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  • Aaliyahh
    AaliyahhNovember 20, 2019 01:31
    PYN and 5+ for an Opinion!
    As I have only participated in one group game thus far, I've gotten the chance to meet only a select few of individuals. I have seen several of you around ...
    Guoyoung   sure
    joey2121   Mee
    M2thamax   Meeee
    Brittney__   Sure
    Allen   meeeee
    KidWithADHD   meeeeee
    Clash   Go for it 
  • Z_Events
    Z_EventsNovember 20, 2019 00:33
    Spoiler alert!
    Allen   yes ma'am
    carter3978   I hated the rich man and the lawyer so much from that movie.
    Bombonrayo   obviously i'm the glamour girl
    dylanrush1234   I.CANT.WAIT
  • 08SaraR
    08SaraRNovember 20, 2019 00:08
    PYN and +5 for an Opinion!! :P
    Let's do one of these, I'm bored :D

    @YourBoy - I don't ...

    UltimateDespair   Hi.
    ShayNZ   Okay :)
    Runaways   Oops
    DankDrake   yeye
    KidWithADHD   meeeeeee
    M2thamax   Meee
    carter3978   Me!
    joey2121   HI MOM
    Cartur   meee my fave minnesotan <3
    Bombonrayo   meeee <3
    Allen   teehee do me c:
    Patrick71101   c:  
    AlinaVenus411   okkkk
    evanw919   Me!
    Brittney__   Sure
    CaseyBea411   i'd love one :)
    Guoyoung   sure
    mepole   Sure
    MaloloLow   yep!
    Clash   sure yes
    MOTO   okur
    Doll   moi
    Nickg24689   Ok 
    SunTzu   sure yes
    IrishCraic   Poop
    YourBoy   Yes please :)
  • Green
    GreenNovember 20, 2019 00:04
    I have 666 chips.
    Who wants a gift?
    carter3978   I do
    Bombonrayo   meeeee
    dylanrush1234   me lol
  • cupcake
    cupcakeNovember 19, 2019 23:23
    Spoiler alert!
  • Nickg24689
    Nickg24689November 19, 2019 23:09
    Here’s a quick question
    Should I host my next season of NBB? or should I host something more interesting and less demanding from the players side of things like a whodunnit?
    1 comment
    Allen   I wanna play NBB again
  • Doll
    DollNovember 19, 2019 22:22
    Straight outta Cali via Brooklyn
    @Allen -  @Benley yall can really hear my accent HAHA! 
  • Peyton
    PeytonNovember 19, 2019 22:15
    I’m not usually the one to make these types of posts ...
    But it does get frustrating when you've put so much time, effort and money into a group game only to have someone ...
    Allen   He has cheated before, in one of the games I've played with him in. He even admitted to it. I thought he changed his ways, but clearly not.
    SunTzu   Scumbags will gang on others, abuse them, do what they please until those with a sense of justice and backbone stick their middle finger up and resist the corruption. Do not feel bad for being preyed upon, learn from it and indeed expose them.
    Clash   100+. He has cheated in I love money and disrespected Jake after he was caught. He also cheated in few other group games and doesn't stop with cheating. I think all the hosts should be aware and not cast him in the future as all he does is harass girls and cheats. 
  • Clash
    ClashNovember 19, 2019 21:32
    Appreciation Post - Ireks
    Today our appreciation post is about @Ireks

    Georgeee has been a very ...

    M2thamax   Yesss! @Ireks is awesome 
    Doll   yesssssss he has helped me too! #ICONIC #KING
    Ireks   Thanks @Clash you are a very good friend and i'm glad we got to meet one another :)
  • SuperDoodle
    SuperDoodleNovember 19, 2019 19:05
    Survivor: Hidden Valley | Episode 13: "FINALE" Part 1
    The final 5 becomes the final 3!
    IrishCraic   Ffs Coco, u DUNT bloody comment on blog until people have a bloody chance to watch the episode yet, it's ONLY been a couple hours he put the episode up! TY!
    CocoV   ava or alix should win
  • Benley
    BenleyNovember 19, 2019 16:46
    Appreciation post for Mr. Trouble!
    For being the sweetest, most protective friend ever- and always giving up games for other people! 
    Allen   I love him omg
    Bombonrayo   he's the sweetest after me :P
    MOTO   @Jaws123 is gonna get @Jealous123 
    SunTzu   good guy in a bad crowd.
  • doobee
    doobeeNovember 19, 2019 13:06
    Them: have you considered your green eyes are beautiful on their own
    Me: sits here with over 200 procedures done at 16
  • Benley
    BenleyNovember 19, 2019 04:52
    What color contacts should I get?
    Cant choose between brown or blue (my eyes are green rn!)
    4Real   blue blue blue
    Draco   As a blonde with blue eyes myself, the blonde hair will make the blue eyes pop so much more. Go with blue!
    JonJ   Razzmatazz
    Arigilos   If your hair is blonde then do blue. If your hair is black then do brown
    ArcturusDean   Or I thought you said can't pick brown or blue. Go with blueeee
    ArcturusDean   Purple!
    Benley   @Doll hes an ungrateful ass
    Doll   idk but the dude that i saved over you just called me a conceited ass 
    Benley   @SunTzu they are very beautiful- but i think itd be cool to have different eye colors whenever i want :^) 
    SunTzu   No need to hate what you are.
    SunTzu   Did you ever consider that your green eyes are beautiful?
    M2thamax   Blueeeeee! My favorite color by far! Plus, blue will go well with the blonde hair too :P
  • MOTO
    MOTONovember 19, 2019 04:26
    Ahora soy una chica mala
    Spoiler alert!
    Allen   we love a good bilinguial moment
    Bombonrayo   chica malaaaaa
    SunTzu   For me this was not a good song. Nicki's flow was simply terrible compared to what she's capable of.
    Peridot   it's peridot lol! But I see you ;)
    Peridot   It's such a good song!!
  • Allen
    AllenNovember 19, 2019 02:33
    awe shit I need advice
    I done fucked it up now luvs
    Arigilos   How did you done fuck up? I'm here to help
    Draco   Message me on discord*

    didn't mean to put a question mark there
    Draco   Message me on discord?
  • Doll
    DollNovember 19, 2019 02:24
    um huh?
    my FS game rn:

    Connected to feed Survival Waiting Room.
    niwanz: I don't really mind ...
    Doll   @SunTzu its a game. I dont have to like every flavor of ice cream here LOL

    There is clearly beef, that is something that happens. As long as no death threats or psychotic shit, that is just a part of the game. Sometimes grudges form, you have to stick up for yourself can't be everyone's friend or everyone's enemy. Do your own thing, vote the enemy out if need be or ally them at times if need be, stop worrying what others on the site think of your rivalry unless things are going too far.

    You both use idols to try to get the other out, it's a thing that you both do and there is no use saying 'you started it' at this point because you both have done it more than enough times for the other to feel the need for revenge. I don't know what to say here other than you're both trying to make the other angry constantly.

    Doll   Nov 07, 05:45:34 AlinaVenus411   oh no guilty by associated just changed one of my noms
    Nov 07, 05:39:35 lucasmaximo11   Nice to see you again green, im Back after a long hiatus

    Doll   Nov 08, 05:15:05 Doll   Now its MY HOH though
    Nov 08, 05:15:00 Doll   i respect it.
    Nov 08, 05:14:56 Doll   it was ur HOH so it was ur choice to do that
    Nov 08, 05:14:31 AlinaVenus411   well i actually tried to talk it over with him but he chose not to add me on discord and removed me as a zwooper friend
    Nov 08, 05:12:37 Doll   green went home cause of a beef you had with him in an FS game-
    Nov 08, 05:12:15 Doll   green, brayden, lucas, sweet have all participated here
    Nov 08, 05:11:25 Doll   people who are ACTUALLY playing and competing instead of FLOATING or being INACTIVE nommed or evicted
    Nov 08, 05:11:16 AlinaVenus411   who is inactive
    Nov 08, 05:10:50 Doll   the FACT that people who were actually ACTIVE and NOMMED here disappoints me tbh
    Doll   Lol ur obsessed to came back to check my blog
    AlinaVenus411   yup. i said what i said
    Doll   AlinaVenus411 what a fun game Nov 19, 08:21:19 AlinaVenus411 that vote was really emotional for me Nov 19, 08:21:12 M2thamax Tracey :( Nov 19, 08:18:02 AlinaVenus411 voted someone on the left
    Doll on November 19, 2019 03:31
    i dont wear glasses LMFAO

    AlinaVenus411 on November 19, 2019 03:31
    I don't see any threats, maybe you need to put your glasses on

    Doll on November 19, 2019 03:28
    keep threatening me

    AlinaVenus411 on November 19, 2019 03:20
    You've definitely idol'd me out way more times than I've gotten you out. We were beyond even, you've gotten payback a whole ton of times in both FS and 24/7, funny how you tried to justify it to the other players like you've never gotten revenge. I thought I would not target you anymore and try to let it go/move on but you just re-ignited my fire
    Doll   But he told u to go suck ur balls like that's a bad thing? Cause most would be happy if they could do that to themselves DEAD
    niwanz   I would have gone to the end with you if Mikey didn't show up, But I had no clue whether you guys were talking about voting me or what not. So was just playing the game, you can't really blame me. Only reason this is a thing is because Mikey was offended I didn't vote him to win.
    Doll   well this is the quote of the week::::

    MikeyWest90: mate stop talkin and go suck ya balls
    CaseyBea411   Lol basically they both voted me out before an inactive and then mikey voted out niwanz which lead to a finale with an active and an inactive

    I honestly don't mind, but like what's the point if there's only three of us and I wasn't even doing the immunity challenges? Sorry just felt like ranting lol.
  • Peyton
    PeytonNovember 19, 2019 01:40
    ⚓ | Pirates | Episode 7 | That Nine Is Faker Than All My Exes' Love for Me
    Spoiler alert!
    Tarnexter   AND I OOP
    SteliosDeGriek   Got caught what an amateur
    SidhantTiwari   *not shocked*
    CocoV   Mystery Why Sis, Why? 
    Footystar21   What a grub
    dantee   shook
    IrishCraic   Tut tut misty
  • 08SaraR
    08SaraRNovember 19, 2019 01:03
    ❃ | COMING SOON! | "Baby, You Should Come With Me..."
    Spoiler alert!
    Bombonrayo   why am i not a judge? :P
    Joseph   omggg
    ExoticSimmer   can i play again
    KiwiConnor   :DD
    CaseyBea411   YESSSSSS SARAAAA!!!!!!!
    Eduardo   Definitely going to need to keep an eye open for applications this time lmao
    Sassy   Shoutout to the Season 1 OG NestorR.


    Dan and Shay? Beyonce and Jay-Z? Everyone move over for Sara and Chris! 
    #Musicality4 #ComingSoon

  • Z_Moderation
    Z_ModerationNovember 19, 2019 00:56
    5 spaces in Long Survival
    Join and let's get this game started:
    Doll   that Malosi tribe lookin scary LMFAO
    Doll   i would but they look like multis to me?
  • dylanrush1234
    dylanrush1234November 19, 2019 00:40
    Make sure to sign up 500 chip prize!!! Logo

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