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  • Z_Tournaments
    Z_TournamentsOctober 17, 2021 06:27
    Fast Survival Tournament Season Record Holders and Awards
    Spoiler alert!
  • Jacob071
    Jacob071October 17, 2021 03:25
    somebody gift me a female avi
    Jacob071   THANK YOU @SWISH
    Swish   <3
  • Z_Icons
    Z_IconsOctober 17, 2021 02:12
    Spoiler alert!
    Jacob071   yesss grats tone
    Tone   I didn't even know this was a thing what tf I'm sorry to everyone I made deals with LMAO
  • Ian
    IanOctober 17, 2021 02:04
    Can you guess this sport?!
    Tone it ultimate frisbee?
    Ian   @Rob24
    IrishCraic   rob ur a bigger troll than the trolls in trolls the movie

    IAN doesnt fancy u btw!
    Rob24   @Ian I second all of what you said! 
    Spyder   As someone who is supposedly older than me, you really need to grow up @Ian.
    Ian   @Spyder, wow congrats! you want some lollies for that little boy?
    Ian   Does that mean I won the argument you asked for because you said you wont ban me but you did? Yesss
    Spyder   @Ian, at least I'm still in the game.
    IrishCraic   ty, ur still banned thou
    Ian   Anyway, Shane I dont like your tone right now. I forgive you and I am moving on. ITS OK.
    IrishCraic   u made this post

    NOT MY FAULT, u did it, then I then can call out ur BS!

    TY THOU, for making this thou!
    Ian   @IrishCraic, I know hosting your first game is stressful but attacking and insulting all your players isnt a good look..
    IrishCraic   As well u bloody know u gasligher U!

    Mods have no control/ban stuff on discord games

    Over reaching again I see!
    Ian   A mod is playing in your game yet he did not find anything offensive? You are over reacting! Relax
    IrishCraic   yes we had a NSFW for people as 2/3 people kept coming  too ur defence and others said give u "1 last chance"

    I gave that and then u kept on "pushing the envelope" 

    So piss off 
    Ian   Shane, you are being unstable right now. Mods pls delete this!!
    Ian   @IrishCraic, i dont know why you kept coming back to that r rated stuff didnt we all move past that and we made a chat that are for older people? And daddy chill!

    U GET A BLOODY WARNING, u say "sorry bla bla" then do it again and again......u DONT BLOODY LEARN, others tell u stfu and u still BLOODY PISS OFF AND EDUCATE YOURSELF!
    Ian   @IrishCraic shane, you banned me because you couldnt win in an argument that you asked for. I told you to stop and you said you wanted to keep going. Everyone in the game except your pet was complaining. Get tf outta here
    IrishCraic   *own
    IrishCraic   Ian you got in trouble for talking NON STOP ABOUT R RATED STUFF......least your own shit dude! 

