've grown up so much as a person & a player & I would make sure my social skills & my awareness of what's going on around me and going on In the game will push me to a way better placement then I was originally given!
    What Makes You An All-Star: All stars are not all stars just because they have a good placement. It's for the players who fought there ass of the entire time they were there regardless of how long that may have been. You always need that underwhelming allstar who didn't make it to far or do to well in there season to bring them back & see how they mesh with a cast of players who may be more farmiliar with the game. I am an all star because my short time in season 2 I made a HUGE splash! Bring me back & ill prove im the underrated allstar you never knew you needed. 
    dcg786   Name: Danny
    Discord: dcg786#7522
    Seasons and placements: Season 2: 16th
    What GoT character describes you: I have never seen GOT but I just took the quiz and got PETYR BAELISH. I guess since im "A master of manipulation, you’ve probably got so many deals, alliances, and schemes in place it’s wonder you remember your own name." Hehe sounds about right!
    Favourite CMIYC memory: You know, I did NOT last long in my season but that was YEARS ago. But, I do remember getting my passport. That was pretty memerable.
    What would you do differently: Giving the game my all instead of just winging it. Back in 2017, I never really had the effort or the skills to make moves that the others would make. I was still 14 and didn't know much about the game. I do remember it took a lot of people to take me out, even making the eviction a public vote ( which i SUCK at!!!). 
    What makes you an all-star: I feel as if I am one of the most untouched allstars on this site. I for sure have the abilities to play among the best as shown in one of my recent wins, Champions 12. I played with players such as ZBB winner Aidan, Byevivor all stars winner MOTO, Byevivor winner and ZBB runnerup TJP1122, zwooper LEGEND Angleofwater, and SO MANY MORE to name. I played that game to the grit doing things I would never see myself doing such as volunteering to go up on the block to take my targets out, throwing challenges to lose team challenges, ect.. I am the type of player where I have NOTHING to lose. Im not some big name player where i just want a high placement to keep my status up. Im not some middle of the ground player with something to prove. I am a player where I take every chance I get to make the best move possible for myself moving forward. I am one of the most notorious villians that will stop at nothing to get you out of the game. I have no problem lying to your face and swearing on my life to get ahead. I will for sure give you one heck of a game. But most importantly, I have grown SO much since last time i played which was over THREE YEARS ago. This is the PERFECT time for me to play and win this game right before I start a new chapter in my life which is college.
    pantherking21   Name: Dior
    Discord: DiorParty#8098
    Season: CMIYC 3, 13th place
    GOT Character: Robb Stark You're the King of the North! Loyal, handsome, and brave. You also hate weddings - BuzzFeed. I've never seen GOT so I have no idea.
    Favorite CMIYC memory: Cussing out Nathan. Also nom speeches were fun.
    What would you do differently? I think I've matured a lot since I played in both ORGs and irl. I've learned when to keep my mouth shut. I think if I can do that when I come back then I can really do some damage. Having a filter isn't always a bad thing. I've tried to turn over a new leaf in the way I carry myself (hence the new name I play under), and try to be more of myself instead of blowing everything up and doing things for attention. I want to try to get to know people and really bond this time as well.
    Why am I an allstar? I think anyone from my season would tell you I'm a fighter, I never stopped fighting for my spot until it was officially gone. My placement may not have been the best, but I think I proved I'm a strong player and lemme show it this time around
    MissSuda   Name: Suda
    Discord: sudaaa#9898
    Season: CMIYC9, 2nd boot :*(
    GOT Character: A mixture of Maggy's witch powers with Dany's arrogance, narcissism, ambition, and adaptabiltiy 
    Favorite CMIYC memory: All of my hopes and dreams coming to a crashing end when I had to pick sides and reveal my loyalties on day 1 
    What would you do differently: That season was sooo difficult to navigate as duos given Sula and I's opposing loyalties :( But given the context I think I would change the way that I made "amends" after Mepole/Paco's eviction (maybe less threatening and more kiss-ass-y) and try to play more of the middle rather than shove myself to one side - oh and coordinate lists with my allies more closely 
    What makes me an all star? Look, it wasn't a flawless performance by any means but y'all saw how hard we fought when it came time to fight. I don't go down easy!  I deserve a second chance!!!!!!!!! In the short time I was there, I was able to make a lasting impact with Sula. Before CMIYC ends (forever), I gotta see if I really have what it takes to make it far (and learn how to lie on call) <3 
    CaseyBea   I got rid of several gifs and emojis just to fit under the 3000 character limit
    CaseyBea   Name: Benny
    Discord: BENNY#6225
    Seasons Played & Placement: Season 6 - 2nd + Season 9 - 7th
    Which GOT character describes you?: I'm a hybrid between Cersei and Margaery. I start out any game I play very social and just super down to earth like Margaery, yet there's always something more hidden beneath the surface with the relationships I make in games rather than just a friendly smirk. And then with Cersei, she is super determined to get what she wants and does this at the expense of others which does come back to haunt her later down the road. I've experienced this...chuckles. I just need to channel less of Season 5 Cersei and more of Season 6 Episode 10 Cersei.
    What is your favorite CMIYC memory?: 
    Season 6 - I will say I was able to play and meet some of my absolute greatest friends on this website from this season alone and the fact I was still fairly new to zwooper and made final 2 in such a well known game is pretty snazzy. 
    Season 9 - Getting my first ever 1st place in a CMIYC trustlist :D (thanks Jude) and surviving halfway havoc despite being heavily targeted. Generally speaking I just felt really happy about my game this season. Plus my duo partner was super sexy too and we can't forget about the infamous self implosion of Wumbo in less than one round.
    What would you do differently?: Well I think most of us already know what I'd do differently in season 6 [indecision]  But one thing I struggle with in most games I play, not just CMIYC, is managing my threat levels. I'm a pretty dominant force right off the bat in games. Also I could've gotten 6th or 5th in season 9 had I uh, not been super chaotic the round we left but I had a very, my way or the highway attitude that round. I just have to accept the fact that sometimes in order to win, not every single detail has to go your way, but as long as you can overcome whatever fucks up for you, that's really what matters.
    What makes you an allstar: I mean, literally everything I've been through and done in both seasons I've played in CMIYC are beyond all star worthy. In season 6 I played the most upfront, chaotic, social game I think I've ever done in all my time on zwooper to this day being the last remaining redcoat of the season and making it all the way to the end. In season 9 I did a complete 180 from season 6 and played a very sly, middle ground, calculated game and was not as highkey as season 6. I have left my mark in CMIYC history...a rather unstable and messy mark, but hey a mark nonetheless!

