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  • MarinaIsQueen
    MarinaIsQueenDecember 08, 2019 05:31
    Y’all still go on here?
    Runaways   Queen
    Peyton   Exactly @cupcake LOL
    cupcake   So, she logged on just to post this, then get her account deactivated?  Alrighty then.
    Trishy   She requested it @Peyton
    Tharealmike   You’re embarrassing 
    Peyton   dead @ her account getting deactivated.
    ArcturusDean   You're back? Disgusting :p jkjk
    TJDawgiestyle   shut up old woman
    joeyc   Welcome back 

    but here you are girl.

    the clownery 

    Riot   So you LOGGED ON, just to blog this?

  • Z_Events
    Z_EventsDecember 08, 2019 04:01
    ⭕ | Circle 24/7 Choices | Day 5
    Spoiler alert!
    lucasmaximo11   @Hollywoodhogan welcome to the club of people who try actually to play the game and was voted out because was easier than creating waves 
    xFalsify   TheLesbian literally the only person with fun ideas and they vote her out OKAAAAAAAYYYY.
    at least CancerSurvivor is safe <333
    wwxcrunner1   Definitely an interesting concept and fun to watch. but do see it is a little just determined by comp scores. Very interested to see what happens?
    Hollywoodhogan   Fun game but people just were boring and were afraid of my “outside of the box” game play
  • Riot
    RiotDecember 08, 2019 03:12
    keep that chin up sister
    Even when you're having a bad day, just keep on thriving 
    1 comment
  • 08SaraR
    08SaraRDecember 08, 2019 02:42
    ❃ | MUSICALITY 4 | Cast Reveal & Dream Team PICK-TO-WIN [Closed]
    Spoiler alert!
    Allen   FOUR times and still no spot. :(

    but i'll go with Joseph, Sammy, Brxan
    JonJ   Joseph, Mal, Maman
    Cartur   Dantee Brxan and Joseph
    Geri   Ian, Irish and Sammy
    YourBoy   Mal, Joseph, Dantee
    Bombonrayo   Dantee, Shane and Joseph! 
    CocoV   Maman, Dantee, IrishCraic 
    Doll   @Mystery the fact that u chose GretaVF (aka the NEW Led Zeppelin) & that I know ur musical taste, yes- for this game I think u would do well. Im not against ur success; just ur OBSESSION over scrutinizing everything I do & say- 
    Good luck.
    DankDrake   Dantee, Sammy, Joseph
    Mystery   @Doll You're so against my success, how dare you pick me. 
    Doll   Malo, Irish, mystery
    Benley   Mystery, Maman, Dantee
    ExoticSimmer   joseph ian sammy
    SidhantTiwari   Samny, Bailey and Mal
    Guoyoung   Irish Mal Bailey
    Footystar21   Irish, Ian, Dantee
    King_Canine   Ian, Sammy, Mal
    jfite9   Mystery, Brxan, Ian
    evanw919   Sammy Joseph Bailey
    CaseyBea411   Good luck to you all!!!!! I'm veryyyyy excited to see how this season turns out and who I'll be passing the musicality crown to next
    TheBreeze   Maman, Mystery, Ian
    Sassy   Sammy, Bailey, Ian.
    CaseyBea411   Sammy/Joseph!!!/..............and Mal
    NestorR   Irish Mystery Brxan
    Riot   Ian, Sammy, Brxan
    Riot   Ian
    ArcturusDean   Bailey, Mystery & Sammy
    Sarah   wow i can't read 
    joesph mal and ian
    Sarah   Joesph
    ChrisDWa   That cast tho 
    Peyton   Sammy, Ian & Dantee!
  • Birew34
    Birew34December 08, 2019 01:51
    Pokemon Big Brother (WEEK 18)
    Spoiler alert!
    JonJ   Magikarp is such a comp beast 
    Benley   i peacefully petition for Illumise to be brought back into the game
  • TayvieNoon
    TayvieNoonDecember 08, 2019 00:26
    Discord Survivor 5: Fatal Frame
    Survivor: Fatal Frame, TEN DOLLARS, Applications close 12/19

