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  • Bye
    ByeMay 21, 2019 12:08
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 11 | "YAS. BITCH. WERK!"
    Spoiler alert!
    KiwiConnor   MOTO IS WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    doobee   :((((
    ExoticSimmer   welp, it was a good run! thanks for having me, i wish i wasn’t so pressed for time these past few rounds so i could have created looks i felt more confident about, but life got in the way. nonetheless, i’m happy to have played because i feel like i improved a lot throughout the course of this game. good luck y’all!
    ExploreMeDora   My road ends here folks. I was going to stick it out, even though I felt pretty shafted and poked some holes in the questionable judging as it relates to my other queens... but Marc didn't appreciate that and encouraged me to quit the game so he can speed it up. So I'm finished. Good luck ladies!
    Sassy   GET IT MISS MOTO.
    Wicky   tyler and casey serving lewks 
    Clash   I loved Noah’s looks they were next level shit but I definitely think Tyler made much better avatars than everyone this round so he’s the winner for me this round
    #TeamTyler #TeamNoah #TeamDramaKing
    Sarah   can we talk about tyler's looks for a second holy fuck
  • Bye
    ByeMay 16, 2019 10:44
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 10 | "Well You Girls... Look Good"
    Spoiler alert!
    ShayNZ   Casey snatch that win! So proud <3 Your reads had me cackling lol
    KiwiConnor   TEAM @MOTO 
    Sammy   Right now I’m team Tyler and Casey!  Like the others are amazing, but we already knew they were good at this stuff.  The other two are like blossoming and I want one of them to win 100%
    JacksonSunshine   Okay honestly, I wish I could've made it this far because girl..... I LOVE this freaking challenge! Though i have loved every challenge in this season, I am LIVING for this top 6! The competiton is tighter than the 2 brain cells in my head! Best of luck to everyone and I am so proud of all of you for all these STUNNING looks and the amazing reads! <3 I'm also really proud of @CaseyBea411 for stepping it UP honey! I mean, she was never bad, but the girl is pulling out all the stunts now!
    Wicky   casey doing the damn thing ugh 
    CaseyBea   @SharonMaItems @MKtyler23 @DramaKing2010 Ya'll are so sweet thank you!!
    DramaKing2010   I never really doubted Casey one bit. I've pegged her to go far ever since that Back to the Future challenge. It's not really a surprise to me that she's doing well now. Gurl always had It!
    Mikey   yall really doubted casey, no shes popping off
    SharonMaItems   These last few elims have not been it. (I mean, double shantay, DQ, quit) But I am really glad we have such an amazing final 6 in this competition. I'm rooting for my sister The Pu$$y Monster! Good luck sister <3 
  • Bye
    ByeMay 13, 2019 06:32
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 9 | "You're The Weakest Link"
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   Congratulations on reaching the last clue! Clue #7 - Final Clue: If you can't figure out this final clue then you are not the one who will be winning The Plank Challenge!
    Clash   To be fair I liked Puffs’s avatars they were just a bit weak comparing to others but I know puffy will comeback <3
    Sugar00   puffs should have gone home imo 
    doobee   If I had VIP I would have so won this
    Cartur   @Peyton I agree
    SharonMaItems   yes. casey. snapping! 
    she's getting her deserved coin.
    Mikey   they really wanted miss casey to go... well bitch shes here to PLAY
    Wicky   CASEY SNAPPED 
    Peyton   Can we get a double win between Casey and Carter? Hehe. Also another fantastic episode Marc!
    DramaKing2010   I am so beyond proud of my sister @CaseyBea411
    Patrick71101   CASEY DID THAT 
    ShayNZ   Caseybea slaying this week! <3

  • Bye
    ByeMay 06, 2019 12:53
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 8 | "I Don't Like Manly Queens"
    Spoiler alert!
    Werk   The lip sync assassin keeps her crown
    EvaMarieRose2282   Ooo it’s getting intense
    boojess   Noah snapped.
    doobee   BYE DID THAT
    Xenia   @MOTO slayed!
    Clash   @Wild Lol this is also happening with me these days idk it just rates without pressing twice. Rated 4 to even it out as I forgot to rate before lol 
    Wild   Accidentally rated 1 while scrolling!
    ExoticSimmer   the looks this round were INSANE. great job everyone! 
    Trishy   I love these designs.. 
    Clash   Noah, Carter and Zach FTW
    MOTO   this was iconic
  • Bye
    ByeMay 03, 2019 10:57
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 7 | "How Is She Though?"
    Spoiler alert!
    EvaMarieRose2282   Yasss just starting to read these today and I’m in love!!
    Mikey   trinity, your over 50 yet you STILL argue with people? get a life.
    Trinity2000   Morgan is just a low income, pork rind eating, debit card carrying, salty ass, cf loser
    Vin014   The edits this season are AMAZING 
    Clash   Also rated 1 to even out 
    Clash   Trinity and Johnny ily both can we stop the fight and appreciate Marc’s episode <3
    Trinity2000   I do know what I am talking about Sharon. Your design has no Aries elements in it. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars. The ancient Greeks were fascinated by the blood red color of the planet and they attributed it to Ares, their god of war. When the Romans conquered the Greeks, the name was changed to a Roman god of war called Mars.
    SharonMaItems   @Trinity2000 The runway was ZODIAC ELEGANZA. I was assigned the role of ARIES, NOT Ares. ARIES' symbol is a RAM. ARES is not part of the zodiac signs, but instead is the GOD OF WAR. You might want to do your research. Stop being problematic. This isn't supposed to be rude. Just don't try and attack me when you don't know what your talking about.
    Typo   so so sad to go but I’m glad to have made it this far in such a competitive season!

