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  • goyard
    goyardAugust 08, 2021 20:07
    ZBB26 | Goyard's Thank You...
    Spoiler alert!
    Ian   I evicted u and idk why :/ great game regardless
    Nitu   Love youuuuuuu!!!
    Seanoh   You are a literal queen and I'm crushed you left.
    Jude   Be proud for sure, you played fantastic 
    MacAttack   I am so happy to have met you <3 you were and forever will be a rockstar
    Vin014   I'm not the biggest Taylor fan, but I am definitely now a goyard fan! You should be so proud! 
    Peyton   I am a huge Taylor fan!! Can I switch my vote from yesterday @ZBigBrother...?
    snazzmaster8   I absolutely adore you  and it was so great to get to know you throughout this! not only are you easy to talk to and so fucking hilarious, you're whip-smart and an insane game player (a deadly combo ) I KNOW this isn't the last time we'll be seeing each other, goyard is about to take all these hoes by STORM!  
    joeljohnson1255   Well played! <3
    Ace123   I wanted to vote you to win so bad!
    IrishCraic   Hugs! Be proud and be loud!
    Sammy   It was absolutely amazing having you in the house 
    Matthew1125   I haven't seen you around at all until now and I have to say I was extremely impressed!! You did extremely well and should be proud!
    Cartur   stop im literally crying you were so so amazing to play with and im beyond happy this game brought us together! loves you always
  • Aaliyahh
    AaliyahhAugust 08, 2021 19:19

    I hope that all of you are still doing well on the website! I figured it would be time to do a check in! I do love and miss all of ...

    1 comment
    Cartur   Didn't mean to plus one, welcome back 
  • xFalsify
    xFalsifyAugust 08, 2021 19:10
    I used my powers for good
    Spoiler alert!
    Karmabare   @ xFalsify <3
    Tone   thank you for your service 
  • ABLaksh
    ABLakshAugust 08, 2021 18:42
    ZBB 26 | Pure 3 | Plea for 4th | Inactive/Delusional/Messy.....Nope.....Finalist ?
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   Saved bestie 
    ABLaksh   @Cartur because my friend u r an important part of my ZBB journey :)
    Christoffer   Saved
    Vin014   Solid plea! Good luck Icon!
    snazzmaster8   Is it even a question what I'm going to do here??? SAVED! 
    Rob24   Go Ab! Saved!
    pantherking21   KING AB SAVING FOR SURE
    Cartur   why is this all about me 
    Zoicy   Saved
    Armani   Evicted.
    IrishCraic   Saved gl
  • Tone
    ToneAugust 08, 2021 17:39
    ZBB26 | PLEA FOR 4TH | One Last Fight!
    Spoiler alert!
    snazzmaster8   The easiest decision all game.... SAVED! 
    Royalty   saved
    Zoicy   Saved
    IrishCraic   Saved gl
    Jude   Saved
    Nates_great   Saved! 
    Matthew1125   Saved! Good luck 
    Tone   @Cartur my strategy throughout this game has been to adapt to any situation i was thrown in. for example in round one, i nominated and voted to evict lucas. however i made sure to connect with him in the event that he stayed, and offered to help him go after people who had lied to him. this was something extremely subtle, but it worked to perfection, as lucas proceeded to make two alliances with me in them, and i used both of these alliances to get both dylan and allen nominated and evicted for 13th and 12th respectively.

    i feel like it did not take me "ten rounds" to accomplish any strategy i had. if you are referring to me targeting you, that wasn't a "strategy" so to speak that i had. i felt like you had an extremely noticeable public reputation, plus you had a lot of blind people in the game that wanted to play for you to win, and ever since i noticed that i worked to open the eyes of the blind to get you up and out. i don't know why it took a lot of people so long to realize the type of game you were playing, but i honestly think it is a plus for me and not a knock against me that i was the first one to speak up about it and actively work to prevent you from easily dominating the game.
    Tone   @goyard yes, i 100% understand that, which is why i tried to provide more detailed insight on these past two rounds in the written portion. i am leaving this blog up for questioning, and i anyone wants to know any specifics that would help them make a decision all they have to do is ask, so ask away!
    Cartur   So what's been your strategy this entire game and why did it take you ten rounds to actually accomplish it?
    goyard   All generalities....where are the details? Most of your pleas lack details...are we supposed to wait until next round for you to give us them?
  • MacAttack
    MacAttackAugust 08, 2021 17:02
    ZBB26| Vlog Plea for 4th| Party Still Isn’t Over

