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  • ZC_Daisy
    ZC_DaisyFebruary 18, 2021 05:25
    “I think something bounced up in my undercarriage.”
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Daisy   @kongowongo My PawPaw makes the best peach cobbler, that with a few scoopes of Blue Belle of any brand and it's a hit! 
    I also think that they should do more of the wholesome flavors. I really take a liking to down home eats! 
    kongowongo   Nice, pie/cobbler and ice cream are such a great combo (pie - top crust = cobbler?).  Wish I wasn't so far up north, far as I know Breyer's doesn't have a blackberry cobbler or pie or any wholesome baked good flavors.
    ZC_Daisy   @kongowongo Great question, it happens to be Blue Belle Southern Blackberry Cobbler! It ranks in the top 20 flavors for Blue Belle 
    kongowongo   What is your favorite flavor of Blue Bell ice cream and why?
    ZC_Mateo   The song you mentioned "These Boots are made for walkin" is really enjoyable to listen to! You seem like a really fun nurse 
    ZC_Daisy   @Seanoh, I'm a bit older, so I'm not good with the new aged lingo 
    @NFReal45, Thank you for the compliment. I look forward to playing and gaining more of your support! 
    @Nitu, yay a SUPERFAN! Thank you for being #TeamDaisy I hope I won't let you down!
    @ZC_Andrew, Nice to meet you too. Good luck in the game.
    @ZC_McKenzie, awww sweetie you are to nice, I'm not the best speller either. I'm a bit southern and often we spell go as Geaux 
    @ZC_Mateo Hi Sugar Pie 
    ZC_McKenzie   @ZC_Dasiy I just notice i accedently typed sweat not sweet I ment OMG your soooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ZC_Mateo   Hey Daisy! 
    ZC_McKenzie   OMG your soooo sweat !!!!
    Benley   My guess is this is 100% Doll if not Trinity
    Trinity2000   That isn't me Summer
    Summerstorm   Trinity
    ZC_Andrew   Greetings Daisy! Nice to meet you :D
    Nitu   Omg #teamdaisy
    NFReal45   Good one !
    Seanoh   We stan Daisy Duke
  • Benley
    BenleyFebruary 18, 2021 04:52
    The 5 best confirmed Walking Dead characters (pre season 5)

    this show is good af i wish id seen it earlier
    Benley   @Dylan im assuming you meant Daryl! And i think it just showed Andrea is human & capable of making mistakes like everyone else. It made her much more interesting multi dimensional, and involved with the story imo
    Dylan   Dale was a whiny hoe. Andrea had a good arc, but they RUINED it with the governor. I will never understand why they did that to her character. It makes even less sense with the comics
    Benley   @Mystery Useless? She was the ONLY woman who wanted to learn to shoot so she could defend herself and the camp. When she was left for dead on Hershel's farm, she was WINDMILLING the zombies on her own. And she did that shit again when she ran back ON FOOT with ONLY A KNIFE to the prison to warn Rick. So what a woman can't be sexual? The Governor clearly was charismatic, and the Woodbury settlement was the most normal thing Andrea had seen in years. It was the end goal for everyone who survived the outbreak, only it was under terrible cultish leadership. They also literally gave her life saving medicine because when they found her she was on the brink of death. And her true intentions were revealed right before she died: "I just didnt want anyone to die" - she had humanity and tried to see the good in EVERYONE. She was also a catalyst in several major character developments: Rick snapping back into reality & becoming his humane self by allowing the Woodbury survivors to come to the prison, Michonne crying for the first time and showing emotion over her first true friend, Milton finally standing up to The Governor and doing what was right, Beth realizing she didn't want to kill herself, being the first to stand up to Carol's abusive husband- she is MASSIVELY underappreciated and misinterpreted by fans. And shouldve stuck around much longer. Her character arc was truly the most beautiful in the series- going from wanting to die during the CDC explosion, to fighting to live.
    Mystery   Andrea in the comics is a badass strong woman. In the show they made her a fucking hoe that is useless. She's literally the reason the group got fucked out of the prison. If she had just killed the governor when she had the chance Hershel would've survived and Rick and the gang would've been able to keep the prison
    Benley   @Vin014 imma let u get away with ranking carol as 1 only because andrea is your #2