    I guess 11th is just the position I’m meant to have in Bye’s Drag Saga, but 11th in this season is worth much more to me than 11th in Violet’s Drag Gag. Thanks so much for casting me again!
    Sarah   go buy some pork rinds with your EBT card and stop being jealous that johnny doesn't live in crushing poverty. Lmfaoooo.
    Trinity2000   Johnny, you already took all the rusty nails and shoved them all up your ass, you are a kinky freak. You are well versed in being inbred. Question remains do you call her mom or sister?
    johnnyscott1127   Trinity go chew on some rusty nails, you fucking bitter old as fuck lapse of reality inbred 
    Trinity2000   Sharon's take on Aries is LAME!!!! Aries is the freaking God of War, and being an Aries it is so obvious you did no research. You should have been tossed out on that look alone.
    Sarah   These episodes  amazing job marc 
    DramaKing2010   This was a tough week because I actually struggled to make a sign represent Libra and was happy when I found items that I could use to make a scale. I knew I would potentially get read for it being similar to Vanjie but I took a chance and ran with it anyway. I always take in criticism and run with it. I am surprised and thankful to have made it passed this round. @boojess I hate to see you go.
    boojess   I mean... i'm not surprised Carter decided to take me out here. From the first week when he decided to share my looks and make fun of me behind my back... I knew I was trouble when he could win this power! It was fun while it lasted <3 i'm glad I played! 
  • Bye
    ByeApril 28, 2019 00:08
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 6 | "Boom Boom Gun"
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   this is too good
    KiwiConnor   LMAO I flopped
    Sammy   All while helping Sarah and I at the drop of a hat.  Love you Marc!!
    Mikey      RussellvsRob2019 
    Sarah   A FUCKING MEN
    Sassy   Can I get an amen just for the amount of effort that Marc put into this episode? Like good lord.
    Sarah   LOVES this game  
    Mikey   2 absolute icons just left... im shook marc, i am S H O O K
    Clash   Drama and Puffy slaying <3
  • Bye
    ByeApril 22, 2019 07:11
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 5 | "Gag Me With A Delorean"
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   The Pussy Monster is a fucking QUEEEEN
    Joseph   KING @MOTO
    JacksonSunshine   Wow.... idk what to say because I’ve waited so long to be in this game and now I feel like I just wasted an opportunity to show who I am and that I am at least good at fashion! I’m sorry that I wasted a spot and I wanna thank you for casting me! I’m so upset my time is cut so short though because I feel like, had I not been completely sabotaged this week, I could’ve actually gone further! I truly don’t know what else to say except my heart hurts 
    CaseyBea   Thank you for the HIGH placement!!!!! :D
    johnnyscott1127   nieklaus is a shitty judge and should drink some bp
    Paige_Mel   Congrats @MOTO. so well deserved...i love it
    DramaKing2010   Thanks @Clash!!!
    George   i hate popular visage 
    Clash   Another great episode loving the game! And rooting for my PTW Zach and Puffs!
  • Bye
    ByeApril 17, 2019 00:07
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 4 | "Feeling My Oats"
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   Maybe next time?  @Sparkle
    Dean   Damn, How Lovely was going so well too... :(
    George   im the queen of safety babyy
    ExoticSimmer   hm.
    HarleyQuinn   How was swagswag safe. Love her but that look.....looks homemade
    Sparkle   I'm here to join halfway through to get 2nd place pls
    Werk   I was unfortunately left victim of internet problems which left me a literal 5 minutes to get this look together...if I was hosting this I'd feel so disrespected if someone sent the look I sent but like I said, it was that or completely nothing...

    The assasin keeps her crown FOR NOW and I just want to say Thank You Marc <3 One of the most fun things I've done despite going home early and despite doing poorly and despite having multiple problems lmao! Good luck to all my "sisters" apart from y'all who ranked higher than me this week xo

    Don't do drugs gir-...fuck it do them it's the only thing that kept me going this season
               -Kowh Kain
    KiwiConnor   wow I flopped WE-
    Peyton   Kinda upsetting to see a queen waste such an opportunity when I (as well as the other declined applicants) would’ve loved to play :/
  • Bye
    ByeApril 14, 2019 06:46
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 3 | "You Guys Are All Still Dudes"
    Spoiler alert!
    CristinaMihaela   OMG rooting for the majority of  the queens, gl!! 
    CaseyBea   Glad I didn’t get another low this week c: we’re making progress ladies <3
    Werk   @Peyton you bet the fuck I am
    Mikey   and thank you marc for the chance! this was my first drag game and i had an absolute blast playing against these amazing queens
    Mikey   oop- me when niek gave me a 5 0_0
    Peyton   Wow is Werk gonna be the lip sync assassin this season??
    DramaKing2010   So happy for my sister @Puffs! I am stoked that I was so close to snatching a second win!!!
    Puffs   The big girl...WINS!
  • Bye
    ByeApril 11, 2019 03:00
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 2 | "You Look Like A F*cking Dumpster!"
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   I loved this challenge death by trinity LMFAO
    HowLovely   @Sassy
    Sassy   I am a MASSIVE @HowLovely fan. Death by Midas Touch is a BRILLIANT concept. So many amazing looks.
    Werk   So sad I was in the bottom 2 this week!
    Mikey   @Sammy @Peyton @Wcplays Thank You so much for the support!! <3 I worked my ass off this round and went from a Low to a High! <3
    Wcplays   Okay this is shaping up to be one of the best seasons of Bye's Drag Race since there's so many creative minds and just so many amazing looks, I literally stared at Twisted Nerv's look in awe as I was just amazed

    But special shoutout to Anna Bortion's look because I just absolutely died from laughter as I saw the theme and the look it was really well done, and also to all the other queens i cant name right now because i just thought this was a really well done runway.