    snazzmaster8   Do you even have to ask.....SAVED!!!
    Rob24   Saved! Good Luck Marty Boii
    IrishCraic   Saved gl
    Jude   Saved af 
    Matthew1125   SAVED SAVED SAVED
    goyard   The winner did not ask for, but deserve. Take it home. SAVED.
    Christoffer   saved
    Tone   "i won't have any time to make a plea" LMAOOOOO YOU BITCHHHHH but good luck <3
    Nitu   Saved.
    Seanoh   Easily saved. 
    Peyton   I SPY A ZBB WINNER
    Cartur   MY WINNER 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherAugust 08, 2021 17:00
    Spoiler alert!
    Rob24   Sebbs! Woow
    Sazrivax   Good bye MacAttack
    Seanoh   SEBBY DID THAT
    Cartur   okay this is ok
    Tone   good LORD
    sebby113   BA BOOM
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherAugust 08, 2021 16:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Spyder   BULLSHIT
    xFalsify   this is vile....
    TheDemonicM   :(     
    Seanoh   This honesty seems sexist
    Crazyrockina   WE  DEMAND A RECOUNT
    Nitu   Robbed goddess
    Christoffer   It doesn't feel right. She got evicted when I didn't cast the vote against her lol
    Peyton   Not me basing my votes the last two rounds off of who I thought would be the biggest threat to Marty in finals LMFAO. Anyways, should be interesting to see if Marty or AB can avoid nominations for 4th as they appear to have the most public support.
    Icelina   Sexism tease 
    snazzmaster8   the public is officially on crack. wtf y'all doing?????????
    Cartur   this is so disgusting
  • Crazyrockina
    CrazyrockinaAugust 08, 2021 07:25
    still can't believe
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Vin014   Senior citizen...
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherAugust 08, 2021 06:57
    Spoiler alert!
  • Guoyoung
    GuoyoungAugust 08, 2021 04:49
    BB 23 Draft Week 4 Update (Spoiler)
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   I rly can't believe my plan worked perfectly-
    Sunshine   nm....was reading an AFP pick
    Sunshine   yes it does @IrishCraic
    @Guoyoung didnt Brent get evicted tho??
    IrishCraic   does zero mean good?
  • Haylee
    HayleeAugust 08, 2021 02:11
    Anyone want to be friends?
    Icelina   Always!
    TheDemonicM   Yes. Hello new friend :)
    Gumball   Sure! I would love to
  • Z_SongSearch
    Z_SongSearchAugust 08, 2021 02:07
    ► | Song Search: Round 2 Results
    Spoiler alert!
    George   ooh 2nd place !! 
    MissSuda   <3
    Armani   @MissSuda has flavor
    Spyder   Hey, I got 6 points! That's a victory in my opinion!
    IrishCraic   Well @pikasadge is having a great bloody night aka won this and won @Sebby Survival Choices 24 DC GG
    pikasadge   WHAT !!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • Gumball
    GumballAugust 08, 2021 01:31
    Big Brother 23 Week 4 Cast Assessment (SPOILERS)
    Spoiler alert!
    Gumball   @pantherking21 I would not be mad if that happened. He is truly a good player
    pantherking21   Xavier is winning know THAT
  • snazzmaster8
    snazzmaster8August 07, 2021 21:51
    It's Not Right, But It's Okay....
    Spoiler alert!
    Seanoh   The house really did that huh 
    Jude   6th place is for legends only 
    Wolfwoodcp82   Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Gumball   have a great summer Snazz! I had a blast playing and getting to know you in ZBB! 
    pikasadge   bye snazz have nice summer
  • MacAttack
    MacAttackAugust 07, 2021 17:17
    ZBB26 | Nominated for 5th | Bunch of Party Poopers
    Spoiler alert!
    overcome   Saved ;)
    Jude   Saved homie
    snazzmaster8   Obviously saved! 
    sebby113   But gl!
    sebby113   Marty you didnt get me to put my 2 points on goyard because I put my two points on you
    davidprincipe29   Saved!
    Voxin   SAVEDD
    Seanoh   Easy save
    Matthew1125   It would only be right to evict you for 5th

