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  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101April 02, 2019 02:00
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 15: And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    Sassy   Couple of things:

    1. YAY DANNY! 
    2. I also wouldn't trust @boojess with McDonald's coupons.
    3. That TEASER.
    4. Well done Patty and TJ. 
    4Real   booooooo
    DankDrake   Congrats to Danny! Gotta say tho, my 2 faves this season were my buddy boi @Wadz13 and my storytime bud @AngelOfWater for being absolute badasses. Can't wait to see season 6 (or play?)
    Alanster   yay I get 100 chips
    Madskie00017   Congrats @DannyT !!! OMGee you Slayed it !!!!
    iiAmySunshine   Thanks for voting me for Most Social, Most Manipulative and Most likely to be a fugitive cast! Also, my "Most Unicorn" is basically the award for the gayest contestant LOL, thanks hosts <3 I had a blast playing and though i didn't make it as far as I wish I could've, I definitely left my mark on the game as one of the greatest players and winners to play <3
    ArcturusDean   Half the cast thought I'd be out first and the other thought I'd make it to F4...
    ExoticSimmer   saucy: ​sexually suggestive, typically in a way intended to be lighthearted.
    wwxcrunner1   This was an absolutely incredible game! You two were absolutely wonderful hosts. It was amazing playing my first time in an ALLSTAR game especially because it was high caliber from day one. Much respect to both of you and thanks for the Villian superlative TJ! I will wear it with pride. Really happy that both of you made the final 2! You both played incredible games! 
    MOTO   This season was amazing 
    MKtyler23   amazing season patrick and tj! I absolutely love following along, cant wait to apply for next season!!!
    evanw919   Patrick/TJ, y’all are the hosts I aspire to be, amazing season as always!!

    And congrats Daniel, well deserved!
    Connor   Congrats Danny!
    iiAmySunshine   I love my "Most Unicorn" Award! Thanks Hosts <3
    RussellvsRob2019   Super happy for danny.
    shoutout to kenya for playing a kickass strategic / manipulative game. we stan women villains. Queen
    Bailey   Omg I can be a dead man thanks for letting me a be on CMIYC 6 yayyy
    Bailey   Um that twist is ... dumb
    Bailey   I was the first to plus
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 31, 2019 02:00
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 14: This Isn't The Real Housewives Of CMIYC
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    MKtyler23   awesome work to patrick and the remaining contestants on one of the best seasons yet in my opinion! I absolutely LOVED amy's little bit and the work put into these <3
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 29, 2019 09:10
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 12 & 13: It's Been A Wild Ride...
    Spoiler alert!
    popular   kenya is a queen lmfaoo omg... if richie wins cmiyc is getting cancelled xx
    Xenia   What a perfect F5 it was. Star players. All my favorites. Well played, you guys
    ExoticSimmer   thank you for the chanel gif...
    RussellvsRob2019   Kenya & Kayla both such classy queens 
    Chilltown56   "Kayla, you are not the one" Ouch! lol
    Peyton   Literally Kenya is winning.
    MOTO   There goes the trade of the season.... 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 26, 2019 09:04
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 11: Let The Chips Fall Where They May
    Spoiler alert!
    MOTO   This season just took a TURN.... Robbed as fuck
    boojess   "Mostly David Highlights" I CAN'T LMFAO
    Madskie00017   Im sad with this that two of my Favorite People in Zwooper got nominated 
    Nates_great   Fucking robbery
    Peyton   At this point I’m either voting for Kayla, Gavin or Kenya to win..
    RussellvsRob2019   wow i fell in love with david just now 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 25, 2019 04:50
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 10: I Feel Like The Tony Vlachos Of CMIYC
    Bailey   Evan when people talk to themselves in third person we know they are delusional and we can definitely tell you are by that third comment opp
    evanw919   @evanw919 @evanw919 you guys do know he has a girlfriend right? Like I know he’s a stud but get off his dick
    evanw919   @evanw919 Ugh ikr! He was playing such a good game
    evanw919   Dang Evan was so robbed
    RussellvsRob2019   i love u
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 24, 2019 19:06
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 9: Every Queen Has To Fall Sometime
    Spoiler alert!
    MOTO   This was... a choice..
    Sassy   I am absolutely fucking SCREAMING.
    Jaws123   Thanks so much Patrick and TJ :) happy to have played this season :D I will still never understand Richie saving the one player who targetted him every single round but ohwell it is what it is.
    RussellvsRob2019   god richie messed up evans plan

    This was the gif after my last comment LOL! Love you all and thanks for having me Patrick and Tj <3 It was a blast to play again!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 23, 2019 18:21
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 8: Sometimes You Gotta Make A Deal With The Devil
    Spoiler alert!
    PacoP   nien
    boojess   Jaws123 
    Ew that confessional about me was pure cringe.
    MOTO   Omg nooooo
    Jaws123   Ew those confessionals about me are pure cringe.
    RussellvsRob2019   Kenya really coming for team ugly hmph interesting. 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 20, 2019 08:55
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 7: Really Glad I Drank Three Glasses Of Wine Before This
    Spoiler alert!
    DankDrake   YES WADZ
    Sassy   ROBBED.

