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  • Sarah
    SarahJune 10, 2020 23:15
    ✯ I Love Endurance | Episode 1 | "It’s A Field Trip to the Looney Bin" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    hoeassgirl   MIKEY ROBBED...cant wait to see jeremy next <3 
    Mikey   jeremy ur just fucking fake LMFAO. You have 0 chance of winning and when i see your elimination post you can damn well bet Ill laugh in your fucking face PERIOD!
    Sammy   That's right Dani, show 'em how its done 
    JeremyHLikesFood   we cut out the dead weight just fine
    Mikey   sadly i got stuck with a team filled with idiots who couldnt do anything right
  • Sarah
    SarahJune 08, 2020 20:15
    ✯ I Love Endurance | Official Memory Wall Reveal & Pick to Win ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Jax   Will there be a Viewers Lounge?
    LoveBites   dmade
    Bear1234   Mikey
    Magic   Bcon
    Seanoh   I'm picking Anaconda to win. <3
    Austin11   AK47man
    doobee   Dcg
    DannyT   bcon
    Cartur   my main man dcg ❤️
    MaloloLow   BCon
    hoeassgirl   tone
    hoeassgirl   oop nvm hes taken 
    hoeassgirl   mikey
    joaquint561   m ikey
    Sarah   dcg has two spots, bcon has two 
    mikey / dmade / ak / tone have one
    Ari   Alva!
    KaylaRenee   dwh c:
    Swish   Clash
    Vin014   Draco
    Typo   eyes me being late to the Jeremy party
    Typo   Jeremy!
    CalebJ2005   Micks
    Charlie67   Allen
    jakethesnake   Tone
    Jax   Ak47
    Bye   Seanoh
    ExoticSimmer   allen i guess,,,
    spidermonkey   Daniel
    Logan_   clash
    Peyton   Sabrina
    JacksonSunshine   No ones picking Clash? Lol! I'll take Clash because he slaysssss! Love this entire cast though!
    Joseph   daniel 
    LionHeart   Draco
    Parrish101   Alvaro
    RobJok   Draco
    Sammy   Dani
    DoctorWho   Jeremy
    Aidan   george
    sulaaa   Mikey 
    evanw919   Micks
    JeremyHLikesFood   Jeremy.
    TombRaider   Sabrina <33333
    Brittney   Alvaro
    Vlatemier   Dani
    YourBoy   George
    Ved   sean
    MereLawson   I pick Dwh
    Jude   i pick dmade
    Mikey   I pick Seanoh
  • Sarah
    SarahJune 06, 2020 17:40
    ✯ I Love Endurance Cast Reveal | Part Three ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   i spy with my little eye, a draco win fast approaching...
    BCon456   I one is ready
    Mikey   I accept yas
    Tone   i accept <3
    Clash   I accept 
    _Rob_   Woo
  • Sarah
    SarahJune 06, 2020 17:30
    ✯ I Love Endurance Cast Reveal | Part Two ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   Yes <3
    Micks   LMAO I'm taking over
    doobee   I can tell if this was a mistake or a troll
    SuperDoodle   Could see the 5 Micks being a group
  • Sarah
    SarahJune 06, 2020 17:15
    ✯ I Love Endurance Cast Reveal | Part One ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Sabrina   Accepted! <3
    MOTO   Georgie and Allen and Aiden popped off
    George   megan hauserman is here
    Eduardo   @Peyton She doesn't have one, but has been in our past season's viewer lounge and applied. 
    doobee   These Designs are so pretty 
    Peyton   @Eduardo What is Dani's account..?
    Jacob   @Ak47man will chew up your faves
    Eduardo   @Peyton group game, season 5 in the Mix series
    Peyton   Is this an ORG or group game?