    I've done it all in season 6 and 9, all that's left for me to do is to actually win.
    wwxcrunner1   Name: Butler
    Discord: Butler#4670
    Seasons Played & Placement: S5AS: 11th, The Upside Down Allstars Again: Quit (But techncially 8th)  
    Which GOT character describes you?: I would say that draco malfoy is the GOT character that most describes me. I get whiny when I don't get my way. I am really scary for a little bit and you may find me quite intimidating, but then you laught at me like a joke when you recognize I have absolutely no social game or pretend not to. 

    Favorite CMIYC memory: Umm so my favorite CMIYC memory actually comes from a CMIYC spinoff show that Sarah hosted. You may know it because someone named Patty unrightfully stole my crown. I actually proved what it meant to be an allstar and to play the game hard with absolutely no regrets. I loved finding a secret hidden immunity idol that I was able to use to FINALLY BECOME A BAD GUY IN A GAME. and make it all the way to the final four where i got 0 votes. Now the actual CMIYC game... i am still quite bitter about how mutliple things have gone down ;) so I need my redemption. 

    What I'd do different: Not target the Kayla Cult right off the bat (Gavin, Jess, Kayla, Xander) and maybe actually give them a chance. 2. Never ever in a million years trust a word out of Jackson Sunshines mouth... and maybe make it to single digits? 

    What makes you an Allstar: Well I feel like this series needs a consistent theme. I have only ever played CMIYC allstars and you all know I am the most iconic allstar of all. I played Allstars 1, and Allstars The Upside Down... I think it is finally time to snatch my wig and grab the crown. 

    Butler <3
    dreww3232   Name: Drew
    Discord: Drewww#2431
    Seasons Played & Placement: S9 - 8th
    Which GOT character describes you?: I think I would be Jorah Mormont. Helpful, loyal and family issues.
    What I'd do different: Well I'll try to be nice and less evil I guess, I want to redeem myself and have more of a social game!
    What makes you an Allstar: last season was the first time I played and I got Least Dramatic and Most Manipulative superlatives. I think I have the right stuff to make it. This time it will be without my partner tho. I'll play a rough game, if I'm in it
    Allen   Name: Allen
    Discord: Allen#0005
    Seasons Played & Placement: Season 4 - 2nd Place, Season 7 - 11th Place, Season 9 - 4th Place
    Which GOT character describes you?: I've never seen GOT, but I would say Daenerys because I'm that bitch. xo
    Favorite CMIYC memory: Probably in Season 9 when we all played Pysch! on call, that was a really fun night. But also just playing with my best friend in general. We had been wanting to play a duos game and we had so much fun despite coming up just short.
    What I'd do different: Firstly, I would make sure I'm more genuine in conversations and more invested in making allies. A lot of the reason why I wasn't always at the top was because some people said they didn't fully trust me because we hadn't connected that well, so I think making better connections with my castmates will do me a lot better. Second, I would definitely keep my mouth shut a little more since that's gotten me in trouble a few times. Finally, I would also say that I would make more effort to enjoy myself and just have fun, because this is one of my favorite games to play, and I want to be able to fully enjoy it once again!
    What makes you an Allstar?: I'm one of the few people who's reached the endgame more than once. I always build alliances to get me farther in the game and I make sure that I make moves rather than watch it all play out before me. I speak my mind, I take risks, I play hard, and I give it everything I've got, and those are qualities of a true Allstar. I'm socially good enough to clear a path to the endgame, I'm more likeable and popular on the site than ever, and I've progressed so much over the years that I truly believe I can be the next CMIYC winner. Also I need to be an Allstar in something, so this is my best bet hehe. <3
    ExoticSimmer   Name: Gavin
    Discord: Gavin#3722
    Seasons Played & Placement: S3: 8th, S5AS: 5th, S7: 5th, S9: Princess Gavin (N/A)
    Which GOT character describes you?: Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.
    Favorite CMIYC memory: Erica as a whole. However, most of all, my infamous car accident. There was nothing more iconic than that moment.
    What I'd do different: Make it to the end. I have come so close, so many times... but I intend to make it to the end 
    What makes you an Allstar: You can't spell Allstars without Erica (or so a wise man once told me). I mean, not to be cocky, but Erica dominated season 7. There is no denying that. It was hers to win until a certain egg lover got in the way of that... and ruined her whole plan, her hopes and dreams, everything. Now, Erica is rising up from the flames, and coming to claim her rightful seat on the throne.