    But also, "A Reasonably Polite Dialogue" fucking GOT me.
    MOTO   yuuuuu another episode c: 
    RussellvsRob2019   beautiful 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 18, 2019 08:15
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 6: These People Have A Shared IQ Of Six
    Spoiler alert!
    JaMarcus_Russell   NOOOOO AMY. Ugh its ok tho @Jaws123 is gonna win anyway so
    MOTO   Robbed as fuck!! Patty you better fix this efective immediately 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 15, 2019 08:13
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 5: Definitely Not Chaining Myself To The Slot Machines...
    Spoiler alert!
    MKtyler23   wadz is a fugitive therefore, kill him.
    wwxcrunner1   Had so much fun! Also always a fun compliment to see you have sheep ;)! I wish the rest of the cast the best of luck, and wish that friend groups were willing to turn on each other! 
    Patrick71101   i agree c:
    MOTO   Ok but like... Team Patty is winning
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 13, 2019 08:19
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 4: Sitting Pretty In Middle City
    Spoiler alert!
    McQuire      1 for each nominee. Helenorobbed.
    ArcturusDean   Robbery after robbery
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 11, 2019 09:28
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 3: You Might As Well Call Me Frank Abagnale Jr.
    Spoiler alert!
    Gurgs   Awww TJ and Pat thanks so much for the kind words <3 it was a blast 
    iiAmySunshine   Based on your trustlist placement, no one's gonna be calling you *giggles* jk jk LOL!
    ArcturusDean   Called it. :) :)
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 08, 2019 00:58
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 2: I Love Bonding Over Our Shared Hatred
    Spoiler alert!
    ArcturusDean   I don't think people wanted me to do the same as I did S4 lmao. Also I didn't want to spend my entire game being a pawn. Sad that I didn't make it far in AS but I know I deserved to be an AS. Thanks for casting me.
    Aaliyahh   I am not sure what this is at all, but it looks like a Skype game! This looks so cool!
    ChrisDWa   The episode title is Sara and I in season 1 about jess
    PacoP   Wadz did that. I don't know what.. but he did it.
    evanw919   This music is a bop
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 05, 2019 10:23
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Episode 1: I'm Going To Go Cry In The Shower For The Next Few Hours
    Spoiler alert!
    Sassy   THE ROBBERY.
    Peyton   Completely shocked with the first boot! Wow. Great episode Patrick & TJ. Gonna be a great season 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101March 03, 2019 04:59
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Pick To Win
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   CLOSED ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    TheBreeze   @ArcturusDean ?
    Sassy   DannyT
    Peyton   also may I add how stunning this memory wall is!
    RussellvsRob2019   whoever is left
    SharonMaItems   @DannyT cause i want a PTW eitherway LMFAO
    Jqred   Gurgs 
    Peyton   Evan
    Chilltown56   Helen
    Joseph   Exotic
    CES4826   evanw919 :P
    HKT   @YourBoy
    Trny   KaylaRenee
    Trinity2000   PeterCampbell
    McQuire   Helen
    Wild   Xander
    joey2121   GAVINNN
    mila   Arcturus dean
    Nates_great   GURGS
    Sammy   jess
    King_Canine   Jaws
    boojess   Gavin
    MKtyler23   DANNY!!
    Aaron_A   actually Kenya sorry!
    johnnyscott1127   danny
    carter3978   Peter
    Aaron_A   Jaws
    Madskie00017   iiamysunshine
    Vlatemier   Peejoit
    cosmicbliss   Kenya
    PacoP   Wadz
    Bye   boojess
    Allen   KAYLA
    08SaraR   Peej
    Wicky   amy!
    KiwiConnor   @jaws123
    sagiking365   @Wadz13
    KiwiConnor   cmon Jaws123 u got this baby
    mepole   @YourBoy
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101February 15, 2019 07:00
    ★ Catch Me If You Can 5 ★ | Applications, Format, Twists, Dates, Prizes and More :)
    Spoiler alert!
    Icelina   wtf where is my app
    Patrick71101   *One last one we forgot to post 

    @KaylaRenee has applied via Discord
    Name: Kayla
    Discord: You have it
    Season's Played and Placement: 2 = 1st, 3rd = 9th (I think)
    If you had to put 3 things on your CMIYC resume, what would they be?: 1. I annouced I was a killer mid-way through the season 2. Won as a confirmed killer 3. Slayed the baking competition ;)
    What would you do differently, if anything: I wouldn't do anything different, but both seasons I have played completely different games, and plan to do the same.
    What makes you an All-Star: I won, why am I even making this? <3
    Anything else you want us to know?: I love you
    Patrick71101   Applications are now closed!
    We'll catch y'all tomorrow for the live cast reveal 
    McQuire   Name: McQuire
    Discord: mcquire#8263
    Season's Played and Placement: 1 & 4 =  9th
    If you had to put 3 things on your CMIYC resume, what would they be?:
    1. The only pyscho to play as evil twice so far.
    2. In S1, from go, I was a dramatic shit-stirrer who spawned a divide and was at the core of despicable thought.
    3. In S4, Aaron and I were together. Although 2 of our most dishonorable trustlist's were exposed early on, we shadily survived as the last death-eater duo nominated.
    What would you do differently, if anything: Nothing, you are what you eat. But, to score better in the here and now I need bashful chaos-ateers prouncing around town to compliment my psyche.
    What makes you an All-Star: An unrelenting spirit, a lost soul and oppression. I don't consider myself the best based on results. Nothing more than a friendly nightmare. It's in my compulsive nature to vuck over everybody I've ever known. Idc what placement I get.
    Anything else you want us to know?: I'm pretty busy but things should slow down in a few weeks. You two know my inner voice better than who sleeps in my bed. Nobody on Zwooper trusts me. Sometimes it's easier living the lie. 
    evanw919   Damn, Zwooper really just put a blank line of text in the middle of the screenshots huh

