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  • Bye
    ByeJuly 11, 2020 00:38
    ◓ | A Legendary Beast Appears!
    Spoiler alert!
    Parrish101   jealous of everyone who gets to play with this theme </3
    TJDawgiestyle   i believe this is the downhill portion of byevivor
    dantee   i still play pokémon heartgold and soulsilver. ♥ 
    Wild   We love a Champions 5 Remix :D
    ExoticSimmer   okay that is so cute... :(
    Mikey   Loves miss turtwig xx and chikorita omfg
    _Rob_    will I temporarily come out of retirement?
    dcg786   omg thank god. 7th times the charm!!
    Caleb77   gasps 
    Seanoh   Is this Pokémon themed? I- I just audibly gasped.
    Saratoga652   *blinks hopefully*
    ak47man   Omg @Mystery same
    Typo   it is FINALLY my time
    Riot   I wanna play again :xx I really wanna redeem myself... 
    Mystery   This is literally my favorite group game ever that I haven't played. Give me a chance :D
    Mystery   Please cast me 
    evanw919   Iconic
    Spooky   okay bitch im playing this one i am gagged
    Sassy   Cyndaquil best starter. 
  • Bye
    ByeJune 16, 2020 10:05
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Post Game Hellfire
    Spoiler alert!
    Bombonrayo   oh omgg tysm I didn't know where the extra chips were coming from :P <3 @Bye
    MOTO   add me to the hall of fame damn it
    boojess   "Jess & White Wine" power duo of this season. Sounds about RIGHT.
    dcg786   okay but wheres my prize for being amazing?
    pikasadge   wow thats so professional well done 
    DannyT   I’m so glad there wasn’t a Team Pretty alliance from the start of the game lol
    ak47man   Can't wait for next season!!!
    TombRaider   This work ethic...king
    DoctorWho   Another great season, Marc!
    Swish   I just started hosting and I am struggling keeping up with challenge scores and making one chart and you do this? Bloody kick ass effort genuinely @Bye 
    Clash   Iconic
    Bye   Whoops! I completely forgot @Clash sponsored an additional 1000 Chips to go towards our Pick To Win Winners! Thats means congratulations @Rob24 & @Bombonrayo you've each earned an extra 500 Chips!

    Sue me, after all that I can be a little lazy 
  • Bye
    ByeJune 14, 2020 11:10
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Grand Finale | "And The Winner Is..."
    Spoiler alert!
    YourBoy   Goooooo Motooooooo!!!
    Aidan   Ashley never having a safe in her chart
    Patrick71101   Congrats!! :D
    boojess   Congrats Moto!
    Mikey   So proud of you Oscar <3
    Armani   I stand by my credentials, Jess was robbedt.
    Jourdan   CONGRATS!
    popular   LMFAOOOOOOOOOO CONNOR GETTING THIRD ONCE AGAIN... i laughed! happy to have another POC in the hall of fame hehe
    Jace   Before all this, the Oscar went to Byevivor. Now the Byevivor goes to Oscar! Congrats man! :d
    dcg786   STOP GET IT OSCAR!!!
    MaloloLow   HE DID IT
    MOTO   THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE! <3 @Bye @Sassy and members of the jury you guys made this such an amazing experience!!!! @boojess @Connor you two absolutely killed it!! This was just all around wonderful 
    Spooky   congrats @MOTO!!!!!!
    Vin014   Grats Oscar!
    DoctorWho   Congrats MOTO!
    DramaKing2010   Yay Oscar!!!
    ak47man   Yessssss MOTO!!!!
    Sammy   Congrats!!
    Peyton   Congratz Miss Moto! Jess & Connor, yall also slayed.
    08SaraR   Congrats, Moto!!! You did great Jess and Connor!
    Reynolds   YYAAAASSSSS!!!
    Crazyrockina   they pulled  that 0 votes on connor like they did to me in season 1 of reality mxr
    Joseph   OSCAR YOU DID THAT <3333333333333
    Clash   CONGRATS OSCAR!!! AND NO VOTES FOR CONNOR? jury really be bitter huh 
    Bye   Oh whoops I forgot to update that on the chart. @MOTO was the Hidden Figure 
    Typo   I wanna know who the HIDDEN FIGURE WAS
    Dean   Okay but this is an epic and deserving F3!!!
  • Connor
    ConnorJune 13, 2020 20:01
    Byevivor All-Stars | My Plea To Win
    Spoiler alert!
    Connor   @Phoebe 
    @Clash Thank you Clash for the support 
    Phoebe   King shit 
    Clash   When you entered the game i called it you were winning and round after round you were making moves and never had target on your back which is really impressive and I am proud of you! good luck <3
    Connor   @evanw919

    Thanks man I appreciate it  - I think you took the heat for it partly because of initial rep coming into the game - I heard you did the hand in every cookie jar act in Infected (while I was a sleazy goat in Evolution). But also, I hypothesize it was because I was quieter. I know some people have harped on that for being a weaker social game, but I think it allowed for my name to be brought up less than yours as someone who doesn't message you everyday isn't going to be your first suspect for being a snake (if that makes sense)? I don't think I was a huge snake though - I mean, I will admit I voted with a large majority of this cast at one point or another, so if that's what you are hearing then I understand. If not, I would like to further understand what the impressions of my game were?

