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  • Trinity2000
    Trinity2000January 20, 2022 15:46
    Over 2 Weeks Now
    Still waiting for this LS to fill
  • DoctorDeath
    DoctorDeathJanuary 20, 2022 12:55
    we should have one last zwo-oscars
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    overcome    DoctorDeath
    we should have one last zwo-oscar
  • johnnyscott1127
    johnnyscott1127January 20, 2022 08:27
    thinking about applying to ZBB27 with someone ive never spoken to before
    any takers?
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    Logan_   ok
  • Nipple
    NippleJanuary 20, 2022 07:40
    Does anyone
    Need a ZBB pair?
  • WILLZ14
    WILLZ14January 20, 2022 00:47
    Zwooper: Year Wars-End of an Era 16th and 15th Place
    Spoiler alert!
    ABLaksh   Well it was fun till it lasted. Good luck to final 14 :)
    Jace   Respect to the rookies who are still holding on cause the old schoolers are sweeping the competition 
    IrishCraic   the older palyers are playing a blinder........there were times to mix it up, but people choose not too!
    M2thamax   Bad week :( Geri and Ablakah both robbed :(
  • 08SaraR
    08SaraRJanuary 20, 2022 00:09
    ☻ | MUSICALITY 11 | Round 3 | "Every Day I Stray Further from Sanity"
    Spoiler alert!
    08SaraR   Pick-to-Win

    @Clayton & @jb2021 | @PacoP & @Wadz13
    @Rob24 & @Ved | @DemonHunter & @Heather2014
    @Nitu & @TheDemonicM | @Jude & @Voxin
    @CaseyBea & @PurplePony13 | @brandondillon & @miksmith

    9th: @Jace & @Zach
    10th: @Formes4 & @TheBreeze
    140 @ABLaksh - ClayBee/Death Eaters/Eeveelution
    175 @AngelicPrincess - Kangaroo/Orphans/#TickTick
    192 @ChrisDWa - ClayBee/Cullen’s/Kangaroo
    126 @HKT - CrazyTown/Kangaroo/Monsters
    174 @IrishCraic - ClayBee/Cullen’s/Eeveelution
    172 @Jdc16 - ClayBee/Kangaroo/Orphans
    180 @Joseph - CrazyTown/Cullen’s/Orphans
    158 @MaloloLow - Claybee/Eeveelution/Kangaroo
    119 @maman - Death Eaters/Monsters/#TickTick
    188 @Patrick71101 - ClayBee/Cullen’s/Orphans
    186 @Peyton - Cullen’s/Death Eaters/Orphans
    204 @pikasadge - Cullen’s/Kangaroo/Orphans
    184 @ShayNZ - CrazyTown/Cullen’s/Kangaroo
    156 @snowymatic - Death Eaters/Eeveelution/Kangaroo
    164 @Spyder - ClayBee/Cullen’s/Elusive
    180 @Strawberry - CrazyTown/Cullen’s/Orphans
    147 @Tone - Elusive/Orphans/#TickTick
    142 @Wicky - CrazyTown/Cullen’s/Monsters
    08SaraR   Twist Answers

    Kenny Chesney
    Kim Petras
    J. Cole
    Ed Sheeran
    Cyndi Lauper
    George Michael
    Mickey Guyton
  • Karmabare
    KarmabareJanuary 19, 2022 23:24
    Does Anyone still.......................
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Vin014   No but I remember them!
  • overcome
    overcomeJanuary 19, 2022 20:09
    use this  this link  to go ...
  • Karmabare
    KarmabareJanuary 19, 2022 16:26
    Daily NHL Prediction Winners
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Logan_   GrHA2920