    Jourdan   Wow. Eliminated week 2! I had a great experience. I really believe it was my lack of editing skills that killed me this time. Get it? KILLED? Now I see why I was eliminated! I thought it was pretty obvious the Medusa inspiration but now looking at it I see why I’m gone. Anyway, a fun experience and I’m so happy I got to compete in this season! I’m now apart of the wonder Byes Drag Saga Legacy!
    xFalsify   19 19 19 19
    Bye   The episode titles each week are Gia Gunn quotes chosen to fit the Maxi Challenge each week :P @Peyton
    Peyton   Omg I love Tyler’s haha. Also, that episode title is about Carter.
    Reynolds   I love all of these looks! Some of you go above and beyond what I expected! Great work!
  • Bye
    ByeApril 07, 2019 11:45
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 1 - Part 2 | "Just Landed Like Fresh Tilapia"
    Spoiler alert!
    Theslayqueenb   Also amazing cast (and game), rooting for the majority 
    Theslayqueenb   My baby is SLAYINGGGG @ExoticSimmer 
    #TrashersKeepTrashing #GavinKeepsSlaying 
    George   I feel
    ExoticSimmer   thank you judges 

    Some awesome looks this week loving this season! 

    doobee   The Pu$$y Monster is such a mood lol 
    Bye   We love you Peter!  @PeterCampbell
    xFalsify   wow i really feel accomplished bcuz I picked the losing look as my least favorite huh hehe.
    Clash   Peter nice try! I am also bad at drag games lmaooo. I loved Drama’s look and Puffs’s look this week!
    PeterC   Also- Fuck my drag apparently 

    PeterC   Thank you so much for casting me and giving me a shot!  Good luck girls, can’t wait to see how this one turns out!!
  • Bye
    ByeApril 06, 2019 07:02
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Week 1 - Part 1 | "Just Landed Like Fresh Tilapia"
    Spoiler alert!
    Bye   - CLOSED -
    johnnyscott1127   @CaseyBea411
    HKT   Scarlett Fever | @Jourdan
    Dean   How Lovely. I love a good underdog
    Eduardo   Peter
    Reynolds   werk
    Armani   Swag swag 
    IrishCraic   Typo plz
    Vin014   Christian mingle!
    08SaraR   Sharon! :)
    Wild   Pocahotness
    Kefka   Kowh Kain
    TJP1122   Cho Lera
    Connor   Whore Moan!
    evanw919   Typo

    I will update the rest tomorrow morning 
    MarioAlex14   Sharon 
    DannyT   Pocahotness
    Trinity2000   Ms. Tush O' Kush
    corey12345   Boo car-key
    HarleyQuinn   Cyber Cex
    JonJ   Moto
    Nates_great   Scarlet
    xFalsify   Christian Mingle
    Clash   Dramaking
    doobee   Ivonna Die
    Sammy   Paris
    Peyton   Miss Keyana!! My gurllll
    CocoV   Paris Ite
    Arceus   Cartur
    Joseph   Tyler!
    Wicky   nvm, kiwi!
    coolKat   Ivonna Die 
    Madskie   i love yOu all ... Its a tough choice really!!!
    but i will base this on my preference of style from their avi in their memory wall.

    ••• MkTyler23 •••
    YourBoy   Amy
    joey2121   Puffs
    ShayNZ   Caseybea411
    BostonRobby   MOTO!!
    NoahSalvatore   boojess
    Riot   Puffs
    Finesse   Actually, gimme Drama
    Violet   boojess
  • Bye
    ByeApril 03, 2019 23:40
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Grand Lipstick Reveal | Part 2
    Spoiler alert!
    Z_Leprechaun   Disney Invasion Fast Game 1
    Werk   YESSSS!!!! I ACCEPT
    MOTO   Ohhh yessss
    SharonMaItems   Oh YAY! I made the cast, okay I'm shook.
    DramaKing2010   Yay!!!! Very excited to be a part of this cast! Season 7 is about to get sickening!
    PacoP   Danny 
    TJP1122   Great looking cast! I should have applied just to try, lol, but very excited to watch!
    Armani   dang lol. forgot to get my application. Maybe another season will happen some time soon? :D
    Cartur   verse acci is a bottom for @Connor
    brynae   Jk didn't apply. Excited to watch
    brynae   Wtf i didnt make it 
    Peyton   Not that shocked that I wasn’t picked as there were so many amazing applicants. Good luck to all the queens! Will be cheering for my sis Keyana 
  • Bye
    ByeApril 03, 2019 23:11
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Grand Lipstick Reveal | Part 1
    Spoiler alert!
    Cartur   @corey12345 i love my fans 
    corey12345   Keyana Chain
    Name a more iconic queen ill wait 
    Electra   love brooke candy 
    HowLovely   ACCIDENTALLY RATED 2 SORRY!!!!!!!!
    KiwiConnor   Thanks @Bye hehe!
    JacksonSunshine   I obviously accept lol!
    Bye   Whoops, fixed! @KiwiConnor
    DramaKing2010   So far the cast I expected!
    Trinity2000   Really great cast so far!! Congrats to all of you :)
    KiwiConnor   @Bye *Cyber Cex
    CaseyBea   OMGGGGGG of course I accept!!!!! <33333 :DDDD
    Wicky   this is cute
    Mikey   also i accept! 
    Cartur   Woooo I accept
    Peyton   oh shoot.. nervous for part two!
    Jourdan   HOLY CRAP I DID IT
    Dean   I hope I get cast, but if I don't this cast still looks amazing
    Mikey   OMFG I MADE IT
    ExploreMeDora   Ready to show off what I learned in Habbo's cozzie changed :*
  • Bye
    ByeMarch 22, 2019 11:54
    ⚔ | Gia's Drag Massacre | Format, Rules, Prizes & Applications! | CLOSED
    Spoiler alert!
    taviant   Username: taviant
    Drag Name: kittykunt
    Age: 20
    Have You Played Before: no sir
    Describe Your Personal Style: my drag style would easily capture the essence of sleek slutty couture !!!! i will be the fishiest. hottest. and bitchiest queen to play the game. i know i havent been on in awhile but if i had the chance to play this game it would be my big great debut. round 2! i would be such a wild card because nobody (literally) knows what i have up my sleeve! im ready to show everyone that this fish smells good, tastes good, and will always look good. dont get it twisted though, she will easily drop her jacket to clock someone real quick bc she isnt afraid to let it be known she deserves this crown and will stop at nothing. to get it!
    Monochromatic Look: 