  • Sarah
    SarahMay 25, 2020 20:30
    ✯ I Love Endurance | Format, Rules, Prizes & Applications ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Sarah   closed 
    Mystery   Names: Cameron and Mystery
    Age: 22
    Discord: Awesomeguyrocks#0522
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): I've played tons of group games including ILM 3
    Why Should We Cast You: I have what it takes to win and its been awhile since I've played group games. I want to get back into it
    ILM or Endurance: ILM for sure
    What Color Best Describes You: Green
    ak47man   Names: Aiden
    Age: 15
    Discord: U have it Sarah
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): Power Play 2/4 (3rd/16th), CMIYC6 (7th), Trustfall 4 (7th), Mutiny: The Open Seas (3rd), Spooky's Big Brother (3rd), UltimateDespair's Big Brother (3rd), and so many more but I either forgot or am embarrassed about (Chanpions)
    Why Should We Cast You: U should cast me because u have harshly rejected me from every other season and Sarah u know that if u don't cast me I will hunt u down. I can play cutthroat if I have to and I will trash people in my confessionals. 
    ILM or Endurance: Ummmm I haven't played either because ILM keeps rejecting me too, but I guess ILM
    What Color Best Describes You: Dirt Brown. It's the ugliest color I could think of
    Tone   Names: Tone
    Age: 16
    Discord: Tone#8637
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): neither ilm or endurance, notable experiences: the wild 4 (winner) the crown (6th place) abbuk5 (11th place)
    Why Should We Cast You: i was robbed out of a spot in the mix 3 and 4 and i really love this game, it seems really fun to play and i love the concept of combining two popular group games into one supergame. i love this format a lot and i think i would be able to do well in it! i give every game i play my all and i am sure to be active.
    ILM or Endurance: ilm
    What Color Best Describes You: yellow because im bright and enthusiastic (even though yellow is like my least favorite color)
    XxDanielxX   Names: Daniel
    Age: 19
    Discord: Daniel#1643
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): Just challenge group games
    Why Should We Cast You: why shouldn't you cast me
    ILM or Endurance: what's ILM idk her so Endurance 
    What Color Best Describes You: Yellow
    Alanster   Say hi to Karishma for me, Sarah!
    JeremyHLikesFood   Names: Jeremy
    Age: 17
    Discord: jeremythephat#7334
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): ILM4 (4th place), ILM Allstars (19th place), ZBB13 (2nd place), ZBB18 (8th place), no endurance experience
    Why Should We Cast You: I give every game I'm in my all, and I can mix entertainment with strong gameplay. I leave a lot of confessionals and I'm really active, and even if I flop and go out first you won't regret casting me.
    ILM or Endurance: ILM
    What Color Best Describes You: Red
    Sabrina   Names: Owen
    Age: 19
    Discord: Owen#3863
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): Clarke's Big Brother (CBB): 4th place, ZBB8: 6th place, ZBB18: 7th place, Song Search All Stars: 1st
    Why Should We Cast You: For anyone who's seen me play a group game, I'm a bold player. I'm not afraid to make moves and shake things up a bit. I put my all into whatever game I'm in, and even spend an unhealthy amount of time in my real life just planning what my next move will be, (and the next one, and the next one). I'm not afraid to call people out when I need to, especially if they're getting on my last nerves. And if it counts for anything, I'm a Gemini, and I certainly live up to it. They don't call us two faced for shits and giggles.
    ILM or Endurance: ILM
    What Color Best Describes You: Purple, because I'm luxurious, royal, and independent. And i love a good eggplant.... 
    BCon456   Names: Mags
    Age: 18
    Discord: BCon456 #3376
    Past game experiences: Zero but that does NOT define me! Legends have to start somewhere!
    Why you should cast me: I may be a big zwooper newbie but I think I can have what it takes to win. I've played numerous camps on discord so I believe im ready for the challenge. My strongest asset is my social game and forming bonds with other contestants. Challenges are'nt exactly my thing but I will do whatever it takes to stay out of the temple. I think my easygoing nature will help me integrate myself with hugher level zwooper contestants. I hope you hosts dont underestimate me because MagreshaMaryJones is here to pull the TRIGGER. Thankyou for your time (:
    What color describes me: None, Mags is a chameleon. She is everchanging and everlasting. 
