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  • Brooklyn_
    Brooklyn_September 12, 2021 11:51
    New here, but I have one thing to say.
    I spent many years on Tengaged, and ended up leaving because it was nothing but constant drama. Don't get me wrong, I met some wonderful friends on ...
    Brxan   I am right here Brookie :P 
    Spyder   Welcome! It's always great to have new players!
    Logan_   expect nothing to change
    Craig   welcome
  • dharamd
    dharamdSeptember 12, 2021 10:18
    Joe Biden is destroying America and is causing many deaths over in Afghanastan. He is even letting terrorists into USA. Man needs to be sacked
    _Rob_   You support Trump? Fine, different people are allowed to have different opinions. But "He's letting terrorists into the USA" with no proof whatsoever? That's just pathetic.

    Bro you're down bad. This is one of the most pointless posts on all of Zwooper. Did you just try to "own those libs" or something? Like why did this even have to be posted?
    dharamd   @Trinity2000 Ur probably watching some news site that is congratulating Joe Biden on letting heaps of americans die in Afghanastan, congrats
    dharamd   And Logan, how is a president that can't even remember his lines and needs to be told everything to say and can't even walk up stairs without falling better than Trump?

    How many wars happened that US was involved in when Trump was president? None
    Guess what, as soon as Joe Biden got in, terrorists come out in Afghanastan cause they know Biden can't and won't do anything about it. 

    And also Joe Biden is obviously one of the biggest racists there is. HE MADE A SPEECH AT ROBERT BYRD'S FUNERAL! ROBERT BYRD WAS A LEADER OF THE KU KLUX KLAN! How can people not see that lol, Donald Trump had the highest percentage of Black Americans voting for him out of any president. 

    If u think Biden is better than Trump then u outta ur mind
    dharamd   I'm just saying that Biden is allowing heaps of immagrants in from Mexico without checking ID or anything so all terrorists have to do is just go to Mexico and then walk right into the US.

    Stop watching CNN Trinity
    TicTacToe3InARow   Who are these terrorists that Biden are allowing in? All's I see is school shooting after school shooting done by another white person. White people scare me more than any minority 
    Trinity2000   Stop watching Fox News
    Logan_   still better than trump
  • Ari
    AriSeptember 12, 2021 08:29
    Is it time to return?
    Or should I go back into hibernation? Other than that, I missed you all <3 hows it going?
    1 comment
    WILLZ14   return
  • Dean
    DeanSeptember 12, 2021 01:16
    RuPaul's Drag Race: RuDemption Rally [full series]
    Spoiler alert!
  • 08SaraR
    08SaraRSeptember 11, 2021 21:35
    ♪ | MUSICALITY 10 | Round 8 | "I Was Getting My Marshmallows Ready"
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   Oh I thought I was looking at zbb finalist reveal for a second :)
    Gumball   Not me picking the Top 3 as my PTW YASS!! 
    Tone   musicality zbb takeover
    MacAttack   This looks awfully familiar to a zbb f3
    08SaraR   Pick-to-Win

    @MacAttack | @sebby113 | @Tone

    4th: @Sarah
    5th: @evanw919
    6th: @pikasadge
    7th: @IrishCraic
    8th: @Geri
    9th: @Spyder
    10th: @Riot

