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  • Brazz
    BrazzApril 11, 2019 19:07
    Here's what happens when...
    Sheep's think they are indeed the "real" number 2 

    xFalsify   thundy's definitely the brown one js
    thunderdownbelow   I’m me not even realising they’re goats until doobee said
    Brazz   @doobee Damn, you caught me 
    KiwiConnor   This is so funny XD
    doobee   Those are goats
    Jay   hehe, i like your vibe
  • thunderdownbelow
    thunderdownbelowApril 11, 2019 17:34
    ZBB20 (plea for 8th and also Mukbang Q&A)!
    doobee   I love u so much Michael ur honestly one of if not the nicest person on this site but Angelo is my boy and I gotta save him
    Jqred   I mean it’s seem like almost every single houseguest as said he’s sheeped Angelo 
    Nickg24689   Then if he’s a sheep y would u unanimously put him up against Angelo... I don’t understand 
    Aaron_A   Angelo is playing better than you. You were just sheeping him the entire game 
    Violet   gonna have to SAVE and STAN this legend.....
    Sammy   Saved — let me know who you think is playing a good game and who is really just floating...
    ArcturusDean   Saved! I would like to know how you are going? You seem to be really busy and I just hope you're not getting stressed. Also, please let me know what it would mean to you if you survived this vote and went on to win ZBB20! :)
    Nickg24689   First of all saved but we already knew that... second, what are the top 3 key points to note when considering saving you from eviction? Gl king!!!
    Clash   Saved! I know how hard you have been working on this game staying up all night etc. I can feel as it's very hard to communicate with people who are 6 hours behind your time. Keep slaying!
  • Clash
    ClashApril 11, 2019 17:32
    ZBB20 - DAY 8 NOMINATIONS - Prediction Game
    Spoiler alert!
    Violet   angelo - 53%
    Emanuel   Thunder- 55%
    brynae   Angelo 52%
    MKtyler23   thunder 52%
    DannyT   Angelo: 52%
    PacoP   Thunder 54%
    Wild   Thunder 54%
    doobee   Thunder 51%
    ExoticSimmer   Angelo - 51%
    Madskie00017   Angeloxpo - 51%
    Chilltown56   Angelo - 55%
    Connor   Angelo - 56%
    AngelOfWater   Thunder - 51%
    Nates_great   Thunder 54%
    Rumen_V   thunder - 58%
    Joseph   Thunder - 56%
    eduardo245   Thunder- 54%
    JonJ   Angelo - 55%
    xFalsify   Angelo - 54%
    SharonMaItems   Thunder - 52%
    Jay   Thinder 66%
    Peyton   Thunder - 71%
    ArcturusDean   Angelo - 57% although potentially the house will snub Michael
    Nickg24689   It’s so hard because they are both so iconic...
    I’m biased but:
    Angelo - 52%
  • angeloxpo
    angeloxpoApril 11, 2019 17:12
    ZBB20 - Nominated for 8th (VLOG and Plea)
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   Saved!!! 
    angeloxpo   @ArcturusDean sorry I have a personality? I can't help who I am so if I annoy you that's on you. You were evicting me before even seeing my plea so don't even boo
    ArcturusDean   Something about your vlog threw me off. Like it seems so annoying... Like your attitude towards the game... A mix between arrogance and confusion? Although you definitely played up the audience, with the drama angle, so I'll give you that. Just not the type of player I like... Or would want to save... Sorry evicted... :/
    angeloxpo   @Arceus im giving you exactly that! She is my favorite person in this world
    Joseph   Saved!
    Arceus   "Get your cups and have a sip while watching this vlog!"

    giving me davonne dianne vibes 

    other than best of luck. you deserve to stay =]
    SwagSwag   love u! imagine having 3 big players evicted back to back. connor ur next lmaooo 