    Look Explanation: this look is classic kittykunt. shes serving beauty, grace, and pink p*ssy! she knows shes the baddest kunt in the room, she's giving you ariana, she's giving you k-pop diva, she is today, the it girl, bubblegum pop p*ssy in every flavor. 
    HarleyQuinn   Username: HarleyQuinn
    Drag Name: Toxique
    Age: 22
    Have You Played Before: S1 (11th), S3 (6th), S4 (4th), S6 (4th)
    Describe Your Personal Style: Crazy, Cool, Classic, CUNT!

    Monochromatic Look: 

    Look Explanation: I very much pull from the fantasical realm when doing my looks and this here is no different. This is staple Toxique.. An Amish woodland nymph escaped her Stockholm Syndromey town and found a new honey. She took up stripping at the local Anime fetish joint and she has become somewhat of a STAR. Now she is ready to move on to bigger and better things, while still always paying homage to her woodland/stripping roots.
    HarleyQuinn   Username: HarleyQuinn
    Drag Name: Toxique
    Have You Played Before: S1 (11th), S3 (6th), S4 (4th), S6 (4th)
    Describe Your Personal Style: Crazy, Cool, Classic, CUNT!

    Monochromatic Look: 

    Look Explanation: I very much pull from the fantasical realm when doing my looks and this here is no different. This is staple HarleyQuinn. An Amish woodland nymph escaped her Stockholm Syndromey town and found a new honey. She took up stripping at the local Anime fetish joint and she has become somewhat of a STAR. Now she is ready to move on to bigger and better things, while still always paying homage to her woodland/stripping roots.

    DramaKing2010   Username: DramaKing2010
    Drag Name: Twisted Nerv
    Age: 27
    Season's Past:  Season 3 (4th Place as Sage Hollywood), Season 4 (8th Place as #Drama, where I had to resign)
    My Personal Style: Conceptual, it do take NERVE.


    I'm serving the ressurected spirit of Twisted Nerv, who died of an overdose of heroin in 2007, brought back to life after a game of Charlie, Charlie gone wrong.  She's become royalty in hell, but as a cruel reminder of her earthly demise is forced to wear a crown made of heroin needles, and is doomed to bleed eternally.
    Bailey   Here's a better picture :)
    Bailey   Sorry I left so much space open on the bottom I totally forgot to backspace I also hope the picture isn't to big because of it, it's a bit blurry sorry!
    Bailey   Username: SurvivorFanGirl
    Drag Name: ANGELica
    Have You Played Before: Nope :)
    Age; 15
    Describe Personal Style: Light colors, although I do work well with scary themes so I guess I could say darker colors. It depends on the theme when to take risks. I also like any type of fairytale theme, fictional.
    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explantion: My queen is representing an angel which is why her name is ANGELica. I had a cross because... well she's an angel and wings. Because usually angels are seen as pure the color I went with was white. Although it's not all white most of it is. There's some light grey, and light blue so it still goes with the color scheme but it also not hurting your eyes. I know it was suppose to be all one color but this was an example of a slight risk adding in different tones of colors.

    ExoticSimmer   Username: @ExoticSimmer
    Drag Name: Ivonna Die
    Age: 18
    Have you played before?: Dragula... but we don't talk about that. I flopped. Literally. I need redemption.
    Describe your personal style: My style is typically very dark, yet fiery in a sense. I like my looks to have personality and demonstrate the appeal I am going for. My female avatar looks are typically seductive--but I really want to try to go out of my comfort zone in this game.
    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: I went for an elegant blue look in this avatar and recolored for the first time! I played around with the colors in order to find the best style for the avatar and I felt like this was the perfect color. I feel like it popped perfectly against the skin color and really accentuated the features on the avatar. Ivonna is a performer and she was FEELING herself during this elegant--almost majestic performance.

    Username: @HowLovely
    Drag Name: Cho Lera
    Age: iu when she did good day
    Have you played before?: i did dragula but i didnt really do so well so.....
    Describe your personal style: ecletic, "kpop", epidemic
    Monochromatic Eleganza:

    Look Explanation: i tried to get like an alien mysterious pink bitch??? i don't know but shes kind of like a extraterrestrial predator that wears her prey as ha garment and stuff

    wwxcrunner1   Username: @wwxcrunner1

    Drag Name: Christian Mingle

    Age: 22

    Have you played before? Nope
    Describe your personal style: Straight and to the point... Definitely here to get a head of the competition. (But in actuality, I like blending simplistic style into elegant avatars. Can I edit no, but let's be real a real queen can be pretty without a cosmetic makeover.

