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  • Riot
    RiotMay 12, 2021 10:53
    Confession, I’m not the real Riot Account.
    1 comment
    Nitu   congratulations, you have earned a ticket to Mars wanna go? ❣
  • NFReal45
    NFReal45May 12, 2021 07:57
    Congrats to Trinity!
    Spoiler alert!
    Zoicy   Congrats @Trinity2000!!
    a07strand   She is a old bat
    CarleyFx   Trinity Legend 
    Annie101   Watch out @joeyc, she's coming for your spot! 
    Trinity2000   Ty NFR, I am 4th highest rank.
    Summerstorm   4th.....but still a huge accomplishment regardless
  • Clash
    ClashMay 12, 2021 06:30
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    Puffs   I hope the girls and gays are ready
  • _Rob_
    _Rob_May 12, 2021 03:39
    _Rob_ has died of dysentery
    Spoiler alert!
    _Rob_   @MaloloLow that's because you're Mal.
    MaloloLow   oh but when you're posting DISTURBING discord screenshots of me, no one says a word...
    _Rob_   @Strawberry It's against zwooper guidelines and she asked me to remove it.
    Strawberry   Oh so now you're as dead as Sophle?? the way this blog originally was about Gabbi annoying and you edited it </3
    MaloloLow   so proud
    Joshh   I think this is against zwooper guidelines unless they've been changed but get her Jade 
    Seanoh   YOU did that <3
  • Trinity2000
    Trinity2000May 12, 2021 03:24
    Post The Link Joshh
    You keep crying about some game, I want you to post the link where I ruined your run for gold star
    sebby113    Joshh 

    no ones crying mama! I just said don't vote me before inactives when you legit have 6 heart attacks if someone does it to you.

    EXACTLY, she literally cant take anything she does herself.
    Summerstorm   FACTS
    no ones crying mama! I just said don't vote me before inactives when you legit have 6 heart attacks if someone does it to you.
    Logan_   you get 10 points for being 4th boot
    Trinity2000   May 12, 03:22:56 Joshh   Yes
    May 12, 03:22:54 Joshh   And took me longer
    May 12, 03:22:53 Trinity2000   did ypu lose points?
    May 12, 03:22:51 Joshh   And you ruined it
    May 12, 03:22:49 Joshh   And I was almost gold star
    May 12, 03:22:43 Joshh   Yes
    May 12, 03:22:41 Joshh   It’s legit the game before the one you got out in
    May 12, 03:22:40 Trinity2000   did you lose chips?
    May 12, 03:22:34 Trinity2000   post the link
    Trinity2000   Josh I asked you if you lost chips you said you did.....that is a lie, you also claimed you did not get points....that is also a lie. You were 7th boot as opposed to you nominating me for 4th boot where I do not get chips or points. 

    no ones crying mama! I just said don't vote me before inactives when you legit have 6 heart attacks if someone does it to you.
  • Allen
    AllenMay 12, 2021 01:32
    ⌛ | Reality Mxr 4: Back in Time! | Episode 2 | "Playing them all like a fiddle."
    snazzmaster8   wow, no congrats for staying? okayyyyy purrrr allen 
    xFalsify   this is gross
    Trinity2000   A bunch of dumb asses in this cast, placing me last one on effing trust list when there are 10 cast members that should have been ranlked below me
    Logan_   \/ 
    Voxin   tone bad
  • Gumball
    GumballMay 12, 2021 00:18
    2 Days Left to Apply to Gum's Survivor Wonderland!
    It's just a dream. ALICE WAKE UP! Do you think you will wake up?

    Click the link below, make an ...
  • MTVMechie
    MTVMechieMay 11, 2021 23:18
    +5 and pyn
    Spoiler alert!
    Zoicy   mee
    Spyder   Me!
    Hollywoodhogan   Sure
    Crazyrockina   okay 
    Rob24   Meee
    Green   Daniel
  • 08SaraR
    08SaraRMay 11, 2021 23:06
    ♫ | MUSICALITY 9 | Round 7 | "Melting Pot Of Emotions"
    Spoiler alert!
    Jude   Whoops +4 by accident I just woke up
    Joshh   Not me being in the lead 
    08SaraR   Pick-to-Win
    Fans: @Icelina | @Strawberry
    Flops: @ClamFargo | @Rumen_V

    5th: @dreww3232 (Fan)
    6th: @Madskie (Flop)
    7th: @Bombonrayo (Fan)
    8th: @TheBreeze (Flop)
    9th: @Cartur (Flop)
    10th: @TJDawgiestyle (Fan)