    Or is it too much of a stretch for YOU! to actually won your own shit!
    Ian   @Spyder, child, put your energy on making your avatar because youre really shit at it
    Ian   @IrishCraic I never blamed anybody. LOL i wasnt harrassing anybody nor talking to minors and honestly id prefer your mum
    Spyder   Are you seriously doing this on Zwooper because you got banned from the server? 
    IrishCraic   Ian why do u make OTT R RATED JOKES infront of minors, then told too stop, then contuine and then blame them?
    Ian   @IrishCraic why do you always insult people? 
    IrishCraic   and ur half and half look, looked like a Gremlin
    Rob24   Thats not even a sport is a board game
  • Z_Icons
    Z_IconsOctober 17, 2021 01:55
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
  • Spyder
    SpyderOctober 17, 2021 01:04
    Delete please
    Delete please
    1 comment
    Jacob071   tried to but somebody must have gifted you already!
  • Z_Tournaments
    Z_TournamentsOctober 17, 2021 00:09
    Day 3 RESULTS of the Fast Survival Tournament Season 3!
    Spoiler alert!
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 22:23
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 19:18
    Can someone conclude the fast survivor game? It has no result. 
    I want my points. I didnt play two double fast survivor games and get to the finals in ...
    Sake   I had to find some old link to join
    Sake   what? I was blocked out of joining any fast game?
    Royalty   yess mr complainer   it had a lot of activity over the past few days, maybe people are out having a life today.. stop complaining
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 17:06
    People have dilemma
    Spoiler alert!
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 16:58
    Sakomania is real and it is coming for you
    Spoiler alert!
    1 comment
    CoolDude12   king shit lol
  • Trishy
    TrishyOctober 16, 2021 16:30
    3 spaces in Long Survival
    Join... Let's get this game started today!
    1 comment
    Sake   what about spaces in F247 :)
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 14:43
    jude is bullying me
    please ban him he said no to f247 what a rude person he is 
    TJP1122   In the future, a better strategy would be to bring this to someone on the moderation team rather than posting on the Talks Page about it; it is only so effective on the Talks Page. Jude apologizes for calling you a troll. Sake, you have to be more understanding that we cannot always hold F247s as mod is busy but also because we don't always have the resources to hold it / there's not always enough people to play in them. 
    This conversation is now done on the Talks Page. You can follow up with mod indivudally if you'd like, but we are finished bringing this to the Talks Page.
    Sake   because you dont want to give a F247 password today
    Jude   Yes I'm just so terrible, how did you know 
    Sake   you are one of the reasons that people leave the website and that there arent many new users
    Jude   Did I lie? 
    Sake   @Trishy @Z_Moderation
    Jude is attacking me personally in the private messages, that he doesn't care what I would like to see on the website and that it is the VIP privilege to even dare ask for F247. He also said that I am a troll who makes games not fun. 
    Sake   chat ban yourself 
    Jude   cry me a river
  • Matthew1125
    Matthew1125October 16, 2021 12:44
    Icons: Save Me
    I am one of the most active players in this game and this is my first Even Having one person nominate me. Save me for a more interesting game!
    Jude   saved
    Nitu   LMAO SAVED 
    Matthew1125   I put as much effort into this plea as the hosting team does for this game. 
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 12:04
    fast 247 today?
    im waiting
    Sake   I dont recon such instances 
    Jude   I literally spent the entire time messaging in the main chat, you said "why is a mod playing" then I replied multiple times and you voted me out still LMAO. 
    Sake   I thought you were inactive
    Jude   they'll never happen again if you keep voting me out for no reason queen. Inacts first is common courtesy. 
    Zoicy   hell yeah pls
  • Carson16
    Carson16October 16, 2021 11:47
    Krain   Legend.
    Swish   King shit <3 best of luck
  • Arikoman
    ArikomanOctober 16, 2021 11:39
    My journey here, the summary, and taking a long break
    Hello fellows, I came here more than a year ago, to play the awesome game of survivor, and it was the hell of a fun! I met a tons of persons here, some in a ...
    grl114   shalom my friend, will catch you soon
    Wolfwoodcp82   You will be missed!
    IrishCraic   good bye your great man
    Arikoman   Thank you all! Lol why posting by phone made it unreadable lol
    Malamente   You are an amazing person, I loved playing with you!! I will miss you :(
    AngelicPrincess   It was great to meet you this year when I came back to the website. I always enjoy playing survival games with you. You are very loyal and it's hard to find loyal people on this website. You are really nice too. I hope you come back to zwooper eventually. I would love to play another survival game with you some day.
    sebby113   Your one hell of a comeptitor, Im so glad to have met you 
    TheDemonicM   Good luck I wish you well, we didn't really know eachother but I'm glad I got to talk to you in the last fast survival game at least once 
    Swish   Was really nice to meet you man! all the best will definitely reach out and chat to ya <3
    Zoicy   it was a pleasure to play with you!!! all the best in your real life
    Sake   You are a cool mate, it was nice meeting you in the last fast survivor game.
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 11:33
    Sake's Secret Society Team - Sakomania
    Spoiler alert!
  • shalwin
    shalwinOctober 16, 2021 11:02
    Well Hello Hello!!!
    1 comment
    Swish   Best of luck man <3
  • Sake
    SakeOctober 16, 2021 10:35
    NOW. 1 spot left Logo

Spoiler alert!

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