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  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 11, 2020 10:53
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Fourteen: And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    jakethesnake   Yay!!
    NestorR   You're welcome to future players for breaking the glasses/shade curse ya'll don't have to spend that extra amount of chips for glasses
    NestorR   GG thank you again to the host and cast for an amazing season. Shout out to the jury members and public who voted vote for me <3
    08SaraR   Nestor kicking ass and taking names per usual! : )
    MaloloLow   another amazzeee season :D tj and patty can do no wrong
    AngelOfWater   Congrats Nestor! 
    evanw919   King Neto
    Jude   iconic season, congrats @Nestor <3 
    Peyton   Congrats Nestor!!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 08, 2020 21:54
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Thirteen: Time To Finish What We Started
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   Wow it's like literally every good contender got knocked out
    Logan_   allen is an ogre tho
    Jacob   And you need a lobotomy @dcg786
    dcg786   nestor needs this
    CaseyBea   Well deserving final 2, good luck to you both
    Bombonrayo   iconic f2
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 08, 2020 08:07
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Twelve: If The Avenues Don't Work Try Side Streets
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   I think I'd put another team's final 9 reward challenge choice at the very top of the list of bizarre reasons I've fallen just short of a win... TJ & Patty, thank you so much for having me back  It's been an honor, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in Sir Benjamin

    The Mal News Bens may have lost this time but...
    Joseph   two cmiyc legends <3
    JeremyHLikesFood   k we r stanning david
    CaseyBea   Haha nerds
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 05, 2020 14:57
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Eleven: Yet Another Onion Fooled, The Muffin Man Schooled
    Spoiler alert!
    Dean   Dang. Good game sara / Richie!!
    Saratoga652   Another game, another leaving next to jude. Sounds about right
    Jude   me and Saratoga going out back to back again. All is right in the world
    Geri   This is the one and only (so far) game I +5 automatically without even seing the content. Only after I look at the actual post XD
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 04, 2020 03:05
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Ten: When The Chess Pieces Revolt
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   my babies <3 icons in every sense of the word and im so proud of them 
    Zach   Hunties... 

    "I'm sure it's satisfying to know your departure will be what sets the slippery slope in stone"

    Indeed I am.

    Love you TJ and Patty, thank you for everything

    Jude   Sobs, thanks for having us Patty and TJ, it was lots of fun <3 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101December 02, 2020 07:13
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Nine: It's Not Like The Old Days
    Spoiler alert!
    dreww3232   it's been an honor for me too! I love you guys and thank you for the opportunity!
    Logan_   glad dreww's out, sad Sara's out :((
    TJDawgiestyle   GOOD
    08SaraR   Aweeee!!!! Thank you both for this experience once again!! And thank you, Drew, for putting up with my shenanigans! :P
    CaseyBea   7.) Benny/Jude: 3 gotta love it
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 30, 2020 04:05
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Eight: Drinks On Me, I Hope You Leave...
    Spoiler alert!
    MOTO   The lies...
    MaloloLow   ARE YOU READYYY
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 27, 2020 11:59
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Seven: What A Great Player, Monsieur Hood
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   ​
    Candi   Thanks a lot for giving us a chance ❤️
    Bombonrayo   Thank you so much for having uuuus ❤️
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 26, 2020 04:50
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Six: Someone's Always A Sacrifice
    Spoiler alert!
    dcg786   wtf 
    TJDawgiestyle   GOOD
    Sammy   Haha Evan sux 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 24, 2020 05:20
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Five: Chickens, Rats, Snakes, & Goats Oh My!
    Spoiler alert!

