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WILLZ14January 13, 2022 05:02

Zwooper: Year Wars-End of an Era 22nd-24th

Immunity Challenge
The 3 players from each tribe that were swapped were then tasked with taking part in the immunity challenge with one tribe being safe and the other 3 heading to tribal council.
The challenge was Box Tower
M2thamax 28
AngelOfWater 29
ABLaksh 28
TJP1122 25
Carson16 27
Tone 27
mepole 27
johnnyscott1127 29
Spyder 28
Wild 27
IrishCraic 27
wwxcrunner1 27
The Ulong Tribe are all safe and head into the final 21 players

Ulong Tribe (Orange)
BBswag 2015 (Vet)
Chriss 2014 (Founder)
CoolDude12 2021 (Rookie)
M2thamax 2013 (Founder) Swapped from Balboa
AngelOfWater 2013 (Founder) Swapped from Balboa
ABLaksh 2020 (Rookie) Swapped from Balboa
First Tribal Council
Mogo Mogo
Mogo Mogo Tribe (Green)
Jdc16 2021 (Rookie)
Swish 2014 (Founder)
Ian 2015 (Vet)
TJP1122 2016 (Vet) Swapped from Pagong
Carson16 2021 (Rookie) Swapped from Pagong
Tone 2017 (Guard) Swapped from Pagong

The tribe were united and in a 5-1 vote Tone was voted out of the game in 24th place

You didnt really care about the game so im very happy to see you go, we have had some fun wars over fs games and thanks for a entertaining time, all the best.

Tribal Council 2
The Pagong Tribe
McKenna 2016 (Vet)
jb2021 2021 (Rookie)
mepole 2016 (Vet) Swapped from Ulong
johnnyscott1127 2014 (Founder) Swapped from Ulong
Spyder 2020 (Rookie) Swapped from Ulong

No advantages were played and Tribal lines stayed strong
In a 3-2 vote
and in 23rd place

Mate it was a pleasure getting to meet you over the last few months, we played alot of great games together and wont forget the 6-4 merge when me you island and carson picked the other 6 off.
All the best to you sir it was a pleasure.

Tribal Council 3
Bianlouise 2021 (Rookie)
Hkt 2015 (Vet)
TJDawgiestyle 2015 (Vet)
Geri 2017 (Guard)
Wild 2017 (Guard) Swapped from Mogo Mogo
IrishCraic 2017 (Guard) Swapped from Mogo Mogo
wwxcrunner1 2013 (Founder) Swapped from Mogo Mogo

Before the Tribal started Crunner used the Leave Tribal advantage and was safe.
Before the votes Geri stood up and played the idol on TJD which voided 3 votes
In a 2-1 vote
And eliminated in 22nd place with an idol in his pocket


Sorry to see you go mate but you seem like a busy guy so this might be for the best.
I played gumballs group game with you and had some good chats along the way, you are a good guy and wish you the best.


We are nearly down to the Final 20 and next stage of the game.

40th @Wadz 2017
39th @RobbedGoddess 2015
38th @Malamente 2020
37th @DoctorDeath 2014
36th @PacoP 2018
35th @Jacksonpcash1 2021
34th @Jason1runs 2016
33rd @Reynolds 2013
32nd @Nates_great 2017
31st @TwoOfHearts 2019
30th @Conor 2013
29th @SteliosDeGriek 2017
28th @JediTemple27 2021
27th @Benley 2019
26th @Armani 2016
25th @Trinity2000 2013
24th @Tone 2017
23rd @Bianlouise 2021
22nd @jb2021 2021

on January 14, 2022 21:55
what you said to me was by far worse lol
on January 14, 2022 21:55
gurl not u hiding the shit u said to me
on January 13, 2022 15:32Trinity2000Content removed by blog moderator.
on January 13, 2022 13:43
Riggggggeddddd idk why people playing still lmfaoooo
on January 13, 2022 09:29
TJ on cloud 9
Geri on cloud 10 cool

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