    Swimming abilities: Medium
    (I hope I did this right teehee LOL!)
    dcg786   Names: Danny
    Age: 16
    Discord: dcg786#7522
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY):  I am big into survival choices so i have gotten..
    1st Battle of the Genders (hosted by Icelina)
    2nd Vinvivor Pacman (Vin)
    3rd XTVD Blind Date (Cosmic & PVD)
    4th Vinvivor allstars (Vin)
    4th The Wild 
    I played in Zwoovivor, Fanny's kings of fashion, the cage, Icons
    Why Should We Cast You: No one will bring the desperation I have to win this game. I am sorry but the facts are I dont think anyone on this site will push them selfs as far as im winning to push myself to earn this title. Im most excited to be playing a game based on physical comps which is somthing we have not seen much of on zwooper. if you look at my pervious games you will notice I go far in games based on physical comps. I am extremely calculated and efficiant when I make my decisions and really want to play lol... CAST ME! I NEED THIS CHANCE TO PROVE MYSELF
    ILM or Endurance: ILM ofc
    What Color Best Describes You: Red – danger, passion, excitement, energy
    George   Names: George
    Age: 21
    Discord: georgepaytas#9124
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): ILM2 - 8th, ILMAS - we don't talk about her robbery (booted from a last minute twist), ILM7 - 5th. CMIYC - 3rd (only player to ever reach the top THREE unnomminated), The Challenge WINNER
    Why Should We Cast You: Because I possess many different personalities and will bring the correct one when I need to adapt to different groups of people. I have been in all four main friendship groups on this site and that's because my social game is flawless.
    ILM or Endurance: ILM all day everyday 
    What Color Best Describes You: green, can be used as camoflage but also can be bright, loud, and agressive. It's also the colour of MONEY
    Nates_great   Names: Nate
    Age: 16
    Discord: nates_great#1010
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): Bunch on profile but neither of those 2 yet
    Why Should We Cast You: I can be a very good player and haven't played a actual group game in a decent amount of time and I'm ready to play, ecspecially this one which seems fun and I can definitely make the game interesting.
    ILM or Endurance: I love Money
    What Color Best Describes You: dark blue light blue mix
    _Rob_   Names: Rob/Draco
    Age: 17
    Discord: Røb#6274
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): On my profile
    Why Should We Cast You: I am not good at competitions. Like, at all, but the one thing I am good at is a social game, and while everyone is focusing hard on these comp beasts, I'm just going to slide on by unnoticed. That's what I do, and that's what I'll continue to do.
    ILM or Endurance: I Love Money
    What Color Best Describes You: Purple
    Brxan   Names: Bryan
    Age: 17
    Discord: Brxan#5041
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): ILM X, The Chase 6, Trustfall Allstars.
    Why Should We Cast You: I honestly have applied like 3 times, but I feel like at this current moment I am at my best for group games. I have been able to get more involved and really push myself to play group games, and I feel as if this game will give me an opportunity to show that I am a good strategic and physical player. I give the drama, entertainment, and everything you could need hehe.
    ILM or Endurance: Endurance def
    What Color Best Describes You: Sunset Orange.
    Armani   Names: Allen
    Age: 16
    Discord: you have it, but it's Allen#6475
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): I was bullied out of I Love Money 9, and I've never played endurance. But if you look at my profile, you'll see a lot of wins of finals appearances.
    Why Should We Cast You: Personally, I think this format would be good for me because I know I can play a good game socially, but I'm also better at comps than most people think. When I played Resort, I was sent into elimination 5 times, one of which being a double elimination, and I beat every single person I faced to make the finale. I'd say that's pretty darn good. Using my competition skills and my decent social game, I feel like I could win this.
    ILM or Endurance: Endurance because I'm sure the cast in those games don't bully out other contestants. :)
    What Color Best Describes You: neon pink... take a guess why
    Micks   Names: Michael
    Age: 18
    Discord: MichaelD#9381
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): 8th in ILM6, and a bunch of other games on my profile
    Why Should We Cast You: I am extremely competitive when it comes to these types of games, so I'm gonna do whatever I need to win.