    knock knock

    Wicky   sobs for christina 
    TJDawgiestyle   considering that the knock knock challenge was like a week ago yall must be super freaking ahead
    Peyton   These votes have been quite close! Such a good season so far.
    Joseph   this was a sickening elim
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 22, 2020 09:00
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Four: I'm No Cinderella But I Like The Shoes
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Ugh this season is so good. 
    Logan_   Maria deserved last
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 19, 2020 09:12
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Three: The Things We Do For Love
    Spoiler alert!
    Micks   my cake was robbed
    Seanoh   Wait @Jude sacrificed @Joseph? I must have missed it. 
    TheBreeze   DM me whoever threw out that GOT quote, we need to talk
    Jude   @Joseph because I still have nightmares about last season it's my coping mechanism xx
    Joseph   @Jude why r u talking about me in your conf...
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 16, 2020 07:00
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter Two: Guess Who's On The Right Side Of The Coin
    Spoiler alert!
    Mikey   8TRNAMOIH
    TJDawgiestyle   Dylan. Back. On. His. Bullshit
    Bombonrayo   REINAS 
    JeremyHLikesFood   sobs for my girls
    Seanoh   The robbery 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 13, 2020 10:29
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Chapter One: Get The Hell Out Of My Swamp
    Spoiler alert!
    Dean   @TJDawgiestyle I'm ArcturusDean lol. But I agree with your assessment xD
    TJDawgiestyle   also dylan (I believe is arcturusdean), already is in the same boat as he was season 4, being nominated against that "bigger team threat" every round, its all good strategy until it you on the voting block against that percieved weak team.
    TJDawgiestyle   @Joseph lot of people this season like to run their fucking mouth
    Joseph   we've got some good confessionalists this season, huh?
    Mikey   Robbed
    AngelOfWater   Amazing episode as always! 
    TJP1122   My favorite way to start the morning: reading a Patty episode :)
    Peyton   These episodes always blow me away!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101November 10, 2020 03:31
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Pick To Win
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   CLOSED c:
    Sweetkitties9   Mal and Ben plz 
    Gurgs   Run and Tony plz <3
    Rob24   Dylan and Mere

    @dcg786 sadly they is already taken :,)

    3 picks remaining:
    1-  Ben & Mal
    1- Dylan & Mere
    1- Run & Tony

    dcg786   casey and jude
    Apollo101   Allen+Rob
    Peyton   Jeremy and Micks
    Clash   #Team1990skids #TeamJonNesCarash
    George   ak47man and hoeassgirl

    Joseph   Ben and Mal.
    ABLaksh   Jaws & Zach
    KaylaRenee   Jonj and nestor pls!! ❤
    radjon   08SaraR and dreww3232
    MOTO   Ben and Mal
    Patrick71101   @Sammy picked Benny & Jude via discordo C:
    Voxin   hoe & ak 
    Matthew1125   Dylan and mere
    Splendidsuns   Sara and drewww then please :) 
    RobJok   evan and wadz
    Patrick71101   @Splendidsuns sadlyy they has already been snatched hehe c,:
    ExoticSimmer   suda and sula
    Splendidsuns   Andy and Maria please 
    Patrick71101   @Sarah picks Jeremy/Micks via Discord C:
    Davo   jon nestor
    Jace   Zach & Ryan
    TheBreeze   Paco n Mepole
    M2thamax   andy and maria
    joeyc   Anaconda & MOTO
    Austin11   Suda and Sula 
    Dean   Sara and Richie
    Seanoh   Jude and Benny <3 but I love all of you
    Mikey   PACO N MEPOLE
    Wild   Kenya and Peter!
    Aidan   Sean oscar
    MacAttack   sara and richie
    Crazyrockina   Evan and wadz
    Alanster   Run & Tony
    Logan_   Allen and Rob 
    JacksonSunshine   Andy & Maria! My babies!
    Brittney   Kenya & Peter!!!!
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101October 21, 2020 15:45
    ♞ Catch Me If You Can 9 | Applications, Format, Twists, Dates, Prizes and More :)
    Spoiler alert!
    Patrick71101   CLOSED c:
    TJDawgiestyle   Names: TJDawgiestyle and danibx

    Discord: Tyrell#4719 and Danibx#3945

    Which Shrek Character Describes Us: Definitely Shrek and Donkey, I represent the embodiment of positivity and having a great time, while my partner is the cynical one who always has something smart to say and attempt to put me in my place. Despite that, you really can't name a better team than Shrek and Donkey, all of the adventures and accomplishments they've achieved.

    What can you bring to this game: That's easy, myself and dani are both players who don't hold weight to pre-existing relationships, anything we accomplish in this game is 100% earned. Strategically, I'm one of the best on this site, but where I lack (the social game) is where danib can pick up for me, she's a brand new player on this site who will be able to intergrate with anyone in the game and be an ally for them. As a duo we are both resilient and stand our ground when it comes to adversity in games, and we're gonna speak up and not be worried about going against the grain if we need to. I believe we can bide our time, make our moves only when necesary, and ultimately come through with the win. It also goes without saying that after Season 6, I definitely gotta run that shit back.