    Name: Nate 
    Season and Placement: Season 7 2nd Place
    Which GOT character are you: have I watched GOT no. Will I watch game of thrones to study to dominate this game if I get casted. Yes well maybe. You know as long as I get permission from my dog. He's scared of horses.  I considered searching up a character but that did seem like a lot of work. So I will say I'm the dragon because dragons breathe fire. Not that that relates to me much but it's pretty cool and I'm pretty cool. So seems good enough
    Favorite CMIYC memory: Honestly a great fun game so many memories. I definitely would say the challenges were incredibly fun. Making a rap song my amazing picture. I really got to go all out. Though never won one. Quite a diassapointment. A lot of 2nd places. Ironic. Also the anon aspect I loved for the fact I got to figure out my gameplay and it worked well. 
    What I'd do different: The clear answer not go to the end with a winner. As I'd say that's a main reason I lost  though realistically what I did worked perfectly  enough social bonds to play the middle the whole way. Never a threat and never in threat of going. Though maybe a downfall. I would definitely attempt to play more out their and gain a bit more power for sure. I'd love to get some power trips but not overly where I'm the biggest threat.
    What makes you an allstar: The only thing standing between me and being a winner is an all star. Which basically does make me an allstar I'd say. But legit I am a one time player and played a great game the first time around beating out anonymous rookies and allstars outplaying most of them. I can be entertaining for sure and can easily be an underdog even when controlling a round. I played once and got 2nd. And coming back as an allstar it can only go up from their right? Plus this is my second time applying for an allstar season  the first time I hadn't even played before. This time I have and played well so yea that's my story hopefully it touched your hearts and your brains to have me back as an allstar. Plus I mean I gotta be the only person to ever make a rap song for a challenge. That's gotta add points.


    Summerstorm   All disappointing. i have been wanting to play.

    Name: Moto
    Discord: MOTO#0689
    Past Seasons: season 9 - 9th
    What GOT character describes you: I would consider myself a bit of Sansa Stark. I can come off as very cold and distant to some, and very warm and charming to others, all while being very strategic and cunning. Much like Sansa, im just full of surprises, and don't like to settle for less.
    Favorite CMIYC Memory: Ngl, I didn't enjoy my first time playing this game, the people were so miserable to talk to and every round I honestly just felt dissapointed by the results. HOWEVER, At final 11 it seemed like all hope had been lost. Thepu$$ySlayer and Wadz had basically backed me and my partner into a corner and most of our allies had turned on us. Luckily for me and Sean, I convinced one to duo to flip on them and keep us safe. Now surviving that vote wasn't my favorite memory. My favorite memory was seeing Mal slowly realize how much of an idiot he was.
    What Would I Do Differently: I mean I regret playing a duos season because I don't like talking to that many people. So I wish I had played the many times I was given a chance before. Aside from that, I don't think I regret anything. Maybe send a song instead of an avatar? Not trust fake lying ass bitches? Idk. 
    What Makes Me An All-Star: I just am? I mean ngl you do have good players applying so far, but whats the point of casting the big ass generic friend group thats all up in the comments right now, when you can cast ME. I'm funny, i'm smart, on the right angle i'm pretty cute too. I truly am the whole package. I do think my gameplay was overshadowed by the fact I had to balance out a partnership last season, so while I let my partner handle a lot of things, there's no denying when I was on, I was fucking shit UP. We were at the top more times than I can count, and I still feel cheated by the way we got sniped out by all the other jealous duos. I want some redemption and revenge. 