    Peejoit   Jaws - Good :)
    Jaws123   That app seriously makes me feel sick
    Peejoit   Name: Peej
    Discord: Y’all already know
    Season Played: S2 - the dubious seat of honor 4th.
    CMIYC Resume - 1 - All the winner’s run around talking how they’re the greatest to ever play the game, but let’s be honest. I wrote the book on this mother fucker! So resume aspect #1 - I am the literal GOAT (with all due respect to The Queen of Cons, Kayla),
    2.) The only unnommee player in the history of the game, derailed by the temper tantrums of children. I was an artist not appreciated in his own time.
    3.) Drama maker supreme! About 80% of confessional in my season were me causing arguments between cast mates. A strategy I perfected.

    What would you do different? Nothing. There are a butt load of winners but only one unnommed.

    What makes you an all star? I hate to repeat myself but let’s be honest, I’m at minimum the greatest to never win and if we got a few cocktails in Patrick and Tj, they might just admit I’m better than the winners too. Also this will be Zwooper farewell tour. If it last a day or the whole game, it’s the last of Peej. End of an era! Let’s go together!
    Gurgs   Name: George
    Discord: you have it...
    Seasons played: Season 1 - Number 1 Baby :P and we don’t talk about Season 
    CMIYC Resumé; 1. My fued with Taek season one and managing to take him out in a 6-1 vote... a proud moment. 2. In season 3 entering the building and getting number one on week 2. 3. Lying about getting third and blaming Helen ‘twas fun while It laste lol
    What would you do differently: Honestly nothing. The slightest thing could’ve changed my game in s1 and why change a winning game right? And in season 3 I had no shot of winning. No one wanted a past winner to win again. So for me to go in there and stir the post as much as I did in two weeks I was super happy with what happened and how I managed to play, especially dodging the bullet for a while. 
    What makes me an all star: I won season one. I know what it takes to win this game.... while I’m also again concerned that I’ll be a major threat coming into that game, I’m here to play and won’t go down without a fight. You know I will give 500% if I’m cast and you know I’ll shake things up, I mean come on I even have an advantage named after me. Ik influential and lm manipulative... the two things you need to win this game. If I don’t qualify as an allstar then nobody else should ;) 
    Jaws123   Name: JAWS

    Discord: Jaws123#8145

    Season(s) played and Placement: Season 2 - 5th Place|| Season 4 - 3rd place 

    If You Had To Put Three Things On Your CMIYC Résumé, What Would They Be: My first one would be, I am one of the individuals who have spent the longest duration in the CMIYC game, Second would be I have made it near the end both times but have been screwed over by someone in the cast robbing me of my win. 3 would be I tend to read into things instead of taking things at face value I like to anayse to try and uncover the eviil players within the game helping me get to the end. 

    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: I would stick more to my gutt and stop listening to other people that seems to my downfull on both season is most of the time my human instincts are correct but I tend to get dragged down by opinions of other players so I need to stick to me and my gameplay.

    What Makes You An All-Star: I am Jaws. I was voted biggest villian by TJ in season 2 *looks at TJ*, you both know i play to win and I fight like hell, I play a great social game and have managed to make it far in both games making me someone whos played the game the longest and hopefully this time will manage to finally get the damn crown. 
    ExoticSimmer   Name: Gavin

    Discord: Gavin#3722

    Season(s) played and Placement: Season 3 - 8th Place.

    If You Had To Put Three Things On Your CMIYC Résumé, What Would They Be:  1. Remaining unnominated until the final 8--and tragically leaving the first time I went up due to someone forgetting to vote (sobs). 2. I had an average trust list placement of 3.9 (consistently being placed in the top 7/10 rounds). 3. I am the sauciest player to EVER play CMIYC and those are the FACTS.

    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: Make sure no one forgets to vote... and unintentionally send me out of the game.

    What Makes You An All-Star: I played an amazing social and strategic game and was clearly targeted for it. However, despite being a big threat, I was only nominated one time against all odds and only left due to someone not voting in time by mistake. If this wouldn't have happened, the game would have turned out a lot different. I also went unsuspected as a murderer for a long time, and even when people did realize, it took a long time to actually take me out of the game. Thank you. <3
    PeterCampbell   Name: Peter

    Discord: petercampbell0704

    Season Played and Placement: Season 3 and 3rd!