    336 @ABLaksh - evanw919/IrishCraic/Tone
    317 @Armani - MacAttack/Riot/Sarah
    331 @Cartur - Riot/Sarah/sebby113
    422 @CaseyBea - evanw919/MacAttack/Tone
    300 @Craig - Geri/IrishCraic/sebby113
    312 @Disaacsp - Riot/Sarah/Tone
    386 @Dola - IrishCraic/Sarah/sebby113
    472 @Dylan - MacAttack/Sarah/sebby113
    492 @Eduardo - MacAttack/sebby113/Tone
    319 @Formes4 - evanw919/sebby113/Spyder
    492 @Gumball - MacAttack/sebby113/Tone
    316 @Jude - evanw919/Geri/MacAttack
    467 @Jumanji - Sarah/sebby113/Tone
    441 @Matthew1125 - evanw919/MacAttack/sebby113
    397 @Nitu - evanw919/Sarah/Tone
    316 @Patrick71101 - evanw919/Geri/MacAttack
    402 @Peyton - evanw919/MacAttack/Sarah
    411 @Rob24 - IrishCraic/MacAttack/sebby113
    406 @Royalty - IrishCraic/sebby113/Tone
    311 @Rumen_V - evanw919/Geri/Tone
    441 @Seanoh - evanw919/MacAttack/sebby113
    331 @Spyder - Sarah/Spyder/Tone
    367 @Swagnis - IrishCraic/Sarah/Tone
    392 @TheDemonicM - IrishCraic/MacAttack/Tone
    375 @Tone - MacAttack/sebby113/Spyder
    280 @TheBreeze - evanw919/Sarah/Spyder
    267 @Nates_great - evanw919/IrishCraic/pikasadge
    261 @Strawberry - evanw919/Riot/Sarah
    212 @joeljohnson1255 - Geri/IrishCraic/Pikasadge
    134 @_Rob_ - IrishCraic/Riot/Spyder
    Sarah   love u <3 great run! see you soon ;)
  • DanielNumbers
    DanielNumbersSeptember 11, 2021 19:50
    Any Orgs starting soon?
    I need something to playyyyyyyyyy
    cupcake   What @IrishCraic said
  • pens4life
    pens4lifeSeptember 11, 2021 16:40
    who wants a gift? ALSO FS +1
  • Jude
    JudeSeptember 11, 2021 15:11
    Spoiler alert!
    Trishy   Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, I had a great day!
    joeljohnson1255   Happy Birthday Trishy !
    sebby113   Happy birthday trishyyyy
    MidnightNautica   happy birthday!!
    Spyder   Happy birthday @Trishy!
    Xenia   Happy Birthday !!
    Tone   happy birthday trishy!!!
    M2thamax   Happy Birthday :)
    TombRaider   Happy Birthday Icon <3
    Patrick71101   HAPPY BDAYYYYY TRISHY!!!! :DDD
    Wolfwoodcp82   Happy birthday!
    IrishCraic   happy 21st again trishy
    pens4life   HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY
    Gumball   Happy birthday Trishy!
    Zoicy   Happy b-day @Trishy ❤ we love youu
    08SaraR   HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!! :D
    Nitu   Omg happy birthday Queen
  • Gumball
    GumballSeptember 11, 2021 15:09
    20 Years Ago Today
    Spoiler alert!
    dharamd   Let us not forget,

    Following from what cupcake said, It's sad to see that the american government is not even bothered by the same people that caused 9/11 and is letting them have their way in afghanastan and soon other countries too :(
    America right now needs a real leader who can make sure that terrorist attacks like this never happen again, Biden is trying to separate america while they need to be all brought together to fight together
    Wolfwoodcp82   It was a very rough day.
    cupcake   It was a horrible day that I still remember.  I actually live abou an hour or so from where Flight 93 went down. Sadly there are many people who don't know what happened that day or they have forgotten. I even saw comments on FB asking why certain roads in PA were closed.  Like seriously?  It's because of the services and the fact that Bush, Harris and Biden were here.

    I don't want another 9-11, but I sure could go for another 9-12 when everyone came together.  I follow a girl on Tiktok who's dad was a firefighter and lost his life that day.  It breaks my heart to see how this country is right now.  We're so close of losing our freedom here.  We REALLY need to come together again and start fighting FOR one another, not against and get our country back before she's completely gone.  Once our freedom is gone, it's gone and we won't get it back.
  • Matthew1125
    Matthew1125September 11, 2021 03:08
    Survivor Worlds X: Reykjanes - Applications open NOW
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Veritas   I'm a fan.  ❤️
  • pikasadge
    pikasadgeSeptember 11, 2021 01:17
    gift giveaway first 3 comments
    please use shopping for a friend and tell me 
    if it male/female, the category and the name and the page
    can be vip
    pikasadge   CLOSED
    Spyder   Female Jackets Page 2 MOFJ2120 Thank you so much!
    Xenia   MaFH9921 Female Hair (Page 1)...Thank you!!
    pikasadge   2 left
    pens4life   MJ1719 p1 jackets
    pikasadge   no @Logan_
    Logan_   SUPRISE ME
    pikasadge   no @pens4life
    pens4life   SURPRISE ME
  • Jude
    JudeSeptember 11, 2021 00:02
    F247 - 5 min day change