    Sassy   Name: Sassy
    Discord: SeanS#6152
    Past Seasons: Season 7, 7th Place (as Jim Hopper). How lucky.
    What GOT character describes you: I'm not going to give you a generic answer and claim to be a Stark or a Lannister or a Tyrell or the Mother of Dragons because that's unoriginal and probably overcompensating. My answer is Missandei of Naath. Her loyalty is unparalleled. Missandei chose to protect those who broke her chains and maintained that loyalty until the very end. Her hopes and dreams were not to claim the Iron Throne for herself, but to aid in the efforts of one she felt more deserving.
    Favorite CMIYC Memory: Fooling everyone during Season 7 with my identity. From what TJ and Patty told me, not a single person was able to guess who I was, and that was what I wanted to do during that season. Honorable Mentions go to defeating Steve during the Tiebreaker and accepting the Sony Walkman from Joyce and just unleashing a bit of chaos on the game.
    What Would I Do Differently: Ultimately nothing because I had a truly enjoyable time playing the game and that's what everything came down to for me. If the question was "what SHOULD I have done differently," the answer would have been to not accept the Walkman and place Billy higher on my list during the Halfway Havoc to have saved him during The Chain.
    What Makes Me An All-Star: Every season needs a person who remembers that it is all just a game. Nobody wants a season of gamebots, we've seen that storyline play out far too many times. I'm not looking to prove myself nor am I looking for a redemption story. My goal for All-Stars will be the same as my goal during Season 7: To have a good time. And hopefully this time, I don't have to disappoint my 10th grade English Teacher in doing so. 
    Tarnexter   I am so sad I never got the chance to play this game :( I have heard so many awesome things about it! But I am excited to see it play out!
    Joseph   Name: Joseph
    Discord: Joseph#1572
    Season(s) played and placement: Season 6 - 6th / Season 8 - 5th
    What GOT character describes you: After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I'm the living embodiment of Margaery Tyrell. Outwardly kind and charismatic, but secretly possessing a manipulative strategic instinct that lends itself to being able to play the game extremely well. Ultimately, Margaery's reign of power is thwarted by events outside of her control that she saw coming - sound familiar? I am Margaery Tyrell, she is me. However, my CMIYC10 journey will not end in a wildfire explosion, but rather an ascension to the Iron Throne, just like Margaery always intended.
    What is your favorite CMIYC memory: 
    Season 6:  Exposing myself as a redcoat by claiming the Aztec Gold advantage, then playing it on Carter (my biggest rival). Thinking about that move always makes me happy because it was a huge 'fuck it' moment that actually paid off. It made me the first evil role to receive a public poll advantage. Also, the S6 cast was cracked as fuck and the constant drama made the game so chaotic in the best possible way.
    Season 8:  Winning the music reward challenge or getting 1st on the list during Halfway Havoc. When the duos for that round were revealed, I truly thought I was fucked. However, not only did I survive, I THRIVED and got my fifth 1st of the season. 
    What would you do differently, if anything: I'm pretty known for my ability to dominate the overall trustlist, but after two seasons of doing that with ZERO wins under my belt, I've realised it's impossible for me to win the game in that way. So in this season I want to place much less emphasis on trustlist placements and focus on not being the biggest threat going into the endgame.
    What makes you an allstar: I truly believe this season wouldn't be all stars without me. I've played a near-flawless game as both an evil AND a good role. In S6, I was one of the biggest threats to win due to my ballsy moves and social game -  placing in the top trustlist group 5 times and receiving 2 1st places. In S8, I pretty much ran the game, pulling out all the stops to send home who I wanted, when I wanted one by one - I also went unnominated until the final 5. I placed in the top trustlist group 7 times and received 5 1st places. I first played this game at 16, where I got 6th, then at 17, where I placed 5th - now I'm 18, with a lot more maturity & confidence in myself, and it's finally time for me to make it to the endgame and win Catch Me If You Can once and for all. 
    Dean   Name: Dean
    Discord: ArcturusDean#4616
    Season(s) played and placement: S2 (4th), S4 (7th) and S5 (16th) (played the AS1 2.0 mini as well and had the same outcome as S5 lol, but I don't count that).

    What GoT character describes you: Reading the books, I associate heavily with Bran, but he was portrayed so...differently on the show that I will have to associate myself with Tyrion Lannister. I am a mix of both if I am honest. Observant, Clever, Kind, Cunning and not exactly the most athletic.

    What is your favourite CMIYC memory: Dean's Rotten Banana ahaha tbh that was a fun 'moment' the thrill of S1 is honestly something I am craving.

    What would you do differently, if anything: It's hard to say since all my times on CMIYC have been very similar, yet very different at the same time. I would hope I don't get constantly nominated, but it seems no matter how hard I try socially, I am always seen as an easy threat. I am hoping with 5 seasons different, I will have a different perspective this season, and able to ya know, maybe get top 3 of a trust list? Is that a stretch?