    If You Had To Put Three Things On Your CMIYC Resume, What Would They Be:
    1) I confronted Richie after I had heard he was trying to get me nominated mid game, and we talked it out and ended up on the same side again and completely changed the game (as the other players assumed I would have been mad and wanted him to go home). It helped take control of the game up until the finals.
    2) I only had 1 vote against me the entire game, and I got 3rd place, while never really being able to secure a top spot for most of the game, I clawed my way to the finals.
    3) A move that basically cost me the game, but I have to add because it changed the game, was that I took out Helen(the last murder) instead of Amy(who had played a flawless game) at final 5, forcing the final round to happen. Aiden was trying to get a jury vote from Amy by tossing her a vote, when we all had agreed to vote her out 4-1, and I stuck to my guns that if he kept her safe then I would as well which basically ruined both of our games. (I can be stubborn sometimes) 
    4) And just for fun, I thought I had some pretty entertaining confessionals you know you can't miss out on that!

    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: In looking back, I think if I would have voted Amy out at final 5 I may have had a better shot at claiming a spot in the Hall of Fame!

    What Makes You An Allstar: I was able to take a game that I had started out strong, and by the middle of it was on my last leg, to then completely flip it around to control the last part of it. Not only did I get to the finals and ultimately 3rd place, I went through the entire game with only one vote against me.

    Anything Else You Want Us To Know: LOL I just really enjoyed Danny's (wwxcrunner1) application! #LetDannyPlay
    Loudnesoverload   Name: Xander
    Discord: Xander#6364
    Season(s) played and Placement: 3rd season,12th Place 4th sesason, 6th Place. 

    If You Had To Put Three Things On Your CMIYC Résumé, What Would They Be: I found a evil role during the first round in both seasons. I gave a great storyline in season 4, using all the chats given. I was robbed at 6th place. 

    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: NOT TRUST AMY! and to be more cautious about what im gonna do. 

    What Makes You An All-Star: I came in playing my best each time getting further in season 4 proves that when im not being targeted by being with one person I can mantain good relations and stay robbed of a win. 
    Patrick71101   @KaylaRenee :o
    KaylaRenee   i meant CMIYC.. oops LMAO
    KaylaRenee   I'm the best YANTO player there has been so far - do I even need to make an app? xo
    Swish   Name: Marcus
    Discord: Swish #4320 (It is New)
    Seasons Played in and placements: S1 15th Place and S4 14th Place 
    If you had to put 3 things on your CMIYC resume what would they be?: 
    1. I played a duos season by myself and survived four rounds 
    2. I was a strong social player in s4 and my bonds showed in the lists 
    3. My confessionals were good 

    What would you do differently: nothing it’s not my fault or Ari’s that he couldn’t play 

    What makes you an all star?: I didn’t want to apply to this game if I didn’t think I was an all star and I know my placements weren’t good BUT I never had my shot to play fairly and I think it will show in a game of all stars that I deserve to play and I will do well

    Anything else you want us to know? Nope but give me a shot 
    AngelOfWater   Name: Kenya
    Discord: AngelOfWater#0548
    Season(s) played and placement(s): Season 4: Duos: 15th Place
    If you had to put 3 things on your CMIYC resume, what would they be?: Having only played in the duo season and having it cut short I feel like when the tides turned I did fight hard to the bitter end and flipped some votes in our favor, was literally ONE vote short. I feel like my choice of partner showed I was willing to take a big risk signing up with a very polarizing player and had to deflect a lot and I feel like I was doing an amazing job with that. My social game and my likability and my ability to gain trust is huge and really did conflict other teams that had issues with my partner who they vocally said they don't trust. I also feel like my tea with an evictee impacted the game a lot at least from those in the game.. some complained to me about it and some thanked me for it. 
    What would you do differently, if anything: I would do EVERYTHING differently because I wouldn't be in a duo. I would get to play for myself. I want to see how I would do on my own, I went into that game not knowing what to do or how to play and even though I was only there for a short time, I feel like I learned a lot and I would completely change how I play and do much better. I would put way more time and effort into this game because last time I made the huge error of trying to play that game with a HUGE choices game at the same time, so my focus would not be split like it was. Plus there would be waaay less people to worry about since it's not double the amount of people. 
    What Makes you an All-Star: What makes me an allstar is the fact that you guys didn't get to see what I'm capable of because I was in a duo. I have by far one of the best social games on this site and lets face it I'm always an allstar. ;) The element of surprise is what I have going for me, that's the silver lining of being cut short in a game. If you want someone amazing and unpredictable cast me. 
    Anything else you want us to know: TJ Already knows this.. but in the chase 6.. I KILLED the trustlist round.. I had 4 people put me 1 on their lists. My average was 3.55 out of 10 I think?? 2nd place average was 4.22. After seeing that I am capable of doing well in a round like that it gave me confidence and made me really want to see how I would do in this game when I put my 100% focus on it. I do really feel like my confidence is much higher in general now, I know I can rely on my social skills and that they are pretty unique and that I can excell at anything if I put in the time and effort. 
    iiAmySunshine   MY CUTE APP! Hope you all enjoy lol! <3 I enjoyed making all this! :D

    Patrick71101   @Helenor1000 has applied via Discord 

    Discord: HELLYY#7027
    Season(s) played and Placement: 3rd season, 5th Place

    If You Had To Put Three Things On Your CMIYC Résumé, What Would They Be: I was the last person to be nominated, Last person to be evicted by 1 vote before the finale. I according to your overall number ranking i am the best EVIL role player (5th place).

