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jbeaudry3February 12, 2019 02:47

Zwooper Drag Race - S1 - EP 6 ~ "Anitta Who??"

Hello Zwooper ! <3
Welcome back to another episode of Zwooper Drag Race!
Last week we saw Gothina Zebraina snatch her first win
of the season, after consistantly being in the top
& unfortunately Anitta Life & Geri
saw the bottom.

With an extremely shocking battle. We saw Anitta Shantay
& saw front runner Geri, Sashay Away.
Whos going to shine as our new top runner?


This weeks the queens were tasked making a commercial advratising zwooper!
Make us want to buy this product! Whoever has the most successful & funny
commercial will be the winner of this challenge where the two worst will see our
bottom 2!

On the stage the ladies were tasked with "Sporty Girl Realness"

After your commercials & runway presentations I have made some
decisions... If I call your name please step forward!

Deanie Beanie
Joseph The Drag Queen

You ladies.........

Are safe! Please head to the back of the stage!!

The rest of you ladies represent our best & worst of the week ....

Gothina Zebraina

Girl! Your commercial was funny as hell!!!!!!!!!! You once again served it this week
however I feel like you could of even went bigger and better with expressing what your
product is but overall great job this week!!

You my dear ....
Are safe! Please join the other ladies at the back of the stage!

Anitta Life

EXCELLENT JOB THIS WEEK MY DEAR! This is what we have needed to see
from you in this whole competition! You really showed that you deserve to be here
this week & am very proud of you! Please keep the good work up moving forward!

You my dear ...
Are safe! Please join the other ladies at the back of the stage!!


Ugh work bitch!!! You slayed this competition and knocked it right out of park
you gave us every element we needed in this challenge & your runway had us gagging
& wanting more, you have been laying low these last few weeks & was a great time to shine !!

Condragulations my dear!! You are the winner of this weeks challenge!
You have won a pack of reserve cigerettes ! please join the other ladies
at the back of the stage !

Which leaves us with our bottom 3!
NONE of you did bad this week, we just needed
to make some decisions cause you all did so damn well
this week! I have granted 1 of the 3 of you safety & hope this
will make you step your pussy up more then you have been!

With that being said...


You have been consistent in this competition riding the middle.
You NEED to get out of that comfort zone & show us who you really
are because we arent getting it love. We need more, a lot more & I hope
you can give that to us next week...

You my dear...
are safe!
Please join the other laides at the back of the stage!!

Which leaves us with our bottom 2!!

CrazyBitch & Gurgles Cock

I'm sorry my dears but you are up for elimination!

You were asked to perform a lip sync to the song
"Rumour Has It" By Adele ..

Good Luck & DON'T fuck it up!

*Grinding the floor with cooch"
*Death Drop*


I have made my decision ....

CrazyBitch ......

Shantay You Stay ...

Gurgles Cock

You have been consistant in this competition, safe week
after week & unfortunatly it wont advance you to the final 8
You are a wondeful & well put together queen & I am more then
confident Ill see your name in lights!

Now ...
Sashay Away ...

8 are left?
Whos got what it takes to be Zwoopers
first drag superstar??? Find out next time

Chart Stats

Point System
Winner = 2 points
Top = 1 point
Safe = 0 points
Low = -1 point
LSFYL = -2 points

1st. Gothina Zebraina (6 points)
2nd. Joseph The Drag Queen (3 points)
3rd. Spartini (1 point)
4th. SpookySnakyWhoreGanache (0 points)
5th/6th. CrazyBitch (-1 point)
5th/6th. Deanie Beanie (-1 point)
7th. Anitta Life (-2 points)
8th. MKTYWhore (-5 points)

Eliminated Queens
9th - Gurgles Cock (-1 point)
10th - Gerii (3 points)
11th - Richie Galore(-3 points)
12th - ServingFans (-2 points)
13th - Amsie Bear (-2 points)
14th - NatesGay (-2 points)

on February 12, 2019 14:36
yes Nate !!
on February 12, 2019 09:03
i'm pretty so u have to
on February 12, 2019 09:03
let me guest judge
on February 12, 2019 09:02
Waits for my next win
on February 12, 2019 04:00
oh no my first low. time to kick it up a notch bitches
on February 12, 2019 02:49
@GothicZebra ~ Gothina Zebraina
@ArcturusDean ~ DeanieBeanie
@SpartanX ~ Spartini
@MKtyler23 ~ MKTYWhore
@Crazyrockina ~ CrazyBitch
@Spooky ~ SpookySnakyWhoreGanache
@Joseph_040 ~ Joseph The Drag Queen
@cmgorilla ~ Anitta Life
9th- @Gurgs - Gurgles Cock
10th - @Geri - Gerii
11th- @chesskid ~ Richie Galore
12th - @Rival ~ ServingFans
13th - @Amsss ~ Amsie Bear
14th - @Nates_great ~ NatesGay

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