    As far as the blowup, I can't lie to your face and say there wasn't emotion involved. I was mad. But I have self-control to the point where I definitely *chose* to blowup on purpose. The reason being that I had been covering (as well as Jess) for TJ all day and had weakened some relationships by not explaining my true rationale for my bud distribution/vote to people who were confused in my pms - therefore, I wanted to do damage control - which is ironic it came in the form of a blowup.

    In the end, I think it helped my game. Ultimately, it flipped the script on me/Jess being the targets that morning to being on you and TJ that night. I don't want to speak for Jake/Ashley who flipped to make the move possible, but I know, personally, when I see someone have a fight/blowup in main chat, I tend to trust it - as it's usually not the safest social move to make for them. But it wasn't without risk- it could have 100% backfired, I just didn't want to resort to apologizing to everyone in pms and talking behind TJ's back in order to get ahead of the storm - I wanted to confront the storm head-on. And maybe that's just a personal preference of mine and maybe it was a bad social move, but I can't say I regret it.
    evanw919   Hey Connor! You played an AMAZING game this season, almost exactly the one I was trying to play lol. My question is, why was I the one taking the heat for having my hand in every cookie jar, when people like yourself (from what I have heard) were doing very similar things within the game? Not only that, but do you think blowing up your game at the F8 after the TJ fight helped your game, or hurt it? Why or why not?

    Again, a huge congrats! This vote will not be easy for me
    Connor   @PeterCampbell

    Hmmmm good question. I think it would depend on the extermination style. If it was a standard immunity/vote-out (Survivor) and Jess was the one to boot me, I'd actually probably vote Jess to win. I will acknowledge there is bias involved as Jess was my ride-or-die and therefore I know much more about her game than I do Moto's. Hell, we were even targeted together and both had to escape that bullseye on our backs, so perhaps there's even a bit of emotion involved just from a sense of companionship... But I'd cast my vote for Jess in this situation because I talked through every decision I made with her, and so I got to see first-hand her strategic mind and journey through the game - and it was damn impressive. Cutting me at the very end would be the cherry on the top for her narrative imo.

    If Moto were to vote me out (or the format was some kind of challenge purge), I'd be more torn - reason being that I think Jess' social game was quite great tbh but I also know Moto was good with probably more people....but then Jess also balanced more stigmas in the game, and despite a lack of comp abilities, was able to outlast the infamous TP group target. But overall, I would lean towards voting Moto in that scenario because while I think both Jess and Moto had easier roads to the end, Moto probably had it slightly harder. Jess was kept around for her being a perceived pawn/goat - and I think she'd be the first to admit that - while Moto was kept around because of his ability to downplay his target.
    PeterC   Congrats on getting to the Finals!   ​ I just want to know if say hypethetically you were voted out 3rd, which of the other two finalists would you vote to win, and why? (Please be as detailed as possible!)
    ExoticSimmer   pop OFF!
    Connor   @xFalsify marry me
    xFalsify   my lil baby ilysm congrats on making finals aaaaaaaaa well-deserved <333 good luck! c:
    DannyT   Yes thank you, that is very helpful! Good luck 
    Connor   @DannyT, first, I'd say I agree with the sense that we were never labeled with any particular group, but I think we went about it in two vastly different ways. Moto was a social butterfly - he was talking to everyone all the time, and it worked for him, but it also led people to not really know where they stood with him. I wasn't as social, I think that's clear as day, but it's because I didn't want to be overextended and overcommitted to the point where when people needed me, they wouldn't have faith in me. Which I think is evidenced when Moto lost social control in the mid-late game era and when I became a larger force.

    As far as the power positions in the game, I'd say we were fairly equal. If you're talking about challenge wins, Moto and I were eye-to-eye - even with Moto being the HF. Moto won power in the Psyche round and went after an easy house target. I won the Challenge round and made a surprising nom that a lot of people didn't like. Moto made an anonymous one that he never had to be accountable for. In the vote-heavy formats, I was either a swing or a target - not a follower. Jess and I tied the vote at F9 ensuring 4 noms, including Moto himself, went into elimination. Then at F8, I feel like I decided the final two noms. Moto had no idea. At F6, I led the flip against Patrick and while Moto was on board, I held the most power that round, evidenced by Patrick deciding not to plead to me during extermination - understanding what had happened that round.

    So hopefully that answers your question!
    DannyT   I feel like your game can kind of be compared Moto's in the sense that you were never labled with a particular "group" which I really respect. However, I do get the sense that Moto was typically in more Power Positions than you were and was able to control more votes. How can you differentiate your two games and what power positions did you specifically have that were better than his?
    Connor   Thank you @Mikey 
    @Patrick71101 It was a major gamble to take them both to F5 and it could've gone very wrong so I can't lie - I was worried I might be hearing "I told you so" from you when it went south xD hehe but I really appreciate the comment <3
    Aidan   idk why "skipped around my little cabin" took me out like it did. good luck bb
    Patrick71101   Majorr props to you guys for taking down Ashley & Jake hehe, I honestly didn't think it would be possible after F6 and I thought one of them would win which is why I was so politely frustrated with you but you proved me very wrong c:<
    the very bestest of luck to you, you killed this game :D
    Mikey   my winner
    MOTO   Good luck <3
  • boojess
    boojessJune 13, 2020 20:00
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Jess' Plea to Win | Week too many | "The Great Canadian Fake-Off"
    Spoiler alert!
    boojess   @clash Thank you!
    Clash   As you are infected representative I'd like to wish you the best of luck
    boojess   @ evanw919  Thank you Evan!
    1. I think the blame has to be on the BOTH of us. Thinking back at it now we could have easily swapped a lot information between the two of us and ran a large part of this game. I think what it boiled down to was.. neither of us had trust in each other and were both actively throwing each other under the bus. There is only sooo many "How are you doing!?" conversations someone can handle before they take the hint. I think the reason why we never really work together is because we are SUPER SIMILAR. We both want to be in the complete know, be working the various sides, and both think too many steps ahead for our own good. 