    ILM or Endurance: ILM
    What Color Best Describes You: Orange
    Deeproots   Names: Kyle
    Age: 18
    Discord: blessbless808#3225
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): Neither lol
    Why Should We Cast You: Cause i havnt played in any games like this before but i bet id dominate
    ILM or Endurance: Endurance
    What Color Best Describes You: Red becuase im am gunna be out for blood :)
    McLovin   Names: ryan
    Age: 26
    Discord:you got it
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY):none of these a few middle placing in other games
    Why Should We Cast You: endurance is a all time best i am ready for this, ready to prove to everyone who to fear..... im here to play
    ILM or Endurance: endurance 
    What Color Best Describes You blue of
    Clash   Name: Clash
    Age: 17
    Discord: You have it
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): ZBB19 5th, The Cage 7 2nd, Byevivor Infected 8th, I Love Money X 5th.
    Why Should We Cast You: I think I am a very underrated player on this site considering i am known for my controversies i am also one of the few that get involved in drama and still do good in games!
    ILM or Endurance: I love money 
    What Color Best Describes You: Red because i am a villain according to people but for myself I am a superhero and spiderman is red too!
    Jax   Name: Jax
    Discord: You have it
    Past Games Experience ( ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): I just recently competed in ILMX and have played in many other group games such as The Chase and Champions.
    Why should we cast you?: I feel like I something to prove. I have been underestimated in every game that I have been in. I will prove that I am a force to be reckoned with. I have a strong physical and strategic game. I will bring great confessionals, and I will never be afraid to spice up the game or stir the pot a little.
    ILM or Endurance: ILM all the way!
    What color best describes you: Orange. I have a fiery personality and am not afraid to start a fight or a good argument
    Eduardo   @JakeP & @Magic We will forward those emails to the original showrunners as well. 
    Peyton   I had a good time during S3. if you're bored and looking for a solid group game then I would recommend applying.
    Sarah   Dani has applied via discord - 
    Sunshine   gee i wonder where you got this idea
    Magic   @ the endurance all stars background
    Magic    JakeP 
    please look out for the email from my lawyer!
    JakeP   please look out for the email from my lawyer!
    Dylan   Names: Dylan
    Age: 15
    Discord: dwh#3884
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): I haven't played either. My best games were: Survivor Bahrain: 4/18 | Disney Invasion Fast Game 2: 3/15 | Chriss's 24/7 Choices: 6/13. Theres more on my profile if you want to check those out as well
    Why Should We Cast You: You should cast me because I wanna prove myself. I believe I am very underestimated, and I wanna show people were wrong in thinking that. I have an amazing social game and I am pretty good strategically. My physical prowess is definitely the weakest, but tbh its pretty good too. I have a certain charisma that draws people to me and allows me to make connections very quickly. I gain allies to help me get far into the game. In all of my games no matter the odds, I have never given up. I put on a great show and I never give a dull moment. I am a fighter and I live by that.
    ILM or Endurance: Endurance
    What Color Best Describes You: Light Purple/ Lilac. In the mist of all that beauty, there a tiny bit of chaos. Thats me in one whole ass sentence.
    Seanoh   Names: Sean
    Age: 24
    Discord: Seanoh#6792
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): ILM X (4th place), ZBB 23 (6th place), a few Survivor FB ORGs
    Why Should We Cast You: I think you should cast me because I have a lot to prove, I am currently the king of getting taken out one or two rounds before finals and I'm hungry for a win. I think I have a killer social game and I definitely am not afraid of making big moves. My strategy usually involves pulling strings behind the scenes and keeping myself open to working with literally anyone. 
    ILM or Endurance: ILM duh (<3 you Jake (; )
    What Color Best Describes You: Gold 
    Alvi   Names: Álvaro Ignacio
    Age: 29
    Discord: i dont remember now :(
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): nothing, which is why i should be casted
    Why Should We Cast You: besides not having experience in these kind of games (which is good for variety), im back from being inactive and ready to play some games and hopefully win. I do pretty good in games normally and i'd like to make sure i can fill the blank i have in group games 
    ILM or Endurance: idk endurance
    What Color Best Describes You: blue, i associate it with being a calm person in general.