    Angelo has been playing this game to the max and deserves this. He was put into a newbie house were he was the most popular and has kept himself off the block since the first round, count me impressed
    Trinity2000   You would have saved you until I saw you were working with the vets, bad move Angelo
    Trinity2000   IMO, the vets need to be nommed and renommed until they are evicted, stack the house votes on them. Sharing is caring :P
    doobee   Saved the Greek Legend
    Clash   @angeloxpo I do feel you and Michael are playing a similar game but I know Michael personally and he has been super invested and working hard, I am sure you are too but I've personally seen him doing it. Regardless good luck!
    Jay   Saved
    Jqred   Easily saved you’ve been running the game until this point and if you keep up with blogs from other houseguests they’ve also said this 
    angeloxpo   @McQuire thank you so much i literally appreciate it soo muchhh @Clash thank you! Any particular reason you are evicting me? :(
    McQuire   Not to mention you have managed the immediate target on your back since day 1 better than anyone. 'For today' saved. Not getting the hard on for Thunder. You are playing the best.
    ArcturusDean   The house is not wrong putting you and Michael up.
    Clash   Good luck man! I think you are playing an amazing game! This is definitely going to be a hard vote as you both have been slaying. 
    Nickg24689   And yes there’s multiple kings
    Nickg24689   Gl king but I gotta save King Michael 
    angeloxpo   @Reynolds you were after me for 3 days straight i dont think a conversation with me would have changed anything? You choose to follow others boo!
    angeloxpo   @Sammy day 8 just started, day 7 is all explained in the vlog
    Reynolds   0 Messages received? You haven't talked to me since Tuesday, that's why I put you up. 
    Sammy   These are nominations for Day 8, so what happened on days 7-8?  It may be in the vlog, but I can’t watch it :P
  • thunderdownbelow
    thunderdownbelowApril 11, 2019 17:03
    I’m not out of this yet!
    my plea is coming soon zwooper just you wait and see! I’m putting up a fight.
    Trinity2000   Saved
    DannyT   Saved
    IrishCraic   saved
    Runaways   me when angelo has more public support
    Nickg24689   #savethundy
    xFalsify   #savethundy
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherApril 11, 2019 17:00
    Spoiler alert!
    M2thamax   Good nom set! Don't know which one I want to evict more though tbh, haha!
    Madskie00017   *Watching all this go down while eating Popcorn
    DoctorWho   LMAO at these noms
    McQuire   Rival slaaaaaying
    Rival      a07strand 
    Trouble and Aaron slaaaaaying
    a07strand   Trouble and Aaron slaaaaaying
    MKtyler23   omfg this is so dumb
    Vin014   I AM  OUTRAGED AND NOT ALONE. Just tragic.

    this is tragic...

    Ugh I was hoping this day would never come

    xFalsify poor thundy

    omg this is awful

    Omg I love both.
    Bryce   Omg I love both. 
    doobee   What Johnny said and if they don't then honestly fuck this season
    Trinity2000   Kiwi and Oreo should have been nommed
    johnnyscott1127   winner of this poll wins the season dont @ me
    TJP1122   I can't wait to see how this one goes; good luck guys!
    KiwiConnor   @Jay, Why you so obsessed with me? Boy I wanna know...
    Jay   Awful nom set. Why wasnt it reynolds and kiwi nommed? Anyways, voting thunder out as I forgot he was even in the game.
    Joseph   omg this is awful
    Sammy   Noooo keeping getting rid of the vets
    Peyton   Voting voting michael
    Nickg24689   Michael can’t go
    angeloxpo   plea will be up in 6 minutes
    JaMarcus_Russell   Really smart move tbh, gonna be a close vote
    xFalsify poor thundy
    Jqred   Ugh I was hoping this day would never come 
    thunderdownbelow   8 whole votes...the entire house. Wow
    ExoticSimmer   this is tragic...
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherApril 11, 2019 16:50
    ZBB20 | DAY 7 | EVICTIONS for 9th place
    Spoiler alert!
    corey12345   Nooooooooo
    JakeP97   boooooooooo
    DoctorWho   swww George =/
    popular   haha fuck u george !
    doobee   Fuck u public
    SwagSwag   Thank god!! Never playing this ever again, thanks for the invite
    Trinity2000   Bye Felicia
    TJP1122   Wow... I was not expecting that one.
    Jay   Dramatic. The sheep got shipped out
    Bailey   What the Fuq
    Jqred   That’s some bs
    ExoticSimmer   :-((
    Clash   @Reynolds <3 
    Draco   Our queen has been robbed
    thunderdownbelow   wow
    angeloxpo   ROBBED
  • thunderdownbelow
    thunderdownbelowApril 11, 2019 16:36
    1 comment
    xFalsify   nooo anyone but thundy
  • sebbers
    sebbersApril 11, 2019 15:23
    How's Everyone Doing Today
    Let me know!
    1 comment
    Bailey   I don’t have school so good :))))
  • SuperDoodle
    SuperDoodleApril 11, 2019 15:14
    Lukes' Big Brother 15 FINALE and Season Playlist
    Another season in the books! Look out for The Genius 2 and Lukes' Big Brother 16 coming this summer. Both are SO ...
    ArcturusDean   Yes omg The Genius 2 can't wait.!!
  • Draco
    DracoApril 11, 2019 15:01
    Waits for my zbb name change
    1 comment
  • Joss
    JossApril 11, 2019 13:53
    NBB4 is getting good
    I’m surprised I’m still here
    Bailey   Yes better then ZBB
    they votes out all the good people with HOUSE votes
    brynae   @Bryce I think you are really funny.
    Bryce   Vote off Brynae xx. 
    brynae   better than ZBB20
  • Sayyora
    SayyoraApril 11, 2019 13:31
    Mail me to join games
    I’m Feeling helpful so I’ll be your sheep and you can evict me whenever
  • Bryce
    BryceApril 11, 2019 12:31
    ChipsNSalsa Gang Custom.
    Spoiler alert!
    Joss   King ily 
    MKtyler23   ugh you flipping kinggg
    Allen   @KiwiConnor who’s that idk her 
    KiwiConnor   we stan tengaged girlies
  • MKtyler23
    MKtyler23April 11, 2019 12:20
    The tea about Rainbow Choices :
    Spoiler alert!
    Nates_great   It was simply based off that statement u said
    MKtyler23   @Nates_great 