    2. I 1000% stand by my decision to take you out. Like I stated in my plea, keeping TJ was super beneficial to my game because he was outcasted, pissed a lot of people off, a way bigger threat than me,  might have been forced to work with me moving forward (so another possible number), and I think at that exact moment was in a way worst position than you. Had you stayed, the numbers once again would have shited not in my favour.. I was better off in a 3 .vs. 3 .vs. 1 situation than a 4 .vs. 3 which I 1000% could have seen happening.

    3. Throw me your vote and you shall see ;)
    evanw919   Hey Jess! I'm super proud of you, and you played very well, despite what everyone else has said. I feel like right now I don't know if I'm going to vote for you... but I have a few questions regardless! You never know, try and sway me!

    1. Who's fault is it between the two of us for the lack of trust between us? Like, why can't we ever wholeheartedly work together :(
    2. If you could go back in time, would you have taken me out still? Why or why not?
    3. Will you be playing Champions 11?

    Best of luck legend :)
    boojess   @PeterCampbell  Thank you Peter <3 I think both of my fellow finalists have played AMAZING games and both are very deserving of the crown. However, if I was a member of the jury I would vote for Connor to win. When sitting on a jury, I tend to look at an OVERALL story and I believe Connor had more of an underdog story and a more difficult time to get to the end which I personally find more exciting. He went from being an initial big name cast reveal target, to in the shadows, to getting the rug ripped from under him, to working with some unlikely people, to a few comp wins. That's an amazing underdog story if you ask me!  I'd then typically break the game into three categories: physical, strategic, and social. However in Byevivor I have to look at those aspects a little bit differently. For myself, strong physical games are impressive because it gives you powers and comp wins... BUT I personally think it is HARDER when you play the game WITHOUT those powers or those weeks you are in charge. How did you survive those odds? How did you make sure it wasn't YOURSELF going!? Socially, I think Connor did lack in comparison to Moto but I think everyone left lacked in that department in comparison to Moto with the exception of Jake. Strategically, I think Connor played a tad bit better. He didn't always have the comp wins to execute moves, he had to get his hands dirty in other ways. For example, when he flipped on me in Power Bottoms. It was impressive. 

    Lastly, how I’d consider how each finalist treated me. It is no surprise Moto has thrown me onto the chopping block a few times throughout the game but during Big Brother he had said he was putting me up because “I responded too late”. That would have been my last impression of him!
    I hope that was enough detail for you etbgbfv sorry!
    JaMarcus_Russell   Queen of not throwing her game again
    Proud of you 
    PeterC   Congrats on getting to the Finals!  [heart] ​ I just want to know if say hypethetically you were voted out 3rd, which of the other two finalists would you vote to win, and why? (Please be as detailed as possible!)
    ExoticSimmer   YES MISS JESSICA <33
    boojess   @xFalsify  More like i'm the Princess because YOU ARE THE QUEEN!
    boojess   @Patrick71101  <3 LOVE YOU PATTTYYYY!
    Candi   good luck, hope u win
    Armani   messy jessy came up in this bitch to serve you all a heaping helping of ass whooping... period! no eleventh place for her this game, no ma'am!
    boojess   @DannyT Hey, I sure can! First and foremost, Patrick. Patrick was someone who I didn't exactly connect with early on into this game because of our different allegiances (he had his crew and I had mine). Once I was able to really solidify his trust in a way I knew how (a vote because obviously I couldn't get a power/power position if my life depended on it) I was able to solidify his relationship. Before Patrick however, came TJ. TJ approached me very early on in the game and I can confidently say he was one of my more "solid relationships". He was the person who I knew wasn't afraid to make waves, was typically super straight up with me, and obviously was a shield I wanted moving forward. Lastly, Connor. Connor and I connected right after Jacob left. He was someone who I obviously spoken to in the earlier parts of the game but as we both got the rug pulled from underdeath us so it was an opportune time to team up.

    These three relationships in particular were used to my benefit because they were three people who were never coming after me in a game where my name came up constantly early on...  They also typically weren't (specifically Connor/Patrick) going to go after each other without my say in the matter. When numbers and people's places in the game were a little more uncertain moving forward, I believe it was my solid relationships with these three that shifted the narrative of the game to my benefit moving forward in the late game. It was no secret we all knew Patrick and Connor had their differences and truely believe a part of the reasons they didn't go after each other was for me... which benefited me.