    @Mystery @TJDawgiestyle is proof twd fans have absolutely no taste 
    TJDawgiestyle   andrea being consistently ranked in the series as of the one WORST characters, dont even get me started on her as
    Mystery   Pre season 5

    5. Daryl
    3. Dale
    2. Governor
    1. Rick
    Vin014   UM NO. it goes 
  • MaloloLow
    MaloloLowFebruary 18, 2021 04:35
    Icons: Wadzies Plea To Stay
    Spoiler alert!
    MaloloLow   This post has the MaloloLow seal of approval. Please read.
    Benley   wait what now i wanna know who the name was in Kass' original tweet
  • Benley
    BenleyFebruary 18, 2021 04:26
    also ILY Clayton
    Hes a legend & one of the best zwooper players here. Half of yall couldnt eat his ass on his worst day, so dont make me come back from the dead to ...
    1 comment
    Clayton   I love you so much baby!
  • Benley
    BenleyFebruary 18, 2021 04:21
    What I got from my valentine (:
    Spoiler alert!
    Clayton   I love this!!! You deserve the best Benley 
    SPYDER701   That's beautiful! 
    Nitu   Awww when will I have such a valentine *sobs*
    NFReal45   Nice!
  • ZC_Andrew
    ZC_AndrewFebruary 18, 2021 01:20
    Andrew is here!
    Spoiler alert!
    kongowongo   Is that intro to your intro a Solitary reference?  I figure someone who can appreciate the anonymity aspect of this game might have heard of it lol. (yes, I know the order is different would-be trolly nit-pickers).
    ZC_McKenzie   nice to meet Andrew !!!!
    ZC_Mateo   It's nice to meet you, Andrew! 
    ZC_Daisy   Good night from my neck of the wood, I reckon! 
    I hope that our positive and cheerful attitudes can colide soon! 
    Best of luck Andrew! 
    Mystery   Looks like a douche to me jk
    Benley   I 100% think this is @Sammy - or whoever that guy is that posts all the kawaii text emoji faces (✿◠‿◠)
    Brayden   @sebby113 How did you get me from this? lol 
    Saratoga652   100% mepole 
    NFReal45   HKT
    lanie_marie   This sounds like it could be Mepole or Gumball
    sebby113   Brayden,Charles,or mepole r my guesses

    sebby113   Nope not overcome, hes never online at this time
    ZC_Andrew   And I just realized I spelled figure wrong. Or maybe I just invented a new word. Flamingo + Tiger. Figer. I'd definitely love to see one of those. Sounds epic!
    ZC_Andrew   Laughing at people trying to guess me so far! You'll never figer it out! Wink Wink :D
    sebby113   this is 100% overcome
    sebby113   HKT isnt that dumb, this could also be someone trying to act normal and bland
    SPYDER701   @Summerstorm That was my thought as well.
    Summerstorm   nah....its HKT. avi looks too similar.
    SPYDER701   Hmmmmm