    Monochromatic Eleganza:

    Reasoning: Drowning out the haters, and blocking the shade. Mrs. Mingle is here to set her pringle ablaze.
    boojess   Username: @boojess
    Drag Name: Ally K. Holic
    Age: A Queen never tells her age!
    Have you played before? Nope.
    Describe your personal style: I'd describe it as: Homeless Coture. However, others may call it lazy but they are just JEALOUS! I'd like to think I have "pretty" decent style when I want to be stylish? but most of the time I resort to looking like a homeless piece of trash! cute!

    Monochromatic Eleganza:

    Username: @Cartur

    Drag Name: Keyana Chain

    Age: 17

    Have you played before?  No ma'am!

    Describe your personal style: Keyana is a queen of high-fashion & versatility! I absolutely adore different geographical & historical aspects in the fashion industry & I really do love just pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I'm a big history geek & it shows with accents from the Victorian era, the French Revolution, & any Middle Ages wonder. You won't know what to expect from me down that runway, but I can guarantee it will be out of this world.

    Monochromatic Eleganza:


    Look Explanation: First off, huge thanks to @Reynolds for letting me use his wonderful custom in this look! Now I present to you "Tears of a Sad, Sad Clown." I've been wanting to really tie in a mime look somehow and this is it! My references here are your English jester, modernized to an Avante Garde beauty queen!

    Paige_Mel   Username : Paige_Mel

    Drag Name : Kliola Ess

    Age : 22

    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place? : Never

    Describe your personal style : Unpredictable. I range from plain Jane to a diva at will. I have never followed drag but I am passionate about creativity. What I lack in experience I hope to make up in enthusiasm. Hope to explore this world and learn from those who know more while showcasing my raw abilities as a rookie.

    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: Kliola has no idea about your world but she vibed the power of Drag Massacre from a Galaxy away. She is coming down to your world to find out what the hullabaloo is about. She posseses powers no one has yet seen and once she is done learning from the new world is when she will start to teach.
    Mikey   ~New Application~ 

    Username: MKtyler23

    Drag Name: Anna Bortion

    Age: 14

    I have not played any of your seasons, which just wants makes me want to play it more! But i used to do fashion on other sites + Fast Fashion games on this site. Even though I may have a bit of a bad reputation I hope that doesn't take casting me into consideration!

    My personal style: In real life i LOVE wearing brands, not to seem expensive but I love wearing an outfit with a purpose! Something out of my comfort zone is what I love. In most of my life I was so self concious, wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants everyday because I considered myself fat. I learned to love myself before I could love anyone else, and now I wear skinny jeans and t-shirts! My style on zwooper is very fashionable, I absolutely LOVE drag but sadly do not have the money or chips to afford a nice outfit. I love recreating drag looks from drag-stars aswell! 

     Monochromatic Look:

    Look Explanation: Miss Anna Bortion just escaped from county jail, looking fabulous of course! She's out to get revenge in the fashion world by turning an ugly booger color into something dragtastic! She will break the limitations and go all out in this competition. Wanna know what she got arrested for? Cast her to find out 

    (it was incest btw)
    matthewmsloth   Username: matthewmsloth
    Drag Name: Paris Ite
    Age: 20
    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place?: never,, it's my first time uwu (BUT in dragula i got 4th ))
    Describe your personal style:

    I'm giving u kooky creative CUNT, always high fashion and glamor with a touch of camp. My looks are usually bizarre and conceptual, and they almost always have a reference, be it pop culture or iconic fashion moments. I don't like turning boring looks,,, it's always my goal to gag and shock <3 

    Monochromatic eleganza look: 

    Look explanation:: violet's turning,,,, VIOLET !! jk kimora she's the high end high fashhion hooker in the waiting room for the afterlife in beetlejuice after dying due to smoking too much purp, the first,, and most sickening,,, overdose caused by marijuana *tongue pop* may she rest in peace <3

    Thanks Cyst! @MOTO

    MOTO   FINE! That totally ruins my "Dixie Normous is back girthier than ever" entrance... but I suppose you can call me: Miss Travis Tea @Bye
    Bye   @MOTO You've played as Dixie before so all returnees have to apply under a new drag name 
    MOTO   Also shoutout to queen @Aaliyah for letting me borrow and edit this gorgeous head piece <3
    MOTO   Username: MOTO

    Drag Name: Dixie Normous

    Age: 19

    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place? Yes, S2: 12th and S5: 14th (left)

    Describe your personal style: I would consider my style forever-evolving and very versatile. I think the first time I played I was completely lost in the competition and by the second time I played I came back with a much stronger performance, now add to that 3 years of learning experience. My style is at the best its ever been, very glam but also very outside of the box compared to what it used to be. My drag always has a story behind it and it can be campy, fashion forward, horrific, animal-like, fishy and many other things.

    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: I was watching the 7 Rings music video and a I just wondered "how would this bitch look if I dipped her in gold?" This look is quintessential MOTO, very clean and subtle but also making sure it has a PRESENCE to it! If this were the night of the Oscar's you best believe she isn't there as an attendee, she is the award. 

    Username : Werk

    Drag Name : Kowh Kain

    Age : 15

    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place? Yes! Season 6 (Nova China) and unfortunately 20th eek

    Describe your personal style : Well, I'm really not sure on my style. This adventure will hopefully be a discovery of that and help me grow as a true queen. However, I guess I'm more of a fan of over the top looks so that's probably what I will try to do this season. Over the top and try to stand out from the rest.


    Monocromatic Eleganza Look :

    Look Explanation :
    Runway Comentary : I'm am illusion. She snorted so much shit that a bitch thinks she's the devil...OH WAIT! F*CK! She's drank the blood of her ex bestfriend! Maybe she is the devil? Who knows?