    So yeah, as much as people might want to say they used me... I think the action was mutual!
    xFalsify   I bow down to u, queen. <33333333333 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
    doobee   Honesty we need a queen to win this season 
    joey2121   Jessica Messica totally Snaptica
    DannyT   Can you specifically name solid relationships you had with people outside of Team Petty that you used throughout the game to your benefit?
    boojess   I am Miss Juicy. 
    Aidan   The Jury v Montreal Messica never seems to go in your favor. Good luck boo

    Patrick71101   Absolute queen hehe , am so proud of you c:
    MOTO   Good luck <3
  • MOTO
    MOTOJune 13, 2020 20:00
    ✩ | Byevivor plea to win: "Immigrants, we get the job done" | ✩
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   good luck!
    Clash   You played a great game Oscar and super proud of you <3 good luck!!
    dcg786   the only real winner. so proud of you oscar :). 
    MOTO   Right or wrong. You are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that.
    Connor   Okay, and that's totally fair, I'm not trying to say you didn't also make the conscious decision to oust Patrick, but you didn't drag me into any move. I had already pmed both Ashley and Jake right as the round started that I wanted to see Patrick go, before I spoke to you. I didn't know you guys had a chat for sure - I assumed you did - but I flipped. You just said it - I was the one you guys needed. I'm glad you vouched for me, but again, that's far from pulling me into any move - it benefitted me the most as Patrick had also gone to Jess asking her to flip on me. And if Patrick had been in F5, he would have come for me before you - you still would have had options to go to the end with regardless as people were less threatened by you.

    And I 100% agree Jake and Ashley would not have gone to the end with me. And they might have with you. But saying you had options when the move was as clear as day is a bit....odd. Were you actually considering letting Jake and Ashley both into F4? (With Jess more than likely?) I just don't see how that would even be a viable option for you. I think you made the right move and I think you thought through it, but it was planned far beyond just what was good for you.
    boojess   Not to inrude on both of your comments on Moto's blog but....................... 
    MOTO   Not to intrude on yout comment on my blog here, but  at the F6 Patrick and I were fully working together, as he sent me the same chart he sent you basically breaking down everything we should do that round. I was already in a chat with Jake and Ashley and ultimately I believe I was their best connection to you as I told them you were the easiest person to pull in out of the remaining 3. This being because of your rocky history with Patrick and the fact between Patrick and you, he was the bigger threat. I had already told Jake and Ashley that I should be getting into the Power bottom position and them at the top, waaaay before you were ever added into that chat with us. So yes Connor, you were added and did the math for us, but a plan had already been layed out, as even throughout the day they were still quite worried that u could potentially screw us. Yeah we discussed flipping on patrick, yet this is a conversation I started as I came to you, telling you he had been the one that voted for you.

    As far as F5 goes, yes, outcome couldve been the same had you won the HOH, but truth is, me winning gave me more options to go to the end as Jake and Ashley would not have gone to the end with you I dont think. 
    Connor   Not to intrude on Moto's blog here, but I have to wholly 100% disagree that I had to be pulled into moves. Especially in the Challenge round when....I made the sole killer nom. Yes Moto vouched for you Evan, but ultimately there were multiple people vouching for Patrick as well - including Jess - who I trusted the most. To claim I made that move for anyone other than myself is a big, big stretch - since putting you up Evan would have been the "safer" move for me.

    And F5 was purposefully setup to benefit Jess and I. That's why I flipped on Patrick at F6 despite knowing Jake and Ashley would come directly for me the next round anyway. I also came 2nd in the HOH comp, beating both Jake and Ashley, so the move would have happened whether Moto was there or not, more than likely. If Moto were to decide to swing between Jess/I or Jake/Ashley, I wouldn't call that an example of control, but just simply a good versus bad move.

    Also, no offense, but the move at F6 - Moto was pulled into. I was in a chat with Jess and Patrick where Patrick was laying out the numbers - which I relayed to Moto, where I was telling him I thought we should play the middle but go with Ashley/Jake. Then, once the chat with Ashley/Jake was made, I laid out how everyone should vote - showing them how Jess and Patrick would be voting given the information I had. Yes, Moto could have tied it 3-3 if he wished, but I had the information and initiation to actually pull off the 4-2 flip.
    MOTO   Well Hi @evanw919 ! THANK YOU, you were seriously amazing this season! While I can see why you can compare my game to Connor's I think the difference in our games is the fact he depended on people to make moves, while I made sure people thought I was essential to their game, wether I had their best interest or not. I think while connor had to be pulled into plans, I was someone who was doing a lot of the pulling, and can take credit for that.

    I can break down my sole moves in two ways, visible and non visible:
    - During The Challenge when you almost went up, I managed to get ahead of the situation before coming to you, and managed to make sure Connor trust me enough to put up Patrick instead of you, but OF COURSE I had to let u know of what was going on as I needed the support in order to get Patrick (my target) up that round, as before that none of you knew he was after you. 
    - I think me single handedly exposing Jacob to all of Team Pretty set the ultimate target on his back. I did not take the shot at him, or steal from him, that was all Ashley. But me going to Jake and Noah and laying out all of Jacob's dirty laundry is what eventually lead to the mistrust between that allaince and them imploding.
    These were all under the radar, non visible moves i solely made.

    If you wanna talka about the more visible ones, excluding the one's you have mentioned:
    - at F5 when I nominated Jake and Ashley this was a move I made entirely by myself, I sat in the middle of essentially two different final 3s, and it was my HOH that determined how the rest of the game played out. 
    - and if it counts for anything, I believe managing to shift from one voting block to another is a huge move, and while visible, people simply did not see it. This allowed me to throw out name's and target people like Patrick, TJ, Kimmy, Ashley, etc.