    This is either overcome or nitu

    It could also be meowmeow

    SPYDER701   Who is it Sebby?
    sebby113   I know who this is lol
  • ZC_Walter
    ZC_WalterFebruary 18, 2021 01:11
    Spoiler alert!
    ZC_Walter   @kongowongo yes
    kongowongo   Ok I'll ask.  You're 22 years old and a WWII vet?
    ZC_Walter   @TJDawgiestyle im 22, duh. 
    TJDawgiestyle   how old r u @ZC_Walter 
    MissSuda    L M A O #TeamWalter
    Nitu   Walter u sound like my granddad lmfao
    ZC_Mateo   Walter, nice to meet you, sir :)
    ZC_McKenzie   haha Your so funny!! I love it !!!!
    ZC_Daisy   It's great to know you are under great supervision of your family, as I am a Nurse.
    If you ever have any questions, please let me know!
    Welcome to the Circle and Good Luck Walter Duke! 
    Mystery   Most WW2 vets are in retirement homes. Did you escape?
    Saratoga652   100% Mepole
    Summerstorm   Craig
    sebby113   LOL my favorite so far
    Seanoh   LMAO
    overcome   haha im like walker
    Green   I'm digging Walter omg king!
    ZC_Andrew   Good to meet you Walter Dukes! :D
    Nitu   I--
  • Green
    GreenFebruary 18, 2021 00:45
    ✫ LS: Assassins vs Agents Episode 2 "It's Like a Two for One Combo"✫
    Spoiler alert!
    Neama   omg CRAZINESS!
    IrishCraic   TY @Green and @PitterPatter for the update!
    NFReal45   yikes.  
    PitterPatter   Everyone has done the comps.  Idk if ABLaksh's didnt save or if he got 0 but the activity feed said he did it.  Same thing with HKT, he just scored a 0 so it doesn't show on the results @IrishCraic
    Green   @IrishCraic @NFReal45 They both scored 0 on both occassions, if you check the game itself you'll see they completed it but didn't get a score more than 0 so it doesn't show.
    Summerstorm   KARMA
    NFReal45   How can this game have someone not playing comps?  I swore I read that in the application.  
    IrishCraic   At least logan did the first chall, but somehow the person who cost the tribe by not doing the first comp gets no votes!
    Jude   They really tried it... 
    sebby113   ablaksh did the challenge this time
    IrishCraic   why did the person who AGAIN not do the chall NOT GET A SINGLE VOTE?  THIS TRIBE IS DOOMED!
  • ZCircle
    ZCircleFebruary 18, 2021 00:17
    Invitations have been sent out!
    We do apologize to anyone who has not received an invite! There was a high demand and we do hope to introduce
    Vin014   Ugh I was a dead ringer to win with my persona... @Allen The Buttom
    Summerstorm   yet another reason to say fuck this site
  • NFReal45
    NFReal45February 18, 2021 00:09
    ***Zwooper Olympics Unofficial Standings Round 4 Day 4 complete***
    Spoiler alert!
  • superherotommy
    superherotommyFebruary 17, 2021 21:29
    Icons 8 | Plea for 8th
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Saved
    Jude   SAVED!!!
    a07strand   Saved
    jakethesnake   No, Ivan was.
    superherotommy   @PurplePony13 sorry honey but im the pandaaa ❤️
    PurplePony13   Omg #SaveThePanda I'm so happy you want to save me too!
  • evanw919
    evanw919February 17, 2021 21:06
    ♥ | Champions 13: Veterans vs Virgins | Ep 8 | "Pull Some Big Brain Plays"
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   ak47man
    I hope Aiden wins
    ak47man   I hope Aiden wins
  • PurplePony13
    PurplePony13February 17, 2021 18:33
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   Saved
    Sammy   But also... personally, I think user Joseph_040 should be evicted (with the highest percentage) from the Zwooper public group game "Icons" season eight.
    Sammy   VOTE OUT TOMMY AND WADZ!!!!!
    a07strand   Saved
    DannyT   evicted
  • sebby113
    sebby113February 17, 2021 17:30
    Plea for Public Icon: Ive gone way to far for it to end here
    HI ZWOOPER!!! As you can see I have made it this far in Icons and think Im playing a great game
    I ...
  • Joseph
    JosephFebruary 17, 2021 17:10
    Spoiler alert!
    DannyT   evicted
    hoeassgirl   and now what happens when you have kids? you realize you're being irresponsible? maybe you should go home and start a family? i don't think it'd be too long until you're sick and dying from this shit. I'm a married mother of two. I'm not having kids, but I want them to be well. I just love that you guys have kids, so if they come together and you don't have them, I will love them, too. I just want them to have my kids and me. Maybe it's only for me? i can just stay over and have dinner then go and watch the games with them and then go home to sleep. i just want them to have my kids. So it's no big deal? no big deal? like i said before i want my kids to be as happy as possible, which means they don't have to take any risks, and there aren't too many things that have to be done for you to become happy and well.
    hoeassgirl   Personally, I think user Joseph_040 should be evicted (with the highest percentage) from the Zwooper public group game "Icons" season eight.
    Sammy   Personally, I think user Joseph_040 should be evicted (with the highest percentage) from the Zwooper public group game "Icons" season eight.
    vishno   this is sinister and ghastly.. saved!!! 
    Jude   BRUHH SAVED 

