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  • Cartur
    CarturOctober 14, 2018 00:53
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag: Episode 7: Body-Ody-Ody
    Spoiler alert!
    Puffs   Vlat and I going after eachother is a mood
    Vlatemier   The hippo bitch really out here eating
  • Cartur
    CarturSeptember 29, 2018 01:26
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag: Episode 6: Lights, Camera, Nun??
    Spoiler alert!
    Puffs   Loves winning.

    i just have to laugh at duchess being the lip sync assassain of the season when she lip synced against one person who submitted a performance not by a drag queen who barely moved around the stage, submitted this for a COMEDIC lip sync, and against someone who has admitted that they were awful at picking lip syncs

    alright NOW you can finish duchess
    wwxcrunner1   I almost missed bottom two  goodluck yall
  • Cartur
    CarturSeptember 15, 2018 00:10
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag: Episode 5: The Snatch Game!
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   Oh gord I really thought I did that huh
    Vlatemier   YES LADY HIPPOLYTA
    Electra   im so gagged at all of these
  • Cartur
    CarturSeptember 05, 2018 13:34
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag: Episode 4: Freaky Friday Gala
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   @Puffs, T-E-A
    Puffs   You know what? Stop the MOTHERFUCKIN MUSIC! Connor's Club Kid look is sickening and deserved better.
    4Real   just bring me back
    xFalsify   "With that said there will be no lip sync tonight"  ugh that takes me back @popular

    also me at the Freaky Friday gifs
    iiAmySunshine   “If you aren’t wearing a wig it’s not drag hun” I’ll be sure to let the bald queen, Ongina, know
    Typo   screams in mediocre fashion
    KiwiConnor   @Vlatemier, SHE REALLY DID
    doobee   *Waits to pop out of box*
  • Cartur
    CarturAugust 25, 2018 17:38
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag: Episode 3: Draggily Ever After
    Spoiler alert!
    Vlatemier   no you got third place round 1
    KiwiConnor   forever 2nd place huh
    Vlatemier   RUN SUGERIN
    RussellvsRob2019   When you're literally that much of an idiot and are fucking obsessed with EG that you spell genius wrong in your critique HAHAHAHAH, what an illiterate asshole
    Riot   Puffs is that lady huh
  • Cartur
    CarturAugust 14, 2018 22:59
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag | Episode 2: UnTucked Madness

    KiwiConnor   we luv a polished queen kim chi whom
    Riot   Meme queen needs to step her puss up.
    Vlatemier   also thank you to the good judgings
    superherotommy   Ok so next round go over the top like most avatars nowadays or go home, got it! :)
    Vlatemier   im so sad to see cece go for a while now i feel like shes been one of the only people who tried to fully understand me
    Runaways      4Real 
    iiAmySunshine   I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE MASCULINE! LEAVE ME ALONE! Lmao jk, this was a fun task though! <3
    4Real   oh.
  • Cartur
    CarturAugust 10, 2018 03:25
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag | Episode 1: Pageant Girl Extravaganza
    Spoiler alert!
    Brittany101   ummm like I said before... shuld've casted me lol
    KiwiConnor   if we gon talk bout copying

    ive had this name since byes drag race so uhm...hehe
    matthewmsloth   @Mystery literally ur  on meth if u think ur mess of an avi is similar to connors at all lmao put the crack pipe down for a second and self reflect ;0
    superherotommy   Not gonna lie when i first made my look i loved it.
    but jesus christ that is bad. Hahahaha
    Puffs   @Mystery the difference is that Connor actually looked good.
    KiwiConnor   @Mystery, wtf all that is the same is the hair and they ain’t even the same color. What are you looking at LMAO...
    Cartur   @Mystery I’m sorry I must have forgotten my glasses 
    Vlatemier   we love you Hatonya <3
    Mystery   ME and Kiwiconnor's avatar look exactly alike. Fuck you and fuck your biased bullshit. 
    wwxcrunner1   How do I get better? 
  • Cartur
    CarturAugust 05, 2018 00:35
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag | Episode 0: Entrance Look Realness
    Spoiler alert!
    Brittany101   again.... bitch I'm fabulous when will yall wake up and cast me in something lol.... Jk loved some looks I could've done better that half the cast aka mystery but I would be looking in to the rest of this season
    Icelina   Mystery was cast but I wasn't #BIASEDCASTING
    JohnTheGreat   Mystery
    Bryce   Vlat take it home sis. 
    riddler7900   pocketrocket16
    08SaraR   4Real :)
    ShanaeT   Greenbay712
    Vlatemier   prepares to lip sync
    Geri   wwxcrunner pls
    Loudnesoverload   I want Amy
    Ryguy292   these looks!!!!!!!!! ❤️✅❤️✅❤️✅❤️
    Chilltown56   Superherotommy
    iiAmySunshine   Omg thank you so much for giving me such high scores for my avatar! I was so proud of my look and am glad you judges were proud of me as well..... the line is generic though, I do agree lol!
    Clash   Chris! This was just a entrance look sweethearts. 
    Arceus   kiwi
    Riot   Vlat
    Allen   Nvm then sammy
    Allen   Puffs
    Arceus   puffs
    PeterCampbell   Puffs!
    ChrisDWa   Clash!
  • Cartur
    CarturJuly 15, 2018 01:00
    Trinity's MotherT!cking Drag! | Rules, Prizes & Applications!
    Spoiler alert!
    Cartur   Applications Closed. Good luck to all that applied.
    superherotommy   Drag Name - Kharma
    Opening Look:

    Fashion Experience :Not many playing wise but i have hosted my own game the x factor :)

    What will you bring to the competition: Hello? it is me. I will do everything i can to win so expect some lewks okay henny.

    Which drag queen does your style most resemble? - I would say a little bit of miss fames glam mixed with a little bit of Trixie mattel camp :)
    Jaws123   1. Drag Name: ​ARIA
    2. Opening Look: ​Life in darkness

    3. Fashion Experience: ​Absolutly none 
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: ​I will bring new drag, I am yet to play a fashion game so I can bring something you guys havnt seen yet, I will try my absolute best with each new look. I hope to show a new side of myself through this game
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: ​I can't say theres a drag queen that I resemble I just go off what I think looks good, but if I had to pick my fav that might be a little similar it would have too be adore delano. 
    Cartur   @JohnTheGreat has applied via Skype
    Allen   Drag Name: Lucy Furr
    Opening Look: I'll send it to you through messages or something
    Fashion Experience: I hosted a fashion game, and I have created many avatar looks before.
    What will you bring to the competition: I am a competitior and I will definitely attack this with all I've got and fight until the finish. I'm prepared to take this competition by storm.
    What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: Aquaria
    1. Drag Name: Lady Caudiula
    2. Opening Look: Idk how to do that on here
    3. Fashion Experience: Fast games. not been able to try out on a fashion game before though
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: Something new
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: Dont watch any
    Sammy   1. Drag Name: Anna Bortion
    2. Opening Look: I sent it to you
    3. Fashion Experience: We already talked ab this, Mr. Carter.  Won some Fast Fashion Games and studied fashion at the NY FIT in a two week program :) Real experience, hunties
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: I don't usually play games like this, so I'm excited to play in my first one.  I'm an extremely dedicated player, so I'll spend as much time as needed to succeed in the game.  I want to prove myself in a fashion game.
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: Adore Delano
    Vlatemier   Drag Name: Lady Hippolyta
    Opening Look:

    3. Fashion Experience: Fanny's Kings of Fashion
    4. I'm here to be a meme queen and show all the pretty girls that humor is what REALLY gets people through things
    5. I don't really watch a LOT of Drag Race so I'll just say Courtney Act because of her bed look!
    iiAmySunshine   1. Drag Name: Scarlett Redd Sugar
    2. Opening Look: 3. Fashion Experience: Look on my profile! Sorry, too many to name off the top of my head lol
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: I will bring the energetic, fun, quirkness, southern belle charm that you need for a sucessful Drag Race ;) Plus, I'll bring the LEWKS!
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: Honestly Farrah Moan because I am cute and while I admittedly may not be the strongest competiton, I will be serving some looks that you won't forget
    Mystery   1. Drag Name: Hatonya
    2. Opening Look:
    3. Fashion Experience: EGVGV and that's about it. I would try my hardest in this game for that custom design. I'm here to win. 
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: Considering I've never watched an episode of drag, I think that gives me an advantage. I'll bring my own style to this competition and I will do it with dedication. 
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: None. Its my own style and my own creative mind.
    Puffs   ✦ Drag Name ✦

        Vulva Box

    ✦ Opening Look ✦

    ✦ Fashion Experience ✦

        ★ Winner of Bianca's Drag Hell
        ★ Finalist in Alaska's Drag Hieee
        ★ Finalist in Dragula
        ★ Finalist in Kings of Fashion S2
        ★ Several Zwooper Fashion Awards
        ★ Top Four In Fashionista (Ongoing)
        ★ Judge In Several Avatar Games 

    ✦ What Will You Bring To The Competiton? ✦

     I will bring polish, creativity and LEWKS to this competition. When one of the most frequent criticisms that I get from judges in games is that my looks are TOO polished, that's how I know I'm doing something right. Whether you like my submissions or not, you'll always be able to look at them and tell that a lot of time and effort went into perfecting every last detail on every single look.