    While I still believe I made A LOT more moves, I think these are the ones where I can selfishly say I managed to put myself in the front and center of a situation, and managed to play around them. I don't think relying on people is a bad thing, of course I needed people. This is ultimately a numbers game, and I think what sets me apart from the other finalists is the fact I excelled in this aspect as I managed to get numbers in all the different groups in this game and ultimately got THEM to helped me, rather than me helping them. 


    Hey Moto! Proud as fuck of you, if I couldn't be there, I'm happy that you are! However, this does not guarantee my vote tonight, as I am torn between you and Connor, as I believed you guys played very similar games.

    From reading your plea, it appears that, other than playing your idol for yourself (which you even got from someone else), and winning Hidden Figure, many of the moves you made relied a ton upon other people. So my question for you is, what was one move you made solely on your own, that you believe propelled yourself into the position you're in?

    Again, super proud of you!

    MOTO   @PeterCampbell I would vote for Connor. While I do think both of them have done a great job, each in their own different way. After reading their pleas I can see how Jess never really made a HUGE  move as she never had the need to. Connor on the other hand basically had to fight for himself and almost create new bonds as rounds went on in order to keep up with the game going on. I believe Jess was more in the loop of what was going on, compared to Connor, but I think Connor accomplished more while having less connections than Jess. I personally like that scrappy sort of gameplay as I indentify with it, so I would likely vote for him. Thank you btw <3
    Joseph   So proud of you <3333
    JaMarcus_Russell   Why couldn't you play like this in muchachos
    PeterC   Congrats on getting to the Finals! I just want to know if say hypethetically you were voted out 3rd, which of the other two finalists would you vote to win, and why? (Please be as detailed as possible!)
    George   and you wonder why i took you out in ZBB?
    you are one of the best players to grace this site PERIODT
    Cartur   good luck!! hope u beat jess :)
    ExoticSimmer   okay maybe u snapped gl boo
    MOTO   @DannyT , I think through out most of the game, I managed to be straight forward with people and didn't neccesarily "betray" anyone. So in the endgame when I basically jumped from one voting block to another I understood why it may have been perceived as messy, yet this was pure strategy. I had ensured myself safety with every person after TJ's eviction. So I turned on Patrick as I knew with him gone, I could seclude Jess into playing with me and Connor, which put me in the middle of them and Jake and Ashley, my other alliance. Then the next round I turned on Jake and Ashley as I knew if I could get Ashley out my shots at f4 immunity were exponentially higher, and then the round after I managed to take out Jake as he lost immunity. Yes you can call that flip flopping or playing a messy game, but every single one of those vote outs in the endgame secured me a spot in the finale 3. Also thanks for the compliments <3 u were great!
    MaloloLow   i spy with my little eye a winner (who doesn't know how to spell "story arc")

    Moto, I think you played an oustanding game from start to finish. Your social skills this season were incredible and you were in numerous positions of power. You literally got to choose someone to send home one round. Not only this, you were able to constantly deflect the target off of you which is quite impressive. Right before I left I was thinking, I wonder when the cast will start to realize how great you are playing, but you handle it genuiously and they realized until it was too late.

    Now, I wasn't there in the end game, but some say your game was too messy and all over the place. Do you think you were too messy in the endgame, or was this apart of your plan? Did your strategy break down or was there just so much going on that this is how it appeared to others.