    Mikey   Names: Michael
    Discord: mikeytingz#1113
    Past Games Experience (ILM & Endurance ESPECIALLY): ILM X : 8th , and the others that arent ILM /  END are featured on my profile!!                                     
    Why Should We Cast You: Well first off, ILM Is one of my favorite games. Last season I was given the oppurtunity to play and I believe i didnt dissapoint. I also believe I can do the same this season, but make it even further. I am a physical competitor when I know my heads on the chopping block, and if Im ever in that damn temple my ass will be pulling an all nighter to win. I have been waiting to play The Mix ever since it first started and I really hope this time around I get that oppurtunity.
    ILM or Endurance: ILM
    What Color Best Describes You: Orange. Its my favorite color but sometimes forgotten by people LOL
  • Sarah
    SarahMay 03, 2020 20:00
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Post Game Extras ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    BBswag   PP trolls for life 
    JaredLannister   poses as host favorite
    Patrick71101   also LMAO SOBS xD
    Patrick71101   was a superrr fun adventure, thank yew guys for everything C:
    AngelOfWater   Here's the proof that allstars alliance was not a thing until much later than "opposition" so it was you guys that made allstars a thing ;) 
    Mikey   This was a great season :) Very fun to read and follow along!!
    Eduardo   The number of alliances in this game LMAO. Congrats to Sammy & Patrick again. Had so much fun hosting the season. 
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 27, 2020 00:30
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | FINALE | "And The Winner Is..." ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   Sammy and Pattyyyyyyyy yessss!!
    CocoV   Congratsss!! 
    @Charlie67 robbed goddess tho
    Joseph   CONGRATS KINGS!! 
    Two amazing runner-ups as well!
    Bombonrayo   yaaaaay grats to both icons!!! <33333
    Bombonrayo   yaaaaay grats to both icons!!! <33333
    Charlie67   Grats! Y'all 100% deserved this win and I have no complaints
    Patrick71101   thank yewwwww omg :DDD, i hope TJPatty has been avenged hehe, and Yiddes c:
    @Kyle t'was a pleasure meeting ya muahah C: , and you good sir charlie 
    thank you everyone for a super duper spicy season >:D
    Kyle   Congrats @Sammy and @Patrick71101!!! You guys killed it! 
    JaredLannister   YESSSSSSSSS KING
    TJP1122   Woohoo!!!
    Sammy   Thanks to da 62% of you 
    Eduardo   Congrats @Sammy & @Patrick71101 
    xFalsify   thank GOD congrats my BABIES OMG <333
    Brittany101   YASSSSSS BABIES
    Mikey   Cant wait to apply for S5! Great Job Kings <3 @Sammy @Patrick71101
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 25, 2020 01:00
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | FINALE VOTE | "Aren't You Glad We Didn't Leave in Episode 1" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Dean   I'm devasted :'(. #TeamPattYiddies
    Charlie67   Kimmy you blocked me <3
    xFalsify   aww congrats party and sammy!! :D  congrats to kyle and whats his face, too <3
    JaredLannister   @JacksonSunshine i was just tryna look out for you hun :(
    JacksonSunshine   @jaredlannister sure Jan lmao! 
    JaredLannister   @JacksonSunshine i do know kyle i just played this game with him for a month LOL! i've heard all about you ma'am
    boojess   @Brittany101 I'm just trying to say.. a main point everyone had with our game was that "it revolved around being carried by friendship"... and in the end our friend's voted based on games? That's literally it. I'm not complaining tbh. I'm just trying to prove a point about this game.. people might think friendships ran it but at the end of the day it was all game lmfao.
    JacksonSunshine   @jaredlannister unless you actually know me or Kyle you literally have no room to talk about me or him.... haters man, always popping off on stuff they know nothing about 
    Brittany101   @boojess we love a complainer and a busted plea

    Everyone on jury: Wow Jess and Kevin used friendships to advance their games..
    Jess' " friends" on jury: Vote to evict Kevin and Jess.