    Do You Know the Muffin Man?: Is that supposed to be a come on?
    Alanster   Alan.ster#8414 Dav#2715 sorry
    Alanster   Names: Alan and Dav
    Discord: pfft I believe you have them already
    Which Shrek Character Describes Us: Doris cuz she gives off very much iconic vibes. Dav is donkey bc donkey is annoying.
    How Did You Two Meet: We had beef because we played in an FS together and we had the same background.
    What can you bring to this game: Alan and Dav
    Do You Know the Muffin Man?:
    wwxcrunner1   Name:
    Danny & Secret Partner


    Danny#4670 and SecretPartner#????

    Which Shrek Character Describes Us:
    Donkey and Mr. Mglalgar
    I'm donkey because well sometimes I can be a     ... LOL but for reals, I say absolutely crazy things. I do absolutely crazy things. You never know what Donkey is going to do.

    My secret partner is Mr. Mglalgar because you probably have never heard of them before and they are a mystery to the zwooper world and shrek world

    How did you two meet?

    What can you bring to this game:
    Drama. Fierce Intensity. Drama. Mystery. Drama

    Do you know the muffin man:

    Jon and Nestor
    JonJakobsen#8749 and NestorR#2470
    Which Shrek characters best describe us:
    Nestor is Puss In Boots because he's suave af and he's loyal to his shrek, while I'm The Fairy Godmother because I'm evil and likes glitter.
    How did the two of you meet:
    We met on Grindr - jk, jk - We met in a FS where I let him and some other noob make finals. He lost, btw. Flop!
    What can you bring to this game:
    We don't really bring much, but you know you want us anyways!
    Do you know the muffin man:

    MaloloLow   Names: Mal and Ben
    Discords: MaloloLow#3321 & BenB#9813
    Which Shrek characters best describe us: Me and Ben are most certainly both Lord Farquaad, but for different reasons. Ben is the most obnoxious, arrogant, tactless, power-hungry person to ever grace the screens of zwooper, so it’s hard to not be reminded of Duloc’s favorite lord. And as for me, I’m a short dude with long-ish black hair, so I fit the bill pretty perfectly.
    How did the two of you meet: We met in the hellish fever dream that was zbb23, where we pretty thoroughly dominated the first half of the game, only for a string of betrayals (including Ben) to lead to Mal's eventual demise. Of course, this zbb alliance was not without its disagreements, but our ability to tolerate each other was quite remarkable, a feat that few have been able to achieve.
    What can you bring to this game: I (Mal) have gone on the record saying that Ben is the most frustrating ally I have ever had, so I would be lying if i said this was going to be a harmonious pairing. In fact, me and Ben certainly have the potential to be the most dysfunctional duo in the cast. We're polar opposites as players in a lot of ways, but because of that, together, our strengths and weaknesses balance out perfectly. I bring the social game while Ben tends to be abrasive, Ben is able to read people when I tend to be… quite bad at that, and when it comes to strategy, Ben knows who to target, and I know how to crunch the numbers and figure out exactly how we should go about doing that. Me and Ben have something in common: we’ve never won a strategic group game, and maybe its because we’re each missing the secret ingredients that the other one has. Together, we’re a heckin super team, and I can’t even conceive of a scenario where we lose this game. We're just that good. In the immortal words of Lord Farquaad himself, Duloc will finally have it's perfect King(s).
    Do you know the muffin man: Yes, but unfortunately Ben mismanaged his jury vote.
    ETitanic12   This is gonna be a fun season to watch. Look at the duos applying!!! 
    sulaaa   Names: Sulda & Sulda
    Discords: SpoopySuda#5864 & sulaaa#1902
    Which Shrek characters best describe us: interchangeable as the fairy godmother and prince(ss) charming... if any shreks try and come between us we'll put a spell on you bitch
    How did the two of you meet: playing FS/LS we were always F2 since no one could tell our names apart anwyay lmao, we high-key anticipate this being an issue this season and we are very much here for it
    What can you bring to this game: pussy power. every zwooper game needs more big vag energy. in all seriousness sula and suda have different styles of gameplay that complement each other well. we've snaked each other in champions (wasn't that fun patty?) and we are excited to see what we can do when we are forced into being loyal to each other!!!! 
    Do you know the muffin man: no we don't eat carbs
    Dswag   THATS THE JOKE
    anaconda   Names: Sean and Oscar
    Discords: sean#2865 and moto#0689
    Which Shrek characters best describe us: i'd be the fairy godmother and oscar would be the dragon because he has QUITE the temper
    How did the two of you meet: we met in Byevivor and were a dynamic duo in both!!
    What can you bring to this game: me and oscar have proven game after game that we can play the middle flawlessly in any cast. we have the combined strategic, social, and physical games to dominate this game together and we WILL be a force.
    Do you know the muffin man: no. 
    Saratoga652   DYLAN IT'S A DUOS GAME I- 
    pantherking21   I hit submit to early cuz Im bad lol but regardless
    What can you bring to this game. Mannnnnn I flopped the first time so Im gonna be playing super hard to win. Dean is a solid strategist and a better spcial player than me so we'll work together well because we also have good chemistry.
    Do you know the Muffin Man? Yeah he gives me my special muffins ;)
    pantherking21   Name: Jayden and Dean
    Discord:DiorParty#8098 and ArcturusDean #4614
    Which Shrek Characters best describe you? Im shrek because I can be very reserved and not talk to a lot of people and not seem friendly but once you get to know me I'm pretty friendly and Dean is Merlin because he likes wizards so Im pretty sure he would be one if at all possible
    How did the Two of you meet? I think it was FBBUK(???) But we were in a lot of group games when I first got on the site cuz we joined at about the same time.
    jakethesnake   Names: Daniel & Jake
    Discords: Daniel_#2384 & ~Jake~#1392
    Which Shrek Characters Best Describe You?: Danny would say that he is most like Shrek because he can be rude to some people and not as friendly on the outside, but is actually really nice and kind when you get to know him better. I would say that I am like the Donkey because I am talk a lot, can be annoying, but am well-intentioned, caring, and a good friend.
    How Did The Two Of You Meet?: Danny and I met while he was hosting me in The Challenge: Fusion 2. It was one of my favorite games I played that I enjoyed much more than I anticipated. He was one of the best and most organized hosts that I have had. During that initial season, we immediately bonded and figured out that we have many similarities including our love for tennis, our interest in math, and our love for these reality competition games. After the season ended, we continued to talk and be friends. I see Danny as an older brother figure that has been really kind and helpful to me. However, we have never played in a group game together before and I was very happy when he agreed to hopefully help us change that in this game.
    What Can You Bring To This Game?: Both Danny and I are pretty logical and smart and usually play very calculated and strategic games. We both play balanced games and understand the importance of being able to rely on either physical, social, or strategic games at different times. We would definitely play hard and give this season our all. The fact that Danny is an experienced veteran whereas I would be a first-timer might serve us well and be an interesting dynamic.
    Do You Know The Muffin Man?: No. We do not want to risk getting eaten.
    DankDrake   The fact that you didn't do an Among Us themed season... Oh wait, it's Shrek. Carry on.
    YourBoy   Names: Richie and Sara
    Discords: Richie#6457 and saraelise#9990
    Which Shrek characters best describe us: Richie is Artie because despite people always ragging on him he is brave, noble, and just an all around great dude, not to mention he’s the king (winner) CMIYC has been searching for. Sara is Princess Fiona as she looks all cute and innocent at first, but in reality she's a badass and not afraid to get her hands a little dirty.
    How did the two of you meet: Once upon a time in a game far, far away, Sara and Richie met on the first day. They became a fast final two, but neither followed through, yet together the game they did slay. 
    What can you bring to this game: Inside or outside the game, Sara and I are close friends. We work extremely well together, even when we know we inevitably have to cut each other, so I can only imagine how dynamic of a duo we'll be when we physically cannot turn on each other. We are both cutthroat, determined, and take games a liiiiitlle too seriously, so you can bet that we'll give it our all.
    Do you know the muffin man: Yep we get our muffins “specially” made if ya catch my drift...
    alisu   ***we don't want to meet the muffin man ANYTIME soon! ahah
    alisu   Names: Alisu and Cheech
    Discords:Alisu#1650 and CheechKomTrikru#2845
    Which Shrek character best describes you? Puss in the boots x2. We are both very smart, quick-witted and strategic but also funny and cute.
    How did the two of you meet? We played really closely in a Survival game where we came 1st and 3rd. After that, we kept in touch and decided to apply to this game!!
    What can you bring to this game? We both have an extremely powerful social game but we are also both very strategic and think our moves way in advance. We have a very positive attitude and are super excited to play together in this game!
    Do you know the muffin man? No we don't, but we hope to get to know him soon! ahah