    but I'm not a sinner so saved 
    IrishCraic   Saved gl
    Spyder   Saved.
    Cartur   SAVED. You have ran the damn thing
  • goyard
    goyardAugust 07, 2021 17:16
    ZBB26 | Goyard's Plea at 5th | This could get ugly.
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   This plea is so much substance. Saved. 
    snazzmaster8   Instantly saved! 
    Royalty   saved
    Zoicy   Saved
    Icelina   Saved 
    joeljohnson1255   Saved :)
    IrishCraic   Saved gl
    Spyder   Instantly saved. 
    Cartur   ZBB26: The Cult of Cartur
  • sebby113
    sebby113August 07, 2021 17:09
    ZBB26 | Plea for 5th | The endgame is AMONG US
    Spoiler alert!
    overcome   Saved ;)
    RobbedGoddess   this is such a cute plea <3 great job sweetie 
    snazzmaster8   Easily saved! 
    davidprincipe29   Saved!
    Royalty   savedddddddddddddddddddd
    Vin014   Saved saved SAVED. 
    Zoicy   Saved
    Icelina   Although you have the weakest gameplay out of the 3, I like you more than Marty so saved. 
    Gumball   very honest question. Besides me, who else did you make a f2 with? Just comparing notes with others and it seems like I wasn't the only one lol
    Reynolds   Saveddd 1000% 
    IrishCraic   Saved gl
    Matthew1125   Saved!
    Spyder   I'm so sorry Sebby, but I read all the pleas and I think their gameplay was stronger. Sadly, evicted.
    Cartur   love you but you can't take credit for everyone else's moves
    Crazyrockina   evicted 
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherAugust 07, 2021 17:00
    Spoiler alert!
    Joshh   AB is kinda eating this up 

    You literally responded to my comment below as rude after I pointed out that you messed up.

    Sticks and stones Sebby. You called me things as well that I am more than happy to screenshot and post once the game is over and I am free to do so. You've called me expletives as well that I will not repeat here. 

    The public deserves better than you getting hung up on this. Did I call you that, yeah. I own it.  Are you acting a bit whiny? I think so. And I think they'll see that based on your behavior in this thread. 

    I think my experiences with you in this game have given me proper frame of your character. If you thought I was so bad why didn't you vote me any of the past 8 rounds? Why do previous games matter? Should I have known that you act like a snake every game? Or to expect you to deflect and hide from difficult comments. Is it bc I'm new to the site? Is that the issue here? Lol pick a lane buddy. 

    sebby113   I woend up to my mistake this round

    Yea Im aware but you dont need to call me a "whiny litttle bitch" and make rude comments about peoples appearance.

    You cant say in typical fashion when youve only played one game with me. Im not saying you pointing out my gameplay blunder was rude, Im pointing out the other comments youve made reecently nd throughoutthe game have been rude. 

    I made zero personal comments here. Again, I pointed out your latest gameplay blunder and you called me rude for pointing it out. You're trying to paint me as being combative for defending myself. And in typical fashion when I ask for facts you run away, deflect or dodge. 

    This isn't a game for miss congeniality. It's big brother. Focus on game, not the personality associated with it.

    And zwooper here you have it - Sebby runs away. Just like he has in every difficult situation in this game. 

    sebby113   I did in my plea. not gonna continue talking here because your gonna twist my words. I havent been like this to other players because they havent made personal comments about me.