    ✦ What Drag Queen Does Your Style Most Resemble? ✦

     I would say that I'm a mixture of Violet, Raja and Aquaria; they're all fashion queens, all perfectionists, and most importantly ALL WINNERS ♕

    KiwiConnor   1. Drag Name: SaTanya
    2. Opening Look:
    3. Fashion Experience: 3rd/2nd Byes Drag Race, Quit Dragula, other games played on my profile.
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: Looks Looks Looks henti
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: Tatianna
    Allen   ugh I wish I could play but I don't have a female avi :(
    1. Drag Name: Hoey Thor
    2. Opening Look: 
    3. Fashion Experience: Lilttle to none
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: Clown realness
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: Thorgy Thor
    Allaska   1. Drag Name: Nebraska.
    2. Opening Look:

    3. Fashion Experience: A LOT!
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: Polished and creative looks.
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: Violet and Aquaria.
    1. Drag Name: Duchess Dickledoo (online drag name based off letters)
    2. Opening Look:

    3. Fashion Experience: 4th IN shara kings of fashion 
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: Nothing
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: No clue
    Icelina   Drag Name: Deja Vu
    Opening Look: My @Lioness avatar. I'll recreate it and send it soon if needed.
    Fashion Experience: Judge on Fashion Faux, WorldWide Fashion, Runner Up in Fast Fashion Frenzy, Winner of Runaways Fast Fashion Game, Runner Up of Amy's Fast Fashion Game ,  X Factor Season 1 Contestant and 2X  Fast Fashion Game Host. I also do Instagram Drag Race and have 11 wins & 4 RUs
    What do I bring to the competition: The Underdog who everybody loves to hate, the Queen who wants to improve and show people that just because I'm younger doesn't mean I don't have exquisite fashion taste. I also hope to bring a whole new level of dedication and activity. When I play any type of game, I pour my heart into it and although we don't have the greatest relationship, I hope you give me the chance to prove to you and prove to Zwooper that I do have a strong fashion sense.
    What Drag Queen does your style most resemble: I would say Shangela due to the extraness in her outfits as well as Sharon Needles for her wild and intense designs that really make you focus on how much effort was put into the outfit as well as how well it was put together. Maybe a little of Violet also ;)

    ahah I thought Pocket just wanted me to post the pic and just noticed he answered the questions,
    Apologies! This looks super cool , hope theres a season 2!

    Drag Name: Donatella Jermama
    Zwoop Name: PocketRocket16
    Fashion Experience: 7th/5th Fashionista, EGVGV - Currently Running
    What I bring to the competition: Anxiety, Great Concepts, An Ocean of References, and spotty execution 
    What drag queen represents your style: Jackie Beat because hilairious, The Vixen because she tell it like is and often has
    something smart to say reduced to tone and Yara Sofia because she's off but hot.

    JennaCyde   **Posted on behalf of Pocket and he wanted me to stress that he DID drag not does Drag, apologies**

    Drag Name: Yoanna Fight
    Fashion Experience: None, First Group Game
    What will you bring to the competition: Real life experience, I do drag (Jizira Banks) Something Spooky but beautiful.
    Drag Queen Style: A little Pearl mixed in with Vixen, A whole lot of Jinkx and you know I love a Meatball (Dragula1)

    Cartur   @thunderdownbelow has applied via discord.
    1. Drag Name: Breezy
    2. Opening Look: My Female Avatar
    3. Fashion Experience: I have judged my own fashion game.
    4. What will you bring to the competiton?: Fierce looks and will give a tough competition to everyone.
    5. What Drag Queen does your style most resemble?: I don't watch drag race but I watched hurricane bianca so I will say Bianca Del Rio
    Cartur   @greenbay712 has applied via discord.
    popular   trinity is calling the CIA to get this game shut down!
    Trinity2000   Slaps Johnny, then use the whole name Trinity Taylor, simple as that. 

    All they do is copy looks, steal music too!
    johnnyscott1127   LMFAO I'm screaming @ Becca not even reading and thinking this was about her
    matthewmsloth   @Trinity2000 B.C. it's not ur name sis it's trinity taylor's name, just bc u were born 4,000 years ago doesn't mean ur the only one who can have the name ok ! 
    Cartur   Your biological name is Becca @Trinity1932
    Trinity2000   Take my name off this.
    Cartur   @4Real has applied via discord. Logo

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