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  • MidnightNautica
    MidnightNauticaDecember 11, 2019 01:35
    Congratulations John!
    Congrats John on winning the fast survival, and condolences to Marc, you did great <3 that was an inactive but fun game :)
    1 comment
    JohnTheGreat   aww wthanks my friend! it was super fun!
  • dylanrush1234
    dylanrush1234December 11, 2019 01:30
    Dylans OG Island
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   First off, saying someone will MAYBE get a prize makes me question your hosting abilities. Secondly, 500 chips isn't much at all to begin with, ESPECIALLY for a 39 day long game
    SunTzu   So please un-sign me up to this, I signed up believing it would begin November.
    SunTzu   I'm taking a break from group games, especially for this month (family takes it serious and have to attend a party or two).
    dylanrush1234   try now!
    MidnightNautica   Link doesnt work :(
  • Birew34
    Birew34December 11, 2019 01:03
    Pokemon Big Brother (WEEK 21)
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   GLACEON HOW COULD U
    Doll   Jiggggggly wit it
  • 08SaraR
    08SaraRDecember 11, 2019 00:54
    ❃ | MUSICALITY 4 | Round 1 | "Why Watch Porn Videos When You Can Watch Music Videos?"
    Spoiler alert!
    Peyton   You forgot to mention that Sammy isn't just in the top, he's literally SLAYING the top. Woohoo! Good luck to Mystery, Bailey & Brxan I'm trying to catch up.
    Benley   what the fuck yall were so brutal on @Mystery and his song was a bop- you uncultured swines
    Bailey   Fuc
    Joseph   thanks judges! criticism noted judge 2 ;)
    Sammy   Thanks judges 
    ChrisDWa   #Musicality4
    08SaraR   Pick-to-Win
    #Musicality 4

    @Bailey | @Brxan | @dantee | @ianinator | @IrishCraic
    @Joseph | @MaloloLow | @maman | @Mystery | @Sammy

    54 @Allen - Brxan/Joseph/Sammy
    39 @ArcturusDead - Bailey/Mystery/Sammy
    46 @Benley - dantee/maman/Mystery
    62 @Bombonrayo - dantee/IrishCraic/Joseph
    47 @Cartur - Brxan/dantee/Joseph
    69 @CaseyBea411 - Joseph/MaloloLow/Sammy
    60 @CocoV - dantee/IrishCraic/maman
    68 @DankDrake - dantee/Joseph/Sammy
    49 @Doll - IrishCraic/MaloloLow/Mystery
    53 @evanw919 - Bailey/Joseph/Sammy
    66 @ExoticSimmer - ianinator/Joseph/Sammy
    59 @Footystar21 - dantee/ianinator/IrishCraic
    66 @Geri - ianinator/IrishCraic/Sammy
    47 @Guoyoung - Bailey/IrishCraic/MaloloLow
    31 @jfite9 - Brxan/ianinator/Mystery
    61 @JonJ - Joseph/MaloloLow/maman
    66 @King_Canine - ianinator/MaloloLow/Sammy
    34 @NestorR - Brxan/IrishCraic/Mystery
    65 @Peyton - dantee/ianinator/Sammy
    51 @Riot - Brxan/ianinator/Sammy
    60 @Sarah - ianinator/Joseph/MaloloLow
    50 @Sassy - Bailey/ianinator/Sammy
    53 @SidhantTiwari - Bailey/MaloloLow/Sammy
     44 @TheBreeze - ianinator/maman/Mystery
    62 @YourBoy - dantee/Joseph/MaloloLow
  • Birew34
    Birew34December 11, 2019 00:44
    Pokemon Big Brother (WEEK 20)
    Spoiler alert!
    JonJ   Magikarp just had to make an inappropriate comment while being nommed as a legendary comp beast *facepalm* 
    xFalsify   I love the concept of Magikarp using a mattress
    Benley   ralts flipped the mattress cuz he cant see shit
  • KiwiConnor
    KiwiConnorDecember 10, 2019 23:24
    found a special someone on tinder <3
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   this is so romantic awwww
    ExoticSimmer   i see no lies
    Green   oop
    MOTO   Delete the app.
    Joseph   i CANT
    Allen   LMAOOOOO
    Bombonrayo   DECEASED
    MaloloLow   ok thats actually amazing
    AngelOfWater   LOL
    dantee   oh wow
  • Cartur
    CarturDecember 10, 2019 21:18
    Priscilla's Chambers ~ 2 Days Left to Apply
    Hi everyone! Same dilemma happening, I currently do not have enough applications to run the game. With applications closing ...
    dantee   think you should give it another week tbh
    Bombonrayo   I think the problem is these days Zwooper is super quiet, today FS took like 7 hours and few were played during the day :/
  • PacoP
    PacoPDecember 10, 2019 19:00
    Spoiler alert!
    MOTO   If you insist
    Spooky   I nominate myself
    cmgorilla   I nominate @Crazyrockina
  • Sammy
    SammyDecember 10, 2019 18:35
    Some Very Exciting News (& the Dilemma That Comes With It)
    Spoiler alert!
    craycrayaye   UCF isn't a bad school..........