    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: Coming into this season I won't doubt in my abilities. In my season I was so afraid of my own game that at first didn't realize how hard and well I was playing. I think I managed to surprise not only myself but all of you with my gameplay. My game in season 3 was nearly perfect. I would also try not to fall asleep before sending in my vote :'D

    What Makes You An All-Star: Watching the other applicants I'm wondering what season they think they are applying for.. this is not a 2nd chance.. this is not about you messing up your game and now seeking for a 2nd chance! It's about who played a LEGENDARY, Memorable, amazing game in their original season! I think I proved that I was a huge strategic and social player. I made huge and risky moves. I was fully aware of what was going on every round. I believe I was going to win season 3 if I wasn't evicted right before the finale. Being a killer was really difficult for me because I had to keep lying to others about my role and I think even with this huge burden I played a good game. The last round has been haunting me since then! I was so close but obviously the person I saved round after round after round turned on me for someone who never looked out for him :P
    Phoenix723   Name: Aiden
    Discord: phoenix723#2765
    Season(s) Player and Placement: Season 3, 4th. 

    If You Had To Put Three Things On Your CMIYC Résumé, What Would They Be: I made it to the finale, I won twice, and I consistently adapted to the changing game and learned how to play better, improving my gameplay and furthering me in my season.

    What Would You Do Differently, If Anything: Multiple things. I would talk to more people and talk to people more often. I’d try to be more warm and inviting so people will voluntarily talk to me instead of thinking I’m “cold” like they did in season 3. Power Play and season 3 taught me what I did wrong and how to improve in another season of a game like this. The main thing I’d change is to have more, stronger connections to place higher on lists and win. Also, I wouldn’t make the worst decision in my whole Zwooper career by keeping the future winner.

    What Makes You An All-Star: I started my season not knowing what to do. I struggled and learned, figuring out what to do and how to do it. I made several good connections that lasted for most of the game and continuously stayed safe with a few bumps in the road. I was nominated a few times but refused to leave and survived every time I was on the chopping block. Around the final 9, I made a strong alliance that lasted for the rest of the game and actually made a smart move to eliminate a murderer that was part of the group. I placed 1st on the average list twice and made it to finals, placing 4th. TJ also awarded me with the unofficial award “Most Perseverant.” Throughout my season, I grew into a better player and improved round-after-round. I was determined to get to the finale and I did. I think I’m an All-Star because I did well on my season, learned what to do during and after season 3, and wasn’t going to give up. I gave this game my all and earned my spot in the finale of season 3 and my title of “All-Star.”

    Anything Else You Want Us To Know: This is All Stars, so I’m going to play differently and better than I did originally. Catch Me If You Can is my favorite group game on here to this date and I really want to play again to relive the experience, play better than I did on season 3, and to win. I am an All Star and I want this more than anyone else. 
    DannyT   n
    Patrick71101   @ArcturusDean has applied via Discord 

    Name: Dean
    Discord: :p
    Season(s) played and placement(s): S1: 4th place, S4: 7th place

    If you had to put 3 things on your CMIYC resume, what would they be?: -1- Uncovered 3 of the 4 fugitives in season 1 by pure intuition and detective skills. -2- Survived the most nominations in a row, 6, in Season 4. -3- Have an average placement of 5.5 over 2 seasons, which is one of the highest 2 time player averages.

    What would you do differently, if anything: I've played this game twice now. Season 1, I played very analytical and critical, dissecting every bit of information thrown at me, but my biggest flaw was my social game. I didn't have strong enough bonds with the jury to stay safe at the F4. Season 4, I went in with a partner which was already an issue, and we were targeted heavily for the first 6 rounds of the game. Because of a bad start we didn't have the bonds to carry us into the top 6. So both games, my biggest flaw was my social bonds. I need to work on actually building meaningful relationships and alliances with people.

    What Makes you an All-Star: Both seasons I've been in, I've been the face of controversy and attention. I don't shy away from the spotlight, and I've made a name for myself over the past two seasons. I am an all-star, because I have shown that I have what it takes to not only play this game, but survive countless attacks and push downs. Like it takes skill to survive 6 consecutive nominations, especially with a partner who easily cut ties with other players. It takes skill to uncover 3 quarters of the fugitives on intuition alone.

    Anything else: I'm dedicated to this game, I won't give up until I receive the recognition I deserve from this game. And as they say, 3rd times the charm.
    Allen   What would I do differently:  I would likely change 2 things about my gameplay. 1) I wouldn't be so trusting of people, especially just because I'm friends with them. Part of the reason I had such a major loss in Season 4 was due to the fact that I ended up taking the best players of the season with me. I didn't know they were death eaters until it was too late because I never believed what everyone had said. I trusted them and what they had told me, and it led to my ultimate demise. 2) I'll make sure people see that I'm playing my own game. Last time, it was difficult to see what I was doing on my own until my high placement on the list in the Halfway Havoc because people assumed I was just sheeping. Everyone thought that if some move was made by our duo, that it was Alan and not me. I would TOTALLY make sure that I play so everyone knows I'm making the moves.