  • Peyton
    PeytonDecember 07, 2019 20:48
    For every +5...
    I'll name one user that I appreciate & consider a FRIEND, & for every +10 I'll ALSO name a user that I ...
    Allen   I <3 u
    Heather2014   love you!!! you have been a great friend to me since i have been on this site and im very happy to have met ya <3
    Riot   Rude
    Bombonrayo   awwwwww <333 ily icon!! <3 +5
    dantee   much love bitch <3 <3 <3
    CocoV   <3 <3 <3
  • CaseyBea411
    CaseyBea411December 07, 2019 19:33
    Actual footage of me providing entertainment for Zwooper while discord is down
    Joseph   period ma
    Bombonrayo   LMFAO
    CaseyBea411   @CocoV gotchu bb, I almost forgot
    CocoV   where is my tag for holding the camera??

  • Jourdan
    JourdanDecember 07, 2019 19:25
    I’m fashionista of the week!
    Thank you @Z_Fashionista !
    MOTO   Its the best youve ever looked tbh
    Benley   deserved!!
    Doll   Queen
    Joseph   congrats queen
    MidnightNautica   congrats :)
    dantee   congrats girl!
  • MidnightNautica
    MidnightNauticaDecember 07, 2019 18:58
    Is Discord broken for anyone else?
    For the past few hours, I've been trying to log on and I keep getting the same message about API Errors/ Latency, is anyone else having this ...
    cupcake   Yeah, apparently it was down yesterday.  I wasn't on much since I was at work.  When I did go on, it was working.
    MidnightNautica   I was logged on, but it did the thing where it loaded me out :(
    xFalsify   ye just heard a bunch of people were having issues so I tried to open on browser and it brings up the API error thing.
    it's down for pretty much everyone. discord is pretty iconic though so im sure it'll be back up soon c:
    CocoV   it's broken for me too
    Peyton   It seems to be working just fine for me. I never log out of my account, though.
    DankDrake   It's really buggy rn yeah. I can get on, but it keeps double-sending my messages. Maybe we just give it some air or something.
  • Tharealmike
    TharealmikeDecember 07, 2019 18:32
    My top 5 Spotify artists this year:
    1. Taylor Swift 
    2. Cher
    3. Kim Petras 
    4. Ariana Grande
    5. Selena Quintanilla 

    the taste jumped ...
    SunTzu   Vinnie Paz Halsey Cal Scruby Chris Webby Diplo It does say, however, that Cal Scruby seems to me closer to my vibe than Paz and same with Webby, based on things it shows later in the scrolling thing.

    Chris Webby is apparently my artist of the decade.
    google9   my top 1 spotify artist

    Danny Gonzalez
    CaseyBea411   The flavor in this list, so powerful
    Tharealmike   @Benley YES TEA
  • Peyton
    PeytonDecember 07, 2019 15:47
    I saw Frozen II with my boyfriend... (no spoilers)
    And I loved the movie! While there was a concept or two that I was a little bit confused about the film was overall amazing. I feel like the characters all ...
    Wolfwoodcp82   Yeah I took my kids to it. It was great :)


    same girl same..

    DankDrake   As a movie, Frozen 1 was better. SO many plot holes and so much rushed character development. None of it felt natural in the 2nd half.

    THE MUSIC FREAKIN SLAPS THO!!! Lost in the Woods>>>>>>>>>>
    Story: Frozen>Frozen 2
    Music: Frozen 2>Frozen
    Benley   me just waiting for Elsa to tell us shes a lesbian
    Bailey   It defo was wayyyy darker then I thought lmao little kids probably didn’t understand what went on but I’m sure they just like the music and animation
    ArcturusDean   My sister, who's obsessed with Frozen, liked the movie but she didn't really like any of the songs... For me... I didn't like the original at all... I'm not a fan of Disney movies in general, but the trailers made this one see a little more dark than the first one, so I might see it when it's on dvd.
  • Z_Fashionista
    Z_FashionistaDecember 07, 2019 15:46
    Spoiler alert!
    Jourdan   OMG! I was hoping I could get this eventually :)
    Benley   very cute! Congrats!
    AngelOfWater   Congrats Jourdan! 
    JohnTheGreat   queen
    Cartur   nnnyassss jourdan
    Spooky   grats jourdan!
    Peyton   Love this avatar!! Definitely reminds me of my style. Congrats Jourdan :D
  • NoahSalvatore
    NoahSalvatoreDecember 07, 2019 14:51
    Did ya forget about me?
    Allen   you better tell her before I do because imma hurt her feelings
    KiwiConnor   yes
    JonJ   No, I've been praying every night that you'd send me nudes, for the last three months 
    Vlatemier   I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to 
    Jace   reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Wolfwoodcp82   Who are you again?
    xFalsify   new fone who dis
    Sammy   Maybe 
  • Cartur
    CarturDecember 07, 2019 13:59
    Priscilla's Chambers ~ 5 Days Left to Apply
    Right now, we currently don't have enough applicants to run the game. Zwooper avatar games are a big reason why I have ...
  • Benley
    BenleyDecember 07, 2019 05:48
    Join fast survival to fill!
    Some new players are waiting to play!
  • Z_Events
    Z_EventsDecember 07, 2019 04:51
    ⭕ | Circle 24/7 Choices | Day 4
    Spoiler alert!
    lucasmaximo11   @xFalsify 