    CaseyBea   This is so hot4
    MOTO   You, me and Sean, only because of our story arch @Aidan | @Patrick71101 Thank you sir! <3
    Patrick71101   superrr well played :D
    Aidan   You/Sean/Kiwi or You/Sean/Me? Which threesome was more iconic
    boojess   Good Luck to you too! May the best bottom win?
  • Bye
    ByeJune 13, 2020 00:27
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 14 | "My Body Literally Gave Up"
    Spoiler alert!
    JaMarcus_Russell   Wow fantastic final 3! Rooting for my canadian queen Jess ofc but would also LOVE to see Connor win I know what he can do when he gets the ball rolling
    Clash   @boojess Yes I mean to be fair from what I have been seeing and hearing it doesn't seem like you have a good shot at winning so I don't really get why you voted out Jake when him and Oscar had equal chances of winning. 
    Finesse   This final 3 is ugly. Byevivor is cancelled forever.
    Aidan   Also I'm cackling at everyone pretending to know the dynamics of a groupchat they couldn't afford to be in
    Aidan   @CaseyBea
    DoctorWho   Awwww Jake, you did so well buddy. Grats F3, awesome job!
    boojess   @Clash i'm going to assume that whole comment was aimed at me? If I was voting with "friend" wouldn't I have voted with Jake? 
    Clash   Connor and Oscar both player termendous games and any would be a great winner however I am sad that Jake was voted out when someone specific was getting 3rd anyways they could have maybe not voted their "friend"?
    Jacob   Moto deserves to win just like how he deserved to win last season
    Seanoh   Jake <\3 Robbed. 
    RobJok   TJDawgiestyle 
    @MaloloLow moto didnt choke in the 4th quarter like you did in champions 8
    Connor   Thank you @Peyton for the continued support, I really appreciate it 
    ak47man   @Moto better win
    doobee   I should of played this season and the season before it ...
    Cartur      popular 
    @Mikey i dont see @Puffs , @DannyT , and @xFalsify in the final 3... how did we deserve this mess?
    popular   @Mikey i dont see @Puffs , @KiwiConnor , and @xFalsify in the final 3... how did we deserve this mess?
    JeremyHLikesFood   if moto doesnt win thats all we need to know about how pregame relationships affect the outcome of a game
    Mikey   This is the f3 we deserved
    Peyton   If Connor gets third AGAIN, robbed. Only two-time Byevivor finalist which is iconic either way, can't believe he did that! Would also live for a Moto victory here.
    TJDawgiestyle   @MaloloLow moto didnt choke in the 4th quarter like you did in champions 8
    MaloloLow   when they could've voted moto but didn't... my day is ruined
  • Bye
    ByeJune 09, 2020 11:16
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 13 | "This Is Actually Heartbreaking"
    Spoiler alert!
    George   ashley robbedt
    MOTO or Jake to win pls!!
    Seanoh   Yes Jake! <3
    doobee   JK don't bite my head off 
    doobee   What a rig
    TJP1122   My draft: 3 people out of the final 7.
    Also my draft: gets 7th, 6th, and 5th... *sigh*
    DoctorWho   Yesss at this Final 4
    MaloloLow   im trying so hard to not root for moto but he's making that difficult...
    Peyton   #TeamConnor #TeamMoto, c'mon!!!
    Clash   omg go Jake <3
  • Bye
    ByeJune 07, 2020 01:45
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 12 | "No Rest For The Wicked"
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   Poor Patrick :(
    JeremyHLikesFood   Wow I am shocked very I did not see this coming nobody could not even if it was right in front of their face
    DoctorWho   Iconic F5, GG Patrick
    TJP1122   This is not okay!
    LionHeart   Rip Patrick man this is such a good f5 though
    Sammy   RIP 
    dcg786   fuck them up oscar
    Alanster   MOTO needs to go
    MaloloLow   imma need a whole tissue box to wipe away all my tears
    BBswag   The noble one has fallen 
    Aidan   I'd be satisfied passing the torch to a majority of these people
    CaseyBea   NO WE DONT WANT IT
    Jacob   Moto is winning
    Micks   [Insert @JeremyHLikesFood complaining here]
    Seanoh   It's 2020, if you aren't vers, go home. 
    Clash   This f5
    ExoticSimmer   NOOOOOO! sobs for patrick
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 05, 2020 17:00
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 11 | ZBB Takeover - Day 3 | Extermination
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   moto not going home is a DISASTER 
    Alanster   when the good one leaves
    JeremyHLikesFood   Sobs
    xFalsify   the way i was instantly avenged ugh
    kongowongo   @dcg786 I voted for Oscar b/c he made to sound like he was high on the trustlist just by being social when he came to me asking if I wanted to do a place for place deal.  Would've commented on his plea but I know I'm bitter AF at barely missing out on Solitary a second time and didn't want to make an ass of myself.
    dcg786   who the fuck voted oscar.. just kinda confused
    devon19   Nooo!!!! 
    DoctorWho   GG TJ
    doobee   Straight up ROBBED 
    MOTO   Thanks for the saves! <33 
    George   MOTO YESS!!
    Aidan   Why is his avatar white
    Clash   Lmao the house could've taken a threat down but ok 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 04, 2020 17:00
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 11 | ZBB Takeover - Day 2 | Nominations
    Spoiler alert!
    RobJok   wow someone used a "diamond" correctly in zbb......
    Joseph   moto :(
    George   wow ashley!!
    ak47man   Ashley really just made this round hers
    doobee   Me and Vin sitting pretty with Ashley as our pick to win 
    CaseyBea   Save Moto challenge
    Sarah   ashley kinda did that ngl 
    JacksonSunshine   When the power could have been used on someone.... with a little more power in the game lol!
    Sammy   Jeaa.....
    Sammy   Go Jeaa & Patty!!! 
    DoctorWho   Not TJ getting 0 votes to save and a killer nomination
    Clash   Me when tj was being nominated anyways 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherJune 03, 2020 17:00
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 11 | ZBB Takeover - Day 1
    Spoiler alert!
    boojess   bye Connor
    Connor   bye Connor
    Clash   bye Connor
    BBswag   This is great team patty easily hands down 
    CocoV   what an iconic final 7! congrats queens
    Mikey   team TJ and Oscar  !
    doobee   I'm Team TJ and Ashley 
    dcg786   #TeamOscar
    ak47man   @Sarah honestly so true
    MOTO   sits in non caucasian
    Aidan   He's a yt hispanic. Change my view.
    Seanoh   Ooooh I like Jumpstart, damn should have chosen that one 
    TJDawgiestyle   Moto too
    Aidan   We're really left with TJ as the last non caucasian?
    Sammy   Finally Jumpstart gets its day in the sun 
    DoctorWho   Oop this should get interesting
    Sarah   bye tj
  • Bye
    ByeJune 03, 2020 10:19
    「 WARNING! 」✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 10 | "For The Meme"「 WARNING! 」
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   champions
    MaloloLow   this made my day 
    RobJok   weee woooo weee woooo
    Sammy   Disappointed in all of you for even letting Evan get to single digits...
    joey2121   I love that this was the round you left
    evanw919   Thanks for a great experience! @Bye @Sassy
    Sarah   this is so funny
    Alvi   i love muse
    DoctorWho   At least it wasn't Unan1mous this time!
    _Rob_   How does evan lose in his own game
    ak47man   Nooooo Evan!!!
    Peyton   Voting out Jess in the ZBB roundd
    Armani   LMFAO
    Joseph   noooooo :(((
    DankDrake   NOT who I expected to lose the Champions-Inspired round
    PacoP   Evan is cursed in Byevivor. Bless his soul.
    ExoticSimmer   ZBB YES
  • Bye
    ByeMay 31, 2020 08:35
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 9 | "Never Trust A Straight Man With A Plan"
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   go moto
    Clash   The last 2 weeks :( 
    Cartur   this isn't okay...
    Joseph   kimmy :((
    doobee   I'm kinda jealous this round was made for me
    ExoticSimmer   okay, i am DISGUSTED. that is just straight up WRONG. nobody comes after my twin and gets away with it.
    DoctorWho   No, not Kimmy, sad day! Me at Connor going off, you do you boo!
    CocoV   robbed Queena
    dcg786   FUCK YEAH OSCAR
    Peyton   Evan slaying.
    JacksonSunshine   KIMMY OMG NOOOO  this is TRULY all-stars though! They're all playing so great that idk who to root for.... but I love my girl Jess and boys Oscar and Patty  I love them all!
  • Bye
    ByeMay 30, 2020 13:25
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 8 | "Have Some God Damn Humility"
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   FUCK THIS
    Armani   not noah!!!
    Aidan   lets protest
    Sarah   i'm suing 
    Mikey   whew lord...
    DoctorWho   RIP Noah, the Apprentice is rough.