    What makes me an all-star: I did surprisingly well the first time around, and no one expected me to make it as far as I did. Just imagine the possibilities of what could happen when I give it a 2nd go! I am an all-star because I stirred up HELL the whole game and still made it to finals and gave Xeneeze a run for their money! People say it's all because of Alan, but would I have made it that far and gotten that many votes to win just because of Alan? I don't think so! I was always giving people something to watch and I made sure that I did what I could to ensure I stayed every single week, which ultimately got me to the finale. 

    Anything else you need to know: I look super cute in either red or blue, and just IMAGINE how hot my avatar would look with that background.
    Allen   Name: Allen

    Discord: You guys got it! ;)

    Season, Placement: Season 4, 2nd Place

    3 things on my resume: 
    1. During my time in Hogwarts, I was able to keep the spotlight off me when I was nominated by convincing people not to vote for me. In total, I believe my duo only received 3 votes., which is pretty darn amazing when you think about how much people didn't like me.

    2. I fought for myself to stay in the game. I was almost constantly involved in some sort of drama, and it proved to be a huge weight on my shoulders throughout the course of the game. However, I was able to stand my ground and defend myself and fight back against those who dared to mess with me. In the end, it kept me in the game in a way. Almost every target I wanted out went home when I tried to go for them. Clash/Jace, Jared/McKenna, Joey/Aidan, Dav/Jon all went out when I went after them. I got what I wanted the majority of the time. ;)

    3. I managed to get only 2 (maybe 3?) votes in the Jury vote at Final 4. Considering how many duos had some bad blood with me, this is pretty darn good. When I say a lot of duos didn't like me, I mean A LOT of duos didn't like me. However my plea in our duo's plea worked, and the votes went off of us. 

    Name: Danny
    Discord: YOU BOTH HAVE IT.

    Seasons Played; I played both season 1 and Season 2. You may not remember me because of the behind the scenes game I played. It was incredible. I navigated being both good and bad, and was able to get my redemption after going out for 9 3/4th place season 1 and then getting 1 1/2 place in season 2. It has been such a long time since I have played, and I am sure the cast would feel absolutely fantastic to have a fresh face that would change how the game was played. IF they forgot I played, that is even better because Ill be able to make the same moves that I did back then!!!

    3 things on my resume:
    1) Winning Trustfall after placing first on the trustfall list in the first two weeks. It is all about gaining trust and in CMIYC I know that all of the skills are applicable. I know how to get specific placements on a list. My gameplay is unexplicable and both of you know that
    2) Winning the Cage... not only can I navigate the pressure of a trustlist game, but I ALSO CAN WIN PUBLIC GAMES. I went last unnominated and I am sure that I can pull of repeat of season 2 of CMIYC and be the last unnomminated yet again. They won't see what is coming at them just like they didn't a year ago. Sadly Kayla ended up beating me because the public was unable to see how amazing of a game I played.
    3) Umm winning a car on the price is right? 

    What would I do differently: I would actually be present and not play behind the scenes. I have followed every single season and I am ready to make a stand. I AM GOING TO BE LOUD, and CRAZY, and THE TRUE VILLIAN THAT EVERYONE KNOWS... THE FUNNY THING IS THOUGH I AM GOING TO BE A GOOD GUY! 

    What makes you an Allstar: Ummm I have beaten PacoP in a game and if you consider him an allstar... ummm then what does that make me? LIKE THE MEGA ALLSTAR???? But to be real Allstars don't have to have played beofre. You could be an allstar super fan. I mean Smash Mouth told me I was an allstar this morning and if you discriminate based on access to opportunity, you are racist... therefore I should be cast for this season!

    Anything Else you want us to know: I mean you want to be original right??? No game has ever done the twist that we are both thinking right now. 
    boojess   Name: Jess
    Discord: YOU BOTH HAVE IT.

    3 things on my resume:
    Having both my of #1’s get eliminated in a double and having to adapt to survive by creating alliances with the enemy.
    Being a target since day 1 and magically surviving until 11th (an ACCOMPLISHMENT). Managing to get end up in the top 4 a couple of times in the process. Was a memorable bitch even though I went out pretty early. My departure set the tone for the game and those who turned on me went one by one.

    What would I do differently: Almost everything. I was pretty headstrong and came into this game guns blazing. I’m gonna try and take a chill pill this time around and if that doesn’t work: drink some wine and get MESSY.

    What makes you an Allstar: Yes I know, I was a pretty early boot my season but I’ve been DREAMING of having another chance at this game. Plus going up against some of the BEST is a challenge I WANT. I’d like to think I’m memorable and every season needs their token mess and that is ME.

    Anything Else you want us to know: You both look pretty dapper today :’D
    Wadz13   Name: David Sanchez
    Discord: Wadz13#1321
    Season played and placement: Season 2: 6th place: Con
    3 things on my CMIYC Resume: 1) Managing to stay alive at the final 7, getting the votes seconds before DC. 2) Working with Danny 30 or so minutes before DC to tie it on Jacob. 3) MEETING MISS PIGGY
    What would you do differently: If anyone is a fan of this game they would know, that I was the first person to tell the Queen of Cons my role... and guess what that ended TERRIBLY. People need to know that, even cons/fugitives/deatheaters/murderers don't want to be sitting at the end with one. I will play a more proactive and just better game overall. 
    What makes you an allstar: 1) The fact that I killed someone before S3 ever happened. 2) My ability to work well underpressure Ex:f7 3) The fact that I'm a SUPERFAN 4) You don't want any gamebots (ewww) as in season 2 I played up the theme.
    Anything else to add: PattyTJ, you both know I've been waiting well over a year to come back. I was HEARTBROKEN that I didn't get into s4, but I am well more prepared now then I was then. You know how big of a fan I am, you know how hard I play, and you will know that I will die satisfactly if I win this game(not really I still want to do a lot with my life but you get the point).