    I truly didnt wanna nom u and loved meeting u but this is right for my game, going to the end with u is a auto loss and thisis the only round to get u out

    Honestly  im sorry 

  • Z_Icons
    Z_IconsFebruary 17, 2021 17:02
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   lol not there
    brandondillon   Evicting: @Wadz13 | Public Icon: @PurplePony13
  • Green
    GreenFebruary 17, 2021 12:30
    ✫ LS: Assassins vs Agents Episode 1 "Handing Out Deals Like Oprah"✫
    Spoiler alert!
    sebby113   Green it was endless tree
    Green   @Wolfwoodcp82 Aztec Treasure, I just added it to the episode thank you for asking!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Looks like an easy vote, lol. Also what was the challenge?
  • Voxin
    VoxinFebruary 17, 2021 07:45
    Big Brother 2 | Gift Giveaway PYN (Full)
    Spoiler alert!
    overcome   Sheryl -
    IrishCraic   Autumn plz
    Fina   Sheryl
    sebby113   nicole
    Peyton   Bunky
    Nipple   Kent
    shaneq   monica
    NFReal45   Will
    Nitu   Shannon
    ABLaksh   Mike Boogie
    Summerstorm   Krista
    jakethesnake   Justin
    hoeassgirl   i want the prettiest bitch 
  • Trinity2000
    Trinity2000February 17, 2021 06:21
    WOW! ❤❤❤
    Thanks so much for the 15 gifts! Mr. Anonymous:)
    1 comment
    George   it wasn't me, but if anyone deserves 15 gifts, it's you miss.2000
  • AllensBBUK
    AllensBBUKFebruary 17, 2021 04:14
    ☁ | ABBUK11: Coaches II | Applications + Information!
    Spoiler alert!
    Jumanji   Name: Jumanji
    Age: 22
    Date you joined Zwooper: 12/27/15
    Previous Group Game Experience: Recently, Icons 8. Long ago: Fusion 2, SBBUK, The Battle, The Odessy, Impasse
    Why should you be cast over other applicants? I think that I am someone that really listens and tries to apply the lessons that coaches are teaching me. I am hoping to take the pieces of advice that coaches give me and put a spin on it so that I can own my own game. I may not always have a successful run, but I do go big and go my own way instead of letting the game happen to me
    Themeowmeow   Name: Meow Meow
    Age: 17
    Date you joined Zwooper: January 11 2021
    Previous Group Game Experience: Survivus sinners versus saints
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: If I  play a game i make it my goal to play my best and i work as hard as i can and i always try to prepare myself before games  so I can adjust and i believe i have all the skills it takes to be the champion and I am a newer player so picking me to be on is a break from seeing the same old people with me you get someone fresh and new and I have a lot of potential in games and I am ready to show it because I am suprise player and I will make sure this season becomes very interesting 
    08SaraR   Name: Sara
    Age: Brxan + Nitu
    Date you joined Zwooper: June 23rd, 2015
    Previous Group Game Experience: CMIYC x 2, Chris & Carters Survivor x 2, Champions, YANTO, AYTO, The Genius & More
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: Well, I've never played before so that's a start. Also I probs legit need coaching because I don't think that' I've played a public game since ZBB11 (or maybe there was one other, I can't be certain) and I'm pretty sure I took double digits in that. In my defence though, real life happened and I had no control over it! :P
    jbeaudry3   APPLICATIONS
    Name: Josh
    Age: 24
    Date you joined Zwooper: April 2016
    Previous Group Game Experience: ALOT
    Why should you be cast over other applicants? You dont like me but id slay this girly
    Dylan   Name Dylan
    Age: 16
    Date you joined Zwooper: July 10, 2015
    Previous Group Game Experience: Champions, The Chase, ABBUK 7 and 10, SBBUK, and a whole lot more on my profile. I still haven't won a game because I'm a flop. 
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: Well, for starters since I fucking suck, I ACTUALLY NEED THE COACHING BITCH! But besides that, I have a very big personality that allows me to gain allies relatively quickly, and set me up for the long run. I am not afraid to make moves, and I was SEVERELY fucked over in Allstars 2 for being not liking the partner I was paired with for a twist that was out of my control. I'm cunning, smart, sneaky, sexy, and petty. 3rd times a charm, as they say. 
    Brxan   Name: Bryan
    Age: 17
    Date you joined Zwooper: February 1st, 2015
    Previous Group Game Experience: Trustfall All Stars, The Chase All Stars 2, Champions: Winter Warfare, The Cube.
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: I think I should be cast because I bring a lot of personality and I am hungry to get into another game where I can try to better my social game. I am ready to come back and finally prove that I can do good in a public game. It is time baby.
    superherotommy   Name: Tommy
    Age: 22
    Date you joined Zwooper: December 13, 2015
    Previous Group Game Experience: ZBB, Vinvivor, Byevivor, Champions, ILM, ZSurvivor, the list goes on and on
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: After my run in ABBUK Festive thingy, i think i proved i know how to play this game. I am great socially and can keep myself safe. I am ready to play hard to win.
    M3LAY   Name: Christapher 
    Age: 26
    Date you joined Zwooper: April 23, 2017 
    Previous Group Game Experience: I played in Mutiny, Storytime and numerous other forgotten games that I wish not to mention. 
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: Because I approach the game in a way most people do not. It's an experiment & an exploration for me, and I always look forward to shaking things up. 