    Names: Michael and Paco
    Discords:mepole#0666 and Chaos#8313
    Which Shrek character best describes you? Paco: Doris 100% Not only is Doris the Shrek personification of an ugly stepsister, and in addition, the Wikipedia article on Shrek characters describes her as such  She is depicted as a tall, independent woman with purple-themed clothes who wears Elizabeth Taylor style makeup. You can't tell me that's not the best description of Paco you've ever heard. Mepole: Rumplestiltskin. He is a short unlikeable man with an obsession with contracts, and I do love tricking people into unknowingly doing my bidding.
    How did the two of you meet? The first game we played together was The Chase 4, where we were very much on separate sides of the game. After that though, we've been in a number of games together, and whether we are working together or against one another, our presence always makes things interesting!
    What can you bring to this game? Paco and I have gameplay styles that at first glance may seem entirely contradictory, I am fairly logical, and Paco has a penchant for the chaotic, but combining the two of us is a powerful and dangerous combination. We get the meticulous planning of myself, and the risk-taking and willingness to think outside of the box from Paco. Just look at the Mix 3 for an example of just how dangerous that is. 
    Do you know the muffin man? No we don't. Or at least Paco doesn't. I don't know if I know the muffin man or not, I am bad with names.

    PeterC   Names: Kenya and Peter
    Discords: AngelOfWater#0548 and PeterC#5912
    Which Shrek Characters best describe you: 
    Kenya - Fiona, strong-willed and a fiery personality, but she can also be kind and personable, a true hero of the story.
    Peter - Donkey, the lovable sidekick, he may not always have the best of ideas, but hes friendly and funny and always sees the adventure through to the end!
    How did the two of you meet: Kenya and I are both Zwooper Long timers (Kenya is 1st Gen Z i'm 2nd Gen Z, but we officially met in JoeyP97 Choices 2 | Apprentice Vs Samaurai. Little did I know an in game alliance would turn into one of the best friendships made. 
    What can you bring to this game: Both Kenya and I have played CMIYC three times, so this would be our fourth time playing. We also played another version of the game, You Can Catch Me as a duo and got pretty far. 
    Do you know the muffin Man? Um no.... definitely not.. Um, definitely neither of us even knows anyone by that name or by a similar name. We most certainly have NEVER been to umm Drury Lane, yeah never even heard of it..
    Zach   Names: Ryan and Zach
    Discords: Jaws123#8814 and Sentinel#4496
    Which Shrek characters best describe us: Zach is Lord Farquaad; he wants to rule and be king of everyone, but in reality he just comes up too "short". Ryan is Thelonious; What's a ruler without a comedic and ruthless henchman, a king needs an executioner!
    How did the two of us meet: We met in the game of Champions, Season 7. We remained a duo from the first day all the way to the finals. Though we haven't really played many games since Champions or have even talked since then, to this day we still consider ourselves to be good friends.
    What can we bring to the game: We will bring a new dynamic on how a duo plays in this format. Ryan has played this game before and he will be more of a mentor role, while I, being new to the game am a student of the game, wanting to know how it functions. I have a lot to learn. We have some CMIYC experience but also new blood in the mix. I think to summarize it, we bring in the perfect balance of what a well rounded duo consists of. I, myself am excited to try this format out.
    Do we know the muffin man: The muffin man?

    Names: Jeremy and Michael
    Discords: jeremythephat#7334 and MichaelD#9381
    Which Sherk characters: I am the fairy godmother bc I'm the queen bitch and Micks is the short ass lord fuckwad
    How did the two of you meet: We were enemies in the esteemed Proanime's and Taekwondo's survivor and then soon after became friends after he begged me to forgive him for being a snake ass bitch.
    What can you bring to the game: I am absolutely batshit crazy and I bring so much drama and entertainment to every game I play. Micks is boring as fuck. We balance each other out. Micks is smart and a social butterfly. I am an asshole gunt. We balance each other out. Combined we have every single positive quality you could ever ask for in a player. Will we win the game? Yes. Will it be entertaining? Yes. 

    Do you know the muffin man: No.