    My Season 2 Journey

    YourBoy   *likeable (not unlikable)
    YourBoy   Name: Richie Discord: you should have it Season played and placement: 7th in season 3 CMIYC resume: 1) went until the FINAL 8 without ever being nominated in an 18 person cast. 2) Gavin's blindside. It was SO ICONIC and the best move of the season imo. 3) getting Peter to still trust me after I was trying to vote him out at f9 (classic) especially being one of the biggest threats in the game. What would I do differently? Stop being so likable LOL cause that's what always gets me so close to.the end but yet so far. It's the unlikable people who usually are taken out, so I'm not afraid to surprise people and spice up this season than it already will be. What makes me an all star? Because I play the game hard' AF last time and trust list games are my speciality (got 6th in power play 1). Plus I'm a born leader and am always willing to go against the grain and make bold flashy moves that only help my game. Like even when I was dead in the water at final 7, I tried my absolute DAMNDEST to stay and wouldn't rest until votes were read, and I think that's what a true all star is. Never giving up and having the ability to adapt to any given situation and keep on keepin on. Plus, you need some season three representation and I think I would fit that role perfectly. :) I was kinda the best in the cast, not to bragggg (ok maybe a little). Anything else: I have been DREAMING about this game since season 3 ended, so I will have more dedication than anyone in this cast. I'm a fierce competitor and will do whatever it takes and best part is I won't go inactive. :)
    PacoP   Name: PacoP
    Discord: You guys have it
    Seasons Played and Placement: Season 4 and 4th place :(
    3 things on resume: Caught a death eater on my own. Essentially played a duo game on my own. Thought of never before seen strategies to try and catch the bad guys.
    What would you do differently: I would not be so trusting. I blindly trusted Breeze and Xenia and I never had a doubt in my head that they were Deatheaters. This time around I would trust nobody but myself.
    What makes you an allstar: My ability to do things never seen before and put my neck on the line to do things that would change up the game. Last time around I played the majority of a duo game on my own due to my partner being in another game.
    Anything else you want us to know: I have been patiently waiting for this day to come and I really really want to play this game again. Last time I played I thought of plenty of ways and strategies to play the game that would work for either role and I want to try them out. Please give Paco a chance to play a game on his own. You won't regret it. <3
    Nates_great   Name: Nates
    Discord: nates_great#1010
    Season: Season 5 1st place 
    CMIYC resume: Didnt sheep paco. Controlled everything. eliminated all death eaters
    Do differentley?: become a death eater and win more reward challenges and powers. 
    What makes you an allstars?: I am the most iconic player ever I dominated so much people would almost say they never knew I was there. you truly do need a new allstar to spice up the game. It wouldnt be an allstars game without me.
    Anything else?: An allstars first. Is that what u want to be knows for? YES, yes you do. You won't regret casting me and making this bold move. I already know im an allstar. are you ready for Nate to win allstars. cuz I am :) Game on.
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 27, 2018 23:57
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 15 | And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    Xenia   Thank you guys. Appreciate the kind comments SO much.
    Arceus   I'm impressed on who let them win.
    McQuire   Congrats xebia for coming in dead-first :) The both of you earned your placement and a good old pat on the back :D
    Nicolas   Well deserved winners, good job Xeneeze!
    Wadz13   Amazing season. Congrats to Xenia and Breeze, amazing winners. Also good job with these amazing episodes hosts!
    Clash   in my opinion Joey & Aidan were the heroes of the season and Breeze & Xenia were villains also Jace & I were most robbed 
    iiAmySunshine   Congrats girlies! You guys played a great game <3
    Jqred   Congrats Breeze and Xenia. Well deserved win.
    joeyc   Congrats on winning to Breeze & Xenia. I think Aidan and I deserved more than just 'Biggest Villains' as a Superlative though. We were the ENTERTAINMENT of the season. 
    Aidan   Congrats to @TheBreeze and his mail order bride. You guys truly did deserve it. Shoutout to most of the cast for a fun game :)