    The Look : I wanted to do something dark and grungy for this look! I wanted to go for something that evil and what screams more evil than wearing an outfit with a skull on it, having dark horns and blood around the mouth? I didn't want to go fish, I didn't want to go with something hyper feminine because I don't ALWAYS want to be like that. Of course, I'll provide some cute hyper feminine looks, but I wanted to do something masculine but put a bad bitch fem spin on it!


    Peyton   Username: Peyton

    Drag Name: Peytina

    Age: 14

    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place? No, I haven't played before!

    Describe your personal style: I like to try and be original, but at the same time make all my looks rather have more of a ''cute'' vibe than ''pretty'' or ''beautiful''. I usually like to create fictional looks as well, whether that be demonic, fairies, witches, etc. I feel like even though I do have a style, this game would for sure help me realise more about my style and help to expand on it!

    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: I went for a creepy and tragic yet romantic look here. She's part of some other human-like species expecting to go on a date, however that date went totally wrong. She ended up getting betrayed by her date and getting hit in the face with a piece of the metal. 
    JacksonSunshine   I'd like to change my drag name to Whore Moan btw!

    Username: exploremedora

    Drag Name: Pocahotness

    Age: 23

    Have you played before: Never darling.

    Describe your personal style: My style is basic bitch who just earned a free shopping spree at every trendy boutique in downtown LA and is ready to snatch every damn look she could never afford off those shelves. I'm rags to riches so a bitch is never boojie. It's time to ditch Banana Republic and to put that Blue Raspberry Coolata from DD away and COMPETE.

    Monocrhomatic Eleganza Look:


    Look Explanation: If Gwen Stefani played the white witch bitch in Narnia. Pop queen meets ice queen. Baby it's cold outside (and inside my heart too). I chose a cold, slushy palette to match every shade of winter with a black bow and black belt to make the look pop.

    SharonMaItems   Username: SharonMaItems

    Drag Name: Sharon Ma Items

    Age: 15

    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place?: No.

    Describe your personal style: My personal style varies depending on the mood I'm feeling, but my main style will be between two categories: basic, bland and plain or modern yet rustic at the same time. I always want to serve an aesthetic with my looks but also make the look modernly gorgeous with that rustic feel. I always try to go as crazy as I can within my own comfort zone.

    Monochromatic Eleganza Look: (It is literally so bad LMFAO)

    Look Explanation: Hey qweens! I am serving ruler of the magenta underworld realness. I added a bit of sparkle and my basic one-piece is be-dazzled in not turqwahz beads like Alexis Michelle, but pink beaded! I brought out my short pink-purple weave with my horribly edited Devil Trident but nobody cares because I look fine fresh and feminine. Looks like space realness might be getting a run for their money! The Queen of the MAGENTA Underworld can only go up from here! xo. Sharon Ma Items? More like Sharon Her Lewks! Snatch their weaves, sister!
    JacksonSunshine   Here's a link to my look just in case you want a closer inspection lol!
    JacksonSunshine   Username: iiAmySunshine

    Drag Name: Amy McKoi

    Age: 19

    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place?: I have never played before, though a b***h has tried MARC!
    Describe your personal style: My personal style is a lot of things. It's cute, colorful, creative, fishy, VERY fantasy and very color coordinated! If there's one thing I can do, it's make sure colors go well together! I do like to make a lot of looks based off of magical creatures, such as fairies, pixies, mermaids, etc! And I LOVE to splash like any and every color I can onto an avatar!

    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: I am serving you queen of the stage realness! I threw in some popstar elements, such as the outfit and choker. I gave you the stars all over her because she's a star and knows it! Gave you the messy, long weave because... it's just like my personality! And all the lights in the back represent all of the lights shining on her! This is honestly one of my favorite looks I have created and is PURE Amy McKoi... FISH honey! She is serving you fish on a purple platter!
    Dean   Username: ArcturusDean

    Drag Name: Aurora Diamond

    Age: 19

    My personal style: I wear mostly blacks and greys irl, but for zwooper avatars I definitely lean toward fish more than anything else. I like to capture the beauty of a woman without having crazy eyes, lips, hair mouth, costume, etc. Nice, simple, elegant, some would say basic, but thats just my style. 


    Explanation: She's green with envy! Aurora isn't exactly the nicest queen in the world. She's bitter that other queens were chosen to compete before her, she's bitter that people don't see the beauty in her style. She's here to prove that she deserve to be here, by using green in all her items (with some contrast of black and white). She wants to show that even the msot basic items can be used to pull together a look that represents the theme. 
    CaseyBea if you need a closer look at my eleganza look :b
    PeterC   Username: PeterCampbell
    Drag Name: Ms Tush O'Kush
    Age: 28
    Have you played before? No I haven't! I've only ever played in one fashion game, Fanny's Kings of Fashion Season 4 and I placed 5th. Also in Byevivor Atlantis, I technically placed 2nd in the Kings of Drag Round (although Alva did steal my scores for the reading portion which were the highest of everyones *cries*)
    Describe your personal style: My personal style depends on the situation, but most aspects its very casual. I usually have some sort of bright color, but never too many accessories so minimalistic in a way..
    Monochormatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: Ms Tush O'Kush has many different flavors, and Purple Kush just happens to be the flavor of the day! Calming and smooth to the taste, Purple Kush can relax even the most tense of muscles  The dress is styled to look like its budding counterpart, with purple leafy goodness tailored throughout. With an elegant bow to top it all off, because who wouldn't want Purple Kush as a gift?