    Bombonrayo   Names: Andy and María
    Discords: Andyy#1177 and Bombonrayo#9870
    Which Shrek characters best describe you: Andy: I think it's Queen Lilian, because we are both very kind, caring, and protective to others. We also have the great gift of being empathic and strong even during tough circumstances. Also we never give up. And me (María), I would say Fiona because she eems sweet in the outside but there's power, strength and fierceness in the inside, a bit like what I can be hehehe.
    How did the two of you meet: via FS as we used to play a lot of games. I remember Trny told me there was someone else from Czech Republic and he introduced Andy to me. So that's mainly it, after that we became very close, we been in Choices 247 together at f2 and we are like family now :P <3
    What can you bring to this game: we can bring glamour, elegance, fun, entertainment, party time, strength, fierceness, calling out the bitches and ofc we can bring winners to this season 
    Do you know the muffin man: Ehmmmm... is that Gingy's father? 
    ak47man   Names: Aiden and Christina
    Discords: ak47man15 #5966 and hoeassgirl #8456
    Which Shrek characters best describe you: I am 100% the fairy godmother because I am fat and I always have Holding Out for a Hero ready to perform. Anytime you need it, I can do it. Whether it be on a pole or on a piano, you choose. Christina is donkey because she is the DEFINITION of a clown. Period.
    How did the two of you meet: We met in The Wild 4, but we did not like each other lol, but isn't that how all good friendships start? We then got casted for ABBUK7 and then we realized how wrong we were. We finally saw each other for how iconic each other were. 
    What can you bring to this game: We can bring the entertainment. You saw me get into fights with half of the cast from season 6 and Christina is just hilarious. Her comedy is absolutely unmatched and nobody can even come close to how funny she is. Plus Christina wants to go through the emotional scaring that I went through on my last season :)
    Do you know the muffin man: When I say I know the muffin man....... I know him very VERY well ;). IYKYK!
    Tony   Names: Tony and Run(aways)
    Discords: Tony#6682 Runaways#7880
    Which Shrek character best describes you: Well Run is definitely the ugly ass ogre that bitches about everything, while I'm the donkey who's charismatic and brings you entertainment.
    How did the two of you meet: I have no recollection of it lmao but it was definitely like three years ago on Skype.
    What can you bring to this game: Well Run and I will probably be the most.... vocal/chaotic duo if we get cast and will absolutely bring the entertainment but there's also a strategic and social aspect that I think people really underrate us for when we play games so I hope this time we can not flop like we both did in our seasons and actually show you bitches.
    Do you know the muffin man: Mhm I just talked to Run last night.
    M2thamax   Names : Max and Danny
    Discord : m2thamax #5090 and dcg786 #7522
    Shrek character : We are the donkey and princess fiona because they are the stars of the series :P
    How we met : We met on zwooper in FS's I believe, but have become good friends along the way
    What can we bring : We can bring the competion. We'll give it everything we got and put all our effort into the game, no matter what you throw at us :D
    Muffin Man : Of course :P
    Allen   Names: Allen and Rob (Draco)
    Discords: Allen#6475 and Røb#6274
    Which shrek character best describes you?: I am obviously the cutie turned bad ass bitch gingerbread cookie, that much is obvious. Rob took a quiz on buzzfeed that says he's donkey which seems pretty accurate to me, always positive, and no one expects him to do what he does hehe. We're an iconic duo.
    How did you two meet?: some 24/7 like five years ago. i voted for him to win <3 now we're like, totally best friends!
    What can you bring to this game?: TONS of stuff. first, we're besties, so the communication will be off the charts! plus rob and I are great when it comes to the social aspect, which is what this game is all about! i really think we have what it takes to make it to the end and win with class, sass, and a whole lot of ass! period
    Do you know the muffin man?: in gingerbread cookie voice THE MUFFIN MAN!
    dreww3232   Names: Drew and Rob
    Discords: dreww3232#2431 and Rob#1579
    Which shrek character best describes you?: I think I am the Gingerbread man because I am sweet and sassy while Rob says he's the Puss In Boots because he's spanish, y'know, they are Livin' La Vida Loca in the same way.
    How did you two meet?: We blind dated in Grenn's anonymous game The Cult. It was love at first sight!
    What can you bring to this game?: A lot of laugh and chemistry. I'm more of a leader but Rob is a great right hand man. We are ready to entertain you to death!
    Do you know the muffin man?: The Muffin Man? yes, I know the Muffin Man. Who lives on Drudy Lane? She's married to the Muffin Man...
    alisu   Does anyone want to play together? =)