    What makes you an all star: I have a three season average placement of 9, which is pretty middle of the road now, given my poor performance in S5, however I have survived, if not the most, one of the most nominations. I also am just 100% dedicated to playing. Despite only being in two episodes in S5, I played in both of the optional reward challenges because I find them really fun and interesting. I'm ready to represent some of the old school CMIYC players. I also believe I overplayed in S5. I mean I sucked, but I was nominated round one, so I tried really hard to stay safe - to the point I got zero eviction votes. Which made people realise that I was just going to repeat what I've done previously, so the following round, all but one person evicted me.
    AngelOfWater   Name: Kenya
    Discord: AngelOfWater#0548
    Season(s) played and placement: S4(duos): 15th, S5 allstars: 4th, Mini: 3rd, S9(Duos): 13th (I think this just proves I shouldn't play duos)
    What GOT character describes you: Cersei Lannister does this really need an explanation? TBH I've only seen 4 seasons and so I asked Wadz and this is who he said and he's said it a few times sooo I'll go with that ;). 
    What is your favorite CMIYC memory: (let's just forget about the duo flop seasons) Secretly running allstars with Peter. Playing a massive role in the execution of jaws at halfway havoc when the plan was supposed to be me going. I also love when I said don't get first the first round.. then I got first and strategically revealed a list to expose an alliance. 
    What would you do differently, if anything: This is completely situational. For one I will never play a duo season again because clearly I'm much better playing solo. However I did improve my placement from one duo game to the next, so I clearly did learn something. As for allstars and the mini.. I also improved my placement and I basically had to play with the exact same cast so really that is impressive in itself. Now moving forward the one thing I truly realize is that I am just better in a high stress environment and the pressure of an allstars game seems to push me to thrive, with all the experiences I have I think I have figured out what works and what doesn't so I think I'd be going in with a well rounded idea of what slight improvements I need to do to make it just over that last stepping stone. 
    What makes you an allstar: Okay I'm going to give it to you straight.. if I can make allstars 1 based on my poor excuse of a performance in S4. There is absolutely no reason you SHOULDN'T cast me for this allstars, in allstars 1 I 100% showed you why I am an allstar so it would be a tragedy if I was not included in this season. That game speaks for itself and I'm already an allstar, put me in and see me prove it to you guys again! You know I won't disappoint. We all know Patrick would like some more tea in my confessional. 
    wwxcrunner1   Comes out of Retirement
    McQuire   Name: McQuire 
    Discord: Loki#2135 
    Seasons Played and Placement: S1 & 4 - 9th twice. 
    What GOT Character Best Describes You: I don't watch TV. But, I know Sean Bean always plays a sacrificial character necessary to move the plot forward. In a way, Ned Stark reflects my tragedy in both of my seasons as a semi-early evictee. 
    What Is Your Favorite CMIYC Memory: Probably being one of the few to psychologically torture 08SaraR in a game and I look forward to who will be my next victim. 
    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: My inability to hide my identity made for a challenging uphill battle. I don't regret evicting Jess in season 1 when my vote wasn't going to save her. I do regret evicting the Robby/Kenya duo in season 4.
    What Makes You An All-Star: First of all, forget that season 4 shit. I’d say my All-Star quality stems from my polarizing tenacity. My gameplay is very flawed no matter what game it is. You can attest to that. But sometimes with great risk comes great reward, which was always my moto. I am far from one of the best players in CMIYC history. After the bravado I brought to season 1, I tried to play the 'proper kumbaya' strategy in season 4 and it lead to a monumental collapse. My CMIYC journey was playing 2 times as the fool. A 3rd time and I think I got it, but still a fool :P.
    Jokes aside, I've matured as a person. Not sure if I'm still villainous. Perhaps it's time to see what new spunk I can bring to this storied franchise. I will be active if you're wondering (9.5/10 & refreshed). More Michael's in the cast the better. 
    Seanoh   Name: Sean
    Discord: Seanoh#6792
    Season played and placement: Season 8 - Winner :D
    What GOT character describes you: I definitetly would love to say one of the fancy characters like Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister, but, and hear me out I think Lord Varys is more of me in games. The older person who is super smart and makes decisions based on the information he collects. He doesn't cause a lot of waves, but is clearly very strategic/successful with the moves he makes. I just hope my fate doesn't turn out he same as his (No spoilers but if you know, you know).
    What is your favorite CMIYC memory: Okay I'll boil this down to different facets of my season:
    Socially - This is the game that I got really close with a few of my Zwooper BBFLs. And it was just so fun being able to be mischievious and dominate a game with them.
    Strategically - Making Ben tell me he liked the Michelle Obama book :D (again, if you know, you know) and also Ben's reaction to finding out Rob had been coordinating lists with us so he wrote that angry confessional that made it on the episode. Ah...good times. 
    Physically - Of course winning that final 3 challenge that cemented me as the first evil role to make it to the end of the game unnominated. 
    What would you do differently if any: Honestly, and this is going to sound really cocky, nothing. I feel like if I had done anything differently the outcome of my season would have been vastly different. I mean, my name is on one of the advantages this season so clearly I did something right ;)
    What makes you an All-Star: I was apart of, and this is a bold claim, the most successful alliance in CMIYC history. We ran the season from day 1 all the way to the end and were all unnominated in the final 5. I think beyond that, positioning my allies in way where they were seen as a bigger threat than I was so when it came time to turn on each other, I wasn't the most obvious target. Not to mention I was a known evil role with a 5% advantage and made it to the end unnominated. The first and only evil role in series history to accomplish that feat. I know coming into this season I will have a massive target on my back and will have to play much more aggressively, but I'm ready for the challenge and I'm ready to become the Tony to Kayla's Sandra in the CMIYC history books. 
    YourBoy   Name: Richie
    Discord: Richie#6457
    Seasons played and placement: S3 - 7th, S5 - 3rd, S7 (mini) - 5th, S9 - 6th
    What GOT character describes you: okay don’t judge me but I’ve actually never seen GOT. :’c so I searched up a quiz and took it and they told me that I’m Jon Snow, whatever that means.
    What is your favorite CMIYC memory: oh god, that’s a loaded question. Since I’ve played four separate times, how about I just go ahead and say my favorite memory from each game. c:
    Season 3 - surviving the Final 8 vote, because of Helen’s mistake of not submitting her vote against me. I cannot express enough how pleasantly surprised I was that day, I was supposed to be a goner haha.
    Season 5: All Stars I - blindsiding Jaws at Halfway Havoc...eeeeek. It was such a fun, chaotic move, and I would argue it’s one of the most iconic moments in CMIYC history, so it was totally worth it. Sorry again, Jaws. D:
    Season 7: The Upside Down - easy. Evan being a dumb dumb and voting Amy at the F10, saving me and leading to his elimination LMAO. Was one of my favorite moves I’ve ever made in this series.
    Season 9 - the split house dynamic was really fun tbh. Made for a chaotic and interesting game where things were constantly shifting each and every single week. Kept me on my toes and I only had a few mental breakdowns so that was cool.
    What would you do differently, if anything: hmm another loaded question. I mean I’ve pretty much done it all in this game. I’ve been a good guy, a bad guy...I’ve played under the radar, over the radar...I’ve ranked in the top four, and the top spot at that...I’ve had to fight and claw my way out of the bottom, I've been in a power position, I’ve faced a jury vote, I’ve played in a duo...the one thing I have not done in this series is WIN. So I guess that’s the one thing I would do differently.
    What makes you an All Star: I am one of the OG All Stars, and I consider myself one of the main innovators of this game evolving into how it’s played today. It would be a complete travesty if I didn’t compete for the title at least one more time. ;) I mean you can't have another All Stars season without your boy!
    anaconda   Name: Sean
    Discord: sean#2865
    Seasons and placements: Season 9 - 9th
    What GoT character describes you: never seen it but buzzfeed says arya stark!
    What would you do differently: I went WAY too hard trying to get myself in the top and in a dominant position. Definitely if I get another chance at this game I'm going to tone it down a bit and shoot for more of the middle rankings so that I don't put a huge target on my back again. ALSO another huge downfall of mine last time was playing too reckless leading up to my boot. I blindly trusted a few people as my original allies started to leave and leaked stuff that ultimately led to some duos no longer trusting me. So I'm definitely gonna just be smarter about who I align myself and who I trust with info!
    What makes you an all-star: Despite almost all my allies leaving early in the game, I was able to play from the bottom, and Oscar I got ourselves into a position where we could've made a deep run if not for the many things that went wrong the round we left!! I also created the original opposition alliance in the game and used it as a way to keep myself in the top of the rankings so that we could outlast the rest of our side when we started getting picked off. No matter how down we got in numbers though, I ALWAYS put 110% effort into flipping the vote in our favor and never let any of my allies go home without a fight. I'll bring that same energy to All Stars if I'm cast and I have a lot more to prove in this game!!

