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  • Cartur
    CarturApril 11, 2021 21:22
    A Question for Production
    How did @Runaways get expelled for exposing homophobia but @BBSwag hasn't for using racially insensitive and homophobic language :)
    Tarnexter   What I do find kinda funny... Is that I am mostly a leftist but think that the left has recently been taking things too far in some situations... 

    I have NEVER felt attacked on zwooper for being Gay in the SLIGHTEST. I have however felt attacked on zwooper for not agreeing 100% with everything the far left thinks. Just kinda ironic
    Typo   They don't want to seem like their limiting free speech...even though said speech is harmful to queer and black users on the site. Better to claim deniability than stand up for what's right I suppose
    Peyton   Runaways had a lot of popularity and could've won... Ben on the other hand...
  • Crazyrockina
    CrazyrockinaApril 11, 2021 20:27
    Spoiler alert!
    Tarnexter   Wow I didnt know expressing that I hated how toxic people are towards people who dont agree with them and asking everyone to spread love and not hate was racist and homophobic LMFAO
    Alanster   McQuire just ignore him lol
    McQuire   Nothing I said was racist or homophobic. I was bluntly questioning the reactivity to Ben's immoral comments. We both want the same thing.
  • Z_Tournaments
    Z_TournamentsApril 11, 2021 18:17
    Season 1 Fast Long Survival Tournament Finale Winner is IrishCraic!
    Spoiler alert!
    Swagnis   grats everyone!!
    Parrish101   Congrats @IrishCraic :D
    disneygal   great tournament with so many amazing players. sad i couldn't make it today but proud of you all!! thanks for hosting NF <3
    Z_Tournaments   Update:  Overall Points given away in Season 1 Fast Long Survival Tournament:  31,159
    Here are winners
    Fast Long Survivor Champion:  IrishCraic 2,496 Total Points in Tournament won!
    Runner up:  Zoicy 

    Overall Champion:  jbeaudry +1000pts bonus  4,051 Total Points in Tournament won!
    Runner Up:  Zoicy =250pts bonus  2,955 Total Points in Tournament won!
    Day Winner Random Draw Winner:  jbeaudy +100pts
    Zoicy   congrats @IrishCraic to win and thank you all guys for an awesome, active and truly stressful game 
    SirPepa781   congrats Irish, gg all :)
    IrishCraic   @ JeremyHLikesFood
    Not the troll spreading fake news  #wannabetrumpfan

    How am i "racist" now? 

    JeremyHLikesFood   not the racist getting idoled and going on to win
    jbeaudry3   Not me winning this 
    Z_Tournaments   I hope you all had a great time!!!   stay tuned for more tournaments more updates more ZWOOPER FUN!
    Z_Tournaments   I will be posting a full game recap episode more detailed in an upcoming blog shortly!!!!
    PitterPatter   Also I won immunity at f10, not zoicy lol
    PitterPatter      Mikey 
    why are people mad they got voted out? its the game of survivor lol

    Thanks for hosting NF! Wasn't even supposed to play but had a blast while i was in the game
    snazzmaster8   ofc i had to be idoled out... and the person who was saved ended up winning xD
    Mikey   why are people mad they got voted out? its the game of survivor lol 
    Green   what a bunch of fake people... like what was the reason for that
    sebby113   This cast is so fake... idc if i didnt win I had a iconic idol play
  • M3LAY
    M3LAYApril 11, 2021 18:15
    Just to add to the racism...
    ANyone know how to add people on Discord, I'm a bit of a grandpa when it comes to technology. 
    M3LAY   Nothing, just an honest question. I have no idea how to add ppl 
    Typo   i-

    speak your truth king
    JeremyHLikesFood   so what the fuck does this mean
  • Tarnexter
    TarnexterApril 11, 2021 18:14
    So I think I just misworded a few things..
    Spoiler alert!
    Dswag   Then I guess we'll see! It'll be a true test of whether cancel culture has gone too far.
    Tarnexter   Your anger is adorable. And you wish you knew where I worked Dswag. Not that it matters because my employers are conservative lmfao
    Dswag   Since these posts were just you stating "opinions" I took the liberty of sending these screenshots to your employer. The first ammendment should protect you. Happy Sunday!!
    JaMarcus_Russell   @pantherking21 "If people don't take responsibilities for their actions, then just don't fuck with em."