    Head Accesories 5
  • Reynolds
    ReynoldsJanuary 19, 2022 14:23
    Who wants to filet the competition with me?
    joeyc   @Seanoh 2 guys, 1 ass. 
    Seanoh   After All-Stars a Reynolds/Seanoh duo would make the public gag LMAO
    xFalsify   mmm filet
  • JediTemple27
    JediTemple27January 19, 2022 12:52
    pls join long survival #176095
    it has been over a week 
    1 comment
    snowymatic   its called the Juzepe effect. This effect causes the neighbouring planet to cause infectious laughter to anyone going there. I'm dead serious. Just came from there.
  • Trinity2000
    Trinity2000January 19, 2022 12:52
    Do not join 2 LS's at the same time, looks @Juzpee. I have been sitting for over a effin week in a game waiting for it to start.
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  • RobbedGoddess
    RobbedGoddessJanuary 19, 2022 04:47
    +5 if you want to save zwooper!
    Maybe if we get enough +5's the site will stay alive! 
    cupcake   Yes, I want to see this site saved.  I still think it has potential.
    Gumball   If I could rate this 5 multiple times I would. #SAVEZWOOPER
    Reynolds   Rt Angelicprincess
    Cartur   +1 
    M2thamax   +5:)
    AngelicPrincess   I want to save Zwooper. They should be able to do something to save it like maybe they can ban the people who are causing problems. If they ip ban their accounts then they can't make a new account. So they should do that. Or maybe they can sell the site to someone else. It will be depressing once Zwooper is gone :( This is my favorite website. 
    Vin014   Girl we need a go fund me
  • Trinity2000
    Trinity2000January 19, 2022 00:20
    DDL F4 PTW
    JediTemple27   @Jdc16 will win. idk if he's taken or not
    snowymatic   well that leaves @BianLouise so choosing him.
    Geri   @pikasadge
    Trinity2000   The PTW winners get 600 in designs each, 2nd place gets 400 in designs each.
  • Jimmy
    JimmyJanuary 18, 2022 10:52
    Who wants to be my zbb duo
    Someone I've played with would be nice. Pm me 
  • LookAtMyPixel
    LookAtMyPixelJanuary 18, 2022 03:12
    Ok, but WHERE is Zwooperman?
    What is his statement? What is his word? I think its well past time for his say in the matter. 
    AngelicPrincess   I would be interested to see what he has to say about the site closing down too.
    snowymatic   1 spot in 247
  • WILLZ14
    WILLZ14January 18, 2022 02:48
    Zwooper: Year Wars-End of an Era 18th and 17th place
    Spoiler alert!
    Stood   <3 max gg king

    Didn't get the chance to say my goodbyes before I left the server, so here it goes 

    Thank you a Willz for the kind words. You were a great host and this game was very fun! I will miss the game and will miss you

    But with the game, I knew I was swap fucked as soon as I landed on the tribe. But I did what I could. Will never know why someone would vote off one of their better comp players when the main goal in the game right now is to win challenges. But the other tribes will smoke them now :) Too late to say I told you so

    McKenna, not bitter toward you. You did what you had to do to be safe. Just like I said to the others, I liked you personally, but you were the weakest in the tribe and we needed strength to win the challenges. I do applaud you for getting your allies to still stick with you and go down on the sinking ship with you. GG. Prove me wrong 

    Ben, I didn't really have much past with you before this game. Aside from the occasional FS where you would vote me before inactives, but aside from that, nothing much. so I knew the trust would never be there. So not surprised at all for your move tbh. 

    TJP, I did have past with you. Most was good, so I am very suprised by your move. We talked quite a bit these last two days, not even game related, so it's very sad to realize it was all fake all along. Oh well. Not everyone can be genuine on this site I guess 

    Spyder, I've already talked to you about my feelings. You were scared to go to rocks and choose to vote with the core three who will vote you out two rounds from now when y'all loose again. 

    RobbedGoddess   Come on swish king <3
    IrishCraic   Too clarify ya cheeky prick hahahaha, 1 got 15th out of 40 people in one game,  bloody Ian screwed over us 6 we were up 6-4 and he flipped more than a frog on heat!  1 game, was my MOST EVER FAVE GAME ON HERE, all porn star 2, where my side lost 10-0 (thou still think it was your fault as u made the tribes by bloody giving out the passwords, 1 person at a time, until they joined). another game took 2 idols and an idol nullifier to get moi out......and this game, an idol took me out by some1 who is obv playing for 3rd at best!   

    ANYWAY, ty mates for the kind words....we had a blast the past year and I wouldnt have it any othe way!a nd ur a great bud of mine! the bloody LS QUEEN! IL MISS YA DUDE.....IDK IF many people know but ur a witty fecker and ur put downs and ASSesments of people in games always made me laugh!