    Name: Mikey

    Discord: mikeytingz#1113 

    Seasons Played and Placements: Season 8 - 7th

    What GOT Character Best Describes You - The starbucks coffee cup that was accidentally left in

    Favorite CMIYC memory: Being nominated almost every round but still surviving 

    What Would you do differently? : I would start off by taking the charge that Im a human. 100%. As you saw in the fast game, I really think I learned from my one time playing and I made sure that I was clear as a good guy, so no one could come after me without being accused of being bad. I would keep the same social game I had, as it clearly worked out for me since I stayed in the game round after round even though being nominated, but I would absolutely play more aggressive.

    What makes you an all-star?: According to people in the game I've talked to, I was a lock for at least the final 4. Although that season I did not have the best gameplay strategy wise, compared to someone like Seanoh, I can undoubtedly say I had one of the best social games that season. Right before I quit, me and zwooper user BBswag were planning on flipping the game on its head to take out Joseph, the biggest threat left at that time, but unfortunately I had to go without internet for a while and I didnt wanna waste anyones time waiting for me. Prior to me leaving, I made sure almost every single person on that jury was my friend when they left the game, and when I would've made F4, I know I wouldn't have been voted out.  I think in an allstars season, there are plenty of people to cast who played great strategical games, but hopefully I can be one of the people who played a great social game.

    TJDawgiestyle   Gee all stars 2 you say
    ak47man   Name: Aiden
    Discord: Ak47man15 #5966
    Seasons played and placements: Season 6- 7th and Season 9- 11th
    What GOT Character Best Describes You: I would be Sansa Stark because I want to marry Joe Jonas too!!! Jk but I think I am like Sansa because at times she is very hard on herself. She can also be cold at times, and with all the things I have been through in CMIYC I have a newfound strength. 
    Favourite CMIYC memory: This is such an easy choice for me. My favorite memory is when Christina and I became the replacements of Season 9. I wanted to plays soooooo bad and the feeling of getting in felt amazing! It was just so great to have been cast for that season and to play with Christina. 
    What would you do differently, if anything: Honestly Season 6 my biggest mistake was not submitting at the final 7. I was not going to win that season anyway, but I could have made it to like final 4 most likely. Season 9 I honestly don't think I made that many mistakes. We lost because of knock knock jokes and Nestor lying to us for no reason. I was put in a situation that would have been REALLY hard to get out of and I couldn't get out of it. 
    What makes you an all-star: I think I am an all star because of my trajectories in both of my season. I was an escape artist my first season. My main goal was to not go home every time I was nominated, and it worked for me 5 times. I took myself out of that game. My elimination that season was all because of me and not because of anyone else. I came back for season 9 and I wanted to prove that I shouldn't be remembered as just forgetting to submit and being an escape artist. I came back and started climbing the trust lists round after round. I was positioned well in the game until the whole other side of the house turned against me and Christina. I was seen as a sheep my first season, but I made moves and turned against my "shephards." I had a hard time my first season, but I overcame the adversity and proved that I can play CMIYC well. I have things to prove in this game, and I want to prove it with an all star level cast. I gave Patrick and TJ a glimpse of what I could do in this game in Season 9 and I want to prove to them that I am a good player
    MaloloLow   Name:  Mal of House Byers, First of His Name (and on the trustlist), the Unburnt (Raw) Egg , Queen of Hawkins and the First Flayed, Khal of the Great Duloc Swamp, Breaker of Safety Chains, and Mother of Will Byers
    Discord: MaloloLow#3321
    Seasons Played: Season 7 (3rd) & Season 10 (5th)  >:(((
    Favorite CMIYC Memory: At the final 7 of season 7, I ended up flipping the vote to save myself 43 seconds before the DC. I also had a math final on that day, and I had been struggling a lot that semester with figuring out how to balance Zwooper and schoolwork, and so being able to go into school and absolutely destroy that test, and then come home and absolutely destroy CMIYC was a really meaningful moment for me. idk it doesn't seem that significant but it was actually like, a big positive turning point for me, and I'm really thankful cmiyc brought me that :D
    What GoT Character Describes You: Imagine if having 2 broken legs wasn't Brandon Stark's only personality trait, and I fit perfectly. I'm all-knowing and all-seeing, had a bowl cut when I was 6, people love me so much they would drag me through the woods on a sled for 10 billion months, I'm definitely too young for the amount of power people willingly give me in games, and i most CERTAINLY am going to end up on the Iron Throne at the end of this season. 
    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: As you well know Patty, I will defend both of my CMIYC games until the day i die, i do genuinely believe i did almost everything i could both times out. BUT I do think that had I been more assertive during the final 9 of CMIYC 9 (what's up with these important rounds having matching round numbers and season numbers), and if I had put my foot down more definitively when I learned there was trouble in paradise within the Wumbo alliance, I may have been able to prevent some of the threats from tanking each other that round.
    What Makes You An All-Star: Little ol' joyce byers, an all-star?? can it be so?? It mayyyyy be true that I was able to come onto an anonymous season, post one of the highest overall trustlist placements in CMIYC history, and then come back and do the exact same thing with a cast of 34 people. It could potentially be technically accurate that I was so robbed on season 7 that y'all literally changed the rules of the game. Supposedly I "survived despite campbell's curse" and "socially dominated 2 seasons" and "made charts upon charts upon charts to execute a variety of plans" but who knows if any of that is true. Really, the only thing that matters is that I've told several egg jokes deserving of a good hearty chuckle. You know how much I want this. A CMIYC host always pays his debts, and I'm owed a win.
    mepole   Name: Michael (or your friendly flayed science teacher Mr. Clarke)
    Discord: mepole#0666
    Seasons played and placements: Season 3 - 2nd, Season 7 - 6th, Season 9 - 17th (Just don't look at that one)
    What GOT Character Best Describes You: I'll go with Tywin Lannister. He is highly strategic and doesn't let emotions cloud his judgement. He does what's best for himself and his family in any situation, and I may or may not have been shot in the gut while on the toilet before. 
    Favourite CMIYC memory: I would have to say season 7, going around exposing Joyce for being a flayed, and then everyone being completely shocked when hopper turned out to be a legend, meaning I had completely hoodwinked everyone about my secretly flayed status. Also writing that amazing TJ roast.
    What would you do differently, if anything: This sounds like a question focused very much on season 9. The thing I realized there, is just how much importance is now placed on confirming placement trade deals, as compared to some of the earlier seasons. I would need to formalize a lot more of my trust in the early game, as opposed to basing it more off of actual trust, which I did earlier.
    What makes you an all-star: In both season 3, and season 7, I had a very solid shot at winning, had one thing been different. In season 3, I wasn't nominated until the final 6, and still managed to stay in a tie against a much smaller threat. In season 7, had Joyce been evicted over Hopper in the final 7, that game looks completely different going into the endgame, and I think I have an excellent shot at making it to the end, and bringing home the win. Plus, I was the first person to really go crazy with my spreadsheets.