    215 @ABLaksh - Bombonrayo/ClamFargo/TJDawgiestyle
    312 @Allen - Bombonrayo/Rumen_V/Runaways
    235 @Brittney - Cartur/ClamFargo/TheBreeze
    242 @Brxan - Bombonrayo/Carter/Runaways
    309 @CaseyBea - ClamFargo/Runaways/TheBreeze
    279 @Clash - Cartur/Rumen_V/Runaways
    295 @Dylan - Bombonrayo/dreww3232/Rumen_V
    230 @Gabe - dreww3232/Runaways/TJDawgiestyle
    302 @HKT - Bombonrayo/ClamFargo/Madskie
    293 @IrishCraic - Bombonrayo/Madskie/Runaways
    238 @joeyc - Bombonrayo/Cartur/Rumen_V
    292 @Joseph - Cartur/ClamFargo/Runaways
    345 @Joshh - ClamFargo/dreww3232/Rumen_V
    321 @Jude - Bombonrayo/ClamFargo/Rumen_V
    305 @King_Canine - ClamFargo/Rumen_V/TheBreeze
    268 @Logan_ - Bombonrayo/ClamFargo/TheBreeze
    199 @MaloloLow - ClamFargo/TheBreeze/TJDawgiestyle
    255 @Matthew1125 - Bombonrayo/Rumen_V/TheBreeze
    238 @Micks - Bombonrayo/Cartur/Rumen_V
    268 @NFReal45 - Bombonrayo/Icelina/TheBreeze
    325 @PacoP - Bombonrayo/ClamFargo/Runaways
    266 @Parrish101 - Cartur/dreww3232/Runaways
    268 @Patrick71101 - Bombonrayo/ClamFargo/TheBreeze
    238 @Peyton - Bombonrayo/Cartur/Rumen_V
    288 @RobbedGoddess - Cartur/Icelina/Rumen_V
    238 @Sarah - Bombonrayo/Cartur/Rumen_V
    305 @Seanoh - ClamFargo/Rumen_V/TheBreeze
    288 @sebby113 - Cartur/ClamFargo/Rumen_V
    222 @TJP1122 - Cartur/Rumen_V/TheBreeze
    336 @Tone - dreww3232/Rumen_V/Runaways
    259 @vishno - Bombonrayo/Runaways/TheBreeze
    239 @Voxin - ClamFargo/dreww3232/TJDawgiestyle
    343 @Wadz13 - ClamFargo/Madskie/Runaways
    242 @xFalsify - Bombonrayo/Cartur/Runaways
    308 @Zoicy - Bombonrayo/dreww3232/Icelina
    242 @Nitu - Bombonrayo/dreww3232/TheBreeze
    242 @Rob24 - Bombonrayo/dreww3232/TheBreeze
    236 @Mystery - Bombonrayo/Madskie/TheBreeze
    225 @Vlatemier - Bombonrayo/Cartur/dreww3232
    219 @_Rob_ - Bombonrayo/Cartur/Madskie
    219 @ExoticSimmer - Bombonrayo/Cartur/Madskie
    185 @NestorR - Bombonrayo/Cartur/TheBreeze
  • Green
    GreenMay 11, 2021 22:33
    GBB2 Announcements
    Spoiler alert!
    Clash   Apply! 
    GBBUK   The house awaits you...
  • Joshh
    JoshhMay 11, 2021 21:21
    Fast Big Brother (500 chip prize) Link

    let me know if you wanna play! Starting as soon as we have enough 
    1 comment
    NFReal45   great game and congrats icelina!
  • Vin014
    Vin014May 11, 2021 21:05
    Where can I watch BBCAN 6 & 7???
    Spoiler alert!
    Vin014   @Peyton I tried!! But it redirects me to the global tv app 
    Peyton try your vpn!
  • Cartur
    CarturMay 11, 2021 20:16
    +5 & PYN
    and I'll give you a Doll multi that reminds me of you
    Spyder   LMAO me!
    xFalsify   omg me
    NFReal45   okay :D
    kongowongo   sure why not lol
    Dylan   Yes
    sebby113   ahah sure
    Crazyrockina   okay 
    Mystery   Sure
    Logan_   yes please
    overcome   yesss
    Peyton   oop
  • Trishy
    TrishyMay 11, 2021 19:09
    Just banned yet another Doll account..
    Clash   #FindSomethingElseToDo #GetALife
    DoctorWho   Dead. LMAO
    Finesse   Meth is a hell of a drug. 
    joeyc   Embarassing for her. 
    grl114   im not surprised she was banned, but what did she do?
    cupcake   WOW!  She needs to try getting a job and move on, I mean so many places are hiring right now.  
    ShayNZ   LOL I am cackling. How sad is her life to be this obsessed like move tf on
    Riot   She would fit perfectly on TG
    Tone   omfg she rlly needs help
    Sammy   I love all these new username ideas... at least she's good for something.
    Wolfwoodcp82   I actually feel like she's a good person though. It's funny, but at the same time it's not. I hope she's doing OK.
    Wolfwoodcp82   LMFAO
    Bombonrayo   HAHAHA IM DEAD AT THIS: "It then takes me less than 2 seconds to click a button to ban the accounts!" QUEEN 
    Bombonrayo   what the heck...
    Vin014   IM DYING LMFAO
    kongowongo   Sarah
    Sarah   screaming
    sebby113   Sounds good @Logan_ :)
    AngelOfWater   This is insane 
    CaseyBea   I cannot mentally handle this post
    Logan_   @sebby113, i can still see their avis by going on their page, u just cant go on about 
    Thanks for making another false assumption tho bestie
    Rob24   Oh my lmao. Doll can still be among us.
    Cartur   @Vin014 #FindSomethingElseToDo #GetALife
    George   doll, i know you're reading this. i love u 
    Peyton   How do you figure out it's her if she is using different IPs that don't belong to her? I haven't seen any of these users blogging on the Talks Page. Is she active in FS or?
    JakeP   This is so iconic LMAO
    NFReal45   Thank you Trishy for all that you do for Zwooper and its users!!
    NoahSalvatore   So I've been in hiding (Hey @Trishy, wine date soon), what did BatshitTracey do now?
    Mikey   I agree with you on the part of feeling sorry for her, I hope she gets the help she needs. 
    sebby113     Logan_ 
    the avis she made were nice tho xD