    CaseyBea   Username: CaseyBea411
    Drag Name: The Pu$$y Monster
    Age: 17
    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place?: I have never played in a fashion game before, but I have so much love, respect, and admiration for drag and drag queens; and I love fashion so of course I have to apply for this game. If I'm not playing a game on zwooper, then I'm definitely putting a bunch of outfits together and screenshotting them for another time lol. Even if I don't get in, I am so excited to see how this plays out. 

    Describe your personal style: BIG N' LOUD; and very glamorous and polished(sometimes). I am inspired by strong, independent, sexy and cocky woman especially well known divas in the entertainment industry; one moment I'm feeling Mariah Carey or Diana Ross and the next it's Rihanna or Britney Spears. I love going over the top and getting crazy and creative with my looks. Whether it's big hair, pretty dresses, or accessories for the GODS, it's go big or go home baby. My outfits have ALOT going on at times, but I always manage to make everything I put on my avi mesh well together and there is always a story; yes I might have alot happening, but I could care less :b

    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: I saw the mask as I was finding an outfit and completely fell in love and immediately thought "New Years Eve in Vegas". That being said, I am giving you New Years Eve hostest with the mostest realness. She is a glamorous bitch dripping in gold to let everyone know that she is infact, the hostess of the night and that it's HER mansion you're partying in. She just wants to party, have a drink, sleep with some people, and do it all again the next day.
    Puffs   Username: Puffs

    Drag Name: Alotta Fagina

    Age: Twenty-Jew

    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place?

    S3: 2nd
    S4: 1st
    Dragula: 2nd

    Describe your personal style:

    At my most basic level I'm a complete fashion queen with a touch of comedy. I like for my looks to be fierce, fashion forward and have a certain level of humor and personality to them if possible. I think that if you look back on my portfolio from past games, you'll see that I'm VERY versatile and diverse; I've pretty much done it all at this point. I also love to reference historic events and pop culture in any look that I can, which often leads to some semi-controversial avatars.

    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation:

    This is VERY much the stereotypical 'Puffs brand' type of look in terms of the aesthetic. My favorite color in the world is red, but I just was feeling the green so hard today that I couldn't keep myself from going in that direction. As we all know I'm a tough, competitive bitch who is VERY envious of anyone else succeeding in a competition over me. The girls this season better watch out, because I have two crowns under my belt at the moment and I'm asking for, no, DEMANDING a third.
    George   Username: SwagSwag
    Drag Name: Boo Car-Key
    Age: 20
    Have you played before? If so, which season and what did you place? Seasons 3 and 4, coming in 8th and 6th place respectively.
    Describe your personal style: My style is very feminine, I'm personally not a fan of pick and mix avis, where they have way too much going on. As Coco Chanel once said, before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off. I love for there to be a story to my looks and not "i found these items and thought they looked good".
    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: Boo Car-Key dripped out of Uranus onto the face of planet Earth. Her style was influenced by her flower remaining intact after the discharge from the blue planet. The juxtaposition of the innocence in the flowers and the edgy hair gives an insight to her nightly endeavours.
    Strawberry   Username: Runaways
    Drag Name: Valeerie Slaughterz 
    Age: 17
    Past Seasons: I flopped Laganja's Draggg....and I was very new when I did Violet's Drag Gag. I need redemption from them because I'm actually good now.
    Describe Your Personal Style: My style is big, creative and conceptual. I'm very over the top and I love a good concept and creating an avatar that actually goes with it. I've become much better at actually picking items and putting them together and making them look good even if they don't necessarily look like they would. I'll  step outside the box and crush it.
    Look Explanation: I didn't want to go and throw basic items together, so I really tried to run with the theme of monochromatic. I like to think that this is clearly some sort of evil supernatural being who knows her angle, her colour and her motive. To win.
    Jourdan   (Please delete the previous comment)

    like i said, I love to be very out there with my looks. This is something I absolutely ADORE. I love the depth of the eyes and how dark the story is that it tells 
    Jourdan   Username: JourdanCameBack
    Drag Name: Scarlett Fever
    Age: 17
    Past Seasons: I don’t usually do drag games on here however I have won multiple rushes on instagram using Zwooper avatars as well as being pretty known in the IMVU queen community 
    personal style: I like to be so wrong it’s right. I started doing drag (in real life) about a year ago and have made dresses out of Capri sun drinks, paper you name it. I started getting a bit of a following on Instagram and now have 13.5 thousand followers! (@_skinnylegend_)

    chesskid   Username: @chesskid
    Drag Name: Ree Charred
    Age: 22
    Past Seasons: I've never played a drag game before, but i'm excited to test my limits. In Cartur/Moto?Amy fast fashion games I typically do well, so I'm excited to see what I can do with 2 days
    Describe Your Personal Style: I like a little something more orthodox, I understand it's drag but I still want to make it look like a person. I LOVE matching colors and incorporating themes into a design.
    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Look Explanation: You DO NOT wanna see what happens when Ree doesn't get her way. She was oh so close to winning the entire race, but when she was eliminated after a slip up in LSFYL she was sent packing, well, supposed to be at least. Like a true QUEEN she does an almost instant costume change and shows the judges why they just made the biggest mistake of their lives. How ironic that she's wearing red considering that's what the panel will be lacking a lot of blood shortly!
    joeyc   @chesskid Obviously I can’t speak for Bye, but  It’s an avatar game so everything is sent and submitted via Zwooper Messages. At least that is how it has worked for every season I have been a part of. 
    chesskid   Is this game on skype or discord?
    Typo   Username: Typo (formally greenbay712)
    Drag Name: Verse Acci
    Age: 17
    Past Seasons: I played in Violet's Drag Gag, which was my first fashion game on the site! I placed 11th.
    Describe your personal style: It's just like me--all over the place, messy at times, but able to be executed. It's been described as "something Riot would make at his best" just as much as "a tacky mess of thrown together items". I'm hit or miss, but as I've played more fashion games and developed my style, it's become far more polished. If I had to describe my style in one word, I'd say it's gotta be STANDOUT.