    @Sammy You have left quite a bit out, such as what it is you're studying or your aims in life.


    Most likely, the correct advice is to stick to UCF. Money is worth everything when you come out of Uni. Easier to shine as a good student in an average uni, better feeling too. Don't worry about that 'name' unless you seriously want to be the very best at the career you pursue. If you are aiming to be a diehard 'best of the best' at the industry and/or career path you're pursuing then ignore the money, you are in this shit for fame and to put your name on a plaque of a high-end firm or something. Stick to UF if that's the case.

    KiwiConnor   id lean towards the full-ride scholarship but it's your choice in the end! Congrats tho!
    ArcturusDean   @Sammy keep in mind UCF is setting you up with a debt free future (and the possibility of being paid whilst studying). I know firsthand how stressful university is, if you go to a school that is even more 'rigourous' in its teachings, then you may not have time or energy for a job. As @ExoticSimmer said, I would try out UCF to get your first degree and then maybe transfer to UF for further studies so your debt is not that high... You don't wanna get into UF and then half way through your degree decide that it's not for you.
    Sammy   @ArcturusDean UF is very well respected, very rigorous school    I like to party yes, but the main reason is the academics and setting me up for a better future
    ExoticSimmer   It definitely depends on your personal situation... After starting college, I realize I may have made a mistake in going to a more prestigious and expensive school with no scholarships as opposed to a lesser-known school that would have provided me more scholarships. I am going to be in an immense amount of debt because of my decision. Honestly, I would go to UCF for 2 years--get your generals and basic classes done, then if you still want to, transfer to the UF. In the end, as long as you work hard, you will be able to get into a good law school.
    ArcturusDean   Also like you gotta a fully paid scholarship?! You know how many people would dream of not having a debt? To turn that down for a school that has a better party scene and people to socialise with... Well no judging but I couldn't live with that on my conscience. Like unless the education is superior... Then I don't see why you would turn down the scholarship?? Or is the party scene in US universities really important?
    ArcturusDean   Maybe I read this wrong, but you want to go to UF so you can party, but UCF is offering you a fully paid scholarship?... I think if you can afford UF, then go there. But don't go to UF just for the party scene and 'name privelegde'. If there's one thing I've learnt from going to an "non-name" HS and Univeristy, is that all your academic achievements are much stronger because you stand out in a group of mediocre peers. That's just me. Probably not very helpful but I want you to choose based on education / financial reasons, not the party scene or atmosphere. People are Always going to love the more fun Univeristy, and unless you speak to students/graduates of the degrees you wish to take, then I recommend NOT taking the universities at face value.
    doobee   My dad always loved the Gators so I'd go with them :P dont think about it and just live in the moment 
    Lynette   Having gone through college honestly and having put a lot of thought into this before, the only advice I can give is that a degree is a degree and it doesn't really matter where it came from, it still looks great that you have one. For grad school applications, I'd say they're gonna look more into your actual grades and how you come across in an interview before WHERE you went. So on paper, UCF seems like the better option in my opinion. But it's obviously completely up to you!
    AngelOfWater   I think you should do some research and find out if it will impact your chances at law schools. Talk to a school a councilor or whoever you speak to for information about these kinds of things. Knowledge is power. 

    hope u can read this to help - first 2 years are generic requirements anyways- student/teacher ratio impacts those classes- its why people do them at community college then transfer (to save MONEY)-

    MONEY is a HUGE factor lol
    Doll   small fish in a big pond or big fish in a small pond?
    eating ramen noodles gets old QUICK so unless ur RICH, you are burdening urself AND ur family financially
    Vlatemier   From this it sounds like you already know that you wanna go to UF. You just have to decide what's best for you financially, something nobody except you and your family can help you decide, and just remember although money is a big factor it shouldn't be the only thing you think about with this decision 
    Doll   grats! Debt is no fun & ofc ur parents need to help u make this decision. I got into my first choice,  New York University,  with a full scholarship and learned after a year there that it wasnt a good fit for me AND I also changed my major lol-
    Which school is a better fit for you? Talk to the Law professors at UCF, call attorneys in ur area- do some REAL life connections with people already in field-  ASK the professionals 
    Patrick71101   omg this is literally me i- xD
    I got a full-ride scholarship to northern arizona university but I honestly lean towards not going there just cause there's one much closer to my home where I know a lot of people there aleady, and it would let me go back to my high school and still be involved in the marching band there as an alumni, and it just feels right. Really stupid reasons to turn down a full scholarship xD, especially when ASU doesn't have the greatest of financial options, so I'm still not sure if it's the right or wrong choice :p, cuz like we so do not stan debt. But I think go with where you wanna go, cuz we only be living once c:
    Bombonrayo   As I went to college I highly recommend you to pursue the univeristy you really wanna go to. In case you are a person who really does not mind that much then I would suggest UCF. However, you said your heart is set on the second one so I think you should go to the one your heart tells you to go (taking obviously into account the fact that your budget allows you to go :)) 
    CocoV   Can you/ your parents pay for UF? I'd say go where you want IF you can finance it. Don't put yourself into debt because of it.
  • Bombonrayo
    BombonrayoDecember 10, 2019 16:38
    CHRISTMAS MESSAGE to y'all <3
    Spoiler alert!
    SunTzu   As a fan of rap, this was a pleasant read.
    Bombonrayo   @Craig xoxo 
    Craig   ooops typo FOR YOU
    Craig   awww thank you Bom for the wonderfull poem and your wishes for us. Love and hugs always fot you