    @Logan_ So you knew about them?
    Strawberry   Maybe in 2029 (if Zwooper is still around), someone even crazier will come along and we'll look back at this and laugh
    Annie101   Wow the obsession is real, that's actually crazy
    Mystery   @SteliosDeGriek She's closer to the title of senior citizen
    SteliosDeGriek   to think that she is a middle aged woman doing that kind of stuff can blow your mind....
    Logan_   the avis she made were nice tho xD
    Logan_   that's genuinely hilarious
    Mystery   I'm glad you let me come back and if you hadn't, I wouldn't have created a single multi
    Jude   Can't wait for JudeT to make an appearance 
    Trishy   I guess it is hard to think of new usernames when you make so many, so she copied from reading the Talks page lol
    Jude   @Trishy gotcha! Wasn't sure if that was the case of if it was a typo in the list, makes more sense. Ty for the clarification 
    Voxin   LMFAOO
    Trishy   @Jude.... no, if you read the name she copied it but called it AnnaOui  the extra i on the end.
    Jude   wait so was AnnaOu actually Doll LMAO 
    overcome   thank you so much for keeping her toxic self off of here
    overcome   dang almost as many alts as how old her sad self is 
    sebby113   Thank you for all the work you do to keep this site great Trishy 
  • overcome
    overcomeMay 11, 2021 18:47
    little quiz thing
    anyone one can ansewer. you can choose to be anon or not please ansewer honestly cloeses friday
  • overcome
    overcomeMay 11, 2021 14:02
    OBBUS Season 2 Episode 19
    Spoiler alert!
    overcome    Logan_ 
    LMAO king.
    Logan_      Spyder   LMAO king.
    Spyder   LMAO king. 
  • Patrick71101
    Patrick71101May 11, 2021 11:47
    ♚ Catch Me If You Can 10 | Chapter Ten: Soon May The Wellerman Come
    Spoiler alert!
    Tone   i like this because sea shanty
    Voxin   @Trinity2000 THERE ONCE WAS A SHIP THAT PUT TO SEA
    Trinity2000   Why is Blake the Fake still in this game?
  • Joshh
    JoshhMay 11, 2021 07:49
    Fast Big Brother Game - Hosted @ 22ZT!!!
    Spoiler alert!
  • Crazyrockina
    CrazyrockinaMay 11, 2021 03:57
    everyone Crazyrockina has beefed with
    Spoiler alert!
    George   ooh i made it !!
    ClamFargo   Is this in any specific order?
    Voxin   IM FAMOUS
    Jude   Peyton
    I have a feeling 70% of these are one sided LMFAO
    Spyder   You forgot me......... but that's okay! 
    Peyton   I have a feeling 70% of these are one sided LMFAO 
    overcome     Tone 
    i need the cheesecake factory story asap, dm me
    Cartur   rockina and i never beef❤️❤️
    dcg786   confused as to why im not on here... i literally hate you
    Nitu   Yes I got the footage I needed!!!!!
    Tone   i need the cheesecake factory story asap, dm me
    Tone   my biggest accomplishment is not being on this list
    Rob24   Surprise I'm not there cough the cube 18
    Logan_   haha! I get my shoutout
    IrishCraic   My fave is the cheese factory
  • Riot
    RiotMay 11, 2021 03:42
    I just wanna play ZBB
    I've only played in 2 seasons. (That I count)
    ZBB21 and ZBBUS2
    Vin014   Didn't you do really well in ZBB4? 
    overcome   i wanna play i haven't p;ayed at all
    George   you deserve to be brought back, you have the endorsement of the best player to never win 
    Riot   @Sassy I'll never send a selfie again 
    Sassy   If you ever get cast again, I'm instilling a rule that for every selfie you spam, you get a penalty nomination. 
    NoahSalvatore   lol ok Logo

Spoiler alert!

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