    Explanation: The color I chose was green. This right here? This is the sin Envy, personified. She sees what you have. She wants it. Go ahead, look her in the eyes. Don't let your gaze wander, for it could be the difference between life and death. Now then, where did we put that crown at?
    KiwiConnor   Username: KiwiConnor
    Drag Name: Cyber Cex
    Age: 17
    Have you played before, if so what place?:  Season 3 - 3rd Season 4 - 2nd Dragula - Quit

    Describe your personal style: My style normally is quite minimalistic and has all the colours working together :-).
    Monochromatic Eleganza Look:

    Explain your look: I'm serving you pitch black sex creature that lurks in the shadows. She definitely performs satanic acts for her overlord. 

  • Bye
    ByeJuly 07, 2017 07:48
    ♕ | Bye's Drag Saga | Season Charts, Statistics & Power Rankings
    Spoiler alert!
    Opal   LipSyncAssasin
    Remix   claps for @KiwiConnor
    George   stay shook girls at me being 9th in the power rankings
    0 wins, 1 high, 8 safes, 1 low and 5 lip syncs over 2 seasons, a legend? yes.
    joeyc   Not me having the most comp wins and a perfect season
    HarleyQuinn   LOL me playing the most seasons iconic
    Wcplays   Huh at least I improved in avi making by one placement 

    I just need a little bit more work :p
    Finesse   @Puffs
    Puffs   @Finesse is the power ranking winner? Ermmm, I just don't see it. How about fan favorite? Let's give a round of applause to our fan favorite!

  • Bye
    ByeApril 13, 2017 06:18
    Laganja's Dragggg | The Complete Collection
    Spoiler alert!
    Opal   Did I win Miss Congenuality 
    Ian   ha! nice season! =D 
  • Bye
    ByeApril 13, 2017 06:04
    Violet's Drag Gag | The Complete Collection
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Aidan   My looks were a mess hunty.
  • Bye
    ByeApril 01, 2017 09:09
    Laganja's Dragggg | Grand Finale | "Yas Gawd!"
    Spoiler alert!
    doobee   Great Seasib def applying next time around
    Opal   Congrats you bEtch
    HarleyQuinn   Congratulations Onika I'm so proud of you!
    Electra   nhatz should have gotten 2nd
    I spat out my coffee when I read this.
    Sparkle   Always the maid of honor, never the bride. Great game and congratulations @Joeyc!
    joeyc   Woot!!! Thank you judges for such a fun season... and congrats to @nhatz06 and @Sparkle too. You rock! 
    nhatz06   Congrats Joey. Honestly well deserved. Thanks Marc and judges for a fun game. 
    wildpoppy136   They tried to get him out by giving him the worst starter items but failed each time. He DEFINITELY deserves this. Congrats!!!
    PeterC   Congrats @joeyc!!
    George   im shooketh
    Strawberry   oop i'm coming back then
    Evilgenious448   Only kept track of this game cause @Puffs was a judge, and I have to say, even tho i know nothing about drag, some of Joey's blogs were actually amazing, just for a design perspective.

    Well deserved win @joeyc
  • Bye
    ByeMarch 20, 2017 11:25
    Laganja's Dragggg | Week Eleven | "Of Course Tonight She's Medicatedddd!"
    Spoiler alert!
    Alice   @joeyc has choked in a finale before, what's to say he won't do it again? 
    wildpoppy136   He will win, just give up now
    wildpoppy136   Joey legend
    HarleyQuinn   @Opal I knew you weren't gonna make finals based off how you performed throughout the competition. You seem to think you're a lot better than me for someone who was constantly on the bottom meanwhile I  ROYALLY messed up once this entire season. I proved that I earned my spot in the final 5 and coming back with a vengeance. What did you do the entire season besides submit good lip syncs? Also know that you are getting an invitation to All Stars because someone has to go home first. 
    Opal   @HarleyQuinn
    "Good luck Onika, Betty and Frida! I knew it was gonna come down to us 4 fighting for the 3 spots in finals"

    Did you think it was between you 4 when you were sitting at home week 3 watching me Lipsync for My Legacy?
    HarleyQuinn   Damn! Once again, thanks Marc for having me. I may have gotten 4th again, but honestly I'm proud of the looks I produced this season. I know I'm a look queen and I still have to improve my comedy, but I was glad to be the Comeback Queen and give everybody a run for their money. Good luck Onika, Betty and Frida! I knew it was gonna come down to us 4 fighting for the 3 spots in finals
    joeyc   Thanks judges! 
    Sorry Betty, you just aren't good enough to have your name included with the other finalists.
    km1997   Yas sparkle 
    Frozen   Loved all the challenges, but it's a lot to take in. A lot of amazing avatars, Poison IV should not have gone. Snatch game was terrible, if it takes you a paragraph to be funny then I'm already bored. 
    Alice   LMAO sorry @Opal I just thought your Tribute look was a major downrade from the look you were paying tribute to, and a Tribute piece should be just as good, if not better. I'd raise you to a 4.5 at most. 
    Opal   Didn't think I deserved a 3.5 LMAO

    But over the course of the season deserved top 3 xoxo.

    Trinity2000   My oh my Joey, your parody was spot on, lol! Gives Joey the tiara :)
    Fanny   Best of luck to my 3 finalists of kings of fashion season  1 <3 Logo

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