    Name: George
    Discord: george#9513
    Season played and placement: Season 6 (the best one MWAH) - 3rd
    What GOT character describes you: I have never seen a single episode but saying that I'll say the character that describes me best is the guy who deserved to win but did too well so his peers killed him - there must be a character like that, right?
    Favourite CMIYC memory: I think when I came 1st in the final trust list when I was the only one unnommed. Also, the ICONIC and LEGENDARY final 7 or so, it was so fun to play with all stars before getting a ticket to all stars.
    What would I do differently, if anything: I would make sure no one cheats. HMMMMMMM. But seriously, I would make sure I don't bring a duo to the final four and consider what the jury thinks when making my moves. Last time I knew my game was the strongest and thought that would be enough for the win. However, I didn't think about two of the finalists being from the same alliance and the majority of the jurors wanting them to be in the final two. I don't have any plans going into this season, I know where I made my mistakes. What made my game so good last time was my ability to be flexible, so I will be prepared for anything.
    What makes me an all star: I genuinely think I am the best to never have won this game. I perfectly played the middle of the game between two very tight alliances (some say premades, others say friendships). I have never formed tight bonds with people on this site and this game was no different, I came in and was an outcast in the first two lists and I knew I had to change something up. I started to play my social game, I formed tight bonds with key players from both alliances.I took the top tier players from both sides and I rolled with them, which is why our cast was so strong after the halfway point. Also, I was in the top 4 of every list from round 3 until the final. I made it to 3rd UNNOMINATED (which I THINK is the furthest anyone unnommed has ever gone). I made move after move, taking Sarah out, realised my impending fate at final four and exposed the plans of taking Carter out for 3rd - which led to Carter's quit, I had Carter as a sheild by ensuring he was never nominated until near the end of the game - at halfway havoc I split the vote but threw one so he would continue to be unnommed (underated move of the game imo). 