    Considering I truly cannot win challenges in 24/7 why are you guys telling ME to re-nom him? Im getting called a sheep for not nominating him but how is it possible if im not HOH?????
    Brazz   Sorry Tyler , I have to agree with nate.
    Keep nomming him so hhe can't win hoh snd eventually he will miss POV and you guys take him out.
    I'm my season we kept renomming Paco until he lost a POV and we took him out.
    Nates_great   1. He can’t win hoh 2 times in a row
    so you bullshit

    cuz 2. U just keep re nomming until he loses veto.   
    Sheep phhhh
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherApril 11, 2019 09:46
    Spoiler alert!
    Joseph   Congrats! @gumball221520 @doobee
    Bailey   Gimmie that name change!!!! Ughhhhh
    gumball221520   Omg! I actually won something in my life XD
  • BklynTracey
    BklynTraceyApril 11, 2019 06:30
    Happy Birthday Queen
    CaseyBea411   Thank you everyone :)
    KiwiConnor   HBD @CaseyBea411
    DankDrake   Happy birthday @caseybea411
    Madskie00017   Happy birthday @caseybea411
    CaseyBea411   AHHHHHH queen ilysm thank you <33333333333333
    M2thamax   Happy Birthday @CaseyBea411 :)
  • DankDrake
    DankDrakeApril 11, 2019 04:44
    Rainbow Choices Season 2: A Brief Summary
    Spoiler alert!
    Brazz   LOL its funny how almost this whole cast is sheeping,  do they not realise final 2 only has 2 people?
    I predict alot of sheep soon looking at each other being very confused on why they got out 
    PacoP   @Allen is shaking
    Arceus   LOL I can't 
  • Chriss
    ChrissApril 11, 2019 04:41
    Too be clear..
    For everyone who wants to keep assuming things. No I did not send Brady anything, of myself that is. As I spoke to ...
    Bailey   I feel so bad ! Idk why people would do that, stay strong and brush them off!!
    brynae   periodt
    Bryce   Brady is awful. 
    Evilgenious448   To be clear*
    Mystery   Without any controversy from Mystery, the scavangers look to other targets to gossip about. The cave is crumbling, watch where you step
  • Geri
    GeriApril 11, 2019 04:01
    NBB nominated for 18th - Aka the killer coach got me good. :)
    Hey guys , some of you may already know I'm playing in NBB season 4. Being in the cast was a mixed feelings on the first day, as NBB 1 took 10 years off ...
    Trny   Saved
    IrishCraic   saved
    Ryguy292   Sammy nommed you buddy. 
    Geri   Thanks man ;)
    Nates_great   Saved Logo

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