    P.S ffs guys, the 2 older groups are running rings around the other 2 groups, just geri left from my group! shape up ffs, as i tried at least as i usual do. 

    p.s.s. to the person who told the other person, "shane likes to take out the threats/doesnt play well with others"  IK WHO U ARE!  IT IS EASY FOR YOU TO SAY THAT, when u have like 4 diff. f2 deals and in a friends group server chat with least 4 others in this game and when only pm when u need people and drop them asap then... #fakerthanfakepoo

    Ian   Aww good game Max!!
  • Spyder
    SpyderJanuary 18, 2022 02:09
    I'd love to be your ZBB partner, but accept my friend request so I can message you about the applications. 
  • MargeSimpson
    MargeSimpsonJanuary 18, 2022 01:20
    I really want to play a group game
    Which one do I have a good shot at getting cast at if I've never played one before?
    Vin014   Highly suggest finding a duo partner for zbb if you are willing to put a lot of effort into an ORG. 
    dharamd   You could try this one
  • KeshaRose
    KeshaRoseJanuary 17, 2022 21:51
    there has to be a way to save zwooper
    like hello this site means the WORLD to so many people i am devastated by it shutting down
    AngelicPrincess   @TheDemonicM I didnt realize that he didnt want to sell his code. Do you know the reason why he isn't wanting to sell it though?
    AngelicPrincess   @Dean I heard that some people are posting porn and sending threats. I would think those people could get their ip addresses banned so that they won't be able to make a new account. Both of those things sound like a good reason to be permanently. But yes I know that the moderators would still have to investigate all the problems and see if the person would be able to be banned permanently or not. And yes i am sure people would get mad if their friends were banned forever too. But I am sure on other websites people have gotten permanently banned though. So people could get permanently banned on this website as well if they deserve it.
    TheDemonicM   From what I've heard, the issue with selling isn't about money, it's about the coder not wanting to sell his code.
    Karmabare   If it was possible and they would be selling to sell it, @bailey5000 and I would legit consider taking over
    Dean   @AngelicPrincess yes but toxic subjective. Moderators would have to invest time into gathering all the information before banning someone - and for a lot of the time a permanent ban isn't required. That's alot of time and effort on the moderators part, and meanwhile whatever decisions they decide they are met with backlash from the users. It's alot more complex than just "IP Banning toxic people" unfortunately
    AngelicPrincess   @Dean well i would think that Trishy and the moderators could ban the toxic peoples ip addresses. Because then they would not be able eto make a new account at least. And if the toxic people go away then there won't be as many problems anymore. So i wonder why they can't try ip banning those people then? And yes I know there are other websites i could play games on with my friends and i can talk to them on discord. But I really only like playing games on this website because i love the race games and 24 7 and survival and I really love the challenges as well. So there won't be any website ever that is as good as Zwooper. 
    Zach   When there is a hazardous toxic spill, do you just stay in it and let it kill you? No, you get as far away from it as you can. Then the area gets shut down.
    Dean   @AngelicPrincess not that simple, the site needs a significant active user fanbase, then be able to support moderators ... right now the site can barely operate - let alone have other stresses put on the moderators. Trishy is unable to operate the site alone - and she doesn't have the time - the only alterative is someone willing to buy a dying website and then pay someone (or themselves) to be active 247 to respond to complaints and questions, whilst always being bombarded with toxicity. At the moment this is just a wasteland for people to be toxic to eachother and the people who run it. Its for the best that the toxic place is shutdown. Get your friends and socialise in someplace new. Cause afterall, its not the site that is where the good times are. Its your memories, your friends, cherishthem, because they will live on when the site dies.
    AngelicPrincess   how come nobody would buy the site? I am guessing it doesnt make enough money so mosty people wouldn't want to buy it? well why can't they ip ban the people who are causing problems instead of closing the website? because if they ip ban those people then it would be harder for them to make a new account. 
    cupcake   I wish it would be saved.  I don't want to see it go away.  The only thing that needs to go away are the toxic people who are making this site close.

    @Cesco I think you should press that logout button again. I think nothing is impossible.  

    Trinity2000   Buffs nails
    Trinity2000   I got yours and Nifa's convo all nicely ss. You both will be regulated to Tengaged soon enough :)
    davidprincipe29   LOL you guys really gotta learn to accept it. No one's gonna buy the site.
    AngelicPrincess   I agree. I am devastated too. This is my favorite website. And I would think there would be a way to sell the website to someone else. Like maybe Trishy could sell it to someone else who isn't a part of the zwooper team now. I don't understand why it can't be sold to someone.
    Trinity2000   You can blame toxic people Kesha. Logo

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