    Js this mentality is the reason rich white billionaires still run the world. If you don't call them out then accountability will never be taken and they'll continue to do what they do (e.g. Police brutality)
    I agree with the leaving room for growth thing, but people have to be willing to grow first and you can't expect that every single person will (e.g. Tarnexter)
    Puffs   @Dswag I think it roughly translates to "TRUMP 2024"
    Dswag   I'm sorry can someone translate? I don't speak racist.
    Tarnexter   It is INSANE how much hate is in your heart. I never even said anything personally attacking anyone or even attacking a minority group yet you treat me as though I am hitler because I say we shouldnt do that to people. LOL
    Dswag   THERE IS AN EDIT BUTTON. Dont worry, I already screenshot Ted the post where you said word for word "people should be allowed to be racist" That's not poor wording. And I know I know, EDUVATE you. I'm good. I've read shit from 20 other people trying to do that and you did nothing but use the same dumbass arguments everyone else does. So while I may continue to comment on this post, I will not respond to anything you direct towards me because I know it will hurt your little bigoted snowflake nerves. Just say you only like people with pure Arian blood and be done with it. You just keep digging your grave deeper.
    Tarnexter   @Puffs Defending? I am not defending anything. Just saying that agressively personally attacking people who dont agree with what you believe pushes them farther away and serves no real point other than turning you into a horrible person and making the other person feel more hatred towards you and what you believe.
    Puffs   With the way you're defending certain actions, I feel like I have VERY good reason to suspect that you're probably right down there with the lowest of them.
    Tarnexter   Cuz last time I checked you acknowledged that I said nothing offensive... I didnt ask to be educated in this post... R u okay? Do you need help? Who hurt you BB?
    Tarnexter   So um... How am I "Ignorant" exactly? Again is it just me asking people to spread love and not hate? 
    Puffs   Continue existing as an igorant bitch, love. I just hope one of these days someone 'educates' you by socking you in the face. I know that'd be my preferred teaching model.

    @Puffs Exactly what I thought. You bring nothing to this conversation other than hate. You dont even have a goal other than to spread hate. It is honestly laughable how hypocritical you are.

    pantherking21   @JaMarcus_Russell Sorry if Im not being clear. It is no one's job to educate, that should go without saying. But people aren't going to educate themselves because they got called a racist. That's why I said we should allow room for growth. If people don't take responsibilities for their actions, then just don't fuck with em. But being aggressive back just reinforces negative stereotypes and stops growth. Like I said its your choice how you want to treat people, I don't blame you or think your a piece of shit for hating people who hate you. I just said that it's more effective to educate.
    Puffs   "What point are you trying to make other than I am a stupid peice of shit?"

    Tarnexter   Also @Puffs "You're the one missing the point boo" Um... What point are you trying to make other than I am a stupid peice of shit? xD
    JaMarcus_Russell   @pantherking21 Yes, that would be the most progressive approach, agreed. With that being said, for the 58th fuckin time today, it's not their job to educate. Imagine telling jews to educate Hitler on why the Holocaust is bad. It's obviously a reach but if somebody has a shit and condescending opinion of your race/religion/sexuality you have every right to put them in their place.
    Typo   continues to hate offensive people and NOT regret it
    Puffs   Everyone please go out and punch a Nazi today 
    Tarnexter   Beautifully said @pantherking21
    Tarnexter   So I am a racsit and a homophobe even tho I didnt say anything to offend either of those minority groups? 
    pantherking21   I didn't blame nobody for shit, I just said it's not effective. It doesn't actually fix the problem. And no I'm not blaming any victim. Nobody should have to have derogatory shit directed towards them ever and it's wrong everytime it occurs. Nobody should have to shut up and not say anything. But not allowing room for growth is dumb as shit. Idc if you personally don't fuck with somebody because of what they do. That's your choice and do what you want. I just don't think the "cancel" solution is effective at all because the only people who care are people who are doing the cancelling. It has zero effect on anything.
    Tarnexter   So if I didnt attack anyone... Why are you so aggressive? LOL Stop being rude. It isnt very nice
    Puffs   I never said YOU attacked anyone. I said that it's not anyone's job to educate someone else on how to not be bigoted. You have to fucking figure that out yourself.
    Puffs   You're the one missing the point boo. You're just too fucking sutpid, immature and probably bigoted to take responsibility for your own mess. Nobody owes you a teaching moment. Learn how to not be fucking racist on your OWN you piece of shit. 