    Names: Xander And Patty

    Discords: Patrick71101#8847 and Lil Xan#6364

    Characters: Donkey for both of us. Duh

    Met: We met on zwooper. then quickly got married

    Bring: We can bring both of us and our comedy. we will win

    Muffin Man: Yea we go way back. We go to his house for dinner every sunday

    JeremyHLikesFood   trinity i am heartbroken
    Trinity2000   Names: Mikey & Trinity
    Discords: Trinity#5009/ mikeytingz#1113
    Which Shrek Character Best Describes You: The Big Bad Wolf, when I huff n puff I will blow your house down along with anybody that tries to get in my way.
    How Did You Two Meet: On Zwooper, in some game
    What Can You Bring To This Game: TBH we have been at odds , so it will be interesting to see how how dynamics will work out.
    Do You Know the Muffin Man: Yes I do, btw he was relocated 4 blocks from Drury Lane, I blew his &%&$^ down :D
    CaseyBea   Names: Benny and Jude(the dude)
    Discords: You may or may not have them both >:}
    Which shrek character best describes you?: I'm the fairy godmother who struggles to maintain a diet, loves her child, performs the most iconic rendition of "I need a hero", hates ogres and is an iconic gay icon. Jude is going to be my son prince charming who has very lucious and flowy hair, rides horses, is super hot, and fails at saving princesses in his spare time, and together we're two very annoying hot messes  <3
    How did you two meet?: By fate and Ann also we got evicted back to back in Ann's game.
    What can you bring to this game?:'s the deal fella. Me and Jude are both in desperate...and I mean DESPERATE need of redemption in this game. Jude needs to get that all star moment in at least one season of CMIYC and me on the other hand...well CMIYC 6 was not my most shining moment for multiple reasons c: despite making f2. That being said, because of this me and Jude will give you 120% of our energy because eventhough it's unlikely we'll win, we want to play this season to the best of our ability and just fuck.shit.up. Me and Jude are both incredibly strong social players which is much needed in this game and we can also give a pinch of strategy here and there. Generally speaking no matter what happens, we'll give this season a grand ol' time :D
    Do you know the muffin man?: The question is... *flips table and glares intensely into Patrick's eyes* do YOU know the muffin man!?
    JonJ   Names: JonJ and TJP1122
    Discords: You got them
    Which shrek character best describes you? I'm a shady fairy and he's a ginger puss, take a wild guess? 
    How did you two meet? TJ's dreams
    What can you bring to this game? I wouldn't feel comfortable saying that in public 

    Names: Clash & Xenia
    Discords: Clash#6666 & Xenia#3150
    Which shrek character best describes you? No one.

    How did you two meet? We met in a fs
    What can you bring to this game? Xenia and I were rivals in the first duo season but we are here to change that up and be f2 please make us death eaters!


    sebby113   Names: Sebby and Joss
    Discords: sebby#6095 and Zay/Joss#9686
    Which Shrek scracter best describes you?: I am the donkey cuz im funny, happy, and sometimes chaoitc. Joss is fiona becuase she is nice, brave, and not afraid to speak her mind.
    How did the two of you meet? WE met in GBBUK:Horror Takeover. We both lasted awhile but we kept in touch ever since she got booted.
    WHat can you bring to this game? We both have great social games and are loyal until you betray us. We dont mind getting in arguments and also play very good strategic games. We will bring a big level of excitemnt to the game. We are never going to give up and will always try our hardest. we are also online a lot.
    Do you know the muffin man?  Yeah, we talk to him every day

    Names: Dylan and Mere
    Discords: Dylannnn#3884 and Mere <3#5213
    Which Shrek character best describes you?: Mere is miz Fiona because she is extremely passive agressive and likes people on personality, and I am the lady dragon because I'm fat, scary, and have keep on dating people who have the personality of a donkey, so it's close enough in my book.
    How did the two of you meet?: We met back in May when we played the first season of Survivor Worlds hosted by @Veritas (say thank you for the plug). We were both, sadly, early boots but once we were both eliminated we became friends and the rest is history.
    What can you bring to this game?: I feel like I have a very good social and strategic game, and Mere also has a pretty good social game as well, but has the physical prowess, which i do not. We can cover a lot of ground when it comes to bonds, so I think it will work out in the end. From me, expect rants, memes, funny confessionals, and the occasional "if i send feet pics to so and so, will they do what i want?' And from Mere, expect a whole bunch of rants, not understanding the rules, calling out fellow housemates, and her stopping me whenever i make to many jokes. We will put up a fight and we do not back down. And thats on periodt sis.
    Do you know the muffin man?: Sadly, its the person writing this application 


    Names: Evan and David
    Discords: evanw919#6591 & Anarchy#1321
    Which Shrek character best describes you?: We are both dronkeys bcuz were chaotic, abominations, and mutant freaks
    How did the two of you meet?: CMIYC S2 is where we met, despite targeting each other for the majority of the game. After Wadz played in Champions 2, Evan added him to production, and we have been very close ever since
    What can you bring to this game? A duo that has played every season together and both played different games both times. Almost opposite. We are here to play hard and win. We refuse to be 3-time losers. From Evan, you can expect in-depth confessionals, the "nice guy" approach, and sleep deprivation. From David, you can expect got gifs, crazy ideas, and a no bs attitude. Also, we both have an unhealthy knowledge of CMIYC history.
    Do you know the muffin man?: If Mal is on this season, we will, unfortunately, have to withdraw our application