    overcome   haven't *
    overcome   name: overcome
    seasons played and placement- I haven't yet but you know I wanna to tho
    what got character describes you- Robert Baratheon i took a test
    Favourite CMIYC memory looking forward to makeing some
    What would you do differently, if anything nothing have failed yet
    What makes you an all-star    that dose
    Zoicy   this looks amazing!
    Nitu   Why a fucking All-Stars . Damn I wanted to play this
    PurplePony13   Name: Ann
    Discord: pAnnda#8620
    Seasons played and placements: Season 6- first 
    What GOT Character Best Describes You: I just took a buzzfeed quiz and apparently I’m Arya Stark. I’ve been informed by a few people that it’s accurate. 
    Favourite CMIYC memory: Oh gosh there are so many. I think I need to mention two here. Firstly, when I revealed all the trust lists and I had Aiden dead last on my list while he had me first. Secondly, I have to mention the time the cast bonded over sharing pinky pics and we all bullied Joseph for having a weird pinky. OH and when Joseph and I announced our marriage :D Ah memories.
     What would you do differently, if anything: My biggest fault in that game was feeling bad about voting someone who was clearly not working with me. Aka Sarah. I think I need to be more aware of what’s happening around me and not be blinded by personal opinions of people. 
    What makes you an all-star: I worked hard to play a good under the radar game. I managed to make it through the entire season without being nominated except at halfway havoc due to a twist. I want an opportunity to change my gameplay and see if it can bring me just as far as the first one did.
    Jude   Name: Jude
    Discord: Jude#5266
    Seasons and placements: S8 - 4th place, S9 - 7th place
    What GoT character describes you: Ummm I just took a quiz and it said, Jon Snow. That doesn't seem right though... 
    Favourite CMIYC memory: Honestly, getting to play as a duo in season 9 with Benny. It's crazy to see how his mind works in games and it was such a good learning experience for me. 
    What would you do differently: I think this obviously has to go back to S8, I stuck with Sammy/Joseph/Sean too long and it ended up being my downfall. I would have turned on them around f7/8 when I had the chance. 
    What makes you an all-star: I feel that my gameplay between s8 and 9 grew substantially, despite placing lower. In s8 I played to place well and did that in coming 4th, but also didn't set myself up for success. In season 9 it was a totally different story, me and Benny ruled the majority of the game by playing the middle nearly flawlessly, but eventually, this power came back to bite us. Had we not been such huge targets at that point, I think we had a real shot at winning. I feel that my growth between the two seasons as well as two solid placements makes me an all-star. Plus I'd look good in that armor, let's not lie. 
    sebby113   nooo allstars, patt why now I cant apply 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 11, 2020 10:53
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Fourteen: And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    jakethesnake   Yay!!
    NestorR   You're welcome to future players for breaking the glasses/shade curse ya'll don't have to spend that extra amount of chips for glasses
    NestorR   GG thank you again to the host and cast for an amazing season. Shout out to the jury members and public who voted vote for me <3
    08SaraR   Nestor kicking ass and taking names per usual! : )
    MaloloLow   another amazzeee season :D tj and patty can do no wrong
    AngelOfWater   Congrats Nestor! 
    evanw919   King Neto
    Jude   iconic season, congrats @Nestor <3 
    Peyton   Congrats Nestor!!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 08, 2020 21:54
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Thirteen: Time To Finish What We Started
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   Wow it's like literally every good contender got knocked out
    Logan_   allen is an ogre tho
    Jacob   And you need a lobotomy @dcg786
    dcg786   nestor needs this
    CaseyBea   Well deserving final 2, good luck to you both
    Bombonrayo   iconic f2
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 08, 2020 08:07
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Twelve: If The Avenues Don't Work Try Side Streets
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   I think I'd put another team's final 9 reward challenge choice at the very top of the list of bizarre reasons I've fallen just short of a win... TJ & Patty, thank you so much for having me back  It's been an honor, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in Sir Benjamin

    The Mal News Bens may have lost this time but...
    Joseph   two cmiyc legends <3
    JeremyHLikesFood   k we r stanning david
    CaseyBea   Haha nerds
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 05, 2020 14:57
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Eleven: Yet Another Onion Fooled, The Muffin Man Schooled
    Spoiler alert!
    Dean   Dang. Good game sara / Richie!!
    Saratoga652   Another game, another leaving next to jude. Sounds about right
    Jude   me and Saratoga going out back to back again. All is right in the world
    Geri   This is the one and only (so far) game I +5 automatically without even seing the content. Only after I look at the actual post XD
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 04, 2020 03:05
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Ten: When The Chess Pieces Revolt
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   my babies <3 icons in every sense of the word and im so proud of them 
    Zach   Hunties... 

    "I'm sure it's satisfying to know your departure will be what sets the slippery slope in stone"

    Indeed I am.

    Love you TJ and Patty, thank you for everything

    Jude   Sobs, thanks for having us Patty and TJ, it was lots of fun <3 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 02, 2020 07:13
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Nine: It's Not Like The Old Days
    Spoiler alert!
    dreww3232   it's been an honor for me too! I love you guys and thank you for the opportunity!
    Logan_   glad dreww's out, sad Sara's out :((
    TJDawgiestyle   GOOD
    08SaraR   Aweeee!!!! Thank you both for this experience once again!! And thank you, Drew, for putting up with my shenanigans! :P
    CaseyBea   7.) Benny/Jude: 3 gotta love it
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 30, 2020 04:05
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Eight: Drinks On Me, I Hope You Leave...
    Spoiler alert!
    MOTO   The lies...
    MaloloLow   ARE YOU READYYY
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 27, 2020 11:59
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Seven: What A Great Player, Monsieur Hood
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   ​
    Candi   Thanks a lot for giving us a chance ❤️
    Bombonrayo   Thank you so much for having uuuus ❤️
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 26, 2020 04:50
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Six: Someone's Always A Sacrifice
    Spoiler alert!
    dcg786   wtf 
    TJDawgiestyle   GOOD
    Sammy   Haha Evan sux 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 24, 2020 05:20
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Five: Chickens, Rats, Snakes, & Goats Oh My!
    Spoiler alert!

    knock knock

    Wicky   sobs for christina 
    TJDawgiestyle   considering that the knock knock challenge was like a week ago yall must be super freaking ahead
    Peyton   These votes have been quite close! Such a good season so far.
    Joseph   this was a sickening elim Logo

Spoiler alert!

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