    The password is 1734802257695
    Jacob071   nooo i missed it
    Green   I can't see the chat :( may just be my signal...
    Jude   @Sake I was at work for a party and the wifi wouldn't load it was very rude 
    Sake   2 spots left!
    Sake   you were two minutes late mister jude
  • Sake
    SakeSeptember 11, 2021 00:02
    Where is it?
  • Z_AnonChoices
    Z_AnonChoicesSeptember 10, 2021 23:21
    Anonymous Survival Choices | Last day to apply!!!!
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Sake   no, I want f247
  • Sake
    SakeSeptember 10, 2021 23:13
    Normal Zwooper Post - up to two comments
    Sake's post - 32 comments
    Sake   everyone would want that, I have the best genes 
    IrishCraic   I want your babies
    Sake   What can I say? I have a fan base that follows me around. 
    IrishCraic   ty Irish u mean
  • TombRaider
    TombRaiderSeptember 10, 2021 21:42
    The Cube 20: All Stars II | Episode 13: “This round was genuinely too easy!”
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   Okay but this final 5? Living. 
    Seanoh   Mikey snapped
    Sake   I like it, so far only noobs were eliminated. Rooting for some in the game. 
  • Sake
    SakeSeptember 10, 2021 20:49
    PYN for rating 1-10
    Dont cry after
    Royalty   lol not thi having 33 comments
    TheDemonicM   Me me 
    IrishCraic   some1 plz give sake a hug
    Nicolas   Even the one who called me out for 'personal attacks and outright rude attitude' did notice haha, but it's all good, peace and love brother 
    Sake   please someone ban Irish, he is taking space in my blog 
    IrishCraic   redacted, what gang......the redacted is full of bs gang is it
    Nicolas   Thirds time the charm, isn't it?  She was still too tough on me though, leader of the gang up haha 
    IrishCraic   redacted, she finally did realize it

    @sake stop, you are much worse than herpes
    Sake   irish stop, you are much worse than nicolas 
    Nicolas   Well because she didn't couple times before haha
    IrishCraic   i dont know why redacted is surpsised that a smart indo. modern woman saw t through redacted bs
    Nicolas   Like I suggested, I actually didn't expect yours regardless so I wanted to be the nice guy with goyard but I guess she saw right through the facade 
    IrishCraic   SO redacted presumed i be an easy vote for him too win aka arrogant

    irony is , it was cuz of me, redacted won, only cuz i can shove it in redacted face
    Nicolas   I was still there fighting for a jury vote I was never gonna get haha, good that at least you got the 'better thinking' 
    Spyder   My 5/10 is holding strong!
    IrishCraic   @sake plz dont interupt my and redacted personal fall out

    Sake   sebby113 -2/10 you are one of those noobs who cant play a game without being bitter. 
    sebby113   Sake
    Sake   what tf are you even talking about Irish 
    IrishCraic   redacted why didnt i get at least 3rd......oh wait u chickened out
    Nicolas   And sure enough, I'll take it, exceeded them right there haha, could only be 10 or 0 @Sake
    Nicolas   Ohhhh, at least address me properly @4thplacer 
    Sake   Nicolas 0/10 no comment here
    Sake   As not many people post their comments, some random rankings:
    Moderation 1/10 - basic, hate giving f247 to players
    Jude 1/10 the worst moderation, I don't know why was he given it in the first place? Some random noob? 
    Cla*h 1/10 the worst player, toxic who should have been banned forever for his abuse remarks
    IrishCraic   redacted you have reached my expecations aka low
    Nicolas   Meet my expectations 
    IrishCraic   sake how am i "fake", our last F247, i was ONLY PERSON TO VOTE U TOO WIN 
    Spyder   I'm fine with the highest score so far! 
    Sake   Irish 1/10 you are fake
    IrishCraic   hugz
    Sake   Spyder 5/10 I am not sure if to approve you or not
    Patrick 1/10 I don't think I know you. 
    Patrick71101   Sake
    Spyder   Let's do it @Sake!
    Sake   Sake 10/10
  • wowjj
    wowjjSeptember 10, 2021 20:25
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    sebby113   Im great, how are you?
  • Guoyoung
    GuoyoungSeptember 10, 2021 19:05
    BB 23 Draft Week 9 and 10 Double Eviction Update (Spoiler)
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Sake   thats one of the worst seasons ever, right behind bb19, bb21, bb22. 
  • Sake
    SakeSeptember 10, 2021 18:54
    I WANT FAST 247
    1 comment
    Nicolas   So you can get 2nd again? Logo

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