    Bombonrayo   ily lots siiiis @Doll 
    Doll   Ily
  • TayvieNoon
    TayvieNoonDecember 10, 2019 15:28
    Discord Survivor 5: Fatal Frame
    Survivor: Fatal Frame, TEN DOLLARS, Applications close 12/19

  • Hollywoodhogan
    HollywoodhoganDecember 10, 2019 06:48
    24/7 CHOICES: WWE Hardcore Championship Match: The carnage in this match is crazy E3
    JR: Why is CM Punk (@PacoP ) so mad?
    Lawler: I think he's mad that he's not getting enough air time.
    Benley   OMG YESSS SUMMER-RAE lmao these episodes are my favorite most well-designed choices game EVER! Im so excited ;D def gonna fight!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Trny   Omg! Lol
    Doll   @Trouble... @Trny is having way too much fun 
  • Brittany101
    Brittany101December 10, 2019 05:33
    Slow songs are for skinny, cant move all of this to one of thos

    ​Lizzo is dat bitch and thats on period luv
    Sassy   Missy Elliott's ability to roll those Rs and make purr, floor, good, and curves all rhyme is masterful.
    Benley   facts only!
  • Z_Events
    Z_EventsDecember 10, 2019 03:56
    ⭕ | Circle 24/7 Choices | Day 7
    Spoiler alert!
    xFalsify   ......rude.
  • AllensBBUK
    AllensBBUKDecember 10, 2019 02:16
    ⦿ | Reality Mxr | ABBUK Takeover | Day 2 | Nominations for 7th + Jury Fight
    Spoiler alert!
    Heather2014   i was inactive for a bit yes but i was dealing with real life stuff. im not going to be inactive anymore tho so id love if you all kept me! i completely understand if not tho i messed up and needed to be put up . 
    MOTO   Listen up zwoops, I submitted my noms and have been trying my hardest in this game. So please evict Heather as his inactivity has put both me and carter in this position. Also Richie is gay. 
    dantee   omg I wanna come baaaack
    Peyton   I love all three noms but Heather not submitting makes it easy. My vote to return should be obvious. 
    Cartur   Hi lovelies, I submitted and have been active throughout the game unlike one of my other nominees.
  • Sassy
    SassyDecember 10, 2019 00:08
    ♚ | MUTINY: The Palace | Episode 5 - "Icon of Mediocrity"
    Spoiler alert!
    Benley   can i vote off @Sassy
    iiAmySunshine   Omg one of the fashion queens, @Jourdan, was eliminated?
    Jourdan   It was a pleasure!
    sorry I couldn't snag the win for you @mepole
  • Jourdan
    JourdanDecember 09, 2019 23:38
    Mutiny: Well It’s Over

    I've been evicted from the mutiny house! Or.. palace? 
    Well this is different for me. I'm usually able to get myself in a good enough ...

    Jace   Your placement does not define how well you played. You did great and should be proud of yourself. :)
    MOTO   and chances are I'll still be brought back over you
    Jourdan   @MOTO atleast I wasn't the forgotten houseguest of ZBB 
    MOTO   Yikes
    Jourdan   @dantee glad someone got the ref
    Peyton   Don't give up Jourdan!! It's not official until the blog has been posted :D
  • Noah_Tribal
    Noah_TribalDecember 09, 2019 22:36
  • evanw919
    evanw919December 09, 2019 21:28
    ❄️ | Champions 9: Winter Warfare | Less Than A Week To Apply!
    Spoiler alert!
    ak47man   Lol
    ak47man   Hmm I'll think about it lil
  • Sarah
    SarahDecember 09, 2019 11:38
    If Anyone Is Looking...
    Spoiler alert!
    TJDawgiestyle   i thought u were like 12
    SunTzu   (only if 18 years of age or older please)
    Sarah   @ArcturusDean- the season will begin January 11th and last approximately 39 days
    @CocoV the majority of that community is made up of 18+ and that's what they field to 
    CocoV   btw why is it a requirement to be older than 18?
    ArcturusDean   What's the approx time period? Like When's it gonna run? Logo

Spoiler alert!

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