    Yessss at me getting full TAR rights, we love it!
    Cartur   Oh wow... this was something 
    Peyton   Evan would've slayed as PM. Robbed.
    Cute to see another advantage used.
    #TeamEvan #TeamConnor
    TJDawgiestyle   Team Pretty is just cleaning house they are so gonna win if we don't stop them...
  • Bye
    ByeMay 24, 2020 02:04
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 7 | "Keep The Mask On Or Shut Up"
    Spoiler alert!
    JakeP   *half of who is in team pretty gets voided*
    *the people with power this round not being part of team pretty*
    Jeremy: nOt ThIs BiG AsS tP aLlIaNcE cOntRolLinG tHe gAmE 
    Madskie   NOT DANNYYYY !!!!! nooooooo!!! this is total ROBBERY!!
    Micks   Daniel did not deserve this
    George   SEAN NOO!!
    Peyton   If Evan doesn't win, I am suing.
    joey2121   Im just happy Team Pretty has a Discord server
    TJDawgiestyle   All due respect if yall arent actively in the game, maybe leave that speculation directly the aftershow
    ExoticSimmer   my babies stay strong but sean robbed :(((
    Clash   To be fair
    2 of the Team Pretty members have been exterminated. There are like 4 remaining with all of them minus Noah being sketchy af in games. Byevivor is also a game where relationships change every round so its hard to know whats going on and how it will affect the game.
    JeremyHLikesFood   so u r saying at the end of the season when all of the alliances are revealed, there wont be a teampretty alliance with all of you in it? i just... i find that a little difficult to believe
    Puffs   Neither of the people who had the power to killer nominate this round are in the TeamPretty discord server, so I'm really not sure what you want LMAO.
    JeremyHLikesFood   every single game its denied but every single game the same thing happens thats tea
    Puffs   I'll just direct everyone to look at the boot order and make an informed, educated decision on what they think is going on this season.
    DoctorWho   blinks at this episode
    Clash   Bad week. :(
    Connor   blinks in not being in TeamPretty for years
    JeremyHLikesFood   the friend group that makes up half of each seasons cast lol
    Puffs   @JeremyHEatsTooMuch which big ass alliance are you ranting about NOW?
    jakethesnake   i hate picture of everything with a passion
    anaconda   we love the picture of everything filtering out the dumb bitches 
    TJDawgiestyle   @Allen her having immunity means she got saved by default
    JeremyHLikesFood   @Allen she had immunity from that one challenge round
    Armani   also, just thought I'd point out that on the chart, Ashley was saved by the marc of invasion, but her box there is blue and not yellow.
    JeremyHLikesFood   not the big ass alliance controlling this round
    Armani   YES PATRICK! YES!
    Caleb77   also ashley pulled a nelson in dirty 30
    Seanoh   SEAN ROBBED :( But we also stan Jake <3 
    Caleb77   Dirty deeds is literally the challenge dirty 30
  • Bye
    ByeMay 21, 2020 12:18
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 6 | "Confuse and Conquer"
    Spoiler alert!
    JeremyHLikesFood   rip peter
    DoctorWho   Another great episode!
    Sarah   pukes tj / moto stil in
    JaMarcus_Russell   I wanna know who's plan that was this season is amazing
    Clash   @doobee you seriously need to get off that meth it's not a good look. 
    Dswag   And no I dont need to speak for Marc hes just probably not going to respond because the issue is so irrelevant to the actual post that its laughable. Just get over it production made their decision. Hes not coming back. And no matter what you say it wont change the minds of the people who made that decision. So maybe..... give it a rest
    Dswag   Anyways I thought kevin would win. RIP my king. Hope my other pick jake pulls through
    Dswag   @doobee if I had to guess, Marc doesn't agree with the things said in the tweet. That being said he probably agrees with the decision because 1. He is not the host of ZBBB, so what he thinks really doesnt matter (no offense).and 2. As a a mod, he is probably against people giving out other users information without their permission, regardless if its public domain or not.
    Zach   Whoever got the episode title that's a Battlefront II like that Boba Fett says when he used his concussion torpedo.
    doobee   And no I'm not being sarcastic I hate when people cheat but what I hate more is when people get removed. In your season people cheated in competitions. How does this compare to being removed for posting someone's twitter?
    doobee   Remember when people were caught cheating in one of your seasons and you let the season continue cause your a good host. What's your thoughts on the decision made in ZBB 
    Peyton   C'mon Connor, pull through for Evolution!
    #TeamEvan #TeamConnor
    PacoP   Crazyrockina was robbed!
  • Bye
    ByeMay 19, 2020 02:35
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 5 | "This is Karma"
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   If Alice is the one who won that then it damn sure wasnt disruption