    You did that yourself. I'm the only female in this game - you haven't treated any of the men like this. 

    If someone thinks I was rude to them - aside from you Sebby, let them say here in the comments. 

    Why don't you want to talk about your gameplay?

    sebby113   So now your trying to say that Im threatened by a strong woman, dont go and make this a gender situation. I dont care what gender you are, if your rude Ill call it out. 

    I said I messed up and I can own it, but you cant own that you were rude to people. BUt DO NOT try to pin me as someone whos threatened by women

    Ok Sebby. You don't want to focus on game. You want to focus on personality Bc you could have saved yourself today and failed.

    So I was SO rude and mean that I didn't get a single nomination vote since I was up at 14th? I was so nasty yet no one threw a vote on me in anger? 

    Let's call this for what it is -  you're threatened by a strong woman and you do not need to mansplain to me about my feelings or interpretations. Back off. 


    sebby113   I could have played this round better, I agree. But I have evidence I pointed out thaty ou made personal comments that were uncalled ofr and you keep trying to deflect from that
    goyard   You're trying to bury the fact you made a blunder of a game move and got yourself on the block. And you're lashing out on me for pointing it out. I'm focusing on gameplay - you need to bring in funny comments you didn't like? Nice try. 
    sebby113   If only the viewers could see the main chat and they could see how you make rude personal comments for no reason
    goyard   @sebby113 where did I do that? Are you trying to play the victim here? Not a good look bb
    sebby113   You can defend yourself gamewise I dont care about that, your allowed to. Your also allowed to make comments about my personality outside of games but thats not neccesary, thats rude and you dont need to do it.

    I dont want you silenced, so dont try to say that, Im just saying you dont need to make assumptions about who I am as a person, theres no reason for it

    I was merely pointing out how ridiculous it was that you're being celebrated for a poor game move. That could have kept you safe? Nothing rude about it. 

    How come whenever I defend myself you want me silenced? What are you afraid of? Merely questioning, once again, why certain players are being celebrated for subpar moves. My game and hard work is on the line here, so yeah. I'm standing up for myself. 

    sebby113   I couldve pointed out the flwas in your game but I didnt need to because I dont play like that
    sebby113   @goyard - Why do you have to be so rude when it comes to this, its a game. Marty and I didnt post anything bad about you in our plea so there was no need to do the smae in yours. I wanted o force a tie, how was I supposed to know I wouldve saved myself, I iddnt know who u were nomming. I made a risk and tried to tie it becuase I didnt think I couldve survived. No need to drag other players
    goyard   @Vin014 - if Sebby was smart and put his 2pts on me he would have avoided the block? Are we really celebrating him forcing himself into a tie? 
    Vin014   Did Sebby just really pull that one off?!?! 
    ABLaksh   @Goyard and I used it at the right time. 2x was enough for me to play this game & reach to top 4 :)
    goyard   @ABLaksh ...Sir, you were down to your last arrow. Even a broken clock is right 2x a day. 
    ABLaksh   Exactly tried is the word, tried & didn't happened doesn't qualify as renomination :)
    Jumanji   Great play on Mac's part! Got two others up.
    Seanoh   Wow they're really making us choose like this...
    Cartur   y'all tried to nominate Marty last round tho, you didn't nom correctly
    ABLaksh   @Cartur I think u r watching different game bro. Snazz/Tone were last noms
    Cartur   it's sad how some people's entire game has been renomination after renomination
    Christoffer   Evicting sebby
    ABLaksh   Archer hits the Bulls-Eye!!!
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherAugust 07, 2021 16:45
    Spoiler alert!
    Wolfwoodcp82   Noooooo!
    Icelina   That's perfect 
    Seanoh   This is disgusting
    goyard   Happy as a player - sad as a person. BYE Snazzles <3
    Spyder   MY PICK TO WIN........ disgusting.
    snazzmaster8   ugh, jesus... gross 
    Royalty   Tone did that!!!
    Cartur   so robbed... Logo

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