    Don't think I was anything close to a villain this game but however production wants to edit it ;)  
    PeterCampbell   @KaylaRenee 
    Xenia   Congrats @TheBreeze. We did it .
    THANK YOU to everyone who chose to support us. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!
    Patrick & TJ - Your opinion on our gameplay is EVERYTHING. Thank you so much for those words.
    KaylaRenee   @PeterCampbell  in allstars?? I decline my invitation 
    Clash   Runaways 
    this has to be the worst season by FAR
    KiwiConnor   @ArcturusDean, bad winners tho :/
    ArcturusDean   @Runaways this is one of the BEST seasons IMO.
    PeterCampbell   *Stands in LIne for Allstars* 
    ExoticSimmer   yay allstars... cast me.
    Draco   Huge congrats to @TheBreeze and @Xenia. This game is not easy, especially with 34 hecking people.
    boojess   Jaws and Connor were robbed.
    Jaws123   No PDA in the comments please
    Allen   Congrats y’all!! Silver still looks cute on me. ;)
    TheBreeze   Thank you everyone so much who supported and good game Alan and Allen
    Runaways   this has to be the worst season by FAR
    KiwiConnor   I have to laugh
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 26, 2018 00:28
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 13 & 14 | You Have Been Flung From The Astronomy Tower!
    Spoiler alert!
    mepole   I think the end game of CMIYC is one of the most interesting of any game I have played. There are so many factors to consider in decision making, and in my mind, no end game has played out the same way. Canèt wait to see who takes home the win here.
    KiwiConnor   We were robbed I’m pissedt
    Aidan   @Xenia I still think you're the weakest bitch to play this game in history but you guys did a good job playing everyone.
    Peejoit   TheBreeze and Xenia have it in my eyes! Congrats to all though. Hardest game to make it through! The end game is a real killer.
    JeremyHLikesFood   so i like one person in each duo what do i do
    Cartur   I’m only voting for Paco because #TeamUgly was mentioned
    popular   chesskid 
    I've got to vote for Allen and Alan. Good luck!
    Xenia   @ArcturusDean  We will respect your decision either way however would like to clarify that @TheBreeze chose to play in the background owing to all the heat he was at the receiving end of. He won plenty of challenges to keep us above the block and all our strategic moves were in consultation with each other. I was more present for the social aspect of the game however he was in it with me 100% for all decicions we made. Thank you for your kind words. Appreciate it.
    ArcturusDean   Ultimately Breeze & Xenia deserve this a lot more. However Breeze was probably the most inactive player all season. Allan & Allen both played alright - but they were both active and contributing... I just don't think its fair Breeze wins for doing literally nothing all game. I'm sorry @xenia but Breeze being your partner is detrimental to you. If you don't win I hope you return for AS because YOU played really well - the best all season IMO!
    Xenia   Good Luck  @Alanster & @Dolphin_Swag
    Clash   Allen & Aan outplayed and slayed without a doubt. They deserve it and earned it. 
    Allen   @chesskid Thank you!!!
    Allen   @xDimentio Thank you so much! <3
    chesskid      xDimentio 
    I've got to vote for Allen and Alan. Good luck!

    They made it (shockinlgy) wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far for me not to vote them
    Draco   I've got to vote for Allen and Alan. Good luck!
    Wadz13   Best season hands down and I hope the public gives this season an amazing winner!! Breeze and Xenia for the win!!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 25, 2018 04:59
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 12 | They're Medusa's Sheddings
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   So when is Breeze and Xenia winning?
    ChrisDWa   I’m gonna vomit
    JonJ   @08SaraR Thank you, it's an honor!
    Draco   Glad I got featured in an episode!
    08SaraR   Welcome to the robbed 5th place club! :)
    DannyT   The most tragic episode yet :((((
    JonJ   lol, this feels like it happened forever ago already. Had a blast playing! And it was fun to try and play a game having a certain role that couldn't be revealed, even though it was quite frustrating at times too :D

    @TJP1122 - Hun, I always get 5th, what's your point?! 
    Gurgs   #TeamNZ
    Aidan   This just in... ratings fall after the boot of @Aidan and @joeyc
    evanw919   Now that wasn't very cash money of you guys
    Clash   lmao me calling all the death eaters turning out to be true, what an icon i am heh.
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 23, 2018 11:05
    ϟ Catch Me If You Can 4 ϟ | Episode 11 | That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles
    Spoiler alert!
    Nathanswag9   Welcome to the 6th place club of CMIYC, ICONS ONLY.
    Clash   My comment was specifically meant for Paco and all the duos who are up to Breeze & Xenia’s ass not Jaws and Connor if that’s how it looks like lol. 
    Jqred   @Dolphin_Swag don’t understand how I’m obsessed with you because I’m stating a fact but alright. 
    Allen   @Jqred is there a reason you're so obsessed with me?
    YourBoy   Can Xenia and Breeze win already?
    Sammy    Wadz13 
    yall are playing incredible!!
    08SaraR   Game has shoor changed since season 1. I tell ya what! :o
    Wadz13   #TeamXeneeze
    yall are playing incredible!!
    KiwiConnor   @Jqred, yeah :/
    wait and see what happens next you will be in for a good laugh lol.
    Jqred   @KiwiConnor yeah Paco and Allens teams were up their ass the whole game so their really wasn’t much you could do.
    KiwiConnor   @Clash, I mean personally Ryan and I would have loved to take them out but how could me when half of the other students were up their ass being spoonfed lies.
    Clash   @KiwiConnor and I exposed them way before that lol. Yall are dipshits for not taking a shot against Xenia and Breeze rounds ago when I exposed them. 
    ArcturusDean   @KiwiConnor ig but AJ/Xander were confirmed guys still weren't 100% either way...
    KiwiConnor   @ArcturusDean, Ryan clocked the DE rounds ago, it's just that other students believed the lies spread about us by the DE themselves.
    ArcturusDean   Stupid. A Death Eater will win this. Logo

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