    Name: Joss
    Age: 19
    Date you joined Zwooper: July 17, 2014
    Previous Group Game Experience: Winner/16 of the cube 18 , a lot of public games 
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: after the last abbuk I played I went pretty far unNommed until I fucked up I just want to prove to myself that I can accomplish my goal of winning a PUBLIC GAME 

    Trinity2000   Trinity.....20++.....June 22, 2015...3 ZBB'S, Icons 2 and 4, ZBBUS, BYEVIVOR and quite a few more...If you want a game that Zwooperoos will be invested in than selecting me is a no brainer. Half will be rooting for me and the other half waiting for my first misstep so they can crucify me on the Talks page.
    Nitu   Name:Nitu
    Date you joined Zwooper:June 26 2020
    Previous Group Game Experience: GBBUK S1: 8/10
    THE CUBE 18: 12/16
    SRBBUS S1:10/12
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: Because my first group game was a bbuk game n it was super fun. I haven't played a bbuk game for quite some time but I want to do it now. As u can see I have been an early boot in most of the games I played n now I have started to become underconfident about myself I want this game as a chance boost up my confidence. N it will always be a fun to be hosted by u. ;D
    richardnothatch   Name: Rich
    Age: 20
    Date you joined Zwooper: 8-29-20
    Previous Group Game Experience: Allen's BB USA 4th, GBBUK 4th, Survivor Unknown 12th, Ultimate Despair's BB 2nd 
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: I'm a newer face with older ORG experience to back up my resume. I just want to go in and kick some ass and play hard 
    Vin014   Name: Nick
    Age: 20
    Date you joined Zwooper: June 30, 2015
    Previous Group Game Experience: ZBB24 winner 
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: I'm applying as a coach because because I managed to get two advantages in this game and not play either before getting evicted. I know what NOT to do this time. When I put effort into it, I'll kill. I want to play so Allen can shut the **** up when he says I floped in this game because I was an ALL STAR even if I flopped. Let me prove I can win this game and you won't regret it.
    Gurgs   Name: George 
    Age: 19
    Date you joined Zwooper: Dec 19th 2016
    Previous Group Game Experience: OG winner of CMIYC, Played heaps of others though, Byevivor, The Cage. GBBUK etc.
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: This game looks super fun and I'd love to have a coach help me navigate the public side of things. I know I'm not the most popular Zwooper member by any stretch but I'd still love to test the waters and see how I go. I'd be active and play super hard, you wont regret casting me! And Ive never played before ;)
    wowjj   Name: JJ
    Age: 21
    Date you joined Zwooper: Sept. 17, 2013
    Previous Group Game Experience: ZBB8 winner, ILM1 winner, 2nd place in ABBUK disneyland (cast me as a coach cast me as a coach cast me as a coach im putting it out into the universe caast me as a coach cast me as a coach cast me as a coach)
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: Because I'm JJ.
    Brayden   Name: Brayden