    We love hypocrisy! 


    Patrick71101   plea be on the way hehe, we broke the character limit xD
    JaredLannister   @JacksonSunshine when you gonna realize kyle isn't into you??
    JacksonSunshine   Omg yes Kyle and Charlie! Love Sammy and Patty but... Kyle's my boo
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 22, 2020 22:00
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 12 | "I Found this Unicorn Blood and Drank it soo" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 19, 2020 23:50
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 11 | "This Is A Literal Circus, and I’m the Clown." ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    MOTO   Ugh Jesus, gross
    Armani   this is fucking disgusting, how dare you people
    Gabe   What's so common about them @Vin014
    boojess   Ugh Jesus, gross
    CaseyBea   Ugh Jesus, gross
    Vin014   Common #TeamPizza !!
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 17, 2020 00:40
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 10 | "Who is Going to Be Dead in the Trenches?" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   Omg not Jared ;(
    JaredLannister   @PacoP racist .
    popular   kenya needs to go home so my roblox chat girls can be avenged
    PacoP   kenya kinda did that
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 14, 2020 01:00
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 9 | "Catch Kenya If You Can" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    JaredLannister   @PeterCampbell hypocrisy at it's finest because your partner has a horrible attitude, she's just fake about it! 
    PeterC   What a spotlight on Zwooper toxicity. Some children cant handle losing, so they have a toxic tantrum
    Vlatemier   this is a lot of energy for safe
    Patrick71101   robbed king :ccc
    AllensBBUK   i feel bad for TJ. but also #TeamSadSadClowns Kevin and Jess are WINNING
    Mikey   @Sarah gotcha
    Sarah   @Mikey sent u home
    Mikey   wait i picked team yiddles, so why am i eliminated in the ptw but the other person who chose Yiddles isnt?
    Brittany101   A hate crime
  • Eduardo
    EduardoApril 11, 2020 00:27
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 8 | "I Want to Eradicate Him With a Velociraptor" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 07, 2020 21:50
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 7 | "Stop Taking Your Daddy Issues Out on Us" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 05, 2020 00:45
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 6 | "Am I Harry Potter, Because That Was Magic" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    JacksonSunshine   That's my boo @Kyle staying safe! <3
    JaredLannister   lil lanni is a fighta...
    Wadz13   so this is some type of bullshit
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 02, 2020 03:20
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 5 | "These people are ITCHING for a bitching" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   Thank you guys for hosting us, I truly loved playing this game so much and it's heartbreaking the way it had to end. Real life comes first though, and I support Ann's decision 100000%.  
    Geri   First time Team Crucio would have been safe... :D This is just our luck Mr @Trny :D
    boojess   I can't believe they stole our safety away from us...
  • Sarah
    SarahMarch 31, 2020 00:50
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 4 | "We’re Death Eaters, We Have to Think for Ourselves" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   I'm suing if Sad Sad Clowns don't win.
    Sarah   @Caleb77  they were ineligible because they won the last one
    Caleb77   wait how did swish and flick win immunity if NFC East had 15 and they had 14?
    JacksonSunshine   Ughhh I feel so bad for Miss Kayla! She was ROBBED! ... that's all!
  • Sarah
    SarahMarch 28, 2020 03:30
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 3 | "CHILE, Let's Risk It For the Damn Buscuit" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
  • Sarah
    SarahMarch 25, 2020 01:05
    ✯ You Can't Catch Me | Episode 2 | "I Wanted To Be the STAR, But Not Like This" ✯
    Spoiler alert!
    BBswag   @Aidan if only you asked man. If only you asked .

    #TeamNFCEastAlliance #Team50ShadesofSlay

    Great episode

    Aidan   Looks like bbswag took a big downgrade in partners. And wow the jealousy to target Jess/Kevin first but last place isn't unfamiliar to him.

    #TeamSadSadClowns #TeamSwish&Flick #TeamTJPatty #TeamPizza #IGuessTeamRoblox
    boojess   @Jacob They sure did!
    Jacob   They really tried for Jess Logo

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