    Chilltown56   Hidden Figures caused a lot of disruption in Genesis and still brings back bad memories!  I can remember it painting a target on wcplays for no reason at all when @Alice was behind the nominations the entire time!
    Dswag   Disgusting
    This is for the Hidden Figure you big fat white nasty smelling fat bitch why you nominate me with your trifflin dirty white racist ass you big fat bitch oompa loompa body ass bitch I'm coming up there and I'm gonna beat the f*ck out of you bitch and don't even call the police today cause I'm gonna come up there unexpected and wait on your motherfuckin ass bitch im coming to beat the f*ck out of you bitch cause you did that on purpose with your aundry racist white ass thin haired bitch watch I'm coming up there to f*ck you up bitch I'm telling you watch I know what kind of car you drive I'm gonna wait on you and I'm gonna beat your ass bitch cause Imma show you not to play with Jasmine Collin's money bitch thats the first thing you did and you got me fucked up cause bitch I told you what the f*ck was going on you white mother fuckers hate to see black people doing good or doing good or doing anything for them motherfuckin selves ugly fat white bitch watch I'm telling you I'm coming up there to beat your mother fucking ass thin haired smelling white dog smelling ass bitch watch I'm coming to f*ck you up cause you got me fucked up gonna sit up there and try to do that little aundry was shit bitch you aundry since the first day I came up there talking about a bitch that had on pajamas but you walking around here in some ten dollar ass jeans on dirty dusty white bitch sit up there behind that counter smelling like cheese bitch stinky fat white ass bitch and you gonna try to not answer this phone I'm coming to f*ck you up I'm telling you you better remember who I am cause bitch you gonna run when you see me cause I'm coming to f*ck you up bitch wanna sit up and play me about my motherfuckin money wanna play about my motherfuckin money bitch you gonna sit up there and try to do that bitch little do you know little do you know I know enough people watch I'm coming to f*ck you up I'm promise you that i promise you I'm coming to f*ck you up you fat stinky white bitch thin haired yellow yuck mouth nasty mouth ass bitch you stink you smell like fucking cheese and you got that trifflin ass attitude Imma beat that attitude up out you bitch watch you treat everybody like that all these old black people that you do like that you in the wrong position you trifflin ass racist ass white bitch thats why don't nobody f*ck with you cause you trifflin and you racist bitch sit up there and did all this shit and I told you what the f*ck was going on gonna tell me that I worked at that motherfuckin job when I'm telling you the f*ck I didn't bitch why the f*ck would I lie about some shit like that watch I finna come there and beat your motherfuckin ass you better not get out that car bitch I'm telling you fucking-
    ExoticSimmer   my bbs are killing it <33
    devon19   Great episode! 
    DoctorWho   Not a huge jury, well damn
    JacksonSunshine   Omg I meant to rate 5! Another great episode though! Really loving this episode with sooooo many to root for!
    Clash   Also um I am glad Jake survived but its heartbreaking to see Keving go 
    Clash   Oh god my predictions.. i just hope the rest isnt close to accurate uwicferwcnewiucn
    Peyton   Well, huge jury! Honestly shocked to see Kevin leave this early.
    Aidan   another one bites the dustt
  • Bye
    ByeMay 17, 2020 01:13
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 4 | "The More Loyal Soldiers The Better"
    Spoiler alert!
    Brittanya   She's as cold as iceeeeeeeee!  Loves it, fabulous move!
    DankDrake   Ashley really just took 2 people out like nothing...holy crap
    Aidan   Can't believe I'm saying this but #TeamAshley
    CocoV   where is @BostonRobby ? he would clearly be happy to see Ashley say
    JacksonSunshine   Miss Ashley didn't come to PLAY misses!
    Clash   My heart almost fainted there but wtg NOAH!
    jakethesnake   After this, I am joining #TeamAshley
    AngelOfWater   That was amazing
    RobJok   cooooool blooded. I love it
    DoctorWho   Oh my lanta at that extermination. 
    JaMarcus_Russell   that was fuckin impressive wow

    Yes Anaconda <3


    Armani   The trickery of violet getting exterminated is disgusting 
    Peyton   Evan, my king.
  • Bye
    ByeMay 15, 2020 11:36
    ✩ | Byevivor All Stars: Dante's Inferno | Week 3 | "Mistakes Were Made"
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   My season one sisters are all still going strong!
    #TeamKevin #TeamConnor #TeamNeme

    Oh and of course I'm rooting for my husband Evan, #TeamEvan
    dcg786   fuck it up MOTO!
    Typo   damn that mem wall was the row of doom jesus

    Yes I did get a check for my name being dropped in the episode.

    #TeamNoah #TeamInvasion Logo

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