    Age: 18

    Date you joined Zwooper: 2019 November 18

    Previous Group Game Experience: Byevivor, Pirates, Mutiny, TheCrown, ect

    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: Well to be honest, i think im the only person on this site who hasn't played. I also wanted to play ABBUK for awhile now but I haven't had the time or the effort to actually play, until now! But I also think I should be casted because I just want redemption from all my past group games because I'm not the best at playing group games, but the 3 month break I took, I took that time to mature and grown as a person overall. So I hope you cast me, because I feel like I can show this site that I have a lot to prove.
    Voxin   Name: Blake
    Age: 20
    Date you joined Zwooper: May 23, 2015
    Previous Group Game Experience: I've played a few different games, although haven't really stuck to any specific type of game, and my experience has been pretty various. I've played just one BBUK-type game when I first got into group games so I'm ready to test how much I've changed as a person and player since then. 
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: In the past, I didn't find myself entirely too fond of public games but I'm now interested and would love to branch out into them, and this would be a great stepping stone. Like most others, I learn from my mistakes in previous games and do what I can to improve on those faults in every new game that I play, and that's exactly what I look to do here. I'll do what I believe needs to be done to get myself in a better position. 
    DankDrake   Omg can't wait for the post-S7 players to coach the newer players on how to not say anything for 22 hours of a round and then throw noms on ppl who aren't in their premade! Gooooooooo team!
    Tone   Name: Tone
    Age: 17
    Date you joined Zwooper: March 5, 2017
    Previous Group Game Experience: check my profile. i've played ABBUK twice already.
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: because i want it BAD. you honestly don't understand how bad i want it. season 5 was insane for me. it was definitely really messy but i went hard and when i say hard i mean HARD. unfortunately i played too hard and was perceived as a threat by many people in the house and i ended up being targeted way earlier than i wanted to be. season 10 was all stars 2, and i wanted to learn from my mistakes and that i did. i feel like i played a very good game but unfortunately i was screwed over by the killer nominations twist. i know that if there weren't killer nominations i wouldn't have been on the block. i had been unnominated the entire game so far and unfortunately a player i was targeting had the power to killer nominate me and i left the house in a close vote. AND ALSO, i came within ONE VOTE of returning the VERY NEXT ROUND. even though my game was strong, i made new mistakes. i have gone back and studied them so if i played abbuk again i could rewrite history and that is what i intend to do in season 11. i know how to turn these previous mistakes into future gains. i intend on playing this game harder than i've ever played any game ever. i will never take my foot off the gas or feel too comfortable because the second i felt comfortable last season the killer nominations pulled the rug from under me. this time i will always be alert, aware, and prepared and stay calm, cool, and collective under any situation thrown at me. the first time i wanted it really bad. the second time i wanted it EXTREMELY bad. and this time i want it ASTRONOMICALLY bad. i've been preparing for season 11 since the SECOND i got evicted last season. i need to win. i believe i can win. and I'm more ready than ever. third time's a charm. so please. LET ME IN THE HOUSE!
    ak47man   Name: Aiden
    Age: 15
    Date you joined Zwooper: Yesterday
    Previous Group Game Experience: Uhhhhhh...... I played Mario Party and got last place
    Why should you be cast over other applicants?: Because I am what they call ugly. Very ugly
    Tone   damn it i wanted to play
    Peyton   This game is so fucking gross nobody likes this piece of shit #CancelABBUK Logo

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