    Yeah people are afraid of playing the game, so when i try to make a point and try to play the game they vote me out, thelesbian is the only one with the rigth mind set and i little bit of the littlegirl as well but with people being all family friendly if you try something or say something the target goes to you because it easier. 
    xFalsify   this QUEEN has the right idea:

    TheLesbian: Honestly if I got hoh I would make things enjoyable and be creative.
    TheLesbian: Maybe I would ask everyone to tell me a joke and the person who made me laugh the least would be nomed haha jk. But I’d just have fun with it
    TheLesbian: I just wouldn’t want the game to be all “let’s make a deal” and since there are no alliances and the game is more open ended, I feel like having fun with it is the way to go
    xFalsify   this is a bizarre take but I wish this game was being played differently LMAOOOO.
    like I wish it was more social and trying to decide who to nom and who to evict by who you like more or whos more active. it's just nearly all the content you read in the chat is "ugh well 10 of you made deals to me so I have to nom the people who didn't" etc.
    someone BE INTERESTING pls. <3_<3
    granted it's the first time so nobody knows but it's not very exciting from an outsider's perspective at all xD at least I imagine that as the game grows smaller it'll get more fun/exciting
  • dantee
    danteeDecember 07, 2019 04:38
    because im bored
    Spoiler alert!
    pikasadge   pika
    Doll   yes @Benley is a big sister now haha
    Benley   @Doll OMG IM SO GLAD TO BE A SISTER NOW :') this is such a big responsibility but i love it
    Peyton   I think you're extremely underrated and definitely an upcoming & rising star. I definitely see you being a big name on the site in the next 2-3 months!! Keep Zwoopin'
    Draco   I've never spoken to you, but from what I've seen of you on this site, you've truly surprised me! You're an excelent game player, and an even better person. We should talk sometime :)
    Doll   That ur my son, I fucking adore u. Idk ur age or what u look like but ur my gorgeous baby. I love fried chicken and big dicks too and Franky's ur dad but u haven't met him yet which means that Benley is ur sister
    Clayton   My opinon of you is that you're a trustworthy and kind person, and I enjoy playing with you on here. 
    Benley   my opinion is ur slept on as a player  very underrated and i like your style
  • Allen
    AllenDecember 07, 2019 03:30
    ⦿ | Reality Mxr | Episode 6 | "Bitches be praying on my downfall."
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   Noooo Dantee. I literally consider myself friends with 8/9 of the contestants left in the game so I will be happy with whoever wins :)


    yeah I realized that my dumbass-

    but let me live my delusional fantasy haha

    Benley   Go Heather, Alex, & Richie!!
    kongowongo   @dantee
    kongowongo   @Dantee  Nah man, your kindness didn't screw ya. If Carter got sent to the bunker he would've been safe and not have voted the following round.  It looks like you were just on the outs.

    the round where Cartur almost got evicted with the 5-2 vote I was the only one besides Cartur to not vote him because I couldn't do that to my bitch even though he voted me afterwards so I guess my kindness got the best of me xo



    I was done dirty and robbed and Im sad to have gone so soooooon 

    It was fun thank you so much 

  • Birew34
    Birew34December 07, 2019 03:15
    Pokemon Big Brother (WEEK 17)
    Spoiler alert!
    JonJ   Magikarp, king of always voting in minority <3 Logo

Spoiler alert!

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