    Please log off and don't come back.

    Also @Puffs how did I attack anyone? "For being upset when they are personally attacked with something offensive"

    I didnt know "Love and dont hate people" was personally attacking minority groups.

    Tarnexter   @JeremyHLikesFood LOL you are funny. @Puffs you guys clearly are missing the point, STILL. Neither of you know anything about me so stop pretending like you do. Thanks boos <3
    JeremyHLikesFood   can you dumbass incels @pantherking21 @Tarnexter just stop youre bigots give it a rest
    Puffs   Oh that is just the biggest piece of bullshit I have heard all week. You cannot blame people, ESPECIALLY members of minority groups for being upset when they either witness something offensive or are personally attacked with something offensive. Stop fucking blaming the targets of these attacks and start holding the actual bigots accountable. You're a couple of inbred, incel hogs with more microagressions than teeth. Literally fuck off with that shit.
    Tarnexter   Ty @pantherking21 KING!
    pantherking21   Yall missing his point. Being rude to people for saying ignorant and harmful things doesn't help anything. All it does is reinforce negative thoughts or builds hatred. Why do you think so many people still act the way they do? Because they've only been called a POS for their thinking without understanding why it's harmful.
    Puffs   What afterschool special do you live in? I'm sure if I had walked up to Hitler and asked him politely not to kill me, it would've totally worked!
    Tarnexter   Yall really dont understand the concept of being rude doesnt help anything do you? LOL
    Vlatemier   Educate yourself, google is free
    Puffs   The only persn responsible for 'educating' you is YOU. You can't say some offensive bullshit to someone and then when they understandably get upset, flip around and say "ITS NOT MY FAULT, EDUCATE ME!!". Take accountability for yourself bc right now you don't sound ignorant, you just sound fucking stupid.
    Tarnexter   I feel like that is a little passive aggressive but honestly thank you for that @Ian I never even thought about it from the point of view
    Ian   its funny that if a person of colour says something completely off, people go off at them but then if a white person says something that is offensive, its ignorant and just needed to be educated. its 2021. People are aware of whats going on, some just dont give a shit and will use ignorance as an excuse to get away with it most times. it has always been like that unfortunately. 
    Tarnexter   <3 you too Jackson!
    JaredLannister   shut the fuck up lol
    JacksonSunshine   Awww it's no problem Chase! I knew you were just having a tough time putting your thoughts into words! Hopefully this clears up that hugeeeeeeee misunderstanding 
  • Vivacious
    VivaciousApril 11, 2021 17:51
    ZBB-AS3 Vivacious is here to slay

    Perception from George's prior support may be inclined to express how he is slaying this round, but loves...he is not the ...

    Totaldramawwe   You always got my support Viva.
    Vin014   Jojo what have you done in this game. I'm genuinely curious...
    Trinity2000   STFU
    Mikey   Yes latina queen!
    Sarah   graphic design
    my passion
  • Sarah
    SarahApril 11, 2021 17:48
    Who would win in a hall brawl?
    @Aidan or @JakeP 
    please prove reasoning and background information thank you
    Vin014   I'm going with Aidan because he serves feisty bitch energy. 
    Aidan   A hall is the distance between your eyes
    Vlatemier   Well one of them is the hall
    Aidan   He'd medically DQ after Round 1 
  • Mikey
    MikeyApril 11, 2021 17:48
    I just cant sit quiet anymore...
    Spoiler alert!
    Dylan   Ugh...saying what we are all thinking. Preach it sister, and see you at church on wednesday!!
    MissSuda   ihysm i was ready to be inspired
    Crazyrockina   I support you
    Mikey   Why does my post only have 4 points? Why are people not showing their support for me?
    Sarah   same
    Cartur   you and bbswag both sister
  • Z_Tournaments
    Z_TournamentsApril 11, 2021 17:24
    Fast Long Survival Tournament Finale 15 minutes...players mail for your password...
    Fast Survival Tournament Link