    Names: Crazyrockina and Sarah
    Discords: Sue Sylvester#6390 and SarahG™#1033
    Which Shrek characters describe you: Crazyrockina: Fiona, it's pretty much obvious that I'm a queen and an icon Sarah: Donkey she's obviously an icon waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more iconic that Fiona.
    How did the two of you meet: We met in a 24/7 back in 2018 with Avalon and Runaways and then i became a team ugly and we been close friends since.
    what can you bring to this game: The Entertainment and Drama cause last season was boring 
    Do you know the muffin man: yes, he has all of the shoes we stole from you HeHe c:

    Bombonrayo   Then I saw her face, now I'm a believeer
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101July 25, 2020 10:16
    ☎ Catch Me If You Can 8 | Episode 12: And The Winner Is...
    Spoiler alert!
    JacksonSunshine   Welcome to the winner's circle Seanoh! So glad to have you join us! And omg, not Joseph and I having the Most Manipulative superlative!
    Allen   @Sammy welcome to the club girlie
    Mikey   not a single superlative... i will file a report!
    08SaraR   CoNgRaTs, Sean!!!! :D

    Sammy, you did great! <3
    Sammy   Villain? Rude 
    MaloloLow   joseph just went let me snatch up every superlative 
    Seanoh   OMG Thank you so much! Patrick and TJ this game was so much fun, y'all really put your heart and soul into making it a great experience for everyone and it is much appreciated! Y'all are the best! <3
    Jude   Congrats Sean and Sammy you both killed it <3
    JaMarcus_Russell   There's nothing I love more than following this game buy y'all kiss soo much ASS in your goodbye messages i can't tell who actually played a good game 

    Grats on another great season 
    Joseph   congrats sean and a massive well done to sammy!! one of the best final 2's in CMIYC history. it was such a fun season - thank you TJ and Patrick for having me and for the superlatives 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101July 23, 2020 00:28
    ☎ Catch Me If You Can 8 | Episode 11: The Burly Brawl
    Spoiler alert!
    ETitanic12   Boooooo
    CaseyBea   Arguably one of the best final 2s in CMIYC history
    Splendidsuns   So close yet so so far... gl guys <3 
    Clash   Gemma 
    Jude   Good luck Sean and Sammy <3
    Seanoh   Mikey <3
    LionHeart   LET'S GO SEAN
    Mikey   my two babies made finale <3 so proud ugh 

    i knew when i made the women of cmiyc alliance one of us was winning PERIOD
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101July 22, 2020 09:01
    ☎ Catch Me If You Can 8 | Episode 10: One For The History Books
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   i know im late to the party, but this is so fucking tragic, joseph you're a true cmiyc legend
    evanw919   Joseph robbed 
    Seanoh   Joseph 
    _Rob_   Boooi
    JacksonSunshine   Awwww Joseph! You literally had the dame exact game that I had in season 3 (thanks for the shoutout Patty ;) ) and it sucks to see you get 5th, but you should be EXTREMELY proud of yourself for what you accomplished in this game! You will go down as one of the BEST in CMIYC history and will forever be legend! Such an incredibly sweet and beautiful person is what you are and it truly shows with how much everyone else didn't want you leaving! I was rooting for you from day 1 of this game in both of your seasons and I'll continue rooting for you until you get to join the hall of fame (if you decide to play again that is) like you really want and deserve! So much freaking love and respect to you Joseph! Keep your head high and keep on keeping on! 
    08SaraR   A sad day in the CMIYC world. -_-
    Jude   *cries*
    Joseph   thank you guys for having me back, it was a dream 
    Dont do this to me, not today
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101July 17, 2020 07:13
    ☎ Catch Me If You Can 8 | Episode 9: Sad Days Man, Sad Days
    Spoiler alert!
    Aidan   sobs for Ben. this cast seems messy and turnt im glad i didnt play #teamjoseph

    Jude   Sean is the agent ma'am, I'd like a refund on this human role 
    Crazyrockina   jude is probably an agent 
    Jude   Not me getting roasted again... no comment, speak to my lawyers
    Clash   yessss Gemma
    Splendidsuns   Yeah bro..
    BBswag   This season is cancelled like I said it isn’t fun anymore ): Logo

Spoiler alert!

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