    Fast Survival Tournament Finale Link
    1 comment
    Mikey   let me join bestie <3 i slayed my one fs game i played
  • Reynolds
    ReynoldsApril 11, 2021 17:04
    Spoiler alert!
    Trinity2000   Saved
    Vin014   King 
    Ian   sssaaved
    Reynolds   Viv and George both lied to me so I didn't know they were doing him 
    TJP1122   For the record, I was not after you at F8; I solely offered to a couple people (including yourself) to do Sean/x where the x is whoever you would like. I don't think I threw out a serious name to anyone that round, including Sean (but I also could have thrown it as a lob to see if someone bit). But I was definitely not after you that round.
    Sarah   Haven't voted yet but I'm curious why you didn't nominate BBSWAG as well to make it a 3 way vote and give urself a better chance
    Zoicy   saved
    Reynolds   I nominated DoctorWho/Jude I expected to go up with BBSwag over Jude but splitters gonna split
    I did this as DoctorWho gives me nothing in conversation and it's flat and Jude I've tried several times working with but it always seems to not work out due to one of us lying. 
    Wolfwoodcp82   Saving you.
    Cartur   Who did you nominate this round
    Nitu   Saved❤
    Reynolds   LOL <3 
    Logan_   "ZBB | PLEA FOR 7TH PLACE :("  
  • Jude
    JudeApril 11, 2021 17:00
    ZBB25 ► Plea for 6th ► Obsession is a Disease
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   Ugh king. No one I'd rather have rep ZBB24!
    Voxin   saved king
    evanw919   Rooting for you Mrs. Blaineley
    Green   King
    Peyton   saved
    Logan_   saved
    Jay   Evicted, a sheep must go.
    George   i'm just so obsessed with u jude!!
    Sarah   good luck jude! you're playing a great game! 
    Dswag   Saved. thank you for not lying to me even when the truth was public knowledge.
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherApril 11, 2021 17:00
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   @Jay amazing that George and Ben managed to doge the block this round. Tbh I don't see a path for Vivacious to win this game anymore... 

    Dont know who to save. They're both amazing :(
    TJP1122   @Sarah, he went up for 12th, not the double. He and Reynolds went up and they were both spared because Clayton forgot noms.
    Mikey   Who the fuck is BBswag and why are people going after 2 dudes who havent done anything
    Wadz13   Ben killing it 
    Nieklaus   BBSwag is really out here about to win huh
    Wolfwoodcp82   Good job Ben avoiding the block.
    Cartur   I want to know who didn't nominate BBSwag
    Sarah   yes @sebby113 in the double
    sebby113   has bbswag ever gone up?
    CaseyBea   George and Andrew snapping this round
    Jay   Bbswag is the winner.
    JaMarcus_Russell   Flashback to Jude calling George dumb for not nominating Sean and TJ at F10
    Pans to George going unnominated from F19. King shit
    Nitu   George did that

    George   *stands smiling*
    Jay   Evicting Jude. We need to put a stop to the toxicity of this user.
    Runaways   Very impressed with George making top 5
  • ZBigBrother
    ZBigBrotherApril 11, 2021 16:46
    Spoiler alert!
    Arceus   Awww man what a close one. This really sucks for TJ! But Congrats on Andrew on surviving! 
    Vin014   This is so sad. 
    Patrick71101   robbedddd :c
    Wadz13   No 
    ClamFargo   Tj:(
    evanw919   This is ridiculous 
    Mikey   bc of all this drama yall really robbed him?? like come on  .
    Peyton   noooo
    George   thanks @jbeaudry3
    jbeaudry3   REALLY ?
    george wins this season 
    Nitu   Omg 50.5 this is actually an all-star season ❤
    CaseyBea   50.5 is insane wow, sobs for TJ but CONGRATS ANDREW!
    TJP1122   Thank you for having me back and letting me play this game that I love so much! Yeah, I wanted that win, but getting to where I did unnominated is an acoomplishment on its own. Good luck to everyone who is left!
    Runaways   Aw, even I feel bad about this one...
    JaMarcus_Russell   I +1'd sue me I'm mourning
    Sarah   But also amazing game TJ i love you SO MUCH  and I'm so proud of you it sucks it has to come out this way
    Joseph   sobs but congrats andrew
    Clayton   Bye TJ see you at ponderosa
    Aidan   Sobs because I loved both
    Jude   damn this was close, gg TJ <3 
    Seanoh   Not the 50.5 :o
  • Werk
    WerkApril 11, 2021 16:23
    Also, sorry to double post but RIP Nikki Graham.
    Yesterday was a shock and a hard day for us all and it's so sad that she lost her battle to anorexia. She was a fucking legend and we will NEVER forget ...
  • Werk
    WerkApril 11, 2021 16:20
    Putting my 50p in the ZBB All Stars BBSwag situation.
    I haven't been following all stars because I've been far too busy and thus I didn't apply for this season ...
    George   you should have been in all stars!! 
    Werk   @Aidan thank you so much!! It was the timing that was off for me maybe All Stars 4 if we make it there LMAO. Maybe it's a good thing I wasn't cast with a Trump supporter for a 2nd time I would've lost it ugh
    Aidan   You did your thing that season so I have no doubt you would've turned up
  • Z_Tournaments
    Z_TournamentsApril 11, 2021 16:00
    Fast Long Survival Tournament Finale 2 hours AWAY!!
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Z_Tournaments   For Live updates shortly before and during the game I will be updating this blog as well as Global Chat!   Players who are in the tournament please be online 15minutes before if possible!   Anyone who was not invited and would be interested in the game comment below.  If someone doesn't show up I will be handing out final invites.  
  • Crazyrockina
    CrazyrockinaApril 11, 2021 15:29
    Join the Survivor Universe Server 
    1 comment
    Tarnexter   Not Rockina literally tryna cancel me because I say people have a right to an opinion
  • Dswag
    DswagApril 11, 2021 15:07
    White People
    White people are nothing but dip chewing, truck driving, cousin fucking, slave owning, uneducated, wife beating losers.if ALL white people weren't so racist ...
    Dswag   Did you even read Jacob's comment?
    Tarnexter   That doesnt help the situation @Jacob ... Maybe try... *EDUCATING* people instead of calling them names.

    @sohee thank you for having the right idea. Literal Queen!

    @Trinity200 I think it's finally time that the orderlies cut the internet at the retirement facility. That was possibly the dumbest paragraph I have ever read in my entire life and I am ashamed to be asociated with people like you. I am 93% Irish myself, and no, my ancestors were not treated worse than Slaves. My ancestors were not routinely beaten and forced to work for no pay. My ancestors were not sold or branded like property, they were not ripped apart from their children and loved ones and they were not raped and forced to bear children who would also be treated as property. My ancestors were not ripped from their homeland against their will and transported across an ocean where the death rate was 75%. 

    Irish people faced discrimination in the past but to compare what they went through to what slaves went through is disengeneous and disgusting 

    You are a miserable cunt and you need to log off before you say something that outrageously offensive again.


    xFalsify   it is tru i have done every single one of these things
    sohee   @Trinity2000 idk if ur serious or not ... i sincerely hope u aren't...but in case u are u go bestie
    Trinity2000   FYI, far right radical group the Proud Boys are racists, stop with the fucking left hating propaganda, bitch. I bet if I posted that all blacks are chicken eating, watermelon slurping thugs and all mexicans were gang banging, low rider owning, bean eating turds I would be blasted. Educate yourself, more Irish people were slaves than blacks were. As far as slaves go, Irish people were bottom of the barrel. They were far cheaper to buy than their black counter parts, which made them easily expendable.
    Finesse   I see no lies.
    Green   Preach bestie
    snazzmaster8   this took like 5 ideological turns and im here for it bestie!!!
    Logan_   periodt pooh
  • JaredLannister
    JaredLannisterApril 11, 2021 14:14
    it's days like this on the site
    that i realize there is still an insane amount of ignorant twats who genuinely in their minds believe that ...
    IrishCraic   So you ONLY care about certain bad things......good to know! 

    p.s. your ageism is showing!  
    hoeassgirl   you entering your final years is not my problem nor concern. take that up with AARP 
    IrishCraic   @hoeassgirl  And your post, just shows how intolerant u are and how ignorant  you are you when it doesnt affect you, FOR NOW THOU! as u will get "old"
    IrishCraic   agesim effects every1! 
    hoeassgirl   @IrishCraic ageism is not a goddamn oppression. some of yall wanna be oppressed so badly... just stfu and listen to those that are actually oppressed without trying to drain out voices with your own minor inconveniences. have some human decency. 
    Logan_   @IrishCraic ageism definitely works both ways. 
    We must also remember that car accidents happen which prevent people from getting old
    IrishCraic   Don't forget ageism....the irony of ageism is people will get "old" too someday..... its not like they will be somehow magically be immune from it!
  • Trishy
    TrishyApril 11, 2021 13:32
    2 spaces in Long Survival
    Join for a fast start! Logo

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